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Jennifer Aniston: 'Horrible Bosses' London Photo Call

Jennifer Aniston: 'Horrible Bosses' London Photo Call

Jennifer Aniston (in a Celine dress) puts her arm around her co-star, Kevin Spacey, at a photo call for their latest movie, Horrible Bosses, on Wednesday (July 20) at The Dorchester in London, England.

The 42-year-old actress was also joined by co-stars Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis, and the film’s director, Seth Gordon.

Over the weekend, Horrible Bosses earned $17.5 million and finished in third place at the box office behind Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 and Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

FYI: Jennifer finished her look with Gucci heels. Jason S. is wearing a pair of Billy Reid leather Cap Toe shoes.

15+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston and her co-stars at a London photo call for Horrible Bosses

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jennifer aniston horrible bosses london photo call 01
jennifer aniston horrible bosses london photo call 02
jennifer aniston horrible bosses london photo call 03
jennifer aniston horrible bosses london photo call 04
jennifer aniston horrible bosses london photo call 05
jennifer aniston horrible bosses london photo call 06
jennifer aniston horrible bosses london photo call 07
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jennifer aniston horrible bosses london photo call 10
jennifer aniston horrible bosses london photo call 11
jennifer aniston horrible bosses london photo call 12
jennifer aniston horrible bosses london photo call 13
jennifer aniston horrible bosses london photo call 14
jennifer aniston horrible bosses london photo call 15
jennifer aniston horrible bosses london photo call 16

Credit: Dave Hogan; Photos: Getty
Posted to: Jason Bateman, Jennifer Aniston

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108 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston: 'Horrible Bosses' London Photo Call”

  1. 1
    sillyme Says:

    That is a great dress!

  2. 2
    seijidan Says:

    Angelina wore a similar dress :) Jen looks great! Nice legs

  3. 3
    yes Says:

    She looks amazing !!!!!

  4. 4
    lili Says:

    she is so pitiful

  5. 5
    Dina Says:

    Whatever, she looks great

  6. 6
    Anna Says:

    She looks cheap.She does not suit this look at all. Awful !

  7. 7
    payal Says:

    it does not matter what happen in the celebrites world, what they blab about sitcom or what they try to do for attention. When Jennifer is out on the street or on red carpet means all focus.

  8. 8
    Kasey Says:

    Haters to the left. Jennifer looks happy and healthy. Rock on girl!! Can’t wait for the premiere!

  9. 9
    lol Says:

    she is annoying. what a surprise, we can see her nipples even through leather, wonder how she managed that lol

    l oh, what is up with that stupid pose with her hand in her hair, pressing her body up to kevin spacey? hey jen, he plays for the other team, so you can stop, you look ridiculous.

  10. 10
    evelyne Says:

    Sorry, Jen. But you don’t look sexy in this dress.

  11. 11
    deb Says:

    she looks like a hooker

  12. 12
    BEAN Says:

    She looks really young but TOO tan

  13. 13
    CT Says:

    WOW! Jennifer is so gorgeous.

  14. 14
    Jessica Says:

    She really needs a bra, her boobs are heading south. At 42 thats normal but most 42 year olds dont still think their in their 20′s.Come on Jennifer your nipples are pointing south (wonder how long she kept them on ice so everyone could see them through leather ?) Any outfit she wears would look much better if she was supported around the boobs.Right now everything just hangs.Not a good look.

  15. 15
    Shantelle Says:

    Jen looks amazing!

    great movie, so funny.

    looking forward to the premiere.

  16. 16
    OK Says:

    She looks great, but I wish she would take risks with her look. It’s so boring, only because it’s remained the same of years. Same tan, same hair color, similar hairstyles forever. I’m soooooooo bored, Jen!

  17. 17
    Lucky Charm Says:

    I had to look this up after I heard it on the radio this morning. Although it comes as no surprise to me, it’s something we’ve all known for quite a while:

    The List: 10 Worst Actresses Working Today
    Stefan Halley March 30, 2011

    Proving that you don’t need to talent to make in the “Business,” these ten women have shot to the top of the heap relying on little more than being a pretty face. Most have one or two hits that have made them look good, but their true face peeks out more often than not with one horrible film after another. Just because you have big boobies and pretty face doesn’t mean you can act. These women prove that rule.

    10. Jennifer Aniston – Her Friends days are way behind her. Aniston has one of the longest losing streaks in Hollywood. The last hit was in was 2006’s The Break-Up. She’s released seven films since then.

