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Angelina Jolie: LAX Landing with Shiloh & Zahara!

Angelina Jolie: LAX Landing with Shiloh & Zahara!

Angelina Jolie holds onto the hands of her daughters Shiloh and Zahara as they make their way out of LAX International Airport on Wednesday (July 13) in Los Angeles.

When the gals got to their awaiting car, Shiloh, 5, decided to hop into the front seat and pretend to be the driver! Angelina, 36, had to help Shiloh make her way to the backseat after her moment of fun.

Shiloh also showed off some missing teeth while smiling as she left the airport.

The day before, the Jolie-Pitt family celebrated the third birthday of Knox and Vivienne!

Though a report recently surfaced that Angie and partner Brad Pitt were planning to get married, multiple sources told People the latest rumors are untrue.

For more pics, visit X17!

FYI: Shiloh is wearing a Junk Food Rolling Stones tee.

15+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie at the airport with her girls…

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angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 01
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 02
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 03
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 04
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 05
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 06
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 07
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 08
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 09
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 10
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 11
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 12
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 13
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 14
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 15
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 16
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 17
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 18
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 19

Credit: KMM; Photos: X17, Flynet Pictures
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715 Responses to “Angelina Jolie: LAX Landing with Shiloh & Zahara!”

  1. 1
    Jen Says:

    Beautiful mommy and her girls.

    Hello Gorgeous!

  2. 2
    the doctor Says:

    How cute!

  3. 3
    xiii Says:

    Welcome back Angie and the little ladies!

  4. 4
    xiii Says:

    O mehn! Z ‘s about to cry when she saw the papz.

  5. 5
    wow Says:

    both girls are beautiful

  6. 6
    alana Says:

    Thanks JJ. Love to see them, oh how the girls are growing. Love their individual styles.

  7. 7
    lora Says:

    lol Shiloh is such a character!

  8. 8
    Passing Through Says:

    ROTFLMBAO! My girl Z…she has soooooo much disdain for the ratzi. I wouldn’t be surprised if the guy who took thes pix melted in a pool of goo at her feet when he looked through his lens and saw Z’s 6 year-old biitch face sneering back at him as if to say, “You’re a grown ass man. Why are you stalking me, biitch?!” You go, girl!

  9. 9
    just sayin' Says:

    Both little girls are so pretty and look to be very indpendent in their own ways.

    Bet you would find neither of them with a pacifier or bottle.

  10. 10
    *Belle* Says:

    aww Shi is So Cute! :)

  11. 11
    alana Says:

    Aww, poor Zee Zee, she never did like the paps.

  12. 12
    alessandra Says:

    shi so much like her mommy

  13. 13
    Jen Says:

    Brad and Angelina must have had their nails done at the same time.
    Their finger nails are identically shaped and colored.
    Shiloh is beyond beautiful and is missing more teeth. She does not seem to mind the paps at all and they got a great picture of her missing teeth and her radiant smile. She is a star in the making. She has a natural charismatic out going personality. She does not seem to let the paps faze her at all.
    She almost looks taller than big sister Zee Zee.
    Zee has still not adjusted to the paps. I hope she will one day be able to smile at them and blow them away with her very pretty smile. I love to see her smile, her entire faces lights up and she is stunning. I think she has a fire in her that lights up the entire house when they are at home. I think she will be an incredible dancer or performer or model. She is so elegant and stylish.
    God bless these beautiful girls,(that includes Angelina), keeping them safe, happy, healthy and return them swiftly to daddy in England.

  14. 14
    lurker Says:

    wow they are gorgeous,shiloh is rocking that vest i love that girl,zee is so cute,angie looks so beautiful

  15. 15
    Another Fan Says:

    THe girls are so precious! Love Z’s different colored nails and her ruffled cardigan that matches Viv’s. Lol at Shi jumping into the driver’s seat.

  16. 16
    slig o lambert^________^ cute Says:

    shiloh pretty and cute and sweet

  17. 17
    lurker Says:

    @Passing Through:
    looks like zee will teach viv how to give the paps the eye

  18. 18
    lora Says:

    Zahara does really have the most beautiful smile. but I don’t blame her for being annoyed and not feeling like showing her smile. lol Shiloh seems so mellow here.

  19. 19
    family Says:

    beautiful family shi grow up to be like angie lol

  20. 20
    Jen Says:

    Brad and Angelina must have had their nails done at the same time. They are both sporting fantastic french nails.
    Shi is absolutely beyond beautiful. She does not seem to mind the Paps at all and has given them a good shot of her mouth full of missing teeth. She is quite the cut up. A natural, born, charismatic star. She has both her mom’s and dad’s star qualities.
    I look forward to the day Zee Zee will bowl the paps over with her stunning smile. I love to see her smile she is beyond stunning. One day she will send the paps into shock by smiling at them. :)
    Shi looks almost taller than Zee, maybe it is jut the angle. Both girls are growing up so nicely. Brad and Angie have done an amazing job with all their children.
    Let them have a very safe and happy and productive and fun trip and return swiftly and safely to daddy in England.

  21. 21
    luvangie4ever Says:

    How adorable these kids are! And Angie is looking as gorgeous as ever, just perfectly flawless.

  22. 22
    Jen Says:

    Sorry about the double post guys. I thought my first post had not gone thru and so I created a second post and now I see both showing up. ??????

  23. 23
    lurker Says:

    forgot to say thanks jared

  24. 24
    adamme Says:

    Cute kids.

  25. 25
    fans r blind Says:

    Angelina is a pretty lady it’s too bad she’s so gaunt. She needs a haircut.

  26. 26
    gracie Says:

    It’s great to see Angie and her daughters again. I hope the paps give them space. Angie has said in the past Zee does not like the paps, they’re kids and nothing can be more frightening than having grown men with high powered lenses shouting your name and shoving these huge lenses in your face. These men should be ashamed of themselves. They don’t need to be so close and scaring them.

  27. 27
    miho Says:

    shi is so cute

  28. 28
    leni Says:

    I see why Angie said Shiloh is so funny. Bet there is a lot of love and laughs at their home.

  29. 29
    Wosie Says:

    Shiloh is one character with a great personality. Love to see her ever smiling face. She is a happy go lucky kind of gal. The result of a great happy upbringing/family. Knox is another smiling Jolie-Pitts

  30. 30
    gracie Says:

    Shi is her mother’s daughter, mommy’s girl —- cute.

  31. 31
    yay Says:

    nice to see the very happy and pretty smiles of angelina and shiloh, bet zahara smiled once they got away from the cameras. lol

  32. 32
    leesa Says:

    Shiloh is going to be very tall, I think. Both kids are so pretty.

  33. 33
    xiii Says:

    @fans r blind:
    What is it to you if her hair is long? You wish your hair is as long and not wear any extensions.

  34. 34
    dianad1968 Says:

    I am LOL at Shiloh rocking a Rolling Stones shirt. This child has her mother’s personality in spades, and there are a few pics here that she looks just like her mother did when she was a little girl. It’s uncanny. Brad will need to get his shotgun ready before too long, because he will soon have a bevy of beautiful young ladies in his hme.

  35. 35
    yvette Says:

    Gorgeous girls.

  36. 36
    fern Says:

    wish i could find a lipstick the shade of shiloh’s lips.

  37. 37
    Jubilee Says:

    Beautiful looking family.

  38. 38
    *Belle* Says:

    Shi is a happy little girl :)

  39. 39
    fans r blind Says:

    The kid looks just like Angelina in the smiley car pix.

  40. 40
    lurker Says:

    love the pic of shi trying to drive the car,she and zahara must have alot of fun

  41. 41
    Passing Through Says:

    # 17 lurker @ 07/14/2011 at 1:43 am
    Don’t worry – Princess Z is already on the job. There’ve already been a couple of pix of Viv and Knox giving the ratzi the evil eye.
    I remember an interview Angie did back when she was promoting Changeling where she said that Z hates the cameras but, “…Shiloh tends to wave.” I think you can see that in these pix. Shiloh’s happy as a lark and not bothered one bit. She’s kind of like, “Hey, LA! What up, biitches! Holla back at me dawg!” Z? She looks like she’s smelled something really foul and is afriad it’s going to get all over her new teddy bear.

  42. 42
    niki Says:

    lol Well, someone was in a playful mood. Shiloh must be quite a trip! Angelina seems to be quite amused by her,

    Both kids having very different buT very striking looking eyes.

  43. 43
    lurker Says:

    I agree they have beautiful eyes,both girls will be stunning

  44. 44
    Kirsten Says:

    I’m digging Shi’s haircut. She is so beautiful and full of life like her mommy. Z is so cute with her stank eye and painted nails. The Jolie-Pitt women are lovely.

  45. 45
    Candi Says:

    love shiloh’s new haircut. cute little bob. her hair is going to grow to be thick and long. such a beauty.
    with that shirt, she reminds me of angie singing “satisfaction” by the rolling stones in “life or something like it”.

  46. 46
    Passing Through Says:

    The more pix I see the more Shiloh is cracking me up. That kid is such a contradiction. She’s wearing a Rolling Stones t-shirt that’s dirty near the hem, a green military-style vest, has a red backpack on her shoulder…and is carrying one of her beloved “silkies” that she’s had since she was a little baby. Where are all those idiots who say this kid doesn’t dress herself?

  47. 47
    Fake Says:

    I Shiloh a boy? I’m confused, but not as confused as Shiloh is.

  48. 48
    Flew in from London Says:

    They flew in from London for a few days as Angie has work to do related to her film that is being released in December. The family relocated to the UK from Malta for Brad to continue to film WWZ.

    Shi is a happy child, the paps don’t bother her at all, her eyes are so beautiful. A born actress, LOL.

    Zee is sensitive and still bothered by grown men shouting things and flashes going off in her face. Shameful. Back off idiots.

  49. 49
    fake is stupid Says:

    love shloh’s style, she is rockin that vest. uber cute.

  50. 50
    Waterman Says:

    all 3 = Cuties

  51. 51
    jennette Says:

    Shiloh is beautiful.

  52. 52
    Dang Says:

    that’s a pretty kid

  53. 53
    bebe Says:

    Awwww. Such beauties. Shiloh looks very happy.

  54. 54
    actually Says:

    Both little girl’s have such pretty eyes and hair. Would love to see Viv join her sisters on an all girl outing.

  55. 55
    Gingerbread Says:

    Aaaaaaw! So pretty ladies! Wish Vivian with them too….

  56. 56
    xiii Says:

    I can spy another teddy in Shilo’s red bag. LOL

  57. 57
    gracie Says:

    Abuson is the fake and you trolls know it. She buys and steals bfs and pretends to want children, fake blond hair and fake eye colour. Fake lovers. The biggest fake in hw is Anuston.

  58. 58
    angierocks Says:

    Awwww too adorable!I am loving shi’s jacket and z’s bear.Angie as always gorgeous.

  59. 59
    um Says:

    i dont think anyone mentioned abuson but you. just enjoy the great pics, love these girls.

  60. 60
    seri Says:

    Those girls are going to be stunningly beautiful when they’re older!!

  61. 61
    gracie Says:

    Post 57 correction, meant Anuston and not Abuson — my bad.

  62. 62
    Lara Says:

    Stunningly beautiul Angie and her girls. Shi is such a bundle of energy and fun and look how gorgeous she is. Zee is such a beautiful little lady, so serene. Love to see them looking so happy, god bless them.

  63. 63
    moxie Says:

    Shi doesn’t seem very shy, does she? lol i think she likes the cameras. Another star in the making ,maybe?

  64. 64
    ebmo Says:

    Awwww. They look like they are having so much fun!
    What a blast it must be for the whole family to be together.

  65. 65
    like a new day Says:

    Lovely pics

  66. 66
    really Says:

    tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo CUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTEE!

  67. 67

    Finally! Angie looks great as usual. Shi and Z are a sight to behold. They are growing up so fast. Brad is so proud of his family. I mean look at them. So glad they are SAFE, HAPPY AND HEALTHY. That’s what really matters after all.

  68. 68
    M Says:

    I watch her movies now and I just love her

  69. 69
    gracie Says:

    F. CannonN may you never have children — idiot.

  70. 70
    M Says:

    I watch Angelina’s movies now. She’s such a great actress, I love her and her family

  71. 71
    Dasha Says:

    Shiloh is gorgeous, she’s a mix of Brad and Angie, so beautiful

  72. 72
    love her Says:

    Well come back home gorgeous Angie.
    Shi is so adorable . very cute smile she has Z is little lady.

  73. 73
    Some Bunny Says:

    Thank you JJ for the beautiful pictures! Angelina Jolie is always most beautiful even when she’s not trying to be, and her girls are just like her: so gorgeous! Love them all so much Seeing Angelina is just like a little bit of heaven on earth because she is such an angel.

    Blessings to the JP’s and to their family and fans!

  74. 74
    chat noir Says:

    Dear JJ and all JJ’s readers, I love those adorable and happy girls like most of you. Do you think about this, those girls need space for growing up with a HEALTHY and NATURAL way. Maybe one thing we can do for them is stop photographing, stop making public their pics, and stop watching their pics.

    I have no idea about how american law protect children’s protrait right, in Europe, it is totally illegal that media show children’s photos to public without mosaic effect.

    I am so glad to see Angie’s kids smile happily, but at the same time, I feel so sad for kid’s life with paparazzis who are all the time thirsty of blood and who are always around anywhere they are.

    We can do something for them.

  75. 75
    Mad Says:

    Shiloh is adorable. She looks like Angelina

  76. 76
    busted Says:

    The girls are so cute to me.. I saw pics of Zee’s fingernails. a different color on each. But looking at their hands when Angie is holding them they are so small.

    And yep Shiloh is full of energy. Loved the pics of her getting in the front seat to drive.

    I used to see so much of Brad in her.. but she looks more and more like her mother. Really beautiful. And so is Zahara. Seeing the pics was a nice surprise. I guess they are or were in LA for a short stay.

    *****@chat noir:

    I understand what you are saying.. but we/They live in the United States, and the laws do not prohibit taking pictures of children. That is the fact. Angie/Brad have both said they understand that and try to make that situation the best they can for the children. Which despite the silliness from the trolls is exactly what they do. The children are not photographed that much. Much less then other celebrities kids that are not as hounded or hunted. So unfortunately it is a part of their lives, and more so because their parents are Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. But I love how calm and easy both of the stay around their children. Notice the children that are photographed daily are much more comfortable with the paps then the JP kids that are not.

    Wonder if the troll have noticed that fact.

  77. 77
    CJLOVE23 Says:

    So cute!!! Love them

  78. 78
    paras Says:

    Well how beautiful Zahara and Shiloh are. They are just so gorgeous, Brad and Angelina must be so happy with their beautiful little family.

  79. 79
    she's not that pretty Says:

    Everyone is beautiful wearing a giant pair of sunglasses…
    And she needs a new haircut.

  80. 80
    lylian Says:

    @she’s not that pretty:
    Rubbish! Not everyone is beautiful wearing a giant pair of sunglasses.
    YOU would NOT be beautiful at all.

  81. 81
    Ang Says:

    A beautiful mother and her adorable little girls. What a sight to wake up too. Thanks Jared for the georgous pics.

  82. 82
    gracie Says:

    She’s not thatpretty
    You’re here right coz you’re captivated by her beauty — don’t lie. Homewrecker Anuston wears big glasses too but you are not on her thread drooling over her pics — Are you? I rest my case.

  83. 83
    An Says:

    Shiloh just like father in this pics

  84. 84
    anustin Says:

    hello cuties!!!!!

    now….these are the pictures that i wanted to see in my p.c.not those argh!!!!!

  85. 85
    Love the shoes Says:

    Those young ladies are GORGEOUS! Seriously, they both are striking, and I hope I get to see what they’re going to look like when they’re teens and young adults. I think they’re just beautiful.

  86. 86
    Lee Says:

    Shiloh is tooo cute and beautiful.

    Shi is full of sunshine and happiness.

    She is a natural star.

    Love her.

  87. 87
    Paris Says:

    Zee has beautiful chocolate clear skin, as for Shiloh she has an amazing facial expression. Angie look gorgeous.

  88. 88
    Frozoid Says:

    Finally Shiloh has a feminine haircut!!

    And Jared- Shiloh’s tooth has been missing for a couple of years. She’s too young to have her primary teeth fall out yet, so she must have lost the tooth in an accident.

  89. 89
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:

    Shi cracks me up. I love her military jacket. She has great style. Also, she such a pretty face. She has gorgeous side profile just like her parents.

  90. 90
    busted Says:

    I saw these at the mega and wow.. wow.. gifs from Angie’s LV photo shoot..

    credit to foreverangie (mega) Thanks so much for sharing with all the fans.

    she made these gifs.. and let me say.. Angie is stunning.. It is almost too much to take.

    I love her expression and her laugh.. truly a stunning woman.

  91. 91
    Marcus Says:

    Angelina is gorgeous as usual and thee girls are cute.
    I do know that Angelina said in a Larry King interview for
    The tourist that there needs to be a law that prtects kids
    from the PAPs. Hey busted I also wanted to tell you that
    yes they live in the states so we will see photos and I think
    thats part of the reason she wants to leave the country

  92. 92
    Leanne Says:

    Shiloh doesn’t wear boys clothing she wears costumes.

  93. 93
    Ken Says:

    sooo cute!!!

  94. 94
    WBPfan Says:

    Thanks for the great pix JJ!!! And many thanks to the Neleh, Dulcinea fand foreverangie or all the pix on A, B+6 Mega!!

  95. 95
    WBPfan Says:

    Yikes- sorry for the typos, my previous comment should have been:
    “Thanks for the great pix JJ!!! And many thanks to the Neleh, Dulcinea and foreverangie for all the pix on A, B+6 Mega!!”

  96. 96
    anustin Says:

    thanks for the mails,ladies.

    thank you for all the beautiful pix bijou,dulci,neleh,and those gifs from foreveranje.

  97. 97
    awcmon Says:

    those little girl are too beautiful for their own good. Zee is way too pretty for her age; shiloh’s getting cuter by the day

  98. 98
    a witch Says:

    Zee looks depressed.
    Mommy? must be playing favorites.

  99. 99
    Passing Through Says:

    # 76 busted @ 07/14/2011 at 7:40 am
    Shiloh does seem to have a lot of energy – especially after a really long flight. I just remembered something else Angie said about Shiloh when she was still a baby that shows through in these pix and in what she’s said about Shiloh (and Pax) being brave and adventurous –
    ““Shi’s so full of light and love — she’s just a little honey and very, very funny. I think I’m recognizing some of myself in that one — she’s going to be a little bit of trouble.”

  100. 100
    L Says:

    shiloh is sooooooo cute!!! :)

  101. 101
    Mel Torment Says:

    scary ugly woman

  102. 102
    anustin Says:

    i understand the name calling of ur mom, witch. c’mon!!!! be greatfull to her for bringing u out of this world.

  103. 103
    :) Says:

    Beautiful trios

  104. 104
    Passing Through Says:

    # 88 Frozoid @ 07/14/2011 at 9:10 am
    Give it a rest, trollette. Shiloh’s had that haircut for months and she’s missing a bottom tooth, too, so obviously she’s NOT too young to lose baby teeth. Per the Mayo Clinic (I hope that’s a legit enough source for your stupid ass…)
    Baby teeth: When do children start losing them?
    At what age do children start losing their baby teeth?
    Answer from Alan Carr, D.M.D.
    A child’s baby teeth (primary teeth) begin to loosen and fall out on their own to make room for permanent teeth at about age 6. Timing can vary, though, and girls generally lose baby teeth earlier than do boys. The last baby teeth typically fall out by age 12 or 13.
    Baby teeth usually fall out in the order in which they erupted — first the two bottom front teeth (lower central incisors), followed by the two top front teeth (upper central incisors), the lateral incisors, first molars, canines and second molars. If a child loses a baby tooth early as a result of tooth decay or an accident, a permanent tooth may erupt early and potentially come in crooked due to limited space.

  105. 105
    lame comebacks Says:

    can’t get enough!

  106. 106
    teri Says:

    Shiloh is so darn precious, just such a happy little girl. Put a huge smile on my face before work. This family always makes me have a better day. God Bless this beautiful family.

  107. 107
    GOSH Says:

    What a ugly kid. Poor Shiloh, too much Pitt genes.

  108. 108
    yuk Says:

    Why is Steven Tyler flying with those little girls?

  109. 109
    Missing Teeth Says:

    Little boys can get really rough and rambunctious sometimes.

  110. 110
    anustin Says:

    you know…….re.tarded who.reniston injected her baby norman to death.wer is maniston’s heart?

  111. 111
    Passing Through Says:

    # 90 busted @ 07/14/2011 at 9:20 am
    If you go back 1 page there are pix of Annie Leibovitz framing the shots and talking to Angie. I never realized she was so freaking tall. She’s got to be 6’3″. She’s not standing on anything and everyone around her is at leat a few inches shorter. Angie barely comes to her shoulders and while she’s listed at IMDB as being 5’8″ people who’ve seen her in person say she’s closer to 5’6″-5’7″.

  112. 112
    EllenO'lantern Says:


  113. 113
    she is a voight Says:

    Angelina and Shiloh have the same goofy smile. someone posted a photos of Jon voight in jjb

  114. 114
    Richard P Says:

    Beautiful girls Angie ,Shiloh and Zahara.
    I love Angie

  115. 115
    anustin Says:

    lol trollniston to much to handle eh.brad’s baby momma lookin happy with the girls.

  116. 116
    PJ Says:

    OMG Shiloh has the killer Pitt smile with the beautiful face of her mother. I have always thought her beautiful but what a little star.
    Zahara is cool and beautiful I just love the way she gives that “what do you think you are doing” look.

    Thank you JJ wonderful to see them again.

  117. 117
    lurker Says:

    poor hag,admit it the kids are so gorgeous,so sorry it hurts you pathetic ass

  118. 118

    HELLO GOSH 107:

  119. 119
    wig pitt Says:

    still can’t believe that brad wears a wig.

  120. 120
    anustin Says:

    too bad.who.reniston can not produce children as gorgeous as the JPs. hehehehehe.sorry.wrong number.

  121. 121
    Looks Looks Looks Says:

    Pretentious shallow and superficial J Analstain fans. Notice how it is all about the looks to them? That’s because that is all that JA has to offer, although the old hag isn’t hot at all to anyone who I know!!

    Sad that these idiots are so far gone, expecting five and six year olds to worry about appearance. Geez, what a bunch of weirdo freaks talking about little kids like that.

    These kids are soooo adorable, and you know they will rule the world when they grow up, just like their mommy and daddy do now!

  122. 122
    anustin Says:

    its called…. genes,fanistons.oh well who.reniston got a jen too,but maybe she’ll need a genie in the bottle to pop out a kid.

  123. 123
    wig pitt Says:

  124. 124
    WHO IS SALT ? Says:

    Such cuties !

  125. 125
    gracie Says:

    Look at all these helpless trolls drooling all over the thread just to stare at gorgeous Angie’s pics out with her cute daughters. Their fugly idol is not worth their time or support, they prefer to spend hours admiring Angie’s beauty instead. Poor things, their idol had to steal an equally fugly bf. Life is a b!!tch.

  126. 126
    Looks Looks Looks Says:

    @wig pitt: Thank you for making my point. BTW all actors wear wigs, you think tiny tom grew his hair for his new Rock and Roll movie?? LOL at you idiot.

  127. 127
    Aisha Says:

    Shiloh start wairing more girlly cloths

  128. 128
    anustin Says:

    lol…who.reniston got nothing in looks.fact.

  129. 129
    wig pitt Says:

    the Hq pix of brad’s conference are my new favorite photos. man does he look old and his wig glue cracks me up

  130. 130
    anustin Says:

    so poppa pitt got the four kids heheheheeh along with uncle doug and family. lovin the brother helping out. heheheehe.

  131. 131
    anustin Says:

    a shout out to miss BDJ and LLM. ladies….u are miz.

  132. 132
    The Truth Is Says:

    Brad uses the same Toupee/Wig Master as Gene Simmons. The dude is talented, and well paid to keep his mouth shut.

  133. 133
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:

    Awww, the haters are losing their shiit again. I feel bad for them….NOT.

  134. 134
    syd Says:

    sshiloh looks like her mom, lips and all, but she has a lot of the pitt side, specially eyebrow, eyes, and maybe she looks like his side of the familly too. I bet they are a playful rowdy bunch of cousins when they get together.

  135. 135
    Family Planning Says:

    Brad harvests micro plugs from Shiloh’s youthful head of hair

  136. 136
    realist Says:

    I can tell, Shiloh is a piston. Both are such pretty little girls.

  137. 137
    "Horrible Bosses" is FUNNY! Says:

    See Jen’s New Smash Hit

  138. 138
    awwww Says:

    Both Zahara and Shiloh are beautiful. Shiloh is a perfect blend of Brad and Angelina. She is gorgeous.

  139. 139
    syd Says:

    @Media Wh@re MANiston:
    sad that they are their craziest in the children’s threads. The good thing is that everyone can see how mean are they and not one JP fan can compare to them in meaniness. JP Fans do not lie when they say the JA fans are the worst of the worst. They are in the ugky females site and they come here to spew their filth.

  140. 140
    Maria Says:

    wow- Shiloh is gorgeous- like truly out of this world pretty! Her eyes look almost violet colored- wow :)

  141. 141
    Maria Says:

    wow- Shiloh is gorgeous- like truly out of this world pretty! Her eyes look almost violet colored- wow :)

  142. 142
    Miss Kitty Says:

    Pictures of the real Ticky…

  143. 143
    anustin Says:

    lol…who.reniston’s 10 min. appearance is her movie already. lamo. why can’t u just say…..maniston ruined a 14 yr old relationship just to taste a monkey…this one is for real.

  144. 144
    thelookoflove1365 Says:

    LOL! The girls are so cute. Seemed like Shiloh is a free spirit little girl and lots of fun and full of energy. And Z is a serious little lady. LOL at her face, smirking probably at those annoying paps.
    July for our family is lots of birthday celebration. MY sis shares the same bday as Knox and Viv. I bet the JPs had a blast celebrating the twins bday. Two cakes perhaps?

  145. 145
    mwannirs Says:

  146. 146

    Did she really fly commercial? Guess she couldn’t pin the tab for a private jet on the studio.

  147. 147
    cutie Says:

    Shi is so adorable and cute. sheis going to be beautiful just like her mommy when she grow up. she seem to be like a people person like her mom.

  148. 148
    Passing Through Says:

    # 130 anustin @ 07/14/2011 at 11:26 am
    Anustin -
    I don’t have time to surf sites right now to read posts, but where did you read that Doug and his family are in the UK with Brad?

  149. 149
    Robert Says:

    Little girls mama with papa

  150. 150
    Jess Says:

    With Brad and Angie as her parents, I knew Shiloh would be a beautiful girl. She will be a stunner when she grows up. Zahara is a little lady and always calm.

  151. 151
    Passing Through Says:

    # 137 “Horrible Bosses” is FUNNY! @ 07/14/2011 at 11:49 am
    I’ll tell you what’s funny – How Ticky, her employee and their lovefest have disappeared since HB opened. Suddenly now she wants to be all private about their ill-gotten love, completing each other, admiriation and tacky ass bling. There’s no fameho, like an old, desperate-for-a-hit-any-hit, serial dumpee with a movie to promote fameho.

  152. 152
    Some Bunny Says:

    @anustin: You are so funny & also so True. lmao!! Thank you for the laugh I needed that! !

  153. 153
    Agatha Says:

    I love this family !!! Shi & Z are so beautiful

  154. 154
    Saira Says:

    Beautiful girls!

  155. 155

    TO THE ***** HAS LANED :

  156. 156
    kari Says:

    Shiloh is already starting to get very beautiful….She is going to wreak havoc later…I just hopes she stays down to earth like her parents.

  157. 157
    pittlover Says:

    DM always have to include maniston in every article about angelina She’s had 6 lovers since her divorce from Brad. Brad and Angie have been together longer than maniston was with Brad. Get over it and stop creating this nonsense. Go Brad & Angie! we love you guys xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  158. 158


  159. 159
    BlondeJo Says:

    Shiloh is such a beautiful spirited little girl, it is nice that her parents allow her to wear whatever she feels comfortable in and to find her own identity. She’s going to be one gorgeous girl when she grows up – she has the perfect combination of the best features of both her parents.Zare is giving the look of stay well away you guys or i will stuff this teddy where the sun doesnt shine HA HA

  160. 160
    Trish Says:

    I absolutely adore this couple and their little brood. They were meant for each other, you can see the love between them in the pictures…If the rumours are true and they do marry, may it be a long and happy one! Amen.God bless the Joliepitts.

  161. 161
    anustin Says:

    P.T just sent u the site.hehehehe

  162. 162
    Saon Says:

    I suppose the kids have watched weddings at television (Will/Kate, Charlene/Albert, and in films) and asked what their parents’ wedding was like, and found out A and B are not married. So of course they want a wedding! Soon the twins will be big enough to join the choir. The kids are six people and their parents only two, so guess who’ll win? ;) Btw, it’s great fun that the two sisters are so different in style.

  163. 163
    anustin Says:

    lolz…fanistons just can not accept der idol breaking a 14 yr old relation. her desperate azz must be very jealous with miss Biven.

  164. 164
    Saon Says:

    After watching these adorable pics of Angie and the older girls I can´t help but smile. I love the way Angie looks so lovingly at Shiloh. Who still dares to say that Angie loves Zee more than their two other daughters should have their heads examined. It´s obvious that Angie adores ALL their girls – and boys – very much. Also the way she lovingly looks after Zee brings tears to my eyes. This is what the love between a mother and a child should be like. Angie was born to be a mother just like Brad was born to be a father to these six healthy, adorable children. They both sure can´t imagine their lives

  165. 165
    kati Says:

    I thought that after Malta the family flew to London and my guess was somewhat right. So while Brad was in Mexico with the older boys Angie and the four other children were actually in London. And now Brad is back in London while Angie is taking care of business in LA with the older girls. Hopefully Angie, Zee and Shi already are safely back in London or will be returning shortly.

  166. 166
    nakedoldjennifer Says:

    @Jess #151
    With Brad and Angie as her parents, I knew Shiloh would be a beautiful girl. She will be a stunner when she grows up. Zahara is a little lady and always calm.
    God bless the Jolie-Pitts

  167. 167
    jjj Says:

    I love those pics of Shiloh goofying to the paps in the car. Looks like Angie is cracking up just watching her second eldest daughter making funny faces to the paps. Shi really seems to be the funny one of the JP kids. Her beautiful little smile just made my day. Wonder where Knox and Viv were while Brad and the older boys were in Mexico and Angie was in LA with the oldre girls. Perhaps the whole family has returned to LA for a while and flies to London soon. Who knows.

  168. 168
    Pathetic Says:

    HAAAA – JP PR “marriage” nonsense trying to knock
    Princess Jen Jen’s new blockbuster out of the spotlight.

  169. 169
    Passing Through Says:

    # 162 anustin @ 07/14/2011 at 1:01 pm
    Thanks. I’ll go check it out…

  170. 170
    Passing Through Says:

    # 162 anustin @ 07/14/2011 at 1:01 pm
    Thanks. I’ll go check it out…

  171. 171
    boston61 Says:

    Shiloh has amazing sense of style for a little girl. Though I think Brad gives her some cool things to pick from. Love the vest. And her haircut is rad too.

  172. 172
    phool Says:

    I love Shi´s military styled jacket and especially her Rolling Stones T-shirt. Also love her beautiful smile. Seems very cheecky girl.They look like couple of girls enjoying themseves .they are just adorable and yes all 3 of them lol

  173. 173
    stacey Says:

    love the photoes of shilo gofing around they so look high in spirits love this family

  174. 174
    Jennifer Says:

    in regards to brad & angie marrying I hope & I am seriosuly so so so so so happy if its true !!! as they said they wouldnt marry until everyone could now that everyone can they are god Im so excited!! I have been in love with these two since they first stepped out as a couple!

  175. 175
    Skinny Eva Says:

    I really admire Angelina for what she is doing for the children. It is good to see that she cares of those who had not that much luck in their lives. Thumbs up, Angelina!

