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Daniel Craig & Harrison Ford Cover 'EW'

Daniel Craig & Harrison Ford Cover 'EW'

Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford cover this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly, on newsstands Friday (July 22).

Here’s what the stars of Cowboys & Aliens had to share:

Harrison, on not being in love with the script right away: “I read it and frankly didn’t get it at all. But then I talked to Jon about the concept and the visual stuff and I sort of figured out how it might work. What I liked about it was that these people in the 1870s in New Mexico had no concept of outer space, no concept of life on other planets.”

Daniel, when asked about his wedding to Rachel Weisz: “You said we had a private wedding and now you want to ask about the wedding. You are barking up the wrong tree. No disrespect, but if you think it through, that’s the reason we’ve said f— all on that subject. Because it was private.”

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Bigger cover pic inside…

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Photos: Entertainment Weekly
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  • Fio

    Thanks for the new thread, JJ. I’m so busy!! lol
    Well, Daniel and Harrison both are a charming and reliable guys.
    Obviously, they can kick Aliens’ a*s!!

  • Elle

    I want to stand among them!!!

  • The Tonight Show – 3

    Daniel Craig talks about new movie Cowboys & Aliens

  • susan

    Tobehonest @ 07/21/2011 at 10:47 am

    Well, Rachel married Daniel. now deal with it.

  • luvd80s2

    Indy is so damn “SMEXY (smoking sexy)!




  • A Steady Rain

    SDCC: Spielberg Interested in A Steady Rain Movie

    Real Steel star Hugh Jackman broke the news this morning to that Steven Spielberg is looking at adapting the Broadway play “A Steady Rain” into a movie. The play, written by Keith Huff, starred Jackman and Daniel Craig and ran on Broadway for 12 weeks.

    “A Steady Rain” focuses on two Chicago policemen who inadvertently return a Vietnamese boy to a cannibalistic serial killer who claims to be the child’s uncle. When he later becomes the man’s latest victim, the lifelong friendship of the two men is threatened when it becomes clear someone must bear responsibility for their egregious failure to assess the situation accurately.

    Jackman said a writer is on board. We presume that Spielberg would want both Jackman and Craig to reprise their roles on the big screen.

  • guinness

    thx Fio! You should ask for commission.
    i cant find the full interview for Jay.
    AND Jimmmy? I wonder how that went–not a fan of Yimmy Jindle.
    Ya ever pound a few Coronas while its 93 degrees? I is a cheap date. Dan looks great in that whtie shirt, yes Fio, but–(enter, Mendel) he is very Romanesque nekkid too. *ah, just grin already*

  • guinness

    howly shizerhoff—–i just read the previous thread on STEADY RAIN.

  • More pics
  • Amy

    Here? :)
    Woah, Spielberg may direct ASR?! Daniel and Hugh may reprise/reunite together? I’m totally sold!!!

  • Mendel

    to Fio

    “Thanks for the new thread, JJ. I’m so busy!! lol”


    Hi Guinness

    “Ya ever pound a few Coronas while its 93 degrees? I is a cheap date.”

    Can I have your weather?

    “Dan looks great in that whtie shirt, yes Fio, but–(enter, Mendel) he is very Romanesque nekkid too. *ah, just grin already*”


    He’s looking great, and yes, he’s all nekkid underneath :)

    “howly shizerhoff—–i just read the previous thread on STEADY RAIN.”

    Can’t believe it’s nearly…2 YEARS!!!

    And Dan really doesn’t mince his words:

    “No disrespect, but if you think it through, that’s the reason we’ve said f— all on that subject. Because it was private.”

    Absolutely love this :)

  • Elise

    Dan looks so handsome and happy. I think this was the most relaxed I have seen him in n interview.

    I believe Dan will be on Kimmel next week,should be interesting. looking forward to seeing cowboys and aliens next Friday.

    I know the advanced buzz on dream house is poor, but the trailer looked ok,I agree that it seems to give too much info,

    Thanks Fio for all the links and info, we can always count on you to have the scoop for us on JJ.

