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Miranda Kerr: Orlando Bloom Joked He Wanted An Epidural!

Miranda Kerr: Orlando Bloom Joked He Wanted An Epidural!

Miranda Kerr makes her way through LAX Airport on Monday (July 18) in Los Angeles.

The 28-year-old model’s interview with Australia’s Sunday Night recently aired, where she talked about her 6-month-old son Flynn, what attracted her to hubby Orlando Bloom, and Flynn‘s excruciating delivery.

“Yes. I’m not going to lie,” when asked if giving birth was worse than she thought it would be.

“It was 27 hours and I had made a decision to not have any painkillers … like I’m crazy for not doing that. I remember looking at Orlando and I was like, ‘Oh honey.’ He was like, “Let me have the epidural. If you don’t want it, I’ll take it cause right now I’m dying watching you go through this pain!’”

Check out the full video on Sunday Night‘s website!

FYI: Miranda is wearing the “Cult Skinny” jean in Code by Nobody.

Bigger pic inside….

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  • yes!!

    She’s so gorgous! My favorite angel!

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  • chippy

    @shailene: bod is. face looking like a child cannot be considered “hot”.

  • Blah

    She’s a narcissistic ugly fame-seeker.

  • Tiff

    tired of hearing about the pregnancy , like sheesh we know ! lol

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    And you’re a pathetic, lonely, stalker sock puppet.

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    Sock puppets galore.
    They don;t even try to hide it anymore. Pathetic is right!

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  • Dull

    This woman really has nothing to brag about doesn’t she? Always the same kinds of stories…and yes yes we all know how great and painful you were in labour.

  • Xox

    Idk who this chick is but all I know is everytime I see a post about her it’s about how painful her labor was. We get it. Talk about something else.

  • megan

    Katie Holmes lookalike

  • Dorcus


  • @13

    I think Katie Holmes has more real class than this hypocritical wannabe.

  • lold

    You are not the first woman to give birth, Miranda.

  • Ann Marie

    Why not take painkillers? Oh yeah, so you can manipulate your husband and look for glory from that point on. No one cares that you calved. You and every female mammal on earth. Give it a rest.

  • Kerra

    I had a home birth without pain killers and it was far less painful than my hospital birth with an epidural! I really mean that. It was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. I worry Miranda will scare others off from this monumental experience.

  • Kerra

    I have experienced a hospital birth with an epidural, and it was far more painful than my home birth without medication. I truly mean that. Miranda might scare people off from what could be one of the most beautiful, transforming experiences of their life.

    Flynn is adorable, without doubt!

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    Sorry for the double post… Thought I lost my first one with the back button.

  • LOL!

    i know we’re not amused with this constant talk of birth, but i don’t think it’s entirely her fault. if you’re a talk show host, what would you ask her? you can’t talk politics, cause she wouldn’t know. you can’t talk global warming, cause she only takes pictures with them and won’t know much science or politics behind that. you can’t talk about modeling, cause audience would yawn. also, any of the above topics, you’re get a half sentence answer from her. but you invited her on your show and you gotta keep her engaged, so birth is the most appealing topic to get her talking. Like if you watch the conan show when she interviewed, when she talks about eating healthily, there were literally crickets in the room, and the conversation was very mundane, EXCEPT when she talked about her birth and the jokes and audience started responding. the reality is, yes we’re a little tired of it, but what would you ask her for 30min?!

  • LOL!

    13 hate filled posts in less than an hour?
    And you really expect people to believe that you aren’t socks?
    You forget that not everyone is as gullible as you morons of delphi.

  • LOL!

    @Kerra: I have to agree, I’m sure the pain is a special intensity, but women don’t often “almost die” and have “out of body experiences.” Many who are well prepared actually have very well managed labor and delivery.

  • Shannon

    She’s STILL talking about her labor? Women go through it every day and have for centuries so I don’t know why we need to keep hearing about it all the time

  • @24

    I’m sorry, but there is no way that you can possibly be prepared for a ten pound natural birth. Especially one that had to be induced. It’s like you are forcing the baby to come when he really doesn’t want to.
    And again, Miranda isn’t claiming to be the only woman that has ever gone through this. She is just talking about her own experience. And I happen to like how honest she is being about it.

  • @25

    uhmmmm, because people keep asking her about it?
    It’s not like she is going up to total strangers and forcing them to listen to her story. She is a public figure, and people are interested in hearing about her. And remember, most people seeing that program on Sunday had never heard her story before. It was all new to them.

  • anon

    @LOL!: What’s wrong with you? Retarded?

  • AllG

    Boring stop talking about your pregnancy already happened ages ago and noone really cares that much

  • Nina

    I’m not Kerr’s fan but I think she looks pretty good here. Her skin is beautiful!

  • @29

    Again, they evidently care enough to keep asking her about it.
    You evidently care, too. Otherwise why would you be on this thread at all?