    Best Role: The Good Girl
    Worst Role: The Switch

    Here is the rest of the list:
    9. Malin Akerman
    8. Cameron Diaz (Yet, she still made more money by herself in Bad Teacher than JA did in HB.)
    7. Sarah Jessica Parker
    6. Heather Graham
    5. Diane Keaton
    4. Scarlett Johansson
    3. Kristen Stewart
    2. Katherine Heigl
    1. Megan Fox

    Oh, and JA, by the way, that little black leather dress does you absoultely NO FAVORS. It looks horrible. No, let me rephrase that, IT LOOKS ABSOULTELY HORRIBLE!

  18. 18
    LoLa Says:

    Her shoes are so 90´s! That dress is boring, like her! Her role in that movie is realy short! Thats why the movie is sucsessfull, she knows that. She cant get out of rachel! She should be happy that she milked her divorce and is now richer then ever!
    Her Face looks different again, damn, when will she stop with juvaderm botox etc??? Her Face is moving.
    Her life must be boring beeing only concernd on herself!

  19. 19
    Delphic Says:

    What has she done to her lips? They have been so distracting lately.

  20. 20
    Hmmm Says:

    @lol – not sure whether Spacey plays for both teams, but he definately does not solely play for the other team, it is a tabloid gossip that is wrong. I know someone he had been with and she is definately not a he.

  21. 21
    yes Says:

    And there are the LOONS again…..


  22. 22
    Lucky Charm Says:


    “what is up with that stupid pose with her hand in her hair, pressing her body up to kevin spacey? hey jen, he plays for the other team,” – It’s Ok, she does too, lol!

    And a little black leather dress with pockets, really? Sorry, but if you were trying to out-sexy the one Angelina wore last year, EPIC FAIL.

  23. 23
    Loather Says:

    Looks like Jen found her inner-Angelina! There is a sexy angelina in all of us!!

  24. 24


  25. 25
    allie Says:

    Jen is so hottttttt!!!!! She is stunning in that black leather. Love the shoes, dress, hair and that body, Wow!! She just keeps getting better. Love her! Jen way to go! Loved Horrible Bosses, hilarious!

  26. 26
    john Says:

    she looks great !!! btw why she is wearing black ???

  27. 27
    ? Says:

    Seems like her perfume sales are not doing too well. Is that why there’s no mention of her us launch???

  28. 28
    ? Says:

    A new tattoo, a new bad boy, wearing leather, trying for riskier roles? Hmmm…i wonder who shes been google stalking lately..

  29. 29
    ^ Says:

    oh look the loons with no lives have arrived.

    pity for you. are you thumbing down all the positive comments in this thread fast enough? LOL.


    go back to your ugly eye popping idol.

  30. 30
    Sean Says:

    6 years older than Angie yet still looks younger and healthier than her. What a beauty!

  31. 31
    anonymous Says:

    I don’t care if you like her or not, & personally, I’ve never watched any of her movies & I’m not a fan (or a hater), but she looks GREAT. She’s toned, her dress fits her amazing, her hair finally looks good, & she’s glowing. She looks good for 42.

  32. 32
    abc Says:

    It seems like the only color Jennifer ever wears is black. But nonetheless, she looks lovely! Killer legs! Aw, and I love Kevin Spacey! <3

  33. 33


  34. 34
    drink from the dog bowl Says:

    yea but when Ang wore that dress she looked like a starved S&M slave.

  35. 35
    ? Says:

    her lips are fake

  36. 36
    dud Says:

    @FVCKING FAKE WH@RE: funny u should say that, look at ur idol angeline u loony

  37. 37
    Smith Says:

    She has one hot little body! But more important than her body or her good looks, is that she is a good person. She is always kind and down to earth, everyone who has worked with her has commented on what a sweet heart she is. She is funny and good natured! And to all the people who want to write rude things, I wonder what she has every done to you? Why say such hurtful, mean, untrue things, I just don’t get that mentality.

  38. 38
    kelly Says:

    “Horrible Bosses” is very funny.
    You won’t be disappointed.

  39. 39
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:

    This guy is right on the money about this copy cat.

  40. 40
    alexdet Says:

    why she never wears a bra ?

  41. 41
    Seth Says:

    I went to my 25th High School Reunion several weeks ago and none of my former female ’40 something’ classmates, looked anywhere near as youthful and sexy as Jennifer. She’s 43?

  42. 42
    Kyle Says:

    Looking Great!

    look at those hot legs!

