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Chris Brown Performs for 18,000 Fans on 'Today'

Chris Brown Performs for 18,000 Fans on 'Today'

Chris Brown belts out his hit songs on the Today show on Friday (July 15) at NYC’s Rockefeller Plaza.

More than 18,000 fans packed the area to watch the 22-year-old singer perform tracks including “Yeah 3X,” “Can Transform Ya,” “Forever,” and “She Aint You” during the show’s Summer Concert Series. Some even started camping out since Wednesday!

“I love my fans!!!! It is really truly an honor and a blessing to create music and evoke emotion for positivity. Can’t live without my fans,” Chris tweeted.

Check out more of Chris‘s performances after the cut!

Chris Brown – She Ain’t You

20+ pictures inside of Chris Brown performing on the Today show…

Chris Brown – Forever

Chris Brown – Yeah 3X

Chris Brown – Can Transform Ya
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Credit: Stephen Lovekin, PNP; Photos: Getty, WENN
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  • Crack is wack breezy

    he is still a W O M E N B E A T E R
    And paying people to see a free concert is pathetic breezy.
    Your next album should be called SMOKE N MIRROR
    you are a C-List singer like Trey Songz
    “damn homie, back in the day you were the man homie, what the hell happened to you”

  • lalou

    Chris Brown deserves it…I mean he made a mistake, I don’t say we have to forget or forgive but before that he is an amazing artist, very talented and it’s a fact. His fans stand by his side and yesterday he broke a record 18/20 000 people were there to see him because they love and support him no matter what.

  • lalou

    He deserves it…I mean, I don’t say we have to forget or forgive what he did but before that, he is an amazing artist, very talented. 18/20 000 people were there to see him because they love and support him. His fans stand by his side and that’s the most important thing.

  • eph

    His amazing!!

  • evs

    I’m fairly surprised he still has 18k fans but that’s America I suppose!

  • evs

    oh & he has an incredibly annoying speech flaw/ I remember seeing him on the oc and needing subtitles

  • http://jad slig o lambert^_______^ cute

    i dont like

  • ShutUPHaters

    @Crack is wack breezy: F00L, The today show along with Toyota give the free concert but they paid Chris for his performance, idiot!! You mentioned Trey Songz so I see you are jealous of fine and handsome men. HATER!

  • ShutUPHaters

    Chris Brown is the best male performer and Beyonce is the best female performer.. Point blank!



    real singers don”t use autotune in every single songs boo boo
    you are a stan of a light skinned version of t-pain
    He paid people from his fanclub to attend this concert. One of my freiend received a mail from his label and they BEGGED her to attend this concert.

    And if really 20K people really wanted to see him in concert then he should perform at the MADISON SQUARE GARDEN and sell it out fr his next non existing tour
    We both know it won’t happen

  • TODAY…ylist_id=86871

    FOX NEWS talking about sell out like NB supporting talentless womenbeater

  • catchy

    still a hypocrite

  • elena

    haters could say whaterver they want. His fans are behind him. He is well loved.

  • Anonymous

    Congrats to Chris Brown – one of the best comebacks in the music industry ever. He kept it pushing forward until everyone believed in him again.

  • Keysha

    What ?Chris Brown BEGGED his own fans to attend a FREE concert? What a hasbeen.


    I know he is a has been his last album didn’t even reach the 700K mark. This is probably his lable Jive are on Bankruptcy, they are spending so many money on this brat but there is absolutely no income
    they should have fired him already. Every single day this brat has to open his mouth or beating somebody or something he is lost and needs medical help or he is going to kill somebody
    They are feeding a monster

    Let’s hope that this rumor is true so they can spend their money on real artist and not psychotic brats from virginia

    Reportedly, Sony Music will begin dissolving Jive Records this summer, but there’s allegedly one problem…what to do with Chris Brown. According to Page Six, the decision on where Jive’s biggest names will end up has already been made (with Usher, Ciara and Outkast joining the fold of Epic Records, and Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and Pink joining the artist roster of RCA), but the labels are anything but eager to take on Breezy. A source told Page Six:

    “Neither [Epic or RCA] really wants to take him on. He makes great music, but he has personal baggage. He’s in a long-term contract, but contracts are made to be broken.”

  • http://l Looky

    I can’t stand his auto-tune crap!!! How does this looser have fans and celebs ready to kiss his bitch made ass???

  • sunflower27828

    Its truly sad to see HATERS (Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success) spreading lies this early in the morning. Fans starting lining up as early as Wednesday, and even the Chris Brown team was surprised at the record numbers. 18/20K………. thats more than Bruno Mars, Rihanna and Lady Gaga posted when they did the Today concert. Fans love Breezy. FAME….. according to Soundscan is the #7 selling album of 2011, and has spawned several #1 songs. His Dancing with the Stars appearance gave the show record numbers. FYI to the HATERS…….Get used to the terms Chris Brown and record breaking.

  • eph

    I dont think people understand how many fans chris brown actually has. He won the BET awards because of his fans. Your listening to his music today because of his fans. His album went number one because of his fans. And now ur telling me, he “begged” people to go to his free concert?