  • Fio

    to A Steady Rain
    I wish my dream would come true! Remember Spielberg went to the theater to see A STEADY RAIN. And EON has the right of film adaptations. There’re a lot of possibilities!! :)
    Hi, Guinness
    “thx Fio! You should ask for commission.”
    Yeah, a-ha. I found a job that carried good pay?! lol
    But I guess JJ’s policy is not in line with my policy cuz I’m a huge DAN MANIA (JJ is NOT). I like to take my own course :)
    to More Pics
    Oh, from Japan? ARIGATO! :)
    Daniel looks so masculine/attractively.
    Hi, Mendel
    “And Dan really doesn’t mince his words: “No disrespect, but if you think it through, that’s the reason we’ve said f— all on that subject. Because it was private.” Absolutely love this :)”
    Well, What he was saying was logical :)
    Hi, Elise
    “I believe Dan will be on Kimmel next week,should be interesting.”
    OMG, what day of the week?

  • Fio

    Must see it if you are an animal lover!!
    Review – One Life (U)
    Narrated by Daniel Craig, One Life features material that audiences will recognise from David Attenborough natural history documentaries on the BBC.

    The intention here is less to explain how the Venus flytrap works or why dolphins create circles of mud than to offer an aesthetic experience. The footage is accompanied by George Fenton’s symphonic music. At times, as Craig’s voice-over tells us that “life began when the earth was young, it started small” and we see astonishing slow motion imagery of flowers blooming or crabs on the march, it’s as if we’re the birth of the universe sequence in Terrence Malick’s Tree of Life. The imagery is startling. The film-makers do a fair job of editing it together into a feature-length whole, even if we’re never quite sure why they are doing so.

  • Fio

    Can Comic-Con Premiere Lasso Young Audience For ‘Cowboys & Aliens?’

    Studios usually view Comic-Con as a venue to start momentum on projects that won’t be in theaters for up to a year. This Saturday, DreamWorks and Universal will try to turn the rabid youth demographic at Comic-Con into true believers for Cowboys & Aliens, a week before the picture opens. It’s crucially important to a movie that has a budget pegged by insiders at $163 million (whispers around town are it could be higher) big stars in Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford, and the god-fathering presence of Steven Spielberg and Imagine’s Ron Howard and Brian Grazer. It is also directed by Jon Favreau, whose Iron Man films and past Comic-Con patronage has made him a hero to that crowd.

    Despite this pedigree, Cowboys & Aliens has endured a tortured development history involving more than a dozen writers. (Just five writers got screenplay credit after the Writers Guild not surprisingly held an arbitration trying to figure who did what over 14 years.) Now the movie faces even bigger challenges. It’s a mash-up of two genres that usually don’t cross paths, Westerns and science fiction. Word around town is the film has a cash break participation pool in the 35% range. In the wake of the behemoth opening of Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 2, tracking has been soft, there is no 3D conversion to justify higher ticket prices, factors that could put the film into the $40 million opening weekend corridor. That’s not enough. And there is that trailer, which took a page from the Super 8 playbook in not giving away every reveal. The studio hopes audiences are so intrigued with the idea of the mash-up of Western and scifi genres that they’ll be curious even if they’re somewhat confused.

    So on Saturday, Universal and DreamWorks will come out with six-guns blazing at Comic-Con, launching the film with a Civic Center premiere and a star roster that includes Harrison Ford (many Comic-Con attendees still dress as Han Solo from Star Wars, and Indiana Jones still is as iconic as it gets at the festival), Daniel Craig (those 007 suits are too formal for the Comic-Con crowd, but he’s still James Bond), Spielberg (making his first trip to the convention to promote Tintin) and Howard and Grazer. And then there’s Favreau, who offsets his talent as an event film director with an assiduous habit of courting fans through Twitter. He has become a certified Comic-Con rock star. Last year, when Favreau brought a handcuffed Ford onstage in the actor’s first Comic-Con appearance when Cowboys & Aliens was being made, the crowd went nuts.

