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Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz: 'Dream House' Trailer!

Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz: 'Dream House' Trailer!

Check out the trailer for Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz‘s latest movie, Dream House!

Here’s the synopsis: “Soon after moving into their seemingly idyllic new home, a family learns of a brutal crime committed against former residents of the dwelling.”

Naomi Watts also stars in the film, which will be released in theaters on September 30.

After working together on the project late last year, Daniel and Rachel tied the knot in late June in a very small ceremony in New York state.

Dream House – Trailer
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  • http://ja slig o lambert^_______^ cute

    they have secret hahaha

  • Moon’

    Deux actrices talentueuses ( Rachel & Naomi) + Daniel Craig = J’irai voir ce film

  • Tom

    Cinemablend is reporting that both Daniel and Rachel are not happy with the film.

    So why would Universal Pictures spoil their own movie? The Dream House production has been troubled, pretty much all along. Our sources tell us Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz are so unhappy with the movie they may not even do press for it, and that director Jim Sheridan lost control of the film to the studio. Were he still involved in the production, it seems certain that Sheridan would not have wanted this trailer to be seen.

  • pali

    ok this totally told the whole story

  • tami


    @Tom: I wished I had clicked on your link earlier Tom. I just watched the trailer and it basically spoiled the whole movie. :( I’m actually surprised that they would do that. Now, I’ll probably just wait till it comes out on dvd or watch it online.

  • tara

    i love them together…and it makes me love Daniel even more that he’s one of the few hollywood-men who marry someone their own age…

  • Tama


    Agree with you about the age thing…it’s refreshing AND they are a handsome couple.

  • Tama

    …Also…there could be another twist in this movie….doubt they’d give it all away in trailer.

  • Greg

    @Tama: just because their may or may not be a twist doesn’t mean the movie wasn’t spoiled.

  • Halli

    This looks really good!

  • Seriously

    That trailer totally gave me the creeps!!! It looks good, I hope it gets good reviews so I will watch it!

  • Scarrr

    Looks good. Twist is completely spoiled though. I still see it.

  • Tama

    …What is the deal with negative marks ..when someone simply gives an opinion.

    It doesn’t make sense…and borders on pettiness.

  • Lisa

    She is his BEARD

  • Mendel

    to Tom

    thanks for the link – it is weird that a studio would spoil its own film! What a shame – it would be so gripping to watch the story unfold, well, if we wouldn’t know it already now…

    Otherwise, the trailer is really good and very creepy. It will definitely attract interest.

    Maybe Tama is right and there is more to it…I am hoping!!!

  • Nicole

    Daniel is so cool on this film!!

  • Nicole

    Daniel is soooooooo hot in this movie!

  • Seriously

    I definitely think there is more to it… that would be completely stupid if the studio didn’t think of that before making the trailer. That said, I’m sure there is more to it! :)

  • Amy

    I didn’t expect because everybody put DH down. But visually the trailer is better than I expected!! And as everybody knows, Daniel and Rachel have great ability as an artist.

  • Kristina

    I have no rule of thumb about it, but to do it justice, the trailer looks good. Daniel Craig looks good, too!

  • Amy

    yayjudyy: Daniel Craig waved back and said Hi to me on the Tonight Show! Best show taping I’ve been too! :)
    18 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone

    ARobles125: Just finished taping for tonight’s Leno show it went well! I got to meet Daniel Craig !!
    23 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone

  • The Tonight Show

    Daniel Craig Newlywed (7/20/11)
    Show Clips Daniel Craig talks about his recent wedding and the royals.

  • Biel

    I just saw it.
    I found why Rachel was head over heels in love with Daniel in DH on set!!!!!

  • Julia

    Daniel looks very happy on tthe onight show! Let me congratulate you on your marriage. Rachel is so beautiful like Leno said.

  • Daniel is Hot

    Great Tonight show interview. Poor Daniel, he didn’t get invited to the royal wedding! He is so cute! Can’t wait to see all his movies. Dream House looks good and I am sure they didn’t “spoil” the movie. We will see.

  • Sui Generis

    I like the trailer a lot. The spoiler(s) everyone is saying must have completely went over my head or perhaps I was distracted by the screen chemistry between them, and his obligatory shirtless scenes.

    It looks interesting enough so I’ll definitely go watch this when it opens.

  • RebelYell

    The movie still looks interesting even with the trailer giving away way too many details of the movie. I wish they hadnt ,it ruined some of it for me.But I will still see it.I’ve always been a big fan of both of them ,in their seperate careers.It’s even better this movie is what brought them together.

  • Daniel is ordered to bulk up

    Daniel Craig is ordered to bulk up for new Bond movie after looking “scrawny” in latest film

    BOND bosses have ordered Daniel Craig to pile on the pounds after he went “scrawny” for his latest movie.

    Advertisement >>

    The 007 star lost more than a stone for blockbuster Cowboys and Aliens. He now has just eight weeks to beef up.

    Craig, 43, admitted: “I didn’t want to be big, I wanted to kind of be scrawny, that’s kind of the cowboy characters I always kind of liked, Lucky Luke, kind of scrawny.”

    But Hollywood chiefs want him back to his muscle-rippling, six-packed best for Bond 23, due for release in October next year.

    A source said: “The last thing we want is a skinny Bond. We want him back looking as toned as he did in those swimming trunks in Casino Royale.

    “He bulked out originally for the role and we want him to do it again. He’ll be pumping a lot of iron in the next few months.”

