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Angelina Jolie: LAX Landing with Shiloh & Zahara!

Angelina Jolie: LAX Landing with Shiloh & Zahara!

Angelina Jolie holds onto the hands of her daughters Shiloh and Zahara as they make their way out of LAX International Airport on Wednesday (July 13) in Los Angeles.

When the gals got to their awaiting car, Shiloh, 5, decided to hop into the front seat and pretend to be the driver! Angelina, 36, had to help Shiloh make her way to the backseat after her moment of fun.

Shiloh also showed off some missing teeth while smiling as she left the airport.

The day before, the Jolie-Pitt family celebrated the third birthday of Knox and Vivienne!

Though a report recently surfaced that Angie and partner Brad Pitt were planning to get married, multiple sources told People the latest rumors are untrue.

For more pics, visit X17!

FYI: Shiloh is wearing a Junk Food Rolling Stones tee.

15+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie at the airport with her girls…

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angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 01
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 02
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 03
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 04
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 05
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 06
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 07
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 08
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 09
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 10
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 11
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 12
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 13
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 14
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 15
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 16
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 17
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 18
angelina jolie lax landing with shiloh zahara 19

Credit: KMM; Photos: X17, Flynet Pictures
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  • tazzy


    Right on, Gracie.

  • Brad’s buyer’s remorse :(

    Horrible bosses $42m…Way to go Jen!!!!!
    Somewhere in the world, Angelina is on suicide watch. And Brad is suffering from buyer’s remorse :(

  • reiko

    I just checked out the screen caps of Angie’s gorgeous LV video. In one of the caps she has her arm up while she is talking to the photographer — and a part of her tummy is showing. It looks like she may have another tattoo in that spot. It looks like a lot more words than the usual tattoo in that spot.

  • tazzy

    @Brad’s buyer’s remorse :(:

    You can crow all you want but just so you know, I just read a review of the movie, and your idol wasn’t even mentioned. It was like she didn’t even exist, LOL.

  • tazzy


    Sorry, about the above posts. The site is acting very weird this morning.

  • scott

    angelina will go down in history. she’s the most beautiful woman (inside and out) who ever lived!

  • Passing Through

    ROTFLMAO at the troll. It’s so slow here the poor thing can’t stand the silence and has come off her spool…again…

  • busted


    funny how they actually think Aniston in a movie that made some money has anything to do with Brad or Angie.

    Seriously is that how they measure her worth. I thought she was a big Star. Why do they need to trout out her BO numbers. Brad knew what he left 7 years ago. The man never missed a step when he met Angie. I remember reading his interviews right after the break up. He was giddy. Like a boy on cloud nine.

    Remorse. The only thing I’m sure Brad regrets is staying as long as he did.

    The man has an amazing women and 6 children. He just said he feels like the RICHEST MAN IN THE WORLD

    The hag army needs to save that party for when Aniston has a HIT based her name alone. Not the cast but her as the draw.

    NOW when oh when has that happened??????.

    the word you are looking for is NEVER

    hhehehe.. again her fans make her look like a Pathetic Sack stuck in the past.

  • PH

    Brad’s buyer’s remorse :( – When Jennifer all by her lonesome makes $278M worldwide, then come back here. Otherwise, STFU. Angie made bank with both The Tourist and Salt, why would she envy a woman who starred with Adam Sandler and still could not make what Angie made with Salt and The Tourist? And why would Brad be “suffering from buyer’s remorse” when even when he was married to her, he never really had projects for her to star in? She wanted “A Mighty Heart,” he said they were only producing it, not starring in it.. Shows how much he thought of her acting/drawing power.

  • groundcontrol

    Zahara and Shiloh are absolutely adorable. Zahara seems so graceful and calmly taking it all in. Her reaction to what I am sure was a small circus directed at them was cool and mature.
    Shiloh seems more playful in the situation but also very cool for her age. You’ll notice that when her mom puts a stop to her playfulness of pretending to drive the car there is no tantrum nor the slightest fuss by Shiloh. She happily and smilingly goes along with her mother’s guidance to bring her into the back seat where she beongs.
    From everything I’ve seen – pics to videos to first hand accounts – these children are being raised beautifully and thoughtfully. These seem to be children who seem incredibly comfortable with themselevs and their varied environments. Kudos to Brad and Angie.
    They are both stunning girls, as well. SImply beautiful. Though I can see Angelina in Shiloh, at times she looks like a carbon copy of her father. I agree with my colleague upthread – I can’t wait to see them as young adults.
    I really appreciate the 10 minute compliation video of the Louis Vuitton campaign. So thanksto those who put it togetehr as well as the individual vids. Angie is beyond beautiful in those vids. These just confirm her place among the most beautiful women in the world. She has almost no equal. Her eloquence about Cambodia and what it means to her is refreshingly down to earth and accessible. The LV campaigns are a smart marketing device as well as an education for many people who never think beyond the typical tourist destinations.

