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Angelina Jolie: LAX Landing with Shiloh & Zahara!

Angelina Jolie: LAX Landing with Shiloh & Zahara!

Angelina Jolie holds onto the hands of her daughters Shiloh and Zahara as they make their way out of LAX International Airport on Wednesday (July 13) in Los Angeles.

When the gals got to their awaiting car, Shiloh, 5, decided to hop into the front seat and pretend to be the driver! Angelina, 36, had to help Shiloh make her way to the backseat after her moment of fun.

Shiloh also showed off some missing teeth while smiling as she left the airport.

The day before, the Jolie-Pitt family celebrated the third birthday of Knox and Vivienne!

Though a report recently surfaced that Angie and partner Brad Pitt were planning to get married, multiple sources told People the latest rumors are untrue.

For more pics, visit X17!

FYI: Shiloh is wearing a Junk Food Rolling Stones tee.

15+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie at the airport with her girls…

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angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 01
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 02
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 03
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 04
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 05
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 06
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 07
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 08
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 09
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 10
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 11
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 12
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 13
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 14
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 15
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 16
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 17
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 18
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 19

Credit: KMM; Photos: X17, Flynet Pictures
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  • anustin

    bdj @ 07/14/2011 at 6:23 pm +4

    Happy belated Birthday to the twins. They are so cute. Shi and Zahara are beauties. Shiloh is too cool and funny. What’s up Weng. Hi to all the fans. Thanks for all the shoutouts . I was locked down on a Cruise with Mom and a bunch of rug rats. I started to swim to shore. It is all good. At least I missed the Baby Jane show.

    mmmmmm …sigh! so jealous of ur beauty…feeling TITANIC! kate winslet.
    duh! i’ll go anjie’s boat!thats all i can afford!!

  • lurker

    good to have you back bdj missed you alot,am really excited for angies new movie,as for people mag they are no better tan us liesly i put them on the same boat

  • BA+6

    #251 Thank you for the link. I did not know it was posted at you tube.
    Should have checked earlier.

  • bdj

    Brad Pitt: A-List Actor Turned Pro Athlete?

    Today 4:00 PM PDT by Brett Malec
    Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill, Moneyball Sony Pictures

    Good news for Brad Pitt.

    If the hot Hollywood dad ever decides he needs a break from his A-list acting career, there’s one moneymaking job he could fall back on…

    READ: Meet Brad Pitt’s new (movie) wife

    Turns out Angelina Jolie’s other half can handle himself pretty well on the baseball field.

    “He’s got some skill,” Pitt’s Moneyball costar, former San Francisco Giants player Casey Bond, told us at last night’s ESPY Awards in L.A. of the actor’s athletic ability. “He might have missed his calling in baseball I guess. If acting didn’t work out he’s pretty good…I think that he’s got that in his back pocket if anything.”

    Pitt, who plays Oakland A’s manager Billy Beane in the upcoming sports flick, didn’t hesitate to get involved in training for the movie while filming.

    “He was out there a couple days and he took batting practice with us and stuff, threw the baseball around,” Bond said. “He was very much involved with all aspects of the baseball side of the movie as well.”

    As far as the acting side is concerned, Bond says, “He had a lot of great advice…When we were shooting scenes, in between takes he’d walk me through different techniques he used so everything comes across right on film…obviously he’s a master at that.”

    Another perk of working with papa Pitt? “Angelina and the kids came to set one day and she hung out with everyone too,” Bond said. “Down to earth. Very nice people.”

  • lurker

    weng trolls are jealous of you and cliniqua lol

  • lurker

    everyone who meets them always says nice things about them

  • HB – 42M after 5 days

    just kills you fat lonely JP pigs doesn’t it?

  • bdj

    Geez now that’s funny. The Harry Potter lonely fan club member is in the house. I guess Baby Jane let the troll down, now she is on to Harry.

  • nitwitori

    Zahara looks mistreated

  • yasmine

    Shiloh is looking more and more like her mother. Beautiful.

  • bjd

    I’m out of it…toxic shock…damn dollar store tampons

  • bdj

    Trolls are still the same. Lame and deranged as ever. Shouldn’t the two paid trolls be praising the new fake romance of Baby Jane and Cave Man. Or is the contract up already.

  • anustin

    nah ah..JPs are a big fat PANDA.

