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Rachel Bilson: Leggy Blue Bathrobe Babe!

Rachel Bilson: Leggy Blue Bathrobe Babe!

Rachel Bilson shows some leg on the set of her latest movie, The To Do List, on Friday (July 14) in Calabasas, Calif.

The 29-year-old actress left the hair and makeup trailer in a blue bathrobe and headed over to shoot some scenes with her script in hand!

Earlier that same day, Rachel arrived to the set in a pair of orange sweats and dark sunglasses.

Rachel has been spotted in a variety of different outfits on set for this film! Last week, she bore her midriff in a two piece ensemble, and later, sported a pair of daisy dukes.

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rachel bilson blue bathrobe 01
rachel bilson blue bathrobe 02
rachel bilson blue bathrobe 03
rachel bilson blue bathrobe 04
rachel bilson blue bathrobe 05
rachel bilson blue bathrobe 06

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  • laurie


  • TeaMan

    she is gorgeous

  • mike

    @laurie: dont be jealous

  • mike

    @laurie: dont be jealous

  • torrance

    i like her makeup here.



  • whizzer

    Leggy MIDGET!

  • Darla

    And she’s 29 lol

  • Tony

    Why is this person photographed every day? Has she done anything since the OC?

  • kiki

    Her face has changed! What the hell? It really annoys me that these people can just go out and buy cheekbones and a chin like they are buying a new lipstick. I wish I was rich!! I guess she looks good but she annoys me.

  • ngl…

    The blue and the makeup looks amazing on her

  • blah

    why, but WHY is she relevant?

  • RebelYell

    Two days, three posts that are clones of eachother.Realizing that this is getting kind of amusing,priceless.But in all seriousness,why would the papparazzi sit there all day and get pictures of Rachel Bilson in the morning, and in the late afternoon, and not snap pictures of any other actor/actress on set? Makes absolutely no sense to me. This movie is not the next Hangover and Bridesmaids,so the idea that papparazzi just happen to be stalking the set everyday and only take pictures of Rachel Bilson,ignoring the rest of the cast,is beyond belief She is only playing the older sister in the To Do List..

  • Gemma

    So glad to be seeing more of Rachel and that she is making movies and a tv series. Can’t wait to see them.

  • Gemma

    I will never understand the idea of voting thumbs down on non-inflammatory personal opinions on this site. It just goes to show the obsession some people have with disliking Rachel Bilson. It’s really not normal.

  • lexy hates bilson

    So JJ are the other actors refusing to shoot scenes with Rachel?? Why are there NO other actors in this movie?? Has the ice cream girl become such a big star she doesn’t work with other actors?? Or is this a one-woman movie?? I know the other stars don’t pay your salary like Bilson does but come on…you need to show them in some shots!!

  • haha

    I don’t think you can say “leggy” when you’re only 5’3″

  • maya

    she’s awesome this girl, still don’t understand why ppl hate her she’s so cute and modest so simple, rachel is amazing but she looks tired my sweet girl

  • RebelYell

    @maya: ” my sweet girl” Your sweet girl? Okay that is a little bit creepy.

  • Firefly

    ‘Leggy’ can be used to describe a person of any height as long as that person has great legs. Being 6 foot does not automatically entitle you ‘leggy,’ that title must be earned and Bilson definitely deserves it!

  • TeaMan

    she hot she hot

  • skyler

    I thought that its Eva LongWHOREia here…

  • tristgrey

    She’ll be 5’3″ if she’s wearing a “”6 inches”" flatform shoes.

  • David

    If I have a To Do List she’ll be the first one on my list xD

  • New Husband Hayden On Set

    Hayden was on the set each day but asked not to be photographed. He is obsessive about his privacy and private life but they go everywhere together. Often he waits for her in her trailer. They’re so in love. It’s good they finally got married. Hayden & Rachel are the perfect couple!

  • Hayden Back in Canada

    @New Husband Hayden On Set:

    Well seems like you know shit.
    Dude is back home. He likes being home in Canada on his farm.
    He certainly does not spend too much time in LA. Got there for his own business…..just saying!

  • R&H

    It seems that when Hayden is in LA, Rachel is his business, as well as his pleasure.They were seen quite a bit together in LA recently. She was in Canada with him on the farm for a few weeks in June, you must recall, if you know Hayden is back in Canada now. They were both MIA for a month. They were seen in Cape May, NJ, for several days before Rachel turned up back in LA at the end of June. Then a couple weeks later, Hayden shows up with her in LA. Someone just wants to get a reaction out of the crazy comment in #25. Just saying.

  • Carol

    @Hayden Back in Canada: @R&H: How do u know he is back in canada? just bcuz no pap pictures lately means he’s up in canada?.. i don’t think so.

  • R&H

    @ Carol

    Read my post again, I never said Hayden is in Canada now, I was replying to #26 that said he is in Canada now. I said “if you know he is in Canada now”. I agree with you, no pap pictures mean nothing as far as where Hayden is, he could be anywhere.

  • Hayden Back in Canada


    Hayden is back in Canada. I know this for fact. WE have common friends.
    Please don’t hate!

  • Carol

    @Hayden Back in Canada: YOU have common friends? I kind of doubt that creep.

  • RebelYell

    @New Husband Hayden On Set: Okay whatever you say crazy. If they had gotten married JJ would have been screaming about it the same day. He posts every little thing about these two. If Hayden can ask the photographers to not take his picture and thats why hes not seen, then by your own logic couldn’t Rachel also ask them to not take her picture? She is photographed every day on set since she started working on The To Do List. Your logic fails. Why are Rayden fans so out there?Some of Rachel’s fans are truly scary,calling her their sweet girl and making up anything about her as though they know her. It’s just creepy.

  • Emma

    I have common friends with Rachel, she is up in Canada as well.

    :) hahha.

  • CC

    @ RebelYell

    The person who left that claim of Rachel and Hayden being married did it to simply get a reaction, which you just gave them. Has nothing to do with being a fan of either Rachel or Hayden, they probably just want to see what people will say on here about their comment. There has not been a post of Rachel on the movie set since Thurs. July 14th, this post is about that day and is dated for Friday 7/15. Emma may be right about Rachel being in Canada with Hayden, too, since when she is in LA she is photographed very frequently.

  • Hayden Back in Canada


    H is home.

  • lr

    Thanks JJ for Rachel postings, love her!