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Demi Lovato: 'Skyscraper' First Listen!

Demi Lovato: 'Skyscraper' First Listen!

Check out Demi Lovato‘s new single, Skyscraper!

“This song is so special to me because it’s inspired by my journey and the struggles that I’ve dealt with this past year. I hope people are able to relate to it and realize that they are able to rise above and overcome any obstacle, no matter the circumstances, and shine like a skyscraper,” the 18-year-old entertainer wrote on her blog.

“I am still on a personal journey dealing with my own issues each and every day, but the best advice I can give to anyone going through a rough patch is to never be afraid to ask for help,” she added. “My biggest wish for this song is that it’s able to inspire others and urge them to keep moving forward no matter what the odds.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Demi Lovato’s new song “Skyscraper”?

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153 Responses to “Demi Lovato: 'Skyscraper' First Listen!”

  1. 1
    Alan Says:

    Nice song…. no so great first single

  2. 2
    dem Says:


  3. 3
    mikey Says:

    Amazing song. very emotive. Good step for Demi

  4. 4
    whyy Says:

    boring, and her voice doesnt sound very good

  5. 5
    queen Says:

    Very Inspirational Song, We Love You Demi :)

  6. 6
    me Says:

    I really think it’s a great song, but her voice doesnt sound very god… You can do it better, Demi.
    Love & Hope ♥

  7. 7
    one girl Says:

    i love demi but why didnt she choose a more upbeat song for her single?

    shes trying to make a comeback and this just didnt hit the mark.

  8. 8
    megan Says:

    I haven’t always liked all of Demi’s songs; but have to admit she has ability to tap into one’s emotions. i like this song overall. The song is pretty much like the message; she is alone–just a hint of music at times–but very pwerful. It’s actually pretty gutsy to put out a ballad first. I guess if you are talented enough you don’t have to put out autotune catchy song first.

  9. 9
    monkey Says:

    demi you can sing about a monkey we will still love u

  10. 10
    lism Says:

    not a great single thought it would be better

  11. 11
    Kat Says:

    Amazing. Love her.

  12. 12
    Maria Says:

    Good for Demi. It’s definitely one of those songs where you just have to sit there and listen to the lyrics. I started really loving it towards the end when she started hitting those high notes. I honestly think Demi is back. Not that exciting as a first single, but now she has room to impress people even more. Really excited to hear more from her.

  13. 13
    Annie Says:

    SOOOOO good! Love ya Demi… On repeat NOW!

  14. 14
    Nicole Says:

    I love Demi, but honestly I was disappointed. It doesn’t sound like her. I love her voice but in this song it sounds scratchy and strained. Although the message and words are so emotional and beautiful. I’m so happy for her and what she has done, but I was hoping for something a little better. Hopefully her CD will be more like her.

  15. 15
    Ignacio Says:


  16. 16
    Blaine Says:

    Her voice “doesn’t sound too good” because she was crying during the song. I personally love it. It’s very moving. She’s so inspiring. I have an eating disorder myself. Love you, Demi <33

  17. 17
    Brandi Says:

    I love it! She has gone through so much and this song is just a way of her saying she can pull through anything no matter what. Stay strong, Demi! <3

  18. 18
    clau Says:

    It’s a great concept.. However, when I first heard it I thought they might have released a rough unmixed version.. It sounds like a demo. She is more talented a singer than this.. It’s rough.

  19. 19
    Benny Garcia Says:

    I loved it. Demi is a very powerful singer. Stay Strong !

  20. 20
    sumiyyah Says:






  21. 21
    Lynn Says:

    I lovee this, so inspirational

  22. 22
    just me Says:

    this is a great song to have on an album but honestly dont know how good it will do as a single.

    either way demi is here to stay love her always. <3

  23. 23
    gabi Says:

    great song, it’s a good first single BECAUSE she has been through so much things, so an upbeat song woudn’t fit the whole concept of new demi :)

  24. 24
    Sebastian Says:

    @whyy: She sings wonderfull………..Her best single in all carrer……Amazing song

  25. 25
    Brian Says:

    Amazing song, If their is one thing i respect about Demi is she does what she feels is right, not what others think she should do. Every one expected for her to takeout some upbeat song. But the truth is, this song is a reminiscence to what has happened. It is also a anthem to her fans and others who go through Depression, bullying, ect… Demi keep it up!!!!

