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Megan Fox: 'Dictator' Set Arrival!

Megan Fox: 'Dictator' Set Arrival!

Megan Fox hides under a baseball cap as she arrives on the set of her latest movie, The Dictator, on Monday (July 11) in New York City.

The 25-year-old actress is making a cameo in the Sacha Baron Cohen and Anna Faris film, where he plays both a goat herder and a deposed foreign ruler.

Also set to make a cameo is John C. Reilly! Both Megan and John‘s roles are being kept under warps.

Last week, Megan uploaded photos of herself making funny faces to her Facebook account to curb rumors that she’s used Botox.

Just Jared on Facebook
megan fox dictator set 01
megan fox dictator set 02
megan fox dictator set 03
megan fox dictator set 04
megan fox dictator set 05
megan fox dictator set 06

Photos: INFdaily
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  • http://ja slig o lambert^________^ cute

    megan like want haple

  • http://ja slig o lambert^________^ cute

    you know zá alot funny

  • brathead

    lol! She looks like the Holy Ghost!

  • kå simply àmazing!

    go megan! go make ads go! Ur the best!

  • adrian

    Is this movie about Micheal bay?

  • kå simply àmazing!

    i always see yo megan

  • brit

    china girl

  • tatu

    I’ve never really liked her.

  • A

    @slig o lambert^________^ cute:


  • http://b slig o lambert^________^ cute

    when saw her?

  • http://ja slig o lambert^________^ cute

    im good neglish

  • nicol

    i hate her

  • Megg

    You shouldn’t say this horrible things to Megan. She’s not the best actress in the world but at least she tries hard. Have you seen her face? That’s because us, the public, made her do this stuff. I support her. Megan, you are the prettiest!!!

  • http://tb slig o lambert^________^ cute

    @ká simply
    why not reply me

  • kå simply àmazing!

    after tomorow or next week i go

  • hate

    so fat and fake hair

  • rush

    @brit: Asian girls are more beautiful and exotic than this plain jane blah brunette. meh.

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  • An

    asian girl beautiful ?are you plain !megan better look im not fan her but in fact beautiful

  • kå simply àmazing!

    why should i lie

  • name

    FILLER FACE! Nobody said she uses botox, but a hella lot of other stuff.

  • Interesting

    Did anyone notice that she went out of her way to deny the botox rumors on facebook but did not deny or address the plastic surgery rumors. From her high school pics you can see she clearly has a nose job and lip injections. Now that she did not deny on facebook.

  • justme

    A “cameo”?!! That’s all on the working agenda?!! If I were in her shoes, I would wake up EVERY SINGLE DAY and bang my head against the wall in despair for having f’d up my face with fillers to make me look like a catwoman. And I would curse the swollen injected lips that got me fired when I opened my ungrateful mouth and bashed the higher-ups that hired me (all she said was likely true, but she needs to learn how to keep quiet) Not only did she blow up her face, she set a match and watched her career go blow up in flames.

  • keith133

    actually i think she looks pretty here and shes filming the new judd apatow movie this month as well

  • Annie

    Megan Bofox. LMAO.

  • John
  • nope

    no theyre not..Asian girls are ugly..they all look the same, and their eyes are small and ugly. Plus they have annoying squeeking voices.

  • Halfu

    @nope: Wow way to be racist. Congrats.

  • it

    @nope: You must be not very feminine.

  • nosejob

    @nope: wow and I think mid western looking pale brunette american chicks like megan ALL look the same.
    or plastic surgery victims like Megan ALL look the same. (aka usually porn stars)

  • IllWill

    Who cares what she has gotten? Why are all of you people calling her out on that so pathetic

  • Lianne

    Megan Fox was a natural beauty. If you see her work as an actress before transformers, you will see that she was always cast as the hot girl. I have no problem with Megan Fox, I just wished she would stop messing her face because she is ruining herself.
    I hope she stops now because it’s noticeable or else no one would have said something.

    And for the guy who’s saying asian girls are better than her, I disagree. Sure there is some cute asian girls as same for any other race but then there is horrors like these

    or this


  • LOL

    Here is a cute asian girl


    but stop messing with your face darling.

    you are beautiful just the way you are

  • pop

    You know, l think she looks good here. She doesn’t personally read our vicious comments she has someone else read ‘em and thinks “wow, l have to change for them, l think”.

  • lia

    Well, she is just pathetic. She messed up her chances to be in a huge franchise like Transformers, and angered Steven Spielberg, but comparing Bay to Hitler! The crew also hated her on the set. She thought she was the next Angelina, but in reality, she will be lucky if she ever gets a big role again. Cameo appearances? LMAO.

