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Kate Winslet: Behind the Scenes with St. John!

Kate Winslet: Behind the Scenes with St. John!

Check out this behind-the-scenes video of Kate Winslet‘s new campaign for St. John!

The 35-year-old English actress posed for photographer Craig McDean at the Loew’s Theater in New Jersey for the new shoot.

“The St. John collection is effortless and chic, and I think speaks to how real women live and dress today. I am excited to collaborate with [creative director George Sharp] and work with St. John,” Kate said in a statement.

Other celebs who have represented St. John include Angelina Jolie and Gisele Bundchen!

FYI: Kate‘s campaign will launch in the September issues of publications.

Kate Winslet – Behind the Scenes with St. John

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  • http://ta slig o lambert^_______^ cute

    lol look deffrint

  • gemma

    So she’s saying she’s got a real body and models don’t.. biitch pliz. Stop dissing other people…some models like Heidi Klum, Gisele, Miranda Kerr have got real bodies too..this woman is sooo annoying..

  • k

    kate winslet taking about her body again….wow what a shocker lol

  • lexy hates bilson

    She looks so pretty!

  • please stop

    so tired of her talking about her
    ‘ body. news flash..all bodies are real. she drops her clothes at the drop of a hat to show her weight loss, but wants everyone to think she is just like us..i dont begrudge celebs who have trainers , nutritionists etc to help them look good. i just get annoyed when certain ones take advantage of those perks yet pretend they dont. like her continuously saying she isnt a model, blah,blah..kate you are a model for st johns. accept it. you arent just like the woman next door and that isnt bad thing.
    she thinks she sounds selfdeprecating, but it is becoming the opposite,praising herself,supposedly being more
    ‘real” annoying!!

  • http://justjared polo


  • Question

    Angelina did behind the scenes too for St John ?

  • Robert

    Some one jealous in her she look a beautiful has a nice green eye and blond hair look yourself just blackkk

  • My Body My Clothes

    This was a really boring behind this scenes full of superficial fluff constantly about this and that about my body followed by this and that about my clothes over and over again. Stark contrast between this and the one Jared has linked today from Angelina Jolie for LV which had much more depth and uniqueness to it. Tired of actresses only knowing how to talk about superficial things.

  • victo

    angie comes out on any thread!


    Women who change their natural dark or red color top cave in the blond ambition are showing how much they care about image and looking like the ‘californian bimbo’.
    Too bad, that this red head felt the need to adopt the dumb standrad. I don’t take her seriousely when sheis talking about body, image and bla, bla when she is so obssessed about going blond which actually washes her.
    Red head gals should never go Blonds, from Kidman to Winslet to Lohan. Their natural color give their face more character .

  • Kå simply amazing!

    She average

  • gemma

    Wait, Kate Winslet is a redhead, I always thought she was blonde…well well well..little miss

  • FrG

    Thumbs up if you prefered the full video of Angelina Jolie for Louis Vuitton…!!!

  • robert

    im from british & in british no one say like that lol

  • Kå simply amazing!

    Ok i want ;D

  • http://ja slig o lambert^_______^ cute

    ok ^_^

  • Curious George


    actually NO she did not do this at all.

    St. John is trying too hard. too hard to push Kate in our face. I think she is a good actress. One of the best. But her superior attitude and personality turns me off. The Jolie pictures for St. John were stunning. Kate is trying to top those. Sorry baby but it aint gonna happen.

    I am sick of hearing about her body how real she is. And I guess because she is talking cloths she could not get nekked this time.

    Go away Kate. you are becoming more and more Goopy ever time you open your mouth.

  • FrG

    @Curious George:
    I agree with you about Kate, she is a great actress but yes she really has that superior attitude and personality that turns me off too…!!!
    And actually it pisses me off to see she is the best friend of Leo Dicaprio… Does it mean he is actually like her, in real life…?? Damn i hope no!!!

  • justin

    all here girl

  • Lucinda

    She’s so full of herself

  • robert 2

    kate so beautiful and stunning

  • @18

    Lie person

  • http://ja slig o lambert^_______^ cute

    robert 2? Ok where ká simply 2

  • Robert

    Yep All the girls beautiful nothing one ugly & Hey robert your also like my name nice but i’m from canada welcome your in just jared

  • Hum

    @slig o lambert^_______^ cute:

    are you french or…?

