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Brad Pitt: Back to Work on 'World War Z'!

Brad Pitt: Back to Work on 'World War Z'!

Brad Pitt keeps it casual in a sweater and jeans as he walks to the set of his latest movie, World War Z, on Monday (July 18) in England.

The 47-year-old actor was joined by a production assistant as he headed to the set.

Brad‘s partner, Angelina Jolie, and their little ones arrived back in Los Angeles earlier in the week after spending time in Malta while Brad worked on World War Z.

Angelina took her girls, Shiloh and Zahara, to Ozzie Dots on Sunday afternoon to check out vintage clothing, costumes and accessories!

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  • jj

    uh oh… he looks veeeeeerrrrrry interested in the assistant!!!

  • WOW

    He is gorgeous.

  • Laina

    Brad Pitt still hot.

  • Ian Halperin

      The history of OK was true
    The fake smile Angulina

    karma is karma ;)

  • WBPfan

    Handsome is handsome!!!! Thank YOU JJ for the new pix -first Angie and the girls now Brad!!! Happiness!!!

  • Lara

    Gorgeous handsome man, happy at work, WWZ is all go. Bet he’s missing his wonderful Angie, Zee and Shi. God bless their family.

  • Ian Halperin


    And now Brad Angulina dump in 2011

    Lol yes karma

  • Ellen

    Brad looks mighty fine. The gal is the production assistant, she looks a little like Katie Holmes.

  • http://website PJ

    Oh wow more Brad great.

  • blah

    his body is HOT as hell… and I am glad that he has decided to age naturally… We don’t see that in hollywood every day… BRAVO B!

  • ?

    @Ian Halperin:

    Like Brad did in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 ?
    You live in FaknistonLand, chéri !

  • moxie

    Looking good!

  • laab

    He is just so sexy.

  • Ian Halperin


    This girl is cute and healthy

  • much ado ’bout nuthin’

    @jj @ 07/18/2011 at 12:57 pm
    if u think that’s when a guy shows he’s “veeeeeerrrrrry interested” u must be a very deluded little girl. are u one of those crazy twihards who thinks a guy who will tolerate being within 10 feet of u must be madly in love with u?
    look at the life brad has, look at everything brad has in his life. u think he will throw it all away for some random crew member? u’re so naive. so innocent to the point of stupid even. u’ve obviously never had a meaningful relationship and have no idea how the real world works.

  • amensister

    its good to see a man not afraid to grow old gracefully and may i say beautifully

  •!/natalie226653 natalya

    I hope Angie will be back soon)

  • ?

    @Ian Halperin:

    Lol, very crazy…poor thing !
    Brad told “i love her” in May and he dumps angie now ? lol ! he refused to tell it in french tv show one month before he dumps fakniston so…you really live in la la land…
    this guy loves angie and you know it, you just want to annoy JP fans, that’s all…Get a life !

  • leni

    those of you speaking of karma better watch out.

    what kind of karma are you reaping for yourselves by wishing for a couple with 6 young children to break up?

  • Jarissa

    @Ian Halperin:
    Are you the writer of that “bomb” tell all book. You are one PLAIN stupid and hateful homosapien. UGHHHH Karma to you.

  •!/natalie226653 natalya

    I wanna burn all this bull..t about Brangelina. They are working parents who are crasy in love. cool that angie`s bodyguard is with brad now and brad`s bodyguard is with angie now)

  • geez

    Could Brad Pitt get any hotter?

  • Just Sayin

    This man really has won the genetic lottery. He gets more handsome as he ages.

  •!/natalie226653 natalya

    Angie is busy with her new project Churchill and Roosevelt. She`ll be back soon

  • Ian Halperin

    On Wednesday will be so much fun
    I can not wait for the tabloids

    I’m going to see Jen

    see you later

  •!/natalie226653 natalya

    Angie will be back soon

  •!/natalie226653 natalya

    He loves Angelina..she`ll be back soon

  •!/natalie226653 natalya

    Brad is just a man at work…nothing more.

