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Tom Cruise: Jack Reacher in 'One Shot'!

Tom Cruise: Jack Reacher in 'One Shot'!

Tom Cruise is set to star as Jack Reacher in the upcoming film One Shot, adapted from the Lee Child novel by the same name from 2005!

The 47-year-old actor will play a retired military police member who travels to Indiana to investigate the murder of five people killed by a sniper.

“Retired from an elite investigative unit of the military police, Jack Reacher drifts around the country carrying only his passport, his military pension and the clothes on his back. Although Reacher doesn’t go looking for trouble, trouble often finds him and when it does, the ex-MP jumps right in, using his brain as much as his brawn,” Tom‘s official site explained.

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68 Responses to “Tom Cruise: Jack Reacher in 'One Shot'!”

  1. 1
    tami Says:

    Sorry, but Tom is so not Jack Reacher. This is a horrible casting decision.

  2. 2
    lanal Says:

    he is still hot!

  3. 3
    slig o lambert^_______^ cute Says:

    i dont like

  4. 4
    tami Says:

    Plus, Jack Reacher is suppose to be 6’5″ tall. Tom is like 5’6″. lol

  5. 5
    kizbit Says:

    Why does he think he’s still relevant??

  6. 6
    Susie#1 Says:

    Jack Reacher doesn’t have hair plugs or wear lifts in his shoes! He also has a moral compass, something of which Tom Cruise knows nothing. What a poor choice of casting.

  7. 7
    to JJ Says:

    He’s 49 years old, he was born July 1962.

  8. 8
    ellie' Says:

    Always looking great Tom..Such a great actor..looking forward to seeing movie…

  9. 9
    someguy Says:

    Tom is amazingly lame and adorably stupid!!

  10. 10
    Jkilde Says:

    Worst. Casting. Ever.

    Tom Cruise is no Jack Reacher. How the hell are they going to pull off him being 6’5 when he’s MAYBE 5’7 on a good day? Whoever did the casting seems to be going more for star power than making a decent adaptation of the book.

  11. 11
    BH Says:

    Huge mistake! I’ve read all of the Jack Reacher novels and cannot see this pretty boy playing Jack. I won’t go see the movies because of the casting. Too bad. Why they didn’t go for Ray Stevenson, Eric Bana or Gerard Butler???

  12. 12
    Anon Says:

    This is going to be bad. I love the Reacher books and there’s no way in hell I could EVER believe Tom Cruise as Reacher. He’s no where near Reacher’s physical description. Dolph Lundgren would be a way better choice. Even an unknown actor would be better – at least then the story stands on it’s own. I was so looking forward to this; now – I don’t even want to go see it.

    How would Reacher react to this news? He’d kick Tom’s ass!

  13. 13
    Anon Says:

    No, no, no!!! This is so wrong. This is going to be really bad. I LOVE the Reacher books and there is no way in HELL that I would ever believe Tom Cruise as Reacher. He’s no where near Reacher’s physical description or appeal. I was so looking forward to this and now I don’t even want to go. Dolph Lundgren would be better. Hell, even an unknown actor would be better – the story can stand on it’s own.

    How would Reacher react to this? He’d kick Tom’s ass!

  14. 14
    Amory Says:

    I definitely will not see this movie, and I am a HUGE Lee Child fan. This is horribly disappointing. It should have been a no-name or someone who better meets the look of the character. Being a big guy is a huge part of the character. So is being someone who is quiet yet lethal. Tom Cruise can’t play quiet. He overacts in everything he is in. He’s a cartoon-character. Horrible, horrible casting. WILL NOT SEE!!

  15. 15
    CJLOVE23 Says:

    GTFO! Horrible casting! Tom is an embarrassment

  16. 16
    Frozoid Says:

    He’s 49, not 47. How much did he pay Jared to reduce his age?

  17. 17
    annie Says:

    didn’t you people see Collateral, he was fantastic. i imagine for this role you need somebody with intensity- something he’s loaded with.
    he’s lost nothing, saw the trailer for MI4, he’s still got it, loads of it, and still very good looking, regardless of some of the things you guys say.

  18. 18
    deke Says:

    I have read every one of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher novels and I can’t think of anyone worse to play him!!!

