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Chloe Moretz: Polo Match with Bros Trevor & Ethan!

Chloe Moretz: Polo Match with Bros Trevor & Ethan!

Chloe Moretz strikes a cute pose at the Veuve Clicquot Gold Cup Polo Final at Cowdray Park Polo Club on Sunday (July 17) in Midhurst, England.

The 14-year-old Kick-Ass actress was joined by two of her brothers, college student Ethan (left) and actor/acting coach Trevor (right).

Chloe was recently honored with a Saturn Award for Best Performance by a Younger Actor for her work in the horror flick, Let Me In.

The trailer for Chloe‘s new movie, Hugo, was just released. The flick, which also stars Jude Law and Sacha Baron Cohen, will hit theaters November 23.

FYI: Chloe is wearing a stylish pair of Giambattista Valli cropped pants.

10+ pics inside of Chloe Moretz at Cowdray Park Polo Club…

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Credit: Nick Harvey; Photos: Getty, WENN
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  • livvyloo

    She is very pretty, love her style here. I can’t beleive she is only 14! Kids these days:)

  • nicole

    so gorgeous!

  • Jil

    hollywood is getting younger and younger..

  • carrie

    how old is she? 22 or 23? what? 14 !! be careful kid! live your teen years

  • A

    She looks so much older than her age! What do they feed kids these days, hormones?

  • OK

    Stylin’ family!

  • Lo

    Trevor is her acting coach!! :) Sweet.

  • seri

    Hello Trevor!!!

  • camille

    Creepy. Way too young to be pouting and posing like that. Could be a Lohan situation..

  • alex

    seems quite large as 25 years !

  • http://tara tara

    there’s something annoying about her…when you’re 14 you’re not supposed to look at the camera like your trying to seduce it all the time! come on, act like the child that you are! no matter how sophisticated you think you are, you’re 14.

  • abc

    Something about Chloe irks me like crazy but her and her brother holding hands in that one photo is actually kind of cute. You don’t see that these days. Nice to see that they’re close.

  • Gabby

    Ugh. I like her, but her eagerness to grow up is seriously annoying. I really hope her family is keeping her grounded and I hope she’s still continuing with her education.

    As of right now, I remain more of a fan of Chloe on-screen than off-screen.

  • candice

    Omg… she’s the most fashionable actress. i love her style so much. i think she’s not a human but a lost angel. she’s so sweet.

  • noname

    ohhh i like Chloe!(: she’s so pretty :)

  • Sean

    Daymn! She’s gonna be smokin when she’s legal. 4 more years!!

  • Kirby

    No Way

  • hmm

    It’s a shame that she’s turning into such a try hard with the adult behavior and the pouty posing thing. She should take a picture out of Elle Fanning’s book and keep it age appropriate.

  • Dan


    Well, it’s not like Elle could do the “pouty posing thing”. She doesn’t have the look for it.

  • Kirby

    You guys judge her way to much. It’s hilarious. I personally think she’ll grow up just fine. =)

  • Cam


    What makes you think she isn’t grounded? The fact that she gets to dress up and go to interesting events on certain occasions?

    FYI, she has a private tutor from a prestigious home-school academy, and is far ahead of her years intellect-wise.

  • anybody?anybody?

    I COVET that outfit! She looks fresh and natural, love that she isn’t caking on the makeup. I really am pleased with how she presents herself. And the Fanning sisters. Some of the older crowd could learn a thing or two from these mature young ladies. And, um, can we see more of Trevor?? He’s so good-looking! :D

  • Robot

    Effin nasty. There’s no sign of a child in this girl. She’s a 35 year old in a 14 year old’s body.

    There’s an explosion of kids in her age group (Elle, Hailee) and she’s trying SO hard to stand out. Out of the three of those girls Elle is the most natural. Have you ever heard her speak? There is a kid. Hailee sounds like a kid as well but she dresses older than she should.

    Chloe is in a league of her own. The league of desperation. She doesn’t need to be there. I loved her since Kick Ass, but all of this posing and pouting is turning me off completely. She’s trying too hard and at the end of the day hollywood wants to hire a kid, not this.

    Whoever is pulling her strings need to fall back and give her a game boy to play with.

