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Rachel Bilson: Bright Red Short Shorts!

Rachel Bilson: Bright Red Short Shorts!

Rachel Bilson goes shopping with a friend at a furniture boutique on Monday (July 18) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 29-year-old actress paired a black blazer and white tee with bright red shorts and ankle booties.

Rachel has been busy filming the upcoming comedy, The To Do List, which centers around a high-school grad who feels pressured to become more sexually experienced before attending college.

Last week, Rachel walked around the film’s set in a pink robe and a few days later wore a blue one.

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson rocking a pair of red short shorts in Santa Monica…

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rachel bilson furniture 01
rachel bilson furniture 02
rachel bilson furniture 03
rachel bilson furniture 04
rachel bilson furniture 05
rachel bilson furniture 06
rachel bilson furniture 07
rachel bilson furniture 08
rachel bilson furniture 09
rachel bilson furniture 10
rachel bilson furniture 11
rachel bilson furniture 12

Photos: GSI Media
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  • lexy hates bilson

    House hunting…furniture shopping…talk about staged photo opps..will the dr’s office be tomorrow??
    So JJ are you implying that Rachel plays a high school graduate??? LMAO!!


    Why is this “B” actress on your site every friggen day! So boring!

  • Hmm

    Guess JJ forgot that the movie doesn’t center on HER. Why not put some press on the actual lead of the movie?

  • Dean

    I’m not feelin her in this outfit.

  • sidony

    So Douchel’s now finished filming – just around 5 days or even less?!
    So she’s back now to what she do best aside from famewh0ring – shopping!
    Damn sure that Amber Plaza is still shooting that movie coz y’ know, she’s the LEAD star of movie To Do LIst – right JJ?!

  • Tony

    Wow! Another day another photo of this woman.

  • Tony

    Another day another photo of this person.

  • monreal

    A real-no-brainer that a (non)actress career is “dead” (not that its been ever bankable in the 1st place)… is when she just left on playing supporting role too a much Dlister or unknown actress than her…
    Anyways, Just Jared always trolls the toilet and gives publicity to non celebrities and D-lister’s doesn’t he? It is like a PR prostitution and he’s the king or queen pimp.

  • Shannon

    Rachel Bilson shopping again… *yawn* Next story please

  • tennille

    She would look better with her “ankles next to her ears” .

  • mark g

    I dont see why you all are hating so much on this girl. She’s gorgeous and a role model for lots of girls out there. You guys bash the celebrities that are out of control and complain that there being bad role models. Yet bash the good ones as well. It doesn’t make any sense to me.

  • Judy

    Wow, she looks gorgeous!
    I love her style so much ♥

  • Livia

    She’s beautiful but if I were her I would not wear shorts that cut off right where my saddlebags are. It just instantly brings your attention to them.

  • interesting

    hmm, that guy she is with, is the same guy when she was house hunting with Hayden together…

  • juniper

    A good role model for fame/media wh*ring that is – as she’s always & religiously on the gossip blogs!

  • lexy hates bilson

    LOL! A role model for young girls?? Do young girls know who she is?? Let’s hope young girls look up to a talented young actress like Emma Watson or Dakota Fanning…heck even Kendall Jenner – she goes to school and gets modeling work on a regular basis!!

  • mark g

    @juniper: yea because shes known for her fashion and thats a big part of what this website is about.

  • mark g

    @juniper: yea because shes known for her fashion and thats a big part of what this website is about.

  • Bridie

    Wow, she wore an pink AND a blue bathrobe. Shocking…



  • annie


  • Sweetalk

    @lexy hates bilson: You do realize she was on one of the biggest TEEN hit shows, The O.C. Why do you get so interested about her when you claim she’s a nobody? I see your username on EVERY single one of her posts, obsessive much?

  • ReneeLyssa

    I love Rachel Bilson, she is gorgeous!