  19. 19
    toria Says:


    Annie, you obviously haven’t read the Jack Reacher books. No Reacher isn’t intense. He is laid back. Until he gets mad. He is also 6’5″ with dirty blonde hair, huge chest and abs. This is a horrible casting choice. Just horrible. About as bad as the casting of him as the Vampire Lestat in Anne Rice’s Interview with a Vampire. Although Rice came around to liking him in the role, most of us who loved the series did not. This is just a horrible miscasting. Brad Pitt would be so much better if they were looking for a middle aged A lister. He is at least tall with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. He’d have to bulk up, but there is nothing Tiny Tom can do to change his height, gain some acting skill for a role like this, and convince anyone who has read the series that he is Jack Reacher. He is NO Jack Reacher.

  20. 20
    Susie#1 Says:

    @BH #11 – I totally agree that Ray Stevenson would be a great choice, then Gerard Butler or Eric Bana. Stevenson really has the physical attributes to play Reacher and is a great actor…Reacher has a moral compass which is something Cruise knows nothing about…

  21. 21
    madmarty Says:

    Worst decision ever. I don’t know who did this, but they never read the books.

  22. 22
    annie Says:

    @ Toria
    Toria you don’t like anything Tom, or Katie for that matter, so I think you are judging the role in a wrong way. Whatever you might think of Tom or his choices in life, the screen belongs to him. He was so good in Valkyrie , and I just loved The Samurai and his role as Vincent the assassin in Collateral was so good.
    Whether or not Reacher was 6’5, I honestly don’t think when you see Tom on sreen that’s going to make a huge difference. It’s only the media which will make sure to bring it to everybodys attention, over and over, which they have done already, but at the end of the day, I don’t think a lot of people will care about that . I find the characters he plays very believable.
    I also think ,as somebody said , this can turn into a franchaise , like Mission, and he is 49, he’s still playing a variety of interesting roles.
    He’s playing an” aging rocker ” in Rock of Ages, I think he’s cluey enough to know what works for him and what doesn’t.
    I honestly think he’ll be great.

  23. 23
    Romeo Says:

    He obviously still is whether you want to admit it or not, #5.

    Or maybe it was just a mistake and there’s no convoluted conspiracy behind it, #16?

    That’s odd, #19. Most fans of Rice’s books liked Cruise in the role just fine as well.

  24. 24
    jagger Says:

    Should be called “One Short”. Cruise is all wrong for the role. Wrong attitude, persona, build…. what a shame.

  25. 25
    Ann Says:

    Nooooooooooo this cannot be!!!!!!
    I love the Jack Reacher character and books and he does not look like him one bit.
    There are tons of better choices.

    They are killing Jack with this choice are they nuts.

  26. 26
    notkidding Says:

    Lousy casting. Wouldn’t see it.

  27. 27
    Kelly Says:

    This is a HORRIBLE casting desicion! How are on earth are they going to pull this off? I am an avid Reacher follower and this makes no sense. Tom Cruise is a small man and Jack Reacher is supposed to be tall, big and imposing. This just stinks! I can not imagine this is what Lee Child had in mind when he was writing these books.

  28. 28
    krystal harvey Says:

    i am 11 yours old and me and my sis are going to play in a moive with you p.s. we are twins

  29. 29
    @annie and @romeo Says:

    Obviously neither of you have read the Jack Reacher series. Your serious reading is confined to JJ. If you had, you would know Cruise is all wrong for this role. On many levels. Just look at the comments on this blog, book blogs, other entertainment blogs. The opinion TC is miscast is universal.

  30. 30
    Sal Says:

    I sincerely doubt the casting director has read ANY of these books…Tom Cruise is like the worst choice. Even if he was a good actor which I am not saying he is) there is no way he can make up for his physcial shortcomings.

    My choices woulld be Hugh Jackman, John Cena, Gerard Butler or Joe Manganello.

    I will not see this movie now for sure…

    Wonder what the author thinks?

  31. 31
    toria Says:


    Most of the Lee Child posters on his forum don’t like this choice. I thought Child’s wording of his support for Cruise was “interesting.” He supported having an A list global movie star and said Cruise is among the best. But he didn’t come all out in support either. And many of the fans are distressed that Cruise/McQuarrie’s interpretation will veer off from the spirit of the books.

