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Rachel Bilson: 'The To Do List' Pool Shoot!

Rachel Bilson: 'The To Do List' Pool Shoot!

Rachel Bilson dons rollers in her hair while walking around the set of her new movie The To Do List on Sunday (July 10) at the Woodland Hills Recreational Center in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old actress showed some skin as she filmed scenes around a pool with her castmates.

The To Do List is about a recent high-school grad who feels pressured to become more sexually experienced before she goes to college.

Earlier in the weekend, Rachel picked up a pie at the House of Pies.

FYI: Rachel is wearing a pair of Soludos “Roso” espadrilles in red/white stripe.

20+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson on set…

Just Jared on Facebook
rachel bilson the to do list pool shoot 01
rachel bilson the to do list pool shoot 02
rachel bilson the to do list pool shoot 03
rachel bilson the to do list pool shoot 04
rachel bilson the to do list pool shoot 05
rachel bilson the to do list pool shoot 06
rachel bilson the to do list pool shoot 07
rachel bilson the to do list pool shoot 08
rachel bilson the to do list pool shoot 09
rachel bilson the to do list pool shoot 10
rachel bilson the to do list pool shoot 11
rachel bilson the to do list pool shoot 12
rachel bilson the to do list pool shoot 13
rachel bilson the to do list pool shoot 14
rachel bilson the to do list pool shoot 15
rachel bilson the to do list pool shoot 16
rachel bilson the to do list pool shoot 17
rachel bilson the to do list pool shoot 18
rachel bilson the to do list pool shoot 19
rachel bilson the to do list pool shoot 20

Photos: GSI Media
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  • screwed


  • Celebrities

    Rachel is looking very cute and I even loved her gogs.

  • devaney

    Jared if you’ll promote this small film; be fair enough as you must 1st feature “Aubrey Plaza” coz she’s the LEAD star of this movie; others mentioned were all “minor supporting players”

  • kaleigh

    Look at those expressions…
    So much depth & range…
    I see a few Oscar nominations or even awards in her future.

  • Andrea

    How is she still relevant? Was she ever?

  • verity

    When she happens to be included in some movie; aside from that all were supporting characters; it just all takes a 1 weekend or much less to get all her scenes to get filmed.Such an easy-does-it kind of a hacktress.

  • lexy hates bilson

    LOL!! Well I must admit, it’s Rachel’s year…an ice cream commercial, bit parts in insignificant movies (and yes, at almost 30 who wouldn’t believe Rachel is a recent HS grad) and her BFF’s husband giving her another job….
    Look out Kate Winslet, Rachel Bilson is on her way!! LMAO!!!

  • Speak Now

    @lexy hates bilson:

    Wow, you need a life.

  • A

    what’s wrong with you people?! so much hate! She looks adorable and beautiful, love it! <3 Rachel is one of the stars who is down to earth and she hasn’t done anything bad, so stop hating!

  • ME

    Rachel Bilson needs to stick with fashion, that’s what she’s good at after all..

    it’s okay to stop acting, Summer Roberts is history.. it was cute but were doen with that..

  • B

    Adorable… No.
    Abominable… YES!

  • just me

    @devaney: Agree with you on that. jared being promoting her for days now.When she’s going to do a real movie?@A: She is not down to earth at all. She just using that to cover who she really is.Rachel uses anything for attention.jared always promoting her. which she don’t need at all. Jared didn’t that for hayden when he did vanishing on 7th street. what make her so special this year. DId she called the paz like she did friday and thursday? jared made sure that when her pictures are her her thursday that hayden was with her. knowing that she was by herself the whole time.until she ran behind hayden that day.if he was alone shopping that day it should have stayed that way.Their relationsip has long past. its nothing now but rachel still trying to use him when she don;t have to.I hope when hayden start work that he do the same promtion he gives her.But i don’t think jared will do that for him.

  • Kà simply àmazing!!

    Hahahahahaha her face

  • Ronda

    @ just me

    “Their relationship is long past” LOL. If their relationship was long past, Hayden and Rachel would not be living together when they are with each other. They would not continue to spend time together. You are the only delusional person on here still saying they are not back together. There were posts on this site about Vanishing on 7th Street back when it came out and was talked about for Hayden,as well.

  • QQ

    Recent HS grad???? Give me a break!

  • annie

    love lexy,SPEAKNOW get a brain,smelly bilson ughly gams thats for sure.another movie noone will see.

  • sara

    rachel looks adorable hope this movie will be nominated or something she really deserve a prize she’s so talented

  • lilia

    I like her all the better for her diligence.

  • lilia

    and she’s so cute!

  • aberfitch

    Whoa RATchel looks like she’s playing a p0rnstar here… ooops…. nope… just p0rn…. as she’s “not” even the star here nor she’ll ever, ever be outside her famewh0ring career LOL

  • rachel org

    Super pretty! I can’t wait for her new movies :-) haters go to the next thread please. Annoying!
    Rachel u rock!