    Insiders tell me they are encouraged that tracking has picked up somewhat; awareness numbers are growing; and the strongest audience base of older males and females (who like those genres and Ford and Craig) is now being supplemented with increased awareness among young males. It is not surprising that marketing has been a challenge because nothing has been easy for a movie which has taken 14 years to get made. I actually broke the first story about the movie in 1997, when I was a (youngish) film reporter at Daily Variety at a time when studios spent lavishly on specs and pitches. This was a whopper of a deal, especially since Cowboys & Aliens was sold based on little more than an image of a cowboy on horseback, aiming his six-gun at the giant space ship (which not coincidentally looked like the Imperial Destroyer from Star Wars) that pursued him. The deal was made by WMA agents Alan Gasmer and Rob Carlson, who back then were averaging two spec and pitch sales a week.

    Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, who owned Malibu Comics when that imprint sold Men in Black to Sony, met Gasmer to pitch comic ideas that would be generated by his new imprint, Platinum Studios. “He’d flip over a poster, and then another and another,” Gasmer recalled. “When he got to the third one, I said, what’s that? He said, it’s Cowboys & Aliens. I said, that’s your movie. Even though he had nothing written down, I grabbed Rob, who pitched it to his client Steve Oedekerk. Steve immediately said he was in, and that he would figure out the movie. We went out basically with an illustration and Steve, and we had five offers right away from Disney, Fox, Sony, Universal and DreamWorks until the latter two joined together and bought it. That’s how business was done back then.”

    Pitched as a Western version of Independence Day, Universal and DreamWorks paid $500,000 against $1.5 million. What they really bought was a drawing that suggested a concept, and the deal included a potential payday of around $3.5 million for Oedekerk (hot after writing Ace Ventura and The Nutty Professor) to write, direct and produce. It would only take about a decade for Hollywood to figure out the proper tone for Cowboys & Aliens, which evolved from an action-comedy to the dead-serious Western (with aliens) that will open nex week.

    There’s a long trail of writers who did drafts, starting at a time when Universal and DreamWorks were eager to make the film — until two years later when the bloated Wild Wild West killed the momentum for another costly high concept Western. Oedekerk, whose script mixed action with humor, gave way to scribes Jeffrey Boam and Chris Hauty. Sources tell me they were told to make the film like 3:10 to Yuma, with aliens. They brought a darker tone to the material, but the project lost steam and eventually moved on to Sony and Escape Artists. Escape Artists partner Todd Black said he didn’t read any of the early scripts — he was legally prohibited from doing so — but that development also veered from a broad comedic Men In Black tone with humor (Tom Evans and Thomas Donnelly & Joshua Oppenheimer wrote those drafts) to a dark, serious take by X-Men scribe David Hayter. Hayter told me that when he took the job in 2002, he, like Oedekerk, had only that illustration to work with, because the actual graphic novel wasn’t published until 2006. “I liked the idea that the audience knew more about the technology than the cowboys, and that these these low-tech heroes took on a hi-tech menace,” said Hayter. “After I turned in the first draft, they wanted it darker. I told them, if I do that, you won’t want to make the movie. They said, do it anyway. When I turned it in, they said, ‘this is took dark, we can’t make this.’ Being proved right is not much solace to a screen writer trying not to be buried in the pauper’s graveyard.” Black said that Hayter indeed delivered a script he wanted to make, but Sony was reticent and by then they’d spent so much money they decided to let it go.

    Enter Imagine’s Howard, who told me during a Deadline interview to commemorate the 25th anniversary of his and Grazer’s company that he became fixated on the concept, but thought the tone in the scripts was a little too humorous.

    “I found out about it four years ago,” Howard told me recently. “I looked at the cover of the comic and thought it was fantastic. I started asking questions and it had gone back and forth between Universal and DreamWorks. It was available somehow. I looked at the screenplays. They were good, but tonally it was a little bit tongue in cheek. I went back to Stacey Snider and Steven Spielberg and said I thought it was very hard to be tongue in cheek about the West because it isn’t a staple genre any more. Not like the 50s where there were 20 Westerns on TV and you could make fun the way Mel Brooks did with Blazing Saddles and have people remember. But it was a great adventure genre, and scifi, and I thought a more straightforward blending of the two could be a fresh idea. We worked on that and then Jon Favreau became interested. It was reborn and picked up a lot of momentum and a fantastic cast.”