    Regardless of what anyone wants, when an author (unless you are J.K. Rowling) once they sell the book for movie rights rarely has any say whatsoever in how the books are then portrayed. It can be totally off base and horrendous such as Dean Koontz’s Watchers (what they did to that book was truly awful) to something faithful like the HP series.

    I have seen Cruise in almost everything he has done. He was great in Risky Business and Jerry McGuire because he played himself. I thought he was horrible in Born on the 4th of July and A Few Good Men because he lacked the skill and depth to bring the character’s to their maximum potential (say unlike a Matt Damon or younger DeNiro would have). He seemed miscast in Magnolia and Vanilla Sky. His performance in Lions for Lambs with that stupid accent and lack of depth made an otherwise great movie become a D movie.

    I really don’t think he can carry off Reacher. Lee Child’s has created a character that is laid back, but can really move when it is called for. That is seemingly a simple man, but in reality his very complex with layer upon layer as he is revealed in the books. And that is where Cruise will fail. He will be unable to show the audience the layers. I am not going to watch this movie most likely because I don’t want Jack Reacher ruined for me when I read the other books. And based on many comments on mystery and literary type blogs, others feel the same. If you haven’t read the books–hey, seeing Cruise play another action “hero” may be just what you may like.

  32. 32
    toria Says:


    Annie (and Romeo) read the books.

    If you become a Jack Reacher fan you will see why Cruise is wrong for this role. It has nothing to do with liking him or not liking him. I don’t like Marlon Brando, but think he is one of the most skilled movie actors of our time (century or so). I don’t care for Natalie Portman, but think she is one heck of an actress. Liking or not liking Cruise has nothing to do with how I feel about him playing Reacher, what is upsetting is that he lacks the talent and skill to play him. And I dislike Katherine Heigl, but think she will and has done a good job of playing Stephanie Plum in One for the Money. She appears to have become Stephanie. Cruise playing Reacher will be Cruise playing Reacher–he won’t become Reacher. He doesn’t have the acting chops to do so.

  33. 33
    Rainy Day Says:

    @Annie and Romeo

    You know you two, those of us who follow the Reacher series are just as passionate about him as you are about Holmes and Cruise. Both of you consider yourself TomKat super fans, so why knock those of us who are Reacher fans? Child is one of the few authors on my “must buy the day it comes out” list. Been reading him for the last decade. Reacher is one of my very fave mystery heroes. And Cruise is NO Jack Reacher.

  34. 34
    annie Says:

    Rainy Day : don’t remember knocking anybody, just gave my opinion as to why i think he’ll be good, just like you and Toria gave your opinions as to why he won’t.
    i have not read the books, but I genuinely think he’ll be good. my thinking also has nothing to do with Katie, as some of those movies came out long before katie.
    my gosh it’s such a crime saying anything nice about Tom and Katie.
    hope you both noticed the lovely names i was called in a previous Tom Katie page. i would never say those things to any of you no matter how much i disagreed with you.

  35. 35
    robert Says:

    terrible casting–the most striking part of the character is that he is 6’5″, and doesn’t take crap. Cruise is like 5’6″ this doesn’t make sense.

    Tom Selleck would be better fit or Clive owens

  36. 36
    spinblastr Says:

    Tom Cruise is okay, I guess. But he is absolutely the worst choice for Reacher. The. Worst. What a shame.

  37. 37
    Karla Says:

    All Tom Cruise haters get over yourselves!!! He has proven over and over again that he can act in any role and he does it well. I don’t care what religion he practices; I don’t care how tall he is: I don’t care how old he is: I do know that I go and see everyone of his movies because I am a devoted fan. I may not like all of his movies but being the fan that I am I still enjoy watching him on the big screen. He is very personable to his fans and he tries to please them. I know for a fact since I was one of the extras in the shooting of his concert scene at the Hard Rock this past week, and I got to see him perform his Stacee Jax character on stage and what stage presence he has:0 He is attractive, fit and is carismatic on the stage and yes he had me at hello :)

  38. 38
    brian Says:

    I think Tom will do a great job …as long as does not fall off his 1 metre high shoes or put a hole in his muscle suit ….what about Hugh Jackman?

