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Lily Collins as Snow White - FIRST LOOK!

Lily Collins as Snow White - FIRST LOOK!

Check out this sneak peek of Lily Collins as Snow White!

The 22-year-old actress will be starring in Relativity Media’s yet-to-be-titled Snow White film, set to be released March 16.

“She’s very much that fairy tale princess we’ve all read about in books. She’s been modernized in a way that she becomes a fighter in the end,” Lily told EW about her character.

“I keep saying to everyone I feel like I’m walking into a snow globe, a fairy tale, every single day. It’s so epic. I was part of a costume ball today, so you can only imagine the outfits,” she added.

The Social Network‘s Armie Hammer is set to play the Prince, while Julia Roberts will take on the role of the Evil Queen.

Kristen Stewart will also be playing Snow White in a separate project titled Snow White and the Huntsman.

Bigger pic inside

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lily collins snow white first look

Photos: Matthew Rolston
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  • jogui

    Is it gonna be like Red Riding Hood?

  • jogui

    Is it gonna be like Red Riding Hood?

  • lissett

    wtf kind of snow white outfit is that?

  •!/lilycheungg lilyy

    omg yay! she got snow white part

  • Beard

    This will be much better than Kristen’s one.

  • Roz

    This isn’t what Snow White looks like…they need to stop trying to recreate her. Can’t recreate a classic bitches.

  • backdead

    That’s not Snow White!! Her hair is different and her eyebrows too. She’s killing Snow White!

  • Bella

    her eyebrow’s r too thick..

  • *Belle*

    I think Kristen’s one will be better….she looks wayyy prettier than this girl.

  • laverdadduele

    Are these movies really necessary? What’s the point? We already have Disney’s timeless classic, that Hollywood producers can’t possibly top. So this is just another stupid waste of time.

  • Sammy

    Snow White didn’t originate with the Disney film. Snow White is a fairy tale, hundreds of years old, and it’s the filmmaker choice as to how they wish to interpret it.

    I, for one, like this. It’s fresh, and not what I was expecting at all. It certainly looks more interesting than Red Riding Hood!

  • abby

    oh how lovely!
    the classic snow white was created from someone’s imagination as much as the new ones are, so i don’t see what’s wrong with “recreating” fairy tale characters. unless the writer of these stories is still alive, we’ll never really know what the original interpretation of these characters are anyway. they weren’t exactly that descriptive about the ‘look’ to begin with.

  • anybody?anybody?

    @laverdadduele: As much as I love Lily as Snow White, I agree with you. Why can’t they leave classics alone and think up some new ideas?
    And what is up with that hair?! Snow White doesn’t have helmet hair! At least she’s not Kirsten, who will look like Kirsten dressed up as Snow White, with zero acting like she’s done in all her other movies.

  • Ann

    oh please, 1st is kristen! nor kirsten, she can;t act? have you seen into the wild? the cake eaters? welcome to the rileys,the runaways?? and you still say she can;’t act?? pfffff
    she is a great actress! and she will kill it in snow white! kriste will do great as snow white,because it’s from another perspective,she will be traines to fight and stuff,kristen will be awesome,just wait and see

  • Ann

    trained!* also they will give her a snow white look! kristen is very preety,will be just the movie! she’s a good actress!

  • rodrigo

    hated! and what eyebrows are THAT!

  • Sim

    OMG!!! Her eyebrows are HORRIBLE!!!

  • OK

    Yikes that dress…….

  • towanda

    leighton meester would be better snow white than this girl or kristen

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o L

    @*Belle*: you’re obviously a tard-tard. how are her eyebrows too thick?! …who are you, the brow police!?! ahahahaha …WTF, you probably don’t even have brows, keep drawing them on, loser. and get off that emo stewarts sack.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o L

    …i think she’s a cute little girl, the dress is ugly though. i’m sure it wont be worn in the movie.

  • Mike g

    Are you all kidding me shes gorgeous. Go watch some of her movies before you say shes sucks. Shes a talented actress.

  • aquarius64

    I thought this is suppose to be a Snow White that get some grit. With this picture she looks like she can’t whip cream.

  • *Belle*

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o L:
    huh? lol I didn’t even mention any eyebrows in my comment…wtf r u talking about?

  • *Belle*

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o L:
    get a life loser…or atleast some reading glasses.

  • Emma

    Lily looks AWESOMES as Snow White

  • Lisa

    It is the ‘in’ thing to say ‘Kristen can’t act’ these days. Obviously people haven’t seen her body of work.

    I’m looking forward to both stories. I’m curious what they will do with this one now and the other one sounds dark and different.

  • Maddie

    I think the other snow white version will be better, and has a better cast. I’m far more excited to see Snow White and the Huntsman, and no because Kristen is the lead. While I do think Kristen would be a better snow white than this Lily person, Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron sell the movie for me.

  • blah

    worst snow white EVER!

  • dah

    stop freaking finding a way to diss kristen through this. two completely different snow white movies being made. if you have nothing nice to say about kristen – DON’T BLOODY SAY ANYTHING

    as for lily – this is not what i pictured for snow white at all. it’s alright….

  • nessie bella

    She’s awesome! She’s gonna be great!!!! Stop haters!!!!!!!!

  • jo

    all great actors are in, but I’ve to admit that I do love Olivia Wild as Evil Queen in Disney Dream project shoot. She really looked like in the cartoon and I loved that!

  • stan

    LOVE LILY, can’t wait for the movie to come out.


    I like this girl but THIS ROLE IS NOT FOR HER!