  26. 26
    spongebob Says:

    it may be a good song but singles are meant to be heard on the radio from recieving rave reviews and being catchy this isnt the kind of song for that. its a ballad and is mostly just a great addition to an ALBUM.

    eh who cares demi has a voice that will build her a solid career she can sing anything :)

  27. 27
    Tina Says:

    This is quite an emotional song! The lyrics are great and music sounds pretty, but I personally do not like the way she sings this song. Her voice sounds strained. I understand that she was crying when she recorded this, but they could’ve and should’ve re-recorded those parts over. I doubt I’ll be listening to this song very much, which is disappointing since I’ve been a big Demi fan since 2007. But I am looking forward to her new album. :)

  28. 28
    Koree Says:

    AHHHH!!! FINALLY!!!! I love you Demi no matter what, and I support everything that you do! Can’t wait for the new album!!

  29. 29
    Wefight4demi Says:

    We love you Demi. Amazing song

  30. 30
    marq Says:


  31. 31
    paige Says:

    @just me: agree !

  32. 32
    Naomi Says:

    I really like this song. It’s very inspirational. I normally don’t like songs from Disney stars, but this is really good. The reason why she sounds different is because she got emotional while recording it. I don’t know if it’s just me but it felt so real and raw. Demi is the only teen star that has a great singing voice, who doesn’t need auto-tune at all. I can’t wait to see how the video turns out. Also, a comeback song doesn’t need to be upbeat.

  33. 33
    Gabby Says:

    Legit just listened to this song 3 times in a row. Listening to the lyrics and taking them in. Truly understanding what this song is about is so empowering! Really inspires me to stay stong no matter what. Demi Lovato is a wonderful person with a great heart. This song is amazing!

  34. 34
    Gabby Says:

    Legit just listened to this song 3 times in a row. Listening to the lyrics and taking them in. Truly understanding what this song is about is so empowering! Really inspires me to stay stong no matter what. Demi Lovato is a wonderful person with a great heart. This song is amazing!

  35. 35
    Koree Says:

    & honesty, I am too excited that Demi is finally coming back out with new music that I don’t even really care what it sounds like! but i love it!!

  36. 36
    lala Says:

    not a great single because singles gain their popularity by being CATCHY but nonetheless its a great song with a GREAT message!

    you go girl whooot woo

  37. 37
    Jessica Says:

    This song is just so amazing. Demi is back!

  38. 38
    Vanessa Says:

    she is such an inspiration! and amazing <3

  39. 39
    Naomi Says:

    Oh I would also like to add that her record label, Hollywood Records, should try and promote this single onto mainstream radio stations like Z100.

  40. 40
    that's news Says:

    Good Job, Kid!

  41. 41
    Sheba Says:

    its an emotional song IDIOTS! what did you expect? in order for it to sound real it has to sound natural! I LOVE IT!

  42. 42
    blahh Says:

    GREAt SONG! jK

  43. 43
    james Says:

    @Sheba: so in other words if she wasnt crying it would sound fake?? lol

  44. 44
    beatriz Says:

    i can’t describe this song with any word just WOW!
    Demi have amazing voice and the lyrics are so inspirational.

  45. 45
    Jackson Says:

    I literally can’t stop listening to it, haha!
    The lyrics are really meaningful and that’s hard to say about most music these days. But Demi nails it every time :)

  46. 46
    ty Says:

    after all the hype surrounding the single, i’m a little disappointed. :-/

  47. 47
    amanda Says:

    finally a new song i like it and i can’t wait to hear more!!

  48. 48
    danii Says:

    Almost made me cry….. so beautiful..

  49. 49
    danii Says:

    Almost made me cry….. so beautiful..

  50. 50
    Dallas Says:

    “Demi’s voice doesn’t sound too good” because she was crying when she recorded it, it’s emotional. Put yourself in her place, Demi fell down, she fell down far and now she’s rising back up and she will stay up and keep rising because shes bigger than that fall she took, way bigger.

  51. 51
    Teejay Says:

    Since when did singles HAVE to be catchy?
    Meaningful songs are much MUCH better than any crappy ‘catchy’ autotuned song.
    They touch people’s hearts. They actually have meaning. There’s so many people in the world that could easily relate to this song. They just don’t know it because they don’t listen to the lyrics… they’re looking for the 4×4 drum beats and the wild synths. Take a while to listen to the lyrics, you’ll enjoy it more.