  43. 43
    teri Says:

    Does Jen have the same stylist as Angelina? What is up with the same outfits?

  44. 44
    Tommy Boy Says:

    Damn she has a bangin body! Love her in that little black leather dress, she looks so HOT! And she is great in Horrible Bosses. Run don’t walk to see it……it is hillarious! Good for Jennifer, good for you! Love ya!

  45. 45
    jenIsAcopycat Says:


  46. 46
    annie Says:

    she has like ten people who makes her look decent. and if you look closely her face is aging, she has a gut belly and sagging breasts.her body looks ok becasue the dress is fitted and she is underwhelming in person, very tiny plain looking. without the designer dress, nice shoesand make-up, she will look like any average looking women in the streets.

  47. 47
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:

    Seth @ 07/20/2011 at 1:15 pm

    Let me ask you this. Did all your former female classmates has a 100 mil to rent a personal chef, a yoga instructor, a hairstylist and money to spend on spa & facial? That’s what I thought.

  48. 48
    Rich Says:

    Horrible Bosses is the funniest movie of the year.

    Go see it with your friends! definitely a good time.

    funniest movie to come out in ages!

  49. 49
    Spicylily, Bkk Says:

    I really don’t get it. She is so average and overated actress who had 2 main things in her career.
    1. Rachel Green in ‘ Friends’
    2. ‘Brad Pitt’ ‘s ex wife.

    And she is going to be 43 y/o soon but the only things most of her fans keep talking about are :
    - Her legs
    - Her body

    Yes, she has all the money and the time to take care of herself because she has no one to take care.
    She almost took off her clothes everytime for promoting new movies.

    What is s special about it anyway ?
    Does anyone think she is a good actress ? I doubt.

  50. 50
    ellie' Says:

    Jennifer is smoking HOT!!! What a beauty…Loved HB loved all the actors..I laughed my as* off…

  51. 51
    ellie' Says:

    Jennifer is smoking HOT!!! What a beauty…Loved HB loved all the actors..I laughed my as* off…

  52. 52
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:

    Spicylily, Bkk @ 07/20/2011 at 1:38 pm

    And now she has her nipples showing and no bra.

  53. 53
    nope. Says:

    @Media Wh@re MANiston:

    give it a rest troll.

  54. 54
    nope Says:

    @Media Wh@re MANiston:

    Give it a rest troll.

  55. 55
    ellie' Says:

    @Media Wh@re MANiston:
    Why can’t u get over the nipple thing..Whats the big never seen them before..There not fake there sexy…and Jen most certainly doesn’t need bra she looks real perky to me!!!
    Get a life already Media,, you live on here for so many yrs already..Jen is important to u…

  56. 56
    spfashion Says:

    i love jen!

    get more infos of her and miranda kerr on


  57. 57
    Spicylily, Bkk Says:

    Um….It’s OK, I got the minus.
    I don’t think I say anything wrong.
    I saw her ‘ Friends’ and some of her movies and none of them are my favorite but my favorite movies are not important to anyone anyway.

    Out of Jennifer Aniston’s 25-27 movies, the only role most people keep mentioning was ‘ The Good Girl’.
    And most of her awards were from the only one role of her lifetime.
    ‘Rachel Green’

  58. 58
    AHA Says:

    She does not have kids, a real man in her life.
    So she has times to work on her body.
    She is a selfish, leeching old ****.

  59. 59
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:

    ellie’ @ 07/20/2011 at 1:51 pm

    Did I say her nipples are fake? NO NO NO.

    I don’t live on her thread. Please do go back to all MANiston threads and tell me how many posts & how often I posted. Also, do go back to see how many times I wrote about her nipples. So, don’t open your fcuking mouth if you don’t know anything about me.

    That’s not sexy. She is desparate for attention. She is a fcuking media wh@re homewrecker. Can this woman ever promote anything without being naked, half naked, nipples showing or copy cat.

  60. 60
    Mindy Says:

    kelly @ 07/20/2011 at 1:07 pm

    I did see it. It was free. One of the JP fans posted the link. I wouldn’t pay $10 to see this old talented Rachel Green actress. Justin was good but Colin was awesome.

  61. 61
    ellie' Says:

    @Media Wh@re MANiston:
    oh please!!!

  62. 62
    jack Says:


  63. 63
    *Belle* Says:

    She looks Great! & nice hair :)

  64. 64
    bobbi Says:

    Jen can’t do leather.

  65. 65
    Kylie Says:

    She looks hot in her leather dress!

