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Miranda Kerr: Beverly Hills Visit with Flynn!

Miranda Kerr: Beverly Hills Visit with Flynn!

Miranda Kerr walks back to her car with 6-month-old son Flynn in her arms after visiting a friend in Beverly Hills on Saturday (July 16).

The 28-year-old Aussie model tried to cover Flynn‘s face from photographers before helping him into his car seat.

The day before, Miranda spent some quality mother-son time with Flynn while out and about in Los Angeles.

Miranda currently graces the Australian covers of Cosmopolitan and InStyle magazines.

FYI: Miranda is wearing Scarlet jeans by Paige Denim.

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr out with Flynn

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miranda kerr beverly hills visit with flynn 01
miranda kerr beverly hills visit with flynn 02
miranda kerr beverly hills visit with flynn 03
miranda kerr beverly hills visit with flynn 04
miranda kerr beverly hills visit with flynn 05
miranda kerr beverly hills visit with flynn 06
miranda kerr beverly hills visit with flynn 07
miranda kerr beverly hills visit with flynn 08
miranda kerr beverly hills visit with flynn 09

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  • Shawna

    Put a hat on that baby’s head!!

  • Ella

    Flynn is such a cute baby :)

  • omg

    That baby is soooooooo cute lol.

  • commonsense

    I’m not a baby expert but I’d swear Flynn was big for his age. Am I wrong?

  • Oh No, Not Again JJ!!

    I called it! Even days will be Jen Garner & kids, odd days it will be Miranda Kerr & baby. Kate Bosworth is starting to look interesting next to these two . LOL

  • phill

    @Shawna: miranda needs to put her hair down. cover that egg head up.

  • Amour

    He is one of the cutest babies I’ve eve seen! And she’s so pretty, I love her style.

  • Courtney

    well she’s nursing so he gained weight quicker than he would’ve normally but will balance out when he’s older

  • Bee

    Why does that baby not have shoes on? Even if he’s not walking, he deserves shoes. Come on now, shoes are basic. It’s not that hard, Miranda! Left foot, right foot- that’s how you make your money.

    A hat wouldn’t hurt his little head under that sun, either.

  • LeLa

    Flynn is such a cutie :)))

  • yay!

    Flynn is gorgeous! And Miranda looks so fresh and pretty!

  • *Belle*

    awww what a cutie! :)

  • e

    seriously I don’t even notice Miranda anymore…its all about that sqeeeeee baby! He’s too cute!!!!!!!

  • CanD

    Flynn is just adorable. he has the cutest round face. i love hairless babies they always cute. u can tell id say that he has been a well breast fed little boy. bravo to Miranda for doing what so many other women in Hollywood seem not to do “breast feed longer than a month”.

  • Bored

    why does she attempt to cover his face when she’s spent the past few weeks pimping him out.

  • BritBrit

    My favorite Hollywood baby/family! they are so cute! and and seem really happy and nice (:

    miranda has a succesful modelling career, fans worldwide, a hunky hubby and adroable baby ! she has it all fame, fortune, fashion, love, happiness and fans!
    so take notes haters she didnt get so successful from sitting on the computer dising people !

  • BritBrit

    and people who cares if she doesnt cover her kids face! maybe she wants him to have a normal life! wether she covers his face or not the cameras are gonna take photos you cant fight it but covering his face or making him stay at home instead of letting him live his life like normal and spend time with his mummy is not good ! and maybe she is covering his face now because of the sun ! geez haters get a life :P

  • http://jad slig o lambert^_______^ cute

    i see milk here

  • http://jad slig o lambert^_______^ cute


  • Ella

    What’s jj obsession with this baby… It’s cute but there has been a lot of posts about it lately.

  • Anon

    Cute baby!!

  • mwannirs
  • lou

    im a fan of Flynn lol omg i love this baby ! he is so cutie !!!

  • @Bee

    She’s only carrying him from the car into a house; he doesn’t need a hat for that.

    And I completely disagree about babies wearing shoes. They only kick them off, and they are no more necessary than gloves. And when they are learning to walk, shoes stop them using their toes to balance. All the baby books I read said that shoes aren’t necessary until a toddler is walking outside.

    Miranda is a sort of hippy-dippy parent, isn’t she? I bet those kind of parents don’t put their children in shoes till they go to school, and maybe not even then.

  • Madhatter

    I am usually underwhelmed by her facial features- compared to other popular models.
    So, I’ll say something nice about her here; I love her outfit and she looks great in it.