    Craig, who also appeared in Quantum of Solace, is expected to start shootinghis first scenes for the film in November.

    Daniel Craig uses trainer Simon Waterson and his “total body workout” that burns calories but also jump-starts muscle growth. Daniel will be on a low-carb diet and only allowed alcohol at weekends.

  • JOHN K

    I have met craig a couple months ago in paris and he is a very nice guy.I was also surprised on how tall he looked.I am 6’0 and he was about a inch or 2 taller than me.I hope i meet Rachel Weisz one day since she also seems like a nice person.

  • Alice

    Probably I will see this. Hope they were pretty good chemistry in this movie.

  • The Tonight Show – 2

    Daniel Craig Talks Bond (7/20/11)
    Show Clips Daniel Craig tells Jay Leno there will be a new Bond movie!

  • to tom

    @ 07/20/2011 at 4:45 pm

    thanks for the link. it confirms the rumors that i and others have been hearing about Dream House for some time. to say that Jim Sheridan is more than angry with the studio is an understatement. it will take a miracle for Daniel, Rachel, and Jim to show up at the premiere of this film

  • susan

    Lisa @ 07/20/2011 at 7:14 pm

    we have been down this road before. it was long ago proven that Daniel is not gay. now please move on

  • susan

    everyone by now has seen the like to Jay Leno where Daniel discusses his marriage to Rachel. now i think there should be no more idiotic comments suggesting that Daniel and Rachel have a fake romance. are not really married, etc. etc.

  • Elle

    Daniel is on Jay Leno show now!!!!!!!!!!! He’s fabulous beyond description!!

  • susan

    everyone by now has seen the link to Jay Leno where Daniel discusses his marriage to Rachel. now i think there should be no more idiotic comments suggesting that Daniel and Rachel have a fake romance. are not really married, etc. etc.

  • Mike

    Spooky stuff must watch, so I take pleasure in seeing horror films.

  • Eddie

    I have seen Dream House and i have to say that the trailer gives away the entire film. There is nothing left to the imagination to this film and i wonder who is the moron who thought that the trailer that gives away the biggest secret to the movie was a great idea. Anyway, both Craig and Weisz do have great chemistry together but the movie as a whole was not good at all. Naomi Watts gives a very lazy performance and the rest of the cast is pretty bad.

  • Lost in Previews: Dream House
    Here is a creepy thriller that hopefully turns out to be a good film. Daniel Craig, Naomi Watts, Rachel Weisz, Marton Csokas, Elias Koteas, and Jane Alexander star in Dream House. And that title is the opposite of what this film is about. I am all about thrillers as long as they are not too scary. This film seems to reminiscent of Shutter Island, but they gave away the twist. I am sure there is another one or it would have been a stupid trailer to make. I like the graphics they used in the trailer, like the words are falling apart.

    “Some say that all houses have memories. For one man, his home is the place he would kill to forget. Daniel Craig, Naomi Watts and Rachel Weisz star in Dream House, a suspense thriller about a family that unknowingly moves into a home where grisly murders were committed…only to find themselves the killer’s next target. Successful publisher Will Atenton (Craig) quit a high power job in Manhattan to relocate his wife, Libby (Weisz), and two girls to a quaint New England town. But as they settle into their new life, they discover their perfect home was the murder scene of a mother and her children. And the entire city believes it was at the hands of the husband who survived. When Will investigates, he’s not sure if he’s starting to see ghosts or if the tragic story is just hitting too close to home. His only clues come from Ann Paterson (Watts), a mysterious neighbor who knew those who were shot. And as Will and Ann piece together the haunting puzzle, they must find out who murdered the family in Will’s dream house before he returns to kill again.”

    Dream House is in theatres September 30, 2011.

  • Aussie
  • Aussie

    @Lost in Previews: Dream House:

    Sorry about that.

    There was another movie similar also with Nicole Kidman and 2 children (sorry carnt remember its name) who in the end are the dead ones.

    I love the premise of DH – Once upon a time there were 2 little girls who lived in a house and that trailer, but wasnt happy with DC’s accent.

    but that said:

    Heres hoping the best for it, it is certainly not listed for distribution in Australia but Im sure it will, with Australian Naomi Watts in the supporting cast, that said neither is Rachels The Whisleblower or The Deep Blue Sea listed for distribution down under in 2011.

    Well Daniel certainly going to be in the worlds face between now and Christmas, good to see him scrubbed up in all his upcoming movie interviews, pleasant and happy. Clearly shows hes not succomed to Hollywood hes still very much an ‘Englishman’ together with his british accent.

    C&H is listed for distribution down under August 10. But unfortunately Im away on a cruise next week, so ill miss all the press reviews here and media clips and interviews, but if its good enough it will be around on my return.

    But I will try to tune into the net to JJ, just to see what the reaction is from the Northern Hemisphere, no signals for mobiles on this cruise.

    Good Luck with them all Daniel!! I hope everyone enjoys C&A.

  • Daniel is Hot

    Thanks Aussie, I am sure we will. About Daniel’s diet to get ready for Bond. He did that before, but the poor guy can only have a “drink” on the weekend. And maybe he looks tall, but he is not over 6 feet.

  • oli

    Oh my goodness! We already saw the whole movie with all the twists and turns …

  • Your Dream House

    I think it’s better to watch such movie without learning a trailer before. The best result is when you don’t even know what the film is about. I’ve watched like that several times and it was wonderful.