  39. 39
    sandra Says:

    You have got to be kidding. He’s a foot shorter and way to old.

  40. 40
    SeeJ Says:

    The announcement should have read, ” midget to play giant.” Only in Hollyweird would be seen as a good thing. This will ruin the Reacher character for me so I won’t be seeing the movie. Will anyone?

  41. 41
    porky pine Says:

    That’s just STUPID! Jack Reacher is 6′ 5″, not 5′ 7″.

  42. 42
    doradee bashar Says:

    No!!!! What happened to real men???? Forget the pretty boys!!!!!! Yuk!

  43. 43
    Jamax1263 Says:

    This is the WORST casting I’ve ever seen. What…are they going to cast the rest of the world with midgets to make him look taller?

    LAME. And I was SO looking forward to the movie.

  44. 44
    Ahhh! Says:

    Hugh Jackman, Clive Owen, Kiefer Sutherland= Jack Reacher
    Tom Cruise= Sigh.
    I read the Lee Child books and love them. Tom Cruise does not fit the bill. Reacher is a big tough mo’fo with simple line responses and is not Tom Cruise. I mean, Crispin Glover would of made more sense. Heck, Chris Tucker would make more sense! Lee Child simply cannot be happy with this decision.

  45. 45
    Ells Bells Says:

    This news is beyond pathetic. I won’t waste my time and money on any Jack Reacher movie that stars Tom Cruise. Sorry, Mr. Child, but I’m sticking to the books for now and keeping my Jack Reacher fantasy man alive in my dreams.

  46. 46
    Doradee Bashar Says:

    Did they not read the book??? In all of Hollywood could they not find a rugged looking MAN????? Too much!

  47. 47
    I Hate Tom Cruise Says:

    Why does Tom Cruise keep ruining movies?? Can’t someone stop him?

    This will kill off all future movies with Reacher.

    Reacher is not a *****. Cruise is.

    I’m done. Sorry Lee Child, your books were good, but your movies are going to suck beyond suckage.

  48. 48
    remodelgirl1 Says:

    Tom Cruise is NO Jack Reacher! What, are you kidding me? I can’t even go see this – it will ruin all of my images of Jack Reacher as I have devotedly read his stories. Mr. Child, had you no say in this? If they shoot Tom from a lower angle we will just see up his big nose!

    Word of mouth will kill this movie before it ever gets to the box office! Forewarned!

    Nor was he a Lestat – tall, blonde, rock star killer good looks?

    Read the books – there is not one similarity between Cruise and Reacher!!! BAD BAD BAD STUPID STUPID STUPID

  49. 49
    jmesc Says:

    What in the world are they thinking? This is the worst casting decision ever. Seriously???

  50. 50
    AndyinAD Says:

    Two words – Liam Neeson

  51. 51
    Smell the cooking Says:

    I’ve read the whole Reacher series and I have thought at times who would be a good fit to play the role in the movies. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson seems like a logical fit for the character of Reacher. He definitely has the physical presences needed for the role. I can get past the difference in ethnicity of the character (i.e. not having blonde hair and blue eyes) much easier than I can the total miss-casting of a vertically challenged ham actor.

  52. 52
    Amy Says:

    Are you seriously kidding me? What a way to kill a character! Jack Reacher looks NOTHING like Tom Cruise. The reason Jack Reacher is so polupar, is because he uses his considerable height and strength in order to get out of predicaments. Tom Cruise is a small wimp. What stupid casting. Really, Lee Child, are you just looking at the money or have you abandoned Jack Reacher?

  53. 53
    Millie Says:

    noooooooooooooooooo this is just not right….will not go and see the movie and now when and if I read anymore reacher books I will think of tom cruise..what a waste of a good book

  54. 54
    Dave Says:

    no no no no no! wtf were they thinking of? in every book they make a point of the fact Jack Reacher is a very big bloke, not a short-**** like Tom Cruise. worst casting ever

  55. 55
    Deb Says:

    wow horrifying choice Cruise is not Reacher could never be Reacher will ruin Reacher for me if i was ever stupid enough to see the movie which i won’t they just had to screw it up for all of us huge fans why not an unknown instead so the actor could become Reacher this makes me sick

  56. 56
    rumor Says:

    You can’t take the massive size and brute strength out of Jack Reacher and think he could still be Reacher without it. His size is a major part of who he is and how he gets things done. Reacher is a giant of a man who uses physical strength as well as brain to save the day. Make him Tom Cruise size and he isn’t Reacher anymore. He is just some other guy with the same name. I don’t want to see a movie like that.