  • Kå simply amazing!

    Flynn Mama want mama miranda

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    she happy coz her son sleep in home

  • steph

    She has the most beautiful skin.
    I wonder where she is going? Not too far, I guess, since Flynn isn’t with her.

  • Bored

    Her decision to have no pain killers. 27 hours? OK – so what? What is she Mother Theresa? Get over yourself; move on and yap about some other mindless shit we don’t care about….and really? You’re so self centered, you can’t even include your husband, if he is your husband, in the interview? then he has to ask your royal shithead for permission to see his own son?

  • Hmm…

    If anyone actually watched the interview you;d know she hardly talks about giving birth. Shes makes a couple jokes and says yes it was painful I’m not going to lie when questioned.The rest of the interview focuses on her career, childhood and family.
    You also need to remember this interview was filmed a few months ago (hey say so at the start) so shes hardly still going on about the birth.

  • Weird

    @Bored: I feel the same way. I was quite confused when she said “Orlando has to ask her for permission to take Flynn away with him”. What a self-centered woman! She overrates herself.

  • @22

    I agree. There aren’t many subjects she can talk about interestingly, and this interview was for Australia and the other one was for the US. Plus Orlando has done interviews talking about it, and all the gossip media have picked it up every time.

    I thought from the interview segment, that she comes over better when she’s just doing things, pulling the interviewer into the swimming pool for example. She should have a gig on something like a holiday programme where she does wacky things in a bikini, and her family can come along from time to time to look cute together and satisfy their love of publicity. That would give her exposure without her having to talk about her private life.

    An induced birth without painkillers can be extremely painful because the gel they put on the cervix makes it sore. (Nobody told me this until after I’d agreed to an induction). Having an epidural increases the chance of a Caesarian and she MIGHT have refused one because she didn’t want a scar, for professional reasons. Most drugs are bad for the baby, and I found gas and air impossible to use in an induction. Water birth was also out as I had a drip.

    I knew someone who told me she’d had an induction without painkillers and forty years later she could remember it vividly as the most traumatic experience of her life. So Miranda might be a little obsessed by it.

    At least JJ explains that Orlando was joking when he said he wanted an epidural. Most sites which have picked this up seem to think he genuinely believed that having a numb pelvis would help him deal with seeing his wife in pain.

  • Liz

    Beautiful just like jolie pitt

  • *eyeroll*

    You haters are more obsessed with the details of her pregnancy, birth, life, family than any of her fans. You cling to every spoken word and image like your life depends on it. But I guess it does in a way, doesn’t it? You can’t live your life for one moment without thinking of Miranda, can you? That’s why you stalk her across the net. Spending more time devoted to her than anyone. Reading every article. Watching every interview. Trying to find information to twist and spin.
    Your lives are empty without her.
    I would feel sorry for you if I cared more. But as it is, I will just laugh at you. You are so hate filled that sympathy would be wasted on you.

  • Chris

    C’mon, give her a break..she is a celebrated model and of course fame comes with that, the media will always want to get into her life and put it on the front cover of their magazines. And although many women experience giving labor, it does NOT make the experience less painful.

  • Carl


  • .

    When that baby smiles or laughs he’s identical to Orlando. And he smiles and laughs a lot, he’s so cute

  • Me

    OBVIOUSLY it hurt when she had to push a baby out of that tiny body of hers!! She is not the kind of woman most people would look at and go “those are some child birthing hips..”

    Stfu already, it kind of seems like bragging now.

  • goawayyyyy

    you didnt save the world by giving birth you stupid c(_)nt!
    Stfu already! geezz..pregnancy and child birth is an act of nature, it doesn’t require one brain cell to occur. Go away already! Go do modeling or whatever the hell that annoying big face of yours does.

  • LOL!

    She made that up. ALL OF IT. Her labour and that ridiculos thing she claims he said. She lies to make herself look good and cut him down until he is a pathetic shadow of a man and she is some Earth Goddess. He never said any such thing. He probably wasn’t even there when she got her C-section. He was probably out drinking with his mates and could care less about her supposed pain.

  • LOL!


    If she was induced, you moron, she did NOT go through 27 hours of labour. So which is the truth and which is a lie? The induced labour or the 27 hours? She didn’t know she was having a 10 pound baby?? Rubbish! The doctor would have seen that on a routine ultrasound. Sorry, stupid shippers, your Queen Mother Randa May is a big fat liar.

  • @46

    Yeah because you were there

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    Resorting to vulgarity is a sign of a small mind.
    Your delphi sisters must be so proud to have you representing them.
    But I guess that your desperation is understandable.
    Your last shred of ‘evidence’ that you could come up with to explain away Orlando’s paternity has been shattered. That beautiful baby looks just like him. And that has you hateful hags running scared. Flynn’s gorgeous little face has proved you wrong once again.
    Watching you idiots spin out of control has been very entertaining.

  • Mike

    Fugly chick.