  • Jarissa

    You are one SICK PUPPY. Did you mean assylum instead of jail or prison. Or did you escape?

  • umm

    Brad and Angelina can’t talk to or smile at crew member without being accused of cheating. Get a life. you silly troll.

  •!/natalie226653 natalya

    Agree with you,Umm. Brad is very good guy who works on set to earn money for his loving woman and children.


    In my research for my new book, not the one on how I got reamed in prison by big cons that made me their beyatch, but a new one on how Maniston has left her own mother penniless and on Medicare… I did learn that if Brad did not cheat on the very UGLY Jennifer(and we know he didn’t as she TOLD US he did not), he sure as HEL.L won’t cheat on the love of his life Angelina Jolie. That’s one thing EVERYONE knows: Brad was faithful to all his old, ugly exes, Maniston, Paltrow, Lewis, etc…so it doesn’t make sense that he’d cheat on ‘The Most Beautiful Woman in The World.’ BUT I have noticed that because of the rabid jealous old coot fan base that Maniston has who constantly stalks Pitt, much like young Robert Pattinson (who I dream of every night), he can’t walk within 2 steps of a vag.ina, without the insane jealous stalkers who hate on Angelina, creating science fiction.
    She will be punished forever for ugly’s man leaving her- even if it’s only in the minds of the jealous coots. ..and even when they know ALL of ugly’s men dump her.
    That’s my next book. But excuse me, the pool boy is calling, I waxed my back for him and everything.

  •!/natalie226653 natalya

    @IAN HALPERIN: You shud live your life…not to waste it on this lie. We know that Brad loves Angie and they will be together with 6 kids smiling and having fun

  • ===

    Brad looks to be enjoying his walk with that cute production assistant.

    what a nice change from Morticia for him.

  • payal

    brad is in london looking very happy without angelina as is she in l.a

    plus jen is going to be in london for her premiere on wed will anything happen??

  • clearview

    His new girlfriend is cute

  •!/natalie226653 natalya

    These typical stories about Maniston.assistants and others repeat every year…and then we see Brad smiling and kissing Angie and touching her ass and saying he loves her)..and her eyes shine…and they kiss during golden globe ceremony in secret places ..and then she `s correcting his bowtie and she`s using her lipstick after hot kisses)

  • JZ

    You all keep reassuring yourselves that *Angie* will be back soon.


  • WBPfan

    I didn’t realize people of the opposite sex couldn’t stand next to each other if not sexually or romantically involved. I guess that means you can’t go to work, go to the supermarket, go to church, go on the subway, walk outdoors, etc… I guess it is true, some people just can’t help being stupid.

  • de Cosmos

    Brad better be careful.

    Any there’s any more of that hanky panky, Angie, the brats and the nannies will be jumping on a private jet to England to be on his case 24/7.

  • Jill

    How can he disrespect the Mother of his children like this??

  • Once a cheater always a cheate


  • bizzy bee

    Was not expecting a new post! Looking good, Papa Pitt. he looks very relaxed.

  • jo

    what do you think about the assistant story?
    Do you think? Okmagazine invented everyting or it’s true?

    Anyway altough people say she’s sexy and everybody have a crush on her on the set. i think she can not be compare to Angie!
    we’ll se what happen next.

  • Trolls are stupid

    @Angie is finally free: I guess Angie is so selfish that she leaves her twins a day after their birthday.

  • Brad is free

    @Angie is finally free: I guess she was too selfish to take her other 4 kids with her well Jen can take care of them especially the twins

  • woah!

    woah he looks old in that pic posted.

    he looked young just a few years ago, what happened?

    looks about 55.

  • anustin

    ahhh poppa pitt!keep on working daddy,got 7 mouth to feed.and ur lovin it!!!!! my azz too.

  • woah!

    he looks about 55+

    not aging too well these days.

  • A Lurker