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Alexander Skarsgard: Summit Comic-Con Party with Ryan Kwanten!

Alexander Skarsgard: Summit Comic-Con Party with Ryan Kwanten!

Alexander Skarsgard is all smiles at the Summit Entertainment Comic-Con party held at the Hard Rock Hotel on Thursday (July 21) in San Diego, Calif.

The 34-year-old actor was joined by his True Blood co-star Ryan Kwanten as they shared some laughs and posed for photographs.

Later today, Alex and Ryan, 34, will join the rest of their cast mates at the True Blood Comic-Con 2011 panel moderated by Entertainment Weekly’s, Tim Stack.

FYI: Ryan is wearing a HUGO blazer and jeans.

10+ pictures of Alexander Skarsgard and Ryan Kwanten at the Summit Entertainment Comic-Con party…

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alexander skarsgard summit comic con party with ryan kwanten 02
alexander skarsgard summit comic con party with ryan kwanten 03
alexander skarsgard summit comic con party with ryan kwanten 04
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alexander skarsgard summit comic con party with ryan kwanten 06
alexander skarsgard summit comic con party with ryan kwanten 07
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alexander skarsgard summit comic con party with ryan kwanten 09
alexander skarsgard summit comic con party with ryan kwanten 10
alexander skarsgard summit comic con party with ryan kwanten 11

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# 1

i see happy and talk with people hahahahah why maybe coz win

# 2

hay guys i want to ask is he . . . . .

# 3

I see the single life is doing wonders for Dr. Skarsgard. Who’s the cute red head?

# 4

what the hell are you talking about slig lambert go wait your lambert pics

# 5
looking happy! @ 07/22/2011 at 8:58 am

He looks good here and happy! Maybe he finally dropped the 110lb. weight he’s been carrying around the last year and some. ;)

# 6

I really missed the old Alex thank god he’s back!! I hope he’s gonna keep it that way!

# 7

very handsome too sweet I love you alex !

# 8

handsome man!!!!!. i love you Alex!!!

Anna i think you so beautiful beacuse love beautiful celebs

In response to the ridiculous Star magazine article, here they are looking relaxed in each other’s company. They have shirts on and are not fighting for people’s attention while they try to outdo each other with ab crunches.

Danielik25 @ 07/22/2011 at 11:10 am

Alex looks happy like Eric in the lake. Nice pics with Ryan.

Ryan looks so cute with his nerd glasses on! Alexander looks good too, a bit of scruff does wonders for him. My two favourite characters in True Blood!!!

Alex looks good but very tired to me. I prefer him more clean shaven but I’ll take some scruff too. He must be growing his hair out, it’s quite long. Not sure I like it styled this way but I suspect that it’s because it’s in the awkward in between stages of growing out. I’m glad he was able to make it. He and Ryan look like they are having a good time.

@Doreen: agree — he looks good and happy but tired. Lots of plane flights in the past few days though to get from Sweden to UK and on to San Diego. Love to see him hanging out with cast friends, enjoying himself.

According to Meatballs on Tumblr Alex will be on Regis & Kelly on August 3rd. That films in NYC right? Guess Alex will be there in early August.

From Lainey’s twitter. Wonder if she’ll make a post talking smack about him now. She did that when he got his degree.

LaineyGossip Elaine L. Staring at Alexander Skarsgard across the bar. I always forget how tall he is.

Can these two guys be any cuter? Wished I was there…*SIGH*

@Jessie: He also needs to do SNL while he’s in NYC. Alex has fantastic comedic timing. Amazing actor!

LaineyGossip Elaine L. Staring at Alexander Skarsgard across the bar. I always forget how tall he is.
I sure the last part was different in her mind. LMFAO!! She wants him too.

That would be awesome! He’s good in his Swedish movies. Even if I had to just get what they were talking about from subtitles he was still funny.

Probably! LOL, according to her blog she’ll be posting “observations” about him. She’ll probably say something nasty no doubt.

