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Bar Refaeli & David Fisher: Shopping in St. Tropez!

Bar Refaeli & David Fisher: Shopping in St. Tropez!

Bar Refaeli steps out with her rumored beau, David Fisher, to go shopping on Tuesday (July 19) in St. Tropez on the French Riviera.

The 26-year-old Israeli model, who rocked Genetic Denim “The Shane” jeans in Torn, picked up a few goodies for herself at the Sunday boutique.

Bar recently achieved her goal of getting 40,000 followers on Twitter!

“Yayyyy reached my goal of 40k! (even though a day later but I’m not greedy) now I want 50k… But I’m not greedy ;),” she wrote on her account.

Follow her at @BarRefaeli to keep up with the latest from Bar!

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Photos: INFdaily
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  • kå simly åmazing!

    Bar refaeli! Nice!

  • Ian

    Good height, as all short girls are farking disgusting troll-like Hayden Pattinere freaks, but she has a ‘soon to be really fat’ face, which makes her un-marriageable.

  • A

    esti ginzburg is better looking than her

  • SAB


  • ziggy

    what in God’s name did DiCaprio ever see in her?

  • sourpatch575

    So glad she’s not with Leo anymore! He is free from this parasite! :D

  • SAg

    Honestly Barflies secretly need to thank Leo because the paps never would know nor would care about this one if it weren’t for Leo in the first place. In fact it’s quite strange even seeing her get papped without Leo in the pictures. LOL

    The life of a “model” ? tweeting and paparazzi photo ops? really? is this the new age model? Linda Evangelista would not be getting out of bed for this!

  • tacky

    Her fried fake blond hair looks awful. Really wish she would go back to having a more natural dark blond color. It looked best on her. This is awful,cheap and tacky looking!

  • Abbie

    Thanks JJ for these new pictures of Bar with her man!

    Eat your heart out, DiCaprio!

  • Fan of Beauty

    I am also glad to know she’s no longer with that jerk who left her for the Queen of Plastic Surgeries!!! She deserves a real man.

    Way to go, BAR!!!

  • Sly

    David F. is one lucky bas**rd.

    I hope he knows it.

  • Bar Fan

    They make such a cute couple! I am sooooo happy for them…. What a thrill to see her with a new boyfriend.

    Shame on you, Leo DiCaprio: now go back to your wannabe actress who takes pictures of herself naked…LOL, LOL!!!

  • CCcat

    Never been a Bar fan, but she’s a thousand times prettier than Blake. And as far as I know, Bar’s nose and tatas are real. Unlike Blake’s. One thing I noticed with these pics is that Bar’s smiling. She never did that when she’s papped with Leo. How come?

  • hasbeen

    fug smashed butterface dye your roots.

  • Fairy Flem

    9-13 multiple personalities much? average looking. average model. She isn’t a real model. She is an embarrassment on what it means to be a model.

  • WoWza

    Never seen her smiling before. Whether we like her or not, why not at least be glad that another human being seems happy? God for her and anyone who is :)

  • rolly

    Ha Ha Bar fat face thank god leo you dump his fat face. She looks pregnant already?

  • rolly

    She got short fat leg and fat face model? She is smiling cause she knows she is getting pap attention seeker. Now Leo is gone, she is going to milk every PR she could get. lol. That is why she is smiling for your information CCAT. When she was with Leo, she was just pretending she doesn’t like Pap LOL. Blake has a better chance doing a cat walk then supposedly fat stumpy short leg model. IMAO. Does she have any job now? Does anyone knows any of her work. lol What is her resume! Oh, wait i know that, being a bed warmer for 5 years. lol. I am sure her new beau will be his honor to take over Leo’s left over trash can.

  • dumptruck

    wow for a model she is so short and dumpy! must be why she can’t get any jobs. that body ain’t selling me clothes when I look longer and slimmer in mine. She looks only good nekkid and objectified. I can see why thats what pays her bills. She wears clothes horribly.


    @Fan of Beauty: @Bar Fan:

    Dear Tzipi, you ungrateful, pathologically narcissistic P1G. Your daughter would be nowhere near where she is now without LD. She’s not a spermodel; she’s a very successful “glamour girl” and bathingsuit model. God bless LD for the money his connection has made her – not your phone calls back and forth to LA for empathetic ears.

    Btw: You and your daugheter’s choices disgust me. Leo will have to pay the price in ticket sales if he tries to pull one over us and reconcile with that IDIOT!

    i wonder how much MONEY Barf made walking the Cannes red carpet for uber-antisemite, MEL GIBSON. Did you broker that one, Tzipi? Absolut She needs to be BOYCOTTED in TA and Hollywood.


  • Leo doesnt want her

    @Abbie: if he did…he woudlnt have dumped her and it was HIM who did the dumping, the first second and the final time. You were also gaga over them and wanting them to get married! You make me sick!! You can keep your Barf!!! And even tho I cant stand Barf shes cuter than Blake the Mole Hunter!!! Leo will be done with Blake too. Both of them make me sick!! He gets them and drops them when he pleases!!!!


    LOL – that was a total fluke, but I like it. Bar the spermodel. Let’s see if it takes legs!!

