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Gerard Butler Jets Into JFK

Gerard Butler Jets Into JFK

Gerard Butler arrives at JFK International Airport on Thursday (July 21) in New York City.

The 41-year-old Scottish actor had been spending time in Italy, where he attended the Ischia Film Festival.

Gerry was honored at the annual event with the Actor of the Year Award but also squeezed in some time to go sightseeing around town.

Gerard has three upcoming movies, Machine Gun Preacher, Playing the Field, and Movie 43, but he’ll also soon start production on the How to Train Your Dragon sequel!

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# 1

I like his shoes!

# 4

handsome man in the earth. i<3 him

# 5

He looks awfully good for a guy who was sick! :-)
That’s a nice watch, too. I wonder if he got it during his trip to Switzerland.

# 6

wow he looking good need more rest but looking hot gerry love those pants

# 7
GerryLover @ 07/22/2011 at 9:22 am

Most beautiful man on earth!

# 8

Yay! He’s back home!
He’ll need to beat the heat. It.Is.Hot.Here.

# 9

Yummy-yummy, Gerry-Berry! :0)

Welcome home, Gerry!

A True Fan @ 07/22/2011 at 10:35 am

He can’t land into the US without being hounded already. Pathetic paps. Yes, he looks great but ticked off … don’t blame him.

Welcome back to the states, Gerry honey. You’re looking much more rested than you did at Ischia. The downtime in Switzerland and visit with your folks appear to have rejuvenated you, which is a good thing with all of the different projects you’ve been involved with and those that have yet to start!

@shelly: I was thinking the same exact thing – Gerry looks quite fit and healthy as well as rested in these photos. Now if we could just get him to smile again…

curious cat @ 07/22/2011 at 10:58 am

Rarely was a new thread needed so badly.

He looks like himself, off duty. Casual. His hair is fine, his clothes are fine, his shoes are fine, his watch is fine. His facial expression is fine. Who knows what his expression reflects at that moment?

What in tarnation is there to pick apart here?

That video of the crazy woman on the last thread woud be considered libel, I’d say. OBND? I guess the stars she targeted and everyone else who sees her rants knows she’s off her rocker, nobody in his right mind believes her. But do we need that?

Have a good weekend, everyone.

so gullible @ 07/22/2011 at 10:59 am

@A True Fan: Then fly into LaGuardia or Newark where the paps don’t tend to hang out if it’s a big issue……….he should not be surprised to see paps in JFK, there is a contingent that sits there EVERYDAY

@so gullible:

You can’t fly into LaGuardia from London but you’re right, he could have gone to Newark. Although, I don’t think he looks that bothered, he just looks a bit knackered.

facebook post … he doesn’t sound heartbroken to me
on the plane yesterday, stewertess comes up, “there’s a guy in 1st class who wants to meet you.” ehh, what?! “I think you should, it’s Gerard Butler” Soooo, spent the next 2 hours up in 1st class having a wee chat with him. What a nice guy! he gave me his number to “text when your settled and we’ll party”

He always looks SMELLY!

@from WO: He seems to have a serious OCD, combined with an inability to be alone. Its rather sad that the girl seems so thrilled, unaware of the industrial scale on which he operates.

dargabriel @ 07/22/2011 at 11:35 am

Gabriel says, HISTORY repeating itself, from past lives with Butler, he will unfortanately get held back behing the heavenly curtains next time around. He looks awful, he does not look rested, he looks sickly and unhealthy. Good luck to you Mr. Butler. Dargabriel


@dargabriel: Totally agree with you Dar, he looks like the last dog at the race and he lost the race.
You are totally right, past lives with Butler has caught up with him.
Wonder how he will handle this latest setback. Smoke and mirrors as usual. Thanks Dar for all you have done to try to help Butler.

He isn’t heartbroken. That’s how some wish to cope. They need to see him ill, sad, tired, fill in the blank.
Can stewardesses take two hours to chat?
who left Paisley a message at the old thread :o)

@gross!: You picked the wrong day to pick on him. Sometimes he is unkempt but not this time.

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeey… new thread!!