  52. 52
    Bethany Merrygold Says:

    she has such a powerfull voice & she definatly used in this song.
    i love it! it’s so emotional! <3

  53. 53
    TheEricka1998 Says:

    I’ve been in a really hard obstacle of my life that almost all people r putting me down but this song gave me a massage that ” keep moving forward” because that’s the only way i could make it through and don’t worry about the past just focus about the present because you can’t change what happen at the past .

  54. 54
    Haley Says:

    I Will Be Honest, I have never liked all of Demi’s Songs, But in this song she truly touched my heart. She has such an amazing voice for being only 18. In this song it sounds like she wrote those lyrics from whats happening in her life right now. I am very Inspired by her.
    ♥(Love) You Demi!♥

  55. 55
    Cláudio Says:

    I love Demi so much ♥

  56. 56
    Hailee Says:

    This is probably the most powerful and inspirational song Demi has ever released. It pretty much tells the story of everything she’s been through and how she will continue to stay strong. You can hear the emotion in her voice, and that’s a beautiful skill to hvae. She is talented and an inpsiration to so many people. We love you Demi, keep this amazing music coming

  57. 57
    ρaρaяazzι Says:

    Good song! but as a first single? i don’t think so! and her voice doesn’t sound that good! this more like for her fans and not for people that wanna hear music =) but i really like her but this is just not a good idea to put a song like this as a first single.

  58. 58
    samantha Says:

    everyone seems to be forgetting how well Christina Aguilera’s beautiful has done that was a ballad.
    It has the potential to be like that. With these inspirational songs, they need to be like this instead of a fast beat like born this way, or firework.

  59. 59
    Belle Says:

    got me into tears before the first minute. haha and her voice captures her brokenness.. her vulnerability. its not supposed to be perfect or auto’d because .. ha who would take her seriously then.. they said this was emotional.. but she hit the ball out the park..

  60. 60
    Cephus Says:

    This is the crap you ruined the careers of every one else on your show for? BARF!. What a scam artist you are. You couldn’t break your contract and go be Miley Jr., so you fake a freak out and take the easy way out. What about the families and cast you destroyed in the wake of your ego? You could have done both, but hey, that requires WORK. “Crying during the song”? No, that’s poor vibrato , not weeping. I hope you dedicate a fraction of the checks you think you’ll make to the kids you left behind and blindsided.

  61. 61
    MatejLoncaric Says:

    I love the song awsome Demi!!!! Love ya!

  62. 62
    emmy Says:

    so so so inspirational! the only “disney” star that can actually sing and that too a song that has so much meaning and depth!! GOOOO DEMI!!! she’s gonna have a long career!

  63. 63
    kami Says:

    good song, great voice with great emotion.

  64. 64
    Kelby Says:

    @one girl: the point was to release a song of the journey shes been on!!! the struggles shes faced!!! shes wanted to reach people who where hurting like her and change their lives!!!

  65. 65
    Kelby Says:

    @one girl: the point was to release a song of the journey shes been on!!! the struggles shes faced!!! shes wanted to reach people who where hurting like her and change their lives!!!

  66. 66
    Kelby Says:

    this song is going to change lives :D so proud of demi!!! this is such and inspirational and moving song!!! and i proud of her because you can tell this song was personal but she did it anyway!! :D shes going to save lives!! <3 Love you Demetria Devonne Lovato

  67. 67
    Kelby Says:

    i’ve been listening to this song on repeat since midnight its now 4:43am thats how amazing this is!! :) its such a moving song!! i cried the first like 3 times i listened to it!! i love demi lovato and knowing she went through what she did breaks my heart!! ill always support her!! after all she did i didnt think i was possible but i love and support her even more!!! shes an amazing role model!!! Stay Strong Demi!!! we love youuu!!! and again this song is absolutely amazing

  68. 68
    tyler rich Says:

    i personally love what alot of people are not liking. i love the fact she sounds like she is crying it makes it more real. and relatable to the listener and alos im sure it has editing done to her voice to make it sound more radio ready ( who doesnt )but i love the grit and a raw emotion she has in her voice . very different from her previous sound im lovin new demi! not too metion im dogging her Post apocolyptic esque r&b sound she has going on!! its refreshing to hear this as oppose to the dance house music that is taking over the airwaves right now. (not that i dont like that style either) its just change is good!! and shes done it well!! cant wait to hear what else she has in store!!!