  • Jill

    @Madhatter: Totally agreed! She does have amazing figure and a good sence of style, but her face is just ordinary IMO. I think her facial beauty has been overrated.

  • twin

    ugly chipmunk face. good thing she didn’t have the bucked teeth to go along! ahahaha.

  • sara

    Such a beautiful family!

  • Mike

    Fugly chick. Butt fugly baby.

  • Taylor

    Too late to cover his face, b**ch, you’ve been pimping him out and doing pap set ups with him for months now.

  • An Open Letter to Miranda Kerr

    Salutations Ms. Kerr,
    It is our duty and deepest regret to inform you that you are, in fact, not the only woman in history to have ever given birth. The truth is, I’m sorry to say, that BILLIONS of woman have also done so since the dawn of time. Also, unfortunately for you, the act of giving birth does NOT make you a better woman or more than a woman in comparison to women who have never given birth, it simply means that you have completed a biological process. A monkey is capable of doing this as well. It simply means that all you have accomplished is proving that you are able to spread your legs so that a man may deposit his sperm into your birth canal, one of said sperm was able to fertilize a ripened egg that your body produced and that egg then became a growth that attached itself to your uterine wall where it fed off your body for nine months as it grew. Sort of like cancer. When the time came your doctor cut the growth out of your womb, slapped it and it cried, thusly it was declared a baby. By the way, monkeys know how to nurse their young as well. Not that you actually nursed your cancer, excuse me, baby. You were too busy recovering from your breast augmentation surgery. What you did was have your mother take a photograph of you pressing your augmented breast to a sleeping baby’s face while your supposed husband was off celebrating his birthday with his mates so that you could post the photo to your cosmetic company’s website in order to drive traffic. In short, we are on to you and ask you to kindly shut your pie hole. You are not an uber-woman. You are merely a woman.
    No love,
    The rest of the women in the world
    P.S. Naming a man’s first born child after your dead f**kbuddy is bad form. You are a failure as a woman and as a wife.

  • An Open Letter to Miranda Kerr

    This psycho biotch makes the father of her child ask permission to spend time with him. Is that because they don’t live together or because he isn’t the father or because they don’t live together and he isn’t the father?

  • zeek

    Oh, no, you don’t get to cover his face now, ho bag! You have called the paps one to many times to get away with that shite!

  • ta

    You really are Bealze, aren’t you?
    Bitter, hateful and obsessed.
    I pity you.

  • @31

    Since you copied and pasted that load of horse sh!t AGAIN, I’ll do the same as a response….
    So much hatred, ignorance and stupidity in one post.
    Where to start?
    I guess we will start with the obvious. Where exactly did Miranda EVER claim to be the only woman to give birth? Or the only one to nurse? Or to be better than any other mother? Please post a link, because I sure have never seen her say any such thing.
    Relating a personal experience is NOT the same thing as believeing yourself unique. People ask her about her delivery, she answered. And as a lot of people across the web have stated, it was great to hear a celebrity actually be honest about childbirth. Much more refreshing than Gisele’s story of dancing unicorns and rainbows during a pain free, blissful delivery.
    And comparing a baby to a cancer? Really? That is a new low, even for a delphite. And that says a ton!
    And you have also revealed yourself to be as stubborn as an @ss. How many times, exactly do we have to show you ‘boob job boobs’ medical evidence that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that she did NOT, could NOT, and has NOT had a bood job. Your stubborness is laughable.
    But go ahead, and keep on posting. The more often that you reveal your ignorance, the more people will see how ridiculous you delphites are.
    BTW, you just gave us more evidence that you are a delphi hag.
    NO ONE calls a boyfriend of a 14-16 year old girl a “f**k buddy” but a delphite.
    Your hatred, jealousy and insecurities really need to be treated professionally. It’s not healthy to wallow in darkness the way that you do.
    You need help.

  • wow

    I guess that the delphites have run out of things to say. Constant reposting of such a ridiculous ‘letter’ shows their desperation.
    Guess that they are taking so much time finding excuses to explain away why Flynn looks EXACTLY like Orlando, that they can’t come up with anything new.
    Flynn looks gorgeous, and happy. And he is a perfect little copy of Orlando. He even has his eyelashes.
    Such a cuite!

  • Actually…


    Flynn looks EXACTLY like Miranda did as a baby and brown eyes run on her side of the family as well so they were already in her gene pool. The baby had as much of a chance to pull the brown eyed gene with a blue eyed father and since brown is dominant, all Miranda needed is one brown eyed ancestor and boom! Baby with brown eyes. Try again, moron shippers with no brains.

