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Miranda Kerr: 'Treasure Yourself' Released Internationally Soon!

Miranda Kerr: 'Treasure Yourself' Released Internationally Soon!

Miranda Kerr leaves the gym after a workout on Thursday (July 14) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 28-year-old Aussie model reportedly attended a yoga class to work up a sweat.

Earlier in the week, Miranda opened up about her son, Flynn, and how his name is a tribute to a late boyfriend of hers.

Miranda also recently shared some exciting news about her new book! “Excited to tell you that my book Treasure Yourself has now been released in Korea and will soon be released in Germany, Turkey and Japan xxx,” she wrote on her Twitter account on Thursday evening.

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  • *Belle*

    She looks great!

  • holy ****

    she looks amazing. her assets have gotten bigger and her waistline is as trim as ever. what baby?! she deserves it though, she probably works hard to maintain that figure.

  • meganfox

    Nice t1ts

  • Not Fat Not Short Not Ugly

    Models are like straight up and down like rulers.
    It makes me never want to eat lol

  • superman


  • IllWill

    She looks like a teenager

  • AmericanIdol Episodes

    models don’t eat. they only drink and smoke. the next thing you know, they’re getting out of rehab. you didn’t even notice they’re going in lol

  • mythbuster

    if she doesn’t eat, how do you think she was able to give birth to a 9 pound baby? not everyone needs to starve to stay slim, just need to expend more calories than you consume. it’s not rocket science!

  • YES!

    She looks amazing!
    Her skin is absolutely gorgeous!

  • ha

    Her book has been selling really well.
    We can add that to the looooong list of things that the haters have been wrong about.

  • deadea

    her bag is not for gym or yoga

  • @11

    She’s rich, remember. And as a popular model she gets bags like that free all of the time. As long as it’s big enough for a water bottle and her phone, it can be a ‘gym’ bag. A very expensive gym bag.

  • brainy box


  • Swara

    she has an amazing figure – HOW does she do it?

  • Tvlife

    shes a baby

  • Geora

    her being Buddhist or w/e turned me off big time. Not judging her, but also not interested with what she has to say in her book either.

  • Last laugh

    How insulting like she doesnt have enough $$$, she writes a book about women’s self image! She laughs at normal looking women who cant make millions cause they dont look like her or the other VS models! Jerk!

  • @Geora

    What’s the problem with Buddhism?

  • mailey

    her body is so sick!!

  • bighead

    cute little alien child.

  • sam

    treasure yourself…. if I was her, I would… all day, in my house with mirrors for walls, floors and ceilings…

  • Mike

    Fugly chick.

  • Livin the life

    She DOES look a lot younger than she is, doesn’t she? Probably means she’ll be modeling a lot longer than people think. That will piss off the haters lol!

    As far as her book goes, no one is being forced to buy it. She put it out there and she promotes it and people buy it. Nothing wrong with that. It’s not like she giving out directions in bomb making. There’s a lot of injustice in the world and yes maybe her being beautiful and having Orlando Bloom as a husband isn’t fair but she’s hardly evil. Just very, very lucky.

  • LOL!

    A naked, anorexic, agumented slave to the fashion beauty myth is the LAST person with any right to tell young girls, or anyone for that matter, to treasure themselves. She is the worst role model any young girl could have. Well, if they want to be healthy, that is. If they want to learn that their worth is based soley on their ability to take their clothes off for the tittilation of men, then Randa May here is your woman.

  • @24

    “A naked”…huh? She is not naked, you must have a very good imagination.
    “anorexic”…no, too healthy looking to be anorexic. She positively glows with good health
    “agumented”…STILL with this stupidity? How ’bout this. You PROVE that she has had a boob job, and we will stop calling you a deranged loon obsessed with another woman’s breasts. Put up or shut up (for the 200th time).
    “slave to the fashion beauty myth”…uhm, gee, last time I checked she was a fashion model, sooooooo
    “is the LAST person with any right to tell young girls, or anyone for that matter, to treasure themselves.” Really? A healthy, successful, beautiful woman that wants girls to feel better about themselves is a bad thing? Wow, I would never have guessed.
    “She is the worst role model any young girl could have. Well, if they want to be healthy, that is”…She is constantly preaching that eating right and exercising is the way to a healthy body. So how, exactly, is that a bad thing?
    “If they want to learn that their worth is based soley on their ability to take their clothes off for the tittilation of men”…that’s funny, I didn;t realize that men bought high fashion magazines to be “tittilated”
    “then Randa May here is your woman”…What? Are you saying that girls should not strive to be successful, healthy, happy and in a stable relationship? Because that’s what Miranda represents. It’s just that you have been blinded by your hatred so that you can’t see what’s right in fromt of you.
    Poor delphites. Miranda’s continued success has once again sent you into a tailspin.
    pitiful little delphi hags

  • Treasure Your Boob Job

    They are pricey, you know.

