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Vanessa Hudgens: 'Gimme Shelter' Makeover!

Vanessa Hudgens: 'Gimme Shelter' Makeover!

Vanessa Hudgens sports a drastic new look on the set of her new movie Gimme Shelter on Friday (July 15) in Newark, NJ.

The 22-year-old actress showed off a shorter new ‘do, piercings on her face, and some baggy clothes.

Gimme Shelter is about a pregnant homeless teen (Hudgens) who flees her abusive mother (Rosario Dawson) and seeks out her biological father (Brendan Fraser).

Earlier in the week, sources tell that Vanessa wore a fake baby bump and had a much cleaner look while filming scenes for the movie at the Airmont Diner in Airmont, New York.

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Credit: Jackson Lee, Stephen Lovekin; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, Getty
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  • ?

    Oh wow

  • betsy

    wearing a wig? she pretends to be praised for her acting by wearing a wig? honey, you’re not Charlize Theron. Stop trying to get youbreakout because it already happened and it was called HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL. Go take more naked pictures of yourself and then come and pretend to be a serious actress.

  • Selena

    FIY Jared someone on twitter said it isn’t a wig. They wanted to take a pic with Vanessa on set and she said no because she didn’t want anyone to see her new hair until the movie comes out, therefore I don’t believe its a wig.
    damnnnnnnnnn these pics scared me lol. But then again I guess thats the point right?

  • Kendi

    @betsy: you know what? just go and f*uck yourself honey…

  • ladysdsandiego

    wow.. she looks really different..

  • ladysdsandiego

    she has the old zac efron hair lol

  • lauren

    what age is she going to be in this movie?

  • betsy

    yeah, come at me BBV fans! You all are blind and stan a person that takes naked pictures of herself, smokes and dated a guy that let his team detroy the person he loved’s career! THAT’S YOUR IDOL!

  • carly

    I can’t wait to see this movie. I wonder what her hair looks now after the movie ends. The filming ends this weekend so i’m glad she is going to get some rest and go back home. I support you 100%. Can’t wait to see what your future will be. Lots of love and friendship.

  • belle

    oh god! love bbv but she looks like a boy!

  • Kendi

    sorry… i just can’t remember anyone ask your opinion b*itch!

  • mailey

    Awesome. She looks badass.

  • lauren

    when you say ” go home” u mean go visit her ”boyfriend” josh?


    I bet Zac wants her back now. HAHA

  • betsy

    @Kendi: sorry… I just can’t remember anyone ask YOUR opinion about my opinion :)

  • Ashlee


    GROW UP!!! You sound like an angry, unintelligent little 12 yrs old girl who wouldn’t know good acting if it hit you over the head.

  • Kiss

    okay…… Im not going to say anything mean about her until the trailer/movie come out.
    No one should be praising or bashing her yet.

  • hailee

    I bet Zac wants to be with her now haha they’re both D lister now so… who cares?

  • Jenny

    Wow, she looks pretty cool! And JustJared, Vanessa’s mom told a fan on Twitter that Van is not wearing a wig.

  • Vanessa Fan

    I love this kind of movie!!!! Can’t wait till it come out. Yeah for Vanessa!!!! She really does look like a homeless teenager in these pix.

  • hailee

    @Ashlee: oh, excuse me but Marlon Brando, Montgomery Clift, Dustin Hoffman, Daniel Day Lewis, Al Pacino, Jack Nicholson, Tom Hardy, the flawless queen Helena Bonham Carter, Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchet, Kate Winslet, Sally Field, Charlize Theron, River Phoenix, Brad Renfro, Emile Hirsch, Marion Cotillard, Javier Bardem…. THAT’S GREAT ACTING TBH!

  • jr

    Uhh jj Fyi that’s no wig she seriously cut her hair like that.

  • http://none Mia


    Vanessa is a pretty girl, though judging from all the movies she’s been and that I have seen, she is not a very good actress…

  • QQ

    I wonder if there will be a spontaneous song and dance number to “Light My Candle” by Vanessa and Rosario LOL

  • brendan

    @Mia: totally agree with you. i really like vanessa but i think she’s just disney cute and her acting only works for disney’s idea of merchandising people like products but she doesn’t have hat it takes to become a serious actress, that’s why only a few child stars fail, because they’re cute and sell when they’re kids but later they don’t have it and i’m afraid vanessa is belongs to the latter

  • J

    I hope this movie can redeem her career , because so far her acting hasn’t been great. Luckily for her, she has good connections, and good agent, because a lot of critics and people are saying

    “when is her 15 mins of fame up”?

  • betsy

    @J: her 15 minutes were split up in 3 and it was called high school musical tbh

  • Anneli

    I think it’s cool! I did not expect this from her at all. If she pulls this off she might have a whole new career ahead of her. She could do a Johnny Depp. You know…go from being in a mindless teen show (or as Johnny himself put it: being a piece of disposable Hollywood meat) into a versatile and interesting actor. Let’s hope.

  • Alaia

    Uglying up won’t disguise the bad acting skills.

    Also, there is nothing worse than actresses wearing wigs for roles. Not exactly dedicated to her art, is she?

  • http://deleted …me

    she really works it. hahaha i can’t wait for this movie to come out. the one without a bit of acting talent is tequila/bimbo -loving zac.

  • ladysdsandiego


    that is not a wig. her mom said on twitter that it’s her real hair.

  • peggy


    Actually Sally Field was a joke for the first 20 years of her career, Brad Pitt was regarded another cute guy with limited prospects and Charlize Theron was laughed at.

