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Ellen Pompeo & Patrick Dempsey: Dan Tana's Twosome

Ellen Pompeo & Patrick Dempsey: Dan Tana's Twosome

Ellen Pompeo and Grey’s Anatomy co-star Patrick Dempsey leave Dan Tana’s after having dinner on Wednesday (July 13) in West Hollywood, Calif.

Grey’s creator Shonda Rhimes recently dispelled rumors that the ABC drama was ending, even though Ellen, 41, and Patrick, 45, have hinted they may not be returning.

“Just for the record: This is not the last season of GA. Definitely. Not,” Shonda tweeted.

“We are NOT adding any more cast members this season. Full house already,” she clarified in another tweet.

10+ pictures inside of Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey leaving Dan Tana’s…

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ellen pompeo patrick dempsey dan tanas 01
ellen pompeo patrick dempsey dan tanas 02
ellen pompeo patrick dempsey dan tanas 03
ellen pompeo patrick dempsey dan tanas 04
ellen pompeo patrick dempsey dan tanas 05
ellen pompeo patrick dempsey dan tanas 06
ellen pompeo patrick dempsey dan tanas 07
ellen pompeo patrick dempsey dan tanas 08
ellen pompeo patrick dempsey dan tanas 09
ellen pompeo patrick dempsey dan tanas 10

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  • ellenpompeofan

    Finally Dempeo pics!! <3

    Ellen Pompeo looks freaking Gorgeous and Patrick Dempsey freaking hot!!

    Tnx for sharing JJ

  • Sam

    They are too hot and cute! Love them both so much :)

  • Annie

    They are the perfect couple on t.v!!!!!

  • Batman

    Both of them should get a divorce and get together !

  • kamy

    Dempeo, this pics make my day. Love them.

  • Tereza

    They are so HOT together. They just sizzle. Couldn’t care less for Meredith/Derek but their chemistry could end wars.


    OMG THEY ARE TOTALLY FACKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Liz

    Love those two!!! Best chemistry ever! :)

  • http://jad slig o lambert^_______^ cute

    i see people with love hahaha

  • Ellen Pompeo News

    Ellen is gorgeous :)

  • Gigi

    They are gorgeous together…
    Man if they ever get together they will have the biggest fan base ever..

    just saying

  • Marissa

    You people wanting Patrick and Ellen to get together in real life are sick. FFS, wanting to break up two families so your creepy fantasies come true is disgusting.

  • Parisienne

    Is she pregnant ?

  • ryann

    seeing these pics makes me miss the show already. can’t wait for the new season!!!!!!!!

  • fred
  • Mary P.

    I love so much Ellen Pompeo and I love so much Patrick Dempsey! Grey’s Anatomy Forever! ♥ The best photos of the year! OMG!!!

  • Fran

    @Marissa: I agree with you

  • dani

    love them both, they looked so cheerful, they should do this often … :))

  • Ana

    Get over yourself, it’s just that. A fantasy, not a real campaign. Let live. It’s not happening.

    They both look great. I love Ellen’s shoes! Patrick looks very sexy. Hope they are leaving. GA doesn’t deserve them anymore. They are being wasted on that show.

  • will

    PD & EP being gorgeous together.

  • lili

    Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey together!!! Wow, these pics made my day :)

  • elocin

    wooohooo…they look so in love…they are never that happy with their partners….i wonder what’s with this appearance?…dempeo!

  • josh

    my favorite couple, ellen looks radiant, I love them both


    Real or Not… those two make the perfect couple.

    And I dont care about those so called righteous fans who think Patrick is their friend cause they saw him at a race, even though he himself told people “those fangirls should stay away, NOT EVERY RACE!!” And they still dont get it. They attack him like there is no tomorrow. and then pretend he is their friend and they know him so well.SAD REALLY…

    But as part of fiction and part of being famous we are entitled to our own opinions, cause their pictures are simply out there and that puts them out there. and TRUE FACT those two MAKE THE MOST GORGEOUS AMAZING COUPLE out there. and yes I am with those who think they should GET TOGETHER in real life. I JUST LOVE IT.

  • Dina

    AWW I love those two. they are perfect. so beautiful with each other. Dempeo forever :D the best pictures ever. we need more.
    Ellen and Patrick should go out together more. the people adore them. so many want them together.

