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Lea Michele & Chris Colfer Not Returning for 'Glee' Season 4

Lea Michele & Chris Colfer Not Returning for 'Glee' Season 4

Get ready to say goodbye to Rachel, Kurt, and Finn.

Lea Michele, Chris Colfer, and Cory Monteith will not be returning for the fourth season of Glee, according to the show’s creator Ryan Murphy.

“[They are] not going to be back at all for Season 4,” Ryan told THR. “You can keep them on the show for six years and people will criticize you for not being realistic, or you can be really true to life and say when they started the show they were very clearly sophomores and they should graduate at the end of their senior year.”

While Ryan has previously mentioned that cast members would be graduating at the end of next season, these are the first cast members officially not returning.

While Chord Overstreet was not made a series regular for the third season, he is still welcome on the show and could possibly be bumped to a regular for season four.

ARE YOU SAD to see Lea Michele, Chris Colfer, and Cory Monteith leave Glee?

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  • Sean

    Like CSI when Grissom left, you can kiss the fanbase of this show goodbye.

  • after 3 season i’m out

    when lea and chris leave i’m out as well, what is the point to watch glee without lea and chris? none.

  • Shannon

    Season 3 will be definitely my last season of Glee…Lea, Cory, and Chris are Glee to me…not to mention the most talented on the show. I understand they can’t be in HS forever, but I think they could of kept the show with its original stars through season 4 and then just ended the show with a fantastic series finale rather than keep it going with a new cast

  • megan

    the show will be nothing without lea… cory’s looking really ugly in that pic with the glasses

  • Troy

    Alright, okay everybody, you need to get his through your thick skulls. EVERYBODY IS LEAVING THE SHOW. THEY ARE ALL GRADUATING EXCEPT FOR BLAINE AND SAM BECAUSE THEY ARE A GRADE YOUNGER…. SO YES THAT INCLUDES DIANNA, AND MARK, AND HARRY AND JENNA AND KEVIN AND EVERYBODY…… seriously you guys call yourselves fans of the show and you didnt even KNOW that?

  • raisingChild


  • Jasmine

    They’re not leaving soon enough. I personally would be happier if they cancelled this POS. Pop culture is already an inch away from the gutter, save it by eliminating crap like this.

  • Emma Roberts Nepotism Card

    @peggy bitch you have the nerve to call me ignorant? Noone else has been able to book work in a mainstream motion picture outside of the Glee franchise besides Dianna. It’s not about whether she maintains it or not, she could just as easily nosedive like the rest, but she’s the one with the most potential because the PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING. Like I said, Lea has theater chops. Harry has a solid dancing career. Cory is not leading man material. The rest are heading down cable TV. Now stfu.

  • R

    I’ll be leaving for season 4 too then.

  • hans

    thank god, noiw they can stop this crapy show.

  • Mac

    show’s over ;)

  • Cherry

    It won’t be same without the original glee cast :(

  • anna

    We want Cory =(

  • Dasha

    I will not watch the 4th season for sure, glee without rachel are you kidding me? After season 3 i’m done.

  • Anna

    Cory looks younger than his age , Finns charachter is way different then Corys . So stop hating on him .. Cory =(

  • kokosh

    GLEE shoul disappear from TV. Period.
    It started off as a promising idea, but turned out to be a self-indulgent parade with only traces of actual plot. Fail!

  • Nicole

    i don’t like it….i don’t think that glee will ever be the same without them… same with the whole original cast…

  • Vanessa

    “Glee” really won’t be the same without them … :o( … Not sure if I’ll keep watching the show after season 3.

  • lilly

    i probably won’t be watching anyway. series 2 paled in comparison to series 1 and the only things that kept me watching were chris colfer and ashley fink.

  • asa

    I think that lea is the show! lets be serious, shes the only one except mercedes who can sing,…. gonna miss her!!!

  • abc

    Why would they be returning in season 4?!?!?! Ryan Murphy already said they’d be graduating in season 3!

  • mary

    I don’t think that glee will ever be the same without them but they need to move on with their career. Lea Michele movies are coming (NYE and Dorothy of Oz), solo album, Bway´s revivals…those chances will be missing if she stays in Glee. I will follow her career no matter what…she needs to shine. Same to others cast members

  • Chynna

    These three are the mains of this show. It will be nothing without them! Especially Lea Michelle. Although her character can be a little nuisance sometimes, it is the spirit of the show.