    You’re not only mean you as dumb as they come

  • Vanessa Fan

    Oh, I forgot. It’s summer and all the mean little “hate Vanessa” girls are out of school. And most of them are fans of that other Disney star who couldn’t get a good movie if she got down on her knees and begged because she’s a one-role wonder. That’s what’s really pissing you kiddies off. Admit it and get over it. And why are you nuts comparing 22 year old Vanessa to actors who are dead or in their 80s and 90s? Get real here and if you have a brain use it.

  • e


    There are more critics praising her acting choices post HSM then there are those that dosn’t like her so your lmae excuse to bash her dosn’t work, and what’s your guys problem, Vanessa goes out and still auditions for parts to make sure that she earns them farely, there is nothing bad about her acting, producers, directors, fellow actors and critics all say that she is a great actress with a great personality, and these pictures are just another way of showing her talent and her willingness to work hard and do what she can to get into her characters, that’s something to prais not bash, and I’m going to let you all in on a little secret…if you don’t like an actors work, don’t watch it, it’s pretty simple really and it doesn’t cost you a thing.


    Also, lauren, Vanessa’s mom Gina just said today on twitter that Vanessa is happy and singel and that her and Josh are just really good friends, and excuse me if I prefer to belive Vanessa herself and her mother, two people actually involved with it then some haters on the internet with nothing better to do with their lives then bash Vanessa, Josh or any other people who actually does something they love for a living.

  • facts

    @hailee: Indeed those are all great actors, but the truth of the matter is they started out just as good or decent as Vanessa did. You keep acting so you get better at it. This could very well be vanessa’s “moment”.

  • lauren

    @ when did v’s mom ever said she is single? and josh are really good friends? for good friends they have been spending a crap load of time together for two ppl who are just friends.

  • kami

    it’s obvious some ppl are really pissed that vanessa auditioned for this part and got it. they know it’s a meaty role and that’s causing their jealous little hearts to bleed.

  • hello

    She is young and is growing in her acting. I can see improvement with each movie she films. I’m glad that she’s showing this much dedication and wants to be one with the character. That’s the sign of a true actor and I believe she has a bright future. Many of you sound immature. You all must not follow her career because she received rave reviews for her acting in Bandslam. The way she transforms is amazing. She also shocked me with Sucker Punch. She didn’t even look like herself. She’s on the right path and changing it up with each movie role. At least she’s still getting movie roles. I can’t say the same about a lot of other Disney actresses.

  • Mayle

    @facts: I don’t remember Winslet or Brando starting out in third rate Disney musicals, but you have a point. Michelle Williams started out in Dawson’s Creek. But the difference is that Williams can act. Always could.

  • Scarrr

    What is her mom’s twitter? I would love to follow it.

    Anyway, this shows that she is really serious about acting. She will have a great career ahead of her.

    I am pretty sure two people can hang out a lot and still be friends. They would be cute.

  • greenlee

    looks cool. looks like jared leto’s brother.

  • hello


    She’s young and still learning….growing. Michelle Williams wasn’t always a great actress either. She grew into her own after Broke Back Mountain. That was her breakout role. Vanessa will have her time as well. Don’t hate. You might be surprised after seeing this movie. Why don’t you give Vanessa a chance?

  • Raina England

    It makes her look bigger than she is, unless she gained weight for the role. Either way, she hasn’t impressed me in anything so far, so I doubt she will in this, but we will see… probably not though.

  • mike

    @hello: hey hey hey, ‘grew in’? michelle was already in awesome in dawson’s creek.

  • e


    From MamaGH’s twitter 4 hours ago when asked about Vanessa and Josh her reply was:

    She’s happy! Van’s single, they’re great friends!

    I dunno what else you need then that. Though for me, had she been dating Josh then I’d be happy for her as long as she’s happy, but now I’m glad that she at least have found a great friend in Josh, he’s a great and talanted guy.

  • hello


    She was not a great actress in Dawson’s CreeK. None of the actors were. They were maybe on the same par acting wise as 90210 or one Tree Hill actors. So yes, Michelle Williams grew into a great actress over time. I don’t remember her being nominated for awards or receiving critical acclaim for that role in DC.

  • Alyssa

    Whoa that is definitely hard to get used too but I’m excited to see the movie! I don’t care if Vanessa doesn’t like the pretty girl before it’s for a freaking movie guys! Considering where she was about 6 years ago (just barely starting HSM) she’s definitely accepted the right movie roles for her and she’s improving a lot more everytime. We may not like it but if you really look back at HSM and then look at now she’s slowing making her way to the top. Hello, she starred in a Zack Synder movie! That was big for her! She’s a great actress that gets better everyday and you should stop being so judgemental. She may not be as perfect as Zac but she’s good enough. Love you Vanessa! <3

  • Selena

    @hailee: Oh sweetheart if you think Zac or Vanessa re D-listers now I don’t even want to know what you think the Jonas Brothers, Jesse McCartney, Hilairy Duff, Ashley Tisdale or a lot of other former Disney kids are. Because THOSE kids aren’t doing half of what Vanessa or Zac are doing. Not hating on them but they aren’t doing half of what these two are doing. IMO Vanessa, Miley, & Zac are really the only ones who have made a name for themselves OUTSIDE of Disney. Selena’s still VERY much a Disney kid and known of the other Disney kids have really done anything.

  • Alyssa

    @hello: Yesh!! Finally someone gets what I’m thinking in my head right now! Laid off of Vanessa guys! Jeez freaking online judgemen of celebs is DUMB! Why don’t you try and be in Vanessa’s shoes and read all this crap! Get a life all you haters!

  • betsy

    @peggy: sorry bb read again, never mention the acting joke that brad pitt is.