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Adam Lambert & Sauli Koskinen: Grove Guys

Adam Lambert & Sauli Koskinen: Grove Guys

Adam Lambert snaps his own photos of photographers as he leaves The Grove with boyfriend Sauli Koskinen on Sunday (July 17) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old entertainer and his beau checked out a movie at The Grove!

Adam was recently nominated for a Do Something Award in the Music Artist category – he’s up against Nick Jonas, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Linkin Park, and the Black Eyed Peas.

Head over to to cast your vote for Adam – and see if he takes home the award when the show airs on August 18 on VH1!

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Credit: David Tonnessen; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Mlef

    He should sing more songs like “Soaked” than let me entertain you…the dance songs are as great as his voice.

    And if I have to talk about his physique, I saw him red head all natural, it blew my mind.
    I’m ok to become a drag king if he gets

  • quin

    it’s weird…sometimes he’s cute but then he’s got that awful double-chin thing going on.

  • Mlef

    Plus again…I think his beau is not Beau at

  • amourbert_79

    OMG!! sooo funny!! xDD

    gotta love Adam Lambert he’s soo down 2 earth, extremely talented & adorable sweet and hot with boyfriend Sauli Koskinen! They’re the whole package I’ll say! <3

    Thank you for posting this!!!

  • Tia

    Adam you look like a fool with that camera out. Just smile and walk on. Also, what exactly does Sauli do to make money, besides being a kept man. Is he even legal to stay in the country without a job. Writing a twice week blog about his life with Adam, does not count as a job.

  • karen

    oh lambert you’re so cute! you and boyfriend are looking good!
    can’t wait too see what it’s like ‘on the other side’

  • delilah

    I love Adam!!! He’s brilliant.

    That is all.

  • Jen

    And the two or three jealous creeps/trolls who hate Sauli and are actually the same people posting the same ravings all over the internet crawl out of their holes again…

    Those two are such an adorable and down to earth couple. :)

  • michala

    He’s so pretty <3___<3

  • DD

    What a bunch of jealous online freaks!!! GET A LIFE!!! Adam is smart and he’s making millions by the day!!

  • http://ja slig o lambert^_______^ cute

    woow adam so cute and sweet thanks j

  • http://ja slig o lambert^_______^ cute

    adam so cute and funny ^_^ i love his styl

  • kå simly åmazing!

    his alive?! i thought he **** becuze vegetables

  • kå simly åmazing!

    nice to see he again

  • http://ja slig o lambert^_______^ cute

    ‎@ká simply
    what are talking about his fine

  • prairiegirl

    We don’t have his type where I live. We are god-fearing people. I’m an usher at my Church y’all might like to know.

  • prairiegirl

    I never used to like gays, but now I am reformed. I follow Adam on Twitter, and pray for his sinful ways.

  • Anitta

    @Tia: Is that your business? Their relationship and how they live does not belong to you at all. Sauli has not written anything about Adam in his blogs. He mostly describes the differences between US and Finland. So you know what kind of a visa he has? And how much he is paid for his jobs? So childish. If they were’t gay and Adam had a girlfriend as a partner, would you call her kept woman and ask from were she gets her living? They are dating. They have severe relationship. If Adam didn’t care of him, he would buy men from the clubs. You don’t have to like Sauli. The main thing is that Adam does.

  • Anitta

    @prairiegirl: Does the fact that he is gay make him worse musician?

  • Anitta

    @quin: What’s that got to do with his voice/singing? He is a talented artist how ever he looks.

  • Anitta

    @Mlef: The beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Didn’t you know? Adam looks him differently. His beau is extremely beautiful inside. And I like his outside too. Are you always so Beau in pics? I’d like to see.

  • starla


    LOL poor Tia such a bitter jealous tommybert. Obviously Sauli isn’t hiding from INS since he’s out and about with his boyfriend in public.

