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Alexander Skarsgard & Joe Manganiello: New Movie Roles!

Alexander Skarsgard & Joe Manganiello: New Movie Roles!

True Blood hunks Alexander Skarsgard and Joe Manganiello have both lined up new movie roles!

Alexander, 34, will star in and produce The Vanguard, an adventure about two Viking warrior brothers who embark on a journey to return to Sweden after being banished to North America, according to Variety.

This marks the first time that Alex will produce!

Joe, 34, has joined the ensemble cast of What to Expect When You’re Expecting? He will star alongside Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, Brooklyn Decker, Elizabeth Banks, Anna Kendrick, and Chace Crawford, according to EW.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Alexander Skarsgard and Joe Manganiello’s new roles?

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  • tami

    I am so excited for Alexander! I can’t wait to see his movie. :)

  • superman


  • Great news

    That’s great news about Alex PRODUCING and STARRING in this Viking movie! Hope this is the start to a very long career in Hollywood for him. His Viking scenes in TB are always great to watch. As long as he gets to speak a little Swedish in this movie ;)

    Great news for Joe too, TB has opened up many doors for him.

  • megan

    so excited for alexander’s movie!!! love that he will be getting more time on the big screen!

  • Samantha

    ohh Viking skarsgard! Yum

  • Rachel()

    This is pretty awesome. I wonder how big it’s going to be. I’ll definitely watch it!

  • Marieme

    I can’t get enough of the super-talented and hunky Skarsgard! So yay for that! Joe on the other hand is simply the worst actor on TB. I don’t care how hot the guy is, he’s a flippin’ bore! The dude’s working with a bunch of rock stars, and he manages to sound, look as interesting as wet paint. Even the actress who plays his fiancee is head and shoulders above him in the talent category. Get rid of him! No loss whatsoever.

  • Larissa

    Congratulations to Alex and Joe, but I’m more excited for Alex because he is my favorite. :)

  • Endrid

    Joe makes me HWL

  • treyc

    Bad move for ASkars. He needs to do more commercial projects first, before he does movies that no one is going to see or care about.

  • Mike

    Would let them do me both simultaneously….

  • Real Men

    Well Alexander better hurry then and bulk up a whole heck of lot more or hit the steroids for some more testosterone really fast if he has to, because Vikings sure didn’t have such a skinny amount of muscle or such flat pectorals.I sure wouldn’t find 6’4″ Vikings looking like sleek and slim metro sexual rock stars too convincing!

  • Tanter

    I think Alex’s project sounds pretty fab :D

  • Debbie

    @Real Men:
    Re AS bulking up more to look like a ‘real man’.
    He’s said before that he’s naturally lanky and finds it hard to put on weight. I hope he doesn’t go down the Joe M route as Joe’s looking freakishly like a bodybuilder rather than just a fit bloke.
    AS looked great in GK, better than he does now. Give him the opportunity to drink beer like a Viking (without all the labling of him being a drunk if he has more than one beer) and he’ll fill out in no time.
    It’ll be interesting to see him in a lead role, pretty much carrying the project instead of the ensemble pieces he’s done so far (in English anyhow; I’ve not seen any of the swedish stuff).

  • Early

    Good Joe is doing something different. With his average talent he’ll need to be careful not to get typecast in thug roles for life.

  • No

    Alexander plays always the same character…

  • ladybug

    @Real Men: And you know this because you’re such an expert on the physiology of Vikings?

  • Rachel()

    @Marieme: I completely agree. He doesn’t have fans, he has oglers. There’s a big difference.

  • Camille

    Congrats for the guys! And once again, you’re welcome Jared. I posted this announcement, for Alex at least, yesterday afternoon.

  • He has fans that like to ogle!

    AS has lots of fans that love him and his work. He has fans all over the world now that TB is pretty much seen everywhere. There is more to AS than good looks. He is talented too. Good luck with your new projects AS. He definitely deserves it.