  • @28


  • http://ja slig o lambert^_______^ cute

    no and u

  • QQQQ

    Question @ 07/19/2011 at 7:00 am
    NO, AJ did not do a behind the scenes. The AMAZING ads spoke for themselves.

  • Masoud

    She’s my favorite actress :)

  • Hum
  • Marisa

    Ahahah, there are so many jealous ladies here. @WHO IS SALT?: Kate Winslet is not a natural red-head by the way. She’s a natural blonde, so she didn’t cave into any standard, and if you actually hear her speak, she’s nothing like the blond ‘bimbo’ actresses. You’re the superficial one for judging someone based on hair colour of all things.


    ..@ Marisa
    And you’re the supericial one and HYPOXCRITE one for judging me based on my opinion.
    And sorry but Kate is not blond and she is a liar for promoting her full figure and red head at the beginning of her career, saying she will always accept her body type, to become blond and go on a diet a few months later.
    She is not a bimbo but she surely isn’t intelligent either and is image obssessed, often speaking about her body positively while putting down the thinner women constantlty


    and another thing, if someoene is jealous, Kate is. The way she has been putting down thin women from day, saying how real she is compared to them, saying that she will never go on a diet, all this screams of her being jealous of them.

  • Marisa


    1. Nope, she’s a natural blonde. Look up her early childhood pictures.

    2. Her body changed after childbirth. Also, when you get older you should take care of your body more. There’s nothing wrong with exercising and wanting to be in good shape. She had a problem with dieting when she was younger (around the Sense & Sensibility days) but snapped out of it. She’s never been a skinny stick. She’s always been shapely, now she’s a smaller version of that shape but people change. Why are you angry that she looks different at 35 than she did at 22? Uh hello, she’s getting older, she wants to be in better shape. Getting upset over someone else’s healthy weight loss really says a lot about you. I think you’re insecure.

    3. What is this ‘becoming blonde’ thing? She kept her hair red around the Titanic days, then she went back to her natural hair colour. She wasn’t a red head for a long period of time. And you are being superficial, because you assume that by dying her hair blonde she’s suddenly more of a bimbo. You’re making a superficial judgment.

    4. She’s not intelligent? I guess you haven’t read/listened to enough of her interviews. Are you new to Kate Winslet? Have you paid close attention to her before or are you just judging her based on her changed appearance? Probably the latter. She talks about her body image when she’s asked about it. Because she waved the body image flag when she was younger, the media kept associating her with that topic. She’s guaranteed to comment on it because people keep asking her. She doesn’t make up the questions interviewers ask her. What is she going to say, no comment? She may sound like a broken record to you, but to young girls who have a warped vision of what they should look like, her comments are refreshing and helpful. She’s not putting down thinner women either. She stressed having a ‘real’ shape, meaning a shape that isn’t deliberately starved to look thinner. She’s hinting at those types of women who choose not to eat because of appearances, not the women who are naturally thin. So she’s not saying that naturally slim women aren’t real, of course they are. The women who kill themselves because they think thin is pretty are the women Kate refers to. They have an unrealistic perception of beauty.

  • http://isis1174 ichi

    Kate is a natural blonde, not a redhead!

  • Mini

    I think she’s just bitter cause Leo didn’t go out with her, instead went out with thinner girls ;)

  • MB

    Sorry Kate madear but you will never be an Angelina Jolie with her unique beautiful face and tiny body . You will have to work your butt off to be in between chubby and trying to lose weight to stay smaller..yes always trying to remain small no matter what your bs mouth is flapping on about.
    Just do your thing before the beeef comes back and try to shut the hellll up about my clothes and my body everybody is sick of it.
    Face it chubbs you are absolutely no big deal…actually a plain jane.

  • Anonymous

    Really? People hate on her and fawn over Megan Fox? Ugh.

  • elaine

    To be honest, Kate is more St John than Angie. Angie was and is too exotic for the St John’s brand. Kate has allowed St John to turn her into a bland marketing tool that most of it’s consumers can identify with. I doubt that St John’s consumers could identify with Angie. Can’t blame St John for trying to reach it’s target.

  • lylian

    @elaine: .
    I agree with your comment. St John’s is just too staid a brand for Angelina. I never thought it was a good fit thought I thought that Angelina looked gorgeous in the Ads and the sales DOUBLED after she became the face of St johns.
    I see Angelina in classic brands such as LV or dior. I can also see Angelina modelling Versace or Dolce Gabana and the edgier designers as well.