  • Passing Through

    OT -
    Have you guys seen the trailer for Contagion? I LMAO at Putrid’s acting. This ho has an Oscar. I have to keep reminding myself of that. I can’t wait for her Huvsy-driven PR campaign so we can hear all about the risks she took with this part by acting witout makeup on. Oh wait…that’s Ticky’s line. Oh well…they’re interchangeable these days, so whatevs…
    BTW – Contagion is a Soderbergh movie and looks hokier than hell so maybe it’s a good thing he didn’t make Moneyball. This is at least the 5th movie he’s done with Matt Damon. If they still make the Liberace movie that’ll be 6 movies. I’m starting to think he’s blackmailing Matt or Matt owes him money. It’s not like these are brilliant classics they’re making together…

  • BlondeJo

    Shiloh is such a beautiful spirited little girl, it is nice that her parents allow her to wear whatever she feels comfortable in and to find her own identity. She’s going to be one gorgeous girl when she grows up – she has the perfect combination of the best features of both her parents.

  • phool

    Angelina’s Box office figures alone are much much higher than tricky’s despite the fact she needs to rely upon other comidic actors for lime light .When she does it on her own Like Angleina has done time time and again like IN MOVIES such as Lara Croft 1 & 2 , Salt, Wanted & The Toursist etc then & only then you can mouth off ,. when she has justified her existence on her own in the movie world OK also no one is going to risk any project in her name only.

  • Melenie

    There’s no way this pair will ever get married. More likely a separation will be on the cards VERY soon. Bear in mind that the 7 year itch is coming up for Brad. And we all know what he did last time……. show more show less

  • topsyne

    i love the way everybody is talking about how beautiful shiloh in every site,she really do look like her mother in these pictures,she is a pistol and i really like her style,zee looks like a little lady and angie looks happy and elegant with that big smiles

  • AmericanMom1

    Personally I don’t care if they marry or not but just don’t parade them around as some sort of role models… They are not that in any sense of the word. Both proven to be cheaters and liars and having all the kids in the world cannot change that…They do not respect marraige so why even go there…kids should never be involved in grown up discussions and this topic is one that I don’t believe the kids even have a clue what its all about…. show more show less

  • JenniferBeasley

    They aren’t getting married because they are so busy with other movie projects and causes close to their hearts? Seriously? That’s just another excuse. If they really wanted to get married, they would make joining their lives legally before God and their family and friends their top project and cause. show more show less

  • MQeen

    Marriage is the ultimate in romance. Marriage is for true love. Marriage is a promise to love. Mariage is sacred and ordained by God and Blessed by God. But Yes, Marriage breaks down. Yes, Divorce is the lesser or two Evils. Many cowardly and shrewd women make a mockery of marriage and marry to have children get a “sperm donor” and “pay-packet” and marry for security cos they are afraid of being old frumpy spinsters. These women are cowards and make a mockery of marriage. And there are lazy, docile men who don’t care for marriage of their love lives and they too make a mockery of marriage by marrying a women they do not sincerely love; and marry with a “She’ll do” mentality. These people make a mockery of the lives God gave them and God will not bless a contrived “market” marriage. I think If Jolie and Pitt truely loved each other they would marry. Simple as that. But they are new age hippies type so they are “free” ?! I will never forget the sad shock when I meet my old pal who tell me she get married and they snug as bugs and when I meet them I see she shopped for a husband and they have as much chemistry as yesterday’s cold mashed patatoes. It turned my stomack in disgust the way she “bought and sold and twisted Marriage” Love is given to so few I s’pose the rest have to bargain for it. But still makes me sad

  • Jai

    You need to stop reading so much Nicholas Sparks. Marriage is an outdated tradition and no longer necessary in our society. People just do it because they think they’re supposed too. Seriously, who gives if you’re married? If you live together and you are faithful, you might as well forget the expensive ceremony and keep on, keepin’ on. show more show less

  • loveNOThate

    Get off your high horse! It is normal for EVERYONE to want to get married, regardless of the reasons. NO ONE wants to end up alone. And marriage is the most romantic thing in the word right next to sex. These two things should only be reserved for your true love. show more show less

  • phool

    The stunning Angelina Jolie has spoken out about returning to her beloved country of Cambodia to shoot her latest campaign images for luxury label Louis Vuitton, and how much of a life-changing place this beautiful country has been.“I first came to Cambodia about ten years ago for a film and we were the first film back since the war, so we didn’t know quite know what it was going to be like, or what the people were going to be like, and it was the first time I became aware of landmines,” said Jolie.

    “I remember standing in the waterfall during one of our shots and they said ‘just stay on this side of the waterfall because that side of the waterfall still hasn’t been de-mined’. And I thought, as somebody from America, what does that mean, hasn’t been de-mined? It’s just the craziest, it doesn’t cross our mind that all these children, and people walking around these areas, have landmines in the ground and that’s just a part of their daily life.”