  • Cam


    Your comments show you know nothing about her and are making assumptions based on photographs.

    And not only are you wrong about her personally, you’re wrong about her professionally as well. She has made five movies and a TV episode in the last year and a half, is currently filming with Johnny Depp, and has two more films lined up for this year. Hollywood likes her just fine.

  • marissa

    Ugh i hate it when people comment the same shit every now and then such as “she’s too young to dress like this and that” or “i think shes gonna end up like Lohan”. leave her alone, she can dress whatever the hell she wants.and i think her outfit in this is much simpler,still appropriate for age.looks classy at the same time.u wouldn’t want her to dress up like kesha or like damn hipsters are you?(like most 14 yr olds do now) if she believes in expressing herself, let her be.

    it’s people like you that makes lohan end up where she is right now. stop criticizing

  • ariana

    what a strange looking trio.

  • Kirby

    Definitely! I don’t see any problem with the way she dresses or acts. She’s just being herself. She does not need to try to act like Elle Fanning or anybody else. She is awesome in her own way. She will have a very successful career. Everybody else needs to stop judging!

  • Ismail

    Enough Already!

    Yes she looks older!

    But remember what you used to do when you were 14?

    At 14, she’s working all the time with people older than her .. Older actors, older directors .. agents, managers! She looks older because she’s more mature than people of her age!

  • Anonymous

    I know this has been said, but Trevor is really hot! Ethan is cute but with a guy like Trevor next to him you don’t even notice the other one.

  • http://ac Looky

    ” Chloe Moretz strikes a cute pose” LOL Jared you’re such a perve and her poses are ridiculous….really for anyone under 27 that pose is ridiculous. This pose is reserve for that 48yr old bag whore from the “Sex and the City” show and movies, you know who I’m talking about, I’m not a fan but this chick is 14….BTW why does her bother always have his hand on her ass??? This is like the 2nd or 3rd time I have seen this dude like grabbing her ass for a picture….eww

  • kokosh

    She is 14?! Somebody shoold tell this poor girl to enjoy CHILDHOOD while she still can – it happens only once in a lifetime.

  • JR


    What makes you believe she’s not enjoying childhood?

    Sure would be nice if people would stop making absurd assertions based on on a photo.

  • Robot


    Believe me when I say soon enough she’ll play a character who is older than she is. Do you see that face? Future botox recipient.

    This one is going to end up in A LOT of trouble. I agree with the other comments who likened her to Lindsay Lohan.

    Hell, even Lindsay Lohan at 14 wasn’t this bad. And it’s not just this picture. Go check all of her recent pictures especially from the beginning of the year and you’ll see it too.

    If you don’t, then you’re blind and there’s nothing I can do about that.

  • Maria

    Wow. The Little Kickass girl has grown up to a beauty.

  • curious

    does anyone know where her animal ring is from?















  • JR


    What exactly would be wrong with playing a character older than she is? It’s called acting for a reason. Several of her roles have been mature to this point. What’s the sin there, again? Your botox comment is equally baffling.

    You’re entitled to whatever conclusion you want to come to, but it’s apparent you aren’t familiar with her outside of some photographs. If you were, you’d realize how preposterous your claims are. She has a reputation as an incredibly well-mannered, respectful, mature kid with a good disposition.

    It’s a shame we can’t make a bet over it, because I’d take you to the cleaners.

  • http://c Mann

    She is built like a tank with square shoulders but she has a nice hat.

  • ew.

    chloe is too short and weasel face. yuck.

  • RDobbs

    @Gabby: So Gabby, you’re saying you like Chloe on-screen, where she’s played roles such a murderous child vampire, and a foul-mouthed pint-size assassin in Kick-Ass, but you don’t like her off-screen where she’s a sweet and beautiful teen-aged girl, who works very hard as an award-winning actress and comes from a very close-knit family who have been with her every step of the way. Interesting choice. : -)

  • Michael

    Nice wig. She looks no better than someone at Walmart last night.

  • Denom

    Do all articles here draw this many classless jerks or just Chloe’s?

  • Jasmine

    Aww she looks beautiful. Her and her brother Trevor look a lot alike.

  • ..

    is that a cold sore on her lip?