  69. 69
    Mandy Says:

    Demi’s new single comes right from the heart, It is a perfect choice for a first single! <3

  70. 70
    Mandy Says:

    @emmy: True! But don’t forget Hilary Duff she makes great songs too.. Maybe not as good in her vocals as Demi, I admit.

    <3 Demi
    <3 Hilary

  71. 71
    summer Says:

    i love that she made her first single a ballad. it just wouldn’t make sense if it’s an upbeat song because, duh, she just got through such a rough time in her life…

  72. 72
    alien Says:

    Sorry, but I don’t like this song.

  73. 73
    cindy Says:

    It’s not the best I’ve heard from her. I see it’s making waves on itunes and twitter and is getting support from celebs to but to be honest not her best song.The songs is not the best like people are saying it’s just okay but can’t wait to see what other songs she has in store.

  74. 74
    Sweety Says:

    its a awsum song…..its soo heart toching song….i just crying after heard this song……love demi ….:):)

  75. 75
    Sweety Says:

    itsss sooo awsum songg….its sooo heart toching….i just cried after heard dis song….love demi…:):)

  76. 76
    tina Says:

    Beautiful!! True inspirational person. God bless you Demi Lovato.

  77. 77
    tina Says:

    Beautiful!! True inspirational person. God bless you Demi Lovato.

  78. 78
    lalala Says:

    her voice.. it’s one in a million :)

  79. 79
    Jocasta Says:

    so beautiful.. you touched me with this song made me see that no matter how hard be diffcult we can always overcome, become a Skyscraper

  80. 80
    mia Says:


  81. 81
    Maria Says:

    This is such a beautiful and inspirational song. I cried the first time I heard it because the words are so true and powerful. I’ve been through the same thing as Demi and I can’t even begin to describe what the song means to me. It gives me so much strenght and hope! Thank you Demi for this song and thank you for being so open and honest. Your words and love can truly heal others <3

  82. 82
    Angelina Says:

    is above expectations is beautiful and it is impressive! Now I feel so good hearing this song as a Skyscraper!

  83. 83
    Emma Says:

    wow.. is incredible Demi exceeded expectations

  84. 84
    Louise Says:

    I am speechless this song is perfect is a great inspiration for all

  85. 85
    Ellen Says:

    now this is the MY MUSIC!

  86. 86
    Clarie Says:

    is unbelievable the strength of Demi is undeniable and her talent also

  87. 87
    Clarie Says:

    is unbelievable the strength of Demi is undeniable and her talent also!

  88. 88
    Gisele Says:

    is so beautiful..

  89. 89
    Samantha Says:

    is so inspiring this song is incredible steals my breath, in my dreams to imagine a beautiful and inspiring music would Skyscraper!

  90. 90
    Sarah Says:

    is so special..

  91. 91
    Deveney Says:

    amaaazing. she’s a rolemodel to every young girl who’s going through a rough time, just to let us know that things can get better. go demi, i love you.

  92. 92
    Megan Says:

    this song is the first song of the year which is really inspiring and is of girl more strong, talented and BEAUTIFUL!

  93. 93
    Lara Says:

    the music is incredible! The voice of Demi makes us bored

  94. 94
    Ashely Says:

    she was sure everyone can identify with this song

  95. 95
    Rachel Says:

    my playlist now is just #Skyscraper

  96. 96
    Rachel Says:

    my playlist now is just #Skyscraper!

  97. 97
    Lise Says:

    is inspiring = is Demi Lovato

  98. 98
    Jordy Says:

    Why are people hiding the comments of people who don’t like it? Not everyone is going to like the song.

    I don’t think it’s that great. Not for a first single. And I really don’t like the very beginning, her voice is a bit too deep during that part.

  99. 99
    jackki Says:

    @clau: i’m pretty sure that’s the point, it’s supposed to be raw, real… it’s supposed to show her vulnerability and i think it does that perfectly.

  100. 100
    Nik Says:

    I LOVE her voice. . .PLEASE always sing Demi!