  • Jordan

    Megan Boflop

  • SpeakindaTruth


    Please TF3 has failed with no Megan, how many millions less than the other one(wit Megan)…. A WHOLE LOT! and while we talkin’ let’s discuss that 56% drop. Damn, in 3D,IMAX, and more theaters too, guess that mess SUCKED!
    Megan made the right choice, not working with that old dried out orangutan and that dried up, swollen faced, midgety, and typical dumb **** Shia LaBeouf. Too bad they got left with RuPaul and his un-sexy robotic stiff a** performance.

    O and by the way… these so-called jokes or disses ya’ll doing is being recycled waaaay too much and it’s getting old. Megan still gorgeous and most chinese chicks I’ve seen look waaay better than them white girls, they look like pigs in the face, especially u fat ones. That’s how I knew Megan had to have had some indian in her somewhere. She’s waaaay too purdy to be just a white girl. Megan with fillers/tox/lips/nose/eye-lifts/fake lips and all this other stuff ya’ll claiming she got has only helped the PS business, cause now u ugly jealous chicks are gonna go to the doc’ with your picture of Megan and say “Make me look just like this” and there ain’t gon be no happening, why don’t u haters go on and hate on somebody who’s really and truly tow up like yourselves and STHU!

    This might be hidden because of a low rating, but who cares, somebody read enuff to rate it. HAAAAA-HHHHAAAAA HAAAAA fatties!

  • kiki

    She no longer looks human. Something is very very wrong with this girl to have done this to her face. She looks more and more like the cat lady every day especially with what she has done to her cheeks and eyes. I am shocked, I seriously thought those “I dont have botox” pics were a joke at first as I really didnt recognise her.

    Errr Megan if all you had had was just a little botox you would look fabulous….its all the surgery, fillers, implants and lifts you have had that have screwed up your once pretty face. Please stop.

  • unknown

    The role is a ‘secret’ yet it says camero. So what could it be other than playing herself? She looks a lot better here. Crazy how different her face can look in every set of candids

  • kate

    @pop: You don’t know that. I’m sure she does read them sometimes. This is the girl who claimed never to use the internet and then say she was obsessed with a LOTR forum in another interview. What else can she do now days with her C-list career? I’m sure she gets very bored

  • pop

    @kate: that’s probably true. l’m a fan of her’s and she got so much unwarranted flack for her facebook pictures. Some even suggested shoving her mug into a meat blender and then committing suicide. So, what l think is that for her own mental sanity she does not in fact read them. Who could?

  • lafamepoma

    Uff what a disaster! The shoes!, the old hat with no colour in it and that kind of trousers (I don’t know the name of them cause English isn’t my mother tongue) She’s not very stylish. Armani what did you find in her for being the image of your company?

  • project

    agree, with other posters: if you don’t like Megan Fox why bother checking out the story and taking the time to write a few mean words.

    personally, i’d like to see her star in the Elizabeth Taylor biopic.

  • Sandi

    I really don’t like her boyfriend. He just seems like a creepy, control freak, because you never see her with any friends or family. You don’t even see her with his son anymore. I just think this is eerily similar to the Heidi Montag case, because the minute she got with that control freak of hers, she started changing her face. Attention to all women who have the urge to change themselves. Look at your boyfriend…He might be the control freak type and you’re doing it to please him and not yourself!

  • Jewel

    If people are insecure about their looks, they shouldn’t look in a full-length mirror as much. Seriously. Have a small mirror you can look into, but if you already have a predisposition for insecurity, and perhaps even body dysmorphic disorder, then don’t stare at yourself in the mirror. It will only make you more insecure, and more willing to mess up your face. And remember, the way you see yourself isn’t necessarily the way others see you. You could see yourself as ugly, but the rest of the world might think you’re beautiful.

  • Hope

    All hope is not lost for Megan Fox. What she needs to do is go to a reputable, good doctor and get those cheek implants/fillers removed. Then her eyes will get back to normal, because if anyone noticed with Kim Kardashian as well, the cheek implants kind of push up your eyes, and make them more squinty and slanted, because they’re applying pressure there. So if Megan is listening, get the cheek implants removed, and then dump your boyfriend, and get someone more normal, and less possessive, so you won’t stay in all day, and look at your face, and want to change it. Good luck!!! Lots of people like you, and support you.

  • brian

    And did anyone notice that ever since she got surgery she’s been hiding herself behind frumpy clothes, hats and sunglasses. Compare that to the Megan Fox who didn’t hide her face. Even she is probably unhappy with her surgeries.