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Blake Lively: New 'Gossip Girl' Love Interest for Serena?

Blake Lively: New 'Gossip Girl' Love Interest for Serena?

Blake Lively wears a bright red rag & bone skirt while walking around the set of Gossip Girl on Tuesday (July 19) in New York City.

The 23-year-old actress’s character on the CW drama, Serena van der Woodsen, may be getting a new potential love interest.

Actor Brian J. Smith, best known for playing Lt. Matthew Scott on Stargate Universe, is reportedly joining the cast as a chef named Max.

“Viewers will first encounter Max in the Season 5 premiere on Sept. 26, and, per an insider, his scenes will take place in Los Angeles – which just so happens to be where Serena was spending the summer,” TV Line reports.

FYI: Blake finished off her look with the Theyskens’ Theory jiguo ital vest and M.C.L. by Matthew Campbell Laurenza fan pave bangle. She also wore Tory Burch‘s “Pom Pom” scarf.

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Credit: Dara Kushner; Photos: INFdaily, Justin Campbell
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  • kiki

    i hope leo left her

  • So&So


    Who still watches GG??

  • Anony

    She looks grumpy, like maybe she’s been dumped recently.

  • *Belle*

    Pretty :)

  • T

    Fake Lively

  • Halli

    I will only watch Gossip Girl if they have DAIR

  • Bev

    Serena does need a new love interest, but one who will last beyond 2 episodes. What is with the writers, they can’t build storylines at all.

  • Summer

    People are so hard on Blake. I don’t get it. Anyway, Gossip Girl was only good when Chuck and Blair were together.

  • BaBoom

    Enough with the random love interests. It is seriously annoying.
    Serena and Nate should just get back together instead of having a revolving door of useless guests.

  • SalE


    It’s called intense self hatred and jealousy so deep all they can do is lash out. Don’t hate back. Pity them.

  • Eliza

    ugh, awful hair.. wat is that even supposed to be? and the clothes are ok! not really liking the skirt.. it looks like she’s going to the beach


    I bet she does have a new bf for 2 weeks before getting back with Dan & Nate all over again right !

  • HD

    Fake Lively

  • Shola2

    She looks pretty blonde. I wish they styled her hair like in the first season, and styled both Blair and Serena’s clothing like they used to. The fashion gets worse every season.

  • 333

    People hate her because she is living the dream life of an aspiring actress.

  • RED

    Love her red skirt it’s pretty.

  • 3333

    … the life of a talentless actress who gets opportunities without any merit. Life of a casting couch actress!

  • Lola

    She has such a manface, and what happened with her LEO…they haven’t been seen with together in 1mth..did he do her like Ryan Gosling…dump her after he was sick of her people calling the press.

    Leo can do SO much better then Fake Lively…@333:

    Jennifer Lawerence is living the Dream..Oscar nomination because of talented…with a natural body

    Fake Lively is just another actress brown nosing and sleeping around for Roles.

  • 33333

    How about some people don’t particularly like her (not hate) because she’s a mediocre actress who’s constantly being pushed down our throats as being the next big thing? Good luck to her, but not buying it.

  • Blake Fan
  • Lola

    I hope that article is true…well on too the next A-List actor for her…who will she be baking cookies for next…Brad Pitt Or Tom Cruise

  • shears
  • Nicki

    I saw scanned pictures of her in a black swimsuit, and I would like to know what type of salined implants she has….. they have a very funny shape. The look is so unnatural, it’s scary.

    Blake fan: I don’t think her PR team will like this article.

  • Gisèle fan

    Leo would have never be seen with another girl at 2am or seen dancing in such a way while he was dating Gisèle or even Bar.

    I hope Blake has an open mind, because the guy she is dating is fooling around.

