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Halle Berry Deals With Scary Intruder Situation

Halle Berry Deals With Scary Intruder Situation

Halle Berry picks up her cutie pie daughter, Nahla, from school on Monday (July 11) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 44-year-old actress was joined by a bodyguard – Halle has been dealing with a scary situation involving an intruder on her property over the past few days.

Halle was in her kitchen [on Sunday] when she looked out the window and saw a man staring at her…holding some sort of book,” law enforcement sources told TMZ.

Halle‘s home has a privacy wall, but the man jumped the wall and lurked in her front yard on Saturday. Law enforcement currently believes that the intruder could be an obsessed fan.

FYI: Nahla is wearing Native Shoes. Nahla is using her favorite Skip*Hop Zoo Lunchies insulated lunch bag in the cute pink Mouse style!

15+ pictures inside of Halle Berry picking Nahla up from school…

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  • Frida

    However I feel about Halle at this point in time, that is a very scary situation! I hope they catch this creep.

  • lexy hates bilson

    She probably hired this “intruder” to get sympathy since her calling Gabriel a racist didn’t help her!!

  • Bran

    Stop the lies. She did not call saint Gabriel a racist. One of saint Gabriel’s
    former business associates give a court deposition that stated saint Gabriel used racial slurs toward Halle and had become vindictive when their relationship ended. This said let the courts determine who is a liar. Stop putting a man you know absolutely nothing about on a pedestal . For the record saint Gabriel’s sh** stinks too.

  • Davis

    For some reason Halle Berry has always come across to me as someone with severe emotional problems and possibly even a liar to elicit sympathy for herself in her failed relationships. That being said, having someone staring in your kitchen window would be terrifying. Especially if you are home alone with a small child.

  • Curious George

    is she still with Olivier Martinez..

    I don’t recall seeing them together in awhile.

  • Athought

    I think it’d be kind of ironic if Gabriel is actually the one who set all this up, to prove that Nahla is not safe in Halle’s care, to get back at her for saying the same thing about him….

  • Yo-Landi

    Nahla is SO pretty =) I absolutely LOVE her hair!

  • Deni

    I’m not here to say that Halle is this great person…but I do think that Gabriel became more vindictive when they broke up, because the gravy train stopped, and she was no longer going to fund his Cafe Fuego restaurant. How quickly people forget that even though he gets paid thousands of dollars just for one shoot, he wanted child support. And funny how people forget that before they started publicly sliming one another, Gabriel was the first one to say how he wanted to get full custody of Nahla, to take her to Canada, because Hollywood wasn’t a healthy place for her. He wanted this, KNOWING, how much Halle wanted a child. That says it all for me. That is man who has 0 empathy.

  • lexy hates bilson

    That man doesn’t need any money…thanks to his good lucks he’s paid well for doing little work. Halle should have an alarm system like most people. If she’s too cheap for that, it’s on her!

  • Sweet Pea

    Gravy train…? Give me a break. The guy has a successful career of his own. Halle is a loon.

  • Jelly

    If he doesn’t need any money, why did he ask for it?

  • John

    So have you lived with either Halle Berry or Gabriel Aubry to know that one is a loon and another is a saint? Yea, I think not.

  • commonsense101

    Umm…if a woman keeps picking men that are not good for her, that doesn’t mean she’s insane, it just means she has bad taste in men, possibly because of her childhood.

    Insanity, and being a loon, has nothing to do with hating your ex-es, or even badmouthing them, or picking boyfriends/husbands who do not match you.

    Because if that was the case, then everybody would be insane, because only a small number of people can actually say they still like their ex and are buddy buddy with them. That’s why they’re exes for a reason, because you no longer like them.

  • Star’Sha West

    I truly apologize I feel as though no one should go through that but wat if it was me wud I be published like Halle NO! It wud just be a police report.

  • Go Ask Alice

    I agree with Frida and davis.
    Yeah,Halle is pretty and pretty crazy,but if I were her,this situation would make me crazy.
    move.Hire round the clock guards for her property? What?You look out your window and see a stranger looking back at you!!
    Suppose she was outside in her backyard with her daughter, or some friends or family were outside in the backyard?
    Very scary.

  • ariana
  • denise

    He never asked for money from her. That is a lie.

  • denise

    He never asked for money fro@commonsense101: m her. That is a lie.

  • janiks

    @commonsense101: #14

    Why does the men have to be the the bad ones, perhaps Halle is the bad one, and runs the men off. She is the common denominator in all her relationships.


