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Dakota Fanning: Short Hair for 'Now Is Good'!

Dakota Fanning: Short Hair for 'Now Is Good'!

Dakota Fanning debuts a new dramatic ‘do on the set of her latest film, Now Is Good, on Monday (July 11) in London, England.

The 17-year-old actress, sporting a blonde pixie cut, stars in the film about a girl dying of leukemia who compiles a list of things she’d like to do before passing away. Topping the list: losing her virginity.

Also pictured getting ready to shoot some scenes: Dakota‘s co-stars Jeremy Irvine and Kaya Scodelario.

Dakota has a few other projects coming up as well, including the drama Very Good Girls and the thriller Mississippi Wild.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Dakota’s new ‘do? Do you think it’s a wig or did she chop off her locks?

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53 Responses to “Dakota Fanning: Short Hair for 'Now Is Good'!”

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  1. 26
    Jena Says:

    She look like Mr. Bean… Emma Watson do crop = Great.. Dakota Fanning do crop = Not so great…
    And i don’t think haircut affects her career…

  2. 27
    Mel_M Says:

    I like the change–real or not. For awhile, I’ve been thinking that something new would be nice.

  3. 28
    ila Says:

    I think its a wig because for the didnt play the role in ‘my sisters keeper’ bcuz she had to shave her head.

  4. 29
    kå simply àmazing! Says:

    her sister pretty and cute.
    Dakota no

  5. 30
    Jenn Says:

    There’s a difference between being bald and cutting your hair really short, though. And also, as others have said, she was like 15 and in high school around the time of My Sister’s Keeper. I don’t know anyone who’d be brave enough to go bald at all, let alone IN HIGH SCHOOL!

  6. 31
    Mel_M Says:

    BTW, when does Mississippi Wild shoot? Seems like it disappeared from the news for 3 months or so.

  7. 32
    me Says:

    I just can’t believe she cut her hair. I’m sure it is a wig. It doesn’t make her a bad or a not devoted actress. She has a lot of movies coming next, if she rly cut her hair she’ll have to do something like 3 movies with her hair like that. It seems impossible to me. I’m sure she can play the part perfectly with a wig. Some actors need to bring home the character with them, to always be their character even when the camera is not rolling, some others don’t. I think Dakota is part of the 2d type of actors. It doens’t make her less good…she’s one of the best. She’ll rock this part wig or not wig

  8. 33
    Marie Says:

    @Nice guys, lets hold a grudge: Because being homecoming queen is sooo important! Dakota’s the best actress of her generation, but that’s not a risk in her career, that’s a WIG!

  9. 34
    njdhjf Says:

    Have anyone thought that maybe Dakota didn’t think it was worth shaving her hair for My sister’s Keeper? Maybe she didn’t love the script that much. She ones said in an interview when she was asked how much she would change for a movie that it all depends, if you feel really strongly about it you will do anything for it.
    So i guess she didn’t feel that strongly about My Sisters Keeper as she probably did for Now is Good.

  10. 35
    Alaia Says:

    Stop acting like this girl is such a good actress because she supposedly cut her hair short. Elle is much better, anyway.

  11. 36
    kate Says:

    when did she gain so much weight?

  12. 37
    lila Says:

    that ***** didnt take the role for ‘my sisters keeper’ because she had to shave her head, so probably this is a WIG

  13. 38
    CCcat Says:

    Movie is like the Bucket List but for teeny boppers?

  14. 39
    Lisa Says:

    Dakota looks cute

  15. 40
    k88 Says:

    OMG, she looks like a cross between Ellen Degeneres and Nurse Jackie! Dakota looks absolutely horrendous with this short hair style. Even if she put makeup on it would still be horrible. With this look, she could totally play Nurse Jackie’s younger sister!!!! Whoever wanted her to cut her hair this short should not be in business anylonger.

  16. 41
    sarah Says:

    another wannabe mia farrow!

  17. 42
    nooonoo Says:

    sorry but it makes her look ILL! super pale and short hair.yikes! hospital chic?

  18. 43
    evanna Says:

    idk it could be a wig because i know dakota didnt want to cut her hair for the runaways and that was no where nearly as drastic and she was really sad when kristen actually cut her hair.

  19. 44
    maya Says:

    she looks gorgeous but i prefer her with long hair doesn’t matter we will get used, Emma watson is a great actress i really like her

  20. 45
    marq Says:

    I’m not saying the Fanning girls are great actresses, but, there probably isn’t room enough on the sidewalk along Hollywood’s walk of fame for stars big enough to commend the girls. Maybe if Hollywood annexed the San Fernando Valley. (The film rating system is arguably one the greatest evils on earth, it killed much of the bulk of man’s humanity by balkanizing the art of movies. Movies should have been left to naturally sort out by genres, not ratings. Now we have grotesque caricatures at the so-called “adult” end, and minimal texture on the purile side.) But hey, maybe that combined real estate still wouldn’t be room enough, as Dakota’s own name is already the size of two states.

  21. 46
    bill martin Says:

    Oh please, like shaving her head “IN HIGH SKEWLL!!” would’ve been the worst thing in the world. What about actual cancer patients who don’t have a choice? She’s a vain, self-centered unempathetic person.
    And nice try copying Nat Wolff’s new movie Special Things To Do. The plots sound exactly the same, but everyone will know which came first.

  22. 47
    Lynn Says:

    She looks hideous; and please, in this age and time there is such an invention called WIGS, so no woman needs to go to that extreme for a role.

  23. 48
    Purple Poet Says:

    She’s such a Jodie Foster wannabe.

  24. 49
    Chelsea Says:

    This has to be based on the book Before I Die by Jenny Downham. It’s such a good book. Didn’t know they were making it into a movie! Wonderful!

  25. 50
    Britta Says:

    This sounds sort of like Kristen Stewart’s old movie Cake Eaters.
    A sick girl trying to lose her virginity.

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