Midsummer's Eve @ 07/22/2011 at 12:10 pm

He hasn’t even hit the ground and he’s hitting on the PYT on the airplane! Anyone else a bit disturbed by the lack of concern on the part of the Mother? Is she totally unaware of his rep or is she more concerned about her daughter “reaching for the stars”! Astonishing!

redOctober @ 07/22/2011 at 12:12 pm

Indeed he looks a lot better than the photos in the last thread.

…bright eyes .

The one thing you can say about Butler is that he never shows guilt or regret. He hides most of the normal emotions. He lives his life in a bubble of water from denial.

Hey Dense Dora – the stewardess was talking to a passenger who was not in 1st class. I guess reading comprehension is not taught in your galaxy…
I see the gray t-shirt is a new staple. Two threads in a row several days apart, same gray t-shirt, or did he buy a six-pack? At least we know he packed light…

To be fair, I don’t know anyone who gets off a plane and looks good. However if Mr B had given me his number and told me to text him later, I’d have given him MY number and told him to text me when he’d cut/dyed his hair, had a shave and chewed some nicorette gum.
@RedO: that paragliding picture in the last thread was awesome! Where did you find that? You are so good at finding stuff :-)
@Lolita: can you believe it, yes 7500 earthquakes and still counting. But we’re not getting as many big ones now, its actually been really settled. Yay!
@Curious Cat: thanks for the offer of a bed! But we just bought a new house (part of the reason I’ve been so d@mned busy lately) and will be starting to move in later today! (considering its 4.30am here I should go to bed, my cousins will be here in a few hours to start shifting, d’oh)

redOctober @ 07/22/2011 at 12:37 pm


Congrats on the new house! ; D

Oh. Okay, I stand corrected. Just reading fast busy at work.
So he saw some chick in coach that caught his eye thought about it then called stewardess over requesting her presence in first class, and they allow this, (because he’s Gerard Butler of course), then after chatting her up deciding she’d fit the bill, hands over his number because I suspect she’s new in town? Does he hand out his number so easily? And did she not have one? Doubt it. What’s with having chicks call him? Oh, I know, it’s 2011 not 1939! Why does he want women to make the first move so often? I know he’s shy but this didn’t come across as that but pretty aggressive. Hope she calls! Could be a great start to sweet romantic love story, his own.

curious cat @ 07/22/2011 at 12:43 pm


The Facebook poster didn’t say the stewardess chatted for two hours. The passenger who was told by the stew that GB wanted to meet her did. Allegedly. Who knows if this is even true or some fantasy? It goes on and on…and on…and on.
She doesn’t indicate what they talked about for two hours. Come on.
Not sure a fllght attendant is supposed to move someone into first class if they haven’t paid for a first class ticket or were authorized to be upgraded for some reason. But it’s some years since I was a stew, I know it happens, I broke a lot of rules too, including yelling at a planeload of panicked passengers in a cabin fire to SHUT UP AND SIT DOWN. Bad manners but they obeyed, and it got the place under control so we could put out the fire. From my conversations with FAs I know they still break rules and fall out of line, but the stew could get in trouble for moving someone to first class if there were a company spy aboard. Unless GB paid for the upgrade, which seems unlikely.
The more I think about it, that facebook blurb sounds like a fake. Text me and we’ll party? Isn’t that what we’re led to expect he says? But having said all this, if it happened to me, (not that it would, I have no illusions, trust me) sure, I’d grab the chance to spend two hours on a plane trying to get a handle on what he’s about, and I’d report my impressions and profound insights in a little more detail to y’all. :) :) (Yee haw!) Have a great weekend and take the Gerry juice sparingly.