    AS’s mom is a viking drunk! HA HA!
    Just like mine…


    Alex’s mom is a drunk. HA HA!
    Just like mine…

  • Rachel()

    @He has fans that like to ogle!: I wasn’t talking about AS. I was talking about Joe. Even if I thought Alex was ugly, I would still be his fan b/c he’s a really good actor, and he does a great job of bringing Eric to life. I don’t think Joe’s necessarily a bad actor, but he’s not doing anything w/ Alcide. He should spend less time in the gym and more time trying to make Alcide likable. That character is dull. Look at Lafeyette or Franklin from last season. They’re less significant to the story, but they stick in your head b/c the actors interpret the characters well. Alcide is flat, plain and simple.

  • Jamie

    Alex was actor who slept with his co-workers.Now he is a producer,who will be sleeping with his co-workers.A zebra never changes its stripes.

  • She Stinks!

    Someone should tell this man that being in a movie with JHO Bag is bad move. She’s box office poison and will ruin this film.

  • Sweety

    * In this case: A giraffe never changes its spots. ;)
    And IA, he’s sleeping his way.

  • http://none texas swede

    @Rachel(): Warner Brothers is involved so lets hope for big backing.

  • http://none texas swede

    @No: Just curious …how many of his works have you seen to base this opinion on?

  • Who else is in the movie

    Who else is suppose to be in the Warner Bros movie besides AS?

  • ladybug

    @Who else is in the movie: They haven’t even got that far as of yet. Wait a few months, this isn’t supposed to start filming until next July.

  • Cafélady

    @Jamie: Ahhh…the “big insider” comes with the truth…but; you sounds like a miffed highschool-brat, which the quarterback of the school-team have gave her the brush-off…haha
    so let me guess; you will probably hint with this unnecessary comment; that you had alleged once the possibility to met him (AS) personal, made then a clearly ‘ambiguous’ offer to him and he said (very probable) “No”…well, in that case I would say; seems like as you aren’t the big hit, darlin…which wouldn’t be something to wonder if one read your comments…..
    but honestly, the truth is probably that you actually would WISH to meet him once in reality, right? Here is the wish the “father” of the thought, obviously….

    …and forget it, no one will give a penny for your supposedly “true” stories or “insider” info.

  • Hans

    @Cafelady Shut the hell up!! It is only Jamie’s comment.GET OVER YOURSELF.YOU STUPID IDIOT!!!

  • Jamie

    I never posted that I slept with anyone.Alex has a reputation of sleep with his co-stars and crew members.He will sleep with anyone.If you know what I know…I believe you will think twice before putting this man on a pedestal.

  • Sleeping around – what??

    @Jamie: I have read the same thing, that he sleeps with co-workers, and his trailer is busy. LOL His coworkers have said that he flirts, and I have read other posts that he is seen with a blond, or someone else at some random bar. He is single, and a human male. If they are consenting adults who cares. There will always be speculation about his love life, I am so freakin happy we have not seen him with one of his previous coworkers, and he never said that he slept with her, we just speculate that he did. ewwwwwwwwwwwww!!

  • Skarsgard wannabe

    If he’ll sleep with anyone, then that’s the best news i’ve heard all day. Where’s the sign-up sheet?

  • Move On Already!

    Sorry fangurlies-The Skarsgard sign up sheet is for the three “legged” ONLY

  • Seriously

    @32, 33 34, 36 That’s the best you can do insiders?!? LOL this is just sad and pathetic to read because this is just as bad as Alex and Ryan going at it for the gals by flexing their muscles. But that turned out to be wrong too, but okay keep telling false stories.

  • Fang Fan

    Alexander Fang has a weird small head, he looks like that man from Beetlejuice.

  • Cafélady

    @Jamie: I never claimed that you slept with someone or him (whatever…). I just said/wrote that you SOUNDS like that or try to sounds like you would know him or his ‘inner circle’ closer than all we others…that’s an difference. And seriously; sentences like yours (in this earlier post of you) one could often heard in this mentioned high-school times, like in that example I wrote…it’s just an statement, no more – no less.

    I have noticed that every time you make a comment about him (up to now) you try to sounds like this; an alleged “insider” which will others make believe that you ‘know’ more than all the others (which are NOT in his inner circle) about alex. And this in an quite condescendingly kind of way (and this was the point for me to reply you).
    I asked it before for several times; do you have any proof for this alleged ‘knowledge’?? Then show it on the table. Rumours don’t count, because they aren’t any proof for anything. And I could bet you know that exactly.

