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Serena Williams: Bikini Beach Babe!

Serena Williams: Bikini Beach Babe!

Serena Williams shows off her rock hard abs in her hot pink and navy blue bikini on Saturday (July 16) in Miami, Fla.

The 29-year-old tennis pro soaked up the sun with her good friend before calling it a day.

“Me and my girl Val chillin at the beach :)” Serena tweeted.

Earlier this week, Serena attended the 2011 ESPY Awards in Los Angeles, where she had the honor of hosting the big kickoff party!

Serena has been fighting numerous injuries this past year, but told USA Today that she is remaining upbeat about her hopeful tennis comeback.

“I just draw my strength from my ability to always want to play hard and do well and I always say never give up,” she said.

FYI: Serena is wearing Levi’s 501 Cut Off Shorts.

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Photos: INF Daily
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  • Nancy

    Serena is my favourite tennis player but this is disturbing!

  • kå simly åmazing!

    take for yo

  • HUH?


  • Toni

    She’s got to be on steroids

  • *Belle*


  • yoooohooo


  • mark

    this is gross,now we know what a ape looks like in a bathing suit.

  • http://jad slig o lambert^_______^ cute

    hahahah look at her

  • http://jad slig o lambert^_______^ cute

    @ká simply
    where are you?

  • Kiki

    She looks great!!!

  • kå simly åmazing!

    slig. Take this girl for yo

  • sindywhereyube


  • sindywhereyube

    she is too muscular and i think she should always never ever wear a bikini! something like a cover-up wil help…cos daaaaaaaaaamn serena that is not a hot look….mmm…no

  • straight

    it is weird that I find her body totally attractive? She’s just how I pictured an Amazonian warrior.

  • http://jad slig o lambert^_______^ cute

    @ká simply
    hay sakis (ká) take for u coz u so handsom with cute and pretty all girls fan

  • amensister

    hhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeessssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeee excuse me, damn cold

  • XYZ

    Man in drag?

  • LisaK

    When I first looked at the picture I thought it was a man in drag. I swear I did. Wow, then I read it was supposedly Serena Williams. Muscles like that on a woman is never a good thing.

  • Trent



  • sea

    Strange body. I’m happy with mine.

  • Allie

    Hmm. Maybe if she actually practiced, she’d actually get back to being no.1, or at least a good player again.

  • LisaK

    @Trent: Its not racist for anyone to point out that she looks like a man in drag. Most people would say such a thing even if she was a white woman who looked like that. The facts are those pictures makes her look like a man in drag with a wig on. I have seen other black female athletes with bathing suits on who don’t look like men in drag.

  • Raichill

    Far canal. That is truly scary.

  • Kathleen

    Boy those other comments are correct, She does look like a man in drag. Steroids maybe?! Women, even female athletes, don’t look like this normally.

  • tom

    She is so gross

  • A Fan
  • Julia

    You PC people please stop censoring what people think and feel .

    My question is why does that media want us to believe that she is attractive when she is not, at all: (there are a couple of other women the media always tells us are attractive but are really not, Sarah Jessica Parker, Renee Zelleweger, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Serena Williams….Venice looks 100 times better.

  • sb

    clearly you know nothing about what Europeans deem as beautiful. She is certainly strong, not so sure about toned and beautiful. Stop saying everyone who is not fat looks like a 10 year old boy!

  • gecko

    If you are built like a Man it doesn’t seem fair to other Female Tennis Players.

  • yikes

    i feel bad for her bc i remember one interview where she said she always wanted to be thin like Venus….and she felt there was soemthing wrong with her body.

    but, still, this is soooo gross, hopefully, she cant get rid of some of this muscle and slim down so she can look like a woman., right now, i’m not sure what she looks like. male/animal?

  • yikes

    @Julia: good point!!

  • really

    Is that a man?

  • SAFE

    Serena looks great.

  • Dude…

    It’s all about body type. She happens to be thicker. If she were not a tennis player, I’m sure she would be a lot rounder. She can’t help it guys, give her some slack. Not all of us were born a size 2. I know I sure as heck wasn’t. And yes, she has a huge booty and some guys find that attractive. I think she’s happy with the body she has and is not ashamed. I say, good for her. Takes a lot of balls to do that.