May God Bless yoou all! @ 07/22/2011 at 12:57 pm

Prov 16:16
New International Version
How much better to get wisdom than gold, to choose understanding rather than silver!

curious cat @ 07/22/2011 at 1:04 pm

sorry, babies,I got started on the airline thing and felt compelled to say something irrelevant to this thread. Some will be bored, some will find it interesting.
I met some incredible people, real life heroes, in my short career in the airline business.
As a young, green stew in the American south, I was assigned to what they called hedge hoppers and puddle jumpers, the kind of flights Southwest Airlines does in the old tradition, even taking attedance on one flight I was on a year ago to figure out what passenger was missing.
My first trip was was with a veteran stew who taught me so much. At one stop,the ground crew was in such a hurry to get the flight out on time they wouldnt wait for us to get full oxygen bottles, which we didn’t have..
My senior stew stepped off the plane on to the tarmac and said she wan’t going anywhere until they brought oxygen bottles. She would not board the plane. I was astonished. She told me, legally, they can’t leave without two flight attendants and I won’t go. They can’t fire me because they are violating FAA regulations and they know it. We have to have oxygen. Her attitude was this could be theh flight where someone has a heart attack. We can’t take this chance just to be on time. But she would breatk the rules that didn’t matter. She was a renegade.

That gutsy woman left a lasting impression on me. I can still see her standing on the tarmac, this small, slight woman, refusing to board the plane, holding up the departure and forcing the airline to get oxygen bottles.

There are many brave women I’ve met who have taught me many things about standing up for what’s right.

Facebook post …
Gerard Butler just hailed me a ca–LOL–No wait, it was for him, but we got to share it!! It is SO hot so I did. We talked all the way from the airport to where I got out chatting away like crazy. Guess what??? He gave me his number and said, “You sound like you know NYC very well– here’s my number– text me and we’ll party.” I was like wow-oh-wow really, really??? I do know this city like the back of my hand, sure! Then I got out walking on Cloud 9 and he went home. LOL I’m going to call him, yes, I am! Oh-my-God, he’s dreamy. Looked tired, but dreamy.

Gerry was out with his friend Ronnie last night.They were in 1 Oak and then they went to Ritchie’s.

dargabriel @ 07/22/2011 at 2:07 pm

Th@3: thank you, although Gabriel has been the spiritual father in all of this , Butler is a very stubborn individual and trust that he will have the wind knocked out of his sails more and more as time goes. How can ppl see a happy man here, he is not and I’d be willing to bet that comment about the flight attendant was false. He doesn’t look rested much lesss healthy, I really do see Gabriel giving him a battle. He is losing it, its been slowly comming, then he will surrender, however there is much spiritual healing and love that he must learn, gods work. Love,dargabriel

dargabriel @ 07/22/2011 at 2:20 pm

Christ al mighty, everyone on here doesn’t see the truth, look into his soul, take a long hard look. He’s not happy and exausted. I would really hate to see what all of your forms of happiness represent, my Good GOD its all fake on here, ppl see what they only want to see and absolutely what they want to believe. Gerard is killing himself to make his mark, he’s dying inside without his other half, He’s yearning for true soul love, he needs her strenght to be whole and glow the complete soul light. I can assure you his other half has more of the positive light then he does right now, due to his agenda, getting while the gettin is good, money,money,money. I’d be willing to bet his mama put the force around him while he was home and knowing how stubborn he is, he still does his own thing, but he must listen, she means the world to him, but also has her own power, just look at how beautiful margret has aged she is a GODLIGHT. Dargabriel

@curious cat:

Of course it’s a phoney post. Bona fide quo vadis veni vidi vici pope pius VIII habeus corpus post mortem et cetera. Just like me, phoney to the core. Gerry likes middle age to senior hags like myself because I know how to use babelfish to appear “elite” and multi-lingual. Gerry should be calling me so that I can res ipsa loquitur his Scottish peenie.

I am non compos mentis, as always.


“I see the gray t-shirt is a new staple. Two threads in a row several days apart, same gray t-shirt, or did he buy a six-pack? At least we know he packed light…”

Needed room in his suitcase for his cigarettes…. far more important than clothes. ;-p

I’m back to share more -oh please don’t hate me

from my fb wall I just posted a while ago. haha I just woke up *giggle*
“I called him! He answered saying come over honey. He called me HONEY! Oh, what fun we had! *giggle* I couldn’t wait. I got dressed pronto. His number burned a hole in my palm. I couldn’t file away the note. *giggle* We met at Richie’s. He doesn’t drink but he let me! zoom-zoom *swoon* I even met his friend Ronnie who stole a few glances but got a scowl from Gerard. *giggle* I won’t say what happened next. NO way! *giggles*”

curious cat @ 07/22/2011 at 2:47 pm

@Midsummer’s Eve:

Excuse me? Was there mention of a mother or her being PYT? I must have missed it, but I miss a lot.

curious cat @ 07/22/2011 at 2:52 pm

@Cloud9: @Midsummer’s Eve:

Excuse me? Was there mention of a mother or her being PYT? I must have missed it, but I miss a lot.

curious cat @ 07/22/2011 at 2:56 pm

I don’t believe a feffing word of this.

curious cat @ 07/22/2011 at 3:07 pm


I am so glad you are surviving the mess. I assume you bought a new house with some kind of insurance money from the knocked up one. Bully.

so gullible @ 07/22/2011 at 3:18 pm

@from WO: Wonder if she mentioned her rather good looking boyfriend to Gerry or if this story is even true.

Hummm, from cab to counter at the speed of light? Wonder if he slept in too? :o/ :o\ (peers around for know it all Brooke whose lost her attention seeking audience whose news is so last month)
who has a NYC “dot” with Gerry as my office mate is in Brooklyn :o)

so gullible @ 07/22/2011 at 3:22 pm

@Cloud9: you have a link this is sounding somewhat suspicious or he’s restocking the Blackberry with conviction

so gullible @ 07/22/2011 at 3:26 pm

And if these are both true stories, how odd to get 2 in one day? as usual the girls have big mouths, which sounds like either he’s an idiot or he wants them to talk, hmmm.

@so gullible:

cloud9 is making them up, there is no FB link

Off topic but, thoughts and prayers going out to everyone in Norway, particularly those personally effected in Oslo and Utoya.

i love gerry,he seems down to earth and cool.
i don´t think he looks smelly!
but the truth is he doesn´t age very well…
he is still handsome,but he lived life to the fullest and it starts showing.
my father is 55 and honestly–i am really serious,he looks not a day older than gerry..

justsayin'too @ 07/22/2011 at 3:50 pm

dargabriel- I have to agree with your view. I sense something is just not right with Mr. B. It is in his eyes and just a feeling I get when I see his pictures. It is as if the light of his personality is dimmed by something. I know it sounds weird, but I don’t know how else to say it. JMHO

Peeking in– Ah-ha you all hate me. Don’t be mad. Gerry was a blast. Super funny guy. We had fun too. Link? NO, no way. I’m not going put that here! He just woke up and called me! *giggles excessively* I am SO on Cloud 9.


Georgia you need help pronto…

justsayin'too @ 07/22/2011 at 4:04 pm

Cloud 9- I’m happy if you’re happy. Why would anyone be mad?

Maybe he’s stressed over things work-wise like the buzz for an Oscar? Could be? Might he take a lot very seriously in is life?
He does seem to burn the candle at both ends. Seems in constant motion. 3 days here; then there.
But that was a long flight. His eyes in the one shot look bloodshot, glassy, but alert.
I don’t think he’s dressed badly. Not at all. Guess he needed his jacket for the flight… certainly not once there. I’m just glad he’s on the east coast. I has been so long!
Glad he got home to Scotland even if just for the short visit.
Don’t know what to make of the Facebook post sharing? Know one thing though I’m not dargabriel. This must be the woman D spoke about who reported when he had colds quite accurately but she told me I was far more astute. I did write the first story after all. Gotta go.

Midsummer's Eve @ 07/22/2011 at 4:19 pm


I’m doubting Gerard Butler had to hail his own cab at the airport. In fact, there are so many Town Cars and Limos waiting curbside, he had his pick.

You may “know” the streets of NYC but you are totally unfamiliar with JFK! LOL!

Midsummer's Eve @ 07/22/2011 at 4:32 pm

I’m still disturbed about that woman on youtube with all her brain to brain love making and talk about her marriage list with the celebs and her latest being GB. She works at Walmart and I’m thinking how they could keep her employed there in that state of mind and after she made all those youtube vids, people will recognize her and run away! It is so not funny.