    @janiks: YES! So true! I think Gabriel’s lawyers should have Halle’s sanity tested.

  • Loran

    Love your Shoes Halle, where you get them from?

  • Kaykay

    I feel so bad for her I mean when she was maybe being suied for something or stalked by a lawyer

  • really

    I wonder what other more important new went on in Los Angeles that day!

  • sunseeker


    Where do you get your information, he started the Restaurant before he met Halle, article on the web. The rest of your comment the same lots of rubbish. Did Halle tell you all this or are you making this all up. He only asked for joint custody because Halle apparently made it difficult for him to see his daughter. But at the end of the day none of us know exactly what happened.

  • esi

    Regardless of the alleged drama between Halle Scary and Saint Gabriel, which shouldn’t even be an issue here, having an intruder of any sort on my property is definitely a disturbing thing.

  • lhb#1

    @lexy hates bilson: the tabloids implied Halle said this, his former associate etal made the comments. Whether persuaded by Team Halle, DNK.

  • 4bran

    @Bran: Yes a court needs to sift through the mutual bs, don’t think either part is as innocent as fans for both camps want to believe.

  • lhb #1 part2

    @lexy hates bilson: the only alleged racist statement Halle may have made or is assumed she made is the comment what she race she considers Nahla etc. based on how she was brought up.

  • doubt it

    @Curious George: doubt it…think they were only together to stir interest in their straight to dvd movie. He may be back in France (visa issues???). Well one thing is for sure, he wasn’t there like the Daily Mirror UK claims he was living with her when he has his own place when he’s in LA. Being discreet is not part of Halle’s repetoire.

  • @Athought

    @Athought: Interesting theory, but I don’t think Aubry’s that smart or willing to part with that much of his money unless he’s desperate. Doubt it.

    While his KK move to get media attention and get back at Halle worked to some degree, still don’t think he’s that smart. Still backfired after two supposed dates after he got free Laker tickets and drove KK’s Rolls.

    Also, that’s like saying Halle or someone on Team Halle was responsible for wrecking Gabe’s Mercedes Benz that Halle gave him for knocking her up (pregnancy gift–well documented).

  • 4Deni

    @Deni: What you say is partially true.

    1.His restaurant was open on a very small scale or was in the works when he and Halle met. It officially opened Summer/Sept. 2006 with the big grand opening party which Halle and her manager helped do was in Nov. 2006. Articles/photos on internet.

    2.Yes, she helped him prepare to be in front of the press by taking him to a couple of public events–photos on internet etc.

    3. He started the restaurant with his own money. Articles and Halle said on The View.

    4. It’s assumed never been proven that Halle invested in the restaurant. It’s also rumored that Aubry was pissed that Halle didn’t bail him out, regardless of what he makes.

    5. Don’t ever recall Gabriel ever saying he ever wanted full custody and wanting to take Nahla to Canada to live. He did allegedly make comments something to effect he didn’t want Nahla growing up in Hollywood. Remember he and Halle did buy a home outside of Montreal which he still owns. It is rumored Halle made the down payment with Aubry taking over the payments.

    6. Yes, he and Halle looked at places outside SF, it is not known if either one bought property etc. It is also rumored according to People, that he was staying in one of Halle’s unused homes until last September.

    7. Did he ever blackmail Halle about taking her to Canada etc. DNK.

    Re: other financial perks, it’s assumed because Halle is more solvent than he is. Other than what’s been on the internet if true, all is conjecture.

  • 4John

    @John: Thank you…none of us know either of them nor know the truth of what’s really going on.

  • @Sunseeker

    Yes, you are correct about Cafe Fuego, See my other comments directed to @Deni. Yes, you are also correct that it’s assumed he wants joint custody because of alleged visitation issues even though we really don’t know what’s going on.

  • maggy

    wow!nahla is so pretty.we brown africans are simply loving nahla just the way she is.she an african beauty.blacks a just so pretty.

  • maggy

    @Yo-Landi: nahlas hair is gorgious.her hair is more sandy/honey blonde in colour.she ‘s got a beatiful mixed skin too

  • Good news!

    Good News! They caught the guy last night/this morning! Check Google.
    Also, this isn’t the first time Halle’s been stalked. Charges were also brought 7 years ago when a restraint order was issued.

  • correction LAT


  • kayla

    Where is Olivier Martinez? I would think he would come to her rescue.
    Now Gabriel may go after custody of Nahla, all he has to say is he fears for his daughter’s life. This could be the on start of a custody issue. Nothing surprises me today!