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Lea Michele & Chris Colfer Not Returning for 'Glee' Season 4

Lea Michele & Chris Colfer Not Returning for 'Glee' Season 4

Get ready to say goodbye to Rachel, Kurt, and Finn.

Lea Michele, Chris Colfer, and Cory Monteith will not be returning for the fourth season of Glee, according to the show’s creator Ryan Murphy.

“[They are] not going to be back at all for Season 4,” Ryan told THR. “You can keep them on the show for six years and people will criticize you for not being realistic, or you can be really true to life and say when they started the show they were very clearly sophomores and they should graduate at the end of their senior year.”

While Ryan has previously mentioned that cast members would be graduating at the end of next season, these are the first cast members officially not returning.

While Chord Overstreet was not made a series regular for the third season, he is still welcome on the show and could possibly be bumped to a regular for season four.

ARE YOU SAD to see Lea Michele, Chris Colfer, and Cory Monteith leave Glee?

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  • timby


  • http://@nickandcory Courtney

    I want to cry. Those are my favorites on the show =( You know you may find it silly that someone might cry over this but this show as done a lot for me and many other people out there. The show would be the same without them.

  • Jhe RaƱin

    THIS IS SAD!! :((

  • Nicole

    What about Mercedez, quinn, puck, tina, artie, mike, santana, and brittany? Aren’t they the same age? wouldn’t they be leaving as well?

  • Whatever

    Great. Now Lea can go back to Broadway…Where she belongs!

  • Daiana Seixas

    Not at all. I agree with Murphy and I think that if Glee is a show about High School Kids they have to graduate. I’m very sad that Chord will not be regular at next season, but I believe in Murphy’s touch. Waiting anxiously for the next season.

  • Chy

    I honestly can’t imagine Glee without Rachel, Kurt, or Finn!!! I hope the producers know what they’re doing and not just “jumping the shark”!!! It’s going to be pretty hard to continue watching after such powerful characters are gone only after two seasons!

  • ms grey

    though the writers are great, the voices of these 3 very talented people as well as their acting skills have made the show the success it is…the “adults” can not carry it.

  • Marianne

    Why is this news. We have always known that they are going to graduate. It’s high school for chrissakes.

  • Chy


    Correction!!! It’ll be hard to watch the show after they’ve only been on there for 3 seasons. I like Mr. Schuester and Sue Sylvester, but I don’t think they’re strong enough to carry the show on their own.

  • sanaz

    Although I agree with Ryan Murphy on the whole staying true idea, I don’t think the new glee kids will be as great as the current ones. Of course, the current cast is the original, so viewer wise it may get awkward for season 4. I guess that’s the con about shows that take place in high school: you have to grow up, bring a new cast and the show can possibly lose viewers.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o L

    …now what will they do?!? …ahahahahahaa …fade away.

  • Maria

    DAMN! it’s gonna su.c.k

  • Alaia

    Haha, the show will bomb and become irrelevant come Season Four. It happens all the time, but at least it’ll save the original actors the embarrassment. Ryan the Douche, however…

  • Mayle

    The guy who plays Finn is seriously atrocious. Say goodbye to your carteer post-Glee, mate. Douchey glasses, too.

  • loow

    I’ll miss them in the new season

  • OverHim

    Wow, he’s going all out. I thought he’d try and phase them out two-by-two or something not all at once. I am surprised that Dianna Agron isn’t one of the first to go. With her feature film roles I thought she’d be one of the first out the door to try her hand at films full time.

    So does this mean Ryan Murphy’s going to spend the 3rd season building up the rest of the cast to the point where they can carry the show without Lea, Chris and Cory?

    I’m not a huge fan of all three of them but, by and large, good and bad, their characters are the most developed, they carry the bulk of the singing duties and they carry the bulk of the airtime with their stories and relationships (with each other and other characters). Them leaving is going to leave a huge hole that’s going to need to be filled.

    I hope they balance the third season out better than they did the 2nd season so that the remaining characters start to build stories and relationships on their own. So, by the third season when Rachel/Finn/Kurt are gone, the show isn’t scrambling to find someone, anyone to fill their shoes and spending the first half of the season throwing whatever and whoever at the wall to see what sticks with the audience.

  • Samantha


  • tom

    Not sure why it matters if they stay, It is just a fictionalized tv show. But like Friday Night Lights which switched its cast successfully I am sure this one can do it also. It would be a shame to see Lea, Quinn and Heather Morris go.

  •!/LeaInMyHeart37 Shaked

    It’s not worth without them. i’m so sad.

  • Jenni Williams

    Ridiculous. They could have broken up the school years into 2 seasons. The show has already been headed downhill, pretty sure season 3 will be the end. I think Ryan Murphy is a little full of himself.