  • rachel italia com

    very cute

  • miss bilson us

    rachel so pretty

  • dh net


  • rachel 2000

    @screwed: you’re iq -100!

  • lol

    Im sorry say this……. but this is not normal f…..or paps to have such access to a closed set.
    On location paps often get pictures like this but you rarely ever see them get such access to a close set on a lot unless it has been pre arranged staged and cleared by the studio. Its true. Doesnt make her the worse person in history of course but she clearly stages photos because otherwise paps would never take her picture. The OC was a long long time ago and so was the Last Kiss and Jumper. Rachel’s people I imagine know that by now. Her big promotional plan is in full swing for her upcoming show on CW .. clearly.
    Hair in curlers? lol I got to admit thats a new one for her .

    And does the same person post over and over under one name for Rachel? And another posts over and over against Rachel? Seems like sometimes lol

  • lol

    edit : “for paps to have such access, to a closed set.”

  • OMG!


    Who said it’s a closed set? Not all sets are closed. There is a difference. And it’s in LA so it’s pretty normal for paps to be at locations that are public and the location info is easy enough to get.

    BTW some of you may not like Rachel Bilson but it’s obvious some people do. She is scheduled for the Teen Choice Awards in August. PR, yes. Normal, yes.

  • lexy hates bilson

    @ LOL – the real question is why Rachel’s PR people think anyone believes the paps would WANT access to the set?? It’s one thing for the paps to sneak around the set of a Angelina Jolie or Cameron Diaz or Natalie Portman or Mila Kunis set but why would they be on the set of a movie with a bunch of nobodies??? They could hang out in front of a Starbucks and hope K-Fed and Britney’s kids go in…they’d earn more money and could enjoy a beverage!!

  • tina
  • rachel 2000


  • lexy hates bilson

    Rachel 2000 welcome to the US…here we have free speech – especially for public figures and on message boards. If you want to talk about how great your beloved Rachel is – go to her fan site!

  • lol

    @OMG!: I know ” some” people still like Rachel…Until very recently I was a fan of her’s. Even defended her on past posts on JJ but after so many years of the same types of photos surfacing on JJ almost every single day for long periods of time…it became clear to me what many had always said. Rachel is one of the biggest photo stagers out there. Also this not a location shoot this is a lot shoot…I would know the difference since I have worked as a P.A. Temp.( personal assitant temp) for one year now. This is one of many small studio lots for filming that are all over LA county and southern California. Generally security keeps the paps away and patrols the gates around the filming lots.Getting photos like this usually does not happen without the say of several people.
    Most likely Rachel was hired to play the supporting role ” older sister” of the main character BECAUSE of her skills as an attention getter. She doesnt work much and of course when she does its not anywhere near the level of work the OC was, yet still manages to get photographed in the most unlikely places almost everyday.
    If shewas really randomly followed around and it wasnt her fault you would see more photos outside her house not on a farm in the middle of nowhere, in an alley shopping or buying pies . Generally people get “papped” in locations the photographers are known to stalk. Robinson Blvd, The Grove, various night clubs etc
    These photos taken inside of a filming lot remind me of the photos of her parking her car at the same location which was also odd because of the ammount of access the paps had to get the “clean shots” of her.
    Her few remaining fans should be happy though in a way all of this photo staging paid off.. She got hired to The To Do List BECAUSE those behind the film know all to well that she will promote every single day she is involved in it. Look at this way she stages the pictures and gets the name of the film plugged on sites like this and the lead talent of the film doesnt have to pimp themselves out to the paps. So its a win win for everyone involved.
    Sadly because Rachel gets hired for her ability to get attention and not for her acting skills it means more roles as a sister etc are probably in her future and not the roles Rachel once said herself she dreamed of.
    Her appearence on the Teen Choice Awards is no surpise at all if you look at much of the rest of the list of people announced to attend but are NOT up for an award. All have shows or films coming up. Tyra Banks has Americas Next Top Model. Taylot Launter has Twilight out a few months later( although hell probably win an award). Rachel has Hart of Dixie coming out the next month. Its a traditional attempt at plugging upcoming projects.

    With that said…The hair rolling pictures inside of a filming lot.. are the very reason in which Rachel is even hired anymore. She may be D list but shell milk and sell the hell out of whatever she gets while the A list talent doesnt have to sink to that level.
    I think its a shame she has to though :( Like I said I use to be a fan of hers… now I just think all her little games for attention is sad when compared to the height of her popularity on the OC. But the OC ended 4 going on 5 years ago.. and I think her possible career as a real actress and not just some attention seeker ended with it.

  • Jane

    @lexy hates bilson: And since you cleary don’t like her.. go somewhere else! Just because this is a gossip site doesn’t mean it’s a site that can only have hatred. It doesn’t bother me in anyway when you say something, but it’s overly weird. You’re always on her posts.. why? We know you’re the same annoying chick on Hayden’s IMDB board, we get it, you hate Hayden dating Rachel.. you want him with your precious Natalie. Move on from Star Wars dear, Hayden and Natalie never happened nor will they. Maybe focus a little more on your own life or on a celebrity that you do actually like? “LOL!!!!” “LMAO!!!!”