  • MaisyRL

    @Lola: Jake Gyllenhaal or Bradley Cooper are next. The buzz and hype created by PR teams and nude pics don’t land acting roles. Baking and being sweet (though awesome traits) don’t land acting roles. Talent does. Blake just doesn’t have any. The ‘fashion’ hype faded (i haven’t seen her land any other campaigns besides chanel *handbags*) and the acting hype is on it’s way to fading. (she keeps getting parts for drugged out, slutty, party girls; not a huge variation from her GG character). Green Lantern was an exception but my bet is even IF they have a sequel (can’t imagine they would bc it didn’t have a strong opening) they’ll recast her part a la Katie Homes in the rebooted Batman franchise.
    Regardless she looks great. The red pants outfit kinda reminds my of last season’s season premiere eppie w/ the wide legged pink pants and white tank. (that was a super cute outfit).

  • junixx

    Of course it would rough & grumpy for Blakey these days… No Leo-Phot-ops-Lovin (for a long while now) & Green Lantern tanks hugely. Geewhiz – so goodbye already for her dream of becoming an A-lister & bankable movie actress and back to reality as being a TV hactress-starlet as she rightfully deserved.

    @20 (Digital Spy article) -But his mum says all she did was talk about Gossip Girl and how she’s a Chanel model.
    She’s really a dumb-fake-shallow-blonde-iot!!!

  • Duh

    Who can be interested in watching Gossip Girl? What type of people are actually following such an idiot and shallow TV program?

  • http://veryverysexy!! sharyllee

    SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! do not get jealous!!

  • lolzzz

    @Gisèle fan:

    Oh please he was seen many times getting into cars with women while leaving clubs when he was with Bar and he never bothered to stop and talk to the papz to explain that they were only friends like he did with that chick in NY.

    His flirting was one reason Gisele dumped him. The other reason was he wouldn’t marry her. But she had his heart and his other parts exclusively as long as they were together. So does Blake.

    Bar never had his heart completely. He wasn’t willing to give it up after the Gisele experience. He kept her around because it was easy peasy for him. He would have been content with that kind of relationship for the foreseeable future if Blake hadn’t entered the picture.

    Blake will come to the same point Gisele did eventually unless he’s ready for marriage, but he’s still with her and the only reason he is still with her is because he’s really into her. The tabloid interest would have sent him packing a long time ago if he wasn’t. No one is forcing him. No one has a gun to his head. He’s with her because he wants to be. Believe what makes you feel better, but that’s the truth.

  • Victoria

    That vest is fantastic!!!

  • linz

    Man this relationship sank faster than the TITANIC! If that is really true about his mom thats awesome. She really looks out for her son! Irmelin really hit the nail on the head. Blake seems so self involved and way too materialistic for Leo. I always thought those two were mismatched from the start. She seems very high maintence! Wonder who she’ll sink her fake teeth into next to sleep her way back up to the top?!

  • Blake the fake

    The role of a mother is to protect her child, no matter how old he/she is. If I was DiCaprio’s mom, I would have gone quite angry after my son for dating such a vapid, superficial, bimbo at the age of 36 is really pathetic. He needs to be spanked. Hey, Leo….. wake-up, man!

  • Jemma

    NOW mag is rubbish

  • ElleG

    If NOW reports something, you should automatically believe the opposite

  • Jbars

    It’s actually Stargate Universe, not Atlantis…. but no one cares, right? ;)

  • Ella

    I think it’s fair that people don’t like her. I personally don’t because she cannot act but is still getting major roles for being blond, tall and skinny even though she has a really ugly face. There are far more talented actresses out there that haven’t had lots of plastic surgery that deserve the roles more that she is getting.

  • Cammie

    US weekly the magazine that reported the Fairytale Romance is rubbish also…

    Nobody knows Hopefully he has dumped her, but I noticed there haven’t been any

    Holding hands, renacting scenes from moive PR moments lately. Leo has been doing things alone…

  • LMT

    of course she gets a new love interest, her character changes her men like she changes her underwear

  • Juliana

    Love Blake she’s so gorgeous! I love the picture she’s laughing! So beautiful!

  • aaah

    @LMT: just like blake

  • mrcina

    Does anybody even care?!

  • ali
  • latest movie poster

    Blake Lively is a great gossip girl. I like her very much.