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Emma Watson: 'Harry Potter' Breaks Opening Day Record!

Emma Watson: 'Harry Potter' Breaks Opening Day Record!

Emma Watson leaves her hotel as she heads to a movie theater to catch a showing of her new movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 on Friday (July 15) in New York City.

The 21-year-old actress went shopping in Soho earlier in the week and made a stop at the Chanel store.

Harry Potter is going to be breaking a bunch of records this weekend! The film grossed $43.5 million at midnight screenings, shattering the $30 million record set by The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

The film is also expected to make $95 million in its opening day alone, breaking a record of $72 million set by The Twilight Saga: New Moon, according to Deadline.

FYI: Emma is wearing the Wilfred for Aritzia Chevalier Blazer.

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Credit: Felipe Ramales; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • j

    harry potter is a million times better than twilight :)

  • Anon

    @j: Can’t agree more =]

  • Lou


  • elle

    I would freak out if I found emma in my movie theater!

  • http://jad slig o lambert^_______^ cute

    @kà simply
    where are you?

  • stephanie

    Good, Harry Potter is actually deserving of its achievements, unlike Twilight.

  • stephanie

    Good, Harry Potter is actually deserving of its achievements. Unlike Twilight.

  • Juke

    95 mil on opening day, I’d say it’s a lock that DH part 2 breaks the Dark Knight’s record for the highest grossing opening weekend ever.

  • kbrasena

    please stop combaring harry potter and the twiliht saga it is a fact that harry potter series do not need a word like saga to show that it is a legend!!!

  • Ismail



  • luna

    I love you HP. thanks for the past amazing 13 years . I hope someday in the future, you three star in another movie together. (: what you gave in the past 13 years will stay for the next 100+ generations. You all have such amazing hearts !!!

    XOXO !!!

  • Ann

    just wait until Braking Dawn !haaaa:D

  • Ann

    just wait until Breaking Dawn !haaaa:D

  • dayjolie


    HP doesn’t need a showmance between its actors to keep the fans. But HP fans aren’t horny teens and middle aged housewives who live their fantasies through fictional story.

  • recessionista


    All the scenes people like you are interested in are already leaked. I see Summit is selling their film as soft core porn. It makes your fanfiction become real at least on screen.

  • noname


  • Holic


  • Ele

    HELL YEAH! :)

  • Cyn

    If Twilight bet all the records before i’m pretty sure we can do it again there are still two movies to come, never under estimate the twilight fandom!

  • kikay

    Twilight rules over those midgety,hobbitsky,HP actors including that fat legs Emma.

  • Annie

    Oh, she is so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Frozoid

    She’s put on weight -in addition to being a college dropout.

    Ever since pictures of her looking stressed at Brown surfaced, she hasn’t looked particularly happy (except when posing on the red carpet.)

    Methinks she’s going to have trouble up ahead without having these movies to fall back on.. There will be an identity crisis, and she will have to finally deal with her parents’ divorce. Wouldn’t be surprised if she was out of the film business by the time she’s 30.

  • jacqueline

    I watched the movie last night and I cried my heart out! IT WAS BEAUTIFUL, everything about it was fantastic, magical… I can’t even…. It was great to see Alan Rickman and Maggie Smith having more screen time and opportunity to show THE ACTORS they are!

  • Gabby

    She looks so cute here and I LOVE that she’s going to see HP again at the theaters. I would flip out if I turned around in my seat and saw her sitting there.

  • Gabby


    They showed that twilight trailer in my theater at midnight and the audience laughed, because it was so ridiculous.

    I’m pretty sure you crazy twi-hards will go in bucketloads to see it at midnight, but considering Potter has the help of 3D and also more fans, I wouldn’t bet it breaking the record. If anything is going to break it again, it will be The Dark Knight Rises or maybe The Hobbit Part 1.

  • toria


    They also showed the Twilight trailer at my theater. It did get some cheers, but mainly boos. The audience was primarily teens to mid-20′s and what I found totally amazing and amusing is that when they showed the Money Ball trailer Brad Pitt got as many cheers and positive yells as the start of the HP movie. I would not have thought the audience in the theater would have been such ardent Pitt fans let alone prefer him to Edward, Bella and Jake.

