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Andrew Garfield: Spidey Suit for 'EW' Cover!

Andrew Garfield: Spidey Suit for 'EW' Cover!

Andrew Garfield feels his Spidey senses tingling on the cover of Entertainment Weekly‘s latest issue, on newsstands Friday (July 15).

Here’s what the 27-year-old English actor, who will hit the big screen in The Amazing Spider-Man next year, had to share:

On relating to Peter Parker: “I always felt stronger inside than I looked on the outside, which got me into trouble. I related to Peter Parker so much because I felt like someone else inside. I loved the comic books and the animated TV series, and I even dressed up as Spider-Man as a kid. My brother was Superman.”

On checking out the first Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire Spidey film: “That rekindled everything. I bought a pirated copy on Portobello Road and watched it over and over with my buddy Terry. The action sequences were so expansive and breathtaking, with Tobey swinging through the air. It just floored me!”

Andrew’s co-star, Emma Stone, on wanting to make the film relatable: “When I’m watching movies like this, if I don’t find something I can relate to story-wise and character-wise, it’s just a bunch of noise. You feel like a 4-year-old watching fireworks. With [director Marc Webb], you just know that the film will be grounded in reality.”

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Bigger cover pic inside…

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  • kiki

    andrew’s a sweet guy. i hope the movie does well for him and emma!

  • “I bought a pirated copy …”

    Rofl! I can’t believe he admitted to that

  • Gabby

    He looks good in the suit.

  • A

    Tobey is and always will be spiderman.
    He was the best spiderman there ever was because he had the mixture of good looks and geekiness whilst Andrew here looks pure geek.
    That was not Peter Parker.
    Peter Park had both which Tobey Maguire obviously had .
    For any girl to realistically find him attractive, he had to have some good looks, not model like, but attractive enough to date…andrew has none of that, he looks like a skinny nerd.
    He’s just not believable as Spiderman.

  • Deb

    He’s so small and fragile but I guess thats the way Spiderman should be?

  • Heather

    @A: Sooooo Agree!

  • Liz

    Very small man i disagree seems like a dead body and very slim

  • Erika

    If they lowered the camera down a bit we could see where he shoots the web from LOL!!!!!!!!!!

  • sunbears1

    @A: Peter Parker IS a skinny nerd.

  • fren

    He is a 100times better actor than Tobey. and that is what matters!

  • British Latin American

    Looks like a good pic. Maybe it will make Jesse Eisenberg and Garrett Hedlund fight over Andrew.

  • A

    @sunbears1: Spiderman is not supposed to be skinny.
    He has to have muscles to be able to swing from one building to another.
    Tobey Maguire looked like a more realistic Spiderman AND Peter Parker.

  • Hanne

    @A: Er, just because he looked the part (which he didn’t, anyway) doesn’t mean he was good. God, Tobey Maguire is so horrible and only got a part in The Great Gatsby because he is banging DiCaprio.

  • blah

    skinny spidreman… not my cup of tea…..

  • Tatiana

    @ Hanne – LOL!! So true!!

    Why are they remaking this movie so soon? What is supposed to be the difference?

    Anyway, I think this guy makes a better Peter Parker, because in the comic books Peter was nerdy but he was HOT under those glasses. In my opinion, Tobey Maguire is simply not sexy.

    I also like Emma Stone as Mary Jane better than Kirsten Dunst too. Neither actress is the sex-kitten Mary Jane was, but Emma is definitely a huge step up. The nickname “Tiger” didn’t even sound right coming out of Kirsten’s mouth, which is probably why they only had her call Tobey that just once; whereas in the comic books, Mary Jane called Peter Parker that all the time…

    I love Spider-Man though. I enjoyed the last series, so I hope I enjoy this one too!

  • Moon’

    @A: Sooooo Agree too !!!

  • Gilmore


    You obviously have never read the comic before.

  • noname


  • Rubella

    @A: What do you mean? Andrew is gorgeous. He’s not photogenic, but in moving pictures, he’s beautiful.

    I have never, ever found Tobey attractive and I felt his Peter was rather insipid. Andrew has range. He can do nerdy, edgy, and funny, and he can comfortably mix them into one character.

  • Rubella

    @A: Have you seen Spidey when he was young and starting out? He was thin. He’s NOT meant to be muscled. He’s meant to have definition, yes, but he’s still supposed to be thin and spider-like, relying on his brains rather than braun.

  • Ashley

    I was dead set against the spider man remake and didn’t like Andrew garfield attractive at all but I have to admit he looks sexy in the suit



    Um honeybunch, Gwen Stacey finds Peter Parker attractive because Emma Stone finds Andrew very attractive, they’ve been together for the last few months. See not everyone goes for greasy oiled up thick-necked guidos like you.



    Um honeybunch, Gwen Stacey finds Peter Parker attractive because Emma Stone finds Andrew very attractive, they’ve been together for the last few months. See not everyone goes for greasy oiled up thick-necked guidos like you.

  • Raina England

    “I bought a pirated copy …”
    Why buy a pirate copy when you can get the real thing? It’s not like it’s still out at the cinema.

  • Brandon.

    @Tatiana: lol. emmas not playing mary jane… so yeah.

  • Peter Karl

    Sony got rid of Tobey Maguire as Spiderman because they knew he was perfect for the part as even creator Stan Lee was able to enjoy it. But when Sony found out Stan Lee was not asian and that he was even jewish, they got really aggrivated. And, since Sony Company is located in the country with the highest number of suicides in the world, they wanted to share thier greif and aggrivations with everyone else. So they found some sexualy frustrated geek with no knowledge, no abiltiy, no talent and no acting experiances except trying to get on dates. This guy is so bad at being Spider guy, the Sony Entertainment has had to change the release date for this movie six times over the past four years. Face it Sony, you don’t like to have winners on your team. When you decide to go back to Tobey Maguire you will see success but, you voted on James Garfield who was told to change his name to Andrew. And just as our exPresident Garfield only served one term in office, your Andrew Garfield will only make one movie as spiderman.