  176. 176
    Rose Says:

    I just hope to see them all glamorous for their wedding!! These two people are beyond beautiful!! They certainly belong together based on looks alone, let alone that they love each other and have made such a beautiful family together! It’s so cute that the kids want mommy and daddy to get married! Best wishes to them, I love this couple and even before they were a couple I always thought they would be perfect together!!

  177. 177
    Sammy Says:

    Zahara and Shiloh are so GORGEOUS I CAN’T TAKE IT! UGH! =)

  178. 178
    anustin Says:

    yeah,horrible is funny ask the gawker. casting the who.reniston ruined the comedy.bwahahahahaha.

  179. 179
    Kathy Says:

    I canNOT understand why every time either Jen or Angie is in the news, people have to take sides and bash each other’s favorite. That is SO foolish and immature, people!! I personally love Jen Aniston and was very unhappy that Brad left her for AJ, but because Jen has gotten over it and moved on, so have I!! Are you people’s lives so blah and boring that you have nothing better to do with your time than to peel the scab off that wound every time an opportunity presents itself? If I’M sick of it, I feel sure that Jen and Angie were sick of it a LONG time ago. GET OVER IT, PEOPLE!!!

  180. 180
    DM is ugly Says:

    @pittlover: DM makes me sick they are like Ted C and D listed the lowest of the lows.

  181. 181
    Kathy Says:

    @pathetic 169 (which u r if you are calling HB a bockbuster) how lame are you ..oh i forgot is it any wonder you are like your lam ass idol maniston arnt you ? so what are doing over her making snide comments rather than being on her lame ass site

  182. 182
    anustin Says:

    kathy najimy,idol never moved on.she is still referencing her 14 yr old even ruined miss Biven’s heart just to have somebody at night.but,hey! welcome to the JPs thread.

  183. 183
    mandy Says:

    Brad Pitt once very famously announced that he and Angelina Jolie would not wed until “everyone else in the country who wants to be married is legally able.” According to Us Magazine they’re about to eat their words, because Brad and Angie are planning a trip down the aisle. Together.

    The mag has no real details (like Brange is gonna spill the beans) but claims three different sources are confirming the wedding of the century (Sorry Wills n’ Kate) will go down sometime this summer, and could take place at their French Chateau. A source also adds that the nuptials will be “intimate and informal,” which makes sense seeing as they have six kids who all probably want to be involved in some way. What could be cuter than a Brangelina family wedding?

  184. 184
    looney Says:

    speaking of loons and calling names, are u excluding urself for that?…..and u think ur civil?….oh my u really represent, civility and classiness. what would be the world , if all folks happen to be like u.alright classy, civil and saintly littlebobeep, i think satan might be calling ur name. it’s not a name calling and i didn’t call u a loon, bcoz ur more thant that.i didn’t bully u either, just giving u my classy, humble opinion, to ur mighty existence.

  185. 185
    pop Says:

    it’s funny, this used to be a host of filthy posters, that i didn’t even bother to read all the nastiness or sign in. there are only few nasties left or probably the tide has changed.i am okay w/ reasonable arguments, but to revert w/ extreme filth and malice, that doesn’t sound like human but more likely a hungry and enraged beast. but anyway, good thing this site has cleaned up a bit. i know the admin is jen fan herself, so i can’t blame ,if the psychotic ones resides here.i’m no fan of aniston, but won’t call her any names in the book of filth and i maybe annoyed w/ her antics that connects her to the family unrelated to her. also involved her friends in her dirty antics like classy chelsea w/c a pure reflection of some of her fans. i believed too that there were some jolie-pitt fans that are nasty too,but i think most aniston fans dominates this field. also i was amazed to know in my years of postings, that jolie-pitts hv the most intelligent fans ever i encountered in the web and some are way , intelligent than others, who could write better than those columnist or journalist in those prominent magazine who print nonsense. just saying.

  186. 186
    tar Says:

    @Kathy: Please go tell that to FF and also tell that to Ansiton to stop bringing divorce whenever time she has a movie to promote. When you claim to move on, you must move on in every sense that means.
    Funny that she is done promoting now, she stopped flaunting the loves and the tweets. She will come out doing it all over again when it is time to sell again and when that time comes she will be talking about how she get over divorce again too or something about that divorce.
    See she is the one who is the disease and she still is. Sites like ted c, daily mail and such are always in stand waiting to splash any kind of divorce talk she will gonna say as if it is yesterday and seven years didn’t pass since then. They then will blow it out in a way to benifate her and reminded the bulit in audiance all over again just like they just did. She just don’t know how to stop the mess she created. She must move on from saying a word untill the mess she created died for good in every catagory.

  187. 187
    cutiness overload Says:

    All three of them Brad girls are beauties. He is one lucky yummy daddy..

  188. 188
    Frenchy Says:

    Hello all!!!!!!!

    Hope everyone is having a great summer.

    The Jolie Pitt girls look kayuuuuuteeee.

    Here, alkl the talk in the media is about Brad & Angelina getting married this summer. I guess this must mean that it truly is sumnmer. That’s one story that you can count on coming around this time every year.

    Waving to all fans!!!!!!!!!!!!

  189. 189
    dark angel Says:

    Hey PT!
    How did HP fare in the BO? I hoped it put HB where it belongs.

  190. 190

    There is ONLY ONE or MAYBE TWO TROLLS posting this thread under multiple names. They think that we DON’T KNOW this. They are as stupid and desperate as their HOMEWRECKER IDOL. It’s their purpose in life to say nasty things to Angie and the children as well. We just have to ignore it. What they say doesn’t even HIT A CHORD. Brad, Angie and the family don’t know THEY EXIST. So we just have to ignore it. Just like the way BRAD IGNORES TICKY and acting like SHE NEVER EXISTED. BWAHAHAHA

  191. 191
    CLINIQUA Says:


    Right on cue, here come the haters…mad because beautiful Angelina has beautiful Brad’s beautiful babies, while Maniston-pausal, has a fug face and fat arms. Sorry bishes.

  192. 192
    Sherry Says:

    Shiloh has the most amazing eye colour, not to mention her hair….. Brad is going to have to load that shotgun sooner than he thinks. Zee is a beauty in her own right as well, what amazing attitude.

  193. 193
    joliepitt Says:

    Sherry @ 07/14/2011 at 2:37 pm : you are right cause these girls are so beautiful and shilo -wow (combination of brad and angelina is leatho) she is the most stunning person and personalities just oose out of her without trying. It does not matter what she wears she is so beautiful, wow!!!

  194. 194
    no wedding bells Says:

    glad that wedding rumor was shot down by people magazine. pitt and jolie are fine as is and the media needs to forcing them down the aisle.

  195. 195
    Shi Style Says:

    I love Shiloh’s style! The vest is too cute! She is so funny too, always the one bubbly and running around with no fear of the cameras. Zee is gorgeous too and so girly:) They are lovely!

  196. 196
    Shi Style Says:

    I love Shiloh’s style! The vest is too cute! She is so funny too, always the one bubbly and running around with no fear of the cameras. Zee is gorgeous too and so girly:) They are lovely!

  197. 197
    Shiloh's hair cut 'The Rachel' Says:

    Is Brad morphing her into Jen?

  198. 198
    CLINIQUA Says:

    When Shi smiles she just lights up the world, all the onlookers seem to be smiling too..she makes people happy. While the Princess Zahara surveys her subjects. They are gorgeous girls. They like their girl time with Mommy. That kid is going to be a performer. She was showing off for the cameras hopping in that drivers seat. Lol she’s hilarious. That pic with shi’s bear in his Liverpool knapsack on her back is adorbs.

  199. 199
    brange fan from greece Says:

    hello JP fans. finally have my internet connection again just in time for this adorable pics.thanks jared.they are all so beautiful, angie, zee and shi.i cannot stop looking at their pics.

  200. 200
    brange fan from greece Says:

    shilo is her face is just perfect.look at that beautiful blue eyes, those lips and cute nose.she will be more beautiful than her mommy, i think.and her hair is just so beautiful.i want that hair.

  201. 201
    CLINIQUA Says:

    @Shiloh’s hair cut ‘The Rachel’:
    Only if their dunking Shiloh’s head in a vat of peroxide to bleach her black hair brown, then adding hair extensions.
    If looking at that child calls to mind a banana nosed beady eyed thin lipped menopausal woman like fuggiston, then I’d say you need a cornea transplant, or, to be institutionalized. Aside from her closest lookalikes, her beautiful mom and dad, Shi looks more like a little Charlize Theron or Rosie Huntington Whitley.
    While Dustin hoffmaniston’s closest look alike, is tootsie (sorry Dustin).
    Why u think bish-iston has no desire to use her last partially spoiled egg? She knows her real DNA will be on display because a baby can’t get their hair bleached, wear a weave or get a nose job. Mwahaha
    Now stop stalking the beautiful JP babies, and go feed your 29 cats lady. Lol

  202. 202
    brange fan from greece Says:

    i cannot stop laughing while looking at shilo’s pics.this girl is so funny and full of at her at the front seat.i really love this girl.zee is a little refine.

  203. 203
    Yep Says:

    Jon Voights genes are strong.

  204. 204
    moxie Says:

    im quite sure if aniston EVER has a child, it will either be adopted or NOT her egg. Probably go the surrogate route after shopping for a true blue eyed blonde to be her gestational carrier.

  205. 205
    CLINIQUA Says:

    Like James Lipton said, Oscar winner Jon Voights genes were good for making his beautiful daughter. While the Greek fisherman soap hack-tor’s genes made scary tootsie-opolous. Bahahahaha.

  206. 206
    Yep Says:

    @CLINIQUA: I didn’t mean it in a bad way.

  207. 207
    Yep Says:

  208. 208
    a comment. Says:

    No comment on Angelina (am not a fan)

    My only other comment is about Shiloh, lovely little girl, pretty hair and eyes, but why dress her so boyish. She is a gorgeous little girl, with a bright smile and a twinkle in her eye, she would look lovely in a dress occasionally. I hope it is her choice to dress so boyish (as Angelina has supposedly said in her interviews) but at that age most girls love dresses and pretty things. It’s hard to believe that Shiloh would choose to dress like this all the time. It is strange.

  209. 209

    I bet BRAD PITT doesn’t even KNOW WHO JEN is anymore. The way Brad is acting, your PRECIOUS HOMEWRECKER IDOL NEVER EXISTED in his life. Its like 1998-2004 didn’t happen. BWAHAHA

  210. 210
    OK Says:

    @a comment.: If you don’t like the mother then don’t talk about her little girl. You have no right to talk about her little girl as long as crime is not commited. She is not cold freezing and not fed. She looks happy and stay out of her parenting. byebye

  211. 211

    Again troll, why would you blame Angie for the way Shi is dressed? Why not blame Brad? She is his daughter too, ya know. You hags are typical. You are acting like Shi is only Angie’s daughter. Oh by the way stupid, Shi dresses herself. Now go get a brain if you can find one, imbecile.

  212. 212
    anustin Says:

    maybe a wedding for that disperate who.reniston. just so therouxsaurus peen is legally hers.hehehehe.sure!!!! i’ll be in heaven.

  213. 213
    moxie Says:

    Well, you didn’t ask me, @a c omment, but I was pretty much a tomboy myself until I was around 12 or 13 Wore my brother’s hand me downs, hated dresses. Would rather climb a tree than have a tea party. My parents let me be myself and I dressed myself at Shiloh’s age, too. All little girls are not the same. I like to dress up a bit more girly now(still won’t wear pink though).but my boyfriend likes that I love to go hiking or ride motorcycles with him without worrying about my hair or breaking a nail. He thinks I am beautiful regardless if I am in a dress or in my usual attire, jeans.

    Brad and Angie are doing a great job letting Shi be Shi..

  214. 214
    "The Rachel" Says:

    haaaaaaaa funny and true

  215. 215
    a comment. Says:


    TO OK: I believe anyone can make a comment in this forum.

    I am not an Angelina fan, but I am a Brad Pitt fan and have been since his early career.

    I am happy Brad seems to be so happy these days and if Angelina makes him happy than that is great, it does not mean that I have to be a fan of hers. I love seeing pics of their children, my comment was not negative just an observation. Shiloh is a cutie in whatever she wears but I do hope to see her in some cute girly things just like Vivienne and Zahara.

    bye bye to you too.

  216. 216
    CLINIQUA Says:


    No I hear ya, I hear ya. Jon was foine back in his day, with his crazy asss.I’m agreeing with you. Lol. It tickles me because some haters think it’s an insult, which is very very odd to me. Tells me they don’t really recall what the old man looked like back in the day.

  217. 217
    a comment. Says:


    thank you Moxie for the civil comment. First time on this forum and cannot believe some of these other comments.

    have a great day.

  218. 218
    anustin Says:

    leave the little girl alone!!!!and u said,it is strange!!!fck that strange!!! back to FF.who.reniston is getting married with the fuggy therouxsaurus.

  219. 219
    huh? Says:

    anustin? lol.

  220. 220
    OK Says:

    @a comment.: You are not Brad fan you just are Angie hater. Brad real fans loves his girl and the way HIM and angie rasing their kids so bye bye too you again.

  221. 221
    +-+ Says:

    anustin and Cliniqua are two dudes married to each other.

    they hang out alot here though.

  222. 222
    Some Bunny Says:

    Please please please~ stop critiquing Shiloh’s style. She dresses herself like any other normal, healthy 5 year old. We have all seen gorgeous baby pictures of little Shiloh through the years and she was dressed all girly until she could talk and think for herself. Both Zahara and Little Viv dress frilly, so just cut it out and worry about your own crappy style. Shiloh loves her big brothers and wants to be like them. I was the same way; very much a big brother follower and tomboy, and now I am grown up and well; I am all fem.

    Blessings to the JP’s and to their family and fans.

  223. 223
    OK Says:

    @+-+: neither can be a man. By the way they write you have to be dumb especially clinqua can’t be a man. You are too dumb

  224. 224
    CLINIQUA Says:

    @a comment.:
    What’s strange is that there old cows like your creepy asss, who venture off the Waco prairie and their 12 sister wives and husband, to comment online about what a 4 yr old is wearing…on why “shiloh durn’t wear no dresses to show her little legs and look purty.” Sick. I bet you wish her mother let her grow “her har reaaaaal long-like, in a braid with a bow at the end.” Weirdo fcks. Lol I get a feeling, like her mom, Shiloh is genius smart, and she gets a vibe that there are some sicko people out there staring at her and dissecting the way she looks, who’ve wanted to objectify her from birth. They’d like her in heels and bikinis like suri. Pervs.
    That said. I wasn’t even a tomboy growing up, but I can tell you, as a kid, I never wore dresses unless I was going to a wedding or a funeral. Who are these people who think a rambunctious 5 yr old with 3 brothers, who likes to run and jump and play – is gonna be in anything else BUT play clothes and sneakers.
    Brad and Angelina aren’t on toddlers and tiaras raising future fat losers who live in trailer parks reliving their glory days…WHEN THEY WERE 3! Nor are they raising strippers on a pole. Or little simpering socialite incompetents. Their kids will grow up to be amazing, smart, charismatic people, and they’ll hold an even bigger fascination for your creepy dumb asss as adults, than they did as babies. So keep fashion commentating on toddlers you creeptastic b*tch. It shows where your priorities are that they’re out in the world traveling, living and laughing with their parents, and your in a room snarking and criticizing babies for not showing skin on a computer. If that doesn’t show how much better a human being Angelina is than your scum asss I don’t know what else would.. Lol

  225. 225
    Jen Says:

    @a comment.:
    The wonderful thing about Brad and Angelina is they are allowing Shiloh to be who she is. They are not forcing their “style” on Shiloh.
    Angelina said Shiloh is a very strong willed little girl and she is not going to force her to be or do something she does not want to do. Look at how beautiful and happy Shiloh is in these pictures. This is a beloved child and she knows it.
    What you think Shiloh would look good in and what you think “MOST” girls would want to wear is obviously not what Shiloh wants to wear right now. Brad, himself has said Shiloh likes to dress the way she does yet people like you always ask why Angelina is dressing Shi the way Shi dresses. Angelina and Brad have both said they are on the SAME page when it comes to rearing their children, there is NO divide between them.
    Since you say you are a fan of Brad, accept that Brad is allowing his daughter to dress the way she wants to dress and be herself and do not pretend that is is only Angelina that is allowing it. As a fan of Brad you have never heard Brad say he is disappointed in the way Shiloh dresses or expresses herself. Brad loves his children and always speaks about how they make him feel so rich. Brad is not disturbed by the way Shiloh dresses, why should you be?
    Allow Brad and Angie to rear their children in the way THEY see fit. So far they are doing a GREAT job with six gorgeous children.
    Shi’s style choices may change as she grows up, but for now, allow her to be the fun happy child she is. Do you think she would be this happy if her parents were forcing her to do what she does NOT want to do?
    Look at this beautiful child’s face and see how happy and content she is and be happy for her.

  226. 226
    Jen Says:

    Thanks Dana for these screencaps of Angie’s LV shoot in Cambodia.
    The pictures are absolutely stunning. And Yes, Passing Through, I have to agree with you Annie looks really tall in these pictures.

    I hope, one day, Brad will do another picture graph of his entire family. I love his W shoot. The pictures are incredible. But with his next shoot he must include himself in some of the shots. :)

  227. 227
    Li Peng Says:

    It is little known that Angelina visited a Cambodian Shaman years ago who told her that he could guarantee future career successes and fortune only if she would allow the Gods, through him, to switch the genders after birth of her naturtal born children with an all night ceremony. It has come to pass and the price paid.

  228. 228
    dianad1968 Says:

    Is it only me, or does People website almost sound giddy with happiness to “report” that there is no impending wedding for Brad and Angie? Methinks they got a call from a certain publicist today beseeching them to debunk the US story, and we know brad and Angie don’t have publicists. There was ABSOLUTELY no reason for People to write that story. Thank God I’ve stopped buying their mags.

  229. 229
    Peng Li Says:

    Li Peng @ 07/14/2011 at 5:05 pm


  230. 230
    I hope Says:

    I hope Angelina is in LA to sign onto a movie. As long as it’s not salt 2.

  231. 231
    moxie Says:

    I think People mag just loves to debunk US Weekly. And all mags like to “have the scoop”. I didn’t believe US anyway, though I still believe brad and Angie will marry eventually. JMHO.

  232. 232
    just sayin Says:

    how come we havent had any recent justin theroux(or however you spell it) threads? i thought he was a big star now? lmao

  233. 233
    TOL Says:

    The Tree of Life

    Total Lifetime Grosses
    Domestic (237 theaters) : ——- $9,362,484 28.7%
    + Foreign (as of 7/10/2011) : —-$23,311,742 71.3%
    = Worldwide: ————————-$32,674,226

  234. 234
    TOL Says:

    The Tree of Life
    Production Budget: $32 million

    Total Lifetime Grosses
    Domestic (237 theaters) : ———$9,362,484 28.7%
    + Foreign (as of 7/10/2011) : —-$23,311,742 71.3%
    = Worldwide: ————————-$32,674,226

  235. 235
    Passing Through Says:

    # 228 Li Peng @ 07/14/2011 at 5:05 pm
    ROTFLMAO. Listen…if you’re going to tell whoppers like that, could you at least try to be coherent? I realize that’s probably impossible, but give it the old college try.

  236. 236
    I hope Says:


  237. 237
    Passing Through Says:

    # 229 dianad1968 @ 07/14/2011 at 5:17 pm
    I think any giddiness is due to being able to denounce US as liars. It’s payback from Huvsy giving US the denial that Ticky was dating Stumpy after originally leaking the story to Peeps. Nevermind the fact that Huvsy played both of them like a cheap fiddle.

  238. 238
    I hope Says:

    I think most people assume that Angelina wants to get married. She has said that she doesn’t think she was good at being a wife. IF she feels that way why would she want to get married? makes no sense.

  239. 239
    CLINIQUA Says:

    Diana, I didn’t even have to read the piece (nor will I) to know Huvane sent a memo over to his fav magazine. the only thing I don’t get about people rag under it’s new management, is they must be counting on Brange not having any more JP kid pictorials. Which is probably the case…they have been there and done that…but they absolutely may tie the knot as brad said, not to mention other fascinating events in their fascinating lives that they could have had access to.. so people rag has stupidly bet on the wrong horse. As usual. I’m sure they are persona no grata since becoming huvane’s mouthpiece..or make that people non grata. Lol. They jumped the shark a while ago. They’re no better than us rag nowadays.

  240. 240
    MJ Says:

    @Pathetic: Yeah! You are the PATHETIC ONE. How many popular comedy actors were in, in Horrible Bosses? They were 7 actors who couldn’t beat 1 actor in The Bad Teacher. Six of them who promoted non stop for Horrible movie compare to just one actress for Bad Teacher. Bad Teacher wins. Bad Teacher really crushed Horrible Bosses. Cameron Diaz deserves a raise for her salary. Cameron D. should get an award for beating Horrible Bosses. Go Cameron D!

  241. 241
    bdj Says:

    Happy belated Birthday to the twins. They are so cute. Shi and Zahara are beauties. Shiloh is too cool and funny. What’s up Weng. Hi to all the fans. Thanks for all the shoutouts . I was locked down on a Cruise with Mom and a bunch of rug rats. I started to swim to shore. It is all good. At least I missed the Baby Jane show.

  242. 242
    bdj Says:

    Rade Serbedzija: The concert in Sarajevo, I will go to Srebrenica

    Interview with Actor in “Land of Blood and honey”

  243. 243
    bdj Says:

    FILMING for a Hollywood blockbuster starring Brad Pitt is to take place in Falmouth next month and wannabe extras are expected to descend on Truro this weekend.

    Scenes for zombie horror flick World War Z, due out next year, have already been shot in Malta and the next stop is the port, during its annual Henri Lloyd Falmouth Week.

    Filming is due to take place between August 2 and 12.

    A casting session for extras above the age of 16 takes place on Saturday and Sunday in Truro School’s gym between 10am and 5pm. No previous experience is necessary but aspiring extras should visit beforehand to upload details and a photo.

  244. 244
    bdj Says:

    Susan Buchanan

    Permeable Concrete Tested To Reduce City Street Flooding

    The drainage system in New Orleans is so strained that after ten minutes of rainfall, cars wade through ponds on the street and pedestrians wear rubber boots just to reach the corner drugstore. To minimize those sloshes, city officials, along with green-builders Make It Right Foundation and others, are experimenting with pervious pavement–a porous material with an underlying layer that captures water and oily contaminants.

    Cedric Grant, New Orleans Deputy Mayor of Facilities, Infrastructure and Community Development, said last week that the city is testing the benefits of using pervious concrete in the Lower Ninth Ward.

    “About 300 feet of heavily deteriorated asphalt on North Prieur Street between Jourdan and Deslonde was repaved with pervious concrete this spring,” he said. That was the first local, street application of the material. “The city partnered with Hard Rock Construction, Lafarge North America and the Make It Right Foundation to test this project.”

    University of New Orleans engineering students did the design work needed to pave the project’s single, city block.

    “At this time, the city is testing the installation of the newly paved road for strength and durability,” and to see whether pervious concrete can drain water from streets, Grant said. He noted that “all Make It Right homes utilize pervious concrete sidewalks and driveways, totaling more than 35,000 square feet in the Lower Ninth Ward.”

    Started in 2007 by actor Brad Pitt, the Make It Right Foundation has built 75 homes for families who returned after Hurricane Katrina, and plans to double that number.

    Frank Fromherz II, a New Orleans-based, civil engineer, has worked with Make It Right over the last three years. He said pervious concrete is a mixture of coarse aggregates of uniform size, along with water, cement and a polymer or reinforcing agent. “A cement paste coats the aggregate, leaving about 18 percent to 20 percent void spaces,” he said. “If you dump a cup of water over a chunk of pervious concrete, the water quickly runs right through it.”

  245. 245
    bdj Says:

    Brad Pitt film hiring extras as Hollywood comes to port

  246. 246
    CLINIQUA Says:

    Yaaaaay!!! Bdj’s back!!!! We missed ya babe!!

  247. 247
    bdj Says:

    All that pimping and Baby Jane could not beat Cameron Diaz opening numbers. And Cave Man should have kept the beard or get rid of the beard is fake dating. Just an observation.

  248. 248
    BA+6 Says:

    Anyone has problem accessing to LV website?

    I have been trying for hours but don’t see anything. Only the LV trademark flashing and nothing else.

  249. 249

    from JJB:

    Angelina Jolie’s Journey to Cambodia (Louis Vuitton Full Commercial)

  250. 250
    I hope Says:

    @CLINIQUA: actually she wasn’t a young girl when she said she doesn’t think she’s a good wife. I’m pretty sure it was from an interview after Shiloh jolie-pitt was born. She said she was good at relationships now but not at marriage.

  251. 251
    anustin Says:

    bdj @ 07/14/2011 at 6:23 pm +4

    Happy belated Birthday to the twins. They are so cute. Shi and Zahara are beauties. Shiloh is too cool and funny. What’s up Weng. Hi to all the fans. Thanks for all the shoutouts . I was locked down on a Cruise with Mom and a bunch of rug rats. I started to swim to shore. It is all good. At least I missed the Baby Jane show.

    mmmmmm …sigh! so jealous of ur beauty…feeling TITANIC! kate winslet.
    duh! i’ll go anjie’s boat!thats all i can afford!!

  252. 252
    lurker Says:

    good to have you back bdj missed you alot,am really excited for angies new movie,as for people mag they are no better tan us liesly i put them on the same boat

  253. 253
    BA+6 Says:

    #251 Thank you for the link. I did not know it was posted at you tube.
    Should have checked earlier.

  254. 254
    bdj Says:

    Brad Pitt: A-List Actor Turned Pro Athlete?

    Today 4:00 PM PDT by Brett Malec
    Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill, Moneyball Sony Pictures

    Good news for Brad Pitt.

    If the hot Hollywood dad ever decides he needs a break from his A-list acting career, there’s one moneymaking job he could fall back on…

    READ: Meet Brad Pitt’s new (movie) wife

    Turns out Angelina Jolie’s other half can handle himself pretty well on the baseball field.

    “He’s got some skill,” Pitt’s Moneyball costar, former San Francisco Giants player Casey Bond, told us at last night’s ESPY Awards in L.A. of the actor’s athletic ability. “He might have missed his calling in baseball I guess. If acting didn’t work out he’s pretty good…I think that he’s got that in his back pocket if anything.”

    Pitt, who plays Oakland A’s manager Billy Beane in the upcoming sports flick, didn’t hesitate to get involved in training for the movie while filming.

    “He was out there a couple days and he took batting practice with us and stuff, threw the baseball around,” Bond said. “He was very much involved with all aspects of the baseball side of the movie as well.”

    As far as the acting side is concerned, Bond says, “He had a lot of great advice…When we were shooting scenes, in between takes he’d walk me through different techniques he used so everything comes across right on film…obviously he’s a master at that.”

    Another perk of working with papa Pitt? “Angelina and the kids came to set one day and she hung out with everyone too,” Bond said. “Down to earth. Very nice people.”

  255. 255
    lurker Says:

    weng trolls are jealous of you and cliniqua lol

  256. 256
    lurker Says:

    everyone who meets them always says nice things about them

  257. 257
    HB - 42M after 5 days Says:

    just kills you fat lonely JP pigs doesn’t it?

  258. 258
    bdj Says:

    Geez now that’s funny. The Harry Potter lonely fan club member is in the house. I guess Baby Jane let the troll down, now she is on to Harry.

  259. 259
    nitwitori Says:

    Zahara looks mistreated

  260. 260
    yasmine Says:

    Shiloh is looking more and more like her mother. Beautiful.

  261. 261
    bjd Says:

    I’m out of it…toxic shock…damn dollar store tampons

  262. 262
    bdj Says:

    Trolls are still the same. Lame and deranged as ever. Shouldn’t the two paid trolls be praising the new fake romance of Baby Jane and Cave Man. Or is the contract up already.

  263. 263
    anustin Says:

    nah ah..JPs are a big fat PANDA.

  264. 264
    cook Says:

    …hahahahahahahahahahahaha…now, that’s the funniest damn lie I’ve read in a looooooooong time bdj…where you get this bulls iht?…pitt just said in an interview that he played baseball in junior high and took a ball to his face…how the fcuk is he now more than 35 years later showing technique to professional baseballers and taking batting practice…wtf?!!…this is a baldface lie…hahahahahaha…

  265. 265
    bdj Says:

    Follow the link . Papa Pitt is a humble man. He does not spread his talent all over the Internet. OR in the case of Baby Jane, all through Hollywood with a different guy per every lame rom com crapfest and a bottle of dumbwater. Just saying.

  266. 266
    cook Says:


    …oh, they said you were gone…welcome back…

  267. 267
    hehehe Says:

    @cook: how come your cooked ass shows up as soon as someone posted about Brad? hehehehe you are a pathetic manho who can’t able to make sense hal of the time in his first language. hehehe

  268. 268
    cook Says:

    …ain’t no doubting anyone’s humbleness but I know a lie when I read one from his costars, no less…hahahahahahahaha…it’s hard to have a technique after all of this time when the game has changed so much…okay…

  269. 269
    loveher Says:

    @ANUSTON.HOMEWRECKER: it is a beautiful vediio Angie looks so beautiful she is photogenic. I hope one of the kids turn out to look like her when they grow up .
    She sound so real and her emotions are moving. She is just genune and real. I would love to see more. But I am not sure the artifical people would like too see thing like that just my thought. They would watch her a whole lot more if she was acting in it half naked or in the usual watch me way that is known. lol

  270. 270
    cook Says:

    …don’t ask me questions…get yourself hooked on phonics…and as long as I’m not talking about you, you shouldn’t talk to me…hahahahaha…

  271. 271
    hehehe Says:

    @HB – 42M after 5 days: Thanks to the usual carrier move aka new rent me guy for every movie , brad and angie ruined her so help her spinning form her pr for everymovie by talking about divorce and such to attach you so that the lame rags and blogs bombard it all over. Her ways are rather embarrassing.
    Carry a movie by yourself, star in it as an actor with out being a second or a thrid fiddle everytime and sell it with things you are or have like REAL people who HAS life do it, then come and boast . Right now you should just hide because everything you do is I AM A LOSER IS WRITTEN ALL OVER IT.

  272. 272
    an oldie Says:

    Yay, bdj is back. Welcome back, bdj.

  273. 273
    hehehe Says:

    @cook: oh cooked ass, as long as you talk about Brad in your jealous talk, I will talk about you. I didn’t expect you to answer by the way . I said it in a way to say you are so predictable . hehhe

  274. 274
    gracie Says:

    Dumb trolls instead of worrying about what a 5yr old is wearing, you should all worry more about a 42yr middle aged granny who dresses like a 20yr old, tweaks her nipples and exposes her veyjay in minis fit for her grand daughters, that is, if she had any.

  275. 275
    hehehe Says:

    and phonic is not for me I express myself better than you in second language you on the other hand I don’t know what will gonna correct it for you everything will be too late you too old hehehe

  276. 276
    gracie Says:

    I’m sure Anuston next fashion statement will be Shi’s style, she is watching and copying the style right now.

  277. 277
    Premalee Says:

    Bdj well come back. Missed you.

  278. 278
    xiii Says:

    Does our very own troll hehehe and M4 ny3 the same?
    I believe that ny3 poster is a sleeper troll. Waiting for the right time to attack M4. While hehehe/hmmmm is our resident name chainging troll.

  279. 279
    salluh7 Says:

    angie got thinny hair, that’s why she keeps it so long, hiding the nannies

  280. 280
    an oldie Says:

    OT, but after watching the LV video and heard Angelina talking about eating crickets, I have to share with you how the crickets are caught there in Cambodia. I was very puzzled when I saw the entrapments in the middle of rice fields there, and someone was nice enough to explain to me. Anyhow, people there have these wooden troughs half filled with water placed along the edges of their rice fields. Above those troughs they hang clear plastic sheets, just like shower curtains hanging above bathtubs. They also have some neon lamps hanging above the sheets. At night, the crickets fly towards the neon lights, but they hit the clear plastic sheets and fall in the water, then people catch them. I don’t know how economical it is to have a neon light to attract the insects, but that’s what I was told. They sell a lot of cooked crickets there, and I was told that they were very delicious, but I was too chicken to try one. My hat is off to Angelina for daring to eat them. Wonder if Brad was brave enough to try one though. LOL.