    As for how Sauli makes his money, what business is that of yours? is he asking you for money? crawl back over to your hater site and talk about how Adam and his backing bassist are in a super secret relationship you idiot.

    on topic… adam and sauli look adorable and happy together which is always a treat too behold. Him taking pictures of the paps is funny. More celebrities should turn the tables on them and give them a taste of their own medicine. Less likely to shout our rude stuff for the reaction if they are on camera too.

  • o02i3021

    adam lambert not very glamourous clothes, hillbilly cap is so 90′s. he is has-been anyway

  • lane

    oh God, so many jealousy on line freak!!!!
    get a life people!!! if you hate him so much why bother to click on the link

    Anyway, thank you so much to JJ for a gorgeous Adam pics
    he look so happy!! <3 and sexy!!!

  • mm

    @o02i3021: Didn’t know you had to be glamorous to go to a show these days, and what exactly is a “hillbilly cap”? Paps make their living off of photos, so why would they take pictures of a has been?? No money in that. You would like for him to fail….ain’t going to happen so get over it!!!

  • Jen

    They do have “his type” where you life, they just fear to be themselves because of horrible people like you.
    I wouldn’t want someone like you to pray for me who is more worried about wanting people to be unnatural and not how they were born than about love and what connects us. Sort your own issues out, you will have a lot of explaining to do to the god you believe in when you die. Or rather your parents will since they raised you to be who you are.

  • quin

    @Anitta: yes but the pics are not about his singing. they are about how he looks. hence the observation of his double chin :)

  • not cool


    Prairie Biatch, you sound like you are from some back water hick town. You pretend to support gays, but your homophobia will always show through. Following Adam on Twitter does not erase your homophobia. You are probably a middle aged spinster, never married and have no children, and have a dead end job.

  • heyheyyy

    guess what is not cool? implying that someone who is from ‘hick town’, middle aged& not married and not having children and working on ‘dead end job’ is not worth of anything.

  • http://ja slig o lambert^_______^ cute

    adam look handsome

  • dada

    he is aging, and that cap lol come on rock star???

  • starla


    “You must not allow a witch to live”. (exodus 22:18) <— so they believed in witchcraft apparently…interesting huh? do you prariegirl?

    “He said to them, “The Lord God of Israel has said: Arm yourselves each of you with his sword. Go through the camp from gate to gate and back again. Each of you kill brother, friend, neighbor.” [exodus 32:27) <—– so you believe it’s okay to kill your brother friend and neighbor because God said so, right prariegirl?

    “May the Lord strike you with Egyptian boils and with tumors, scabs and itch for which you will find no cure.” (deuteronomy 28:27) <—— how sweet huh?

    “No man with a defect is to come, whether a blind man, a lame man, a man stunted or overgrown, or with misshapen brows, or film over his eyes, or discharge from it, a man who has a scab, or eruption, or has had a testicle ruptured” {leviticus 21:18-20) <————— so no blind people, deaf people, people with scabs, etc… sorry heaven is probably empty if those are the standards.

    ANYONE CAN CHERRY PICK THE BIBLE. Stop using God as a weapon for your own ignorance and hate prariegirl.

  • Jen


    You are not very bright, are you? The bible also says that women shall not teach and keep their mouth shut so basically your are going to hell for disobeying Jesus.

    Thankfully at least in the Western world by now we’ve learned by now that women are no second-class human beings and black people are no monkeys, something that was still a most common believe a couple of decades ago.

    You are extremely closedminded for applying your outdated believes on anyone, regardless of whether they are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Shinto or follow any other religion, agnostic or atheist.
    There are millions of Christians and other religious people as well who value common sense and love over intolerance and closemindedness and dogma that was written down by old men during councils in the last 2000 years. Because that is how your Bible was created, written down, discussed, added to and crossed out by old farts from acient times who were more or less wise but definitely followed morals and laws that are mostely alien to us nowadays.

    Ugh, people like you make me sick!