  • amf

    if LEA’s leaving might as well remove DIANNA…i mean…this is non-sense!!!!!!i can’t watch glee if QUINN and RACHEL is not around…and remember she’s of the same age…if Ryan is saying being true and why is that QUINN is the CAPTAIN of the CHEERIOS during her freshmen year…duh! i love DIANNA/QUINN but if some of the orig cast will leave especially LEA then what’s the sense…remove them all!

  • Alexis

    Puck should leave, too. He’s the oldest-looking and least convincing high schooler or TV next to the people on 90210.

  • Manny

    Chris leaving breaks my heart. As for the “mouth” – let me show her to the door. Good riddance.

  • bye

    Sources say Lea M. was a real pain in the asz to work with.

  • nooooooooooo


  • RebelYell

    The highschool based show curse strikes again!!!!!
    The OC bombed after they got rid of Mischa Barton for good and was canceled before the fourth season ended.
    One Tree Hill never recovered after Chad Micheal Murray and other actors left losing popularity in its fourth season.
    The original 90210 suffered the same fate after several actors left in the fourth season. The new 90210 won’t last long for many reasons.
    Gossip Girl will probably make the same mistakes and lose some of it’s lead actors and try to replace them.Only to find the show canceled soon after. I am surprised that the people behind Glee didn’t see this coming since the characters would have to leave highschool some time. They should of split the years up, by two seasons for every one year in highschool. Although there are “glee” clubs in college.Maybe they are planning a spin off and trying to upset everyone with some of the cast leaving, only to announce their return on the spin off.Ryan Murphy is a clever business man sounds like something he might pull.

  • Sydney


  • Sydney


  • Sydney


  • Lyndz

    Omg this is so sad! I will miss them!!! I wonder what will happen to the other cast members like Artie, Tina, Quinn, Brittany, Santana, Puck, etc.

  • Not smart choice

    When Lea leave I am out

  • Lyndz

    Omg this is so sad! I will miss them!!! I wonder what will happen to the other cast members like Artie, Tina, Quinn, Brittany, Santana, Puck, etc…

  • Tammy

    @OverHim: Agron is leaving too. She just wasn’t mentioned because she’s not that important.

  • minty

    Like her or not, but Lea works the hardest for this show. She sings the most, has significant screen time, does the most promoting, sells the most, etc. This show’s going to sink hard and fast without her.

  • khsalksjd

    Since Ryan is graduating these characters, here’s how I think it should happen without completely changing the entire cast.-
    I think Lea, Cory, Mark, Dianna, Amber, Harry (and CHORD if only he would be there!) should graduate after the 3rd season and bring in 5 new characters. Naya, Heather, Chris, Darren, Kevin, Jenna, and Ashley should then graduate after the 4th season then bring in 7 new characters.
    Jane, Matt and Jayma should stay forever.

  • elizabeth

    i like the approach of moving the cast out when they ‘graduate’. these “stars” are easily replaceable; there are so many talented singers and perfomers out there in hollywoodland that there won’t be a shortage of students for Mr. Schusters class.

  • YAYA that means Glee is over???? And aren’t all the kids on that show the same no one should be returning.

  • Emma Roberts Nepotism Card

    The only one I see with a legit career post Glee is Diana who booked actual work before she landed Glee. The rest all look like they’ll be doing TV cable movies in a few years time. And Lea looks like she’ll be a broadway actress. Forget the rest. They’re disposable. They should be enjoying what they have cause they won’t ever get anything better than Glee. I know it sounds harsh but that’s what I think will happen.

  • Linn

    Finn should graduate and come back as the singing school janitior…….most likely where he’ll end up in real life.

    Rachel should be written out in a horrible anethesia accident ……when she finally goes for that nose job.

  • chris

    there will be no season 5 with this choice

  • greedy

    This is how you make money.
    A revolving door
    No big contracts or demands

  • Paulie

    Season 3 may as well be the final season. I’m sure many viewers won’t return for season 4 either.

  • peggy

    @Emma Roberts Nepotism Card:

    When one is ignorant one should keep quiet.

    Lea Michelle is a Tony award winning actress and whether Dianna can maintain a carreer is yet to be established.

  • madina

    It’s sad! But Ryan Murphy is so talented! I hope everything would be great anyway…

  • Shawna

    They should have had a season last half a school year. So sophomore year could have been seasons 1 & 2, junior year would be seasons 3 & 4, and senior year would have been 5 & 6. I love this show, I saw it live in June, but I doubt I will watch without the main characters. Glee is nothing without Chris Colfer!

  • laverdadduele

    Good riddance. Hoping this will be the end of this lame show.

  • Taryn


  • love in ny

    when lea leave i’m leaving with her, lea and chris are the most talented ones.

  • lea fan

    when lea michele leave i’m done with glee.