  281. 281
    anon Says:

    Wow. Just Wow. I always look forward to the family pics, but …wow. Shilo…..Shilo…LOL. Poor kid; she wants to be a tomboy but she is just too gorgeous. Effervescent, crazy, and becoming more lovely the older she gets. I’m in heaven. By the way, anyone know the story on how she lost her tooth? It had to be an accident because she was too young to lose it when she did.

  282. 282
    QQQQ Says:

    an oldie @ 07/14/2011 at 11:57 pm
    Yes, Brad has eaten crickets in Cambodia. He mentions it in JAMIE magazine (2009) when asked about the weirdest food he has ever eaten.

  283. 283
    Jen Says:

    Have to say I just love Shiloh. She truly is a little honey as Angelina said. Looking at how active and rambunctious and funny and so enthusiastic and happy she is makes me realize what a happy home Brad and Angelina have created for all their children. She is so aware of her surroundings and seems to find joy in any little thing she does.
    So funny to see her jump into the driver’s seat. She is just like Angelina. She does not seem to be afraid of anything.
    I also love how Angelina takes care of her girls here. She seemed to be encouraging Zee in one of the pictures as they walked thru the airport. I think I even saw what looks like a slight smile on Zee’s face after Angie spoke with her. These children are going to be so well rounded, grounded and balanced growing up in this beautiful family.
    Brad and Angelina are doing a great job with their children.

  284. 284
    LSAM2 Says:

    Very cute girls with their Mommy. Thanks JJ

  285. 285
    WHO IS SALT ? Says:

    Dumb trolls instead of worrying about what a 5yr old is wearing, you should all worry more about a 42yr middle aged granny who dresses like a 20yr old, tweaks her nipples and exposes her veyjay in minis fit for her grand daughters, that is, if she had any.
    Let me add :
    A 42 years old loser who needs to drop her clothes now and use lollipop and banana when REAL actresses her age have dropped that game in their early thirties.
    All this just to beg for some recognition AT LAST. There is absolutely no substantial difference between, Maniston roles and Rosie’s who could pass as her daughter and is still an amateur to justify those objectified feminine roles made around their hability to use their body.
    Only a loser who is running after fame and youth will still consider dropping her clothes after hitting 40, playing roles where she competes with starlets half her age.
    Halle has stopped, JLO has stopped, Sharon Stone has stopped it, Stacey Dash has stopped it, Demi has stopped and all were and are still stunning and sexy as hell compared to average looking, frigid oozing, desperate for success at all costs, bimbo Maniston !
    But hey, what do you expect from a stupid cow as her who admit waiting for the role of a lifetime at 40 as a James Bond Girl !!!

  286. 286
    WHO IS SALT ? Says:

    I don’t like to compare children but since they were born they have been compared and the more they grow, the difference in behaviour is totally opposite. I am talking about Suri and Shiloh..
    Shiloh is daring, totally sunshine, at ease. She has that charismatic presence already and you can tell that she has an engaging personality, is funny, down to Earth, more mature.
    I have nothing against little Suri, but i am pretty sure that playing with little girls like Shiloh can be of a great benefit to her. She seems more introvert, more ego-centered, more lonely and it’s a shame. She strikes me as a little girl who is in great need of children her age to blossom.
    Anyway, Brad and Angie are doing a great job with their children. They all seem grounded and handle the intrusive presence of paps better than most adults would. Their children are very mature.

  287. 287
    Jen Says:

    I do not agree that Shiloh is or wants to be a “tomboy.”
    And I am not trying to say there is anything wrong with someone wanting to be a “tomboy” or that there is anything wrong with the word itself.
    What I am asking is can we just look beyond the labels we love to attach to people and children and just allow them to be themselves.
    Hanging labels on people do NOT tell us anything more about who or what the person really is. In fact the label prevents us from seeing ALL that the person truly is and can be.
    Tomboy is a word. It is a label. It is NOT a person or a personality.
    The word has a definition, but that definition may not fit the personality we are trying to define by that single word because the personality is too big for that tiny definition.

    Shiloh is a little person. She is not a little label. She is a little person with a BIG personality that cannot be summed up by using a mere word like “tomboy.”
    Personalities are growing, evolving and changing constantly. Shiloh is growing and changing as she grows.
    To me, Shiloh dresses the way she does to express who SHE THINKS SHE IS NOW.
    Her style has nothing to do with wanting to be or not to be a “Tomboy.” The word is meaningless to her. She is only a child and is not hung up on “labels” as adults are. She, in her entitled childlike innocence is a ittle girl having fun with styles she apparently loves. And her fashion style reflects her own personality. Not her parents, not her sister, not her brother, HERS ALONE!
    And Shiloh’s fashion sense is very unique. Her style does not really resemble what most little boys wear now anyway. It is uniquely her own style. So much so, fashion designers are copying Shiloh’s fashion style for women on their runways.
    I think Brad and Angelina are right to let their little girl express herself anyway she likes without putting her in a box with labels on it. As Brad said about all of his children, “I want them to follow their bliss” and as Angelina said, “I will not force her to be something she does not want to be.” With parents with highly intelligent and evolved attitudes like these two, what a great home for a kid to grow up in.
    Shiloh, growing up in this kind of environment without labels and boxes, is free to be as creative as she wants to be. And being the daughter of two incredible actors, I think this little girl is going to rock this world with her BIG, sweet, loving and delightful personality and make her parents very proud.

  288. 288
    WHO IS SALT ? Says:

    @ Jen
    I agree with you totally.
    One thing that strikes me about Shiloh is that the so called Tom boy label that was given to her never crosses her behaviour.
    From bits i heard about Jolie. Shiloh and Zee are behaving like little mamas and are soft while the two boys fight each other. She has the same teddy bear as her sister. She makes the same activities as her sister while the boys play football with their father.
    Nothing in Shi’s behaviour, attitude strikes me as ‘boyish’. She just has a preference for masculine and ample clothes which again isn’t even that masculine but same sex clothes. Many women today put clothes that were originally masculine. That’s an advantage we have over men.
    Hell there was a time not long ago where young R&B singers (like late Aaliyah, Xscape,ect…) used to dress with baggy jeans like men, ample boyish jackets, male shoes and at times even sported a short bob. Pink is another case.
    Reversely, in the 70′s and 80′s some men would put make up on, even had some feminine attitude and skimpy clothes and tight jeans and long hair. David Bowie is one of them. Clothes mean nothing. It’s how you act that could determine a masculine or feminine penchant that we both have in some degree. A child evolution is just that : an evolution, a growing process, a learning process until his or her personality is set up, his or her self image is set up. No big deal, really !

  289. 289
    gracie Says:

    Angie is a great mom. I love how she and Brad are bringing up their children, their kids are going to be the most level headed respectful unspoilt kids in Hw in yrs to come.

  290. 290
    sweet family Says:

    oh, they are all adorable! Maybe Angie went back to LA to pick up her wedding dress- kidding- I hope they have fun!!

  291. 291
    ssss Says:

    jajjajaja jajaj@sweet family:
    She’s in LA to enjoy her wild nights with her special friend
    The nannies are left with the poor girls

  292. 292
    gracie Says:

    Hi JP Fans. Shi is a normal healthy active child, no need to explain her preference in clothes. I don’t see any problem with that, if there was, Anuston will not be stealing and copying her style. The only reason this is news is coz she is Angie’s daughter, not necessarily Brad’s. If her parents were Brad and someone else. this will not be an issue. No one says anything about GS’s boy who wears nail polish and has his hair dyed blond all the time. Jealous vindictive people have to criticise everything Angie does or anyone related to her coz they can’t take it that Angie is young, gorgeous and has it all including a man who adores her. It’s no use reasoning with idiots bent on seeking revenge for Brad dumping homewrecker and falling for Angie. That’s what this is all about.

  293. 293
    reiko Says:

    Is anyone having any problems getting on to this site from their phone? I The JJ Jr works, but not this regular site, so I don’t think it is my phone or service.

  294. 294
    PJ Says:


    Thank you for posting the LV video. Not your normal commercial so much more.
    I loved it thank you again.

  295. 295
    Hanne Says:

    She’s in London! My cousin massaged her!

  296. 296
    PJ Says:

    I think it was last year while in Paris Brad took Shiloh to buy clothes and she got what SHE wanted.

    She is a normal healthy happy child who knows what she wants already.

    All four older Jolie-Pitt children have their own style with attitude.
    I love it.

  297. 297
    susan Says:

    @xiii: I’m sure she is the poster aj here, I was thinking the same thing, she is going to turn on them soon, they scold her a couple of times and she was so sorry, talk about fake. Never mind if she flips, she will be on ignore so fast, she won’t know what hit her.

  298. 298
    sweet family Says:

    reiko- I have a droid- the default browser used to work with this site, but something happened & it limited how you can interact with jj. Try Opera Mini. I downloaded from AP market for free. it’s much faster & works well with jj. opening windows & browser bookmarks history is slightly different, but not hard- I have a meeting, but I’ll check here later to answer? s if you have them- good luck!

  299. 299
    Big JP Fan Says:

    I am bed ridden, dependent on Govt. checks, and slightly insane.
    Hi Y’all !

  300. 300
    reiko Says:

    Sweet Family — mission accomplished!!!! Thanks so much for the app recommendation.

  301. 301
    tazzy Says:


    Right on, Gracie.

  302. 302
    Brad's buyer's remorse :( Says:

    Horrible bosses $42m…Way to go Jen!!!!!
    Somewhere in the world, Angelina is on suicide watch. And Brad is suffering from buyer’s remorse :(

  303. 303
    reiko Says:

    I just checked out the screen caps of Angie’s gorgeous LV video. In one of the caps she has her arm up while she is talking to the photographer — and a part of her tummy is showing. It looks like she may have another tattoo in that spot. It looks like a lot more words than the usual tattoo in that spot.

  304. 304
    tazzy Says:

    @Brad’s buyer’s remorse :(:

    You can crow all you want but just so you know, I just read a review of the movie, and your idol wasn’t even mentioned. It was like she didn’t even exist, LOL.

  305. 305
    tazzy Says:


    Sorry, about the above posts. The site is acting very weird this morning.

  306. 306
    scott Says:

    angelina will go down in history. she’s the most beautiful woman (inside and out) who ever lived!

  307. 307
    Passing Through Says:

    ROTFLMAO at the troll. It’s so slow here the poor thing can’t stand the silence and has come off her spool…again…

  308. 308
    busted Says:


    funny how they actually think Aniston in a movie that made some money has anything to do with Brad or Angie.

    Seriously is that how they measure her worth. I thought she was a big Star. Why do they need to trout out her BO numbers. Brad knew what he left 7 years ago. The man never missed a step when he met Angie. I remember reading his interviews right after the break up. He was giddy. Like a boy on cloud nine.

    Remorse. The only thing I’m sure Brad regrets is staying as long as he did.

    The man has an amazing women and 6 children. He just said he feels like the RICHEST MAN IN THE WORLD

    The hag army needs to save that party for when Aniston has a HIT based her name alone. Not the cast but her as the draw.

    NOW when oh when has that happened??????.

    the word you are looking for is NEVER

    hhehehe.. again her fans make her look like a Pathetic Sack stuck in the past.

  309. 309
    PH Says:

    Brad’s buyer’s remorse :( – When Jennifer all by her lonesome makes $278M worldwide, then come back here. Otherwise, STFU. Angie made bank with both The Tourist and Salt, why would she envy a woman who starred with Adam Sandler and still could not make what Angie made with Salt and The Tourist? And why would Brad be “suffering from buyer’s remorse” when even when he was married to her, he never really had projects for her to star in? She wanted “A Mighty Heart,” he said they were only producing it, not starring in it.. Shows how much he thought of her acting/drawing power.

  310. 310
    groundcontrol Says:

    Zahara and Shiloh are absolutely adorable. Zahara seems so graceful and calmly taking it all in. Her reaction to what I am sure was a small circus directed at them was cool and mature.
    Shiloh seems more playful in the situation but also very cool for her age. You’ll notice that when her mom puts a stop to her playfulness of pretending to drive the car there is no tantrum nor the slightest fuss by Shiloh. She happily and smilingly goes along with her mother’s guidance to bring her into the back seat where she beongs.
    From everything I’ve seen – pics to videos to first hand accounts – these children are being raised beautifully and thoughtfully. These seem to be children who seem incredibly comfortable with themselevs and their varied environments. Kudos to Brad and Angie.
    They are both stunning girls, as well. SImply beautiful. Though I can see Angelina in Shiloh, at times she looks like a carbon copy of her father. I agree with my colleague upthread – I can’t wait to see them as young adults.
    I really appreciate the 10 minute compliation video of the Louis Vuitton campaign. So thanksto those who put it togetehr as well as the individual vids. Angie is beyond beautiful in those vids. These just confirm her place among the most beautiful women in the world. She has almost no equal. Her eloquence about Cambodia and what it means to her is refreshingly down to earth and accessible. The LV campaigns are a smart marketing device as well as an education for many people who never think beyond the typical tourist destinations.

  311. 311
    Passing Through Says:

    OT -
    Have you guys seen the trailer for Contagion? I LMAO at Putrid’s acting. This ho has an Oscar. I have to keep reminding myself of that. I can’t wait for her Huvsy-driven PR campaign so we can hear all about the risks she took with this part by acting witout makeup on. Oh wait…that’s Ticky’s line. Oh well…they’re interchangeable these days, so whatevs…
    BTW – Contagion is a Soderbergh movie and looks hokier than hell so maybe it’s a good thing he didn’t make Moneyball. This is at least the 5th movie he’s done with Matt Damon. If they still make the Liberace movie that’ll be 6 movies. I’m starting to think he’s blackmailing Matt or Matt owes him money. It’s not like these are brilliant classics they’re making together…

  312. 312
    BlondeJo Says:

    Shiloh is such a beautiful spirited little girl, it is nice that her parents allow her to wear whatever she feels comfortable in and to find her own identity. She’s going to be one gorgeous girl when she grows up – she has the perfect combination of the best features of both her parents.

  313. 313
    phool Says:

    Angelina’s Box office figures alone are much much higher than tricky’s despite the fact she needs to rely upon other comidic actors for lime light .When she does it on her own Like Angleina has done time time and again like IN MOVIES such as Lara Croft 1 & 2 , Salt, Wanted & The Toursist etc then & only then you can mouth off ,. when she has justified her existence on her own in the movie world OK also no one is going to risk any project in her name only.

  314. 314
    Melenie Says:

    There’s no way this pair will ever get married. More likely a separation will be on the cards VERY soon. Bear in mind that the 7 year itch is coming up for Brad. And we all know what he did last time……. show more show less

  315. 315
    topsyne Says:

    i love the way everybody is talking about how beautiful shiloh in every site,she really do look like her mother in these pictures,she is a pistol and i really like her style,zee looks like a little lady and angie looks happy and elegant with that big smiles

  316. 316
    AmericanMom1 Says:

    Personally I don’t care if they marry or not but just don’t parade them around as some sort of role models… They are not that in any sense of the word. Both proven to be cheaters and liars and having all the kids in the world cannot change that…They do not respect marraige so why even go there…kids should never be involved in grown up discussions and this topic is one that I don’t believe the kids even have a clue what its all about…. show more show less

  317. 317
    JenniferBeasley Says:

    They aren’t getting married because they are so busy with other movie projects and causes close to their hearts? Seriously? That’s just another excuse. If they really wanted to get married, they would make joining their lives legally before God and their family and friends their top project and cause. show more show less

  318. 318
    MQeen Says:

    Marriage is the ultimate in romance. Marriage is for true love. Marriage is a promise to love. Mariage is sacred and ordained by God and Blessed by God. But Yes, Marriage breaks down. Yes, Divorce is the lesser or two Evils. Many cowardly and shrewd women make a mockery of marriage and marry to have children get a “sperm donor” and “pay-packet” and marry for security cos they are afraid of being old frumpy spinsters. These women are cowards and make a mockery of marriage. And there are lazy, docile men who don’t care for marriage of their love lives and they too make a mockery of marriage by marrying a women they do not sincerely love; and marry with a “She’ll do” mentality. These people make a mockery of the lives God gave them and God will not bless a contrived “market” marriage. I think If Jolie and Pitt truely loved each other they would marry. Simple as that. But they are new age hippies type so they are “free” ?! I will never forget the sad shock when I meet my old pal who tell me she get married and they snug as bugs and when I meet them I see she shopped for a husband and they have as much chemistry as yesterday’s cold mashed patatoes. It turned my stomack in disgust the way she “bought and sold and twisted Marriage” Love is given to so few I s’pose the rest have to bargain for it. But still makes me sad

  319. 319
    Jai Says:

    You need to stop reading so much Nicholas Sparks. Marriage is an outdated tradition and no longer necessary in our society. People just do it because they think they’re supposed too. Seriously, who gives if you’re married? If you live together and you are faithful, you might as well forget the expensive ceremony and keep on, keepin’ on. show more show less

  320. 320
    loveNOThate Says:

    Get off your high horse! It is normal for EVERYONE to want to get married, regardless of the reasons. NO ONE wants to end up alone. And marriage is the most romantic thing in the word right next to sex. These two things should only be reserved for your true love. show more show less

  321. 321
    phool Says:

    The stunning Angelina Jolie has spoken out about returning to her beloved country of Cambodia to shoot her latest campaign images for luxury label Louis Vuitton, and how much of a life-changing place this beautiful country has been.“I first came to Cambodia about ten years ago for a film and we were the first film back since the war, so we didn’t know quite know what it was going to be like, or what the people were going to be like, and it was the first time I became aware of landmines,” said Jolie.

    “I remember standing in the waterfall during one of our shots and they said ‘just stay on this side of the waterfall because that side of the waterfall still hasn’t been de-mined’. And I thought, as somebody from America, what does that mean, hasn’t been de-mined? It’s just the craziest, it doesn’t cross our mind that all these children, and people walking around these areas, have landmines in the ground and that’s just a part of their daily life.”

    With the campaign’s tagline simply reading: “A single journey can change the course of a life. Cambodia, May 2011,” it’s a pretty hard-hitting sentence to anybody who reads it.

    All fees Angelina makes from the campaign are also being donated to charity, reports Vogue UK.

  322. 322
    tazzy Says:


    If it turns your crank to believe that, then knock yourself out.

  323. 323
    HelloMagazine Says:

    Wedding bells will not be chiming for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie anytime soon.

    Despite a rush of recent stories saying the Hollywood couple will tie the knot, there’s apparently no truth in them.

    The reports are “false” – multiple sources tell People magazine.

    One insider says there “is no evidence nor any single truth” to recent published reports that the couple wiwill marry this summer or in the next few months.

    Besides, they’re both too busy – Brad has just finished World War Z and he will start promotion on Moneyball and Cogan’s Trade.

    Meanwhile, Angelina has been busy in her role as a UN Goodwil Ambassador and will soon be wrapping up her directoral debut, In the Land of Blood and Honey.

    But the couple are said to be open to the idea of marriage sometime in the future.

  324. 324
    groundcontrol Says:

    OT: I am ROTFLMAO over the mistrial declared in the Roger Clemens case here in federal court. It seemed like a ridiculous case to begin with. Charging felonies based on the interpretation or misinterpretations statements seems just a waste. Especially over this issue of performance enhancing drugs – who cares! If you are properly informed about the drugs and you choose to take that risk then so be it. It’s your body. It may make you a more powerful swinger but it can’t make you hit the ball more often and it can’t make you smarter at the game. It is simply not worth all this effort and money spent weeding out users. Turning people into criminals over this is not what we shoudl be about.
    I am also laughing because I know these people. I have always liked Judge Walton – always been very fair and smart. I never thought he was as tough on sentencing as others have thought. If you do your job you can get very good sentences out of him. In my experience he’s never been unfair.
    What can I say about the prosecutor? I read an article that talked about the government’s best legal teams in the country and I assure you he is nowhere near the best of anything. It is very easy to rise in the ranks of the US Attorney’s Office. Even a likable doofus can get to where this guy is and get to try these cases. The mistakes that cost the government this entire prosecution were incredibly stupid – you almost have to think they were deliberate. Though thinking they would get by this judge is stupid in and of itself. I would never put such trickery past the US Attorney’s Office – they almost never and I do mean never get sent to Bar Counsel for their ethical violations.
    I did predict he wouldn’t get convicted but I didn’t think it would be this way.

  325. 325
    tazzy Says:

    @busted: I heard a review on CBC Radio the other day, and they described Aniston as terrible and how her career is failing, LOL.

  326. 326
    Anneee Says:

    who cares? I mean they’ve been living as though they were married for how long now?? And how many kids later? Should they decide to marry, they should just go to the courthouse. There would be no reason to celebrate what should have happened long ago. show more show less

  327. 327
    Mica Says:

    I’m not sure if they’re really happy, or is it in the past. They have 6 kids together, and I can’t imagine them breaking up, even if they are not that happy anymore. And by the way they talk (they would get married if kids would ask them to), seems that they aren’t that passionate about each other, but know that they’ve gone too far to break this situation. Maybe when the kids grow up, if could be possible. I do like them though, both of them. show more show less

  328. 328
    Melanie Says:

    After the scandal of Brad leaving his wife for Jolie and then Angelina deliberately getting pregnant immediately to ensure he stuck around, Brad was pretty much sentenced to spend a substantial amount of years with her whether he liked it or not or he would have been crucified by the media. However he is now at the earliest point where he can bail out of this mess and then spin the press and somehow blame Angelina. So I think contrary to there being a wedding in fact there will be a split soon. show more show less

  329. 329
    life_like_that Says:

    Again, tabloids, you know the US, People, Lifeless and Styless, etc., are making up, recycling all these kinds stories most of time without the celebrities’ participant. Plus they like to diss and conflict each other’s stories, just like how you see here — US magazine says that Pitt and Ms. Jolie are getting married, People has to diss it and say it’s not true.

    Hmmm…… It’s just like how the dogs bite each other. The end result will be each has a mouth full of fur and fat ticks.

  330. 330
    groundcontrol Says:

    Why do you hate America? Why do you hate Mothers? Why do you hate children?

  331. 331
    maniston Says:

    trickys turds are floating over here again time to float back to her site

  332. 332
    tazzy Says:


    Oh give me a break. How many marriages were ” blessed by God” didn’t even last six months? Most divorced people I know say they will never marry again.

  333. 333
    anustin Says:

    wtf with ur “show more show less? at least chaged ur writing!!!!!!moron!!!!

  334. 334
    tazzy Says:


    Angie deliberately got pregnant to trap him? Really? And you know this how? Where you hiding under the bed when she was seducing him? Honest to Pete, there is no end to your stupidity.

  335. 335
    Zahara Says:

    Zahara is cute.Shiloh is all Angelina-very beautiful and sweet child.

  336. 336
    annon Says:

    CANCUN, MEXICO—Brad Pitt arrived here for the photo call and interview for his new movie, “Moneyball,” with a new look.

    The actor is sporting long hair, a beard and mustache these days for “World War Z,” a zombie film that he took a break from to be in Cancun. But he cut a clean, stylish figure with a top-to-bottom ensemble in taupe, and aviator glasses for extra dash.

    In “Moneyball,” a big screen adaptation of Michael Lewis’ nonfiction book, Brad plays Billy Beane, the Oakland Athletics’ general manager, who thinks outside the box and hires solid but undervalued baseball players to shore up his team without breaking the bank.

    “I try to live outside the box,” Brad said about his own approach in life. “I mean, look at my family. We’re way outside the box, aren’t we?”

    Brad’s costar and director, Jonah Hill (who also surprised journalists with his trim new look) and Bennett Miller, respectively, joined him in this Mexican coastal paradise. We’ll feature our interview with the other half of Hollywood’s reigning couple in a future column.

  337. 337
    Lara Says:

    Some loser is copying posts from other people on some blog or other.
    Go back there and stay there!
    Happy Friday to all the J-P fans! I wish something else for all these losers.

  338. 338
    Lara Says:

    Lol anustin, you tell ‘em girl!

  339. 339
    My opinion Says:

    Shiloh Jolie-Pitt is 100% Angelina’s mini me. I think the girl twin is the one that looks the most like brad.

  340. 340
    groundcontrol Says:

    Please return to the bizarro world of Ian Hapless and Female Freaks – your broom is double parked and there’s an APB out for your brain.
    Damn! Do they really let these morons procreate? How can people be this stupid? No wonder Bernie Madoff got away with the con for so long.

  341. 341
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:

    Melanie @ 07/15/2011 at 12:15 pm

    Just like Brad was sentenced to stick around his 4 1/2 marriage to the useless old hag whether he likes it or not. The whole marriage was a fake. He never loved MANiston. She lied to him about wanting kids but changed her mind after they got married.

    Well, I am sure Brad prefers to be suffered with Angie then the leather face old hag. At least, he has 6 gorgeous children he always wanted.

    You are a fcuking moron.

  342. 342
    My opinion Says:

    Lol I watched Angelina’s interview she did for Louis vuitton and I wonder how people feel about her feeding her kids crickets. I am surprised someone hasnt complained about that. Crickets are like potato chips. Ajajaja awesome.

  343. 343
    Tabloid BS Says:

    Jezebel has an article about the almost 7 years of false wedding stories.Every tabloid has had stories Ok Mag has had the most I think. The stories started in early 2005 before the divorce

  344. 344
    groundcontrol Says:

    I am of 2 minds about these pics because they were in Star and I know what that means. I hope they were found as part of an estate or something or even stolen rather than that a close family friend sold them to this tabloid, ahem I’m looking at you, Bill Day. If it’s him then I doubt that christening one is his property to sell.

    They are of Angie’s christening with the beautiful Maximillian Schell and Jackie Bisset, her godparents, as well as pics of a teenage Angie with family. Angie is so gorgeous and so was James. Wow! And so was their mom! LOL! And these are just amateur candids.
    Anyway here’s the link

  345. 345


  346. 346
    My opinion Says:

    @groundcontrol: star mag has pix of Angelina’s first wedding to jonny lee miller too.

  347. 347
    see-through Says:

    Now that we’ve seen time and time again how boyish Shilo is in her ways without the help of her parents, do you really think that girly outfits are for her?
    We saw Angie had Shi on little dresses when she was little, but as she grew, Angie had made a comment that Shi thinks that she’s one of the brothers (who likes roughin’ around). We see her in different pics how overly active she is and loves rough fun.

  348. 348
    joliepitt Says:

    Shilo is so stunning – wow ! Zahara is so beautiful and very calm young girl. Shilo is so fun and full of life which is not only she stunning but inner stunning , just like her mother and father.
    Good job brad and angie !
    Trolls ,please, get a life cause bitterness & envy is becoming your daily life. (where ugliness really exits )

  349. 349
    Jen Says:

    Must be a DEAD ZONE over on the Maniston Site.

    Maniston’s fan must not be happy that she is in love and “head over heels” with her Charlie Manson look-alike midget.
    You would think her fan would be over on her thread posting away happily that the Man Face finally has a man she can call her own especially since she STOLE him from Heidi.
    I did not believe the “Justin is running back to Heidi Already” lie that Star put out, but maybe Maniston’s fan believes it. She seems might upset and is over here preaching nonsense. But then what else would a Maniston fan preach!

  350. 350
    dianad1968 Says:

    @Brad’s buyer’s remorse :(:


    You people get more stupid by the second. A movie that Ticky is part of an ensemble makes $42 million after 8 days, and SALT Angie’s movie, let me repeat that….Angie’s MOVIE made made more in the first weekend than HB DID IN THE SAME TIME FRAME, but as per you, Angie is on suicide watch, and Brad has buyer’s remorse. How the f*ck do you live your life? Seriously, HOW?

  351. 351
    stephi Says:

    shi is just like her mom. zahara is so ugly!!

  352. 352
    Some Bunny Says:

    I personally agree with the decision not to get married, even with kids, because it is just a piece of paper that certifies what you already know in your heart and soul. You don’t need a document to justify your loyalty and love for one another.

    Unless you read a whole lot of mumble jumble into the Holy Laws… But with all the different types of religion, it would be hard to define the “right” ceremony. no? I think the JP’s are pretty neutral about religion and their own spiritual beliefs. I remember Angelina Jolie said she shares all religious books and cultures with her family, exploring books like the Qur’an, the Christian Bible, the Tanakh, and teachings of Kwanzaa, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism etc..

    Of course for the “show” I would love to see Brad Pitt and “the love of his life” Angelina Jolie; have a marriage ceremony, in a huge celebration with a hint of all cultures and religion.

    I think it would such a great party and a world watched event, probably bigger than the Recent Royal Wedding between William and Kate. I can imagine the children being a part of it which would be ohhh sooo adorable. Jealous haters want to demonize this couple because of their own failed relationships and pathetic lives. I really wonder what is left for the tabloids to write and say?? Angelina Jolie and her man Brad Pitt are loyal to each other, in total bliss of love and happiness with their family, and it just gets stronger every day. Marriage or ceremony or not, they are together and nothing will change that.

    Happy Friday to all, many many blessings to the JP’s and to their family and fans.

  353. 353

    Somehow my previous post didn’t went through. Anyway, LOL @ the only troll posting under multiple names. Do you think were stupid enough to believe that there a lot of JP haters around the net esp here at JJ? Y’all are just as INCOMPETENT as your HOMEWRECKER IDOL MANISTON. Ignore all the troll’s posts guys. Its their new tactic. To talk about marriage and then slam the JPs esp Angie. Then they will mention their FUGLY IDOL’s ONLY CLAIM TO FAME. And we all know what that is. TRAPPING BRAD into marriage by making him believe they have the same goals in life. By the way, as someone posted earlier, I never heard anyone or read anything about people going to see Ticky’s movie because Ticky is in it. Its usually because of her costars. As usual, Ticky is COATTAIL RIDING her CO-STARS in movies. We all know TICKY is not and will never be a MOVIE STAR/A-LIST. She will go down in History as RACHEL FROM FRIENDS. That’s it. So bye troll. Nice try though. BWAHAHAHA

  354. 354
    groundcontrol Says:

    You know much more about their personal histories than I do. Thanks, Maria, for the skinny on these guys.

    I had read about Pettite and his rep for being so religious. Somehow that was supposed to shore up his credibility but that’s ridiculous. How does that account for the reality that often it is not about lying more than it is that people hear or see things differently than they were meant or they don’t hear or see things accurately in the first place. Memories also differ. Memories are not little packets of truth we park away in our brain somewhere and can retrieve intact at a later time. They are subject to distortion by everything that happens to us after the fact as well as simple lapses. These are honest differences and it’s an everyday phenomenon. When a felony conviction can turn on a word or two or a misunderstanding by a witness you can see how scary it can be.
    I can’t see how Judge Walton can rule other than that jeopardy attached the minute the jury was sworn (which is the case with all jury trials) and that the mistrial was not only due to the government’s mistake – it was due to the government’s either gross negligence or actual malfeasance. In either case, Clemens’ jeopardy attached and the trial ended through no fault of his or the court’s. Case dismissed.
    There! Aren’t you glad I settled that? LOL!
    In case anyone cares, in a bench trial (just the judge with no jury) jeopardy attaches when the first witness is sworn.

  355. 355
    joliepitt Says:

    Shilo is so stunning – wow ! Zahara is so beautiful and very calm young girl. Shilo is so fun and full of life which is not only she stunning but inner stunning , just like her mother and father.
    Good job brad and angie !
    Trolls ,please, get a life cause bitterness & envy is becoming your daily life. (where ugliness really exits )

  356. 356
    vickifromtexas Says:

    bdj, you were definetly missed.

    two beautiful little girls and their gorgeous mom. suc h a lovey family.