  • LOL!

    Why should I let someone who allowed a photog to take a photo of her a$$hole tell me to treasure myself. I have no doubt that as soon as he snapped the pic he shoved his coq up there. She has slept with ever photog that has ever taken a pic of her sk@nky a$$. Is this something all women should aspire to? I really don’t think so. She posed for kiddie porn when she was 13. yeah, great role model for young woman. Wh@re yourself out then marry a celeb to pimp yourself out further then have a puppy and pimp him out for PR, too. Take drugs and smoke and starve yourself till your hips jut out for the sake of being able to pose in your underware so that men can jack off to the VS catalogue pics of you. That is certainly the way to treasure yourself. Way to go, Miranda.

  • @27

    Sighs? Is that you?
    Or could there be another idiot as ignorant about human anatomy?
    But wait.. Bitter, hateful, vulgar old hag with no one to love? Sounds more like bealze.
    Delphi decorum and class once again on display to the world. You girls must be so proud! ~sniffle~

  • @27

    Of course and she’s also Hitler’s granddaughter

  • maddox

    body like a 12 year old boy and a face that looks like a cabbage patch kid…..

  • An Open Letter to Miranda Kerr

    Salutations Ms. Kerr,
    It is our duty and deepest regret to inform you that you are, in fact, not the only woman in history to have ever given birth. The truth is, I’m sorry to say, that BILLIONS of woman have also done so since the dawn of time. Also, unfortunately for you, the act of giving birth does NOT make you a better woman or more than a woman in comparison to women who have never given birth, it simply means that you have completed a biological process. A monkey is capable of doing this as well. It simply means that all you have accomplished is proving that you are able to spread your legs so that a man may deposit his sperm into your birth canal, one of said sperm was able to fertilize a ripened egg that your body produced and that egg then became a growth that attached itself to your uterine wall where it fed off your body for nine months as it grew. Sort of like cancer. When the time came your doctor cut the growth out of your womb, slapped it and it cried, thusly it was declared a baby. By the way, monkeys know how to nurse their young as well. Not that you actually nursed your cancer, excuse me, baby. You were too busy recovering from your breast augmentation surgery. What you did was have your mother take a photograph of you pressing your augmented breast to a sleeping baby’s face so that you could post the photo to your cosmetic company’s website in order to drive traffic. In short, we are on to you and ask you to kindly shut your pie hole. You are not an uber-woman. You are merely a woman.
    No love,
    The rest of the women in the world
    P.S. Naming a man’s first born child after your dead f**kbuddy is bad form. You are a failure as a woman and as a wife.

  • @30

    Large bust, tiny waist? Wow, the 12 year old boy that you are using for a comparison must have hormonal problems. he needs to see a doctor pronto.

  • @31

    Since you copied and pasted that load of horse sh!t, I’ll do the same as a response….
    So much hatred, ignorance and studity in one post.
    Where to start?
    I guess we will start with the obvious. Where exactly did Miranda EVER claim to be the only woman to give birth? Or the only one to nurse? Or to be better than any other mother? Please post a link, because I sure have never seen her say any such thing.
    Relating a personal experience is NOT the same thing as believeing yourself unique. People ask her about her delivery, she answered. And as a lot of people across the web have stated, it was great to hear a celebrity actually be honest about childbirth. Much more refreshing than Gisele’s story of dancing unicorns and rainbows during a pain free, blissful delivery.
    And comparing a baby to a cancer? Really? That is a new low, even for a delphite. And that says a ton!
    And you have also revealed yourself to be as stubborn as an @ss. How many times, exactly do we have to show you ‘boob job boobs’ medical evidence that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that she did NOT, could NOT, and has NOT had a bood job. Your stubborness is laughable.
    But go ahead, and keep on posting. The more often that you reveal your ignorance, the more people will see how ridiculous you delphites are.
    BTW, you just gave us more evidence that you are a delphi hag.
    NO ONE calls a boyfriend of a 14-16 year old girl a “f**k buddy” but a delphite.
    Your hatred, jealousy and insecurities really need to be treated professionally. It’s not healthy to wallow in darkness the way that you do.
    You need help.

  • @27

    It’s something of a contradiction for a model to write a self-help book.

    In fact, all self-help books are something of a contradiction because the only people who are good role models are those who get on with their lives, doing good things, rather than making a life out of telling other people how to live.

    But I could see her motivation being sincere. If she’s always having girls write to her saying that they want to be like her, and she’s good-hearted, she might want to tell them what she does to be healthy and what they can do to be confident as they are. I highly doubt she’s doing it so she can laugh at people because she thinks she’s better than them or because she thinks she’s perfect.