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Casey Anthony Released From Jail

Casey Anthony Released From Jail

Casey Anthony was officially released from jail just after midnight on Sunday (July 17) in Orlando, Fla.

The 25-year-old was recently on trial for the murder of her young daughter Caylee, but was acquitted of those charges. Casey was charged with lying to law enforcement and was sentenced to four years in prison.

Outside of the jail, Casey was greeted by rioters, who screamed out profanities and yelled their opinions, according to People.

“She had a look of relief on her face,” said Tony Zumbado, a photographer who talked to People. “There was a smile on her face. She looked glad to be out of there.”

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Credit: Red Huber; Photos: Getty
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  • Lauren

    Hide your kids!!

  • Jeremy

    She’s probably currently on the way to the cinemas for “Harry Potter.” I mean, who hasn’t seen this piece of magic?!? LOL Thank you, thank you, I”m here to Monday!

  • brandi

    ugh, i’m so disgusted by this right now, she should just be shot between the eyes \

  • taylor.

    Casey Anthony is at the Orlando Executive Airport.

  • rory

    Of course she had a smile on her face. She’s a sociopath and beat the system. What a joke. She better leave the this country before someone kills her.

  • Ohaihai


  • laverdadduele

    Where is a sniper when you need one?

  • http://jad slig o lambert^_______^ cute

    she opeing soon

  • OFFS

    hey Dexter she’s out!

  • beastly

    she is celebrity will she be featured daily?

  • Filled With Disgust

    I hope bad things happen to her. She is a pathetic human being, and there was no justice for Caylee when there should have been. It’s people like Casey who make this country and our judicial system weak and unfair.

  • Scarr

    Why???? Disgrace of not just America but of humankind in general. So is all the other child killers.

  • Kitsters Mufasa

    I hope this is the last time i have to see ther face in the news. Everyone needs to stop talking about her she got off thats what happens sometimes it sucks. But she wants everyone talking about her. She will get whats coming to her and yes lets tell Dexter she is out lol that was a good one OFFS

  • Ella

    free to kill again… things like this make you think what’s wrong with the world

  • lilie

    hey, I’m french. Who’s this girl ?
    Why everybody hate her so much ?
    Can someone explains please…

  • lilie


  • Filled With Disgust

    @lilie: Her name is Casey Anthony and three years ago she was involved in a murder case about her 2-year-old daughter Caylee. For 30 days she didn’t tell police about her child’s whereabouts and as the years and trial went on there seemed to be enough evidence in America’s eyes that she murdered her but she was found not guilty accept for lying to police and now she got out if jail and everyone is very upset about how the verdict turned out that is why.

  • tami

    Sad day.

  • lilie

    Oh I see…
    how a mum can do such a thing… Monster !
    Thanks for the explanation “Filled with disgust”.

  • lilie

    Oh I see…
    how a mum can do such a thing… Monster !
    Thanks for the explanation “Filled with disgust”.

  • Filled With Disgust

    @lilie: You’re welcome!

  • kå simly åmazing!


  • http://@georgevhill George Vreeland Hill

    Casey Anthony can rot in hell for I care.
    She is a lying whore child killer.

    George Vreeland Hill

  • http://@georgevhill George Vreeland Hill

    Casey will pay.

    George Vreeland Hill

  • shakes head

    Wow. There’s a murderer out there walking around freely with no regret or shame

  • ladysdsandiego

    b**** better watch her back

  • Jaymes

    She should be left to rot this that jail cell

  • blah

    since when are these kid-killers a celebrities? If u start folloving this piece of trash jared, we will be very dissapionted…

  • skyhigh95

    She’s not even a celebrity yet she’s famous…Make up your mind Just Jared!

  • steffy

    Of course she’s glad to be outside, who would ever want to stay in jail.. It’s other thing that she DOES belong there..

  • trust no one

    she made 200,000 dollars from ABC news for video and pictures of Casey… so not only did she get away with killing her baby she making money off her death. That does not seem fair. There are so many people in jail for murders they didnt commit where there was no evidence against them, how and the hell did she walk away from this. Justice maybe blind but it dumb as shit.

  • tom

    People posting here are so witty and orginal. ‘Dexter is out’, funny stuff.

  • Kelly

    She was found innocent. In the U.S. you are innocent until PROVEN guilty. The burden of proof was in the prosecution’s hands and they failed. They didn’t even have cause of death.

  • sally

    There is a terrible famine in East Africa at the moment. Millions of children are starving to death. You should start caring about that instead of this woman. American society is so warped in what it considers important!

  • rainy day

    Rest in peace little Caylee. The justice system failed you, but some day I believe justice will be served for you–in this life or your egg donor’s next life. She certainly doesn’t deserve the title of “mother.”

  • uri


  • uri

    joan of asssss, burn, burn, burn

  • Omigosh

    Casey Anthony reminds me of Chelsea Handler. Chelsea can play her in a TV or movie, although Chelsea is much older than Casey.

  • To Omigosh


    Chelsea Handler is a lot uglier, too, than Casey. Make-up artists can do the trick.

  • DD

    Jared, I think it’s highly uncouth of you to even cover this story. That is what is for. Stop feeing into her “celebrity” just to gain hits on your website. She does not deserve anymore notion!

  • alex

    Finally! She’s been in jail for three years+! She can finally see some sun :]

  • CJLOVE23

    Wow how sad! Those jurors are MORONS!!!!

  • mur2006

    What is wrong with all of you people!!! does anyone who has posted have any real ties to this family other than just watching this circus on tv!! Unfortunatley a young child died, but children die everyday because of neglect and abuse. focus your attention on these children instead of the one that was lost!! visit for more information on how you can help stop this from happening to other children

  • Sue

    BOYCOTT BOYCOTT, she is not a Celebrity!!!!!!

  • aidi


  • mary

    those people on the jury should hide their heads in shame. they allowed a sociopath who murdered who little girl to go free. when, not if, she kills again these people will have only themselves to blame. they allowed Casey to go free.

  • jo

    casey’s actually the nanny..since she has nowhere to go..
    she’ll babysit for baez’s kids..and share bed with mrs baez…

  • jo

    casey actually is the nanny who took baby caylee!!! the clueless jury freed her now she has nowhere to go..i guess she’ll babysit baez and then share bed with mrs baez..

  • Darla

    Karma is on its way to you Casey… U cant run.