  • cook

    …hahahahahahahahahahahaha…now, that’s the funniest damn lie I’ve read in a looooooooong time bdj…where you get this bulls iht?…pitt just said in an interview that he played baseball in junior high and took a ball to his face…how the fcuk is he now more than 35 years later showing technique to professional baseballers and taking batting practice…wtf?!!…this is a baldface lie…hahahahahaha…

  • bdj

    Follow the link . Papa Pitt is a humble man. He does not spread his talent all over the Internet. OR in the case of Baby Jane, all through Hollywood with a different guy per every lame rom com crapfest and a bottle of dumbwater. Just saying.

  • cook


    …oh, they said you were gone…welcome back…

  • hehehe

    @cook: how come your cooked ass shows up as soon as someone posted about Brad? hehehehe you are a pathetic manho who can’t able to make sense hal of the time in his first language. hehehe

  • cook

    …ain’t no doubting anyone’s humbleness but I know a lie when I read one from his costars, no less…hahahahahahahaha…it’s hard to have a technique after all of this time when the game has changed so much…okay…

  • loveher

    @ANUSTON.HOMEWRECKER: it is a beautiful vediio Angie looks so beautiful she is photogenic. I hope one of the kids turn out to look like her when they grow up .
    She sound so real and her emotions are moving. She is just genune and real. I would love to see more. But I am not sure the artifical people would like too see thing like that just my thought. They would watch her a whole lot more if she was acting in it half naked or in the usual watch me way that is known. lol

  • cook

    …don’t ask me questions…get yourself hooked on phonics…and as long as I’m not talking about you, you shouldn’t talk to me…hahahahaha…

  • hehehe

    @HB – 42M after 5 days: Thanks to the usual carrier move aka new rent me guy for every movie , brad and angie ruined her so help her spinning form her pr for everymovie by talking about divorce and such to attach you so that the lame rags and blogs bombard it all over. Her ways are rather embarrassing.
    Carry a movie by yourself, star in it as an actor with out being a second or a thrid fiddle everytime and sell it with things you are or have like REAL people who HAS life do it, then come and boast . Right now you should just hide because everything you do is I AM A LOSER IS WRITTEN ALL OVER IT.

  • an oldie

    Yay, bdj is back. Welcome back, bdj.

  • hehehe

    @cook: oh cooked ass, as long as you talk about Brad in your jealous talk, I will talk about you. I didn’t expect you to answer by the way . I said it in a way to say you are so predictable . hehhe

  • gracie

    Dumb trolls instead of worrying about what a 5yr old is wearing, you should all worry more about a 42yr middle aged granny who dresses like a 20yr old, tweaks her nipples and exposes her veyjay in minis fit for her grand daughters, that is, if she had any.

  • hehehe

    and phonic is not for me I express myself better than you in second language you on the other hand I don’t know what will gonna correct it for you everything will be too late you too old hehehe

  • gracie

    I’m sure Anuston next fashion statement will be Shi’s style, she is watching and copying the style right now.

  • Premalee

    Bdj well come back. Missed you.

  • xiii

    Does our very own troll hehehe and M4 ny3 the same?
    I believe that ny3 poster is a sleeper troll. Waiting for the right time to attack M4. While hehehe/hmmmm is our resident name chainging troll.

  • salluh7

    angie got thinny hair, that’s why she keeps it so long, hiding the nannies

  • an oldie

    OT, but after watching the LV video and heard Angelina talking about eating crickets, I have to share with you how the crickets are caught there in Cambodia. I was very puzzled when I saw the entrapments in the middle of rice fields there, and someone was nice enough to explain to me. Anyhow, people there have these wooden troughs half filled with water placed along the edges of their rice fields. Above those troughs they hang clear plastic sheets, just like shower curtains hanging above bathtubs. They also have some neon lamps hanging above the sheets. At night, the crickets fly towards the neon lights, but they hit the clear plastic sheets and fall in the water, then people catch them. I don’t know how economical it is to have a neon light to attract the insects, but that’s what I was told. They sell a lot of cooked crickets there, and I was told that they were very delicious, but I was too chicken to try one. My hat is off to Angelina for daring to eat them. Wonder if Brad was brave enough to try one though. LOL.

  • anon

    Wow. Just Wow. I always look forward to the family pics, but …wow. Shilo…..Shilo…LOL. Poor kid; she wants to be a tomboy but she is just too gorgeous. Effervescent, crazy, and becoming more lovely the older she gets. I’m in heaven. By the way, anyone know the story on how she lost her tooth? It had to be an accident because she was too young to lose it when she did.

