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Zac Efron: 'Heartland' Racecar Driving!

Zac Efron: 'Heartland' Racecar Driving!

Zac Efron takes a break from filming his latest movie, Heartland, on Sunday (July 17) in Newton, Iowa.

The 23-year-old actor stars opposite Dennis Quaid and Kim Dickens in the film, which is a drama about an enterprising family whose plans cause problems within his family.

Earlier in the month, Zac was spotted out with friends including Ryan Rottman and Rumer Willis for a day of shopping and hanging out in Studio City, Calif.

Zac also went shirtless at an Independence Day party held on the beach in Malibu!

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zac efron heartland racetrack break 01
zac efron heartland racetrack break 02
zac efron heartland racetrack break 03
zac efron heartland racetrack break 04
zac efron heartland racetrack break 05

Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • lauren

    this is a random post of nothing combine into a one thing,

  • lauren

    wheres my comment?

  • j

    These pictures are not from today, they are from Saturday.

  • kerri

    Beautiful :) He just always looks good. Love you Zac.

  • beatriz

    he looks so hot (:

  • ava

    JustJared really needs to do its research if it wants to be respected. Get your dates right, filming in Iowa ended on Sunday. Oh, and stop bringing events that you’ve already made full posts about into a work-related post

  • pop86

    The photos are from Saturday July 16th

  • pop86

    @ava: Totally agree

  • kami

    they finished filming in iowa on saturday. and you forgot to mention that zac had breakfast this morning and went to the bathroom and brushed his teeth and got dressed. lol

  • lol

    false dates, stolen pics… what is next? you justjared must give credits to the photographer! because al those pics are from facebook!! yes from the personal facebook of the photographer!! L-I-A-R-S

  • maria

    Ooooh Zefron wants to cut a biitcchhh…..

  • just pretty

    He looks pretty.

  • http://ja slig o lambert^_______^ cute

    i dont like always cry

  • Selena

    Dates are wrong dude. Whats up with fans knowing more then people on JJ and JJJ who get paid to do this? First with saying Vanessa’s hair is a wig (which it wasn’t and fans knew that before JJ) and now with these wrong dates.

    Come on Jared, step it up.

  • alex

    what he can finde any acting whay is this douchbag is famous.can some one tell me please?

  • allen

    another in the closet gay actor ,hes like tom crius without the career.hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhe can be in tv shows like animation tv shows so no one can see how short he is

  • daniella

    again with this guy he is a no one in hollywood so why in the name of god he is on my favorite site jared dont become like perez he have a gay crush on this guy so he is often on his site dont be like that pleas.and theres a lot of fast food sores hiring he can chek them out if he needs a job,we wont lose a talent in acting

  • kerri

    I see the haters are swarming in lol. GO AWAY!!! He is true talent.

  • kerri

    Who cares about the info all i see is a hot, talented man.

  • madalina

    wow he is the same age of shia labouef.zac should learn a thing or 2 from shia , shia is low key person big big movie star,he have done movies zac and a lot of young actors dream on doing,i was a huge fan of him with high school musical i thout he will go far with his career. i giuess i was wrong.he is doing awful movies and taking some bad parts in movies.i giuess he can do some tv .non the less i wish him luck nostalgia

  • zacz ass

    So haterz! Wotz V gonna do for the rest of the year? No more films in the workz, Just 2 to cum out 2012. Wile zac workz hard on this film, and mor after this gorgus man!

  • cutie

    He look damn sexy in that racing uniform..
    really suite to him….
    love u Zac:)

  • pita

    always look amazing;
    I can’t wait to see this movie.

  • ozzie

    Seriously the BEST thing about Zac Efron posts are the people hating on him who can’t spell or construct a complete sentence or a thought for that matter.

  • ozzie

    Seriously the BEST thing about Zac Efron posts are the people hating on him who can’t spell or construct a complete sentence or a thought for that matter.

  • ozzie

    Seriously the BEST thing about Zac Efron posts are the people hating on him who can’t spell or construct a complete sentence or a thought for that matter.

  • ozzie

    Seriously the BEST thing about Zac Efron posts are the people hating on him who can’t spell or construct a complete sentence or a thought for that matter.

  • may

    Is he dating Rumer Willis?

  • LMAO

    LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!! He’s an a$$; and people don’t think he changed!!! HA!!!!!! Now he’s just one of those “intoxicated, obnoxious people running around”!!! Have fun, Efron……….just remember what goes around, comes around! And there are lots of fun diseases out there!! LMAO

  • ava

    It amazes me that people still harp on the “he’s changed” argument like it’s such a big shock. Most people his age drink and go clubbing. Most people his age also make stupid decisions. It’s a part of being in your early 20′s. That article is almost a year-old AND from when he was in a relationship. Now that he’s single he has every right to go out and live it up. I don’t know how that article is relevant to this post since it’s about work, but the trolls never learn.