    What I found interesting in the end was; why are you so much interested on what he possibly do in his bed?? That’s none of your business, nor of mine or all the others.
    I’m sorry, but gradually it just started to disturb me a little now, that you always has tried (up to now) to give him an bad reputation respectively use remarks which should give him this bad reputation or spread any rumours with the goal to give others the impression of that (although you very probable don’t know him personal).

    And putting him on a pedestal? What brings you to this conclusion??
    I’m a fan, yes. But I don’t put him on any pedestal. He is a human, and a (grown up) man. And so one could suppose that he live a grown-ups life. Which is private and his right to live it, btw. That I see this realistic still doesn’t mean that I would put him on a pedestal.
    Again; I replied your post(s), because of the type of your remarks.

    Yes, I’m a fan of alex as an actor and a fan of his work. And -based on the information in several interviews with him I have read and so on- a fan of his personality as far as I can judge it and as far as I know any about it (and that’s not much I’ve been conscious about this, but ok). So he will just always have my support -as a fan- as long as he will not do anything really criminal (what he hasn’t up to now, as far as I know).
    Pedestal? Nope.

  • Cafélady

    @Hans: In case you missed it; my comment was directed to @Jamie, and him/her alone – not to you, respectively I haven’t replied any comment of you.
    And btw. in my book it isn’t necessary to use any insulting vocabulary – even then not if you don’t agree with someones opinion. As long as you will not directly (verbal) attacked, what -correct me if I’m wrong- you wasn’t.
    So why the h*ll you felt adressed of my comment??

  • jamie

    @Cafelady: I am not the only one that is speaking the truth about Alex.He is spending a lot of time and money on trying to hide his true self.This is self-evident by the way he conducts himself while doing PR activities.His entourage is only showing the fans what the fans want to see.Not the truth.Proof,what proof if it is already in front of your eyes.If I show proof it will only give myself away,as well as others.You as a loyal fan refuse to see the reality of this individual.I have never once posted anything that was condescending towards anybody or you.If you felt that way,it is because you chose to feel that way.Goodbye!!

  • ladybug

    @jamie: “if I show proof it will only give myself away,as well as others.”
    What color is the sky in your very delusional world? A rational person is going to interpret your sentence as :”I am just making sh** up to make myself sound important and to libel an actor I don’t like. Because it’s better than admitting I still live in my mom’s basement and have no actual life”

  • JJ

    jamie speaks the truth IMO. Because he says something during the interview but his behaviour in real life is opposite…he’s private BUT he signs with Robin Baum( = always on JJ) ! he f*ck ERW and in the same time Willa Holland (WH is in straw dogs and there are pictures of AS and ERW on straw dogs set) later he f*uck bosworth always from SD and in the same time Amanda Seyfried. He’s not a good guy. He looks like a d*uchebag..and he try to cover this!

  • http://none texas swede

    @jamie: You make yourself out to be a hypocrite. Just how would you expose yourself? Are you supposedly one of his friends or the wife of one of his friends? Just how would you know inside truths about him ? If you are one of his inside group of friends and you are posting on here you are really in need of professional help.

    I care not who the man sees, or whether or not he dates more than one at a time. There is a differencing between dating and having a relationship with someone. And unless you are one of the women involved you do not know what the circumstances were. All anyone has heard is GOSSIP. The only woman who has said anything is Amanda and she said they dated a few times.

    So if you are gonna come in and insult him and those of us who are fans and could care less who he is dating have the balls to back up your accusations. If you truly believe the poison you are spouting then support it with dates, facts, photos,,,,etc.

    Anyone with a pc and keyboard can type b*lls*it for others to read. I wish celebrities could have IPC’s from false postings subpenoed so they could file slander charges on people slurring their names.

  • ladybug

    @JJ: You have documented proof that all these relationships were physical (and overlapping)?

  • Tanter

    If gossip is to be believed Hollywood is filled with people who sleep with each other. As long as nobody is hurt, I don’t see what the problem is? Especially when/if Alex is (hopefully) single – why can’t he sleep with who he wants to? Where’s the scandal in him sleeping around (if he does that)? People should also do themselves a favour and remember that he’s a Scandinavian. Sleeping around is far from controversial in Scandinavia – it’s actually quite common.