    Original suitors Universal and DreamWorks got back into it, with the latter taking the creative lead and Universal leading the marketing effort. That serious tone was shaped first by Iron Man scribes Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby, and then by Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman and Damon Lindelof. They worked closely with Favreau, who originally wanted his Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr, but then moved on to the iconic teaming of Craig and Ford. All five of those writers got screen credit after the Writers Guild not surprisingly held an arbitration trying to figure who did what over 14 years. Hayter was nixed because the project moved to a different studio; and even though Oedekerk originated the movie with only an illustration to work with, he was only given Story By Credi (which he shared with Fergus & Ostby). “This is only the second time we can remember where the Guild gave source credit to an illustration, and the other one was a TV movie based on a Norman Rockwell painting,” Gasmer said.

    We’ll soon find out if that high concept of cowboys vs aliens–which kept the project afloat and enticed the likes of Spielberg, Howard and Favreau– rallies in the tracking, enough to captivate the global audience needed to turn the pricey picture into a summer hit.

  • Fio
  • Fio

    LOL × 2!!!!
    David Letterman – Harrison Ford Tells A Joke

  • Fio
  • Fio

    Daniel Craig:Cowboys, Aliens, Dream House & Pants

    This is the new cover of Entertainment Weekly in advance of the release of Cowboys & Aliens which I want to see so badly. But…I’m not loving the way that Daniel Craig’s pants are not hanging on him here next to Harrison Ford. You?

    Cowboys & Aliens is the first of two expected massive box office hits for Daniel this year. The second of course is Girl Dragon Tat, due out in December and we’ve already discussed this at length – whether or not he’s to be the biggest Movie Star. Was he on Bill Simmons’s list? (I’m waiting to intv Hugh Jackman at this writing and can’t look it up. No wait, I just did. And he’s not. So that’s another flaw in Simmons’s logic. HOW do you include Justin Timberlake and NOT Daniel Craig???)

    Cowboys is expected to be a huge draw here at Comic-Con. Daniel is also making the rounds on the talk show circuit. Jay Leno talked to him about the Wedding. He was, as expected, reluctant to discuss it, even though the Dream House trailer just dropped this week. Still no confirmed release date. So it’s smart of them, to leverage Daniel’s exposure for Cowboys right now and use it to generate some interest for their small little picture, made even more intriguing by the romance and subsequent marriage of its two stars.

    There’s a shot in the trailer of Daniel and Rachel Weisz rolling around in bed. It’s an insightful glimpse. And it has to be. Because something ignited between the two that was so torrid, so unavoidable, it led to two broken relationships.

    As for how the movie looks – I kept thinking it was the Sixth Sense or The Others. Have they given away too much? Or is the real mystery something else?

    Also attached – Daniel leaving Jimmy Kimmel yesterday. He really does loathe being a celebrity.

  • haha

    Erhmm, I just read this article about Dream House. I asked when the trailer comes and it came the directly next day! I said: wau! but still had doubts about the release of this movie. This article says what I think long time.

    “A few days ago I was told that there had been a lot of trouble with Jim Sheridan‘s “Dream House,” a psychological thriller set for September with Daniel Craig and his new wife, Rachel Weisz, with Naomi Watts. The word was that director Sheridan, one of the greats, was significantly at odds with Morgan Creek’s Jim Robinson. Univeral is releasing the movie, and would have high hopes considering the stars’ high profiles. My source said, emphatically, “The movie is unrelease-able.” Now the trailer is out, and you can see it in our video player below. It’s a weird one in that it seems to give away the entire movie, and is at the same time utterly confusing. Sheridan is a four star director, so I’m sure he’s done everything he can to make the film work. The release date is still two months away, and a lot can happen between now and then. Let’s cross our fingers. But there must be a better way to make a trailer for this film, at least one in which we don’t get all the plot points. It looks a lot like “Shutter Island,” which I’m still trying to figure out. Meantime, Indie Wire’s The Playlist recently noted that “Dream House” has gotten an R rating after a lost appeal, and that the poster is terrible. PS the poster does look like what happened to Joan Chen in “Twin Peaks.”