  • eph

    We are listening to Chris Browns music today because of his fans, his album went to number one becuse of his fans, he won awards because of his fans. And now people r on here saying he has no fans!

  • gege

    @TODAY: you can tell when someone uses auto -____- yeah 3x required auto tune….please give me ONE POPULAR SELLING artist or group that doesnt have an auto tuned song..
    you know chris brown can sing we’ve alll heard him accapella! just like Britney Spears uses ALOT of auto tune..but we know she has a voice get over it

  • gege

    @Looky: same reason any celeb has fans-_____________________- they all have auto tuned songs…..

  • gege

    @TODAY: Chris Brown is WINNING..are you over it yet?..dont stay mad.


    singers don’t use autone beyonce never used autotune and nobody uses autotune LIVE except chris brown.
    anf not he ain’t winning he is losing.


    singers don’t use autone beyonce never used autotune and nobody uses autotune LIVE except chris brown.
    anf not he ain’t winning he is losing. he is a delusional liar.

  • sunflower27828

    @TODAY…….”REPETITION does not transform a LIE into the truth.” FDR
    When you used Fox News as a source, I knew TRUTH was not an issue for you. Men lie, women lie, FOX NEWS and Rupert M lie, BUT numbers dont. Bruno Mars, Rihanna and Lady Gaga have all done the FREE Today Concert series, but the only one to have more than 18,000 attend was Chris Brown. FAME…..according to Soundscan, is the #7 best selling album of 2011. FAME…according to Billboard has spawned 3 #1 songs. Currently, Chris Brown has 4 songs on the Hot 100 and 4 on the R and B Charts. When Chris performed on “Dancing with the Stars”, the show received record ratings. Also, his “Saturday Night Live” performance did well also. @Today, get used to the words…..Chris Brown and RECORD BREAKING!!!!!!! Dont believe fake letters and Fox News…..only trust INDUSTRY sources.

  • Clearly his fans have never been on the receiving end of an abusive relationship. If they had, then they would think twice about funding his paychecks (in the case it was free, i know). As for Rihanna whether she was a bitch or not, does not matter – he should of used words instead of pummeling her. Ps. I am not blind Rihanna fan either.

  • gege

    @Crack is wack breezy: sounds like you buy trey songz music…

  • http://google Nyamal gatluak

    Chris brown is the winning his the best of the best is the great guy ever his amazing am so happy for him


    Gaga actually had 20K attendees CB PR LIED AGAIN, HIS ALBUM IS NOT EVEN SELLING BETTER Than TREY SONGZ latest album who sold around 800K and you wanna come here and brag about him selling 650K Nicca please. Stop lying to yourself.
    His songs only went #1 in R&B Radios not in the MAIN HOT 100 and we both know that it will never happen
    And I am gonna SEND TO MEDIATAKEOUT.COM the email that my friend received from hs team BEGGING HER TO ATTEND the concert since you want him to be exposed. The only thing that HE BEATS ARE WOMEN.
    Him and his mom are TRYIN TOO HARD and LYIN TOO MUCH. They became a joke in the industry. He is so desperate for FAME that he looks thirsty. He didn’t even have a label anymore because people are tired of his psychotic head. He can enjoy his last 15 min of Fame but he is already tired and washed up.
    These 18K hoodrats will never spend money on one of his concerts and will never sell out the Madison Square Garden unless he opens for Justin Bieber since he is licking his ass like crazy lately.
    Chris Brown has always to live and use other people to be famous, first it was Rihanna now it’s justin bieber. He is desperate and hasbeen forever. He should be banished from television and should e in jail. He is uggly and HAS THE BIGGEST NOSTRILS EVER
    He looks like a clown with his bowtie

  • fat

    chris brown is a nutcase

  • http://google Nyamal gatluak

    all the hater they just been hater no body care about what they says, all the real fans to Chris brown are so amazing

  • cook

    today is right. Chris B. is washed up. I remember when he came out he used to sing and dance live now he can’t sing anymore and don’t dance the way he used too. But maybe he hasn’t the money to pay thoses classes anymore. Dude failed

  • cook

    today you are right!!!!!Chris is hanging with bieber because he wants to be relevant again to regular teens. he is probably tired iof these hoodrats who don’t make his album platunum

  • EPH

    @TODAY looool ur funny. I can just write an email myself right now and claim how he “begged” me too. And send it to MediaTakeOut they would defo post it but everyone knows they lie 80% of the time. Lool Im done.

  • Kendra

    I loved Chris’ performance and I am so proud of the 20K ppl that came out to show love and support for him. Anyone that is mad that Chris broke records yesterday need a life. Funny I didn’t hear anyone b*tchn when the commercials were running promoting the series where his name was included in the list of performers along with everyone else so why now??? He came and did the job he was hired…end of story it just so happens that he is very good at his job…ooopsss shame on Chris!!! Jelousy and hatred are powerful enemies to self…get over it Chris is well loved and will continue to succeed…

  • Kendra

    @cook: @Today is lunatic on here responding to their own post. Anywho Justin clearly idiolizes CB swag…check his style his choice of clothing and oh yeah his choice of songs to sing at his concerts. much like how Chris has an MJ portion during his shows JB does the sam but with CB songs.