  357. 357


  358. 358
    HELLO Says:

    Angelina was raised as a child surrounded by loving family & relatives she doesn’t have the need to surround herself with “friends”. With the pictures we can draw conclusions that she is a very good, capable mother and loving very bit being a mom too!

  359. 359
    bizzy bee Says:

    @jen, just wanted to say thank you for your kind words the other night. When I read it the next day, it was very reassuring. My asthma has been flaring up but I feel much better now.

    i realize we don’t want things to get mixed up between Brad and Hagiston, and from time to time we’ll say things we don’t all agree with. If that happens to me again, I expect to be treated with thumbs down like anyone else.

    The three Jolie-Pitt ladies look lovely. Wish them the best.

  360. 360
    Brad's buyer's remorse :( Says:

    Sources from the Chinese theatre that saying before the ceremony Jen and Justin was cuddling and kissing..and when her handler took her away..he said congratulation and I love you..awww,,so cute..jen didnt have time to reply just kiss him back…

  361. 361
    you are biased Says:


    : Attention Zahara was in the picture as well!! and…..She is do this all the time..just thought I would bring it to you attention..Or maybe you don’t think that African Americans are beautiful…Just sayin

  362. 362
    topsyne Says:

    @362;dont you think you should be on female first or iuc site,i am sure you are missed there

  363. 363
    annon Says:

    Emmys: Mireille Enos ‘loved the reaction’ to ‘The Killing’s’ season finale
    July 14, 2011 | 9:30 am

    Mireille Enos was nominated for lead actress in a drama for her role as determined homicide detective Sarah Linden in AMC’s first-year series, “The Killing.” The series received early critical praise and a rabid fan following — until the season finale not only failed to wrap up the murder investigation at its core, but threw in a whole new twist, putting some fans up in arms.

    How did you hear the news?

    I’m in London, getting ready to shoot a new project ["World War Z," opposite Brad Pitt]. I’m with my husband and baby daughter, and I knew with the time difference that I should be available. So we stopped strolling and had some lunch and then I got the call.

  364. 364
    YAY Says:

    Rumor patrol: Angelina is filming a new movie soon. within weeks.

  365. 365
    juju Says:

    ty for
    the pictures jj
    both girls r

  366. 366
    juju Says:

    YAY @ 07/15/2011 at 3:42 pm
    when will u
    stop making a
    fool of urself?
    poor sicko
    how many names
    have u already
    use today?
    keep wasting
    ur pathetic
    life away

  367. 367
    Tina Says:

    bdj @ 07/14/2011 at 6:27 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down +20

    Rade Serbedzija: The concert in Sarajevo, I will go to Srebrenica

    Interview with Actor in “Land of Blood and honey”
    If you read the translation, “Land of Blood and Honey” will be shown in a film festival in September. Venice Film Festival is in September.

  368. 368
    fyi Says:

    World War Z filming in London mainly is inside studio. We may not get onset pictures.

  369. 369
    Passing Through Says:

    # 345 groundcontrol @ 07/15/2011 at 12:49 pm
    GC -
    These pix are actually from a Star issue about 6 weeks ago. They were indeed sold to Star by “a family friend.” IIRC it was some chick named Krisann Morel who used to babysit Angie. She also told Star in last week’s issue that she was going to write a book about Angie’s childhood and she got the idea to sell Angie down the river when Morton came knocking on her door to interview her and he bought some pix from her for his crapfest bio. So here’s yet another person that Angie and Marcheline trusted who’s going to sell Angie down the river because she hopes to make a ton of money. I’d suggest she checks out the sales figures for Morton and Mr. IUC’s crappy tomes before she buys a new Porshe. She didn’t say whether or not she had a publisher lined up or if she was getting an advance but she plans to include a bunch of childhood photos that she took. So everybody get ready for another tell-all. If Mr. IUC can get a publisher anyone can get one. Clearly they’re not as particular as they used to be.

  370. 370
    dianad1968 Says:

    Guys Huvane is working his a*s off to portray Ticky as irresistible. It is hilarious. CB has a story from NE, (we all know how they like to believe and debate tabloids like fact) that now that Ticky has Justin, John Mayer is texting her wanting to get back with her. It must be only me, but if I were Ticky, I wouldn’t want it known that a man who publicly dumped me….TWICE was still in touch with me. That is IF it’s even true. This pathetic excuse of a woman is a JOKE.

  371. 371
    Passing Through Says:

    # 348 see-through @ 07/15/2011 at 12:59 pm
    I can not only see through your head but I can hear the pea rattling as the wind passes through it, too.

  372. 372
    Passing Through Says:

    # 369 Tina @ 07/15/2011 at 3:52 pm
    TIFF is also in Sept, but Venice makes more sense since they’ll still be in Europe for the WWZ shoot. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was at both festivals and TIFF is a bigger deal than Venice. Venice is Aug 31-Sept 10 and TIFF is Sept 8-18. I fully expect that we’ll see a few Ticky and Stumpy happy-happy, so in love “candid” pix, wedding and baby rumors surface a day or to before Angie’s film premieres.

  373. 373


  374. 374
    Passing Through Says:

    # 372 dianad1968 @ 07/15/2011 at 4:00 pm
    ROTFLMAO. Puh-leeze. The NE is so stoopid. I bet when The Urinator found Ticky was dating Stumpy he laughed for a good 10 minutes. The Urinator is 6’4″. Stumpy is 5’4″…in Prince’s heels. The end.

  375. 375
    anustin Says:

    venice….a bientot!!! hehehehehe. any who.reniston movie’s shown in any film festival?anyone? hehehehe.

  376. 376
    busted Says:

    @Passing Through:

    Regarding that story. the Idiots and IUC and I’m sure FF have spoken of that.

    Thing is Childhood stories about a child under the age of what 10.. really what could she tell. That Angie like Rice Krispes for breakfast. That she was a cute child. She knows nothing of Angie today, and since Angie has put all her life on the table what is that left to tell. Most people want to know about she and Brad today. Not their life before each other.

    Does anyone find it funny that none of these people find Aniston fascinating enough to write a book about. Why oh why does no one want to tell the Jennifer Aniston story. Even her fans are more interested in Angie than the one they love.

    Wow.. just wow..

  377. 377
    Passing Through Says:

    OT -
    Let me see if I have this straight (har har) – Wolf Boy had dinner with Dustin Lance Black and Gus van Sant. Way to quell the gaybe rumors, dude. It was probably about a movie, but I swear I heard tween hearts around the world breaking when I saw those pix…now you know I have to run and tell my 3 co-workers who are Twi-Hards about this…just to fvck with ‘em. Think I’ll send them the pix with a subjct line – “Deep Wolf Boy”…if ya’ll don’t hear from me the rest of the day then it’s probably because they killed me…

  378. 378
    busted Says:

    Wow so the NE is dragging John Mayer into the mix. I guess Jennifer Aniston finally having a guy is not interesting enough they have to drag Angie/Brad into the mix and now John Mayer..

    The trolls at some sites (we know who they are) don’t seem to be happy about Jennifer’s new relationship. Some are still hoping that this is just a delay until Brad abandons his family to return to something he left over 6 1/2 years ago.

    we have all said it before. These crazy bit@hes are obsessed with Brad and Angie. I thought that all they wanted was Aniston to be happy. Find a good guy. Well she has someone and yet they are still all up the as&ses of Brad/Angie.

    But we all know why. Justin is for some reason a disappointment. Not sure why. I mean every man can’t be as hot as Brad Pitt. Why they are not happy and celebrating for American’s Sweetheart is beyond me.

    Maybe she and Justin will get married have a baby together. Awww now wouldn’t that be just the thing.. We could have a party for her. This should be a wonderful time for the Hags.. yet they don’t seem to be happy

    wonder why… (I just put my finger to my mouth like Dr. Evil).. hehehhehe

  379. 379
    sweet family Says:

    Oh, I’m so glad it worked out. If you have a droid, here is a link to site I follow on twitter- many posters are very helpful to “tech challenged” users like me. I’ve learned a lot just from just reading the comments:

    gc: yes, the whole steroid thing, like the FCC uproar over Janet Jackson’s w malfunction or Howard Stern- are all things that are SUCH a waste of time & money- it’s gross. I want my govt to fix roads, financial regs, address healthcare needs/costs & STAY OUT of people’s bedrooms, living rooms (tv/radio). With resources being scarcer than ever, such waste is criminal- okay, sorry for the soap box- yr smart words fired me up.
    All: The JP girls are just a joy to behold- I totally agree with those who have noticed how well-behaved their kids always are- even when being goofy, Shiloh listens to her mommy asap when told to reign it in-GREAT parenting.

    reiko @ 07/15/2011 at 10:25 am

    Thumb up Thumb down +10

    Sweet Family — mission accomplished!!!! Thanks so much for the app recommendation.

  380. 380
    bdj Says:

    Entire Interview at link

    Show Me The MoneyBall: The Chris Pratt Interview

    AZ SnakePit: Moneyball. I have read the book, and it didn’t immediately strike me as being cinematic…
    Chris Pratt: Yeah, right. I think that’s a lot of people’s reaction to it. The screenwriter is Aaron Sorkin, and I think a lot people thought the same thing about Facebook, and were like, “You’re going to make a movie about Facebook? I don’t get it.” [Sorkin won an Academy Award for The Social Network]. But the story is cinematic. It’s not so much a baseball movie. The book itself, is a baseball book. It’s about statistics, it’s about Bill James, sabermetrics, but the story that they carved out is a character piece about Billy Beane.

    Because Beane was a guy who was a five-tool player, he looked the part, the classic American baseball player – he was a scout’s wet-dream. He was drafted right out of high-school, he had scouts promise him the world, he opted out of a scholarship to Stanford – but it turns out he just wasn’t that great, he couldn’t hit the ball when he got called up to the bigs. He tried over and over again, realized baseball wasn’t his thing, but he was stuck in baseball because he didn’t have that education from Stanford. So he goes on to become a GM, who ends up defying the convention of your standard American scouting in baseball.

    He wanted to get more into the sabermetrics and the Bill James stuff, look at statistics, and defy his own scouts. And everyone questioned if he was doing this out of spite, because they got it wrong with him. That’s the real cinematic story: it’s Billy Beane struggling to deal with his present situation, and people questioning if he was just doing it because of his past.

    AZSP: One of the other things that raised people’s eyebrows was having Brad Pitt to play Beane.
    CP: How cool is it to be a guy and they say, “Hey, we’re doing your life story.” Really? Who’s playing me? “Brad Pitt.” Not bad. I would like that, that would be pretty sweet. I think he does a great job. He’s obviously a terrific actor and Bennett Miller really did a good job. This is not so much a story about baseball, as a person who happens to be a general manager of a baseball team.

  381. 381
    bdj Says:

    “Tree of Life” is a Masterpiece

    New Terence Malick film opens today in area theaters.

    Terrence Malick’s latest film, the intensely serious-minded visual tone poem The Tree of Life, is one of the more unique movie experiences I’ve had in my life.

    Malick’s film reminds us that there is something larger than our comprehension of who we are and where we come from. Not only is it the tree of life, but also of consciousness, awareness, death and, finally, of transcendence.

    Whether or not you respond favorably to this most exceptionable film may well depend on where exactly you see yourself in the larger scheme of things. I believe the movie and its remarkable creator will stand the test of time.

  382. 382
    bdj Says:

    A thumbs up for Louis Vuitton’s interactive campaign site featuring Angelina Jolie

    The full campaign surrounding Angelina Jolie’s Cambodia journey with Louis Vuitton has been released on the brand’s website, offering users an interactive experience designed to keep them on the page.

    And it works.

    This is a great example of content that surrounds everything to do with what the brand is about, yet doesn’t ever actually push the product. Even the bag Jolie holds in the stills shot by Annie Leibovitz is her own six-year-old one.

    Under the heading “A single journey can change the course of a life”, the interactive microsite features a series of short video interviews – a great example of ‘snacksize content’ – with the star explaining her relationship with the country.

    Further videos are available to watch for those who connect through Facebook, such as Jolie talking about being inspired by the people of the country, or how important it is to leave home comforts behind and become immersed in local culture even if that means sampling delicacies like crickets or beetles as her children do.

    There are also portraits of local people in their natural surroundings, the chance to see Jolie and Leibovitz on set, and an interactive video through which you can hear sounds from the country such as the temple of Pradak Village or children playing in a rice paddy.

  383. 383
    justine Says:

    JLO AND ANTHONY SPLIT? Tabs missed this, huh? too busy writing fictitious breakup stories about Brad and Angelina.

  384. 384
    OT Says:

    Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Split,,20510616,00.html

  385. 385
    Lurker Says:

    Another Couple splitting which the rags have missed yet again.

  386. 386
    bdj Says:

    Happy Friday to all the fans.!/HLFalmouthWeek

    HLFalmouthWeek HLFal Week Official
    #HLFW don’t forget the open casting tomorrow & Sunday 10-5 at Truro School Gym to be an extra in World War Z starring Brad Pitt.
    2 hours ago

  387. 387
    bdj Says:

    Lurker @ 07/15/2011 at 6:04 pm
    What the heck. This is breaking news. Say it ain’t so. Not Miss all in love diva J-Lo. I tell ya the rags and trolls are sleeping on the job.

  388. 388
    anustin Says:

    friday to al to all the JPs.!!!

    thank you,miss bdj. for all the infos and tweets.

  389. 389
    bdj Says:

    What’s up weng. Thanks for all the laughs.

  390. 390
    anustin Says:

    ok so,jlost split up? hello mr FAT PIG HEPARIN!!!!! no hits eh.

  391. 391
    anustin Says:

    theroux could be a real life!

  392. 392
    anustin Says:

    o.t. love this crap!!1hehehe

    Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony to Divorce
    Richard Lawson —Though they seemed awfully happy performing together on American Idol mere months ago, Nuyorican power couple Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have announced that they’re ending their seven-year marriage. ¡Ay Dios mio!

    The pair’s rep says everything’s amicable and settled and all that, which hopefully means joint custody of their twins. But still, that’s kinda sad huh? They seemed like one of the few Hollywood mega-couples that would actually last. I swear on Ryan Seacrest’s grave, if this means Beyoncé and Jay-Z are going to get divorced soon, I am going to tear down the Hollywood sign. Same for you, Portia and Ellen. Everyone just stay put, OK? [People

  393. 393
    gracie Says:

    OMG! Just reading this JLo and her hubby split. I knew something was off with them, the way she hustled her ass at that Royal meeting without her hubby and the tabs missed it all.

  394. 394
    anustin Says:

    @375 lol

    so,if monkeyroux is 5’4,zhit his “peen” must be 3 inch…..with who.reniston’s humongoes vaj…..tampon is better.

  395. 395
    gracie Says:

    OMG! Just reading this JLo and her hubby split. I knew something was off with them, the way she hustled her ass at that Royal meeting without her hubby and the tabs missed it all as they’re busy chasing Brad and Angie non-stories.

  396. 396
    gracie Says:

    Sorry guys for the double post. My computer is playing up.

  397. 397
    busted Says:

    Jlo and Marc broke up..

    hmmm wonder why the rags missed it.. Oh wait. they were up Brad/Angie’s ass$s.

    this is a big surprise to me.. I have to say.

    Can’t wait for the chatter on the blogs and entertainment shows. I thought this was going to be a boring Friday..

  398. 398
    Jen Says:

    @WHO IS SALT ?:
    And isn’t it funny and cute, and maybe could even be considered “girlie”…… Shiloh is carrying her silkie. :)

  399. 399
    Premalee Says:


    As always thanks for the information.

  400. 400
    abcd Says:

    The tabloids were hacking the wrong phone when they announced that Brad and Angie were separating. They instead had Jlo and Marc’s phone.
    Wrong number again.

  401. 401
    Jen Says:

    Getting an even better look at these pictures, I think Zee Zee is going to be the petite one in the family. She is elegantly slender with the cutest and tiniest little nose and big bright eyes, slender legs and arms and hands. And I am partial to her smile. I love it when she smiles. Her little petite face just shines so sweetly when she turns on the charm. I think and I hope she will begin to not let the paps bother her as much as they do now as she gets older.
    Also, in some of the pictures, it looks as though Shiloh is taller than Zee Zee already. Which is no surprise seeing Brad and Angelina are rather tall people. Knox and Vivienne will probably reach past Zee Zee in height as well. Unless she has a sudden growth spurt, right now it is looking like Zee Zee will be the smallest of the JoliePitt kids.
    Let me try and make myself perfectly clear here, because I don’t want to offend anyone.
    I am not saying she is going to be a midget. I am saying as slender and as petite as she appears to be now, I don’t foresee her becoming an Amazon as she enters her teen years. :)

  402. 402
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:

    The tabs were probably too freaking busy going after Brad & Angie that they missed another break up……again.

    Anyway, not shock about JLo & Marc.

  403. 403
    Tabs Missed Again Says:

    yeah- too bad for the Anthony kids. Although it can be better for kids for parents to split if the parents are depressed/unhappy & fight, etc. Hopefully, they will be respectful to each other for the sake of their kids- Halle & her ex have already the blueprint for how NOT to act. Oddly enough, Arnold & Maria seem to be doing an okay job of not being rude to each other under much harder (& publicly embarrassing) circumstances.

  404. 404
    Jen Says:

    Awwww so sorry to hear Marc and JLo split. This is so sad.
    I hope they can work things out.

    At the same time Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo just got married.
    I wish them well. They have been together a long time I think.

  405. 405
    gracie Says:

    It’s funny how the tabs didn’t see the split between JLo and Marc coming, they are too busy fabricating lies about Brad and Angie, they missed the real stories. These two must have had problems in their marriage for a while and the scumbag press didn’t suspect a thing until the news broke but every damn week they lie, fabricate and spin lies about Brad and Angie. Shame on them.

  406. 406
    Jen Says:

    @bizzy bee:

    Hi Bizzzy Bee. So nice to hear from you. Glad to hear your asthma did not get the best of you.
    Thank you for your very kind response and I look forward to reading all your posts.
    Take good care of yourself.

  407. 407
    TRUTH HURTS. Says:

    Sad that another Hollywood marriage has ended. Brad and Angelina are still together, So I will sleep well tonight.

  408. 408
    Susan Says:

    @Jen: It is great to see Zahara with straight legs, when she was a toddler they were so bowed. She had a hard start in life, with her illness when she adopted, but she is a fighter, just her look of disdain for the Pazz. With lots of love and care, she growing, thanks to Angie and Brad, she is one of the lucky ones. Prenatal care is the most important part of pregnancy, Angie I’m sure had the best, while Zahara’s birth mother probably had little or none.
    We’ll have to wait until they’re teens to see who ends up taller (tallest).

  409. 409
    angierocks Says:

    wow jlo and mark anthony why am I not shocked…..

  410. 410
    WBPfan Says:

    Sorry if this was already posted (am reading posts in reverse order) but I thought Jezebel’s summary of all the tab covers of the last 7 years of Brad and Angie getting married or splitting up was pretty funny.–angelinas-wedding-a-seven+year-history-of-rumormongering especially in light of JLO and MA split but then again, no other 2 people fascinate everyone more than Brad and Angie so not surprising they make up stories about them!!!

  411. 411
    Passing Through Says:

    Soooooooooo…while US and the rest of the tabs are writing fake wedding stories about Brad and Angie they all miscalculated the JLo/Marc Anthony split. Although, I will trow Lies & Shite a bone because they said 2 weeks ago that the two were fighting because Marc didn’t want JLo to do another season of AI and have a baby instead, but JLo loves the attention it brought, wants to do another season while trying to revive her singing and movie careers…at 42. Yet another famous woman who’s in denial about the dwindling movie roles available to her now that she’s on the wrong side of 40. And JLo’s music career has been on life support for at least 5 years. The folks at Lies & Shite probably had a party tonight, “OMG! One of our lies might end up coming true! Hooray for us!” LOL.

  412. 412
    True Says:

    JLo & was one of the “name” stars invited to attend all the royal stuff last week, so they may have wanted to wait to announce until after that. Some pundit or celeb said a couple years ago something anybody with common sense already knew- ALMOST ALL of these splits happens MONTHS & MONTHS before they are announced. Unless it is an Arnold or Sandy Bullock situation, the timing, etc. of this split announcement was likely just as planned/choreographed as a wedding or a movie premiere.

  413. 413
    Passing Through Says:

    BTW – speaking of that US wedding story…I need to start going back to reading the tabloids at Barnes & Nobles where I can get a cup of joe at Starbuck’s and be seated so I don’t fall on the flow while LMAO. The US story is even flimsier than the crap OuttaTouch & notOK cam up with a few weeks back. Here’s their reason for thinking Brad and Angie are getting ready to tie the knot (aside from their 3 nameless sources) – While in Malta, almost every evening, after the kids were in bed Brad and Angie would take a walk around the little town their house was in. The locals said they looked happy and very in love. While on these strolls they would pass a small church. One night, as they were passing the church, one of the unnamed locals saw them smile at each other, “…like they had a secret.” That’s it. That’s why US thinks they’re getting married…cuz they smiled at each other like they had a secret as they passed a church. I was laughing so hard I got a stitch in my side. Who needs any further proof that a wedding is taking place? I sure don’t know. Smiling at your lover as you pass a church is practically a marriage ceremony in and of itself. Who needs a clergyman and a legal document? They smiled passing a church…done deal…everybody send them a wedding gift and call it a day.
    To top it all off, this wedding info was in the first 3 or 4 paragraphs of a 4 page story. The rest of the the story is about how happy they are, the kids’ personalities (the idea for which they stole from a Peeps issue in April) and their supposed plans to settle in France (basically because Angie said they would eventually) and that Brad designed the remodel of Miraval himself and Angie was happy to leave him to his fiddling (no Ticky jokes, please). One of their unnamed sources is quoted as saying that Angie feels complete with her kids, her Brad and her humanitarian work…which Angie said herself, but I guess it was too easy to just take her word for it, so they credited the comment to some fictitious unnamed individual so they looked like they had a source instead of writing an entire article based on the flimsiest info in the history of flimsy Jolie-Pitt rumors…and that’s saying something. BUT…the good news for US is that at least this time they didn’t write some bad fictional account of an interaction between Shiloh and her nanny that couldn’t possibly have taken place because Shiloh wasn’t even in the country where the alleged event took place. (For those who don’t know that’s a reference to the US story on Pax’s adoption where they recounted something that supposedly happened with 8-month-old Shiloh and her nanny in Vietnam…and it turned out Shiloh wasn’t even in VN with Angie because she’d stayed in LA with Brad. I should see if I can find a scan of that…it was freaking hilarious because the day the issue came out Brad was spotted on the LA CCOBB set with Shiloh…and Angie, Mad and Z were still in VN waiting on the Visa for Pax. Janice Min was BUSTED…and 2 weeks later out came the “Her Twisted Double Life” issue. Hell hath no fury like a tabloid hack caught lying.)

  414. 414
    LLM Says:

    anustin @ 07/15/2011 at 6:29 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down +4

    @375 lol

    so,if monkeyroux is 5′4,zhit his “peen” must be 3 inch…..with who.reniston’s humongoes vaj…..tampon is better.
    Baby Weng’s thumb is bigger than manqueroux “peen”

  415. 415
    Susan Says:

    People Mag called the Mayor of the small village in France and he said no they’re not getting married there. He claims they invite him over when they first move there and they’re friends. Guess who is not getting an invite if the wedding happens. I wonder why People all of a sudden (US mag) are into Brad and Angie’s business, Huvane don’t have any more stories to spoon feed them. Ticky and keebler elf are too boring and they running back to the Jolie-Pitts.

  416. 416
    an oldie Says:

    I just watched the nightly news, and I have to celebrate because 2 more of the bigwigs at News Corp just resigned. And most of all, Murdoch appologized to the family of the girl who was murdered. That sounds like an admission of guilt I hope his whole media empire crumbles. Karma, baby.

  417. 417
    lurker Says:

    That means we might see them at the venice film festival,that will be awesome

  418. 418
    lurker Says:

    wow i really thought JLO and marc were really a match,am shocked,sad kids are involved

  419. 419
    jmho Says:

    I think it will more likely be the Deauville film fest in sept, as Venice is in Italy? And in the gibberish translation it sounds like Rade is mentioning a film fest in France in Sept.

  420. 420
    lurker Says:

    that will be good too,am just excited to see her directorial work

  421. 421
    Passing Through Says:

    # 394 gracie @ 07/15/2011 at 6:27 pm
    Did you see what Mary Louise Parker told Peeps when they asked her if she’d met Kate and Wills? She said she hadn’t because she got shoved out of the way by JLo…and then said, oops, she probably wasn’t supposed to say that. LOL. She totally busted JLo’s famehoing. And if you’ve seen the pix JLo acted like she was doing Kate and Wills a favor by speaking to them.

  422. 422
    Passing Through Says:

    One other thing about JLo’s divorce – I’m LMAO because she made sure the announcement was made today…so she could get the most publicity out of the split. If she’s not on every tabloid cover next week she’s going to be one pissed diva. Brad had Cindy G announce his and Ticky’s split on a Friday after Ticky thought they’d agreed to do it on Monday Jan 10 because he wanted to keep Huvsy and Ticky from being the ones to announce it and spinning it into something it wasn’t, ie, temporary. But JLo? This is all about maximizing her PR exposure. Just goes to show that some famehos are incurable. And yes, hens, that salvo was directed at Ticky…

  423. 423
    dianad1968 Says:



    I am still puzzled why it is soooo important to People to report that Brad and Angie are not getting married, so important that in as many days, they feel the need to put out a story. Did they really have to contact the Mayor? I hope the JPs never give them another exclusive.

  424. 424
    Jen Says:

    Yes, I remember that Susan. I used to wince every time I saw Zee Zee walking on those bowed legs. It looked so painful, but I remember she never looked as though she was in any pain and I knew Brad and Angier were doing all they could at the time to make certain she would be just fine.
    She is a little trooper and being surrounded by her parent’s love and having loving siblings, I think, has brought her to the wonderful state she is in today. I really commend Brad and Angie. They, working together, are doing a wonderful job with all of their children.
    Cannot bless them enough and wish them the very best and that they will stay together as a loving family for the rest of all of their lives. They are a breath of fresh air in Hollywood.

  425. 425
    Jen Says:

    Please forgive me for butting into your convo Diana but I agree with you 100%.
    And why didn’t the Mayor, when asked, just say, “No Comment?”
    I am very disappointed the Mayor felt the need to speak so freely and in such detail about Brad and Angelina’s PRIVATE business.

  426. 426
    dianad1968 Says:



    Jen, no need to apologise. Someone/ones is runing scared that there might be some truth about the marriage rumour, and you are right, the Mayor should not have gone into such private details. Something tells me he would never again see the front door of Chateau Miraval.

  427. 427

    Slightly OT but Brad and Angie are mentioned…

    What Went Wrong With Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony? Relationship Experts Weigh In!

    Why did Jennifer Lopez and Marc Frankenstein Anthony end their seven year marriage? Was Marc always just a rebound from Ben Affleck? Or did Hollywood bad luck play a hand? Relationship experts explain!

    Jennifer Lopez and Marc Frankenstein Anthony‘s split has everybody talking and wondering what could have happened to the Mexican power couple. We asked experts if they could weigh in on why things may have gone south! Dr. Juan Garcia, Mexican Family and Marriage Therapist tells, “Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony calling it quits is not a surprise to me.” Find out why!

    “If you saw them on ‘American Idol’ together, you could see there was no passion between them. There was more passion between her and Steven Tyler sitting next to her than her own husband. She even had more passion with the young contestant Casey!” says Dr. Garcia.

    He continues: “You know when a couple is truly in love because they have this energy and passion between them, you see this with Brad and Angelina. Even when a couple has conflict, they have passion between them. J-Lo and Marc looked good together. They are both attractive, they are both singers, they are both Latin, but there was little or no passion between them. There was much more passion between Jennifer and Ben Affleck and I am sure if he had been more scrupulous they would be married right now with kids. She was really heartbroken from that break-up. I rarely saw photos of Jennifer and Marc together because they were rarely together. When you see photos of Brad and Angelina they are usually always together holding hands or being affectionate.”

    So why did Jennifer get together with Marc if Dr. Garcia is to be believed, and they weren’t passionate toward each other? “I think this was an orchestrated partnership. I think Jennifer was rebounding from her break-up with Ben. I think she wanted children and it was a marriage based on circumstance rather than true love. This is the perfect time for Jennifer to end this relationship because she is at the height of her popularity now. She is America’s sweetheart..”

    Dr. Julio Martinez, host of The Love Latino Style Show with Dr. Martinez, chalks their separation up to various challenges they faced “Having a marriage in Hollywood is difficult in itself. Having a marriage with two creative, strong personalities is also very challenging. Then throw in the birth of multiples which is a tremendous stressor and often times all of these factors is a recipe for disaster!”

    What do you guys think? Was Marc just a 7-year-long rebound from Ben? Did Jennifer and Marc have passion? Do you think Hollywood got the best of them?

  428. 428
    cute Says:

    Angelina and Shiloh have the same nose/chin/mouth/cheeks.

  429. 429
    Passing Through Says:

    # 428 ANUSTON.HOMEWRECKER @ 07/16/2011 at 1:15 am
    JLo and Marc are Puerto Rican not Mexican. The whole tone of that piece is stoopid because the person who wrote clearly doesn’t know anything about how JLo and MA got together in the first place. Maybe it was calculated on her part, but when they first dated in the late ’90s JLo broke MA’s heart when she dumped him for Diddy – because Diddy could help her singing career. Then he turned around and dumped his wife as soon as JLo came sniffing around after Ben Affleck dumped her. If there was a lack of passion in that relationship I think it’s probably she’s most passionate about one thing – herself…and HE doesn’t qualify as herself. She’s probably already got someone else lined up – someone she thinks can help her career.

  430. 430
    Passing Through Says:

    # 428 ANUSTON.HOMEWRECKER @ 07/16/2011 at 1:15 am
    JLo and Marc are Puerto Rican not Mexican. The whole tone of that piece is stoopid because the person who wrote clearly doesn’t know anything about how JLo and MA got together in the first place. Maybe it was calculated on her part, but when they first dated in the late ’90s JLo broke MA’s heart when she dumped him for Diddy – because Diddy could help her singing career. Then he turned around and dumped his wife as soon as JLo came sniffing around after Ben Affleck dumped her. If there was a lack of passion in that relationship I think it’s probably she’s most passionate about one thing – herself…and HE doesn’t qualify as herself. She’s probably already got someone else lined up – someone she thinks can help her career. I guess this means she’s finally thrown in the towel on trying to nab Brad Grey after he got married a few months ago…and invited them to his wedding…

  431. 431
    Guest25 Says:

    When Brad & Angelina split, people will say across message boards that they they saw it coming and that’s why they never married. I will say I’m surprised that Jen & Marc lasted 7 years.

  432. 432
    angierocks Says:

    Just saw the trailer for paltrow’s new movie with matt damon,how she won an oscar is beyond me.

  433. 433
    gracie Says:

    # 422 Passing Through @ 07/15/2011 at 11:00 pm +8

    # 394 gracie @ 07/15/2011 at 6:27 pm
    Did you see what Mary Louise Parker told Peeps when they asked her if she’d met Kate and Wills?


    PT, I sure did. I read it first at CB’s site. She called her out for her desperate famewh@ring behaviour. It cracked me up. That green gown she wore with cut-out on the side was tacky and so inappropriate for a Royal meeting. MLP wore a better dress and looked way better. She showed more class than JLo could ever have.

  434. 434
    gracie Says:

    # 430 Passing Through @ 07/16/2011 at 1:59 am +4

    # 428 ANUSTON.HOMEWRECKER @ 07/16/2011 at 1:15 am
    JLo and Marc are Puerto Rican not Mexican. If there was a lack of passion in that relationship I think it’s probably she’s most passionate about one thing – herself…and HE doesn’t qualify as herself. She’s probably already got someone else lined up – someone she thinks can help her career.