  • skskj

    @kikay: at least harry potter actually has a plot and unlike twilight MAKES LOGISTICAL SENSE. The vampires cant create bodily fluids other than venom but somehow Edward is able to create a child? What is that stupidity?!

  • Louise

    It drives me nuts that people still consider Twilight to be in the same caliber as Harry Potter.

    Yes it’s a fantasy series but compared to Harry Potter, Twilight lacks depth and imagination.

    Most twilight fans are of a certain age shall we say were as Harry Potter is universally loved by young and old alike.

    In terms of Emma, I have to correct certain people. She is NOT a college dropout, she is studying back in the UK for 1 year at OXFORD and will then go back to Brown for the last year.

    She has shown considerable talent and perseverance in the last few yrs and not many people could juggle and deal with what she has had to do so I really wish people would stop with the shit.

    She has already filmed another film, she wants to have an education and expand her knowledge and if SHE chooses to not pursue acting in the future, that will be because she has her own mind and has chosen to do something else that she loves.

    Anyway, enough said I think.

  • RebelYell

    No surprise that the last Harry Potter film would do so well. The long time fans are coming out to support the film . To see the characters they love and say goodbye to the characters and world one more time. I’m also thrilled Harry Potter is crushing Twilight. Because unlike Twilight,Harry Potter books and even the films will stand the test of time. It is just sad to see the world of HP come to a close.:( But maybe one day down the road J,K. will return to that world again and write new books.

  • toni

    I’m not a fan of the movie, but congrats to them for breaking a record. I could care less about Twilight too tried to read the book, but got bored.
    Also I’ve heard that the movie was that good to the point where about two to three actors should get oscar nominations and the movie should get one too.
    I also know the movie was emotional for the potter fans being they grew up with this movie franchise and it was their childhood.
    Congratulations again.

  • Yunus

    I don’t even see the point of the fourth and fifth film of twilight…. she gets married and they go on a honeymoon, she gets pregnant, she slowly dies while carrying the baby, end of part 1. part 2 the voltori?? come and they prepare for a fight that never even happens LOL TF?

    I call it a waste of time.
    sounds like twilight producers are greedy…….

  • becky


  • sarah

    Good job Harry Potter,
    you never seem to disappoint!

  • alex


  • Derek

    We all know that HP is an obvious winner.

  • Jessica

    saw the movie twice already and it was just as great!

  • Jessica

    saw the movie twice already and it was just as great !

  • amyy

    Favorite part of the movie = voldemorts first and last hug ever to draco malfoy !!



  • Toni

    @Yunus: Basically that’s what the two parts are about. They’re trying to make more money, but the things is Harry Potter if I’m right (am I fans?) wasn’t doing it for the money, but because the book was too much for only one movie. There were too many parts in the book that wouldn’t fit into just one movie and if it did, it would take hours upon hours of watching to get through it all. Harry Potter did out of necessity for the book and the fans while Twilight was for the money and partly the fans.

  • brits forget TF3

    pocket books are opening to HP

  • Theveygarah


    Exactly.. it is such an insult to the HP fans f people keep on comparing the two movies..

  • Minajerism
  • hmm…

    Far out. Stop with the Twilight comparison. They are completely different, the only thing they have in common is that they are a film series based off a novel series. Its not that uncommon.

  • enough

    I just wish people would stop devoting such time to dissing The Twilight books and movies and move on. Different strokes for different folks but this is a Potter post not a Twilight post and therefore I am focusing on Harry Potter because that is the movie out right now.

    The Harry Potter books are well written and the movies are well directed and acted. You cared about these characters like they were family because the books were so well written and the characters were fully developed and felt so real. J.k Rowling took her writing and storytelling serious, she respected her fans and herself enough to dish out a really awesome storyline. I grew up with these stories and movies and was happy but sadden to finally watch the new on at midnight on Thursday. We obviously know which one fans prefer the most and which ones critics respect the most as well.

  • Nina

    only that bitch duck face KS it’s skinny like a bone
    Emma has a perfect body u idiot!
    persons like u are the anorexy happens