  66. 66
    Sean Says:

    ZOMG!! She has 2 arms and legs!! Just like Angie!!! What a copycat!!! LOL Angie STANS are so pathetic and desperate.

  67. 67
    Lucky Charm Says:


    I don’t know where you went to school, but I’m glad I don’t live there. It sounds like only fat, ugly people live in that town. Most 42 year old women look great, it’s not something that only celebrities can do. And when you don’t have any other demands on your time (husband, kids, job), it’s very easy to spend the time necessary to keep in shape and get to the hairdresser. Does she look amazing? No. Should this be impressing anyone? No.

  68. 68
    lucky Says:

    She looks good I’ll give her that BUT she’s far from hot. And don’t care if she’s 43. Big whoops. Still not hot.

  69. 69
    maquy Says:

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn! Were there lice in that ho-man’s hair?

  70. 70
    Disturbing Says:

    All I see is someone trying to channel somebody who rocks a similar outfit Before – from the poses, to the lips, outfit, etc, etc, etc….

  71. 71
    JEN IN REHAB Says:

    Jen the 47yoa has been tv actress with Face Fillers is having a break down because her career is OVER, you had a good run Rachel

  72. 72
    xploxite Says:

    She Looks great , like the hair style very much.

    But Where is the

  73. 73
    xploxite Says:

    She Looks Greatttttt , love the Outfit & the Hair Style so stunning BUT
    Where is the gorgeous Sexy Hunk COLIN FARRELL?

  74. 74
    stef Says:

    Wow Jen looks super sexy!!! Lookin Hot…keep it up girl!

  75. 75
    Thelma Says:

    This is NOT a flattering look for her. Dress is flattening her breasts, breasts look lopsided, the dress doesn’t define her waist and length doesn’t work with her height and legs. She needs a new stylist. She can afford someone better to help her look her best. I must be looking at different pictures…the first two pictures of her show a lot of skin damage and a prominent nose and chin. She isn’t ugly but by no stretch of the imagi ation could she be called beautiful. Not hating….just saying.

  76. 76
    MJ Says:

    @xploxite: Collin Farrel doesn’t want to associate with Anuston. Collin Farrel knows Anuston is annoying. He rather be with the screaming kids than Anuston.

  77. 77
    **** Says:

    Pic #3. Kevin Spacey is trying to pull away from the hag. Go, Kev, Go !

  78. 78
    ^-^ Says:

    She’s FLAT chested!!! Where is her fake boobies?

  79. 79
    wow Says:

    she looks freaking stunning!!!

  80. 80
    Fake Says:

    Gorgeous!!!!! Love helps!

  81. 81
    MJ Says:

    Wow! Huvane, you really are controlling this site. I posted earlier about Anuston’s saggy breasts and you took it out. You cannot handle the truth don’t you? Anuston’s cheast is flat looking but we all know she has a decent size breasts but we can see it that her breasts are hanging almost near to her waist line like grandma’s breasts. She doesn’t have any kids she breastfeed but her boobs are saggy seems like a lot of kids had been sucking it already. Oh well, Anuston is a SPORT F*CK that can happen too.

  82. 82
    MJ Says:

    Brad and Angie are laughing now looking at Anuston on how PATHETIC she is. It’s so obvious that Anuston is trying to copy Angie. Anuston’s fans still keep fantasizing that Brad Pitt will go back to Anuston. Why would he do that? Why would he take Angie’s copycat if he has already the original? Anuston fans, just use your common sense.

  83. 83
    Tota Says:

    Amazing jen

  84. 84
    Feel sorry for others Says:

    It must be nauseating being the other actors in this film. I mean the others are the REAL TALENTS carrying the film and probably even have bigger roles in this film than her… yet, whatever movie she’s in, it’s all about HER. I’m just saying it must be discouraging for the others.

  85. 85
    lucky Says:

    she is not a classic beauty,but she is so sexy and attractive.

    this is how a healthy woman should look like,not like all the other sceletical hollywood women that are being called beautiful or sexy.

    she looks radiant!

  86. 86
    oh no Says:

    oh no,the pathetic angelinafans are here.

    please stay on the angelina board and praise your ***** over there…aniston moved on and so should you…

  87. 87
    spike Says:

    @Media Wh@re MANiston

    you seriously need to get laid.
    you sound like a bitter and fat ugly chick that can´t get a man.

  88. 88
    smiley Says:

    To all of you people that have posted horrible comments about Jen. How bout you put up a picture of yourselves and we shall compare who looks better. Are you people that unhappy with yourselves that you have to put celebrities down. They are human too you know.