  • QQQQ

    an oldie @ 07/14/2011 at 11:57 pm
    Yes, Brad has eaten crickets in Cambodia. He mentions it in JAMIE magazine (2009) when asked about the weirdest food he has ever eaten.

  • Jen

    Have to say I just love Shiloh. She truly is a little honey as Angelina said. Looking at how active and rambunctious and funny and so enthusiastic and happy she is makes me realize what a happy home Brad and Angelina have created for all their children. She is so aware of her surroundings and seems to find joy in any little thing she does.
    So funny to see her jump into the driver’s seat. She is just like Angelina. She does not seem to be afraid of anything.
    I also love how Angelina takes care of her girls here. She seemed to be encouraging Zee in one of the pictures as they walked thru the airport. I think I even saw what looks like a slight smile on Zee’s face after Angie spoke with her. These children are going to be so well rounded, grounded and balanced growing up in this beautiful family.
    Brad and Angelina are doing a great job with their children.

  • LSAM2

    Very cute girls with their Mommy. Thanks JJ


    Dumb trolls instead of worrying about what a 5yr old is wearing, you should all worry more about a 42yr middle aged granny who dresses like a 20yr old, tweaks her nipples and exposes her veyjay in minis fit for her grand daughters, that is, if she had any.
    Let me add :
    A 42 years old loser who needs to drop her clothes now and use lollipop and banana when REAL actresses her age have dropped that game in their early thirties.
    All this just to beg for some recognition AT LAST. There is absolutely no substantial difference between, Maniston roles and Rosie’s who could pass as her daughter and is still an amateur to justify those objectified feminine roles made around their hability to use their body.
    Only a loser who is running after fame and youth will still consider dropping her clothes after hitting 40, playing roles where she competes with starlets half her age.
    Halle has stopped, JLO has stopped, Sharon Stone has stopped it, Stacey Dash has stopped it, Demi has stopped and all were and are still stunning and sexy as hell compared to average looking, frigid oozing, desperate for success at all costs, bimbo Maniston !
    But hey, what do you expect from a stupid cow as her who admit waiting for the role of a lifetime at 40 as a James Bond Girl !!!


    I don’t like to compare children but since they were born they have been compared and the more they grow, the difference in behaviour is totally opposite. I am talking about Suri and Shiloh..
    Shiloh is daring, totally sunshine, at ease. She has that charismatic presence already and you can tell that she has an engaging personality, is funny, down to Earth, more mature.
    I have nothing against little Suri, but i am pretty sure that playing with little girls like Shiloh can be of a great benefit to her. She seems more introvert, more ego-centered, more lonely and it’s a shame. She strikes me as a little girl who is in great need of children her age to blossom.
    Anyway, Brad and Angie are doing a great job with their children. They all seem grounded and handle the intrusive presence of paps better than most adults would. Their children are very mature.

  • Jen

    I do not agree that Shiloh is or wants to be a “tomboy.”
    And I am not trying to say there is anything wrong with someone wanting to be a “tomboy” or that there is anything wrong with the word itself.
    What I am asking is can we just look beyond the labels we love to attach to people and children and just allow them to be themselves.
    Hanging labels on people do NOT tell us anything more about who or what the person really is. In fact the label prevents us from seeing ALL that the person truly is and can be.
    Tomboy is a word. It is a label. It is NOT a person or a personality.
    The word has a definition, but that definition may not fit the personality we are trying to define by that single word because the personality is too big for that tiny definition.

    Shiloh is a little person. She is not a little label. She is a little person with a BIG personality that cannot be summed up by using a mere word like “tomboy.”
    Personalities are growing, evolving and changing constantly. Shiloh is growing and changing as she grows.
    To me, Shiloh dresses the way she does to express who SHE THINKS SHE IS NOW.
    Her style has nothing to do with wanting to be or not to be a “Tomboy.” The word is meaningless to her. She is only a child and is not hung up on “labels” as adults are. She, in her entitled childlike innocence is a ittle girl having fun with styles she apparently loves. And her fashion style reflects her own personality. Not her parents, not her sister, not her brother, HERS ALONE!
    And Shiloh’s fashion sense is very unique. Her style does not really resemble what most little boys wear now anyway. It is uniquely her own style. So much so, fashion designers are copying Shiloh’s fashion style for women on their runways.
    I think Brad and Angelina are right to let their little girl express herself anyway she likes without putting her in a box with labels on it. As Brad said about all of his children, “I want them to follow their bliss” and as Angelina said, “I will not force her to be something she does not want to be.” With parents with highly intelligent and evolved attitudes like these two, what a great home for a kid to grow up in.
    Shiloh, growing up in this kind of environment without labels and boxes, is free to be as creative as she wants to be. And being the daughter of two incredible actors, I think this little girl is going to rock this world with her BIG, sweet, loving and delightful personality and make her parents very proud.