  101. 101
    Pablo Says:

    I love it <3

  102. 102
    Pablo Says:

    I love it <3

  103. 103
    Jelinda Says:

    I have always LOVED Demi and this song was such a relief. The thing about this song id that it isn’t just for people who are bullied or are feeling pressured or anything like that. It’s for anyone who has been knocked down rejected or had their dream ripped away from them. Its a song for everyone & I particularly love it. This song gave me the inspiration to go back to the sport I love after being unfairly cut last year. with the help of God & this song & all the support of others I know that I can do this & the power of this song can take the negative remarks because that’s just the amount of power this song has. I Love it & I will always Love Demi even though she’ll probably never know who I am. :)

  104. 104
    Sophie Says:

    is the most inspiring music I’ve ever heard

  105. 105
    Jenn Says:

    I love this song !
    I’m so proud of Demi !
    She’s such a strong girl !
    This is one of my favorite songs by her :)
    I’m excited for her new cd !
    We love you Demi, your beyond amazing !!!!!!!!

  106. 106
    bubba Says:

    Wow her voice sounds so strong and amazing… what an inspiring song and the lyrics are not so literal but figurative… its beautiful, good for Demi for keeping strong

  107. 107
    Pamela Says:

    it’s really inspiring is the music that I needed

  108. 108
    Erica Says:

    worth the wait! IS GREAT!

  109. 109
    :) Says:

    Skyscraper written by estonian artist Kerli. Kerli is another artist shady gaga copies google gaga kerli hair timeline. Anyway good job demi

  110. 110
    me Says:

    She didn’t wrote the song. It was written by another amazing, more talented singer.

  111. 111
    Larisa Says:

    is incredible I really thrilled me

  112. 112
    Anne Says:

    finally.. but it’s better than I imagined

  113. 113
    Emily Says:

    im sitting here in tears from the beauty of this song.i cant even find the words to describe how amazing it feels to hear her voice again.i have had very similar problems as demi and demi has saved me.because of her,i know that i will NEVER cut again.because of demi i love myself.she has saved my life and i just love her so demi,if you ever read this i want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for being as amazing as you are.i love you ♥

  114. 114
    Mariana Says:

    EU AMO A DEMI sz’ is very god know that she is very well now, and the sng is beautiful. it’s for everyone that pass problems like that.
    kiss ;*

  115. 115
    aqsa Says:

    love her, and this song

  116. 116
    aqsa Says:

    love her, and this song

  117. 117
    LK Says:

    Okay, people she didn’t wrote the whole song by herself like it seems when you read the comments. It was written by Toby Gad, Kerli Kõiv, Lindy Robbins and Demi Lovato.

  118. 118
    Olivia Says:

    my new favorite song

  119. 119
    Angelina Says:

    I never imagined a music so inspiring

  120. 120
    Rebecca Says:

    this is an inspiring music

  121. 121
    delmarva Says:

    The words are great…the meaning is great…the singing not so much!

  122. 122
    Simon Says:

    Hitting repeat

  123. 123
    Ty Says:

    @me: It sounded bad because she was crying while she was recording. So actually it’s not singing bad it’s singing with emotion.

  124. 124
    Zurigirl Says:

    I think this song is really cool! I think i like Demi Lovato again u guys.

  125. 125
    maya Says:

    I love this song its so beautiful strong empowering and wonderful just so AMAZING !!!! ^__^ i so cant wait till her 3rd album shes been my rolemodel from the very beginnig and ALWAYS WILL BE!!!:D i can honestly say that this song is the most beautiful song ive EVER HEARD!!!:) and the great part is …. this song is relateable to MILIONS of people and anyone can relate to it!!!<3

  126. 126
    Tracy Says:

    Demi, your song does give Hope. Very powerful and extraordinary. You’re one of a kind and keep making vids and writing songs to help your fans. Love ya to death! **huggles**

  127. 127
    Leira Zetroc Says:

    @Nicole: I suggest you read Demi’s Ryan Seacrest interview. It explains everything. The scratchiness and strained vocals are a result of the passion she put into the song. I’d rather have those “imperfections” than perfect-sounding vocals singing about a song whose meaning is totally empty to me.

    Here’s the interview:

    “When I first heard the song it was over a year ago, and it was before anything had happened, and I just instantly gravitated towards it. So I went into the studio and recorded it, and I just sat there and cried my eyes out. I was almost doubled over with emotion. We finished the song, and then I went through everything, and tried to re-record it, but it didn’t have the same emotion. It didn’t have that same cry for help when I first recorded it.”

  128. 128
    Mai Says:

    Are you guys serious, don’t you realize that she has been through so many things and all you can say to her is oh your song is great but your voice sucks? SHE HAS BEEN THROUGH A LOT AND YET YOU ALL STILL CRITICIZE THE POOR GIRL. This song is full of emotion and pain. When you’re crying or hurting doesn’t your voice change. Just give the girl a break.


