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Zac Efron is a Racecar Driver!

Zac Efron is a Racecar Driver!

Zac Efron dons a racing uniform while filming some scenes for the Heartland on Friday (July 15) in Newton, Iowa.

The 23-year-old actor even hopped into the driver’s seat of one of the racecars for a scene!

The film is a drama centered on an enterprising farmer whose plans cause problems within his family.

Zac stars in the film alongside Dennis Quaid, Red West, and Maika Monroe.

10+ pictures inside of Zac Efron driving in a racecar on the set of his new movie…

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zac efron racecar driver 01
zac efron racecar driver 02
zac efron racecar driver 03
zac efron racecar driver 04
zac efron racecar driver 05
zac efron racecar driver 06
zac efron racecar driver 07
zac efron racecar driver 08
zac efron racecar driver 09
zac efron racecar driver 10

Credit: Jeff Steinberg; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  •!/milakett camila brazil

    OMG so hot Zac!! loveeee ♥

  • Selena

    OMG I’d SOOOOO want to race him in a racecar lol. Something makes me think he’d be a really good driver. Don’t know why.

    Sounds like a cool movie. Good for him. I LOVE Dennis soo much. Such a cool actor.

  • http://h amanda


  • SarahC

    He makes for one hot racecar driver…

  • Kim

    Wow thats one hot guy in a Nomex fire suit! I’m surprised his hotness isn’t burning it up from the inside out! XO

  • oh well

    his feet look so tiny

  • Selena

    @oh well: I was thinking the samething. I wonder if they didn’t have his size shoes because his feet look oddly small here.

  • Because I Can.

    @oh well: You know what they say about small feet….

  • Jessie

    Dear God, thank you. This is probably the hottest he’s looked in a while.

  • beatriz

    OMFG! He’s so fine.
    i can’t wait to watch this movie

  • Athenais

    Zac is so hot with this clothes !

  • http://jad slig o lambert^_______^ cute

    not hot or sexy

  • dan

    i hope its a carear change he is not a good actor hope he i s agood driver, and he can be famous 4 he realy have small feet

  • alex

    her comes the march of wanabe actors zac efron emma roberts and her boyfriend sorry jared the only actor in first page is shia laboeuf and the artical is about rosie are u kidding me

  • veronica

    i giuess if u all like this tipe of short talentless actors than its ok,he dosnt do it for me.

  • kerri

    Looking good Zac :) I will forever be a fan and a supporter of you.

  • annie

    Dennis Quaid and Zac Efron… I say yes! The movie will be interesting!

  • Teddi

    @veronica: Can I say, I don’t get the ‘short’ jibes. He is almost 6 ft, that is not short!!

  • Teddi

    Beautiful as always, We have such a lot to look forward too!

  • kerri

    Haters he is a talented, beautiful and a nice man. If you don’t see it you are either blind or just dumb.

  • кредит вебмани

    good hair

  • kikay

    He is midgety,hobbitsky gaylord of a boy.

  • lind

    pretty boy ever

  • zac-is-wack

    he’s an extra in that movie, can’t land a role but a tequila? where the bimbos at?

  • kerri

    Comment number 25 why you always here? crazy in love with Zac Efron are you? Lol.

  • florence

    Makes a change to see him working and not coming or going into a club. He all has his clothes on for a change too.

  • lauren

    what is your problem?

  • me


    The sad part is that’s not even what surprised me, well, actually this didn’t surprise me at all, but is it just me who find it interesting how everytime Vanessa have something major happening in espcially her carer Zac, or well at least his team is always trying to take the attention away from her and on to Zac, I mean look at the pics that first came out of Vanessa in this awesome new change for a great new film and then bam, new pics of Zac on his movie set as well, and now this could have been considered a coincident had it not happened many times before, say when Vanessa was at comic-con to show the first look of Sucker Punch, a movie that was Vanessa’s first more grown-up film and with it she started to reach out to a new audience, the same weekend Zac just happend to feel the need to go to a strip-club to try and show that he is grown-up too (psh, yeah right), and that’s not the first time it happend eiether, I’ve always found it to be way to imature. And yeah, this could have just been a coincident however the fact that we get very few picks of Zac that haven’t been staged lately tells me differently, but everyone can have their own oppinion.

  • kerri

    @Florence: I guess you also have the Efron fever lol. Don’t be shy he is gorgeous enjoy him lol.

  • Amber

    Wow, are you serious? The world doesn’t revolve around Vanessa. What Zac does in his life has nothing to do with her. Zac’s pics came out today because he’s filming a movie in time for Iowa Speedway Racing. His team certainly didn’t arrange for that event to coincide with debut of Vanessa’s new look. Duh. You’re the prime example of a crazy who gives other Vanessa fans a bad name.

  • Miranda

    Zac as a racecar driver in a movie with Dennis Quaid is like the best!

    Zac is amazing!

  • Laura

    OMG He looks too skinny,but anyways he’s WOW… lovely and great as usual… Thank God for this guy that makes me everyday more proud of him .

  • annie

    @<a href=”/2011/07/16/zac-efron-racec@me: ar-driver/comment-page-2/#comment-18381606″>florence: I wonder… Are you aware of the stupidity of your comments sometimes???

  • Teddi

    @me: So they are both making films at the same time. And you do realise that ‘Zac’s people’, are also ‘Vanessa’s people’ as well now? Look Vanessa’s film will come out and cos it’s all serious and meaningful, she’ll get loads of praise. Doesn’t matter what Zac does all people will say is he is a pretty-boy. he can’t win no matter what he does with some people.