  • RebelYell

    Just because she doesn’t stumble out of clubs drunk like idiots like Lohan doesn’ necessarly mean that she is a good ” role model”. You can behave in some ways like not drinking yourself to death or doing drugs but be a bad role model still because Rachel does famewh@re. Although the OC was a huge show with teenagers that was a long tme ago. The show was canceled by the end of 2006/2007. So pretty soon it will be five years since the show ended. Those teenagers have grown up and moved on. Teenagers today are more into shows like Gossip Girl which was basically Schwartz’s replacement for the OC.Their role models are Blake Lively and Leighton Meester .If that is a good thing is a whole different matter.So it’s a bit of a stretch to say Rachel is this big role model when most OC fans have grown up or moved onto other actresses. That would be like saying Mischa Barton,Adam Brody or Ben Menkenzie are still big role models to teenagers.It just wouldn’t make sense. I am surprised the women on this thread have yet to notice Rachel Bilson always has that same purse with her, the black one. I think it is an old chanel bag. If a woman had enough money to actually buy a new house or furniture don’t you think she would buy new purses as well?Wondering what the girls think about that.If that is the same dude she was seen with before maybe that dude is the one buying a house and looking for furniture and Rachel is helping said friend with the task and of course getting a photo opportunity out of it. Her look would have ben slamming if not for the ugly soccer mom red 80′s shorts.I don’t care who you are no one can pull those off.

  • Sweetalk

    @RebelYell: What? So when you have a purse you can only use it once? I’ve used the same purse for months, that doesn’t mean I don’t have money. And like you said, it’s a chanel bad. The one she has is awesome I would carry it around all the time as well!

  • juniper

    Yah a teen hit show(?!?!) when she just plays a sidekick… that when the female LEAD star left that show – it went all “kaput”!

  • crapshack

    Crapchel mighty thinks that her saddlebags is one of main assets aside from the flat/sagged tits & invisible brain (lol)

    And well the farthest thing that Crapchel could attached herself to Chanel is to get their “freebies” – coz from her generic looks & nowhere-going HW radar, she will never ever be the face of any Chanel brand.

  • OMG!


    They are trolls hon. That’s what they do. They make up stuff and compete to see who can come up with the biggest put down. It’s all very childish.
    It doesn’t matter that Rachel was on a hit teen show that is stilled aired in Europe and countries around the world and that she has an upcomng tv show and endorsements and other upcoming movies she’ll be appearing in.
    They just need to feel in control so they have to put other people down.

  • Kylie

    @monreal: @juniper: @sidony: @crapshack: Do you honestly think people don’t know you’re the same person?

  • sloane

    Why “skipped” on Lexy Hates Bilson, TWPUMPKIN, Tony, Shannon, Tennille, Logan, Annie etc.?!
    Its seriously AMUSING that when some fanatics couldn’t come up any defensive tactics for the nth time & as usual over these haters; the safest firing line/s would be ranting about multiple names/post – how thought provoking – NON!

  • Kylie

    @sloane: And you’re still the same person posting under another name. Your spelling and english is horrible.

  • Kylie

    @sloane: If you want to post over and over and over again about Rachel, just use the same name. Everybody knows when it’s you, you just look ridiculous using different names.

  • sloane

    See… same ole amusing rantings of so-called multiple usernames – anything else aside from that tweentard?!

  • marlough

    Pippa-Pimp Middleton… is that you?!

  • sterling

    Sans their high-end outfits, bling-bling, make-up etc; both Midge(t) & Pippa could easily looked like some “Mexican Tortilla Maker From Tijuana”.

  • just me

    jj why didn’t you show how that guy was all over rachel?

  • @ just me

    You are delusional as usual, the only photos of that guy are when he is walking with her, he is never “all over her”. In fact, he is the same guy that was with Hayden and Rachel in May when they were house hunting together in the May thread with Hayden and Rachel’s House Hunting thread here on JJ. There is a photo on of Rachel, Hayden and this guy together laughing while they ate lunch off the food truck. He knows both Hayden and Rachel. There are photos of Hayden from today on starzlife that show Hayden buying paint supplies at a hardware store in Los Feliz.. He even has paint on his face and hands, wonder if Hayden and Rachel bought a house that he is painting now, lol!

  • lr

    Thanks JJ for Rachel postings, love her!

  • just me

    @@ just me: THE man was all over rachel and jred didn’t want to show it ok. You the one that got your mind mess by rachel bilson. The girl is not buying a house.. But why couldn’t let that do it for her or her father she has one you know. Rachel still have the same house. She told you all a lie and she still getting hooked up with guys.You believe everything you read? So why wasn’t hayden with her and jared didn’t wwant to show. Hayden is fool for coming back to see her and hooking back with her cause he don’t have no work. Also soi she can keep his name out are tabloid magazines, Get real. Why everyone want them to be together when its not going to work in the long run.