Beautiful as always! :)

JennyCraig @ 07/22/2011 at 2:10 pm

Aww..Alex is such a sweetheart. Emphasis on SWEET. Like apple pie sweet. Candy Cane sweet. He’s moments away from kissing Ryan. What a freaking F@G.I knew he wasnt into women. I bet hes stuck his **** in Ryan too!

Shelley_C @ 07/22/2011 at 2:14 pm

That woman in the second pic of Jessie’s post #21 is Emilia Clarke, from Game of Thrones.

hot stuff @ 07/22/2011 at 2:23 pm

Awwwww Ryan looks soo hot wearing glasses. Like a sexy nerd. Loving some Alex too. I didn’t mind him before but he’s so cute and sexy in this season ;))

I love him only as Eric.
oh his nose and those beady eyes…

@JennyCraig: I was wondering when some dumbsh*t troll would start up the gay comments again *rolls eyes* Although I highly doubt he is gay, it wouldn’t matter. He is a beautiful man and a crazy talented actor.

@JennyCraig: Wow, you sound like a nasty person. If Alex were gay, there would be nothing wrong with that. But the fact is, Ryan is his co-worker and friend so it’s no shock to see him being nice to him. Get a life troll!

Why -1? is my opinion.
Crazy fans.

Gosh; Emilia Clarke is stunning, isn’t she?
Don’t read too much into the thumbs up and downs, there’s some funny people about. For what it’s worth I’m kind of with you; there’s something funny with his eyes, that’s not exactly a classically shaped nose, he has a weak chin, funny overbite, his head’s a bit small and his hairline weird. After saying all of that I still think he’s good looking, just not in the traditional cookie cutter mould that HW seems to insist on, there’s just something about him that makes me think ‘nom.’
Oh yes, and he’s a bloody good actor too.

More from Lainey’s twitter, posted last night.

Elaine L.
Alexander Skarsgard&Emilia Clarke& Nicolas Something Waldau from Game of Thrones in a triangle on the patio as Tom Hardy just did a flyby

love alex!! he looks perfect like always!

So because he has male friends he’s gay? Well then, every man in the world must be gay too. *eyeroll*

They look great! I love these two!

So because he has male friends he’s gay? Well then, every man in the world must be gay too. *eyeroll*

They look great! I love these two!

Can’t wait for the next TB episode! We should be very close to the much anticipated SHOWER SCENE!!!!! If not this weekend then maybe next? Can’t wait. Hope it’s going to be as awesome as it was in the books :-)

The best thing about the lack of Alex/Bosworth sightings? That crazy b***h Merrick/Asprey has nothing to talk about.

Would love to be sandwiched in between those two!!

no worries about her, she is too busy stalking people’s twitters and posting her crazy theories on her special fan boards.

@Cheryl: nice thought :-)

@Debbie: your comments made me think of Richard Gere who I saw in person one time long ago in NYC . And kind of the same thing. He was far from classic handsome when you took him apart feature by feature– my friend and I said the exact same while looking at him. And honestly, Alex is far better looking overall than Gere. But for who knows why, he just radiated sexual attraction. I think Alex is kind of the same. Lots of the most famous sexy male actors don’t have perfect looks at all. Just that ???whatever it is.

@seeshay: Alex is very charismatic. You are right, if we were to pick his features apart they may not be “perfect” but it’s those imperfections that make him so very attractive. Supermodel guys look boring to me. Alex has character!!! He radiates sex appeal!

He is only hot as Eric. Not in real life


Yet you stalk my crazy ass on my board. Unlike some of you I have an actual life and posting that he’s pretty a 1000 times is a bit redundant in my eye. How many times can you look at the same boring posts and comment? KB offends me like Sarah Palin offends me…I find them both an embarrassment to women. For the record I’m hardly on twitter …I usually repost what others have posted. But you know that since you haunt my board.
I’m crazy but somehow you are talking/thinking/obsessing about me. Okay. I don’t post here because some of you have the mentality of middle school girls…immature ones. You have nothing worthwhile to add to my world. Carry on ..keep thinking about me.