    PT, ITA. I was also going to post they are Puerto Ricans and not Mexicans. I think her renewed success on idol may have contributed to this, it has made her more hungry for fame. Her career has been on the slide for some years and Marc may have a little tinge of jealousy for her new found success and may be fearful for the future of their relationship. He probably prefers her home making babies. I don’t believe they didn’t love each other, I saw them on stage at various times showing affection and sharing kisses and I don’t believe it was all pretence. Marc loved her and I believe she loved him too. Something went drastically wrong. I’m not a fan but I hope they can work it out. JLo should realise it’s not easy to find Mr right at 42. Time is not on her side. They look good together —- can’t believe I said that.

  435. 435
    Edwards Says:

    To be honest, why cant we just be happy for two people sharing love. Doesn’t matter how you view the actress or actor. Stop throwing words and just celebrate either way marriage or not! Haters you need to grow up

  436. 436
    ILoveBrad Says:

    Brad deserved to be with the woman that love and respect him. All his exes became very famous and raking in all the dough, from Gwyneth Paltrow to Jennifer Aniston, to the current Angelina, all thought they were all that. None of them care for him, they just want fame and fortune. One of this day, a REAL WOMAN will come along,
    sweep him of his feet, and marry him.

  437. 437
    stacey Says:

    @ 437 you are a hater……….angelina is a beautiful amazing actress and brad too. just leave them alone u chance you dont think that women might be you that you are so passionatly talking about? if so u need to go and take a jump in the ocean where no one can hear your whiney voice and see your ugly face.

  438. 438
    mark Says:

    She a junk8e he’s an undercover G8y. both are jokes and both are really bad actors and parents. Wait for the book the kids WILL write it will be juicy becase they are so fake fake fake fake like u ******* out there who seem to worship these 2 ldiots.

  439. 439
    stacey Says:

    Sounds like someone is jealous!

  440. 440
    NotaFanofBrad Says:

    I don’t think she should ever marry him. She had to take a lot of crap from the media and his fans just for being with him. Not once did he ever defend her or take responsibility for his divorce… He let Angelina take full blame. Know that proves he is not man enough for Angelina.What he does no the 2cent credability he has today is becuase of Angelina and not because of him and his X’s

  441. 441
    Guest Says:

    @NotaFanof Brad……..That’s not true. Brad has consistently defended Angelina since they got together, in both print and televised interviews (the one with Diane Sawyer comes to mind). People just over look it. It seems to me that people see whatever they want when it comes to Brad and Angelina–regardless of whether it’s true or not–and it all somehow comes back to the Jen-Angie-Brad thing. Interestingly enough, there is more evidence of Jen cheating with Justin Theroux than Brad cheating with Angie. But people will believe whatever they want to believe. Angie was seen as the devil woman, and Jen was seen as America’s sweetheart. No matter how much their behavior suggests otherwise, people will always see them as such. I had to make my point.

  442. 442
    Guest25 Says:

    When Brad & Angelina split, people will say across message boards that they they saw it coming and that’s why they never married. I will say I’m surprised that Jen & Marc lasted 7 years.

  443. 443
    gracie Says:

    I am amused by the antics of tabloids and some sites. They constantly spread negative stories about Brad and Angie which gullible Anuston fans and other sites are quick to believe but when one print a positive story ( not that JP fans believe it — like the wedding story) Jezebel, People, CB, HL and Lainey are quick to jump in and call the story BS —This brings me to People vs Us mags wedding story. One calling out the other and saying their story is BS as if, one is better than the other. People act like they know the truth about Brad and Angie’s relationship or what goes on in the JP’s household or have legitimate sources. People know zilch, they are as crapy as the rest of them. The only reason they are calling Us story BS is coz it is a positive story and they don’t like it, if it had been another negative lie, People, CB, Jezebel, HL and Lainey will be spreading it like it is the truth. They are not fooling fans, one is as trashy and crapy as the other. I don’t believe any story from either one of them. People wedding story is all lies and made up just like Us weekly. As far as I’m concerned they’re all TRASH.

  444. 444
    Brangie Says:

    Shiloh looks so happy! She’s looking more like Angelina.
    Zahara is as cute as usual.
    I wish Angelina would wear colors other than black every once in a while. But she still looks beautiful in my eyes.

  445. 445
    Mimma Says:

    Shiloh is such a ham! Love that tooth missing smile!

  446. 446
    gracie Says:

    There is an attention seeking troll on board. Go away fly, no one cares about your spamming. You know who you are.

  447. 447
    fantastic Says:

    Why NOT?????. Please GET MARRIED!!!!…I am FED UP of THAT…Get Married Today!!!

  448. 448
    Phool Says:

    Angelina Jolie: Princess Diana

    Angelina Jolie, who’s become a global humanitarian, has credited Princess Di with helping her see the beauty of helping others. “Diana inspired me immensely. I followed the work she undertook very closely, especially the issue of land mines. I always want to go to refugee camps and meet with the most unfortunate. I have found it a privilege – a way of making me feel alive,” she told China Daily.

  449. 449
    Kcro Says:

    it’s funny, this used to be a host of filthy posters, that i didn’t even bother to read all the nastiness or sign in. there are only few nasties left or probably the tide has changed.i am okay w/ reasonable arguments, but to revert w/ extreme filth and malice, that doesn’t sound like human but more likely a hungry and enraged beast. but anyway, good thing this site has cleaned up a bit. i know the admin is jen fan herself, so i can’t blame ,if the psychotic ones resides here.i’m no fan of aniston, but won’t call her any names in the book of filth and i maybe annoyed w/ her antics that connects her to the family unrelated to her. also involved her friends in her dirty antics like classy chelsea w/c a pure reflection of some of her fans. i believed too that there were some jolie-pitt fans that are nasty too,but i think most aniston fans dominates this field. also i was amazed to know in my years of postings, that jolie-pitts hv the most intelligent fans ever i encountered in the web and some are way , intelligent than others, who could write better than those columnist or journalist in those prominent magazine who print nonsense. just saying.

  450. 450
    busted Says:


    I think it is their way to say..SEE WE ARE RIGHT THEY ARE WRONG.
    Well I and anyone else can see that People Magazine is just a tabloid, no different than the other rags. It is sad that the ONE magazine that you use to be able to trust is crap now. There was a time when they actually reported on real events an people. Now there People issues is that Half their Size.

    I recall when news of that Murdoch scandal would be front and center on the cover of People Magazine. They have gone down hill just like the rest of the medial outlets.

    So they are on my list of Don’t buy. I don’t think Brad/Angie are dealing too much with them either. I don’t think they have been on a cover in a while..not counting the picture of them in NOLA..

    That is why they had to run to the mayor. If they had spoken to a close contact to Brad/Angie and had a definite quote it wouldn’t have been necessary.

  451. 451
    Ameerah Says:

    LOVE all of the super classy comments about small children. There is nothing wrong with Shiloh’s teeth. Post a photo of your own sparkly whites before lambasting a child’s. Also- Angelina has stated that she wears black because its easy to get dressed in the morning when you don’t have to worry about everything matching. She has six kids for Pete’s sake- and all but two are of school age.

  452. 452
    NYgirl Says:

    zee’s gonna slap a pap one day. love it!
    shiloh looks like a fun kid. she’s very animated.
    and angelina, beautiful as ever.

  453. 453
    lolaMD Says:

    shiloh is adorable…and zee is ready to put the smack down on some paps. haha.

    i wear black all the time like Angie and i am not in mourning over anything. It is just easier to match and not have to think about it.

  454. 454
    JHudson Says:

    Angelina is a very nice and cool personality and she is doing a very hard work for charities and for orphan childs. She is Rocking.

  455. 455
    justine Says:

    stop copying posts from other sites and posting them here. really dumb if you dont think others cant tell or dont go to those sites too. lol

  456. 456
    rose Says:

    I just hope to see them all glamorous for their wedding!! These two people are beyond beautiful!! They certainly belong together based on looks alone, let alone that they love each other and have made such a beautiful family together! It’s so cute that the kids want mommy and daddy to get married! Best wishes to them, I love this couple and even before they were a couple I always thought they would be perfect together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  457. 457
    Ameerah Says:

    Beautiful little tomboy! Looks just like her dad. She’s allowed to follow her own style (a very good thing), it shows good parenting. She may become very girly later on.

  458. 458
    Cari Says:

    Looks like a beautiful,happy, well adjusted little girl.

  459. 459
    littlebobeep Says:

    all the loons do is name call and bully people. such a shame they can’t have a civil exchange.

  460. 460
    Kcro Says:

    speaking of loons and calling names, are u excluding urself for that?…..and u think ur civil?….oh my u really represent, civility and classiness. what would be the world , if all folks happen to be like u.alright classy, civil and saintly littlebobeep, i think satan might be calling ur name. it’s not a name calling and i didn’t call u a loon, bcoz ur more thant that.i didn’t bully u either, just giving u my classy, humble opinion, to ur mighty existence.

  461. 461
    littlebobeep Says:

    koro, you need psychological, english, grammar and spelling assistance before continuing with your long incoherent posts.

  462. 462
    deja vu Says:

    i could have sworn i read this same conversation on popsugar

  463. 463
    lilly Says:


    Why Brad and Angelina Shouldn’t Get Married

    US Weekly is reporting in a cover story that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are getting married.


    I mean, we’ve all heard this one before, right? And Brad and Angelina have gone on record saying that they won’t marry until all Americans, whether gay or straight, can legally wed. And while New York and other states have legalized marriage between gay couples, it is certainly still not an option for everyone.

    Pitt has, however, also told USA Today that “the kids ask about marriage.” Stop confusing us, Brad. Besides, kids ask all kinds of weird things, like whether they can fly or whether, if they stand on a chair, they can touch the moon. You really shouldn’t indulge them sometimes.

    US Weekly swears the rumor is serious this time. Three sources have confirmed to the tab that Brad and Angie will get married within months at their chateau in France. US Weekly even goes so far to say that these are three “separate” sources—which is good because for a moment I thought it was the same person, who said it three times.

    Certainly, if they do get married, it will no doubt put millions into the coffers of several charities when they sell the exclusive photos of their nuptials to a magazine that still has the money for that kind of thing—probably either People or Hello!, both of which bought the first pictures of their daughter, Shiloh.

    And certainly anything that helps preempt the brouhaha over Kim Kardashian’s Royal-size wedding can only be encouraged.

    But let’s face it. These two aren’t so hot at marriage. Pitt dated Gwyneth Paltrow for three years and then called it off almost as soon as they got engaged. He then married Jennifer Aniston in 2000. I’m not sure how that one turned out. (Sarcasm!)

    Jolie leaves two blink-of-an-eye marriages in her wake—one with British actor Jonny Lee Miller, which lasted three years, and one with wacky actor Billy Bob Thorton, which also lasted three years.

    I imagine it’s more important to the kids that they have two parents who are committed to each other than that those parents be betrothed. Marriage has a bit of a tendency to wreck Tinseltown relationships. Remember how Helen Hunt was with Hank Azaria for five years, but they divorced less than a year after they tied the knot?

    Some of the most solid and enduring relationships in Hollywood have been between non-married couples: Oprah and Stedman Graham (25 years); Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell (28 years); Jessica Lange and Sam Shepard (29 years); Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt (14 years); Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins (23 years). Okay, that last one bit the dust two years ago, but 23 years is a lifetime in Hollywood!

    As long as Brad and Angie make sure they have their estate in order so their children are provided for should something happen to them, why get married?

    Besides, it was just last year that they were getting divorced.

  464. 464
    wow Says:

    Wow. I’m just floored at the petty juvenile tone of this entire piece, done under the guise of ‘concern.’ Don’t you have a bug up your behind at the prospect of a simple ceremony.
    Ms. Blakely seems torn between wanting to stamp her feet at the wedding rumors, and feigning disinterest. Right. Ms. Blakely your jealousies are fairly apparent.
    Number 1) Why on earth would you link to the vindictive tabloid ‘News of the World’ story from last year about this family splitting apart. This was a story that was not only thoroughly debunked, but the publication that printed it was sued by the Jolie Pitts and had to pay significant damages?
    What exactly is the purpose of this piece? It’s not only insulting, but incredibly judgemental and snarky. Almost as if you’re angry about these wedding rumors surfacing. Considering you know nothing about these people why not mind your own business and trust them to know what’s best for their family.
    To correct your erroneous commentary that has no basis in fact. Pitt and Jolie didn’t JUST recently say they’d consider marriage if it was something that became important to their kids – they said it a good 4 years ago.
    Lastly, Hollywood and the world are full of people who have had failed relationships period. Just because you failed with one person, it doesn’t mean you’ll fail with the next, or stop trying. Brad and Angelina have a successful union and family already, having a ceremony with their kids, legally or no, is not going to change their level of committment. Obviously, whatever they choose to call their union, they’re in it for the long haul – so it’s not like your counseling a couple who are having a rocky time of it, with several separations to each other under their belt, and thus discouraging them not to tie the knot.

    No. You’re discouraging the idea for a couple who already seems to live in each other’s pockets. As if the mere process of paperwork would change their family/relationship dynamic – and thus you, the ominpotent relationship guru Ms Blakely, needs to ‘caution’ them on a wedding. What b.s.

    I wonder if you’re just as arrogant and as much of a presumptuous snarky blowhard with your own friends…some of whom cannot possibly have not had a failed relationship/marriage or two, or three or more under their belt.

    Oh and as for Newman and Woodward, I’m sure Joanne thanks her stars every night, that she met Paul while he was married with children while working on a play. Because when that marriage went south, he knew where to look for his true love. Sounds a LOT like what Brad Pitt did.

  465. 465
    lilly Says:

    @kiri blakeley ….How do you determine who in Hollywood gets the tag ‘wacky?’ There are plenty of wacky people in Hollywood, some more than others – but describing them, as JUST that, or ONLY that, as you did with Thornton, again says more about you, than it does Angelina or her ex. You mentioned Gwyneth Paltrow, whose every bit as wacky as Thornton in my opinion – but I see you don’t feel the need to denigrate or cast aspersions on her. My guess is, it’s because you’re female, and lashing out at Angelina is what you’re about. So making her Oscar winning, critically acclaimed ex Thornton, ‘wacky,’ and ONLY ‘wacky,’ does the trick for you, while NOT criticizing Goopy ‘Cupping’ Paltrow, or Jen ‘lame Rom com’ Aniston, is your way of only getting digs in at Angelina. No one ever hits out or demeans Brad. Some females are all about kicking other females in the head, the male is beside the point.

  466. 466
    stacey Says:

    People like kiri make me sick making judgments without knowing the actual person that they are commenting about.

  467. 467
    huhu Says:


  468. 468
    Premalee Says:

  469. 469
    soi Says:

    Shilo really is gorgeous!

  470. 470
    Dakota Says:

    Thanks Jared for the pictures of two lovely little girls and one beautiful Mommy all together having a special time away from the rest of the family. I just love Z’s “killer looks” and Shi’s “I can act silly” for these grown men who have a “silly” job to do taking my picture!

  471. 471
    CLINIQUA Says:

    People Mag is in the pocket of Huvane now. Don’t ask me how he did it, but he’s apparently granted them all access to Maniston and her sh*t career, as well as the other horses (literally) in his stable.
    People Rag took the deal simply because they know Brad and Angelina are not beholden to anyone or anything – they were not getting access to pics involving their children anymore, after the first pictorials of them as babies appeared…so People rag, having sh*t for brains as management now, are going with Huvane and being his PR mouthpiece.
    I think it went down like this: Maniston has a couple other ‘events,’ that she wants to go down in the public eye (the hw walk of shame deal, maybe an overseas pimping of horrible movie) and they didn’t want a Brangelina wedding drumbeat to drown her out and interfere, so Huvane sent an urgent memo to People rag to ‘bust that Brangelina wedding dish’ (to use Gossipcop speak).
    They did. Or tried, is more like it.
    But it’s a fact that they don’t know sh*t, and are just taking orders and memos from PR flacks now. As someone pointed out, they really only focused on US rag’s details, and tried to ‘bust’ those — why not just ask Brad and Angelina, or their camp? They’ve gotten direct quotes from them before, why not now? Back in the old days when they were a decent publication this would have had a comment from Cindi, or Geyer, or whomever. Obviously Brad is being asked about this, or he’s volunteering answers meant for the public – Brad’s no dummy, he wouldn’t even address it otherwise….
    What you’re seeing re People Rag, is Maniston’s anger and rage that Brad is overshadowing her creepy cougar (badly played) bit part in horrible movie. Huvane is trying to put a stop to it.
    Next time Shiloh is out, I hope she hams it up even BIGGER and announces, “my Mommy & Daddy are having a wedding, and you’re ALL invited!” LMAO


  472. 472
    CLINIQUA Says:

    By the way, look at the list of ‘usual suspects’ that weighed in on the marriage rumor:
    1)paid w/ access mouthpiece people rag.
    2)paid w/ access mouthpiece gossipcop
    3)paid w/ access Forbes
    if that doesn’t have Maniston and Huvane’s self tanner stained paw prints all over it I don’t know what does.

  473. 473
    Sherry Says:

    Cliniqua @472&473, I agree with you, you are absolutely right. See my earlier comment about it being a fun summer for Ticky and Stumpy as they attempt to head off romours about a JP marriage. SHE can’t have THAT at NO COST. I believe, and so do all her hens that she must always be the only one that Brad has ever married, that is the only “label” that matters to her. Talk about a freaking phsyco.

    Personally, and I have no proof to back this up, I think they have already done the deed and made it legal. It matters only to them and their kids. Maybe they did it last year in Italy, or the last time they were in MO visiting. Remember Angie’s new tattoo?? Maybe that’s the significance of it…. who knows? The truth is, we will find out when they want us to, and Ticky can stamp her hooves and scream at the ocean all she wants, SHE DOES NOT CONTROL what the JPs do. But it must be driving her mad. The end.

  474. 474
    Susan Says:

    Mila Kunis called Billy Bush a liar, for saying she is not going to the Marine Corp Ball, after promising a Marine who asked her on youtube to be his date. Mila said she always keep her word.
    Another Actress called a LA Times reporter on the mat for calling her a cow, after she heard through a third party that the actress, called LA a dump, when Will and Cate was visiting. For the life of me I can’t remember her name, but she have a sister that is also an actress. She verbally spanked that reporter, it was great to read her reply.

  475. 475
    gracie Says:

    # 472 CLINIQUA, I completely agree with you. The motive behind the story is not about telling the truth, I think someone doesn’t like the story of Brad and Angie getting married out there. What’s with the sudden interest in Brad and Angie’s affair when the mag have not done so in the past. Wouldn’t it be nice if Brad and Angie say to hell with them and announce a wedding anyway, Homewrecker will end up in a mental hospital and her fans will be jumping off bridges. Haha. That will make my day just to watch them losing their minds. It will be heap of agony for the loons and their idol.

  476. 476
    CLINIQUA Says:

    Apparently Grandpa has got himself a ‘girlfriend.’
    Age appropriate and everything. Good for you Gramps. If she’s a democrat, even better.

  477. 477
    gracie Says:

    CLINIQUA, thank you for the link. Haha — grandpa still got it. The woman is pretty, not bad at all.

  478. 478
    busted Says:


    John is a nut, but he is still an attractive man for his age or any age really.

    He had a big bag of toys.. wonder if Angie and the girls are still in town and he is dropping off gifts..

    His girl friend is nice looking. I like seeing older people together.. Love knows no age.

  479. 479
    bizzy bee Says:

    Like the guessing game of where in the world are the Jolie-Pitts. Angie
    flew to LA a day or two ago, wonder if she flew back to England. I read casting for the locals will take place on the 16th and 17th. however, I’m just happy Papa Pitt has a few weeks to spend with his lovely family before returning to shooting.

    Angie said Shiloh was a goofy carefree kid i see that free spirit, miss z looks shy, like her wavy hair. the girls are growing well be bless family.

  480. 480
    Tabs Missed Again Says:

    #475- Susan- it was Zooey Deschanel
    Jonah Hill tweeted about how EW quoted an him in article about a royal event and Jonah said that he NEVER SPOKE to the reporter, much less said the words attributed to him- he was really mad and got LOTS of support on twitter…finally EW apologized. Glad people are calling out these lazy/corrupt “journalists” or, in many cases, blatant liars.

  481. 481
    Passing Through Says:

    # 435 gracie @ 07/16/2011 at 5:21 am
    ITA. I think it comes down to the same problem Brad and Ticky had – they want different things in life. Plus she’s such an egomaniac that there’s probably no middle ground. I’ve seen rumors over the years that he was too controlling with that whole cliched latin machismo thing going on and she was too egocentric, career driven and concerned with appearances and it’s probably all of it combined. There’s also the perception that she’s more successful than he is. When they first got together he was certainly the bigger star in Latin America and he opened that market up to her a lot when they started doing concerts together and singing in Spanish. Prior to that JLo was trying to convince people that “Jenny from the block” rolled with the homies and was just a downhome fly girl hanging with her peeps. I used to love the rumors of her rampages around NYC looking for Diddy when she thought he was cheating. That’s another story entirely though. I just think JLo and MA are probably both very controlling and wanted to the one in power in that relationship and neither of them was willing to do what Brad and Angie do – make a plan and stick to it. They don’t act in movies at the same time for a reason and that’s to keep their family together and their relationship strong. I just can’t JLo controlling her fameho like that. She wants too badly to be the biggest star on the planet – and at 41 with serious limited talent…that just ain’t gonna happen. She can’t act her way out of a wet paper bag with a hole in the bottom and the pop music industry is geared to young audiences – not middle-aged nostalgia.

  482. 482
    Jen Says:

    @Passing Through:
    Excellent post, Passing Through!
    I especially liked the part about Brad and Angelina taking a walk every night after the kids were asleep and how in love they are.
    I do remember reading a tweet by someone in Malta saying “Brad and Angelina just passed me.” That was all they said. Maybe that was on one of their “nightly” excursions. (?)
    So US Weekly’s three unnamed sources proved to be no match for People’s Blabbermouth French Mayor of Correns.
    I trust when Brad and Angelina do get married, NO ONE will know when or where they decide to tie the knot. It is obvious the French Mayor does not know how to keep his mouth shut about OTHER important PEOPLE’s business.

  483. 483
    bizzy bee Says:

    @JEN #407, Thanks, much love!

  484. 484
    LOL Says:

    someone at JJB Jon Voight’s thread is trying to change history by saying Angie threw JV under the bus to become famous.. LOL! I can’t understand why would someone write such ignorant comment.

  485. 485
    Jen Says:

    The one good thing that People Mag did in shooting down US Weekly’s story about the JPs getting married, it shows US Weekly’s unnamed sources CANNOT be trusted.
    I hope the reading public will look upon all articles written by any rag with “UNNAMED SOURCES” as not believable.

  486. 486
    juju Says:

    bizzy bee @ 07/16/2011 at 1:52 pm
    brad starts
    film monday
    in a studio
    in london
    brad & the twins
    & maddox & pax
    r in london
    angelina & the girls
    r either still in la
    or have return
    to london

  487. 487
    Passing Through Says:

    # 444 gracie @ 07/16/2011 at 6:33 am
    The problem with Peeps is that you can’t trust what they say any more than you can trust the tabs. Peeps says what they’re told to say. Peeps printed a story that Ticky was dating Stumpy – because Huvsy leaked it to them. Then Huvsy turned around and issued a denial to US, which they gleefully reported because they knew it would make Peeps look bad. Then it turns out that Ticky really is humping Stumpy – and now US looks stupid for printing Huvsy’s denial…yet Huvsy doesn’t get called out by either one for his boldfaced lies. Although they usually work this plant-deny in the opposite direction it’s still a win-win for Ticky and Huvsy. They get to control the trajectory of the story because they know Peeps will print whatever their told by the PR flack. That’s the main reason Peeps jumped all over this wedding denial. They play cat-and-mouse with US (and vice versa) just like Huvsy plays with them. I don’t think the general public has ever quite caught on to the fact that Peeps doesn’t do any reporting with celebs – they regurgitate what they’re told to say and that’s all. They make no attempt to either prove it or disprove it. It is what it is and you’re supposed to thank them for passing along the lies they were given and aceept what they say as the gospel. That isn’t to say that sometimes they aren’t told the truth and are passing along the truth, but it most instances they’re being lied to by some PR flack, they know they’re being lied to, the PR flack knows they know he’s lying to them but that they’ll print it anyway and Peeps knows that PR flack knows they know they’re being lied to…but will print it anyway. And the public continues plopping down their hard-earned money to be lied to by everyone. Scary.

  488. 488
    Jen Says:

    Glad to see grandpa Voight looking fit and happy and squiring a lady friend as they shop for toys for the grandkids.
    I can just imagine how happy Voight is to have Angie, Brad and all his grand kids in his life. The past is over. I am so happy to see them enjoying each other’s company.

  489. 489
    Brad in bed with People Says:

    Well Brad and Angie trust People since they keep giving them exclusive pics and statements like the marriage equality statement Brad gave last week. Why not release that statement to EW or Newsweek or The Advocate?. People is their “go to” publication. That’s a fact

  490. 490
    Passing Through Says:

    # 475 Susan @ 07/16/2011 at 12:13 pm
    That was Zooey Deschanel who called BS on the LA Times – who was in TAOJJ and that’s the only reason I remember who it was. He wasn’t saying she was a “Cow” in the sense that she was fat. He said she was a “snobby cow” because of a partial quote from her that he’d read in USA Today. He didn’t know the whole story or all of what she’d said and she called him on it. Or at least I assume it’s a he – name is Patt Williams with 2 t’s so it could be a woman…either way, it reminds me of the SNL skit “It’s Pat” with the androgynous roundish person whose sex was indeterminate…

  491. 491
    bizzy bee Says:

    juju@ nice to know. lol

    Lopez and Anthony. after everything both been though in other relationships, I thought they marriage would last, hope they will remain friends for they kids.

  492. 492
    Dakota Says:

    I am reading Lisa Bloom’s book, “Straight Talk for Women to Stay Smart in a Dumbed-Down World”. She has 10 pages dedicated to talking about Angelina Jolie and it is all positive! One chapter is titled the Life’s Work of one of the Planet’s Most Active and Generous Humanitarians Revealed. She writes about the tabloid type journalism now being reported and not the important issues. This has maybe been mentioned before, but maybe someone had not read about it or seen Lisa Bloom on TV. Ms. Bloom is an award winning journalist, legal analyst, and trial attorney. It is a great read!

  493. 493
    Passing Through Says:

    OT -
    I saw this Deadline story about a new Tiny Tom project and howled with laughter. You’ll see why as soon as you read the excerpt below…
    Tom Cruise Locked To Play Jack Reacher In ‘One Shot’ For Paramount And Skydance
    I first wrote about the Cruise talks last month, and it created a lot of discussion among fans of the series because the Reacher character is 6’5” and about 250 pounds, and Cruise is not. At the time, the author was among those most excited about the casting, saying that “Reacher’s size in the books is a metaphor for an unstoppable force, which Cruise portrays in his own way.”
    So the auther is down with Tiny Tom playing the role…but will fans of the book series be as happy? And that bit about Tiny Tom being an “unstoppable force…in his own way?” ROTFLMAO. Yeah…I guess you could call a severe case of Scientolo-cray-cray an “unstoppable force”. That’s certainly one way to look at it…

  494. 494
    busted Says:


    I agree.. I think Angie and John have come to a place of understanding. He has been really good about not making a lot of statements about her and her family. I like that and hope he can keep it up.

    Parent relationships are important. She lost her mother and that is a lost that can’t be replaced. But she still had a father and maybe she feels her life is in a good place and felt she could let him in without getting hurt again. Because her father did hurt her..

    anyway. Angie knows things we don’t so if she is fine with her father who are we to judge.

    I think it is nice for the children and grand children do change grand parents. They are like a second chance. I’m sure he loves those kids very much.

  495. 495
    Passing Through Says:

    # 483 Jen @ 07/16/2011 at 2:06 pm
    One thing in the US sidebar that I forgot to mention – according to their unnamed source Angie and Brad made a donation to the refugee center in Malta (Lyster Barracks) that she visited as part of World Refugee Day. This is something they probably wouldn’t lie about because it’s easily disproved if it’s not true. US said that Angie quietly made a return visit to the refugee center on July 8th before they left Malta and the donation establisheed the Jolie-Pitt Foundation Media Center or something like that. Because the refugee center in Malta is an actual building (an old RAF facility) as opposed to everyone living in tents the JPF donated computers, books and eductational materials for both children and adults. You’ll notice that the one thing that was probably true in that US article didn’t make the news like the fake wedding story did. I Googled the info but couldn’t find any confirmation of it, but that’s not unusual. When Angie and Brad donate it’s frequently under the radar until some gossip hack finds out and turns it into a big deal and then the trolls claim that Angie leaked the info herself…and we roll our eyes and laugh at them because if she was doing to leak it – why wait months? Anyway…it’s from US, so take it with a grain of salt, but it would be a stupid lie to tell because when it comes t the JPF I think they’re a lot more likely to deny false stories than when it comes to their personal lives.

  496. 496
    Passing Through Says:

    # 495 busted @ 07/16/2011 at 3:17 pm
    The talk about the JV pix from yesterday reminded me of a couple of things – first, that chick who used to babysit Angie who told Star she’s writing a book about Angie’s childhood – Krisann Morel. After telling them she was selling Angie out she had the nerve to say, “I hope she let’s Jon get to know his grandkids. He deserves that.” or words to that effect. I was like – the biitch is selling Angie out and doesn’t even know that Angie and JV settled their issues nearly 2 years ago. That annoyed me to no end. Just before they left for Malta Angie and Brad were seeing eating dinner with JV – with all 6 kids. He’s talked about Skyping with the kids while he was on location and he’s talked about playing with Shiloh and how she has very specific rules you have to follow. In other words – he’s very much involved with his grandkids and dumb hos selling out people they haven’t seen in nearly 20 years need to STFU and STFD.
    The other thing that comes to mind is the new Star has a piece about Ticky’s relationship with her mother. They claimed that Nancy Dow is speaking out about the status of her relationship with Ticky…only…she wasn’t and didn’t. First they rehashed why Ticky is passed at her mother, how long it’s been going on (15 years!) and had some unnamed “friend” for Nancy Dow’s who claimed Nancy is proud of Ticky and just wants her to be happy. They pointed out that Ticky didn’t invite her mother to her wedding to Brad and only got in touch with her MONTHS after Brad dumped her – and that’s all they had. No real info on the status of Ticky’s relationship with her mother, but they did point out that she’s on very good terms with her father. Last year they had story about Ticky not supporting her mother and letting her nearly indigent 75 year-old mother live in a $150,000 condo and drive a 2001 car. Ho just sold her overpriced house for either $35 or $38MIL and after realtor fees and commissions will walk away with about an $8MIL profit and Forbes said she made $28MIL last year (which we know is inaccurate) and has previously said she’s worth $110MIL…and yet we’re STILL hearing about how Angie stopped speaking to her well-heeled father for 7 years and how Angie deprived him of access to his grandkids. Amazing, isn’t it? This is why I keep saying Huvsy is the hardest working biitch in entertainment. He keeps stories about Ticky’s treatment of her mother out of the news just like he controls every other aspect of her public image.

  497. 497
    dianad1968 Says:

    I have been reading the reactions on various blogs to the news of the JLo/MA impending divorce, and it seems I am among the very few who are not suprised by this news. In fact I am surprised they lasted as long as they did, and believe it was only because JLo knew she would have been the butt of jokes if she had had another short-lived marriage. Plus she wanted kids. IMO, they both used each other.

    I wonder if Jen Garner is shaking in her boots at this news?

  498. 498
    Susan Says:

    @Tabs Missed Again: @Passing Through: Thank guys.
    I think Patt is a woman.
    Have to check and see if she is English, when they call you a cow, it is not a nice word.