  • Toots

    I could believe that he sleeps around and may not be too particularly discriminating about who he sleeps with. That whole concept is so completely foreign to me not only because of my personal views, but also from my professional ones. I’ve spent many years working in the HIV vaccine field and having such a cavalier attitude about sex in this day and age is quite frightening. It only takes messing around with one wrong person to screw up your life. His choice, but choices like this can have serious consequences. People may think it’s something that happens to someone else, but you could always end up being that someone else if you’re not smart about it. Honestly, if he is half as active as people seem to say he is, why would anyone want to sleep with him, knowing that you’d be sleeping with everyone else he has ever slept with? No thank you. HW seems too much like an STD infested cesspool to want to take a swim. Plus if he drinks like a Viking, as he seems to, his liver isn’t going to be in such great shape eventually…

  • Cafélady

    @jamie: “I am not the only one that is speaking the truth about Alex.” I’m not interested on any ‘others’ (should they really exist, and should they actually have more to say as any unproven rumours), because I talk/write with/to you and not to any ‘others’! Because YOU are the one which has spread any doubtful rumours and dropping hints here about AS and his private life and try to give the impression you would be some ‘insider’ of his inner circle or you would know any persons of it closer, not any ‘others’.

    “He is spending a lot of time and money on trying to hide his true self.” What you not say. And from where you know this exactly?! Facts please – no excuses or unproven assertions.
    Or is it more an personal suspicion -what I guess- because he is (now an bit more famous) actor and because this reason you suppose that he must have “a lot of money” now?!
    And “his true self”; if you don’t know him actually very close and personal, then you cannot ‘know’ anything about “his true self”…There is an little difference between ‘actually knowing’ and ‘suppose’…

    “This is self-evident by the way he conducts himself while doing PR activities.His entourage is only showing the fans what the fans want to see.”
    His as nice, friendly, patient etc. described behavior (and ALL people which have ever met him once on events like that say the same) is in your mind a proof for the doubtful rumours and assertions in your posts you’ve made recently about him?! Seriously?? Oh lord, how naive must one be to believe sh*t like that, even then if is it the own sh*t??
    And entourage?? I have very often read/heard from several sources that he is one of the rare so-called celebs which haven’t any entourage…

    “Proof,what proof if it is already in front of your eyes.”
    Baby, what you have seen possibly with your eyes actually (which still isn’t clear what this should be btw because up to now you haven’t make something more than dropping hints and spreading doubtful rumours), and what you INTERPRET on it are often two pair of shoes.
    And to make any assertions is still no proof in that sense that it would be an self-evidence! In that case we would go directly back in the middle-age…
    Rumours or assertions aren’t proof for anything. Plain and simple.

    And truth? What ‘truth’?? Up to now, I couldn’t hear/read anything else of you than some malicious, doubtful rumours and some snide remarks about him. No more – no less. And up to now you’ve preferred NOT to prove what you’ve claimed (with names, dates, pics etc.). So what truth?!
    In case you have this (any proof for your assertions) then show it on the table! But don’t hide yourself behind clearly ambiguous hints and arrogant words.

    But it’s always the same with people like you; if they obviously have no arguments further (or obviously no proof for their assertions), they run away. Typical.
    So I come to the conclusion that all what you have said/wrote here up to now, was apparently nothing more than “hot air” – as usual and as I supposed already since your first post.

  • marian

    @Real Men:
    Good point.

  • Hans

    I think that all of you people are just CRAZY FAT-FAN GURLS.The majority of these posts come from people that have been kick-out of other forums for their ignorant behaviour.So,you people come here and post your stupidity because you know you can’t get kick-out.The people here are not fans…the people here are all PSYCHOS!!!
    @Cafélady:its people like you that I have a problem with.You bully people like jamie because you don’t agree with the post.So what,big deal.In the past Jamie has given some serious intel.You seem to have a lot of time posting here.Take the time to look jamie up then if you don’t believe.You expect jamie to repeat everything for you because you don’t believe.You are living in a delusional world!!!You are not an idiot…you are a FOOL.
    @Texas Swede:GET LOST!!!