  57. 57
    george Says:

    I would rather see an unknown or perhaps someone with the stature of John Cena (haven’t seen him act, so I don’t know if he could pull it off). But Tom? Come on, not that I have anything against Cruise as an Actor, I have enjoyed many of his films, but this is just wrong. I interviewed Lee Child last spring, and had I known I would have asked him what he thought. Can’t believe he is totally thrilled with this decision. (except for the fact that it will probably bring in lots of money)

  58. 58
    Truth Monger Says:

    Is Jack Reacher a Scientologist??

  59. 59
    marmaduke Says:

    I love Tom Cruise movies in general, he has done some dodgy ones but he is great. Unfortunately he is NOT Jack Reacher and no amount of costume/make-up/camera angles is going to make him into Hugh Jackman who would be perfect for the part or Liam Neeson or even Steven Siegal if he lost weight and went blond!!!!
    Such a shame to ruin such a wonderful character. It is clear from the majority of comments on this site that these actors would be infinately better than the short ******.

  60. 60
    Reacherfan Says:

    I can’t possibly believe this! Does Lee Child have anything to say about this? or has he sold out too? Tom Thumb Cruise is possibly THE WORSE possible actor to play Reacher. Why doesn’t he just be happy with the role of producer and let a real macho actor (like Ray Stevenson) be Reacher.
    Even Julia Roberts would play Reacher better, or Angelina Jolie, or Merryl Streep. They’d all make a better Reacher.

  61. 61
    Pedro Says:

    DAMMIT! One of my favorite series and they had to totally botch it. Tom Cruise is NOT Jack Reacher. Period. Hollywood did what they always do, and picked someone they thought could fit the role based simply on the genre. Mission Impossible does not make him qualified. They should have picked someone fresh. And it’s not just because Tom Cruise doesn’t look like him. Reacher’s physical traits are so integrated into the story, especially when it comes to how he defeats his enemies. I will not support this film. I don’t care how good people say it is. It will only encourage Hollywood to continue using Cruise as Jack Reacher, and I don’t want that. AHHH!

  62. 62

    My wife and I have read all the J.R. Books, great read. she told me a film was to be made,I joked they will get Tom Cruise(the mini me) acter ?. NO,NO,NO. Too small, too pretty,too stupid, PLEASE Lee DONT LET THEM DO IT,

  63. 63
    Gaak Says:

    Would have loved to see Kevin Durand as Reacher…I’m so sick of Tom Cruise and his badassery…or lack there of.

  64. 64
    Adam Says:

    Im a massive fan of these books and i recommend them to anyone who will listen to me but this choice is ridiculous, i wont watch the film and il do my best to put everyone else i know off it as well

  65. 65
    Mari Says:

    Why Why Why are they ruining Jack Reacher for me!!!!!!!

  66. 66
    susannah Kent Says:

    I agree totally with Ann. Tom Cruise is so not Jack Reacher. He needs to be more of a Tommy Lee Jones style actor. Just like it was so wrong to cast Tom Hanks in the Da Vinci movies. Do they think the readers of the books have no imagination and only interested in current hot box office actors. Not!!!

  67. 67
    Steve Says:

    Casting a 5’7 guy to play a character who is 6’5 and 220 pounds in the book? Are you kidding? Get Dwayne Johnson on the phone! Or Zdolph Lundgren! He’d be perfect!

  68. 68
    Shnaggles Says:

    What?! I just started reading “Reacher” novels this year, and when I saw that Tom Cruise was cast, I gasped in disbelief. I don’t even post on celebrity sites – but this shocked me so much, I had to.

    I hope that whomever decided that a short, dark haired actor with little physical resemblance to the character in the book series would be a good choice is reading this, and realizes that they were wrong! I don’t think I’ll be seeing this movie.

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