  • sunflower27828

    @Today………I hate to bring TRUTH into your delusional rants, but I must. lol
    1, The Today Show announced that Chris Brown broke their concert series record. (Only U have given that 20,000 total for Lady Gaga.)
    2. Soundscan posted the fact that FAME was the #7 selling album of 2011.
    3. “Beautiful People” was #1 on the Billboard Dance Chart.
    4. “Look at me now” was #1 on the Billboard Rap chart.
    5. “FAME” was #1 on the Billboard 200. (Media Traffic lists FAME as being over 900K in WorldWide Sales)
    6. “Deuces” and “Look at me now” were #1 on the Billboard R and B Chart.
    7. Obviously you did not watch the concert yesterday because there were NOT18k hoodrats in attendance. Those in attendance were a mix of all races and ethnic groups.
    8. Fox News and MediaTakeOUt are the jokes of the News Industry. Truth is NOT an option with those 2.
    9. @Truth…..Dont allow HATE to make you blind to FACTS. People love Chris Brown. Since obviously YOU are not a fan, why take the time to malign this young man. Go to the story about Trigger Trey and post your heart out. lol

  • Becauseyouwantareply


    Now here’s a few things you got incorrect.

    1. CB’s PR didn’t say that he broke a record, the TODAY SHOW empoyees stated that this was the largest crowd EVER.
    2. Trey’s album took a year to even go gold. WW, Chris has sold 900k albums Trey STILL hasn’t sold more then that and his album has been out forever, coming from a Trey fan by the way.
    3. Check your facts buddy… number one album in the country. Main, radio, R&b, digital. Check it out check it out
    4. Let’s say by the stretch of the imagination you are correct. He begged fans to sleep on the street for him. Because he begged the did they have to do it? Nope. Which still makes your argument null in void.
    5. 18k hoodrats? What defines a hoodrat? I saw people of every race and age. from 70 to 3 years of age. Black, white and hispanic. I’m not sure what defines a hoodrat for you but if that crowd is the definition then we just might all be “hoodrats”

    Just a FEW of your incorrect facts, Why must you be so foolish? and What does his bowtie or nostrils have to do with anything? COMICAL

  • I like his music

    congrats to him ,his career is bigger than ever. He had a great comeback , his singles, album , Apperance and tour are selling out more than Rihanna. Take that haters.

  • Mason

    I can’t believe 18,000 people came out for this woman beater.

  • Dean

    I don’t get the whole callin people haters. Isn’t that more for say if u knocked their style or hair?
    This guy beat a girl up. Did u see her face? Destroyed.
    Pointing that out isn’t hating, it’s some serious facts.
    And it’s pretty sick that you’d support a guy who would do that to a woman. You all need help.

  • Dean

    I don’t get the whole callin people haters. Isn’t that more for say if u knocked their style or hair?
    This guy beat a girl up. Did u see her face? Destroyed.
    Pointing that out isn’t hating, it’s stating some serious facts.
    And it’s pretty sick that you’d support a guy who would do that to a woman. You all need help.

  • Amare

    Steven instead of spreading lies about this flop chris brown you better make sure that he can keep his record deal because nobody wants his talentless ass at sony

  • edzctor
  • guest

    don’t know what exactly happen between him and Rihanna and i dont really care; he is fantastic entertainer period…extremely talented guy at only 22…it would be a shame to write someone off at such a young age because of one mistake, we all make mistakes, hopefully he learns from his actions and never repeats them…Rihanna has forgiven him, why can’t everyone else…such hate and animosity serves no purpose in our world today…

  • YAYA

    I wonder how many showed up to see if he would break something?

  • Troycie

    I know most of the negative comments are coming from my caucasian brothers but what we must understand is domestic violence is much more prevalant in white familes as opposed to African American families. Secondly, he’s made a mistake in his life and he’s trying to put it behind him. He’s over it, so People Should get over it, especially those who don’t have compassion for forgiveness. He’s an entertainer and it takes two people to be caught up in any dispute or confrontation. Rhianna is just as much at fault as he is, because we aren’t living in a time where she could not seek help or had any ties to Chris Brown, she wasn’t living with him, nor had children by him which obligated her to stay with him. Rhianna from my observation is a very dark person anyway from her music to her dress and behavior who tries to come across as innocent in the whole matter. By no means at all am I taking Chris’s side, he was at fault too, but everyone should not take Rhianna’s side for face value. Chris Brown is young and got caught up in a situation that he should not have been in and focusing more on his career instead of women. Hopefull God will guide both of these young people and put them in a better place in their life.

  • Troycie

    @TODAY: Chile please, beYAWNcy lip syncs uses auto-tune and everything else – stop being such a fan and face the truth – idiot.

  • sowhat284

    i hope chris gets in trouble for beating up another woman because then maybe we’ll finally be able to see this abusive psycho get the true punishment he deserves for beating up that big forehead b*tch rihanna.