    With the campaign’s tagline simply reading: “A single journey can change the course of a life. Cambodia, May 2011,” it’s a pretty hard-hitting sentence to anybody who reads it.

    All fees Angelina makes from the campaign are also being donated to charity, reports Vogue UK.

  • tazzy


    If it turns your crank to believe that, then knock yourself out.

  • HelloMagazine

    Wedding bells will not be chiming for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie anytime soon.

    Despite a rush of recent stories saying the Hollywood couple will tie the knot, there’s apparently no truth in them.

    The reports are “false” – multiple sources tell People magazine.

    One insider says there “is no evidence nor any single truth” to recent published reports that the couple wiwill marry this summer or in the next few months.

    Besides, they’re both too busy – Brad has just finished World War Z and he will start promotion on Moneyball and Cogan’s Trade.

    Meanwhile, Angelina has been busy in her role as a UN Goodwil Ambassador and will soon be wrapping up her directoral debut, In the Land of Blood and Honey.

    But the couple are said to be open to the idea of marriage sometime in the future.

  • groundcontrol

    OT: I am ROTFLMAO over the mistrial declared in the Roger Clemens case here in federal court. It seemed like a ridiculous case to begin with. Charging felonies based on the interpretation or misinterpretations statements seems just a waste. Especially over this issue of performance enhancing drugs – who cares! If you are properly informed about the drugs and you choose to take that risk then so be it. It’s your body. It may make you a more powerful swinger but it can’t make you hit the ball more often and it can’t make you smarter at the game. It is simply not worth all this effort and money spent weeding out users. Turning people into criminals over this is not what we shoudl be about.
    I am also laughing because I know these people. I have always liked Judge Walton – always been very fair and smart. I never thought he was as tough on sentencing as others have thought. If you do your job you can get very good sentences out of him. In my experience he’s never been unfair.
    What can I say about the prosecutor? I read an article that talked about the government’s best legal teams in the country and I assure you he is nowhere near the best of anything. It is very easy to rise in the ranks of the US Attorney’s Office. Even a likable doofus can get to where this guy is and get to try these cases. The mistakes that cost the government this entire prosecution were incredibly stupid – you almost have to think they were deliberate. Though thinking they would get by this judge is stupid in and of itself. I would never put such trickery past the US Attorney’s Office – they almost never and I do mean never get sent to Bar Counsel for their ethical violations.
    I did predict he wouldn’t get convicted but I didn’t think it would be this way.

  • tazzy

    @busted: I heard a review on CBC Radio the other day, and they described Aniston as terrible and how her career is failing, LOL.

  • Anneee

    who cares? I mean they’ve been living as though they were married for how long now?? And how many kids later? Should they decide to marry, they should just go to the courthouse. There would be no reason to celebrate what should have happened long ago. show more show less

  • Mica

    I’m not sure if they’re really happy, or is it in the past. They have 6 kids together, and I can’t imagine them breaking up, even if they are not that happy anymore. And by the way they talk (they would get married if kids would ask them to), seems that they aren’t that passionate about each other, but know that they’ve gone too far to break this situation. Maybe when the kids grow up, if could be possible. I do like them though, both of them. show more show less

  • Melanie

    After the scandal of Brad leaving his wife for Jolie and then Angelina deliberately getting pregnant immediately to ensure he stuck around, Brad was pretty much sentenced to spend a substantial amount of years with her whether he liked it or not or he would have been crucified by the media. However he is now at the earliest point where he can bail out of this mess and then spin the press and somehow blame Angelina. So I think contrary to there being a wedding in fact there will be a split soon. show more show less

  • life_like_that

    Again, tabloids, you know the US, People, Lifeless and Styless, etc., are making up, recycling all these kinds stories most of time without the celebrities’ participant. Plus they like to diss and conflict each other’s stories, just like how you see here — US magazine says that Pitt and Ms. Jolie are getting married, People has to diss it and say it’s not true.

    Hmmm…… It’s just like how the dogs bite each other. The end result will be each has a mouth full of fur and fat ticks.

  • groundcontrol

    Why do you hate America? Why do you hate Mothers? Why do you hate children?

  • maniston

    trickys turds are floating over here again time to float back to her site

  • tazzy


    Oh give me a break. How many marriages were ” blessed by God” didn’t even last six months? Most divorced people I know say they will never marry again.

  • anustin

    wtf with ur “show more show less? at least chaged ur writing!!!!!!moron!!!!

  • tazzy


    Angie deliberately got pregnant to trap him? Really? And you know this how? Where you hiding under the bed when she was seducing him? Honest to Pete, there is no end to your stupidity.

  • Zahara

    Zahara is cute.Shiloh is all Angelina-very beautiful and sweet child.