Since some of you miss my crazy ass so much, here I be.

Lainey’s take on Alex. Looks like she’s back to thinking he’s attractive. Haha, that was short lived. Also, girls flirting with him and her take was that he was into the chick from Game of Thrones, like there was chemistry between them. Good! Rather her than Boneworth! Maybe they’ll hook up.

Lainey is a fickle ***** but that post is funny. She just cannot resist him; whenever she sees him she seems floored by him (especially his height). Too funny :D Sounds like he’s getting around, having fun, relaxing with friends, meeting new people.

i love that girls hair!

i love that girls hair in the photo!

whos the girl with pink/red hair?

Yeah I knew her hating on him wouldn’t last long. I think when she said he had creepy teeth, she meant his fangs, because from reading that post it sound like she doesn’t find him attractive as Eric but that she does in person. I remember reading a post she made about him during Oscar parties, and she said he was more attractive in person than in pictures. I can see that, sometimes pictures have bad angles and whatnot.

Sounds like the work of a single guy actually. Emelia Clarke is gorgeous and has a great body. I could see why he’d be interested if she was flirting with him.

I don’t know, but I thought she had cool hair too. He seems happy to see her, whoever she is. I noticed he’s got his arm around her and not vise versa, that’s interesting.

Here’s a sneak peak video for the coming weeks of TB. So excited about Sookie and Eric. And the storyline with Jessica and Jason looks good too.

So Alex is going back to Sweden right after Comic Con is over? Good for him, he needs a break before filming. He looks great in the pictures and video.

Yep, can you imagine the jetlag? Poor guy. He must have only come back for these couple days to to CC.

Here’s another pic. Apparently he got the most applause and most of the questions were for him. Obviously he’s the biggest draw for the show. It would be kind of weird for the other cast members though. They’re all great.

@Camille: why do you post those links? the fans have already seen them…

Great pics. Here’s some I found.

Alex with Deborah Ann Wall, she’s so pretty.

Getting interviewed

Oh god, so now it’s against the law to post links? Um no, not everyone has seen them and some people actually like it when the others on here post links. Get over it.

I for one, have not seen these so I don’t see what the big deal is.

Camille and Jessie, and everyone else who posts links. Thank you, some of us can’t find these, or don’t have the time, or simply don’t want to look so thanks for doing the work for us. I certainly appreciate it! Alexander looks fantastic. I can’t believe he’s going back to Sweden tomorrow. Talk about a whirlwind trip.

Jesus why can’t people leave other people alone? Why do people have to act like such jack*sses and pick other people apart? Why do people get p*ssed off for other people providing information to others?

Guy is going back to Sweden after only two days on Cali? Holy sh*t that’s a lot of frequent flier miles being accrued. LOL! Cool that he’s going to finally be on a talk show. So I guess he’s gonna be in NYC by the beginning of Aug if the show is on the 3rd. Probably give himself a day or so to rest up before going on there and to the set of his movie.

I had diner with Alex last night before the Summit Party. I am supposed to meet him back at the motel tonight. *wink* You know what that means!

ryan looks up at him like, ok, when do we knock boots?

See I was thinking more along the lines of Ryan looks up at him like, ok, why am I such a shortarse in comparison?

Whoever posted that AS and RK must be involved because they hang around together and laugh, they really need to grow up.
Men are allowed to have friends too.
From the very beginning of filming on TB, all involved have always stated that it was truly a family, friendly atmosphere.
So stop trying to make something where there is nothing.

@Chloe: thanks for posting — and thanks to all who post links. I enjoy them. This one was very interesting — Lainey was down on him a while ago but sounds like he turned her around back to liking him better. And interesting she mentions there seemed to be flirting going on between him and the pretty GoT girl. No sign of KB and he’s acting single?? All good. And going back to Sweden already — wow, he made a huge effort to show up at Comic Con. Hope the fans there appreciated it.

Ryan looks like he has a total crush on Alex. He’s enthralled by him clearly, who wouldn’t be?

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