  • aidi

    she loves you guys should check it out !!!!

  • loserbunny

    I think you’re correct #34. If she did more cardio like running maybe she wouldn’t look as thick but maybe it’s possible she does run a lot and this is just her body shape…?


    I am a fitness trainer and black woman athletes do not look like this unless they are on steroids! Also, she is not in shape at all. Look at some of our great women black athletes and they do not look like this. So get over your race issues.

  • julie

    she is beautiful. it is derogatory to call her an ape, it is racist. i am very proud of Serena.

  • julie

    also beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. on your ugly list should also be jen aniston, manly looking, gwen paltrow and plenty more. boyish figures ugh…,

  • boston61

    Freak! Getto taste.

  • Namea

    Well… still better than the monstrosity she wore a few months back that was two sizes two small :/ I feel bad for her but she needs to keep to wearing one pieces or in the least monokini’s

  • beatrice

    Wow! I agree these forums are for people to post their comments and they have the right to do so, but can’t you say you don’t like something without trying to degrade someone?
    No, she is not everyone’s type or idea of beauty, but I”m sure some people find her attractive.
    For those whom follow tennis we know that being #1 means nothing..and it is hard to do when you have only played twice in a year. By the way, our current #1 has NO Grand slams, and Serena has 13, not counting doubles and mixed what does that have to do with anything? #1 is about how much you play sometimes, not how well you play.
    I have a friend whom has a similar body type..she works out all the time, eats healthy, has a trainer. She does these crazy bike rides of miles and miles..and she is still”thick.” If she is taking steroids, then so are many other women I know that have this body type, and I doubt they can afford them. Serena has the same body type as her mom. she is not going to exercise away her front or back, and if she likes it she probably doesn’t want to.

    It is better to be self loving than self hating and those who don’t want to look at her don’t have to. The funny thing is some fo the same people criticize others for PAYING for surgery to get what Serena has natrually, and then drool all over their fake assets. It is a wonder that all of these women in the public eye are not in therapy over the nasy comments that people make about their bodies. None of us are perfect, and we all go through periods when we are in better shape than others.

    I would imagine having 2 foot surgeries and blood clots would make it hard to exercise. Now that she is healthy she is able to get in better shape. Power and strength has earned her millions of dollars and the ability to live how she wants. I’m sure she will take that any day instead of trying to please people whom hide behind a computer to make nasty comments. Funny thing is, if she had surgery to minimize something the same people would be making the same nasty comments.

  • Chris

    Dear Jared,

    Can you NOT use the word “babe” on every article that involves a woman wearing a bikini. Much appreciated.


  • D

    OMG, it’s like a female mike tyson:s

  • WhatTheHell

    I believe that women come in all shapes and sizes and should embrace what nature gave them. However, the problem with her is that every bikini she wears looks 4 sizez too small as though she is trying to pull of the skinny white girl in tiny bikini bottoms look.
    She does not have the shape to pull of the look she is going for and needs to buy clothes and bikinis that are her size and suit her frame.
    That and the donkey weaves she wears in an attempt to make herself look feminine just does my head in. All that money and she still ‘pardon me for saying’ looks like a silverback on its hind legs.
    Sack the stylist.. for the love of God, sack the sytlist now.

  • beatrice

    A comment I agree with! Either fire the stylist or hire one. Maybe that is the problem…she doesn’t have a stylist? Also, whomever has been doing her makeup lately is not doing a very good job.

  • italian girl

    Oh my God!
    I can agree when people say she is a great tennis player, but do not say she is fabulous!
    She is horrible! She seems a man with long hair! come on!
    Fabulous women are definitely different from her.

  • gossip101

    she looks like a man!

  • lucy

    @<a href=”/2011/07/17/serena-williams-bikini-beach-babe-2/com@beatrice: well put Beatrice. ment-page-1/#comment-18387455″>Toni:

  • lucy

    I totally agree, I love the Williams sisters and what they are about, BUT, I have always said that they need a stylist and definitely a personal hair stylist. With all the money they have, they could use it to get a decent weave. Everytime I see them I want to just grab their hair and fix it. but I still love watching them. Serena could lose some weight.