  129. 129
    jasmine Says:

    This Song is Beautiful, it Made Me Wanna Cry.its One of My Favorite Songs And Your Best Yet. Keep it Up Hunn And iHope Everything And YOU Are Okay, Love You Always And Forever<3;

  130. 130
    jasmine Says:

    This Song is Beautiful, it Made Me Wanna Cry.its One of My Favorite Songs And Your Best Yet. Keep it Up And iHope Everything And YOU Are Okay, Love You Always And Forever<3;

  131. 131
    Aneta Says:

    Hey , i just wanted to tell you its AMAZING how you stayed strong through everything that happened & iLoveyou & always will. I also wanted to tell you your song Skyscraper is Amazing, & throughout everything yu went through you inspired me to always stay strong & not to let anyone bring me down , iLoveyou . bye (:

  132. 132
    cheyenne Says:

    U copy selena gomez year wit out raina dis dumby stole it pS she looks and did it bettah

  133. 133
    cheyenne Says:

    U copy selena gomez year wit out raina dis dumby stole it pS she looks and did it bettah y u not on disney. Wit yo tatoo wat bout sonny wit a chance?

  134. 134
    cheyenne Says:

    U copy selena gomez year wit out raina dis dumby stole it pS she looks and did it bettah y u not on disney. Wit yo tatoo wat bout sonny wit a chance?

  135. 135
    Hannah Says:

    i thought she was a happy girl??whats up with this song??

  136. 136
    Hannah Says:

    But i love the song! ;)

  137. 137
    Sanji Says:

    I love this song!! I listen to it everyday!
    It reminds me to stay strong…
    I love Demi!!!

  138. 138
    drnan Says:

    @Alan: I think for a first single after all of her negative publicity, it’s a bit depressing looking. All of the gray, her white dress reminiscent of a hospital gown, her sad eyes…I think she should have made a song about her journey, but a more upbeat one. Either way all the best to her.

  139. 139
    miss fan Says:

    Hi I jst luv ur song nd u reali inspire meh so I jst wana knw if threz no chance of u makin ppl famous nd letin them live their dreams lyk u r livin urs lotz of luck wit ur probz

  140. 140
    Lauren Getsov Says:

    Hey Demi! I’m a big fan of yours I was wondering If you were comeing to Michigan any time soon!

    Demi lovato

  141. 141
    alyssa Says:

    She sounds better than selena gomez at least.

  142. 142
    Anastasia Says:

    Demi- You’ve been a role model to me for a while now, and I as well had a rough year with the same exact personal issues, including my boyfriend after 4 years breaking up with me and telling me he cheated on me. I just listened to this song for the first time, cried my eyes out, made it my facebook status and realized you are so right and you need to be proud of yourself for getting threw so much. Youre so loved and you cant ever forget that. Lots and lots of love sent to you. Amazing and powerful song. <3

  143. 143
    Krystal Russo Says:

    Love her words, & all what she said about her song is so true in my life right now, like I cant pull thru.. cuz who I’m with has torn me down to nothing left in me & I can’t move on with him, so I’m stuck in mental mind breakdown spirit caused by him! She is awesome & Beautiful inside out as I just once was & hit my end cuz of smone taring me so far down. She is #1 in my Book of Artist today & blessed to reach people in her music is an awesome gift! God bless!

  144. 144
    sean Says:

    i knew you didnt leave i knew that you have to much life in your vocie to stop singing i love you demi so much never stop beliving in your self because i surely wont

  145. 145
    Cheyenne Says:

    i love this song it is sooooooooooooooooooooo coollllllllllllllll……………………….

  146. 146
    ntrningsrah Says:

    ï like this song

  147. 147
    ntrningsrah Says:

    But i. Don’t have this song i want…!!

  148. 148
    ntrningsrah Says:

    I lovvveeee. Uuu sooo mmuucchh ddeemmii!!!

  149. 149
    sj Says:

    i love this song its so touching and awesome great job!!!!! :)

  150. 150
    Koliwe Says:

    I Loooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeee this song……. Go Demi

  151. 151
    marfusha Says:

    I think this song can help to cope with depression…or something bad in one’s life.
    And the music is beautiful.

  152. 152
    shanicekeaton Says:


  153. 153
    shanicekeaton Says:


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