  • Pablo

    I need a spin off about Lea and Kurt in NYC!


    HAVE THEY LOST THEIR MINDS??? What were they thinking?

  • Lailah

    Ryan Murphy thinks he’s like Speilberg or something. Season 1 was the prime of the show – it hasn’t been better and it won’t get better than season 1. All the messages, lessons, issues, and showy episodes season 2 produced was such a waste. Season 2 was horrible and now season 4 is going to suck. So thanks Ryan Murphy.

  • bbq

    They are three of the best! I can’t believe they’re not coming back! This sucks! I love Rachel, she reminds me so much of me with her drive and will. I love Kurt too and Finn. I’m not sure how good the show will be out without them! I have a feeling that this is only the beginning. I’m sure before summer’s end it will be revealed that Santana, Brittany, Mercedes, Puck, Artie, Quinn and Tina won’t be returning either. I hope that’s not the case but we’ll see.

  • Camila

    Si se van ellos no lo miro mas

  • ianlynn

    i love Lea :( … i hope that she has another tv show or something cos shes really good..

  • Riley

    Glee kiss your ratings goodbye hey you had a good run but i dont think a group of fresh faces can ever live up to the original characters at all!!!!

  • Danielle

    I cab`t believe Glee without Rachel, yes, yes! Everyone is important there, the thuth is Rachel is unique, is the drama queen and is the voice!!!! plus She is super funny being dramatic I love her acting!!! Nooo way is gonna be the same =(

  • kly

    WTF????????????????no way!!

  • Nathan King

    i don’t know why everyone is so surprised i expected them to graduate at the end of the third season from the very first episode. suck it up people!!!

  • rachelle

    I’m sad :( he should right a spinoff for them!

  • Sachabee

    Yes–I will not be watching once Kurt is gone, unless they can give me a very compelling reason to continue.

  • Carol

    do you remember what happened with The O.C. ?

  •!/BlondieEfron BlondieGirl

    So sad! :c

  • http://@gaby_snicastro Gabriella

    Without them glee not going to have more fun if they come out honestly I do not see the glee

  • MJ

    WHAAAATTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????? >:( not watching after season 3 then ¬¬

  • Ella

    whoa! how are they going to have glee without them!

  • meliss

    maybe they could have a glee -”college version” or something? honestly, what’s glee without these three?

  • http://ThePieroCassino Piero Cassino


  • point?

    i’m sad to see them go…. i really am. i mean, what about the rest of the characters? really? the show isn’t as great as it used to be, but i’m sad to see them go.

  • Kayley

    Seeing them leave going to be really hard Finn was one of my tabs and Kurt was the reason I was ok with comming out with my sexuality and Rachel was the person that kinda got me more into singing. But anyone who doesn’t miss these people just dissent get what it’s like to be like me!

  • http://@GleeksKickAss Tegan

    Everyone thinks its stupid to get rid of the 3 favourite characters & I agree & will miss them loads but if you don’t get rid of the main favourites when the newbies come in no one will like them cos they are still hung up on Rachel, Finn or Kurt, so if you get rid of the favourites you have to get a new favourite. So I think that Ryan is hoping that peoples new favourites will be the new characters.
    After all wasn’t Glee created to showcase average peoples incredible music talents? So give more people the chance.
    But I am going to sincerely miss Rachel’s drama & hilarious facial expressions, Finn’s gorgeous smile that makes me melt, & Kurt’s everything! ♥

  • artie fan

    I will NEVER watch glee again if artie and tina arent on it, the seris should end after season 3 >(

  • artie fan

    I will NEVER watch glee again if artie and tina arent on it, the seris should end after season 3 >(

  • Gleek

    No Chris Colfer= No me being a gleek
    chris colfer,rachel,finn THEY`RE THE FUNNY ONES
    Glee would SUCK if they left especialy kurt hes the funniest
    I`ll rather have it to be not realistic if they are gunna remove THOSE
    Kurt is my life >:(

  • Meggy

    Those guys put the L in glee
    without them its just glee turning into…Gee

  • Meggy

    Those guys put the L in glee
    without them its just glee turning into…Gee