  • Teddi

    Sorry. It’s just sometimes the ranting of some of the people on here drives me mad. Look, if you don’t like Zac, fine. But at least make sure that you know what you are talking about before ranting hatred.

  • sowhat284

    too bad he didn’t crash while driving it

  • Teddi

    @sowhat284: That is a completely hateful thing to say about anyone! that is downright evil!! What did he ever do to you to deserve being in a car crash? And anyway, he was not driving in the race.

  • LMAO

    @Teddi: He is NOT almost 6 ft tall. LOL!!!!!! Every single person who tweets about seeing him or meeting him ALWAYS remarks how SHORT he is. In pictures, he is always WAY shorter than his friends. Which also explains his issues. Short man syndrome. You need to admit this little dude just puts on a show, but is not who you think he is.

  • http://deleted …me

    @LMAO he is not only short, he is REALLY short. i saw him once. I used to like him before but now I realized he has the “Dr. Zackyl and Hyde” persona. He exudes that boy next door, family guy image when it suits him or courting his fans to patronize his movies, but he is the opposite in person.
    Those tequila drunken pics the paps feed the internet are not just a one time thing, for the past year he has more write ups of him getting it on with a tequila or blondies and bimbos. At best he has “scripted” burger sessions with family, at worse he is sucking his ex’s BFF’s neck like a true vampire. So douchy.
    I don’t like him now and I’m so glad Vanessa got rid of him!!!

  • LMAO

    @…me: YOu are so right!!! Whenever he is caught being an a$$, he has nicey-nice pics of him splashed everywhere. He IS a Dr Jekyll-Mr Hyde personality. He acts all charming, but he is an insecure d-bag in reality.

  • ava

    Can I ask why people who have such an abject hatred for Zac spend time trolling his posts? We get it, you think he’s the lowest of the low…no need to reiterate it in every post. I don’t agree with some of his behavior either, but considering I don’t know him, it’s not my place to judge. He’s a college aged guy…show me one guy his age who hasn’t made stupid decisions, gotten dunk with friends, and enjoyed the company of pretty girls. I know he made the decision to put his life in the public eye, but to live life under such a microscope and face judgement from people who think they know him based on what they hear from “inside sources” is ludicrous.

    And can we stop bringing Vanessa up in every Zac post? They’re both working on movies that will be career changers for them…it’s time to let them be, stop comparing them, and saying how much better off one is without the other. They’re focusing on their careers, so should we.

  • ava

    Oh, and one more thing…this movie looks awesome! Can’t wait to see the awesome cast work together

  • Minajerism
  • Teddi

    @LMAO: 5ft 10in is nearly 6ft. His friends are taller, so what! He’s not exactly a midgit is he? And what the hell has that got to do with his ability as an actor? Are you suggesting that onlt tall people make good actors? His hight is irrellevant.

  • kerri

    @sowhat284: WOW!!!! That is a really mean thing to say. Why don’t you just F*ck off you are a waste of space just go away!!!!!!

  • kerri

    The amount of hate Zac is getting is disgusting. What is wong with him? he is a good, talented and handsome man. Just because he isn’t with vanessa doesn’t mean he is now bad he isn’t and to just blame him for it is wrong it was both of their decision. Now please stop with the hate.

  • LMAO

    @Teddi: He is NOT, NOT, NOT, NOT 5 ft 10″. NO way even close. Dream on. And if he keeps taking on roles like this, “Troy makes it with a cougar”, “Troy sees dead people and screws in the cemetery”, ” Troy comes home from the military, stares, and screws girl in shower”, and now we have, “Troy races around in cars, sells seeds, and screws girl”, he is never gonna get the respect he needs in Hollywood. All stuff to up his sex symbol image, but that’s it. Get serious, Efron. It’s not all about safe stuff, and taking your damn shirt off.

  • LMAO

    @kerri: He is NOT “good”, is average in the talent dept., and good looks are in the eye of the beholder. THere are TONS of better looking guys out there, who are better actors. Sorry to bust your bubble. Hate the guy cause he’s a TOOL…….always has been, always will be. What kind of “good” guy paws all over a best friend in front of her guy and then lets his best “ninja” friend (LMAO) drive drunk, and continues to party without him after his arrest????? Cause it’s all about him, folks. He’s an a$$, and that’s why we hate him.

  • florence

    @LMAO: could’nt agree more that’s all his films are about is him and his team thinking that him getting his clothes off, ALWAYS getting the girl, make him a great leading man and such a great sex symbol, well it does’nt. He has’nt made it as much as all the hype that surrounded him when he did HSM and that was more because of his stupid winking he did and still does, grinning like a idiot and trying to make people think he’s God’s gift.

    Even in polls he’s no longer hear the top his latest one he was number 70 people are losing interest and he only has himself to blame well him and his team, all the bad publicity has had recently is of his own doing nd he and his team seem more than happy to have him portraid as a club hopping,bed hopping, player who loves to Ger his clothes off at every opportunity for ork or not and act like a couple with his so called bf while the pap’s nap away with again the stupid gin on his face. Funny is’nt it he used so say that Vanessa was his best friend yet we NEVER saw them behave like that even hedn dating.

  • lauren

    how about spelling your words right for once?
    what has zac ever done to you?Do you know him personally? have u ever met him? why are you so bitter?