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Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony Split

Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony Split

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have called it quits after seven years of marriage, can confirm.

“We have decided to end our marriage. This was a very difficult decision. We have come to an amicable conclusion on all matters,” they said in a joint statement.

“It is a painful time for all involved and we appreciate the respect of our privacy at this time,” they added.

Jennifer, 41, and Marc, 42, wed in June 2004 and have two children together, 3-year-old twins Max and Emme.

People was the first to report the news.

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  • FrG

    Oh noooooo!!!! Tell me it’s false!!!!


    jennifer lopez is a skank.

  • Lurker


    ICA with you, I think Marc put up with her because he has always been so love with her. As for Jen, well like some have mentioned upthread, she was devasted when Ben dumped her days before the wedding, Marc was a friend, he was SAFE. I don’t think she was ever in love with him.

  • She Stinks!

    How long before she spreads her legs for next available high powered man? I say by September. The question is, who? Clooney? Back to Diddy? A movie producer? None of these men want this over the hill broke down filth.

    We all know this bed hopping b*tch has ants in her pants and cannot stay in a relationship. This is typical HO behavior, which JHO Bag has displayed her entire ‘career’.

    She’ll go cry to Ellen on the talk show circuit, pretend to be a victim, then her horrible antics will be leaked by Marc. Wait and see.

  • mia

    @frozoid she is turning 42 in a few days.

  • Jessie

    yeah, just heard it… honestly… I think because j.lo loves fame more than real love. Once she’s had enough fame, she wants to “settle” and “be in love” but once she grabs a hold of fame again, she dumps love. I was looking through pics of them through the years – while she was out of the limelight, her body language shows how much she loves him, it’s in her eyes but now that she came back in the spotlight – American Idol, commercials, venus razors…. she’s fame hungry again

  • kly

    i knew it!!!i cant believe people didnt see this coming!!
    this is her 3rd divorce!lol J. ho will be in another relationship in a month or two…

  • AllG

    im not surprised she can never last in relationships with kids or not i knew it would come to an end eventually i was surprised it lasted this long

  • sicksister

    Sad for the kids, but I’ve never cared for JLo. She’s all about self-promotion and really doesn’t have the talent to be an actress. She’s getting older and I expect her to fade from view any day.

    She’s had her 15 minutes. Next!

  • hotbitch

    I do have to say that I’m surprised. There was no sign of any problems at all. In fact, they appeared to be pretty solid. I saw their AI performance and was blown away with their chemistry. Seriously, it was hot! Now what she and Ben had was the real deal and when they broke up she knew Marc was a safe bet. He was crazy about her and she knew it. They married like 5 days after he got a quickie Dominican divorce from his wife. However, I thought they appeared to be in love and solid. Wow. I feel bad for the babies now that the home is broken.

    Now with all that said, everyone knows that Marc is a controlling sob. Remember he had his ex-wife sign a confidentiality agreement as part of the divorce settlement? That alone says something right there. Now that Jennifer’s career is on the upswing again, he probably can’t take it. However, this is still left-field imo and I’d be willing to bet he cheated.

  • :o


  • George

    I’m in shock! They seemed very happy together!

  • Alaia

    Are we supposed to have sympathy for her? She is not a nice person. She blanks fans and she shoved Mary Louise Parker out of the way just so she could meet Will and Kate.

  • Toni

    Sadly, I always knew the day would come, but was at least expecting some public drama before it hit. Marc has been AMAZINGLY patient with her. She is 100% focused on herself. No marriage will last with her.

  • J

    It’s already been said, but I truly didn’t see this coming. I guess it’s time for her to join the Aguilera, and Berry train now.

  • oh well

    I think we all know Jlo will have a new man real sooon. She can’t stay single for long.

  • Brooke

    why would u cry for something like this :|
    I mean It’s sad but not to say that It’s the worst day of ur life ?

  • haha

    I knew something was up when they haven’t been photographed together for the past month or so since they’ve always attended events together. I feel really sad for them. I actually thought that they were a good couple. J.Lo def got grounded and became less media-ho since she married Marc Anthony. I was beginning to like her.

