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Angelina Jolie: LAX Landing with Shiloh & Zahara!

Angelina Jolie: LAX Landing with Shiloh & Zahara!

Angelina Jolie holds onto the hands of her daughters Shiloh and Zahara as they make their way out of LAX International Airport on Wednesday (July 13) in Los Angeles.

When the gals got to their awaiting car, Shiloh, 5, decided to hop into the front seat and pretend to be the driver! Angelina, 36, had to help Shiloh make her way to the backseat after her moment of fun.

Shiloh also showed off some missing teeth while smiling as she left the airport.

The day before, the Jolie-Pitt family celebrated the third birthday of Knox and Vivienne!

Though a report recently surfaced that Angie and partner Brad Pitt were planning to get married, multiple sources told People the latest rumors are untrue.

For more pics, visit X17!

FYI: Shiloh is wearing a Junk Food Rolling Stones tee.

15+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie at the airport with her girls…

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angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 01
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 02
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 03
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 04
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 05
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 06
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 07
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 08
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 09
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 10
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 11
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 12
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 13
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 14
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 15
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 16
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 17
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 18
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 19

Credit: KMM; Photos: X17, Flynet Pictures
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  • Mel Torment

    scary ugly woman

  • anustin

    i understand the name calling of ur mom, witch. c’mon!!!! be greatfull to her for bringing u out of this world.

  • :)

    Beautiful trios

  • Passing Through

    # 88 Frozoid @ 07/14/2011 at 9:10 am
    Give it a rest, trollette. Shiloh’s had that haircut for months and she’s missing a bottom tooth, too, so obviously she’s NOT too young to lose baby teeth. Per the Mayo Clinic (I hope that’s a legit enough source for your stupid ass…)
    Baby teeth: When do children start losing them?
    At what age do children start losing their baby teeth?
    Answer from Alan Carr, D.M.D.
    A child’s baby teeth (primary teeth) begin to loosen and fall out on their own to make room for permanent teeth at about age 6. Timing can vary, though, and girls generally lose baby teeth earlier than do boys. The last baby teeth typically fall out by age 12 or 13.
    Baby teeth usually fall out in the order in which they erupted — first the two bottom front teeth (lower central incisors), followed by the two top front teeth (upper central incisors), the lateral incisors, first molars, canines and second molars. If a child loses a baby tooth early as a result of tooth decay or an accident, a permanent tooth may erupt early and potentially come in crooked due to limited space.

  • lame comebacks

    can’t get enough!

  • teri

    Shiloh is so darn precious, just such a happy little girl. Put a huge smile on my face before work. This family always makes me have a better day. God Bless this beautiful family.

  • GOSH

    What a ugly kid. Poor Shiloh, too much Pitt genes.

  • yuk

    Why is Steven Tyler flying with those little girls?

  • Missing Teeth

    Little boys can get really rough and rambunctious sometimes.

  • anustin

    you know…….re.tarded who.reniston injected her baby norman to death.wer is maniston’s heart?

  • Passing Through

    # 90 busted @ 07/14/2011 at 9:20 am
    If you go back 1 page there are pix of Annie Leibovitz framing the shots and talking to Angie. I never realized she was so freaking tall. She’s got to be 6’3″. She’s not standing on anything and everyone around her is at leat a few inches shorter. Angie barely comes to her shoulders and while she’s listed at IMDB as being 5’8″ people who’ve seen her in person say she’s closer to 5’6″-5’7″.

  • EllenO’lantern


  • she is a voight

    Angelina and Shiloh have the same goofy smile. someone posted a photos of Jon voight in jjb

  • Richard P

    Beautiful girls Angie ,Shiloh and Zahara.
    I love Angie

  • anustin

    lol trollniston to much to handle eh.brad’s baby momma lookin happy with the girls.

  • http://website PJ

    OMG Shiloh has the killer Pitt smile with the beautiful face of her mother. I have always thought her beautiful but what a little star.
    Zahara is cool and beautiful I just love the way she gives that “what do you think you are doing” look.

    Thank you JJ wonderful to see them again.

  • lurker

    poor hag,admit it the kids are so gorgeous,so sorry it hurts you pathetic ass


    HELLO GOSH 107:

  • wig pitt

    still can’t believe that brad wears a wig.

  • anustin

    too bad.who.reniston can not produce children as gorgeous as the JPs. hehehehehe.sorry.wrong number.