  499. 499
    Susan Says:

    @Tabs Missed Again: @Passing Through: Thanks

  500. 500
    Bentley Says:

    well, maybe. Nowadays, Ben A doesn’t seem to be the type to trade in for a 40-something, though- a 20-something, sure. I do remember that Jenny fr the block video (where Ben played her “hot” boy-toy), the matching bentleys, the BIG pink diamond, and the 20/20 or Dateline interview they did together. That interview was- well, I thought they seemed in love & he was pretty protective of her & was calling media attacks of them racist, etc. IIRC, there wasn’t much gap between JLo & Jen G for Ben

  501. 501
    brange fan from greece Says:

    hello JPfans, still cant get over the girls pictures.they are both adorable and angie as usual is gorgeous.guys have you seen the pictures in angelina and brad on board.they have very nice pictures of shilo where she looks like a doll especially in page 210 when angie tried to take her from the front so doll like especially her blue eyes and beautiful skin.this girl will break a lot of hearts.she also has a great profile just like her mother.she;s just stunning.

  502. 502
    Amicable Says:

    Yes, there wasn’t much of a gap between Jennifers Some did say that there may have been a bit of overlap- so, yes, Jen G could be nervous. If Ben A & Jen G do break-up for whatever reason, I think they will try to be amicable for their girls. Even it is amicable, I would expect an increase of Jen G kid walks (w/ pictures, of course), though…I know, I know, some days, it hardly seems like she could fit any more photo ops in- she can start buying one piece of fruit at a time!

  503. 503
    brange fan from greece Says:

    also saw latest pic of jon voight.he is also a handsome man and i also think shilo look a little like him but i stiil dont like him..sorry but i still cannot forget what he did to angie.what he did was so hurtful..angie also received a lot of criticism because of him.but i think angie has forgiven him but i just don’t trust him.i was also disappointed at jane pitt one time when she was photograph by the paps leaving JA house.for me that was insensitive of her.i have to be honest , i was hurt for angie.i know angie didn’t mind but as a fan i, i was really hurt .but that was in the past and all is good now.i just wish no incident like this happen again.i know i will be thumbed down but this is just my honest opinion.

  504. 504
    an oldie Says:

    I hate it when people speculate about whether or when Brad and Angelina are breaking up, so I won’t do that to any couple, especially one with young kids. Now on the other hand, fauxmances and showmances, like Ticky’s are game to me.

  505. 505
    Jen Says:

    Lisa Bloom is a Trailblazer in my book because hers is the FIRST STRONG female voice, that I can recall in the last half dozen years or so, (and I may be wrong here) to zero in on The REAL Angelina Jolie and what Angelina is and has always really been about.
    Lisa, at the same time, is taking the Tabloid press to task for wasting peoples’ precious time, printing dumbing down articles and feeding the public a load of worthless garbage about the incomparable Angelina Jolie.
    As she states so clearly in her article below.
    “The contrast between Jolie’s extraordinary devotion to humanitarian work on behalf of dispossessed people and our shallow fixation on her looks and personal life could not be more jarring. What is a throwaway line at the end of some stories about her — “Jolie also does some humanitarian work” — is the main event of her life. ”
    She could not have phrased it better……….”A THROWAWAY LINE ….Is the Main event of her life.”
    This throwaway info is what the haters and the Tabloids that are in certain PR people’s pockets DO NOT want the public to focus on. Those who wish to “destroy” Angelina and her career want the focus to remain on the LIES they print about her, not the GOOD works she and Brad do on a DAILY basis.
    But as Lisa also points out so eloquently – (quotes are not in sequence)
    “While the public laps up this mind-numbing drivel, the real Angelina Jolie forges on. Perhaps you are VAGUELYy aware that she is somehow involved with helping poor people in faraway places. The truth is that she has devoted a huge portion of the last eight years of her life to educating herself and then doing everything within her power to raise consciousness about and directly aid those who Franz Fanon called “the wretched of the earth.”
    “Back at home, our media mostly ignored Jolie’s refugee work, zeroing in instead on the urgent question of whether her breasts were real and how she got them large enough to resemble those of the video game heroine Lara Croft for her film.”
    ” Guess what our media gave us that year in Jolie news? Details of Angelina’s complicated relationship with her father, cover stories reminding us that she was “hot and single,” reports on her new tattoos, and more “investigations” into the reasons for her divorce.”
    “Back at home we had next to no coverage of third world poor, refugees, wars not involving the United States, or Jolie’s UNHCR work. In 2004 Vogue magazine did feature Jolie posing in some beautiful gowns, the kind of spread typical of what we asked of her: to smile for the camera and not talk too much about her humanitarian work. That year Jolie made the film Mr. and Mrs. Smith with Brad Pitt, and the media saturated us with speculation into whether or not Jolie and Pitt had hooked up.”
    “Jolie must feel as though she lives in an alternate universe, one of daily cognitive dissonance. She soldiers on, focusing on her humanitarian efforts, making films, raising her children. One-third of her income goes to savings, she has said, one-third to supporting herself and her family, and one-third to charity. For an actor commanding over $20 million per film, that is a generous annual donation to assist the world’s poor. She poses for provocative covers and has one, and only one, persistent message to the world: Please, please pay attention to the millions who, through no fault of their own, have become refugees or internally displaced persons.”
    Continued below

  506. 506
    dianad1968 Says:


    #503, LOL, please don’t give JG any more ideas….she may just do the “one piece of fruit at a time” thing. I used to really like her especially when she was in Alias. She always seemed so down to earth and charming. And then she decided she wanted to be the “Most perfect Mommy in HW” and just turned me off. The funny thing is, in the begining she used to be seen with her nanny, and then somehow the nanny disappeared. Also, she dumped her husband for Michael Vartan, and then left MV to trade up to Ben.

  507. 507
    brange fan from greece Says:

    just saw jlo and husband split.i really dont like jlo and i dont know much about her and her husband but i really feel sorry for their children.i just wish they can still fix it for the sake of the children.i grew up in a broken family and i know how hard it is for a child to grow up in a broken home and i dont wish that for my child or any other children.

  508. 508
    dianad1968 Says:

    I don’t see anyone speculating about any couple breaking up.

  509. 509
    Tourist Memories Says:

    am watching an Italian mystery show set in Venice and it’s bringng back great memories of that fun, beautful movie The Touist! Think l’ll fire up the blu-ray tonight!!

  510. 510
    Tourist Memories Says:

    am watching an Italian mystery show set in Venice and it’s bringng back great memories of that fun, beautful movie The Touist! Think l’ll fire up the blu-ray tonight!!

  511. 511
    Jen Says:

    “Most of us don’t know about any of that. But we all know that in 2008 Jolie gave birth to twins. She made a savvy business decision to auction off the first pictures of herself, Pitt, and the newborns to the highest bidder, which wound up being People magazine, for $14 million. Jolie donated all the money to her foundation to help third world refugees and, especially, displaced children.”
    “Wouldn’t it be gratifying to live in a world where what happened to that $14 million was the story that garnered the big headlines in top-selling magazines? How many children got bed nets to save them from malaria? How many tents were purchased to give displaced families even that simple roof over their heads? How many classes were given so that widows could have marketable skills to use when they returned home, giving them the dignity of supporting themselves, paying their children’s school fees, and providing their families with adequate nutrition?”

    “If only we had one-tenth the interest in Jolie’s life’s work as we have in her “beauty secrets;” if only we envied her compassion for the world’s forgotten people rather than her appearance.”
    I truly appreciate what Lisa Bloom is trying to do with her book.
    Get the world to focus on what is REALLY important and TRUE about Angelina’s life, in particular here.
    The world is TIRED of all the LIES that have been printed about Angelina and the FACT that all the good she does, has done and continues to do is continuously TRAMPLED under foot by the Tabloid press and the focus is on inanity instead of how we are all impacted by her kindness.
    I thank Lisa Bloom for having the COURAGE to speak out and try and turn people’s focus to WHAT IS REALLY IMPORTANT in our lives. Not the mind numbing drivel the Tabloids report weekly. But how we can really change the world by changing what we do and how we think and where our focus should be.
    Thank you Lisa Bloom, for what you have begun. May other women begin to follow in your footsteps and be a positive force for change in the Media now. Let us stop attacking this woman who, despite continuous attacks upon her personal life and family, has not been dissuaded to continue helping those in need.
    God bless you, Angelina, and may everything your hands touch turn to outstanding success and increase your joy immensely and inspire others to follow in the way you walk.

  512. 512
    Double Standard Says:

    yes, I was an Alias fan, too. I even liked Daredevil & Elecktra. Jen G is, however, is a true maneater- both she & Ben have much more shady pasts than Brad or Angie. I don’t think that it is a good sign that Ben was caught up Toby M’s illegal gambling ring. Didn’t he go to rehab for gambling?

  513. 513
    Jen Says:

    @Passing Through:
    “….according to their unnamed source Angie and Brad made a donation to the refugee center in Malta (Lyster Barracks) that she visited as part of World Refugee Day.
    Thank you, Passing Through, for your inclusion of this information.
    I had NO IDEA about this JP donation and I am certain 99% of the reading public missed it as well.

    This is the very thing Lisa Bloom was pointing out in her article about the “dumbing down” of people’s minds thru refocusing people’s attention on trivia and inanity by not printing truth or dismissing it altogether.
    And you are so right. WHERE oh where are all the internet articles about this particular donation that Angelina and Brad made?
    But when it is finally revealed, the usual outcry from the paid trolls with their pre-written scripts about how Angelina likes to use her humanitarian work to promote herself will flood the internet and the tabloids and completely OBSCURE the real work and real good that was accomplished by the donation. Nothing positive about the donation will ever see the light of day.
    These “haters,” and that is the only name I can think to call them, really think by attacking this woman they can bring her down. They truly do not understand the power of truth.

  514. 514
    Jen Says:

    Passing Through, I also wanted to add, the reason I reprinted portions of Lisa’s article is I think, and I have to add I could be wrong, but I think some of the FFer’s and posters from other “hate” Sites are reading this Site now for information that is continuously denied them on their Sites.
    They live in a virtual Blackout of true JP information.
    I remember you saying, quite awhile ago, how some of your posts on that site, or was it Mel’s site, would disappear. You dared to venture into their Sewer and try and shed some light in there and of course, that could NOT be allowed.
    But, I feel hatred is an emotion that is NOT sustainable for a very long time. It is oppressive and painful. And trying to keep people’s minds in prison, by not allowing a “voice of reason” to reach them, so they can think for themselves, will sooner than later drive people away.
    I think that is what is happening on some of these “hate” Sites.
    I say the above because I think, just by some of the “Troll’s” posts I have read here, there are some Trolls, who even though they don’t like Angelina, because their minds have been poisoned to dislike her, are starting to have questions because they know nothing about her other than the lies they have been forced fed and told to believe.
    I have a very strong, sneaking suspicion that some FFer’s are here reading posts and learning things they NEVER knew before and it is beginning to “rattle” some of them and raise questions in their minds because what they have heard for so long is proving NOT to be true.
    Anyway, I hope that is the case.
    The JoliePitt fans are not only highly intelligent, but they also point to FACTS, and their reasoning makes sense. And who can argue with what makes sense? Only a fool would deign to argue against what is right.

  515. 515
    Susan Says:

    @dianad1968: Ben is too worried about his career, to get back with JLO, he blamed her for his career slump, and for once JLO was a lady and did not reply. Garner is a tough bird, she can handle him, right now she probably have an accountant going over their finances to see how much Ben really lost in Toby’s private gambling sessions and have him on an allowance. I had a chuckle when I saw Matt Damon was one of the players, oh no not nice Matt that dumps his girlfriend on TV, before he told her. If the tabs would get from under Brad and Angie’s bed, they could be breaking all these stories, not hearing about it the same time as regular folks.

  516. 516
    Dakota Says:

    @Jen #506
    Thank you Jen for taking the time to write excerpts from the book by Lisa Bloom, so fans understand how important this book is to get out to other women, especially non-Joiie fans. I am recommending it to all my friends and not telling them about the Jolie portions (in case they are JA fans), unless I know they are fans of Angie’s. Maybe we can convert or at least change the intense hate of some women towards Angelina. I agree, we finally have an intelligent, strong, & articulate female speaking up on behalf of Angie! Spread the word fans!

  517. 517
    QQQQ Says:

    Matt Damon always gives me a shady vibe and I wont rehash my feelings towards a equally shady Jennifer “mother of the decade with the 2 smiley dimpled girls” Garner.

  518. 518
    Passing Through Says:

    # 498 dianad1968 @ 07/16/2011 at 4:16 pm
    Jen Garner’s not but I betcha Ben Affleck is. LOL.
    BTW – I was at Deadline earlier today and they reported that JLo and Marc’s separation would not impact their new deal to develop a talent search show with Simon Fuller where they travel to Latin American countries looking for new talent. Deadline said that if anything the publicity will drum up interest from distributors. All I have to say is…their separation and possible divorce makes complete sense now…reunion to be announced a few weeks after a distribution deal is struck…

  519. 519
    Passing Through Says:

    # 503 Amicable @ 07/16/2011 at 4:44 pm
    I thought it was pretty well known that Ben Affleck cheated on JLo with Jennnifer Garner while they were making that godawful Daredevil movie. It’s a moot issue anyway because BA and JLo didn’t break up over that affair. JLo put up with cheating from Diddy, so BA cheating probably didn’t faze her one iota. The reason they broke up because he couldn’t stomach her famehoing any longer. Most people said the last straw was that music video she made him be in with her. I can’t remember now if that video was before or after the cheating-with-a-stripper incident…

  520. 520
    Passing Through Says:

    # 518 QQQQ @ 07/16/2011 at 7:53 pm
    Matt Damon is very good at staying under the radar. He sort of reminds me of Ticky in that the MVM have him pegged as a sort of nerdy intellectual type – and he ain’t at all. People have to remember that he and Affleck used to be joined at the hip. So if BA was drinking, gambling and whorring…do they really think Matt was just the designated driver? I betcha Minnie Driver and Winona Ryder won’t be joining his fan club any time soon. And let’s not even get into the stories about Matt being on the DL…

  521. 521
    dianad1968 Says:

    @Passing Through:


    Matt Damon like you said, is like Ticky when it comes to his PR. It’s amazing what a publicist can cover up. Isn’t it amazing we haven’t heard anything else about him with the gambling mess? I still don’t know how he finds the time to impregnate Lucy, because the man is ALWAYS on a movie set. IIRC he has at two more movies coming out before the end of the year, andthat does not include Contagion.

  522. 522
    Appletini Says:

    The Tourist is on Starz OnDemand! (If you have Comcast cable.) Great movie!

  523. 523
    Appletini Says:

    The Tourist is on Starz OnDemand! (If you have Comcast cable.) Great movie!

  524. 524
    QQQQ Says:

    OT.. Why do folks always act as if it’s only in HW that people get together quickly… get married and divorce in 1-2 yrs. “Regular” people have “fancy” weddings, the whole she-bang, and a yr or two later realized the person s*cked and end it. Regular people cheat too, this also leads to divorce. Regular people also marry someone just so they can use them, bide their time and then divorce the spouse and take 1/2.
    The only difference is, with H/W it’s played out in the media and the public knows with regular folks only the people around them knows.

  525. 525
    Reacher Says:

    PT- yeah- there is a ton of negative buzz for Tiny Tom on this- this tweet cracked me up:
    I think Tom Cruise would be a perfect fit to play one of Jack Reacher’s arms.

    Passing Through @ 07/16/2011 at 3:13 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down +8

    OT -
    I saw this Deadline story about a new Tiny Tom project and howled with laughter. You’ll see why as soon as you read the excerpt below…
    Tom Cruise Locked To Play Jack Reacher In ‘One Shot’ For Paramount And Skydance
    I first wrote about the Cruise talks last month, and it created a lot of discussion among fans of the series because the Reacher character is 6’5” and about 250 pounds, and Cruise is not. At the time, the author was among those most excited about the casting, saying that “Reacher’s size in the books is a metaphor for an unstoppable force, which Cruise portrays in his own way.”
    So the auther is down with Tiny Tom playing the role…but will fans of the book series be as happy? And that bit about Tiny Tom being an “unstoppable force…in his own way?” ROTFLMAO. Yeah…I guess you could call a severe case of Scientolo-cray-cray an “unstoppable force”. That’s certainly one way to look at it…

  526. 526
    Money=Options Says:

    You are so right, QQQQ- besides the publicity, many stars have enough money where divorce is easier financially, e.g. they can set up 2 households w/out financial pain. I truly think that the divorce rate would be the same w/ non-celeb if the resources/options were the same. Celebrity or not, many of these fancy weddings are so gross, especially weddings that nearly bankrupt brides, grooms, and or their families. It seems that some people just want a giant party & gifts and all the attention that comes with it and/or feel that their marriage isn’t “real” unless more money than 2 or 3 cars or half a house costs.
    QQQQ @ 07/16/2011 at 9:59 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down 0

    OT.. Why do folks always act as if it’s only in HW that people get together quickly… get married and divorce in 1-2 yrs. “Regular” people have “fancy” weddings, the whole she-bang, and a yr or two later realized the person s*cked and end it. Regular people cheat too, this also leads to divorce. Regular people also marry someone just so they can use them, bide their time and then divorce the spouse and take 1/2.
    The only difference is, with H/W it’s played out in the media and the public knows with regular folks only the people around them knows.

  527. 527
    busted Says:


    great post.. and you are so right.

    do people not watch those tv shows like Bridezillas. Those are for the most part average people that are spending money fist over hand for a wedding. So no it is not Hollywood. and you point about divorce is spot on. I have read so many comments from people going on and on about how Hollywood has so many divorces. At my workplace I can name at least 10 people that are divorced. So really it is not about Hollywood but more our society. People do thing that splashy wedding is the marriage. That the party is what it is all about. Look at the Kardashians. Remember when Joan Rivers had that wedding for her daughter and she got divorced.

    We just hear about the celebrity divorces. be if every poster here listed the number of people they knew who were divorced or divorcing this year it would be higher than the celebrity numbers.

    But I’m just repeating what you have already said.

    Spot on..

  528. 528
    Ho-lee the media wh@re Says:

    Ewwwwww..This Ho is such a phony media wh@re..The only thing she has to get attention are those little misfits she calls kids..Her boyfriend is out having a good time for a change while she is gone. Brad is so cheating on her..He is stuck with her now..Trapped like a beatin down dog..They arev so D list now..

  529. 529
    Ian Halperin posters just4 fun Says:

    Ok, comments just for fun from the Pig’s site.

    Angelooney Whoreley:
    Why does Jennifers character in horrible bosses look like … angelina? … a little inside joke between brad and jen …long distance relationships are so hard … brad knows all about this guy … thats why brad picked him … dont get mad at me for the brad/jen stuff …. love is messy and dumb and makes us all look like idiots … do things you would never ordinarily do … and jen has been trying to shed her good girl image for a long time now … and another thing … no woman is going to wait 14 years for a wedding ring from that gomer … something else is going on that my bumpkin mind cant fathom.
    Up The Coast:
    Ian….Thank You for a straight up thread Now I’m wondering if this isn’t a “set up” for a fairytale ending….Brad and Jen break free from two separate, terrible relationships and find happiness back in each others arms?
    Angelooney Whoreley:
    this makes sense … my version is less mature ….but then why has jen never remarried??? i dont buy that all these guys dump jen … i bet she sends them packing …with a bootprint on their butt… jennifer is not going to be married when brad comes up as..available..i see a reunion here …as clear as day … call me crazy …or stupid … i have a feeling one of these days you will be calling me ..correct….@Renee:
    i agree. the issue with brad and jen never seemed over for me and i don’t mean that in the sense that they were eventually going to get back together but that maybe something big needed to happen for the triangle to end officially. but i wouldn’t be surprised if they might get back together also we have no idea whats going on in a persons life and no one knows what they future holds anything is possible, you know what they say truth is stranger than fiction.
    That’s what I think is going on. PR maneuvers, the chess game. Ian has been saying for a long time their connected in some way. Could be romance, business partners, extraordinary friendship, friendly x’s – there’s lots of possibilities for a reconnection. Doesn’t have to be a fairytale, just needs to look like one. I think he’s bi and he’s going to need another beard, a friendly one, jmo.
    elephant:@Up the Coast:
    Yep because once and if he ever leaves AJ then the triangle is gone and done, finished for them all…BUT if he goes back to JA somehow, it just continues and it seems that is what they all want, though I can’t imagine why, not for all the $ in the bank….JMO
    I sometimes read here and have found the JA and JT story interesting. Especially the beard, when you glance at the photos of them I for a second think its JA and BP just bc of the ugly beard. Coincidence? Interesting too that JT seems to have left a long term partner in the same circumstances as BP.
    Maybe they are trying to get the public used to seeing JA with someone like BP before a eventual reunion.
    i don’t get it. most posters here think brad pitt is bi or gay and jen does not want him. the minority think they are carry-ing-on on a “secret” relationship and will get back together. if he is gay/bi then jen is rid of a liar. if they are secretly cheating, is she down with the gay/bi and does she partake as well? what does that say about her since she has spent 6+ years whining and grieving in the media?.”
    @angelooney Whoreley:
    …and the romantic in me hopes you are correct and the prince and princess will get back together and live happily ever after. Realistic…probably not, but a nice thing to hope for…and we come here for a little fantasy time, so why not dream the dream.
    A W:
    premature ejacaposting … im glad im not the only one … one thing brad and jen had that brad and angelina never had … was a courtship … for a man to date and live with a woman … for a few years … AND THEN STILL MARRIES HER … and PAYS A MILLION DOLLARS TO MARRY HER … that is why i think they have found each other again … brads situation might seem messy and you “dont wanna deal with it” … there are six very real children here … with an uninterested mother look at the situation from a distance it is easy to walk away .. what do all woman want? be needed …brad needs jen …finally .. and she is there for him .. so sweet and twisted im getting all misty… brad and jen was real .. and still is.
    @angelooney Whoreley:
    I do believe that even if there were sexxual differences between the two and that it might have led to them leading separate lives, they did have a true connection. I think they still connect today by phone, etc. ….who knows, maybe they will end up reconnecting and being the Paul Newman/Joanne Woodward instead of BP/AJ…but i think we still have not seen everything behind the velvet curtain. As we grow older, our priorities who knows.

  530. 530
    moxie Says:

    OMG Those people are insane!

  531. 531
    Patty/not a fan anymore! Says:

    I use to be a fan of Brad Jen & Angie’s, but after reading these obvious repeat posters and all the hate they have in them, I just can’t be a Brangelina fan anymore. All the terrible things these same few people that are on here day & night say, makes me question if all the bad things said about Brangelina are true. There is so much bashing of Aniston and defending Brangelina, there is somethng wrong with that. No one is defending Aniston because she needs no defending, but the Brangelina threads are full of the same defending tactics by the same posters over and over again. I have caught onto that and have decided I am better than the Brangelina’s and thier fans. so I AM OFICIALLY TEAM ANISTON! THE WINNING TEAM!!!

  532. 532
    Ian Halperin posters just4 fun Says:

    I know the crazzzzzzzzzy peeps LOL.

  533. 533
    to patty Says:

    rotflmao STOP STOP, I can’t breathe… ok. Yeah, I really believe you. HeHe.

    In case you are being truthful, then I really feel badly for your psychiatrist, good riddance, I say. You are too stupid to be a fan of Brad or Angelina.

    p.s.jsyk, real fans don’t call them brangelina.
    thanks again for the laugh!

  534. 534
    Ian Halperin posters just4 fun Says:

    @Patty/not a fan anymore!:
    Please you were never a fan.

  535. 535
    QQQQ Says:

    Jeeze.. if I wanted to read this bull_shite I would go to that site (which i don’t EVER plan on visiting.) I don’t know why idiots feel the need to bring sh*te from other sites here. It might be “FUNNY” to U but it’s not funny to MOST people. These undercover moves to spread crap is just F’ng annoying.

  536. 536
    Bonnie Says:

    Man she looks like an old hag. She looks like she is their grandmother for gods sake! Her & Brad both are aging terribly. I wish nothing but unhappiness to the whole J/P tribe. They are fake and they are DONE!

  537. 537
    MJ Says:

    @Patty/not a fan anymore!: Please, get out in this thread. Go to Anuston’s thread cause she needs more hit there. Just Jared pulled her name on the list cause JJared knew Anuston has only 3 fans who keep using different names. Look at Angie’s thread, it’s more than 500 comments. Jealous much? Poor you. Go scream in the ocean , Honey! You have the right to scream.

  538. 538
    alana Says:

    I went to that site ONCE, thinking I would get a laugh , plus I was curious. Never again. I thought I had stepped into the twilight zone. I couldnt believe these were actual peple with jobs and familes writng and BELIEVING SUCH BS. IT MIGHT BE A BIT “FUNNY” BUT IT IS MOSTLY VERY DISTURBING.

    There are crazy people in this world. Thank God Brad and Angie have body guards.

  539. 539
    Ian Halperin posters just4 fun Says:

    Some of you posts about Aniston 24/7, so the Aniston talk on a Brad and Angelina thread so F’ng annoying as well. If I want to know about her, I would go to her threads which I don’t coz I don’t like her.
    P.s..Talking about sports here is also annoying to other posters.

  540. 540
    Twins Are Three Says:

    All the JPs are adorable!! I can’t believe that the twins are three already- time sure flies. It seems like yesterday that we were waiting for their first pictures. Here is great quote from Angie- I love this:

    “When you look at them, it’s like they were made for each other. They smile at each other, sniff each other, touch each other. It’s just beautiful.”

  541. 541
    Patty/not a fan anymore! Says:

    Jen Won Hottness of the decade (check)
    Jen got her star on the Hollywood walk of fame (check)
    Jen has movie offers rolling in left & right (check)
    Jen has a hot man on her arm (check)
    Jen has the world at her feet (check)
    Jen has never frenched her bio brother (check)

    Jen never made a movie with a star such as Johnny Depp only to have it tank bigger than sh!t just because she co-starred in it..Now that would have been bad for her career…I said I was no longer a J/P fan because of you posters and I will now be a Jen fan on any thread I choose. Ya’ll do it right? It was you people that made me realize that the J/P’s are truely bad people and are no longer in demand. Deal with it losers!!! Your idols have fizzled out and you are partly to blame!!!

  542. 542
    Ang Says:


    ITAWY —– I was a bridal consultant for a bigger departement chain and I could tell you stories about some of the brides or couples I met and had to deal with. Believe me, my nerves were sometimes streched to the limit. I also had the pleasure to be in contact with them as regular customers after the wedding and I can say that probably out of every 10 couples, at least 3 or more were divorced within 3 years. Weddings are a billion dollar business. Just look at all those wedding shows on TV, besides Bridezillas. Every bride wants to out-do the other other. It seems to me that it’s more important how much money you spend and that you have more elaborate and costly wedding than your friends, than what marriage is all about. 20 – 30000 dollars is nothing anymore, and I’m low-balling here and many young couples start their live together broke or the parents still paying for the wedding and the couple has already split up. A lot of times they are so caught up in that “dream” they forget that a dream wedding is not a garantie for a successfull marriage. It is only ONE day. When all is said and done, and the wedding/honeymoon is over the daily grind begins and that’s when many have a rude awakening.

    I married while visiting my husband in Hawaii where he was stationed. I wore a 2-piece suit, my husband wore his Class A Uniform and a pager. We married in the minister’s garden on the beach. Her husband took the fotos. It was us and two witnesses. All in all the wedding cost us 800 dollars with rings. He was on 24 hr. call, therefore we had to stay at home. We lit a candle, had chinese take-out and watched football… LOL The next day he went to work and I went to the laundromat and this past spring we celebrated our 19th anniversary and as of today I never missed not having a big wedding. I love him dearly and there are/were days were I didn’t like him and vice versa but hey that’s life and I wouldn’t change a thing.

  543. 543
    QQQQ Says:

    LOL! stick to one name.

  544. 544
    Patty/not a fan anymore! Says:

    I will post anywhere I wish. You can spin those 500+ hits anyway you want to, but the truth is all the posts come from the same handful of obsessed Jen fans that can’t stand the fact that Jen is more popular than your gutter rats that can’t make a movie work to save their lives. It must have really freaked you out when she got the star on the walk of fame and that the men of America gave Jen the Decade of Hottness award. I bet you gained 20lbs that week posting one post after another defending your Ho. You speak volumns when you are so transparent..

  545. 545
    Troll in Pain Says:

    talking too much about manny?? No, it seems trolls goes crazy when leathery old manny is IGNORED. Manny is and ALWAYS has been irrelevant to the JPs, who continue to prosper and amaze with their talent, beauty and kindness. And manny, well, she just gets older with nothing to show for it expect more FABULOUSLY laughable acts of self-humiliation- well, anything for attention, right? Manny has truly proven herself to be a nasty, narcissistic, neurotic nincompoop- no wonder Brad, Vince, John M, and all the others ran screaming!

    The fans mock manny at times- here, where she gets no hits- because manny keeps trying so hard to upstage/coat-tail the JPs and has failed EVERY time. Manny went for broke at the Oscars & looked more foolish than ever- proving once again she’s irrelevant to Hollywood as well. Manny can keep paying her PR millions to say she’s “hot” or to pretend that she may get a decent role SOMEDAY, but the truth always comes out and manny will keep getting older and creepier no matter how much money she throws away to PR.

  546. 546
    MJ Says:

    @Ian Halperin posters just4 fun: Wow! You are stupid. You have the guts to copy and bring all your cr*p from Ian’s website. We know all these non-sense comments are all yours. You could have left your cr*p at Ian’s website, He needs it there and you’re taking up some room you know. Please, we don’t need your non-sense thoughts to give Angie’s thread a hit. You are free to load your cr*p at Anuston’s thread, she needs it.

  547. 547
    an oldie Says:

    Congrats for your 19+ years of marriage, and wishing both of you many, many more.

  548. 548
    an oldie Says:

    LOL at the name changing troll. Too obvious. I meant too stoopid.

  549. 549
    MJ Says:

    @Patty/not a fan anymore!: Yeah! And with all those publicity manufactured by Anuston’s PR Huvane and still couldn’t beat Cameron Diaz movie. Anuston promoted her movie non-stop together with her co stars and Cameron D. promoted her movie way lesser than those Horrible actors and still, Cameron won by a landslide. We to go Cameron D., you are the queen of comedy.

  550. 550
    Patty/not a fan anymore! Says:

    You still using the Huvane thing??? Is that all you got??? I believe Brad is still deeply in love with Jen, but he would never walk away from those kids anymore than Jen would ever take him back. That doesn’t stop them from loving each other though..I like Ians posts. I think it is good to get other peoples insights on these two losers. You can spin it anyway you want, but you are all on Jens threads bringing up these gutter rats..So whats good for the goose………

  551. 551
    dianad1968 Says:

    @Ian Halperin posters just4 fun:


    Are you REALLY comparing the insanity you just posted to what the JP fans post about Ticky at JJ? If so you are as disturbed and and ignorant as the idiots who post that nonsense. And that is some CRAZY s*it. I don’t know if I should laugh or be scared witless that there are people like that out there.

  552. 552
    juju Says:

    Patty/not a fan anymore! @ 07/17/2011 at 1:04 am
    u poor sicko
    do u read
    what u write?
    u got to be
    crazy crazy
    to write & believe
    that crap
    u poor sicko

  553. 553
    dianad1968 Says:

    @Patty/not a fan anymore!:


    OH STFU!!! You a*ses need to get a d*mn lfe and leave Brad to live his with the woman the CHOSE…..and it ‘aint Ticky. He DUMPED HER…LIVE WTH IT. He’s NOT going back!!!

  554. 554
    briseis Says:

    Wow, that’s some crazy shite that is being posted so late and on a thread that’s no longer in the front page. Why is there a need to post shite from IUC? Those are crazy mofos over there, why bring it up here? I would rather read/scroll by the sports talk rather than the craziness that those IUCers believe in. And I shiver at the thought that there are people out there that think like this? After almost seven years (almost as long as Brad./Ticky were together), they believe that Brad and Ticky have a connection, and will get back together? For the love of God (or Allah, or Buddha, or whoever), why? Was that such a perfect marriage/coupling that people still believe they have reconnected and will get back together some day? Ticky is such a vapid woman, why in heaven’s name would Brad ever want that again? That is some crazy-as*s theory … brrrrrr!!!

  555. 555
    MJ Says:

    @Patty/not a fan anymore!: Is this you Jennifer Anuston? Wow! dude, you are crazy. Sounds like you have your BIPOLAR moment ha? Ahh! I see, it’s full moon today that’s why you’ve got your BIPOLAR moment. I guess your medicine did not work. Too bad. Poor thing.

