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Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony Split

Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony Split

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have called it quits after seven years of marriage, can confirm.

“We have decided to end our marriage. This was a very difficult decision. We have come to an amicable conclusion on all matters,” they said in a joint statement.

“It is a painful time for all involved and we appreciate the respect of our privacy at this time,” they added.

Jennifer, 41, and Marc, 42, wed in June 2004 and have two children together, 3-year-old twins Max and Emme.

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164 Responses to “Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony Split”

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  1. 126
    Well... Says:

    Did not see this coming. Thought they were another Hollywood “power couple.” Not so. Marc was in lust with Jlo for a while, but he was also a cheater on his other beautiful wife. Bet his spots did not change. He probably thought that Jlo would be woman enough to make him finally settle with one woman, but they have now been married for a while–seven-yr-itch can happen to the lustiest couples, cuz that feeling ALWAYS fades. Just gotta marry for more than that. Marc seems insecure. He’s a little man and he’s unattractive. He probably needs to prove himself with different women. Jlo should not marry again. She can be great by herself with her family’s support and love.

  2. 127
    Maya Says:

    I saw it coming. Lately, she has been always alone in public. Go figure. Still sad for the children.

  3. 128
    Fernanda Prevedello Says:

    Ohhhhhh… I’m sad with that…. =(

  4. 129
    Raluca Says:

    WTF???I can’t belive this…God…

  5. 130
    Raluca Says:

    WTF???I can’t belive this…God…

  6. 131
    Nana Says:

    who cares, she is trash, **** and a ho, no talent tramp, those kids rare ugly.

  7. 132
    adna Says:

    What??????? Nooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!
    They are crazy….realy…I can’t belive this (((((((((

  8. 133
    Courtney Says:

    sadly 95% of marriages in hollywood end in divorce so Marc and Jen joining that list doesn’t surprise me by the way she turns 41 next sunday July 24th. I could see this coming 3 years ago when she said her and Marc wanted to emulate Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward’s marriage and thats obviously not possible in this day and age and never mind that fact that Woodward was the bigger star when she and Newman got married in 1958 as she was nominated for a golden globe an oscar and won both of them within two months of their wedding and they also dealt with tragedy from the beginning of their marriage something Marc & Jen never did

  9. 134
    Terri258 Says:

    @tami: Why is everyone shocked? They had bad karma when Marc cheated on his previous wife (Dayanarra Torres-former Miss Universe 1993), with Jennifer. The marriage was doomed from the start . The breakup shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.

  10. 135
    hm... Says:


  11. 136
    wow Says:

    JLO , Britney and Halle should stay away from marriages and relationships. I thought he was the one for her but he seem controling and not her type of dudes. She prob stay in the marrige this long because of her kids. I think she really did love Ben and just settle for her mark.

  12. 137
    cheater Says:

    That why he gets for leaving his beautiful wife and children for Jlo. Jlo can’t stay marry.

  13. 138
    reap what you sow Says:

    This was inevitable. two reasons. 1. Marc’s strong controlling personality. They are both big stars. He is big in the hispanic music sceen, her in both hispanic and especially in american pop culture. Once married he kept her star from burning as bright so that he could be the biggest and brightest star in the (house) marriage. Have you noticed how muted she was for awhile. It’s a cultural thing. When her star became bright again on american idol and she emerged in the spotlight again in a big way he ego could not handle it.

    (2).Lets see. Marc Anthony married his first wife twice. He dumped her the minute J.Lo became avaliable. 3 days after the divorce he married J.Lo. the women he always wanted before the ink was dry. However there was a price to be paid for cheating on and dumping your first wife. Eventually you will get it back no matter how long it takes. When you piss on someones happily ever after for selfish gain your happily ever after will eventually explode in your face. No one get away, not even the rich and famous. Dayanara is getting the last laugh. What do you think will eventually happen to brangelina? How you get them is how you keep them. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when.

  14. 139
    Rysiu Mocny Says:

    Marriage is risky investment in some countries ruin people..

  15. 140
    Rysiu Mocny Says:

    Marriage is risky investment in some countries ruin people..

  16. 141
    Rysiu Mocny Says:

    Marriage is risky investment in some countries ruin people..

  17. 142
    CJLOVE23 Says:

    She won’t be alone for long. Who will be next?? She likes to mix it up. She dates all races! It’s be nice if she’d just focus on her kids for awhile since this will be a hard time for them

  18. 143
    Ohboy Says:

    Finally! She has recovered her sight! Good for you J-Lo!

  19. 144
    Ohboy Says:

    Finally! She has rwcovered her sight! Good for you, J-Lo!

  20. 145
    who know Says:

    2 months ago she was tagged the HOTTEST woman ever!…her career has not moved an inch since she married Marc. He was simply her SPERM DONOR .She doesn’t need him anymore…. now that she is HOTTEST chic. He will be too controlling of her to do whatever she pleases and so she does what?!….GETS RID OF HIM!!!….she still loves BEN AFFLECK…and always will.She never loved MARC…..AKA(SPERM DONOR)….and he looked so little standing by her.I always know something was amis…well,there u go…………..

  21. 146
    reap what you sow Says:

    They both cheated on and dumped formal spouses. Marc Anthony is smalland boney. Not exactly her type. She was humiliated by Ben and knew Marc always wanted her. His owned selfishness got in the way and he dumped his wife and family. They tried to stay together but Marc wanted to be in NY so he can be around all his kids and baby mamas. J.LO’s job is in LA. He did not want to compromise or allow her to be the bigger star in the family. Besides she only loved him to a point. I don’t think she was happy with him phyisically. He’s unatractive in most standards. He may be a big star but on the red carpet, he was an ugly embarrassment. The entire ralationship started out foul. Learn the lesson from this people. He wanted her to give up american idol. She was not going to do that nor should he expect her to. She allows him to do what he wanted in his career. He is a selfish ass. It does not matter what we think of her talent. She is getting paid and he is simply jealous. I’m guessing he gave her an Ultimadim, LEAVE AMERICAN IDOL OR IT’S OVER. He did not get the memo, they don’t usually work. Marc, your wife is a bigger star than you. You knew this going into it. You kept her in your cage as long as you could. She is not Dayanara (staying at home cooking and cleaning with the kidS) OR YOU OTHER BABY MAMA. Marc, you are a fool. GROW UP. J.LO, GROW UP.

  22. 147
    jo Says:

    OMG. People have you seen on OKmagazie! Brad Pitt flirting with an other woman! here the pic!!!!!!!

  23. 148
    lurker Says:


    You do realize she is an assistant on the set right.? So because Brad is involved with Angelina no one is allowed to touch his arm. Idiots like you are the reason the tabloids are still in existence today.

  24. 149
    fabp Says:

    shocker! hindsight…never really see the real-deal connection somehow

  25. 150
    laverdadduele Says:

    WTF????????????? I thought these two were going to make it.

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