    @lol – if you actually think people read your post you’re delusional.

  • OMG!

    @lexy hates bilson:

    Why does she have to go anywhere else to talk about how great Rachel is. She can do it right here if she wants too. What the hell do think free speech is.

    Oh, I see. You need to have control over the comments because it’s all about you.

  • OMG!


    @OMG!: I know ” some” people still like Rachel…Until very recently I was a fan of her’s.

    That’s how much I read before I lost interest. The quickest way to not get a comment read is to write an essay. Don’t bloviate.

  • kosher

    Whoa her so-called faN here is so rejoicing the she’s going to the Teen Choice Awards – imagine a 30 YR. OLD still going to a teen show instead of like Emmys, Golden Globe or even an MTV Awards. Such an upgrade… but then that Ret@rdchel y’ all!!!

  • Here’s this retard again..

    @kosher: Um, “Tyra Banks, Jason Bateman, Kirsten Bell” are all listed to be there as well and many more. Are they still in their teens? I don’t think so..

  • kosher

    Awful truth really hurts!
    TCA is like an Oscars to Retardchel, its the “only” award ceremony that aside from listing her up a presentor they even give her a best/choice actress award – the likes of the “prestigious” Oscars or Golden Globes could only give her a ticket at the backdoor for its post-award parties.
    But hey, the KarTrashians sisters were at the SAG awards recently… so anything unthinkable could still be possible.

  • whodie

    So why is it that she didnt get invited at the BAFTA Gala of Prince William & Kate M?!
    She’s an an A-LISTER isnt it? – even on a famewh0ring & paparazzi tipping category LOL

  • Jane

    @OMG!: Of course. This chick thinks it’s all about her on Hayden’s IMDB board as well. Yeah “Lexy” we know who you are.

  • trevise

    What’s wrong w/ NOT liking her?!
    Just because that some insular mindsets fancy her doesn’t mean that the rest of the world should. Sometimes if not for most of the times these days, that a celebritart could have an imaginary acting skills, have a brain size like a pea or even have a face like a foot”, and still be (IN)famous in Hollowood.

  • lexy hates bilson

    LOL! Jason Bateman, Kristin Bell and Tyra Banks are STARS!! Jason has the #2 movie out right now!
    Hey now…I can’t have Rachel lumped in with my my girls The Kardashians….those girls are pulling in more money than Rachel and Hayden combined…and Kim was at the Oscars. I’m sure Kendall and Kylee will be at the Teen Choice awards too…they are stars and Kendall’s modeling career.
    Maybe Rachel will be at the Teen Choice Awards giving out free samples of her ice cream or trying to pimp her new show about how a Doctor who can’t hack in NY is forced to be a doctor in South! I’m sure it will be a big hit in the South!! Why wouldn’t they be thrilled that they were being portrayed as backward folk who can only get doctor rejects for medical care!!

  • rachel 2000

    I agree with your comment! Thanks!
    @lexy… I’m not from the US so maybe it’s better for me

  • Jane

    @lexy hates bilson: LOL! And you know their finances how? Are you a stalker? You always complain that all Rachel does is shop.. how does she shop with no money? How does Rachel own what seems to be a pretty nice house in LA with no money? How does Hayden have a farm and own a place in the Bahamas with hardly no money? Do you think the only thing that makes people happy is money?
    LMAO!! Those commericals she did just really get to you don’t they?? I’ve never seen a hater advertise her more in my life. Keep it comin’ girl.

  • @Just Me @lol @H not into R


  • LaughOutLoud(aka lol)

    Since someone took my damn screen name on here,I guess I’ll have to pick something else. Damn trolls!!!
    Anyways I saw this on JJ today and thought it was interesting since someone on a previous Rachel or Hayden post commented that they remind the comment maker of Chad Michael Murray And Kenzie Dalton. I posted this on the recent Hayden thread as well.
    “Someone on a previous Rachel or Hayden post someone compared them to Chad Micheal Murray and Kenzie Dalton and asked if anyone remembered them Well laugh out loud look who gets posted on JJ not soon after
    . I think they were right they are alot like Chad and Kenzie together/ engaged for four years and looking like theyd rather be somewhere else. Although the funny part was I didnt remember who they were untill JJ posted new pictures of Chad and Kenzie. Chad was once on One Tree Hill and Rachel was once on the OC… its kind of funny since back in the day in the early 2000′s those shows were eachothers biggest rivals on tv and now to actors from it both end up the same way? What are the odds? Guess life is funny sometimes.
    Wouldnt it be funny if Rachel and Chad ended up together lol It would almost be as good as a plot twist for the height of those two shows popularity lol”

  • @ 48 lol

    Why not just go back to using the same name you used last summer and fall, Miss Anthropica? You sound just like her.

  • Uh

    @Hayden not into Rachel?: You need help honey.

  • Hollow

    All I can say is I would hate to have my hair in curlers and someone snap a picture of me!!!!