  • Sasha

    Well, well, well…. don’t we see the same loser(s) posting under different names again when it’s time to bash DiCaprio’s former beauty. You pathetic jealous envious loser(s) must be so thrilled to see her happy with another guy who is happy and proud to be seen with the most gorgeous model out there.

    It is really good to see her with someone who is not afraid and ashamed to be seen with her. A grow-up man, at last.

    Thanks Jared, you made my day!

  • 2funny

    What happened to Bar girl’s 3 flies saying Leo and Bar were gonna get married,theyre gonna have beautiful blond babies blah blah blah/. now they hate him?!! HAHAHAHHA. you and your sub par idol are the losers. Leo ain’t losing nothing. He is a rich,powerful A list moviestar with tons of Oscar worthy projects coming up. I’m afraid the only loser here is Bar because she can’t seem to get any work with her dwindling looks.


    @Leo doesnt want her:

    Dude, are you crazy? I’ve never wanted LD and Bar the spermodel to be together. All of a sudden you’ll see her pimping out her kids for $ and atten.


    Ahhh… BAR REFAELI… Most Gorgeous Woman in My Dreams…. share a Cherry Sunday with Me Barbie!!!!


    Ahh.. BAR REFAELI… Most GORGEOUS Woman Ever… come Share a Cherry Sunday with me Beautiful!!!


    Ahh.. BAR REFAELI… Most GORGEOUS Woman Ever… come Share a Cherry Sunday with me Beautiful!!!


    Ahh.. BAR REFAELI… Most GORGEOUS Woman Ever… come Share a Cherry Sunday with me Beautiful!!!

  • Danny

    @MR. TINKLEWINKLE: What happened to your dreams of the Bar/Leo wedding 2011 campaign Ms Bar Jolie Gaga?

  • Abbie

    No you’re right…. Bar won’t be having babies with DiCaprio, but let’s just hope he’s not gonna have babies with Lively. Her natural looks are horrible.

    On the other hand, Bar’s new man is realllyyyyyy hot and has no plastic surgeries.

  • rolly

    @Abbie: Bar new man looks like someone hit him on the face. He looks like charlie sheen from above lol.

  • rika

    who are these people and why should I be interested in them? they’re ugly


    Darn this computer. – at Least Beautiful BAR REFAELI is worth a Double post. ~ Hugs!!

  • Lola

    I think Bar did the dumping and Leo did that stupid PR stunt with Blake to make her jealous..Now Leo is sick of the PR Fake Blake brings…Baking Cookies, he is SOOO in Love….Haa….Leo Failed

    The same person obess with Bar is bashing her…go take your MEDS.

  • RIP Bar 2006-2011

    @Lola: He dumped bar twice and piss on her face like crab. lol She was his maid for 5 years and a bed warmer just like Arnold maid was except Leo treated Bar like a prostitute. He finally sent her back to her country were she belong. RIP Bar 2006-2011 (on & off). lol

  • Bar the lucky girl

    DAVID IS A HUNK! Bar is only lucky woman, for sure.

  • Raqui

    I don’t know who these people are but what a gruesome twosome! She looks like she’s had bad plastic surgery and he could use some!

  • ali

    Fame w**re

  • Anja

    I heard that this guy’s job is spending his father’s fortune. No profession, no committment.
    No doubt they make a good couple of parassites. They deserve each other.
    By the way, the fact she did start sleeping with other men practically the same moment Leo dumped her (she had other ones before this) is also confirming the fact she desperately needs to share her bad with a rich man to pay her bills. Basically, a
    She has no career, she is still milking visibility out of Leo, who is always mentioned in all her threads. What a shame.

  • ???

    @HYPOCRITE: I see Tinkerbell is on the rant again, get over, her move on.

  • ???

    @2funny: she doesn’t look like a loser here …as for you …

  • ???

    @Lola: You’re right Bar did the dumping, all the haters are so happy, they now have something to brighten up their dull,boring lives…love it .

  • sad

    @Abbie: you are one sad motherf*ckert,….!!! thats the best u can come up with…just like a barf loser fan!! u were ranting n raving like a psychotic biiitch about leo n barface, how they looked sooooo greaaaaaaat together you and mike….. i remember ur post, and n now u got slapped in the face like a b3tch!!!!!! B*tch!!! This victory is STILL sweet!!!

  • barf

    where r the barf losers that said that she n leo were going to get married!!hahahahahahahahahahahaha YOU FOOLS, where is ALL CAPS??? She never had a chane with leo from day one….just a luke warm bed warmer!!!

  • ret

    Q:Who is Bar Refaeli?
    A: She dated Leo Dicaprio/ ex girlfriend of Leo Dicaprio. All other minor details about her are greatly irrelevant.

  • justjj

    How much she pays justjared?
    nobody other than u writes about her and publishes her fake talkbacks

    r u her new PR?

  • ali

    Im NOT a fan (response # 39) of this Air Head nobody who shopps all day
    and has no career BUT i just want to share this article with you guys
    check it out
    it looks like Leo’s mother dosnt like anyone he dates..

  • we have opininions too


    Ditto! Good summary.

  • we have opininions too


    wrong GAL! Tink and I have completely different writing styles. But, where is she? I miss her sense of humour :)

    Btw – I’ll never stop chatting about Bar’s family, mom especially. They are quite an opportunistic bunch.

    Man, I’d be worried about the little monsters Barf and LD would create together.