  • annon

    CANCUN, MEXICO—Brad Pitt arrived here for the photo call and interview for his new movie, “Moneyball,” with a new look.

    The actor is sporting long hair, a beard and mustache these days for “World War Z,” a zombie film that he took a break from to be in Cancun. But he cut a clean, stylish figure with a top-to-bottom ensemble in taupe, and aviator glasses for extra dash.

    In “Moneyball,” a big screen adaptation of Michael Lewis’ nonfiction book, Brad plays Billy Beane, the Oakland Athletics’ general manager, who thinks outside the box and hires solid but undervalued baseball players to shore up his team without breaking the bank.

    “I try to live outside the box,” Brad said about his own approach in life. “I mean, look at my family. We’re way outside the box, aren’t we?”

    Brad’s costar and director, Jonah Hill (who also surprised journalists with his trim new look) and Bennett Miller, respectively, joined him in this Mexican coastal paradise. We’ll feature our interview with the other half of Hollywood’s reigning couple in a future column.

  • Lara

    Some loser is copying posts from other people on some blog or other.
    Go back there and stay there!
    Happy Friday to all the J-P fans! I wish something else for all these losers.

  • Lara

    Lol anustin, you tell ‘em girl!

  • My opinion

    Shiloh Jolie-Pitt is 100% Angelina’s mini me. I think the girl twin is the one that looks the most like brad.

  • groundcontrol

    Please return to the bizarro world of Ian Hapless and Female Freaks – your broom is double parked and there’s an APB out for your brain.
    Damn! Do they really let these morons procreate? How can people be this stupid? No wonder Bernie Madoff got away with the con for so long.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Melanie @ 07/15/2011 at 12:15 pm

    Just like Brad was sentenced to stick around his 4 1/2 marriage to the useless old hag whether he likes it or not. The whole marriage was a fake. He never loved MANiston. She lied to him about wanting kids but changed her mind after they got married.

    Well, I am sure Brad prefers to be suffered with Angie then the leather face old hag. At least, he has 6 gorgeous children he always wanted.

    You are a fcuking moron.

  • My opinion

    Lol I watched Angelina’s interview she did for Louis vuitton and I wonder how people feel about her feeding her kids crickets. I am surprised someone hasnt complained about that. Crickets are like potato chips. Ajajaja awesome.

  • Tabloid BS

    Jezebel has an article about the almost 7 years of false wedding stories.Every tabloid has had stories Ok Mag has had the most I think. The stories started in early 2005 before the divorce

  • groundcontrol

    I am of 2 minds about these pics because they were in Star and I know what that means. I hope they were found as part of an estate or something or even stolen rather than that a close family friend sold them to this tabloid, ahem I’m looking at you, Bill Day. If it’s him then I doubt that christening one is his property to sell.

    They are of Angie’s christening with the beautiful Maximillian Schell and Jackie Bisset, her godparents, as well as pics of a teenage Angie with family. Angie is so gorgeous and so was James. Wow! And so was their mom! LOL! And these are just amateur candids.
    Anyway here’s the link



  • My opinion

    @groundcontrol: star mag has pix of Angelina’s first wedding to jonny lee miller too.

  • see-through

    Now that we’ve seen time and time again how boyish Shilo is in her ways without the help of her parents, do you really think that girly outfits are for her?
    We saw Angie had Shi on little dresses when she was little, but as she grew, Angie had made a comment that Shi thinks that she’s one of the brothers (who likes roughin’ around). We see her in different pics how overly active she is and loves rough fun.

  • joliepitt

    Shilo is so stunning – wow ! Zahara is so beautiful and very calm young girl. Shilo is so fun and full of life which is not only she stunning but inner stunning , just like her mother and father.
    Good job brad and angie !
    Trolls ,please, get a life cause bitterness & envy is becoming your daily life. (where ugliness really exits )

  • Jen

    Must be a DEAD ZONE over on the Maniston Site.

    Maniston’s fan must not be happy that she is in love and “head over heels” with her Charlie Manson look-alike midget.
    You would think her fan would be over on her thread posting away happily that the Man Face finally has a man she can call her own especially since she STOLE him from Heidi.
    I did not believe the “Justin is running back to Heidi Already” lie that Star put out, but maybe Maniston’s fan believes it. She seems might upset and is over here preaching nonsense. But then what else would a Maniston fan preach!

  • dianad1968

    @Brad’s buyer’s remorse :(:


    You people get more stupid by the second. A movie that Ticky is part of an ensemble makes $42 million after 8 days, and SALT Angie’s movie, let me repeat that….Angie’s MOVIE made made more in the first weekend than HB DID IN THE SAME TIME FRAME, but as per you, Angie is on suicide watch, and Brad has buyer’s remorse. How the f*ck do you live your life? Seriously, HOW?