    “The release date is still two months away, and a lot can happen between now and then” — I decided to not order dvd of Dream House because I can download it on the Internet for free!

  • lol

    “The movie is unrelease-able.”

  • the trailer DH

    the trailer Dream House is giving an empty feeling, it’s too much scattered and absolutely telling no story. I am ruined after watching it as they ruined the film too (:-
    or the trailer is just so bad.
    Like I said, from the very beginning, Dream House is a bad material, a bad plot line, a bad script, reshoots over, needed another reshoots and lost appeal. I repeared the movie won’t be released and now it appears that some people don’t wish the movie released as well.
    Unrelease the movie would make and end to all problems. Even Daniel and Rachel aren’t happy with this movie, what a news! In the end I am surprised that people realized it themselves that the movie is crap and unrelease-able. Someone got to sense finally! Thanks God, you work mysterious way!
    Wau ————————— $50 million thrown in the air like I said before?
    If September won’t vomit any Dream House film so the producers’ money is blown out DEFINITELY!
    I feel regret in one point, that there would be made other good film of a $50 million budget. The people who write good scripts and have talent so they don’t have the money and the ones who have the money so they take crappy script to get into a movie and lose millions. A typical Hollywood who doesn’t appreciate a real talent and takes a loser instead.
    I don’t know if Cowboys and Aliens will be postponed or bomb at the box office, but (God knows what happens) maybe there is the third version what can happen to Favreau’s movie.
    Hmmm, bad, I read about storms and typhoons hitting the whole world…
    By the way, knows someone how is the weather in California 29, July?
    Have a fine day, posters.

  • positive(:-

    Maybe I write a positive comment for DH trailer and get likes…. HAHA.

  • the source(:-

    “My source said, emphatically, “The movie is unrelease-able.”
    Wondering who the author of article “Dream House” May Be Nightmare talked to and who’s the source. the biggest wonder who has said “the movie is unrelease-able”.
    I read that distributors are the ones who decide to release a movie or not and they have the rights to not release the movie if it’s too bad and requires reshoots. So, I hope the source is a film distributor. Maybe we’ll learn it soon.

  • marriage

    I raised my brows and winked after reading this one:
    “Erm… (it was) two or three weeks ago. I am supposed to remember it aren’t I?
    No, Daniel, you aren’t supposed to remember it at all, why you’d do it. your engagement to Satsuki was to make a fool of her and you don’t need to celebrate any anniversary marriage to Rachel and never say she’s your wife when she’s not in fact. Okay I let you play and break women’s hearts.

  • to Gina

    OMG, are you really that dumb???
    That HIS way to say “It’s not your f******* business”

  • Guinness

    Its actually hotter today. Waited until the last minute to put air conditioner in–we only need it for a few days in the summer. blah. 97-101 degrees. And in March it got to 30 below zero. And you are welcome here anytime my friend–just bring a pillow!!!

    So, I would loathe the talk show circut. EXCEPT the east coast…we are sooo much cooler than to show a middle school pic—the only reason that was done by Jay was to embarrass. I would be pissed. I love every real reaction he gives to all the interview. And he never knows what will come out of the interviewers mouth—that can make anyone anxious. Jay was a dink to him. I cant’ wait for Jon stewart interview, hopefully.

    Yey! Mrs. Craig gets to join him. ah, no, we are supposed to be envious of her, right? aaaaaawwwwwww!!!!

    Hi Fio. good job for all the work you do for us.

    OH!! i read the entertainment mag article….some awesome pics of Dan–he makes Ford tip his head back and laugh at something–that is bromance baby! I think they hit it off and they both have to have a great sense of life and humor to survive like that in Hollywood. I am glad Dan met him…it was good for his mental stability i guess. OH—there is a pic of Fav on a horse and those 2 on the ground next to them. That was my favorite.

    cheers everyone. (stay fun Mendel) keep the ice coming or use the ice to ____!!!!! yeeee haw!!! ~G

  • Amy

    Hi, Guinness I MUST buy EW!! Thank you for the interesting info!

  • Fio

    Hi, Guinness
    I was not going to buy EW Mag. Because EW writes a sensational article sometimes. But I ordered it from online :)
    Thanks for the info!