  • Sheila

    Yeah!! finally Dempeo pics, are gorgeous love them

  • Fan

    they look so happy.

  • Robin

    Finally! Somebody got the money shot of them together. Rhimes is crazy not to use them more on the show together. They look like they are having a great time. I think the other guy in the picture, with the sour face, is one of the Greys writers. Wonder how that conversation went?

  • Fan
  • LoveDempeo

    OMG i love these pics. Ellen and Patrick look so happy together! You can tell that their genuinely in love. I wish they would get out of their unhappy marriages already and hook up with each other.
    FYI Dempeo has a HUGE fanbase on facebook, twitter and forumboards who would totally support a Dempeo hookup.

  • ellenpompeofan


    I agree with you those are the perfect couple and they are amazing together but you didn’t had to share your opinion ab the Dempsey Racing race fans. I never heard anyone say Patrick is their friend bc they saw him on races, and who cares they tell he is his ‘friend’ let them say things. It’s like people met Ellen often and say she is there friend.

    And for all the other people who think when we say thing ab Ellen and Patrick we aren’t blind or dumb that we know they aren’t all ready happy married and have children. ofcourse they stay just friends but they are great together especially in Grey’s so let us have our fantasy and don’t get so angry and react like we are dumb.

    I love to be a Ellen and Patrick fan but sometimes this fan base is so childish!

  • GA fan

    Lovely pictures. I wish we got more of those two out together.
    they look real good together. I can’t wait for Grey’s to return.
    would be perfect if they were together in real life too, they have undeniable unique amazing chemistry.

  • Dempeo forever


    They are perfection They are the bomb They are the best couple together
    i want it to be real and out there already they have such a HUGE HUGE fanbase that loves them together soooo much


  • chloe

    never know there’ll be a day where we would actually see them together in public. i mean they did go to events together in the past during the first 2 seasons of Grey’s and stuff but you just never see them out together like friends having dinner or partying. i mean even eric dane, rebecca and ellen, chris have had a double date before~~ really like this two together!! i know they are both happily married but it’s nice to see them having fun as friends in real life :) no matter what decision they make regarding contract renewal for grey’s, i hope they can either stay or leave TOGETHER. it’d be brutal for the fans to see one of them leaves. MERDER forever!!

  • Gstar

    im speechless… the pics we have all being waiting for!

  • Laura

    This looks like a Shonda PR stunt to drum up interest in Season 8. Everyone seems to be ignoring the fact that they were there with 2 writers from GA. EP & PD have both indicated S8 will probably be their last and want a proper ending for Mer/Der. Hopefully the writers got the message and they won’t be wasted next season as they have been for years.

  • Laura

    Looks like Shonda is using them to pimp Season 8, after wasting them for
    years. They both have indicated they will likely leave after S8 and want a good conclusion of the Mer/Der story for their fans. Everyone seems to be ignoring the fact tha tthey were there meeting with 2 of the head writers
    from GA and let’s hope they got the message.

  • dempeo yessss


  • true fan

    They are perfect together
    brangelina eat their dust
    time to come out in the open
    time for Dempeo to shine :)
    they are love

  • true fan

    they are true love
    so beautiful to see

  • true fan

    funny how specific people are using programs to add low and minus on all comments shame on them. silly idiots with nothing else to do apparently. no lives to live its obvious. Not understanding that life is about accepting different opinions whatever they maybe. I feel sad for those so called fans.

  • Sandy

    @true fan LOL Your posts have high minus signs because “people” can express their opinions by agreeing or disagreeing with all comments. I see many neutral and high plus and few high minus ratings so what’s your point?. Sounds like you are the one that needs to get a life.

  • Sandy

    @true fan LOL Your posts have high minus signs because “people” can express their opinions by agreeing or disagreeing with all comments. I see many neutral and high plus and few high minus ratings so what’s your point?. Sounds like you are the one that needs to get a life.

  • Jodi

    They light up the screen together!

  • Anita

    Oh my Dempeo
    when will you come out and announce your true love already
    its there and dempeo fans love it and know its there
    its time to shine as the beautiful couple you really are
    come out and enjoy the live you will get from your fans.
    ABC can deal with it cause it will bring more ratings to ABC.