  89. 89
    smiley Says:

    To all of those people that made horrible comments about Jen. How bout you put a photo up of yourselves and we shall compare who looks better. She looks amazing. Do you people have such miserable lives that you have to spend your time putting celebrities down. They are human to you know.

  90. 90
    dave Says:


    The only person’s life that’s boring is yours, don’t you have nothing better to do than try and drag everyone else down to your level?

  91. 91
    Traycee Says:

    I don’t know about the rumors that Kevin is gay-doesn’t matter…but holy cow…he looks hot, hot, hot here!

  92. 92
    Guest Says:

    Condolences to Jennifer on the horrible earnings on her latest movie. The studio has to pad the earnings to save their faces. It stunk worst at international box office. LOL! See Box Office Mojo.

  93. 93
    Guest Says:

    Jennifer looks like a transvestite on the street looking for customers.

  94. 94
    Super Cool Says:

    Very sexy dress. Nice legs.

  95. 95
    tota Says:

    GO JEN

  96. 96
    tota Says:


  97. 97
    tota Says:

    Jen is so hottttttt!!!!! She is stunning in that black leather. Love the shoes, dress, hair and that body, Wow!! She just keeps getting better. Love her! Jen way to go! Loved Horrible Bosses, hilarious!

  98. 98
    tota Says:


  99. 99
    tota Says:


  100. 100
    tota Says:

    she is sxey

  101. 101
    tota Says:


  102. 102

    @tota: Oh my god you are SO obviously a paid Huvane worker….

  103. 103
    Lillie Says:

    awww we love you Jen;)

  104. 104
    nikispaccini Says:

    all these new pictures are screaming shes pregnant :)

  105. 105
    Rio Says:

    Freaking LOVE this look, so sexy
    and adore how she play qith her hair :D

  106. 106
    Dancer Says:

    OMG. I zoomed in on Jen’s face, she looks every inch mid to late 40s. She never was a natural beauty but years later the natural, fluffy haired brunnette with the wide nose and solid build is unrecognisable. The pores are visible in her skin, deep lines on her face despite the botox and obvious fillers above her brow to lift her eyes, but her forehead just looks lumpy. Her lips are uneven, it’s like she doesn’t have control over their movement, it’s like there’s three sections to her lips that don’t communicate with each other, three worms moving in different directions. That may be a result of fillers or botox, freezing some nerves and not others. Oh dear, what did she do to her chin, it’s like it’s been added as an afterthought and moves independent of her face. If this is what millions of dollars of cosmetic surgury achieves….just say NO. The black dress unfortunately shows the sagging near her armpits and scrunches the flesh into an unsightly mass. Her eyes are small, with no eyelids to be seen, unfortunately all the fillers used to cover up the natural thinning of the face at her age make her eye’s look even squintier.

  107. 107
    Tiki Toc Says:

    Aniston is a ‘never was’ hence ‘has been’ is not really apt. I note so many references to Joli, there really is no comparison between the two so I won’t go down that track. What irks me is this woman without talent, beauty, intellect or any other trait beyond her own superficial, small world has earned so much attention and money by default. If she’d never been married to Pitt she would have faded into oblivion where she belongs, at least in terms of acting and access to roles. There are so many talented actresses out there, next to them she looks like a brown gnome with a wig. I just hope she does something meaningful with all the money she has made, very large donations to third world countries, complexes for the homeless….something huge to give back to the world, surely she realises she has been incredibly lucky. I’m sick of her face on magazines and don’t want to know whether she’s menapausal or has one last crack at having kids…why leave it so long and then keep throwing it out to the media? I really do think the interest factor is not so much in her but the ever more tenuous link between her and Angelina Joli. Joli is a media magnet, if Aniston is clinging to her orbit then people are eager to see how this will affect Joli. Even Brad Pitt doesn’t have the magnetic pull of his Angelina. I sincerely hope I don’t have to see aniston’s face for much longer, it’s depressingly bizarre to see what a waste of space she is.

  108. 108
    Plain and untalented Aniston Says:

    Just get a life and move on ol girl, you made mega bucks despite being average in all respects. My daughters are booing me when I bring home a mag for them with you on the cover, learnt my lesson and see their point. Time for the younger generation and those who deserve fame for talent and hard work, not cougar town prowling and desperate last minute attempts to beat the bio clock. Really is off, like your parents making out in the living room….cringeworthy, that’s how most people react to the aniston stuff. Ewwww.

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