  • oi

    That is the ugliest baby I have ever seen.

  • so…

    So now it is daily pap set ups at a “friend’s” house as opposed to the gym. Is that actually where she’s living? Have they finally split?

  • Mayfrayn


  • Miranda Kerr to-do list

    1. Pap set up with baby
    2. Pimp baby on Facebook
    3. Pap set up with baby
    4. Name drop Orlando on Facebook
    5. Pap set up with baby
    6. Drink Noni juice
    7. Pimp baby on KORA blog
    8. Pap set up with baby
    9. Name drop Orlando in stooped-arse interview DJ paid the Aussie press to do
    10. Repeat daily

    P.S. Note to my glorious self, the being of love and light that I am: Remember to pimp the baby!

  • @37

    And now the delphidiots are so desperate that they are trying to re-write genetic science.
    Here are the facts, moron.
    Fact: Brown eyes are dominant.
    Fact: Blue eyes are recessive.
    Fact: A brown eyed individual can also have the recessive blue gene.
    Fact: A blue eyed person can ONLY have the blue eyed gene. If they carried the DOMINANT brown eyed gene, they would have BROWN eyes.
    Fact: A brown eyed gene CANNOT be passed on by a blue eyed person because THEY DON’T HAVE THE GENE.
    Fact: Flynn’s beautiful brown eyes come from his beautiful brown eyed father. You know, the man that he looks exactly like to anyone not blinded by irrational hate,,,,ORLANDO BLOOM.

    Hey delphites! Is this person at #37 REALLY the one that you elected to engage in scientific debate? The person who not only can’t understand basic genetics, but can’t even spell DNA? Is this special snowflake your best shot?

  • Delphidiot To-Do list

    1. Wake up alone
    2. Recall how lonely you are
    3. Look in mirror
    4. Clean up shards of broken mirror.
    5. Add ‘new mirror’ to shopping list.
    6. Brush all three teeth.
    7. Power up computer.
    8 Search for Miranda’s name.
    9. Search Orlando Love
    10. Search All The Best Orlando and Miranda
    11. Search Just Jared
    12. Search Twitter
    13. Search Miranda’s facebook page
    14. Search Kora’s facebook page.
    15. Search any and all facebook pages of Miranda’s entire family
    16. Search any and all facebook pages of anyone who has ever met Miranda
    17. Post on your fake Miranda blogs.
    18. Post on your fake Orlando blogs.
    19. Post any and all information about Miranda on delphi
    20. Post any photographs foung of Miranda on delphi
    21. Post complaints on delphi about how you can’t get away from news about Miranda
    22. Work on damage control when said pics nad information once again prove Miranda’s success.
    23. Never admit that you are wrong.
    24. Ignore facts
    25. Make up lies to compensate for her success.
    26. Return to Twitter to post on your fake twitter accounts.
    27. Remember to stalk any fan of Miranda on twitter.
    28. Make sure that your own twitter is private while claiming that fans who are private are “hiding”
    29. Make sure to call her fans “stalkers” at least once an hour.
    30. Have lunch.
    31. Repeat for Orlando…

  • @37

    I think that someone was napping during their biology class.
    Sure, a blue eyed person can have a brown eyed ancestor. But only if that ancestor had a recessive blue gene to pass on. Blue eyed decendants means that the brown eyed gene was NOT passed on, since brown eyes are dominant. A blue eyed parent cannot pass on a brown eyed gene, because they simply don’t have one.
    My advice is to you delphi girls is to go back to school.
    Ignorance, thy name is delphi!

  • nell

    He is the biggest baby ever!

  • Anna

    How long before Miranda Kerr has to take out restraining orders against these crazies??

  • @44

    After seeing their glorious moments talking about motherhood, plastic surgery, genetics, reproduction etc I expect them to say that the Earth is flat any moment now.

  • @47

    They sure are good for a laugh, aren’t they?
    But I think that my IQ just dropped 20 points from just reading the first paragraph.
    I also feel like I need to wash my hands and use an antibacterial wipe on my keyboard.

  • @32

    I find it hilarious that a troll such as you forgets to change their user name before putting on a new pair of socks. But at least you remembered for your next few posts. Didn’t ya bealze?
    Too darned funny!

  • oil

    @Miranda Kerr to-do list:
    You forget to add drinking/eating coconut oil:-D