  • lala

    Snow white supposed to be with Black hair! And what’s with that dress!¿
    Ugh, I hate it when they change the fairy tails.


    I swear to God she sucks in Abduction ( we saw it in Cannes)
    I have nothing against her but really she represents Snow White?
    Oh come on say the truth she’s not able to lead a movie by her own name. That’s why Julia Roberts is in it. Nobody knows that girl, oh sorry she’s Phil collins’s daughter and “rumored” Taylor Lautner’s girlfriend..I understand now……

  • Esmee

    That doesn’t look like Snow White ,I hope Kristen stewart’s version will be better.Lily Collins can’t act.I saw the blind side, I saw Priest because I don’t judge before i see and what i saw wasn’t great.

  • seriouslynow

    @jogul /ohyeah “oh sorry she’s Phil collins’s daughter and “rumored” Taylor Lautner’s girlfriend..I understand now……”
    Her agent is with the same one as Julia, she’s a BevHills girl, but her media popularity is due to Taylor Lautner. And her relationship with Taylor is NOT over. HIS agent/ publicist works overtime to keep his life quiet.

  • ita

    There are no proofs of them being an item. Personally I don’t buy it at all because we did not see pictures of them “intimate”.Some celebrities keep their life quiet but there is always a picture that betrays everything.
    Now are they really a couple or not? You know something? You said not over. I also heard a lot of negative things about her and her behavior.
    Don’t know what to think!..

  • aquarius64

    @ita: Agreed. Seriouslynow sounds like a PR flak for LILY. (I heard PR teams troll sites to get a sense of things and plant comments to stem potential bad press.) Collins knows Lautner is only reason she gets any ink; if she was a big deal the paps would be going after her ALONE. They won’t bother to take her picture unless they get wind that Lautner may be near by. Also agree – no evidence of intimacy in the age of cell phone cameras. I think it’s a showmance.

    P.S. – Lily laid the foundation for a bad rep by dumping a stuntman for a A-lister. Sorry, that move is trifling.

  • ita

    to Aquarius64 I can guarantee you that a lot of people don’t like that girl. I didn’t know who she was til I heard about her and Taylor Lautner. I have a friend called Hugo who was on Abduction’s set and he told me what some people are telling about her on another site…Now I remember Maria bello in an interview was saying I would like Taylor to date a normal girl and not a starlet from Hollywood. That interview came in the same time with all the rumors about Taylor and lily. Maria was of course on Abduction and we heard lily was a total bitch on set… Make your own opinions now about that. Singleton talked about everybody except her, Maria bello didn’t mention her and Jason Isaacs too.
    I used to like her but now that we learn she’s a real DIVA, it’s over

  • aquarius64

    @ita: I think the actress that made that comment was Elizabeth Rohm. She was initially casted to play Lautner’s mom in Abduction; now it’s Maria Bello. I wonder if that interview got her canned? And based on what you said on the other interviews, I’m wondering if Singleton and the other actors thought Lily was some skank who thought she had a run of the place b/c she hooked up with Lautner? Lautner’s company co-produces Abduction so she slept with the boss. I think no one hears much now b/c Lautner wised up to this trick and dumped her. It’s quiet b/c he wants no negative or distracting press during Abduction promos, IMO.

  • lola

    I think you’re right. They are not a couple or maybe they were but he dumped her, so much bad press behind her. It’s crazy how many people talk about her behaviour.So in a way there is a big part of truth.
    Taylor lautner seems to be a smart guybut not when it comes to girls!

  • ita

    Oh sorry aquarius you’re right i made a mistake, it was Elisabeth..

  • Emma

    Albino? What’s up with her eyebrows?!? lmao
    oh and Kristen Stewart can’t act… she will shake her head, look confused and basically be a sad angsty emo.

  • Alissa

    I think Lily looks really pretty in this photo. I think this film is going to be great. I’m so excited for it. Her dress looks stunning. And you guys, you need to stop comparing these movies to the originals, they’re completely different movies. When I went to see Alice in Wonderland (2010) I hated it because I was comparing it to the original. I then later saw it again and thought of it as its own story and it was really good. It’s now one of my favorite movies. I was awfully dissapointed with Red Riding Hood, though, because I thought it was too dark for a fairytale, and I fear that may happen with Snow White and the Huntsman. I wish Lily the best of luck with this film. :)

  • Alissa

    @lala Well, what color hair does she have then, red? It’s black! Do you see how the light makes her hair looks a little blue? That means it’s black.

  • Natalie

    Although the Disney tale is classic, remember, that is Disney’s take on how Snow White looks. This is a modernized version. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was Disney’s first film but Disney did not create Snow White. I think her eyebrows are great. They add character and youthfulness. She’s a very young girl.. she shouldn’t be waxing or tweezing her eyebrows, especially in that time period.

  • Rilee Cassell

    I think Lilly will do absolutely wonderful in this move. I agree with all of you her dress and brows are stunning! I also believe that snow white and the huntsman will be too dark. I’m hoping this one will be more of a happy light movie. Oh, and by the way I’m outraged that Kristen stuart is snow white in the other one. I think that is the worst casting option ever!!!!

  • Theresa Ebanks

    I think Lily Collins looks great as Snow White and I think she will do ok, but I must say Kristen Stewart looks better and I think they really went out of the box for Snow White and the Huntsman I like the fact that she’s a warrior in it verses the sweet innocent snow that we all know and Kristen is better for the part I can’t wait to see her in the film and I guess Lily too.