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Vanessa Hudgens Runs Errands with Mom

Vanessa Hudgens Runs Errands with Mom

Vanessa Hudgens spends the day running errands with her mama, Gina, on Wednesday (July 20) in Studio City, Calif.

The 22-year-old actress showed off her newly shorn hairdo as she made a stop at the DMV and a local restaurant.

Earlier in the week, Vanessa hit the red carpet at the premiere of Captain America: The First Avenger and volunteered her time with students at a local school to support Neutrogena’s Wave for Change project!

FYI: Vanessa is wearing Elizabeth and James “Fairfax” sunglasses in Tortoise and wearing an A.L.C. jersey dress.

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  • BEAN

    She aint all that hot now she has short hair.

  • Kylie

    I think she’s adorable and she looks hot with her new short do!

  • Jenny


  • Kylie

    I think Vanessa is adorable and she looks hot with her new short do!

  • Delphic

    Really, what is so interesting about her? Her style is bad, her hair is bad and her acting talent is practically nonexistent. Somehow she is popular on this site which is telling about how society likes sucky people.

  • lauren

    its because she fu**ed zac efron for five years thats why shes’s popular.

  • Lilo

    Short hair does make her look more mature. I don’t really like short hair on a girl so I obviously prefer the long hair. And besides, why would she chop it all off when she had the most beautiful black hair ?! Ugh. I hope this movie will be good enough, otherwise her useless sacrifice will be funny imo. As much as I dislike Vanessa, I have to admit she’s very pretty. Though I think somehow the hair made her beauty. She’s such a wannabe hippie boho chic. Ha. To be honest, I absolutely love her dress and LOVE the shoes she wears here. I still don’t get the hype for her though. She’s just like Jessica Alba to me, an eye candy for lesbians and boys.

  • Lilo

    That said, I actually think she pulls the short hair off quite nicely. I mean, she’s NO Winona Ryder, no Halle Berry, no Natalie Portman or even Emma Watson but it suits her. Kind of. I’ve seen worse. Much worse. She’s lucky to have a pretty bone structure that helps her pull off this extreme kind of hairstyles!!

  • Dani

    I don’t think she looks different from when she had long hair tbh. Love her maxi skirt :)

  • vfan

    Love her and love the look!! xoxo

  • rhonda

    she looks 40!

  • lol

    @Lilo: True! “Wannabe hippie boho chic”..

  • dramah

    omg I think she looks super cute!! Go Vanessa!!!!

  • Halli

    Loving that outfit, just bought a skirt that looks just like the one she’s wearing.

  • laurie

    OMFG News pics with Vanessa and Zac

  • Delphic

    @lauren: So true. I am so shocked I got quite a lot of thumbs up for my comment. I guess the crazy tween fans are too busy looking on the Jr site.

  • lauren

    i got 9 thumbs

  • amber

    lol she looks like kris jenner

  • zac-is-wack

    oo the blind fans of tequila ninja are at it again. lol no matter what you say, V is pretty and she aims to get better at her craft, she made mistakes and will probably make them but there’s no facade to cover up. So unlike your idol, he is the pure Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in Hollywood, and you blind fans are dancing on his palm.

  • lauren

    @ zac is wack
    what is your deal?
    why are you such a hater towards zac?
    it’s getting old, we get your point u hate him.

  • Delphic

    @zac-is-wack: What’s a tequila ninja? Are you referring to Zac Efron? I don’t really like him, either.

  • Danielle

    Love Vanessa!!! she taking risks lately, it’s not easy cut your almost perfect long hair and gain weight for any job, she’s growing up and she is making good choices…

  • mykamicks

    Not because of her bone structure on her face her hair suits her. Actually there are so many reasons why she pulled that hair.

    She has beautiful & flawless face. Of course, aosulutely she is not like Halle Barry, nor Winona Ryder nor Emma Watson. … Neither these ladies own said hairstyle… She did cut her hair for her movie. And not for any fashion statement.

    Another thing, she is not another Jessica Alba. SHE IS VANESSA HUDGENS ALREADY. She has earned her name according to the to the works she had done. Ever phenominal household HSM 1 2 & 3. 2. two Certified Albums, successful concerts, endorsements etc…. 4 movies at the age of 22 ONLY…. Has Jessica Alba done same thing when she was the age of 22? I may agree Jessica Alba is a beautiful & Sexy woman in her own right. But definitely Vanessa Hudgens has way now going to her serious craft not only as a Hollywooder Celebrity but definitely a serious actress in time… Find somebody of her age to compare and not Jessica Alba…. look around those tweeny booper of her age… bracket of 18 to 27?

  • Reg

    Isnt it amazing how hair can make or break a person……she definitely is broken !!