  • http://Peggy Sue

    I have a question honestly could someone please tell me why you hate Zac so much. What did he do? So far all I have heard about him is that he is so nice and down to earth. Someone at a restaurant thanked him for being so nice and respectable and that he had very nice it just because of Vanessa that is unfair because you do not know what happened I just do not get it.

  • zac-is-wack

    jj might have repeated the pics from saturday coz all the pap ops of him lately are getting out of bars or running away from his friend who got a dui.

  • ava


    Nice try…there wouldn’t be any pap pics when he’s in Illinois filming. There are some new pics in this set…JJ just got their dates wrong

  • LMAO

    @Sue: I have NEVER trusted Zac Efron. He is a snake; he always acted all nicey nice, but said and did the stupidest stuff. His interviews are always full of crap he’s said, and I always hated the way he acted like such a perfect BF, but acted like such a douche, getting into cars first, never showing up for her premiere, posing with a naked model, his stupid “too cool”interviews, and all the rumors about him cheating. Yeah, rumors are rumors, but if you’re really a good guy, you don’t have rumors like that about you. Every where he went, he was “seen” getting cozy with someone. Then how he always gushed WAY too much about his female costars, when he had a GF, just was sickening. I just hate guys like him. He’s a charming snake. Good looks do NOT fool women like me. And the way he’s been since his break-up, well, let’s just say he’s entitled to his “single life”, but he’s WAY over doing it, and he would have done better acting like a decent guy, and not doing the sh*t he’s done lately. I am NOT sucked in by his crap.

  • Mikayla

    @LMAO: Let me just say, you’re probably just a petty little Vanessa fan. Vanessa acts the same way Zac acts now and no one says anything about her. Its because Zac is more famous that more people care what he does.

    Fyi, if you don’t care about him then why did you comment on his post? If you take time out of your day to say something about him, then you clearlt care.

    Next time, use correct grammar and I’ll take you seriously. Zac is more of a decent person than you will ever be. I would know; I met him.

  • Miranda

    Zac Efron is amazingly talented. Starting in December, he’ll have 10 movies coming out.

    I love Zac Efron (:

  • ava


    Can you explain then why you spend time commenting on the posts of someone you don’t trust, like, and consider a “snake?” It really makes no sense. Why not spend time on a celeb you like instead of tearing down one you don’t

  • http://Peggy Sue

    @LMAO: Do you know him have you met him if not you are being very unfair I hope you never have anyone judge you like you are judging him you do not know what he did or what Vanessa did you just want to blame him. I admit he said some stupid stuff in some of his interviews but he was very young (just like he is now) and he is a flirt but you do not see him with any of these women he was rumored to be with. By the way the reason there are rumors about him is because he is popular and that is what happens when you are that for the photo shoot please get a life there have been worse photos done by other actors it was a photo shoot not porn really you are just trying to find something yo hate him for. I am sorry for what some guy did to you but it has made you very bitter get over it and stop putting that on someone you do not know

  • zac-is-wack

    sue you got me laughing…he’s had hookups left and right according to reports…just by law of averages i’m sure one of those “rumors” are spot on.
    there are valid reasons why some people don’t like your idol. no one wants a douche, unless you’re blinded by his pretty face.

  • http://Peggy Sue

    @zac-is-wack: Your comment is not worth a response. You have your opinion and I have mine. Hope you have a bless life.

  • Amber

    You’re talking about the same crap again and again like a stupid parrot. Vanessa had only ONE movie premiere out when they were together and Zac was filming at that time. Still bitter over that? At least Zac doesn’t show up at every premiere and act like it’s his own like Vanessa does.

  • blah

    can’t force gay men to look like a starigh one… you can see in his eyes that he is craving for c0ok

  • Teddi

    So there is no real reason to show these pictures. Then again, who needs a reason to look at pictures of perfection!! So many films to look forward to!

  • Tammy


    Couldn’t agree more. Plus, all of those articles and rumours where all a load of BS. Not everyone is going to like him, but if they’re going to bash him, they should atleast base their opinions on fact instead of lies. Why do they even bother coming on here? It’s really sad. There’s a fine line between disliking someone and having valid reasons of why you don’t like them and hating on someone and basing everything on lies.

  • http://peggy sue

    @Tammy: thank you tammy someone who makes sense dislike him on facts not rumors and BS if yoy don’t like him thats fine but be fair and correct.

  • j

    @Amber: AMEN.

  • Heather in NYC

    I am a professional dancer in NYC, I heard he was seeing a girl who is a dancer in LA named CHELSEA. Anyone else heard??

  • Kylie

    he is such a cutie.

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!

  • LMAO

    @Tammy: The reasons I mentioned why I DON’T like him, are NOT rumors. I am talking about statements, actions, behavior, pictures, etc. NONE of which are rumors. I can’t speak to “rumors”, no way to prove those. And I don’t give a rat’s a$$ about him……just clearly amused how snowed you all are about him. “Oh, I met him” ….so???? YOu can’t tell me you KNOW someone after “meeting” him. Of course he’s nice to new people he meets. He’s an ACTOR, remember? That does NOT tell you the true character he is.