  • Anitta

    @quin: You’re right. But I think Adam looks good with or without double chin. Sometimes the pics are better, sometimes worse. Just as those taken of me. ;)

  • Jet

    Nice to see Adam enjoying life. The Do Somethng Award is an honor. Too bad the haters and fans of Idols who are not doing so well are coming out with attacks cause there guys are forgotten. You can always tell. The worse their guys are doing, the more they bring up gay, as if that will stop Adam’s popularity. It will not but nice try.

  • Annie

    Looking Good Mr. Adam Lambert. Love him so much. Such a down to earth and amazingly talented guy. Very cute BF.

  • Truth

    @prairiegirl: Jesus picked a prostitute as one of his disciple. By this he tried to tell people of that time that you shouldn’t discriminate others or judge others because of what they do. It’s so sad that humanity after thousands of years still takes verses from religious scriptures to condem others.

  • Jen


    You are a stellar example of the stupidity of mankind and everything what is wrong in this world. Because of ignorant people like you who are scared to think for themselves and enjoy hate and deviding people more than love and connection we will only ever be able to take babysteps.

  • vikkisusanne

    @prairiegirl: The bible was translated to English from the original Hebrew/Aramaic. The word “abomination” is an English word that was chosen by translators. It is also the SAME word used to describe the “sin” of planting 2 different types of seeds in the same field or wearing 2 different fabrics at the same time. So, by your logic, if you have ever had a garden with more than 1 type of plant or have worn cotton and leather at the same time, I guess this makes YOU an abomination too! Welcome to the club.

  • amourbert_79

    @prairiegirl: according to who ******!!!! Pleeeeeeeze(Ecclesiastes 7: 20) pray for your on salvation.

  • amourbert_79

    @prairiegirl: according to who ******!!!! Pleeeeeeeze(Ecclesiastes 7: 20) pray for your on salvation.

  • Morgan

    @o02i3021 @dada Just because he’s a rockstar, doesn’t mean he needs to be glammed up all the time. He went to go see a movie, he doesn’t need to glam up. & Adam’s not a has-been. Adam’s just getting started.

    @Tia He doesn’t look like a fool. He’s just having fun. & it’s not your business to know what Sauli does for a living.

  • Morgan

    @o02i3021 @dada Just because he’s a rockstar, doesn’t mean he needs to be glammed up all the time. He went to the movies, he doesn’t need to glam up. & Adam’s not a has-been. Adam’s just getting started.

    @Tia He doesn’t look like a fool, he’s just having fun. & it’s not your business to know what Sauli does for a living.

  • Truth

    @vikkisusanne @prairiegirl: And the Hebrew/Aramaic version of the bible was written 300 years after Jesus was crucified. So bible is more like words of people who wrote it and changed it up hundreds of times instead of legit. fact or truth. So wise up @prairiegirl.

  • Traci

    @quin: Quin, you must have perfect looks to feel comfortable picking on those of another. Adam is a SINGER, not a runway model… but, regardless, I think he’s absolutely stunning, both visually and vocally!

  • Jennifer

    Adam is so cute! Love that baseball cap on him, too. And good for him turning the camera on the paps, that’s totally what I would do lol It’s all in good fun.

  • notafan

    I’m not a fan nor a hater but seriously guys, don’t u ever post cheeky comments about celebrities who u find a tad ridiculous? Do u really expect some dummies from reality shows to get only praises and worship on internet forums?
    Sauli’s own public role before this Hollywood fame was based entirely on badmouthing other reality tv douches, so if someone laughs at Adam’s chin, he’s actually being nice compared to what was Sauli’s “job” less than a year ago.
    Those homophobic comments are idiotic, you’re right about that one, but finding these guys (A&S) somewhat comedic should be a constitutional right of every free citizen. :D

  • mals

    Prairie Girl, we are praying for you too and you homophobic ways.

  • papz

    The video is on his Twitter:

    “Reverse Paparazzi. Lol. (I’m such a dork)”

  • Beverly

    Ever heard of a good sense of humor? Adam has a VERY good sense of humor!! You definitely need to look into getting one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!