  • *Belle*


  • toni

    felt the same way and i bet diddy somewhere happy.

  • toni

    felt the same way and i bet diddy somewhere happy.

  • matchbox

    no signs of problems?. and the sex tapes and all her ex scandal is not a problem?


    3 TIMES LOSER!!!

  • Robin
  • Hello??

    Wait a second. . . no one has mentioned how gross Marc Anthony is. I mean, seriously. I am surprised she actually had kids with him at all! I don’t care either way what Jennifer Lopez does, but one thing is certain—she can find a more attractive, taller, nicer guy.


    This seemed like a sham from the start. J-Ho is way to self absorbed and in love with her self to be married to anyone.

  • Marc Anthony

    She was a downgrade for me and for Ben.

  • Vitória

    OMG! This is so sad, I can’t believe! They have be strong! I love the Jennifer and the Marc!

  • so true

    Wow, 3 marriages now. I’d hate to think it’s Jen LOL!! Damn mid 40′s and still can’t work it out.

  • Maria

    I knew they weren’t going to last but i didn’t think it was so soon.

  • yeah i said it

    “please respect out privacy” LOL!! I’ll remember that line in case Jen decides to put her next set of fug newborns on the cover of a magazine. Well the publicity they get off of this should be interesting.

  • kimby


    I expect Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova to end their farce very soon too. Stay tuned!!

  • kimby

    Expect a similar announcement soon from Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournkova.


    As long as Brad and Angelina are still together. I am happy.

  • dd

    i thought they were going to split valentine’s day 2 years ago.

  • Jordyn

    I thought they were perfect together. This is a real shocker.

  • toria

    Blind vices have pegged him as being abusive. Don’t know if it is true, but if so–kudos to Jennifer for finally leaving him.

  • funny stuff

    Yeah cause when you look at them he looks like he could beat her down! LOL I’m surpirsed he’s not in a wheel chair. She never toned down the media whoring and now I expect it to go into overdrive. I guess when 2 cheaters get together it doesn’t end happily ever after. Everybody always talks about him being a cheater but didn’t she cheat on Judd to be with Ben Affleck. Just sayin. Karma’s a beyotch.

  • TheTruthIs

    It’s sad but I always felt she married him because he was sooo in love with her. She was heartbroken after Afflek :( She was never into him as she was into Ben, but it was a smart move at the time to marry someone who loves you rather than yourself.

    I wonder who is going to be her next love?

  • Skarsgard wannabe

    I’m surprised at all the “surprised” reactions. If these guys were married 7 years, then it’s 6.5 years longer than I thought they would be.

  • TheTruthIs

    Diddy is giggly somewhere :)))

  • mjcatari
  • dani

    no joke, just days ago i see her in a magazine and think “how much is she going to be married?” but in JOKE!!! this is to sad i also think that im wrong and they going to be together a long time :’(

  • lala

    i feel bad for the kids, JLO is a mess same with marc.

  • emma

    Darn I was really rooting 4 them

  • Sandra

    I’m reading your comments here and most of them say she is 100% focused on herself, she cares about herself and therefore she’s a bitch! Why? What is wrong about a woman putting herself 1st i say good for her. And he really doesnt look like a nice and caring husband. He’s too skinny like he’s always on drugs. You can see he is controlling. And what about the pictures wiht him and other women on his lap etc I say good on you Jlo always look after yourself and your kids and so should every woman.

  • Heather

    Not ShoCK at allabout Jlo&marc break-up

  • luke

    @Sandra: Well if he’s so horribile what in the hell did she marry him for. Did he put a gun to her head and say marry me have kids or die. Please she chose to be with him, while he was still married I might add. Lopez is hardly a babe in the woods that’s innocent. She’s been the biz for over a decade she knows what she’s doing. And she’s just a self absorbed pain in the ass mediawhore and those are titles she’s had way befor she married him.

  • http://none MARIE


  • Shaleen

    I knew it. They lasted longer than I thought.