  556. 556

    Why would BRAD leave ANGIE and their GORGEOUS FAMILY to go back to an OLD LEATHERFACE DESPERATE NO TALENT HAG? Not to mention: PEED ON, BEING CALLED A SPORTS F.UCK BY A TV ACTOR AND THE LIST GOES ON AND ON. I know you trolls have accepted the FACT that BRAD isn’t going anywhere. You are just here to piss off all the fans. It ain’t going to work cause WE know the TRUTH. Its pretty laughable and sad at the same time really. Just like your HOMEWRECKER IDOL. BWAHAHAHA

  557. 557
    Patty/not a fan anymore! Says:

    Jen wouldn’t take him back if he wanted to go back. He is damaged goods now. She is so above them. Brad will never marry his girlfriend/wh@re. He doesn’t love her enough even with the kids involved. I’ll predict that they don’t buy or have anymore children either. Brad is the main caregiver and he does not want to take care of anymore kids seeing as he hs to do it all by his self. The Ho just brings the kiddies out when she wants some media attention. If (and that is a big IF) the Ho plays Cleopatra, she will fail horribly once again. The Tourist pretty much sealed her fate. She is not being offered even close to the $$$$ she use to get offered and it worries her. She know that Jen is in the highest demand of any actress in Hollywood now. That my friends is call defeat!

  558. 558

    And we don’t need someone to list all Maniston’s so-called accomplishments. Its kinda sad reading it actually. She has been working for 20 almost years now and that’s all SHE GOT? My oh my…Poor thing.. BWAHAHAHA

  559. 559

    I mean almost 20 years..damn no edit!

  560. 560
    No DEAD END for Brad or Others Says:

    wow- creepy old manny has got dementia. Brad called life with manny a DEAD END- John Mayer said manny is boring, stuck in 1998, and too old for him. Vince said co-ed girl was his soul mate. I forget what all of other manny’s vicitms said bc there were too many- BUT they all have one thing in common- they RAN away from manny. I guess troll boy must have gone back to Heidi B or simply left old manny bc she appears to be here blogging lies. Here is reality- years of JP love set to a video that would make even the lowest troll hum along:

  561. 561
    Patty/not a fan anymore! Says:

    Poor poor JustJolie…You truely are thin skinned….Truth hurts don’t it?

  562. 562
    dianad1968 Says:

    @Patty/not a fan anymore!:


    Jen, shouldn’t you be in bed keeping an eye on Cheater Boy, you know just in case he decides to make a break for it? And you know if Brad only gave you the barest of attention, you will kick CB to the curb so fast his head would spin.

    And don’t you pay any attention to the GODDESS aka Angelina Jolie. She has directors attaching her names to movies she’s not even interested in. She makes one movie and makes more money than you who have to hustle year in and year out, and you STILL come up short. Don’t mess with The Jolie…you will LOSE EVERYTIME!!! Now go take another shot of vodka.

  563. 563
    juju Says:

    Patty/not a fan anymore! @ 07/17/2011 at 1:29 am
    i shouldn’t laugh
    u mentally ill
    do urself a favor
    go find
    psychologist or psychiatrist
    jj should do u
    a favor
    & report u

  564. 564
    briseis Says:

    Keep harping on The Tourist being such a failure, oh-fan-that-never-was. And keep on believing that Aniston has the world at her gnarled feet. If Aniston is in such demand, what is her next movie after Wanderlust? That is why she is promoting herself so much, so that there will be future offers. but she has nothing on her plate except for Boring Girls being rewritten by Theroux. Yeah, that is in such demand. While Angie is having the pick of the top scripts, vouched for by Florian himself, and yet she is not even interested, she would rather be with her kids and Brad.

  565. 565
    MJ Says:

    @Patty/not a fan anymore!: Poor thing. You are really in pain. With all the manufactured publicity and still couldn’t get enough attention. With your tone of your words, sounds like Justin T. thing didn’t work out. Justin T was not into Anuston, He is back to Heidi B., the love of his life. And the John Mayer wants Anuston back story didn’t work out either. Probably John Mayer was asking too much for his contract. Poor woman. With all the hotness awards that she bought and still cannot find a man to stay with her. Poor thing.

  566. 566

    Guys, I think we have to ignore this troll. There is no sense in responding to her comments since she is as delusional as her HOMEWRECKER IDOL. We know that DEADEND’S thread is a ghost town. She just wants attention. Desperate Ho isn’t she? Just like Manny…BWAHAHAHA

  567. 567
    Patty/not a fan anymore! Says:

    Well it has been fun speaking the truth about your idol freaks, but I am bored with you now. I know you know I am right about everything I said, so I will go crawl in bed with my gorgeous husband and call it a night. I hope the truth didn’t hurt too much, but your idols are finished. Watch, you mark these words…FINISHED!

  568. 568
    briseis Says:

    @ANUSTON.HOMEWRECKER: Yeah, I have given that troll enough attention. After all, he/she/it will just be thumbed down anyway. I’ll just concentrate on watching The Tourist on Starz. Lord, how beautiful Angelina is. Those eyes!!! And Johnny Depp, whom I never liked before (I thought he was just too weird since he has acted too much in costume with Pirates, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Alice in Wonderland) is beginning to grow on me. Sigh!
    About Matt Damon, I always thought he was sleazy from the way he dumped Minnie Driver. And his comments on Sarah Palin were too much. I don’t like the woman, but MD went over the top. And yet he is like teflon, nothing he says is dissected and torn apart and comes back to haunt him. Now if that were Brad ….

  569. 569
    Aniston is a W.hore Says:

    You want the truth???? YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!! Hahahaha

  570. 570
    dianad1968 Says:



    Matt Damon is boring…period. No one pays him much attention, and as PT said, he flies under the rader.

  571. 571
    PH Says:

    @Patty/not a fan anymore!: Hmmm, is this a template post or what? It seems I have read this shite so many times before. First, a poster comes out of nowhere and chastises us for talking about Fugly and dissing her, declares he/she/it was a “former Brangelina fan” but is now switching sides, eggs us on, and then says goodbye, with that remark about “crawling into bed with a beautiful husband”. Heck, if I have a “beautiful husband” to crawl to bed too, I wouldn’t waste my time posting and egging fans on a blog.
    @dianad1968: MD is one actor who never deserved being called Sexiest Man Alive, People jumped the shark when they did that, even though George Clooney always said in the Oceans movies that they had campaigned for him to be selected SMA. I mean, with the history of SMA, starting with Mel Gibson when he was drool worthy, Harrison Ford, Sean Connery, Brad twice, Jude Law at the height of his beauty, and then the boring-as*s MD? Actually they should just stop with the SMA. A lot of the guys now are sexy, but to me no one stands out as THE sexiest man alive. Ryan Reynolds was a meh.

  572. 572
    briseis Says:

    @dianad1968: That was me, my notebook was so slow so I used my blackberry to make a comment, but for some reason my usual monicker is not being accepted by my blackberry, Sometimes Jared’s site is so wonky, and coupled with a slow notebook, and a slow blackberry, it becomes frustrating to post, Time to upgrade to 4G and a new laptop.

  573. 573
    dianad1968 Says:



    I may be biased, but I think Brad could be the first three-peat SMA, especially the way he looks now. The man has it going on, and it’s obvious he’s not even trying.

  574. 574
    dianad1968 Says:



    briseis, sorry for misquoting. I agree with you that how Matt treated Minnie was sleazy, but yet he got away with it. No one even talks about it anymore. And yet Brad who is a decent man is saddled with this albatross Ticky, just because he wanted out. Go figure.

  575. 575
    moxie Says:

    speaking of getting away with about tom cruise dumping nicole while she was pregnant,,and no one seemed to care much

    i know there was gossip about the paternity, but still, he was her husband and she miscarried a child and you never heard him say anything or be asked about it. always wondered what would have happened if she hadnt miscarried.

  576. 576
    More Double Standard Says:

    oh, yes- Tommy- another double standard…didn’t he start trotting out Penelope pdq as well? Like the Ben A – J Lo split, there may have been some “overlap”

  577. 577
    HUH? Says:


    WOW someone got a hold of some of that synthetic dope that makes you brain-damaged like you have Parkinson’s.

    Jen can’t even get a job in a bad romcom ensemble like “what you should expect when you are expecting” or WTF it is called. She is not in demand at all in Hollywood let alone the highest on anyone’s list.

  578. 578
    lylian Says:

    I do think that so far, there’s no obvious successor to Brad Pitt. It may take a while for that to happen.
    I don’t know what is this X factor which seems to be missing from the good looking younger actors. Although I was not a particular fan of Brad Pitt in his younger days, I noticed him. I heard about him in Thelma and Louise and drooled over him a little in A river runs through it because he reminded me so much of Robert Redford, the “crush” of my teenage years. To me, Robert Redford was kinda succeeded by Brad Pitt.
    On the other hand, everytime some one comes out and says “Here’s the next Brad Pitt”, I’ve had to google them and then conclude that they all seem to lack a certain something. Charisma? Glow? I dunno.

  579. 579
    Ian Halperin posters just4 fun Says:

    I think the comments on Ian Halperin’s blog are too Those pple are so stupid. Fans visit it sometimes just for fun..

  580. 580
    inside Says:

    Anuston is ugly and old
    Brad will have a beautiful young lover
    Jlo This week, the next Brangelina the end
    Angulina is in LA talking to her lawyers

  581. 581
    inside Says:

    Bev knows and will close the thread JJB
    continue to report

  582. 582
    Passing Through Says:

    Ian Halperin posters just4 fun @ 07/17/2011 at 4:00 am
    Here’s a little something for your buddies at Mr. IUC’s hell hole. Do they REALLY think Brad wants to go back to 70/30 ground beef when he has fillet mignon?
    For the record – this is Ticky in January 2004. Is it really any wonder that Brad fell for Angie the second he set eyes on her? After spending 6 1/2 years waking up to this the man is NOT going back to a nightmare. The other thing about this picture – it makes you realize how much work Ticky has done to her face since Brad dumped her. The sad thing is – her nose is STILL humongous.

  583. 583
    MOXIE Says:

    LOL, PT, she looks like Fabio.

  584. 584
    gemma Says:

    @Ian Halperin posters just4 fun:
    I think you are a troll pretending to be a fan. Don’t be fooled people.

  585. 585
    angierocks Says:

    the hags are getting nutty,tourist a flop bwahahaha keep telling yourself that.You are owned parking yorselves here on a JP thread.

  586. 586
    Lara Says:


    That is what love is truly about. Congratulations and many many more years of happiness to both of you.

  587. 587


    What the h.ell are you talking about? Do you honestly think I’m a Jen fan? Please read my comments again. I think you are the one who needs to get their brain check. Bwahahaha

  588. 588
    lylian Says:

    @Passing Through:
    Wow!!! That’s Dedn without make up in January 2004.
    In January 2004, Dedn was 35 years old, a year or 2 younger than Angelina is today. But you can see what a huge toll smoking and drinking and tanning have taken on her skin and lips (she has smoker lips). The lines bracketing her mouth, the thin lips, the rough skin. Compare Dedn’s skin to Angelina’s skin in photos of Angelina on a UN mission with no visible make up after hours of traipsing and travelling around meeting the refugees.
    Dedn must have done a lot of work on her skin and face and she will have to do it for the rest of her life just to look OK.
    Healthy skin will respond much better to the latest laser treatements and peels. But if the skin is unhealthy and sun damaged, not even the latest laser etc. treatments which I know of can fully reverse the damage. And it takes a lot more effort to repair the skin and it will not go back to predamage repairability.
    I’d feel sorry for Dedn but she must have known the consequences of all that tanning and smoking and drinking.

  589. 589
    levis Says:

    @ PT – is this the real face of aniston while married to brad. she looks like gay to me. How come she has different looks now.

  590. 590
    gracie Says:

    # 558 Patty/not a fan anymore!

    What are you on —- crack? Lol. You better pray hard for homewrecker, she is next to be dumped. The movie promotion is over and cheater boy will DUMP her soon like they all do once the promotions and butt fingerings are over. Be sure to pile on the crack, you’ll need it when the news hit all her crackhead fans. Haha.

  591. 591
    gracie Says:

    JJ, you allow filts on Angie to go thru but why put fans responding to these filts on mod? That is not fair.

  592. 592
    gracie Says:

    If JJ can put fans on mod for reponding to some of the horrible things posted here about Angie, why can’t he stop trolls posting these insults. I am beginning to think he is bias. Posts from IUC are allowed thru but when you respond to these posters, you’re put on mod. It sucks.

  593. 593
    WBPfan Says:

    Passing Through – #583. Everybody has their bad photo days but that pix is horrific! Can’t believe it was allowed to circulate by her PR. By the way, my cable went out last night so I was stuck with just basic and while channel flipping saw part of Rock Star with Mark Walburg and Aniston. Her nose is HUGE in that movie. ..I don’t remember it looking that big on Friends. Lets just say she must have pissed off the cinematographer on the set to let him shoot her looking like that!! oh well, at least it distracted from her terrible acting.

  594. 594
    bizzy bee Says:

    Good morning JP fans, buzzing in to wish the ladies of the U.S. soccer team success. Victory for the USA!!

    I think it will be a great game for the Jolie-Pitt girls to watch, I can see Shiloh playing soccer one day with that big personality of hers.

  595. 595
    dd Says:

    @Passing Through: ewe, you should put a warning sign before opening this. lol

  596. 596
    bizzy bee Says:

    At the grocery store this morning, I got a glance at People’s annual “people who made a difference” – at least I think that’s what the title was, I forgot already – and they had Brad’s picture on the cover among others, so I took a peek inside to see what was being said about him, but the line was moving so I had to put it down. of course, Ms. Jolie was on the first page in a tigress pose. Angelina will go down in history as the Cleopatra of her day, always memorable.

  597. 597
    busted Says:

    I see the IUC nuts are out and about today. LOL

    they can’t stay home can they. Well when you have been used as RATS (ehehheehheh)

    anyway.. it is easy to spot them. As if they were ever fans of Angie or Brad.. Any fool could see through that net.

    And these are the fools still wanting Brad back with the HAG..
    Jennifer can’t turn down Brad because he is not offering himself. Never talks about her. What did that guy from WWTDD say…

    “If you read or listen to any of Brad”s interviews you would never know he was ever with Aniston”

    see everyone sees it except the IDIOTS.. go back to Ian.. let him feed you more clueless clues and fake info. YOU are lab rats.. go back to your cage. I’m sure Ian has some new sense clue for you fools to spend weeks trying to figure out..

    here’s one

    Jumping beans on hot rocks. Clouds over head. Rainbow. sun/moon// in a glass hot/steamy/cold

    (now work on that one.. here’s a hint. it means sh*t.. but that never stops you all anyway)

    haahahahahahhahahahhahahahhhahah ROTFLMAO at you fools.

  598. 598
    dark angel Says:

    Funny, the trolls are not ragging on Angie’s tattoos anymore. LOL. They ate their sh*ts.

  599. 599
    gracie Says:

    Finally they have arrested Rebekah Brooks. I am glad about this coz I think she is at the top of the corruption and phone hacking scandal. She, Murdoch and his son are so arrogant and thought they were above appearing before the British Cabinet for questioning. They thought they could bluff their way out of the scandal. Things are hitting up. I am following this scandal and it will be interesting to see how it turns out and who gets to go to jail. Murdoch’s empire and NOTW sins have finally caught up with them.

  600. 600
    Susan Says:

    Tom have to stop wearing that Fedora, his nose is huge.

  601. 601
    lurker Says:

    @Passing Through: Anuston looks like a man. Her Adam’s apple is big, lips too thin and the nose is humongous and looks about 58 years old. You can not miss the big nose.

  602. 602
    lulu Says:

    WBPfan #594

    I accidentally turn to one of our cable recently showing “**** happen”, despite those several rhinoplasty , lip restylane, botox. Her nose was still huge , although smaller than 2004, but still big, at least bigger than her male co star. not to mention the thin lip, and sooo short neck , and wide face. I think even with advance medical technology , it still can’t change the inherent facial structure .
    With Ticky’s million, she can bribed the ass kissing, so corrupt entertainmnet media , but she can mask the public eye. Actually she’s not ugly, but far from a goddess or a true beauty which the media or PR guru kept telling us.

  603. 603
    Ang Says:

    an oldie @ 07/17/2011 at 12:48 am
    Lara @ 07/17/2011 at 6:34 am

    Thank you very much for the well wishes. We oldtimers know. Getting married is easy, staying married is hard and involves a lot of work. In all we know each other for 23 years. There were/are times when I want to strangle him and kick his butt and the other way around, but at the end of the day, I couldn’t have found a better man….. :))))

  604. 604
    lulu Says:


    With Ticky’s million, she can bribed the ass kissing, so corrupt entertainmnet media , but she can’t mask the public eye. Actually she’s not ugly, but far from a goddess or a true beauty which the media or PR guru kept telling us

  605. 605
    lulu Says:


    With Ticky’s million, she can bribed the ass kissing, so corrupt entertainmnet media , but she can’t mask the public eye. Actually she’s not ugly, but far from a goddess or a true beauty which the media or PR guru kept telling us.

  606. 606
    lulu Says:


    With Ticky’s million, she can bribed the ass kissing, so corrupt entertainmnet media , but she can’t mask the public eye. Actually she’s not ugly, but far from a goddess or a true beauty which the media or her PR guru kept telling us.

  607. 607
    Ang Says:

    # 583 @ Passing Through @ 07/17/2011 at 5:17 am

    Jeeze PT, a warning would’ve been appreciated. I have dinner with the in-laws ahead of me and now I’ve lost my appetite.

    I’m sorry to say that but she really fell of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down before all her surgeries. Can you imagine waking up every morning, turning your head and have to look at this? No wonder Brad is enamored with his Angie. He probably didn’t believe his luck first. She is a soothing balm for sore eyes.

  608. 608
    anustin Says:

    lol of corz who.remiston is beautiful….ask huvane.

  609. 609
    anustin Says:

    lmao…and jen ruined a 14 yr. old relation for the sake of her itchy vajayna.FACT

  610. 610
    busted Says:


    sh*t.. you made me spill my juice..

    I have to go. thanks for that laugh..

  611. 611
    groundcontrol Says:

    @Passing Through:
    “Do they REALLY think Brad wants to go back to 70/30 ground beef when he has fillet mignon?”
    PT, You still got it. In spades!
    I am loving the NOTW debacle. I guess this is what it takes to topple the evil that Murdoch infuses into the world.
    How could anyone think that people who crawl in the sewer to make money by fabricating despicable lies about people are anything but scum. Why in the world should they be entrusted with control over the media?
    The fact that they hacked does not by any means equate to their stories being true. If they got nothing of interest from their hacking then how can anyone be naive enough to think they would stop at that? They will just weave the innocuous info they get from hacking into a better lie that will sell for publication and hope that the truthful but boring information gives their lies credibility.
    It’s the same with witnesses at trial. Once they are exposed as liars then everythign they say is suspect. Take Mr. Halperin for instance. The fact that he started his career back in college by lying under oath about having sources and lying about what the sources he did have actually said – well, only a fool would believe anything that man says. I’ll take the words of 3 separate athletes over Halperin’s word any day.
    Busted, you are too funny. Ever since Halperin got busted himself when a reader of his “clues” googled them and found everyone of his phrases within one Los Angeles magazine issue it should be clear to everyone but his synchophantic morons that he takes his clues from whatever reading material he has lying around his apartment. LOL!
    Their stupidity over there knows no bounds. I’m sure it is in part fueled by their emotional needs but at some point you’d think common sense would take over.
    I’m not an expert on British politics but is the next resignation going to be David Cameron’s? Or the London police chief’s?

  612. 612
    briseis Says:

    OT: I am so glad that Brad acts so age- and A-List status appropriate. I have been reading about Tommy Girl singing or whatever at the balcony for his Rock of Ages promo and I have to agree with everyone who says this smells of desperation. I liked Tom’s movies from Risky Business to The Last Samurai, and his MI franchise, but this — this is so so sad. He tries so hard to promote that he is still this cool dude. Johnny Depp he ain’t. JD has always been this nonconformist artist, and has never tried too hard. Neither does Brad. Tommy Girl should remember HE is Tom Cruise and just relax. Ever since Katie he has seem to be always trying too hard and reeking of desperation.

  613. 613
    dianad1968 Says:

    OK guys, just a heads-up. The Beckhams released pics of their daughter on their Facebook and Twtter pages, and I am already reading how “classy” they are for not “selling” their child for money, and we know that its a subtle dig at the JPs. So get ready for the idiots to cme here and criticize the JPs. Like there was ANY interest whatsoever on the imminent arrival of this child, like there were paps and journalists camped out at Posh’s hospital, like there were journalists trying to break into the hospital Posh was in, or trying to bribe hospital personnel to get to the room. If anyone thinks the Beckhams weren’t aware that they were never going to get the same interest in their child like the JPs, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell cheap.

  614. 614
    TOL Says:

    The Tree of Life

    Theatrical Performance
    Total US Gross (237 theaters) $10,088,766
    International Gross —————$24,232,904
    Worldwide Gross —————– $34,321,670

  615. 615
    KFP2 B.O. Update Says:

    Estimates through this weekend, still to open in Hong Kong, Italy and Japan:

    Domestic: $160,063,000 27.5%
    + Foreign: $422,000,000 72.5%
    = Worldwide: $582,063,000

  616. 616
    nina1963 Says:

    dianad1968: That’s ok if they criticized JP for selling their children’s pics. The millions that went to charities were very good for the people who received them. “The dogs bark but the caravan moves on” (middle eastern proverb). JP did the right things to benefit unfortunate people and that’s all that matters.

  617. 617
    Susan Says:

    You know they’ve a kid name Brooklyn, I LOL when the Beckhams came to America, they were suppose to be the IT couple, and Angie and Brad were going to be forgotten, even hooking up with tiny tom did not help. The USA is not crazy about soccer or soccer stars. Those crazy trolls that post all over the place, don’t realize, that Angie don’t need their help to stay in the lime light, but they sure help with the constant rubbish they post.
    Why is Piers that is in the Larry King Slot not being investigated, he was part of Murdock slime?

  618. 618
    WBPfan Says:

    Celeb baby pix that aren’t the JoliePitts just don’t sell. That’s why folks like Mariah Carey haven’t published pix yet — tabs aren’t paying what they used to for non-JoliePitts. Actually, pretty media savy for the Beckhams to release their pix via twitter — that way they don’t suffer the “humiliation” of not being paid big bucks for the pix.

  619. 619
    seriously? Says:

    we already know only the JP’s are the only ones that are classy, everyone else is a coattail rider, or tries to copy them, or tries to think like them, or tries to look like them, or tries to make movies like them, or tries to dress like them…..and on and on and on and on……

    insane folks?

    GET A LIFE folks, step away from the computers and do something worthwhile.

    The JP’s are not GOD, they are not that important , in fact they are not important at all.

    it is this small group of creepy stalkers on this site and a few others who make it seem like they matter, but in fact they don’t and know one cares about them.

    so go ahead , get your silly little heads in a rage, and respond to my post. I won’t be here to read your responses because I couldn’t care less.

    sayonara off to do bigger and better things with my day (enough of my two minutes of wasted time writing this) but you all read it. LOL!!!!!!!!!

  620. 620
    dianad1968 Says:



    Susan, I saw with my own eyes, Cynthia McFadden on Nightline saying “Brangelina who?” the week the Beckhams were coming to America. LOL.

  621. 621
    dianad1968 Says:



    I like that proverb…..I will remember it. And it’s so true re the JPs.They just keep on being their magnificent selves.

  622. 622
    Susan Says:

    @seriously?: *itch what life, this page is buried, and you found it. So Angie and Brad mean something to you, other wise you would not comment on what other people are doing with their OWN TIME. You’ll be posting under your other aliases in 1, 2, 3, minutes.

  623. 623
    dianad1968 Says:



    LOL, OH BOY!!! Methinks you are trying tooo hard to convince us you have a LIFE. Sorry the facts bother you so much, but thems the breaks…the JPs is the family every other celeb is measured against, and it’s not their doing

  624. 624
    first and last post Says:

    re: 583 Passing Through @ 07/17/2011 at 5:17 am
    you are too funny PT, where do you dig these up? …the historical not so forgotten, unflattering photos one constantly lives in fear someone will find and use against you ROTFLOL! touché PT.

    re 589 lylian @ 07/17/2011 at 7:24 am
    “I’d feel sorry for Dedn but she must have known the consequences of all that tanning and smoking and drinking.”
    watch it lylian…I really don’t want to do it…I’m going to have to give you gentle whack again to roust you out of your momentary FFT kindness for feeling “sorry” for someone who did “know”…every adult individual knows unless he/she lives in a personal narcissistic heedless cave of “it could never happen to me”. Surgeon General’s report on the cardiovascular and carcinogenic effects of cigarette smoking came out in 1964. The first study on “smokers face” came out in 1965 and in 2001 The Surgeon General warned about the special risks of smoking for women.
    NCI aka National Cancer Institute, a program within NIH and the FDA in 2008 came out with warning on sunlamps and tanning, WHO had UVA-UVB melanoma warnings in 2004.
    US Surgeon General began requiring alcohol health warning labels in 1989 on all alcoholic beverages.
    For clarification, it is not an issue if one is advised of the health warnings. The core of a free world is a laissez-faire society however FFT is a mindless individual who indulges in all three…the laughable dichotomy of theory and practice is especially notable for one whose image and persona in interviews and media pictures is overbearing on emphasizing yoga, salads for meals, beauty and fitness blah, blah, blah. She is an example of classic shallow immediate gratification fraught with a lack of basic prescience when medical science abounds…what does this tell you about the inner character of such an individual who ignores what is obvious. Maybe she doesn’t care about her personal physical appearance with age, maybe she’s betting on luck and her genetics with her elder health…although cigarette smoking, drinking and drugs will negate any favorable DNA tendencies or is she just arrogantly assured from some divine influence that she is exempt from the physiological and biological process. On all fronts, this woman is characterized by improvidence, pretension and contradiction.

  625. 625
    Appletini Says:

    Why am I in moderation???

  626. 626
    lurker Says:

    If the Beckham girl looks like her mother, I pity this little girl.

  627. 627
    first and last post Says:

    OT for GC. skip please if not interested.
    GC, I love your post.
    re: 325 groundcontrol @ 07/15/2011 at 12:09 pm
    “…who cares! ”
    Hi GC,
    I agree with you with one minor notation. Athletes who are competitors do care and they care a lot when competing against anyone who is using enhancing drugs of any kind. Even the simplest medication or drug to temporarily treat an directly injury aka cortisone shots is considered a breach of sportsmanship when competing even at the lowest levels. I knew an attorney once who was a one time semi pro volleyball player before becoming an attorney. She reprimanded me for a tennis elbow tx with cortisone shot when I was competing in local tournaments which was not monitored with such rules but once you get into the semi pro level of any competitive sport, it’s strictly self monitored by the players on the honor system which is what many competitive sports try to be about.
    re: 355 groundcontrol @ 07/15/2011 at 2:06 pm
    “How does that account for the reality that often it is not about lying more than it is that people hear or see things differently than they were meant or they don’t hear or see things accurately in the first place.”
    case in point is how people view the JP’s vs Aniston…aka the JP supporters vs the “haters/trolls”. How we interpret what is heard or seen varies as I’ve repeatedly emphasized ad nausea…on personal biases, not only what we want to hear, see and believe based on our individualized experiences but our reactions to these encounters in a positive or negative way. This is normal and every individual is unique in his/her multiple archived biases. Human cerebral neurons are 90 Billion catacombs of past experiences, emotions, hard and soft information, reactions etc just waiting to be triggered by words, visual images, feelings etc and these neurons are archival vaults connected by 100 Trillion in sync synapses which in microseconds (okay maybe minutes for others) elicit the final interpretation of what is perceived by the individual…as they say in neurobiology…”the neurons that fire together are linked together.”

    re: “Memories also differ. Memories are not little packets of truth we park away in our brain somewhere and can retrieve intact at a later time. They are subject to distortion by everything that happens to us after the fact as well as simple lapses. These are honest differences and it’s an everyday phenomenon…When a felony conviction can turn on a word or two or a misunderstanding by a witness you can see how scary it can be.”
    absolutely gc…so eloquently stated. It’s a complicated issue.
    case in point: 1984 case of Jennifer Thompson Cannino and Ronald Cotton…mistaken identity after conscientious concerted efforts to memorize the details of the face of her perpetrator. The accused spent 11 years in prison based on mis-identification by a 22 year old college student who was positive on her ID based on memory, recollection and visual imagery. It’s been proven over and over in research that visual memory is not that accurate. Refer to the controversial but vindicated forensic psychologist, Elizabeth Loftus’ research. As you are aware GC, for any criminal attorney Loftus is a fascinating and informative read and her research supports everything you stated.
    Her research can be found at the National Academy of Science website, pubmed or NIH sites.

  628. 628
    lurker Says:

    @nina1963: I would like to know if any of the mags offered to sell the Beckham’s child pics.

  629. 629
    first and last post Says:

    re: 583 Passing Through @ 07/17/2011 at 5:17 am
    you are too funny PT, where do you dig these up? …the historical not so forgotten, unflattering photos one constantly lives in fear someone will find and use against you ROTFLOL! touché

  630. 630




  631. 631
    first and last post Says:

    re: 589 lylian @ 07/17/2011 at 7:24 am
    “I’d feel sorry for Dedn but she must have known the consequences of all that tanning and smoking and drinking.”
    watch it lylian…I really don’t want to do it…I’m going to have to give you gentle whack again to roust you out of your momentary FFT kindness for feeling “sorry” for someone who did “know”…every adult individual knows unless he/she lives in a personal narcissistic heedless cave of “it could never happen to me”. Surgeon General’s report on the cardiovascular and carcinogenic effects of cigarette smoking came out in 1964. The first study on “smokers face” came out in 1965 and in 2001 The Surgeon General warned about the special risks of smoking for women.
    NCI aka National Cancer Institute, a program within NIH and the FDA in 2008 both came out with warnings on sunlamps and tanning. WHO had UVA-UVB melanoma warnings in 2004.
    US Surgeon General began requiring alcohol health warning labels in 1989 on all alcoholic beverages.
    For clarification, it is not an issue if one is advised of the health warnings. The core of a free world is a laissez-faire society however FFT is a mindless individual who indulges in all three…the laughable dichotomy of theory and practice is especially notable for one whose image and persona in interviews and media pictures is overbearing on emphasizing yoga, salads for meals, beauty and fitness blah, blah, blah. She is an example of classic shallowness chasing after the immediate gratification fraught with a lack of basic prescience especially in this case when medical science abounds…what does this tell you about the inner character of such an individual who ignores what is obvious. Maybe she doesn’t care about her personal physical appearance with age, maybe she’s betting on luck and her genetics with her elder health…although cigarette smoking, drinking and drugs will negate any favorable DNA tendencies or is she just arrogantly assured from some divine influence that she is exempt from the physiological and biological process. On all fronts, this woman is characterized by improvidence, pretension and contradiction.

  632. 632
    gracie Says:

    Brad and Angie in Budapest lovin,,,,, They only have eyes for each other.
    Trolls/haters eat your hearts out!

  633. 633
    busted Says:


    Ohhh don’t.. Victoria is not a beauty.. but the peek of the baby shows it is really cute. dark hair.. cute.

    But the haters are funny with the fawning over how they showed the baby to the world by tweet and facebook.

    I don’t particularly care. i think most babies are cute. And I really think they are doing it because the interest is low. So why not.

    but the superficial people can wait for the baby to get older so they can have a cloths ****** regarding how she dresses her.