  • Looks Looks Looks

    Pretentious shallow and superficial J Analstain fans. Notice how it is all about the looks to them? That’s because that is all that JA has to offer, although the old hag isn’t hot at all to anyone who I know!!

    Sad that these idiots are so far gone, expecting five and six year olds to worry about appearance. Geez, what a bunch of weirdo freaks talking about little kids like that.

    These kids are soooo adorable, and you know they will rule the world when they grow up, just like their mommy and daddy do now!

  • anustin

    its called…. genes,fanistons.oh well who.reniston got a jen too,but maybe she’ll need a genie in the bottle to pop out a kid.

  • wig pitt

    Such cuties !

  • gracie

    Look at all these helpless trolls drooling all over the thread just to stare at gorgeous Angie’s pics out with her cute daughters. Their fugly idol is not worth their time or support, they prefer to spend hours admiring Angie’s beauty instead. Poor things, their idol had to steal an equally fugly bf. Life is a b!!tch.

  • Looks Looks Looks

    @wig pitt: Thank you for making my point. BTW all actors wear wigs, you think tiny tom grew his hair for his new Rock and Roll movie?? LOL at you idiot.

  • Aisha

    Shiloh start wairing more girlly cloths

  • anustin

    lol…who.reniston got nothing in looks.fact.

  • wig pitt

    the Hq pix of brad’s conference are my new favorite photos. man does he look old and his wig glue cracks me up

  • anustin

    so poppa pitt got the four kids heheheheeh along with uncle doug and family. lovin the brother helping out. heheheehe.

  • anustin

    a shout out to miss BDJ and LLM. ladies….u are miz.

  • The Truth Is

    Brad uses the same Toupee/Wig Master as Gene Simmons. The dude is talented, and well paid to keep his mouth shut.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Awww, the haters are losing their shiit again. I feel bad for them….NOT.

  • syd

    sshiloh looks like her mom, lips and all, but she has a lot of the pitt side, specially eyebrow, eyes, and maybe she looks like his side of the familly too. I bet they are a playful rowdy bunch of cousins when they get together.

  • Family Planning

    Brad harvests micro plugs from Shiloh’s youthful head of hair

  • realist

    I can tell, Shiloh is a piston. Both are such pretty little girls.

  • “Horrible Bosses” is FUNNY!

    See Jen’s New Smash Hit

  • awwww

    Both Zahara and Shiloh are beautiful. Shiloh is a perfect blend of Brad and Angelina. She is gorgeous.

  • syd

    @Media Wh@re MANiston:
    sad that they are their craziest in the children’s threads. The good thing is that everyone can see how mean are they and not one JP fan can compare to them in meaniness. JP Fans do not lie when they say the JA fans are the worst of the worst. They are in the ugky females site and they come here to spew their filth.

  • Maria

    wow- Shiloh is gorgeous- like truly out of this world pretty! Her eyes look almost violet colored- wow :)

  • Maria

    wow- Shiloh is gorgeous- like truly out of this world pretty! Her eyes look almost violet colored- wow :)

  • Miss Kitty
  • anustin

    lol…who.reniston’s 10 min. appearance is her movie already. lamo. why can’t u just say…..maniston ruined a 14 yr old relationship just to taste a monkey…this one is for real.

  • thelookoflove1365

    LOL! The girls are so cute. Seemed like Shiloh is a free spirit little girl and lots of fun and full of energy. And Z is a serious little lady. LOL at her face, smirking probably at those annoying paps.
    July for our family is lots of birthday celebration. MY sis shares the same bday as Knox and Viv. I bet the JPs had a blast celebrating the twins bday. Two cakes perhaps?

  • mwannirs

    Did she really fly commercial? Guess she couldn’t pin the tab for a private jet on the studio.

  • cutie

    Shi is so adorable and cute. sheis going to be beautiful just like her mommy when she grow up. she seem to be like a people person like her mom.

  • Passing Through

    # 130 anustin @ 07/14/2011 at 11:26 am
    Anustin -
    I don’t have time to surf sites right now to read posts, but where did you read that Doug and his family are in the UK with Brad?

  • Robert

    Little girls mama with papa

  • Jess

    With Brad and Angie as her parents, I knew Shiloh would be a beautiful girl. She will be a stunner when she grows up. Zahara is a little lady and always calm.