  • my2cents

    @lauren: Lauren you are a sad ,pathetic, hater who has no life . You just work at your movie theatre and then come come and troll on every site just to bash her. You must be a lonely girl I can imagine that you definately have no BF, or even friends. You start ugly rumors and say disgusting things about this girl you don’t even know. You badger her familiy and friends on Twitter then like the coward you are you delete your nasty comments. I honestly think you are an obcessive ,sick ,person that’s only goal in life is to hurt Vanessa. Well guess what you are nothing,everything you say and do means nothing . You are lower than any scum under a person’s shoe. Vanessa will be fine whether
    you comment about her or not. She’s beautiful ,talented and rich.
    All these things that I’m sure your not but your jealously is eating you up alive . You are truly pathetic.

  • Luisa

    she dumped zac efron ass.. so lol

  • Luisa

    what is your deal?
    why are you such a hater towards Vanessa?
    it’s getting old, we get your point u hate her.

  • Luisa

    and i don’t get your obsession with Vanessa, you make haters comments n twitter, websites, youtube, HW etc…
    I think you are heartbroken because Vanessa dumped Zac and
    ended you dream relatioship…

  • Tata

    Looking great, Vanessa :)

  • BOJI

    She’s looking real chic here. Love that she’ll be co-hosting a fashion event of sorts. This lady has style.
    Lauren, quit being such a pain in the arse. You are one b–ch personified.

  • @MagicJamie

    I’ve had the pivilage of meeting Gina when Vanessa came in for an interview. One if the loveliest ladies ever…if she were my mum, I’d certainly run errands for her! (Not sure I’d look as good doing it as V does though?!!)

  • kerri

    I am Loving seeing new pics of Nessa. She has a great sense of fashion.

  • mrcina

    Duck face!

  • mrcina

    @zac-is-wack: Getting better at what “craft” exactly? – Going down??

  • kerri

    Ok i have to say this why are people bringing Zac into this and bashing him? Nessa isn’t with him she was with him for 5 years but right now she is finding out who she is as a person and an actress. Please people enough with the hate.

  • kerri

    @mrcina: Lol were you referring to yourself? because Vanessa looks gorgeous.

  • Hanna

    @lauren: you’re gross, and I hate myself for accidentally pressed “like” on your comment instead of dislike!!

  • Jasmin

    @kerri: I agree with you, even though I disliked your comment! It wasn’t on purpose:)

  • Jasmin

    Love the outfit! And I have to ask, How can you be wannabe boho-chic? I mean if it’s that style she likes then that’s what’s she is going to wear! Everybody has there own direction of style, some likes emo, hip-hop and that’s why they dress like that. People where the style they like! So if Vanessa is a wannabe then the rest of us are too:-)

  • Christaline

    I LOVE vanessa til forever and always! Hater can SUCK IT!!!!!

  • Jasmin

    @@MagicJamie: so true Gina is so so nice!

  • its just me

    YOU are the one who hates vanessa sooooo much , but you almost go to every post of her to bully her .. then someone hates zac and you are going crazy, sowhat? its like you hate vanessa , so you can also respect it AND its funny how you hate her so much but you also have time for her to write a comment .. NO FRIENDS ? i think so . poor girl . no life .
    leave her alone and go to the zac posts . i really don´t like him , and thats why i´m NOT gonna to write a comment on his post , why should I?
    when vanessa isnt no more , i think you would die , you had nothing to do , I mean its like 24/7 of your freetime you have, you are bullying her , its so childish. you have a problem girl , no seriously, and then your asking yourself , why everbody hates me??
    zac-is-wrack is nothing better , just the opposite of lauren.
    AND the hair will grow , so calm down guys !
    sorry 4 my english :P

  • lauren

    uh, its called an opinion?
    wow you guys are bunch of lame asses who defend vanessa because i have an opinion?
    screw you.

  • lauren

    first all of ,
    why does it even matter that i delete my twitter posts?
    uh its my TWITTER NOT YOUR’S GUYS?
    why do you care if delete my posts?

    uh look whos; talking, you guys take the time out of your day to bash me? how does that make YOU feel by calling someone a ”troll” that you dont even know,

    also i like to see you all of you people are to, i’m sure your all bitter ex fans of one of them who got nothing better to do besides bash me? when there are plenty of other ”haters” on here.

  • Laura

    “I love the way she fills her clothes,she looks just like those girls in VOGUE. I love the way she plays it cool,I think that she is beautiful …”

  • no one cares

    i dont bash you at all , i just sayd what i think about you .
    so ansere me please the question , why do you post in EVERY new vanessa post bad things about her , you are the one whos soo annoying with your comment in every, really , every post of her , thats why we talk to you and not the other haters , why are you soo mad and waste your time for a person you don´t hate ?? i dont get it .

  • no one cares

    i mean you HATE :P:D

  • rhonda

    She is sooooo not relevant anymore!

  • jake

    wow looking good vanessa!!!

  • http://facebook STUPID KOKOSH

    lauren girl you are a freak girl watch out you have to do something for yourself you have an obsession with vanessa really when you dont like one person you are not going to every post she/ he has to right bad things about him/ her relax bitch oh and yes is just my opinion for you bye bye looser screw you