    I don’t get the all the talk over what children wear. They are children. Silly really. Besides they out grow everything.. hehehe

  634. 634
    inside Says:

    Angulina wants to direct again?
    His first movie as director will be a big flop

  635. 635
    gulli1 Says:

    Horrible Bosses BO update

    International Gross $53 in just ten days ;)

  636. 636
    gracie Says:

    # 583 Passing Through , thank you for making me spill my drink, that pic of homewrecker is scary —- shaggy hair, brown eyes, papper thin upper lip.. huge nose — how many crack pipes can fit thru that nose? Lol. That must be her original features before all the plastic surgeries and botox.

  637. 637
    andamentothat Says:

    angelina is unparalleled beauty.. and from that pic that PT posted, JAniston is plain.. just plain. And to top that, the smoker face symptoms.. they wont go away with Yoga n all.. Me thinks Jen played smart by hooking up with an uglier dude, so now she can be all pretty in comparison.. too bad, ,ugly dude shaved off facial hair, and now suddenly he looks out of her league again.. he is better looking of the two.. sadly, he shall now be dumped.

  638. 638
    andamentothat Says:

    Beckhams release baby pic.. Harper 7 is very cute for a newborn.

  639. 639
    gracie Says:

    # 621 seriously?

    You’re here — Ain’t you? It must be agony for you, that your idol homewrecker will always play second fiddle to Angie hum? She can never measure up to the JPs even with stolen bf. I’m sure you’re off cruising the net for more info about the JPs and when you’ve found enough to make your head explode with envy, you’ll be back posting in your multiple names. That’s troll’s life.

  640. 640
    PR & Humiliation & Truth Says:

    WBPfan- humiliation- THAT is the key word. Halle and Nik K were in the same boat. Nothing sorts out the true popularity of someone or something like the marketplace- no PR or corrupt media can change that ultimate measure. Superficial people like the Beckhams, Halle, NK (ALL of which have big time PR) can’t face that they wouldn’t be even 10% of attention the the JPs get & the lack of interest/$$ in their kid pics would be too much truth for them. The JPs don’t seek attention like these others do, but the EXTREME pap following & intrusion doesn’t seem to be fading, even after all these years. I recall FIncher saying during the CCOBB press that the crazy reaction to Brad could only be termed as “hormonal” and Angie is the same. One of the many things to admire about the JPs is the way they were able to turn a crazy, negative situation (& a big pap payday) into money that helps people in need rather a scummy pap.

    WBPfan @ 07/17/2011 at 1:43 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down +13

    Celeb baby pix that aren’t the JoliePitts just don’t sell. That’s why folks like Mariah Carey haven’t published pix yet — tabs aren’t paying what they used to for non-JoliePitts. Actually, pretty media savy for the Beckhams to release their pix via twitter — that way they don’t suffer the “humiliation” of not being paid big bucks for the pix.

  641. 641
    Susan Says:

    News of The World
    Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson resigns, after it was disclose he accepted a 12K pounds spa break from Neil Wallis PR for the NOW. Shareholders calling for News Corp to sell shares in London, before the scandal effects business in the US. Labour Leader Ed Milibrand said it is dangerous that News Corp owns most of the British press. This scandal is like a tidal wave, covering everyone in its path. New York Post I’m sure have skeletons just waiting to tumble out.

  642. 642
    Passing Through Says:

    # 584 MOXIE @ 07/17/2011 at 5:41 am
    # 589 lylian @ 07/17/2011 at 7:24 am
    # 590 levis @ 07/17/2011 at 8:07 am
    # 594 WBPfan @ 07/17/2011 at 9:03 am
    # 596 dd @ 07/17/2011 at 9:21 am
    # 602 lurker @ 07/17/2011 at 11:36 am
    # 608 Ang @ 07/17/2011 at 11:53 am
    # 612 groundcontrol @ 07/17/2011 at 12:49 pm
    # 625 first and last post @ 07/17/2011 at 2:44 pm
    # 630 first and last post @ 07/17/2011 at 3:06 pm
    # 637 gracie @ 07/17/2011 at 4:05 pm
    # 638 andamentothat @ 07/17/2011 at 4:22 pm
    First off…hope I didn’t give anyone daymares with that picture of Ticky`s true visage. My apologies for not putting a warning on the post. Having said that – the picture was taken at night as she was leaving a restaurant in LA in mid-January 2004 a few days after the ACP premiere. Brad was not with her. ‘Nuf said. Still, to be fair, it’s not like she hadn’t been seen out at night before (ie, premieres, etc.) without scaring the rodents back into the sewer grates. The woman is just fug. She’s fug now, but she was even fugger when Brad was married to her. So these idiots who are running around saying Brad is going back to that mess need a reality check. Brad said about Angie’s beauty that every monring he wakes up and pinches himself. Yes, he was kidding, but I don’t think he was. Florian HvD said that Brad never loses that “gazing and gazing” feeling and he could tell that by the way Brad looks at Angie. Everyone who comes in contact with them talk about how madly in love they are, holding hands, stealing kisses, rubbing each others back…and butts, never leaving one another’s sides at events, how normal they are, how they finish each other’s sentences, how friendly and sweet Angie is with him, how good they oth are with their children, etc. Yet the hens really think Brad is still in love with Ticky? Brad didn’t love Ticky when she was at her fuggest and most neurotic…but now that’s she’s tweaked a few things resulting in being less fug, but even more neurotic, he’s going to come running back? Puh-leeze. The hens need to get real. Brad has showin no signs of wanting to be with Ticky. Her own father said they’re not in contact in any way, shape or from…yet the hens still cleave unto the reunion of the long-dead Golden Couple. Let me just put this in perpective for them – the only way Brad would ever go back to Ticky is if one of them kidnapped Angie and the kids and threatened to murder them all if Brad didn’t go back to Ticky and re-marry her. And even then I think he’d think long and hard before he gave in…of course as soon as Angie and the kids were freed, he’d hunt down the moron and slice and dice ‘em into corned beef hash – all while divorcing TIcky…again…

  643. 643
    Passing Through Says:

    Before I go back to doing laundry – Where’s my buddy BBOQ? It’s box office Sunday but I noticed she’s crawled back into the woodwork after I busted her ass for lying more than usual. I’m still waiting for her to produce that “proof” that I said Horrible Movie wasn’t a hit. She’s had a full week now to go back and read the old threads and find her so-called proof. Yet…she hasn’t…because it doesn’t exist. Homegirl just never learns not to fvck with me…

  644. 644
    WHO IS SALT ? Says:

    I am sorry but the Beckhams are BOTH has beens who had to move to the US to reignite a fading popularity and make the european media forget the multiple sex scandals and rumors of david’s “madrilena vida loca” when he was playing for real Madrid and when Victoria was living in London. He is lucky that he didn’t produce love children. with his mistresses.
    I don’t hate the Beckhams but i find them pathetic for holding on to their glorious past instead of doing something nproductive and new to deserve a cuurent visibility and popularity based on nothing but sweet memories.
    None of the other members of the Spice Girl enjoy that popularity when all were better singers than Victoria.
    And none of the former great soccer champions enjoy the popularity of Beckham. Their current visibility is undeserving and mainly a US thing who tend to grant easily a second popularity to people who don’t get that much attention anymore at home..

  645. 645
    Passing Through Says:

    One more thing before I go back to doing laundry – To whoever it was who posted that people are saying the Beckses are being “classy” for not selling pix of their new daughter: No, they’re not. They’re finding out the same thing Mariah Carey found out when she went to peddle pix of her kid – nobody’s paying big money for celeb baby pix anymore. Mariah Carey has been trying to broker a deal for 2+ months and can’t get the millions she wants. The top offer was $200,000 from Peeps. She thinks her twins are worth the same $14MIL Brad and Angie were paid and she’s being laughed at all over the magazine industry. The Beckhams aren’t popular in the US and their star power in the UK isn’t what it used to be – nowhere near it, actually. So they’re probably getting the same offer Mariah Carey is – and think it’s insulting the same way Mimi does. The only difference is that Becks occasionally can get Posh to do what he wants…and Mimi rules the roost over her limpd!ck husband. Also, Mimi wouldn’t step one foot in public until she lost enough weight to not be called fat – which she finally did last week. She’s still a little on the chubby side (it’s only been 2 months) so their baby pix won’t be released until Mimi thinks she’s skinny enough to look fab when she poses with them. It’s always all about Mimi – her kids’ll learn that just like the rest of the world has.

  646. 646
    Susan Says:

    @Passing Through: That was cruel to say that about Mimi’s husband, is he even in his thirties yet?
    She did post a pix of one twin, with the baby’s hand blocking its face, I thought it was funny.

  647. 647
    gulli1 Says:

    Horrible Bosses BO update

    $53 in just ten days ;)

  648. 648
    Bev Says:

    Congratulations to Jen for her success
    Gulli pm

  649. 649
    Angelina Jolie Says:

    Ed Wood and I are going to be the best directors in film history

  650. 650

    Just want everyone to know that gulli1 is Pitussa.

    Btw, is your HOMEWRECKER idol the STAR in that film? Everyone knows that HB being a hit doesn’t have anything to do with your FUGLY IDOL. Case in point, Hes just not that into you. What you are doing is pretty sad and pathetic really. You come back to me when is the LEAD STAR in a HIT MOVIE like Angie in SALT. Otherwise, Shut the f.uck up.

  651. 651
    gulli1 Says:

    Horrible Bosses BO update

    $53 in just ten days ;)

  652. 652
    QQQQ Says:

    LOL! at the hens going on about Ticky’s “success”. Please, The Breakup was a success but no one remembers or give her credit for that success; forgotten like everything else she has ever done. The dog flick was a success and so was HIJNIY, but like always any piece on her lame career credit is given to the dog and the other movie being an assemble piece. The same thing is gonna happen with this piece of shite. No one is gonna remember it and its success will NOT be accredited to her. So enjoy it while this “success” lasts.

  653. 653
    Patty/not a fan anymore! Says:

    She goes to wild parties, while the girls stay with babysitters

  654. 654
    Passing Through Says:

    # 647 Susan @ 07/17/2011 at 5:32 pm
    Calling Nick Cannon a limpd!ck isn’t cruel. It’s true. Even he admits that whatever Mimi wants is what they do. The pic Mimi tweeted of the baby with a hand in front of her face was funny. I’m not saying it wasn’t. But you’ll notice Mimi didn’t just tweet the kid’s picture and get it over with. Nope. Not her style. She’ll milk this for all it’s worth. It won’t be the first or last time someone’s done that.

  655. 655
    gracie Says:

    # 643 Susan, wow! Thank you for the news. It has been one hell of a week — the revelations, it’s like a can of warm, the more they probe the more skeletons are found. Sir Paul Stephenson resignation was the right thing to do. His credibility was in question especially after the disclosure that he received payment and favs from The NOTW and failing to investigate the journalists properly when the scandal first surfaced some years ago. If you can’t trust a Police Commissioner who is part of the Law making body and is supposed to uphold the law, who can you trust? The public confidence in the police force has been affected and drastic actions are required to regain the public trust and confidence. Murdoch’s son should be next to be thoroughly investigated. It will be interesting to see how many more heads will roll.

  656. 656
    Passing Through Says:

    # 652 gulli1 @ 07/17/2011 at 6:14 pm
    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 – $476 MILLION IN JUST 3 DAYS. Now sit down, biitch.

  657. 657
    busted Says:

    @<a href=”/2011/07/14/angelina-jolie-lax-landing-with-shiloh-@gulli1: @Angelina Jolie: zahara/comment-page-26/#comment-18392377″>Angelina Jolie:

    WOW.. you really are a Pathetic soul.. Get off the computer for a bit and maybe you will actually get a life. Won’t have to sit and steal names to post comments on a thread where nobody likes you.

    I had no idea that there were so many truly lonely people that would do anything for attention and some kind of human interaction. If your were not such a stupidass I could almost feel sorry for you. Sorry at what your life must be.

    But because you are such a stupidass I say you have the life you deserve.

    No run along and go fix your dinner. Don’t microwave it too long.


  658. 658
    Passing Through Says:

    # 653 QQQQ @ 07/17/2011 at 6:15 pm
    I love how the hens always forget to mention that Ticky’s hits aren’t marketed on her name. She had 1 scene in The Dog Flick trailer and her name wasn’t mentioned in the voice-over. Ditto with HJNTIY and Horrible Movie. The movies that ARE marketed on her name – **** Happens, misManagement, Bountiless, Turkey Baster – all worldwide duds. With HB the movie cost $35MIL – but they’ve spent around $75MIL on marketing…so far. They still have the bulk of the worldwide campaign to do. I haven’t seen one way or another if they’re doing foreign premieres, but I would assume they will because WB is trying to set this up as a tentpole franchise. The UK opening is next week, so get prepared to be Tickied to death next week. Let’s see if she drags Stumpy along for the European marketing tour – if there is one. The movie doesn’t open in most of the big European markets until mid-August and early-Sept. Maybe Ticky’ll bring Stumpy along to squelch that Star story that he’s already drunk-dialing and sneaking off to see Bivens because Ticky is smothering him with her love. This shite is could be really funny. The tabs can do all the same stories with Ticky as the bad guy that they’ve pulled with Angie the last 6 1/2 years. They’ll have Stumpy secretly trysting with Heidi in hotel gardens or rooftops, Stumpy wearing a necklace Heidi gave him, exchanging secret phone calls and texts behind Ticky’s back, Stumpy’s mother refusing to accept Ticky as part of the family (NE has already done this one), etc. If there’s a tabloid God out there…she’ll make it happen…

  659. 659
    gulli1 Says:



    Horrible Bosses BO update

    $53 in just ten days ;)

  660. 660
    Jen and Brad Says:

    @Passing Through:

    How sweet

    Jen and Brad in London next week

    The twins will be happy, Shi is in LA.. sorry

  661. 661
    PJ Says:

    @Jen and Brad:

    So what? They both live in LA.
    Ticky would not have the guts to go any where near Brad she has not recovered from the oscars yet.

  662. 662
    gracie Says:

    Anuston stop hiding under gulli1, we know it’s you taking credit for other people’s hard work. Don’t you feel embarrassed stealing other actors work? When you can carry a movie in your own name and it’s a hit, come back and tell us until then, HB is not your movie, you were in it for about 5mins and It was not marketed as your movie.

  663. 663
    groundcontrol Says:

    @first and last post:
    Hey, FALP. I know I still owe you one. Just under the gun right now and feeling scattered.
    I’m of 2 minds about the sports purity ideal. I certainly understand the feeling of athletes about those who may use some form of medication or other aid to either heal or improve themselves. I wonder if it just goes too far. Why is it wrong to heal an injury as best you can? Maybe I misread your post. Those who oppose that almost sound like the Catholic Church and birth control. This is the 21st century.
    Some people are smaller and weaker than others – why can’t they do what they need to do to level the playing field? The people who took performance enhancing or other supplements may end up paying a terrible cost for it healthwise but as far as I’m concerned it’s their choice and maybe it was worth it – like those kids who give up having a normal and balanced youth and forgo their education to be the best in their sports.
    I used to get pissed when I saw some kids who had the luxury of training for hours and hours or who could afford the best coaches, equipment, etc. I never thought that was fair. Yet they were the ones who won the tournaments or made the Olympic teams in figure skating or tennis or swimming or what have you. Why is this any different? Maybe it is different and I just haven’t given it that much thought.
    As for the witnesses int he Clemens case – as I know you know Elizabeth Loftus with her research of the failures of eyewitness identification and memory is a goddess to many. For years in our local courts we have tried to get admitted into evidence the testimony of experts (one in particular) on the problems with eyewitness identification and memory and the closest I believe we have gotten was a pretrial hearing. But that’s it unless I missed it. LOL! The mind and its workings is not easily explained and its truth is contrary to many accepted notions about its ability to see or hear or remember and retrieve those memories accurately. It’s a fascinating subject as an intellectuual study and a terrifying one if your life is on the line based on a witness’ failed perceptions and memory.
    As usual great observations and good lord how do you recall all that science. My hats off to you.

  664. 664
    Jen and Brad Says:

    It is the destiny, Mongelina this in LA and Jen and Brad alone in London

    Star, Intouch¡¡¡ that great week.¡¡¡

  665. 665
    adamme Says:

    wow, 53 dollars in less than two weeks! I see why you are so

  666. 666
    anustin Says:

    lol….per Us magz, while who.reniston presenting”jen only smile @ brad” bwahahahhaha all i know is that fuggyniston turned a lizbot while lookin at anjie.

  667. 667
    groundcontrol Says:
    The London Metropolitan Police Commissioner resigned about one hour after I called for his resignation. Do you think he reads here? LOL!! My post: 12:49 EST which was 6:49 pm London time. Stephenson resignation 1:33 pm EST and 7:33 pm London.
    Another incredible fall out from the NOTW phone hacking scandal and more proof that everything Murdoch touches turns to excrement.
    Since in the same post I also called for David Cameron’s resignation – sort of – and since he is a Prime Minister I would imagine his resignation statement would take more time to compose – shall we say he’ll resign by noon Monday EST? Or have I become too power hungry and delusional? Maybe some Brits can weigh in here and snap me out of it.

  668. 668
    anustin Says:

    bahahah….who.reniston fans not over brad.,eh.tsk,tsk. let him go…his got 6 kidz. corrupting miss Biven’s prvt. peen not enuf to u eh.

  669. 669
    anon Says:


    His continuing to be Britain’s PM will rely on what he DOESN’T do next. Mainly interfere with letting the chips fall where they will and suspending any forthcoming media deals between the UK and anything to do with Murdoch. People have their eyes on him and unless he is thinking of future employment under Murdoch he best tread very carefully or it will be Labour’s turn once more.

  670. 670
    MOXIE Says:

    i think some people missed the sarcasm, #666, but i thought it was funny.

  671. 671
    Susan Says:

    @Jen and Brad: you don’t know where Angie is, so STFU. Brad look through her at the Oscars, thats why she rip the envelope so violently. Nobody believes your repetitive ****, they’re even laughing at you on haters sites. You cried wolf too many times. Now run along and play with your self, as usual.

  672. 672
    Susan Says:

    @groundcontrol: You’re too power hungry, but I expect some politicians will fall on their swords. It is like who they did not fete or bribe.

  673. 673
    TWEET Says:

    According to several tweets, Brad was at London Natural History museum today.
    @VivGroskop Brad Pitt was hanging out at Natural History museum today according to my cousin, who stalked him by the T Rex. As you do.
    about 6 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone in reply to VivGroskop
    +++++++++++ (This person is Museum Manager at the Natural History Museum)
    @Lou_Pritch @VivGroskop Brad Pitt & your cousin << definitely were here today, along with 17k others…! :-D
    about 1 hour ago via HootSuite in reply to Lou_Pritch

  674. 674
    Susan Says:

    Many years ago, England had a problem with another Newspaper Owner Maxwell, and just before they could charge for some crookedness, his family claimed he fell off his boat in the Mediterranean Sea. The timing of his disappearance was convenient, don’t know if they ever found his body.

  675. 675
    aj Says:

    Passing Through @ 07/17/2011 at 6:46 pm
    Definitely, box office is not your thing.
    Are you comparing the biggest first weekend of all times from a big family franchise with anything else?
    Ale least compare it with Bridesmaid and The Hangover, that are the same kind of picture.
    (Again, I don’t know why you care so much about her and her films, she’s only supporting, but what’s the problem if she was a lead, thre is space for many actress and many films).
    She is limited, of course, but she made good choices this year.

  676. 676
    angierocks Says:

    That photo of ticky man oh man I’m not even close to seeing it first hand and I am dead scared, Brad it’s a wonder how he survived that, I mean he must be wearing 3d glasses or something.

  677. 677
    lulu Says:

    Passing Through @ 07/17/2011 at 4:59 pm #643

    Thank you PT for so much laugh and which is so true in every word.

    Didn’t Ticky said recently her several rhinoplasty surgery was the result of baseball accident . Hmmm, Was that picture before the baseball accident ? that nose suer was bigger than Dustin hoffman nose. But really funny , Ticky was a regular fixture of tabloids since she hooked up with Mr. Brad Pitt back then on 1998, If she really, really had baseball accident , I’m sure Huvane would be rushing to every tabloids making a big hype on that incident, But NO! no news whatsoever mention this before . What a lie!

  678. 678
    MOXIE Says:

    I dont see how Jennifer can be said to have made good film choices this year, the films’ successes had nothing to do with her, and most reviews i read either described her acting as either just okay or terrible.

    my cousin saw HB and liked most of it but said aniston was awful because she looked like she was trying too hard to be funny, and that is never funny, as well as trying too hard to be sexy. (and that is never a good thing either)

    i would be embarrassed if I was her because the more people who sees the movie, the more see how she s ucks.

  679. 679
    MOXIE Says:

    aniston is such a liar, she was never hit by a baseball. hit by the ugly stick, yes. baseball? no.

  680. 680
    MOXIE Says:

    aniston is such a liar, she was never hit by a baseball. hit by the ugly stick, yes. baseball? no.

  681. 681
    MOXIE Says:

    sorry for double posting

  682. 682
    aj Says:

    MOXIE @ 07/17/2011 at 9:28 pm
    For a box office point of view. Almost every Adam Sandler’s movie is awful and has bad reviews.
    HB has good reviews (72% positive in RT), but what film industry really cares is box office.
    With two hits, she will have more films in her schedule.

  683. 683
    TT Alum Says:

    TT Alum Rufus Sewell is in a new Masterpiece Mystery! series called Zen tonight. So far, it’s really good- rec catching it on repeats (our PBS repeats it later tonight & throughout week). Look like there will be another one next week. Although this show is set in Rome (they speak English), it’s making remember how cool TT was- Ciao, Bella!!!!

  684. 684
    gracie Says:

    Jen and Brad
    Poor delusional homewrecker fans are still having fanfic about Brad. Your fixation on Brad and Angie confirms what we think of your idol — A pathetic loser who can’t get man.

  685. 685
    MOXIE Says:

    since adam sandler brings in the money, i can see why he keeps getting roles, even if i think his movies are dumb. aniston doesnt bring in money on her own merit, i dont think she is drowning in film offers.

  686. 686
    groundcontrol Says:

    Thanks, anon. Love hearing your take on it. It’s going to be very interesting. You really ARE the company you keep.
    I love that Facebook has a site demanding the rettraction of Rebekah Brooks nee Wade’s Honorary Fellowship by the University of the Arts in London. Hee hee.
    Withdraw Rebekah Brooks UAL award now

  687. 687

    As usual, Maniston is coattail riding his co-stars success. Its not like it was a hit because she WAS IN THE MOVIE. I haven’t heard or read anyone who said “Let’s go watch that Aniston movie!”. No. Its more like “Lets go see that cute dog or that Vince Vaughn’s movie or Charlie Day’s or Jason Bateman’s or Adam Sandler’s. Never Aniston. You know why? Because she sucks. Why would producers hire her if she like everyone said, doesn’t bring in the money? Lets just wait and see…But I hope and pray to GOD that 2012 will be Manny free.

  688. 688
    groundcontrol Says:

    “HB has good reviews (72% positive in RT). . .”
    To be fair, an RT rating means little in and of itself. At Metacritic which is a more accurate assessment of critic reviews, HB has a 57% rating. And that was boosted by some idiot who gave it a 100. LOL!
    Rotten Tomatoes (RT) merely reflects the percentage of reviews that gave it a Fresh as opposed to Rotten rating which of course could be anything from okay to best movie of the year. Metacritic, on the other hand, assesses scores to the ratings with most of those scores being submitted by the critics themselves.

  689. 689
    groundcontrol Says:

    TT Alum @ 07/17/2011 at 9:42 pm 0
    TT Alum Rufus Sewell is in a new Masterpiece Mystery! series called Zen tonight. So far, it’s really good- rec catching it on repeats (our PBS repeats it later tonight & throughout week). Look like there will be another one next week. Although this show is set in Rome (they speak English), it’s making remember how cool TT was- Ciao, Bella!!!!
    THANK YOU. I totally forgot about this and I was looking forward to it. I’ll catch it during the week or on the PBS website. I love that they run their shows on line now.
    Rufus Sewell is still sexy as hell.

  690. 690
    dianad1968 Says:



    Hi Ticky aka Jen, I see you are still trying to convince the masses you’re a “successful” actress. LOL. I have to give you credit, you just never quit even when you’re getting your a*s handed to you. LOL.

  691. 691
    lulu Says:

    aj @ 07/17/2011 at 9:37 pm #683

    Ticky ‘s was in a supporting role on both films, she’s lucky with this 2 films success, she could be still in the HW circle in a few more years but probably as a supporting role or in an ensemble cast, coz Movie with her as a leading role usually bomb or never make much money unlike other romcom actressess such Cameron Diaz or Tina Fey. or even Reese Witherspoon in romcom not drama movies.

    I would put Ticky’s with Jessica Alba, J. Biel, and JLo, they are rather good in suppoting role or movie would fare better in BO with famous leading actor, but BO will be blah if they carry it alone.

  692. 692
    oh please Says:

    aniston has had AT LEAST two nose jobs. a few years ago, she claimed she had a deviated septum and now could finally breath or sleep or some sh@t. so that is why her nose looked different (no mention of any baseball accident)
    i think her dr might have outed her..cant remember. i do remember my co worker laughing cause he had a deviated septum corrected and said it is done inside the nose and doesnt change the outward appearance. she might have had a deviated septum repaired, but she also had a nose job for cosmetic reasons.

  693. 693
    dianad1968 Says:



    Hi GC, you know I’m a Masterpeace fanatic, lol…… just saw it and it was pretty good. I really think the British can do detective and thrillers better than anyone else. And you are so right, Rufus has that bad boy, swarthy sexiness going on. LOL. For some reason Masterpeace does not repeat in NY, so I have to catch them on Sundays, or miss it entrely

  694. 694
    Appletini Says:

    Who is in charge here? Why is my earlier comment still showing it’s in moderation?! It’s been hours. I didn’t say anything offensive. Certainly not like some off these Jen-fans have posted!

  695. 695
    lulu Says:

    oh please @ 07/17/2011 at 10:30 pm #693

    Yes, nasal septum deviation, baseball accident ???? its just like her I want , soooo eager to be a young mother which she repeatedly stated since 1998 , and not to forget , how she tried, repeatedly convince the public how she want a kid , a family …..blah , blah and will have a kid within 5 years time . These were all lie , lie , lie ! No One Call Her Out it’s all becoz of her powerful PR agent. It’s quite depressing, it’s seem now a day as long as you have the mullah, you can buy everything , yes, including the media.

  696. 696
    Susan Says:

    @dianad1968: Do you watch WLIW 21 somethings you miss on 13 may turn up there.

  697. 697
    aj Says:

    dianad1968 @ 07/17/2011 at 10:19 pm
    You didn’t read or can’t understand my posts.
    I don’t care about her box office.
    I care about information (and box office annalysis).
    I said before that she is not the selling point for both movies, but both are hits (like it or not). And this in Hollywood brings more jobs (until her next fail, that will come).
    She is not a good actress, but she is famous (because of Friends and because of the fake triangle). This helps to sale some tickets.
    But today – there is a lot of articles about it – what sells is the concept of the movie. The stars only helps.
    A star can bring some people to a difficult movie, but can’t make a difficult movie in a big hit. (They think that this is happening today, but it had happened all the time): Julia had Mary Reilly when she was the biggest star, Tom Hanks: Ladykillers; Brad Pitt: Babel (USA), Jesse James; Angie: A Mighty Heart, etc. etc. Even Adam Sandler, when he tries to do a better film, it fails in box office: Funny People, Spanglish (not so good, but better than other stuff that he does), etc.
    And Will Smith has fails too (Ali, Seven Pounds, The Legend of BV).
    Today, big box office(more than 300 million worlwide) means CGI or cartoons with very few exceptions.

  698. 698
    MJ Says:

    @gulli1: Congratulation to CAMERON DIAZ, the new QUEEN OF COMEDY. I am sure, Cameron D will be the Directors first pick when it comes to comedy. She carried her movie Bad Teacher all by herself which Anuston cannot do it. Now, Cameron D can command more money than Anuston. Poor Anuston, she needs to work harder to compete with Cameron Diaz. Plus, bad news for her, she didn’t recover her money yet from her house that was sold recently just to finance her manufactured publicity that’s including her paid boyfriend. And if the Horrible movie will reach to 100 mil, she will just get a little because she has to share it with the other well known actors. Anuston must be pissed off because those other actors in that movie got paid the same as her but she is the one who spent too much to promote the movie. Poor Anuston, the next time we will hear her, she’s filing bankruptcy. Poor thing.

  699. 699
    Susan Says:

    @dianad1968: WLIW 21 Tuesday @ 8pm.I was thinking it may be there, and just saw it advertise.

  700. 700
    Premalee Says:

    @ Neleh

    Angie’s pics from your thread AB+6 “George Wallace” looks great. I have seen all her movies but not George Wallace. I must buy the DVD.

  701. 701



  702. 702
    aj Says:

    groundcontrol @ 07/17/2011 at 10:08 pm
    You are right and I said the same thing before (Metacritic is better).
    But if you read almost every movie site, they talk about RT.
    Just because if the movie has high score in RT means that the majority of the critics give 6 (in 10) or more for it.
    And the most important: Metacritic only have top critics and RT have every people who had a blog about film.

  703. 703
    aj Says:

    Can’t you read?
    I’m talking about box office, not about this or any of her films. I didn’t see it, but I know that she is supporting and that she is not the selling point.
    The selling point is the subject: bosses that are horrible. That’s it.
    Almost everyone has a boss and can relate to the subject.
    But I think that is probably a dumb movie like almost every american comedy (sorry, but I can’t laugh in any of this dumb movies).

  704. 704
    TOL Amazes Says:

    Tree of Life is incredible- I’m going back to see it again & will surely be getting the dvd.

    Brad Pitt is superb as a grieving father in Terrence Malick’s poetic essay on the nature of existence.
    With its invocations of the Book of Job and breathy incantations about the “way of nature and the way of grace”, Terrence Malick’s Palme d’Or-winning The Tree of Life begins more like a prayer than a movie. It demands hush and attention but it also craves reverence; it certainly requires calm, a work that needs to be watched, not just recollected, in tranquillity.

  705. 705
    hello Says:

    I think “Bad Teacher” did well. They had to open HB in 94 more theaters to prevent a drastic drop this weekend. Will see how Justin amd Mila do next week.

  706. 706
    dianad1968 Says:



    Susan, thanks for that info, because sometimes I do miss some episodes, and it sucks.

  707. 707
    groundcontrol Says:

    Hey Diana, you and me both.
    It’s online at

  708. 708
    lylian Says:

    @first and last post:
    Hahahahah!! I remember, I remember. No feeling sorry for Dedn!

  709. 709
    lylian Says:

    Seriously? I don’t think David Cameron will resign unless people can link him more directly to the phone hacking I don’t think he’ll face the sack. To date, the worse anyone can say was that Cameron hired the editor of NOTW as his PR guy. His defence would be the ex editor lied to him.
    But I agree with your analysis that people who hack into other people’s phones will just as easily LIE to get their stories.
    I will also say that people who LIE about celebrities, will LIE about politicians and others more important issues. Sure, no one starts out in his career thinking that he wants to hack phones or LIE about anyone. The corruption happens incrementally over the years. It’s only a snotty actor/actress to it’s only a snotty civil servant/politician.

  710. 710
    Appletini Says:

    My cousin saw HB this weekend and said it was horrible. She said it was a waste of money and regretted seeing it. But not to worry, Moneyball will make up for it.

  711. 711
    lylian Says:

    Credit to Anu from jjb megapost 4a
    Some delightful photos of Z and Shiloh together. The sisters look happy together.

  712. 712
    MOXIE Says:

    Thanks, Lylian, nice to see the girls so happy.

  713. 713
    CLINIQUA Says:

    OMG…new pics of angie and the girls out, Zee and shi at jjb….they look soooo happy!! JJ will probably get them next week. lol

  714. 714
    Lara Says:

    ———————New Thread for Angie, Zee and Shi———————-

  715. 715
    CLINIQUA Says:

    What’s with all the ensemble dramas winslet is doing? Lol wow. First I hear about contagious with Fishyth and everyone under the sun, now it’s some flick called carnage, same deal. Is Angie the only actress in hw that can carry a big budget as lead, and get paid accordingly? Of course she is. Lol

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