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Sophia Bush: 'Mob Wives' for Funny or Die!

Sophia Bush: 'Mob Wives' for Funny or Die!

Sophia Bush plays the part of a mob wife in a new video for Funny or Die!

The actress, who celebrated her 29th birthday late last week, stars opposite Drea de Matteo in the new spoof.

“Loved the outrageous makeup in our #FunnyOrDieMobWives video? Thank the immensely talented @theannarose. Girl made my lips look BIG!” Sophia wrote on her Twitter account.

“Best day on set I’ve ever had,” she added.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Sophia Bush as one of the Mob Wives?

Funny or Die – Mob Wives
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  • Wes

    I’m dying from laughter!! Do more comedies Soph!

  • lol

    LOl Sophia isn’t “rough” looking enough.

  • Jay

    OMG ahahahahah I just love her! LOL

  • Lil

    That was actually really really funny.

  • saadgkhan

    foul-mouted Hilarious lolz

  • Tinia

    Funny! The real show is just about like that – ha!

  • Alexx

    Aw haha Sophia is so cute. Trying to act all tough lol. This was actually pretty funny!

  • Dasha

    She was awesome, she’s so funny, she should do comedy more often, i love her.

  • Anna

    So funny. They all did a great job. Sophia has great comedic talent. Mob Wives is so insane I saw one episode, these girls did a super spoof.

  • lily

    I love Sophia’s voice)

  • Sophia

    HAHAHA So damn funny! Sophia rocks. Period.

  • Renny

    This was unbelievably and absolutely the BEST thing I’ve ever seen!!!!
    I was dying and rolling over as I was watching it!!
    So hilarious and Sophia was SOOOOO awesome!!!!
    Big hit with everyone who’s seen it. People are loving it on Twitter and other websites!!!!

  • terri

    Loved it. Sophia rocks comedy. Love her accent and everyone’s.

  • Helena

    Love it!!!

    Sooo funny!!

    Sophia is amazing,love her!

  • Cristobal

    -haha- I am dying of laughter.

  • shaCHEER11

    the funny thing is that the girl playing drita actually does look like her. pretty hysterical if you ask me

  • torrance

    the tiny dinner party was so cute!

  • fardous

    it funny 4 reall i watch it again and again

  • no

    she was terrible. shes a one note actress. the others were soooooo much better espeically drea.

  • Ali

    I adored all the girls in this. Sophia was funny and had me rolling. I have noticed haters keep coming back trying to have the last word, sad for you.

  • Miranda

    The fact alone that SO many COUNTLESS people all over twitter and websites such as JJ have said that they LOVED this video, especially Sophia’s role, says A LOT.
    No doubt, that this funny or die video was a huge success. Even numerous celebs have said how much they enjoyed it and Perez Hilton even declared it as his most FAVORITE funny of Die video on his website.
    Anyone who thinks otherwise is an idiot.
    This video was hands down nothing short of amazing and hilarious and Sophia Bush was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • no

    i have a right to my opinion and my opinion stands that she is a bad actress. you on the other hand have NO right to call anybody an idiot for the mere fact that they disagree. grow up.

  • Funny

    This did get great reviews. Sophia was really funny and all the others also. I hope they do more like this. 22 can state her opinion and we do disagree with her.

  • Sandy

    fireandsparks comes here to rag on Sophia. Sophia gets press here she comes to nail her. She has to be subtle on the forums.

  • Sandy

    fireandsparks comes here to rag on Sophia. Sophia gets press, here she comes to nail her. She has to be subtle on the forums.

  • Miranda

    Uhhh, I just call it like I see them. I called you an idiot because you ARE one.
    Sophia Bush is an AMAZING actress. The fact that she is the MOST popular actress on OTH and has the biggest fan base, pretty much proves it. And the fact that the media LOVES her as well proves it too. Jealousy can be a funny thing. ;)

  • Terri

    #24 I know who you are talking about. She is definitely hater of Sophia. Has been for years.

  • Arianna

    Haters hate because they’re either jealous or lead miserable lives.
    They suck. End of story.
    Sophia’s fans will ALWAYS and I mean always love her and support her no matter what!!!

  • Anna

    OTH fans are in a frenzy, nervous that it will be One Brooke Hill. Because they are rabid about the other female lead. Attack Sophia because everything is her fault. Possibly the other female is busy with her other priorities, that couldn’t be possible. They are going after SB on twop. So foolish and mean spirited.

  • sandy

    CM marries SB…cheating enters, marriage dissolves. CM was a diva, end of show for him. HB was a diva same for her. After quite some time JL/SB date doesn’t work for whatever reason. JL/SVS hot and heavy/side piece MS. JL gets short end of stick because of MS. BJG wants less work because of pregnancy and birth of child.

  • Annoyed

    Have you seen the mods on the Sophia board at FF? Nice they are keeping James/Brooke front and center even James/Sophia to cause problems. Good going FF your dislike if Sophia is full blown. Please someone give Joy some press to satisfy their jealous hearts.

  • ogniokrzew

    Yeees, everyone is out to get dear Sophia, FanForum being just one example. Get a grip.
    Oh, and the hissy fits over someone’s dislike of Miss Bush acting? Again, get a grip. You don’t have to like negative assesment of her “abilities”. But at least get it through your heads that these are OPINIONS. They are neither particularly wrong nor right. Acting is a subjective art. What’s funnier is that you are using other people’s OPINIONS when it suits you. Everyone on the internet likes the video and Sophia so she’s GREAT. You’d be all singing a different tune if they ignored it/her or even bashed it/her.

  • Olivia

    This video was downright EPIC!!!!
    Loveddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd the video and Sophia was awesomeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aimee

    FF mods have a great dislike for Sophia. They don’t elect Sophia’s true fans to mod her board . You all know it. For supposedly being moral, christian girls those mods are mean and nasty. The dislike stems because the character of Brooke became most popular. And this small fact drives them crazy which leads to their cruel personality traits leaking out.
    This video still makes me laugh.

  • Vanessa

    OTH’s Brooke Davis is the MOST popular character on the show.
    And OTH’s Sophia Bush is the MOST popular cast member on the show.
    Hence, why some fans gets soooo jealous because no one gives a damn about who they like.
    Oh well, Sophia Bush is hands down spectactular. End of story.

  • sarah

    LOVE u Sophia Bush:) that made my night. lovedit, loved it, loved it:)