    @ Jen
    I agree with you totally.
    One thing that strikes me about Shiloh is that the so called Tom boy label that was given to her never crosses her behaviour.
    From bits i heard about Jolie. Shiloh and Zee are behaving like little mamas and are soft while the two boys fight each other. She has the same teddy bear as her sister. She makes the same activities as her sister while the boys play football with their father.
    Nothing in Shi’s behaviour, attitude strikes me as ‘boyish’. She just has a preference for masculine and ample clothes which again isn’t even that masculine but same sex clothes. Many women today put clothes that were originally masculine. That’s an advantage we have over men.
    Hell there was a time not long ago where young R&B singers (like late Aaliyah, Xscape,ect…) used to dress with baggy jeans like men, ample boyish jackets, male shoes and at times even sported a short bob. Pink is another case.
    Reversely, in the 70′s and 80′s some men would put make up on, even had some feminine attitude and skimpy clothes and tight jeans and long hair. David Bowie is one of them. Clothes mean nothing. It’s how you act that could determine a masculine or feminine penchant that we both have in some degree. A child evolution is just that : an evolution, a growing process, a learning process until his or her personality is set up, his or her self image is set up. No big deal, really !

  • gracie

    Angie is a great mom. I love how she and Brad are bringing up their children, their kids are going to be the most level headed respectful unspoilt kids in Hw in yrs to come.

  • sweet family

    oh, they are all adorable! Maybe Angie went back to LA to pick up her wedding dress- kidding- I hope they have fun!!

  • ssss

    jajjajaja jajaj@sweet family:
    She’s in LA to enjoy her wild nights with her special friend
    The nannies are left with the poor girls

  • gracie

    Hi JP Fans. Shi is a normal healthy active child, no need to explain her preference in clothes. I don’t see any problem with that, if there was, Anuston will not be stealing and copying her style. The only reason this is news is coz she is Angie’s daughter, not necessarily Brad’s. If her parents were Brad and someone else. this will not be an issue. No one says anything about GS’s boy who wears nail polish and has his hair dyed blond all the time. Jealous vindictive people have to criticise everything Angie does or anyone related to her coz they can’t take it that Angie is young, gorgeous and has it all including a man who adores her. It’s no use reasoning with idiots bent on seeking revenge for Brad dumping homewrecker and falling for Angie. That’s what this is all about.

  • reiko

    Is anyone having any problems getting on to this site from their phone? I The JJ Jr works, but not this regular site, so I don’t think it is my phone or service.

  • http://website PJ


    Thank you for posting the LV video. Not your normal commercial so much more.
    I loved it thank you again.

  • Hanne

    She’s in London! My cousin massaged her!

  • http://website PJ

    I think it was last year while in Paris Brad took Shiloh to buy clothes and she got what SHE wanted.

    She is a normal healthy happy child who knows what she wants already.

    All four older Jolie-Pitt children have their own style with attitude.
    I love it.

  • http://cellphone susan

    @xiii: I’m sure she is the poster aj here, I was thinking the same thing, she is going to turn on them soon, they scold her a couple of times and she was so sorry, talk about fake. Never mind if she flips, she will be on ignore so fast, she won’t know what hit her.

  • sweet family

    reiko- I have a droid- the default browser used to work with this site, but something happened & it limited how you can interact with jj. Try Opera Mini. I downloaded from AP market for free. it’s much faster & works well with jj. opening windows & browser bookmarks history is slightly different, but not hard- I have a meeting, but I’ll check here later to answer? s if you have them- good luck!

  • Big JP Fan

    I am bed ridden, dependent on Govt. checks, and slightly insane.
    Hi Y’all !

  • reiko

    Sweet Family — mission accomplished!!!! Thanks so much for the app recommendation.