Midsummer's Eve @ 07/22/2011 at 4:47 pm

In fact, do you know the best way to get a skycap curbside at JFK? Pull up in a stretch limo and they’re all racing towards the car like mad men pulling their carts behind them. It’s quite amusing really! Its like a race! Then after they handle half a dozen bags, hand him a dollar tip just to watch the face and then say, “just kidding”! LOL!

Congrats on the new digs and I am so happy you are doing well. *mwah*
I have to agree. He is not looking the best he has looked but he probably looks a lot better than most of the unwashed that depart from oversees lights. :P
It is not the copyright issue of the book since it is public domain here in the United States where Swannie authored her books.
BUT there is the issue of creative property rights and heirs. ..
Hey JJers … So that’s the new line…. “text me and we’ll party” … that is a step up from “coffee and a f*ck, but in context it is probably the same damn thing.
It looks like Georgia is back huh Cloud 9!!!
Oh I took the Facebook posts to be one of your latest lies……..

Okay I have found that Le Fantome de L’Opera is public domain but any English translations are copyrighted by the publishers of those books.
So unless Swannie plagerized content exactly as written from the English translation, then there would be a copyright infringement that would be something the publishing house could pursue. Most publishing houses are granted the maximum of 120 years for copyright on published works and since the first published copy in English is copyrighted is 1916. So it would put the expiration date in 2036.
Still looking into creative property rights. This is a little more complicated and elusive to define because of the differences in the laws here and in France. I did read that the original movie in 1925 paid creative rights fees to the Leroux estate to translate the book to screen. So there could be something that may be a concern for Swannie as she has based her works solely on the characters created by Gaston Leroux.
Hope that helps answer your question from the last thread. :)

Okay, every time I see the piccie at the top of this thread on the right, why do I hear Homer Simpson saying, “DOH”?????

Actually the creative property rights fee for the movie in 1925 starring Lon Chaney was paid directly to Leroux. This is a fascinating topic for me. Thanks CorBlimey…

Any legal eagles out there…
Since there is a documented case of creative property rights being paid to the author, does that set a precidence in the United States for all uses of creative property after that point?
There was mention of a lawsuit against Andrew Lloyd Webber pertaining to the Phantom characters too. I haven’t been able to locate a resolution to that or the exact date it was filed. Then it mentioned precidences set by prior cases.
Crap. I’m not a lawyer….. I just thought it was interesting.

Oh God… now GFW is “more astute” at predicting Gerry’s colds???
Apparently she is a little sicker than I thought. :)

@ red october comment 27
Sorry. He looks like a crazy hobo who’s been out in the sun too long. His eyes look kinda scary – google a character called catweazle, the resemable is becoming startling.  For godsake man eat some food and put some suncream factor 100 on!

@Met Him, if you are reading on this thread, please go back to the last thread, I responded to you. I hope it clears everything up between us.

Melli, i am glad you are doing well and happy for you for your new home. Take care and best wishes. Hope your part of the world will stop shaking and give you all some peace.

redOctober @ 07/22/2011 at 6:34 pm

@Oh dear:

Every one of us perceive the world differently, from varied perspectives. That diversity makes our lives interesting. I think.

@redOctober: Red, that is not the most flattering picture of him. Empty eyes. I don’t think I have ever seen anyone whose looks change so dramatically from day to day. He is such a handsome man and yet at times he just looks like he is not there. He has such a blank stare. Nothing is better than his smile when it reaches his eyes and lights up his face.

Really Stupid @ 07/22/2011 at 6:48 pm


Really Stupid @ 07/22/2011 at 6:48 pm


I believe the stewardess story but not the cabbie one.
He is a pig like that – always picking up women who fit his ‘categories.’
I am surprised he hasn;t CAUGHT ANYTHING yet….
Gross. pig

redOctober @ 07/22/2011 at 6:50 pm

Many things could be going through his mind while posing for a photo…the same way what we think and feel at the moment of watching a photo can lead our perception one way or the other.
I was terribly mad when I saw the photos of him smoking…I shouldn’t , it’s not my life…he owes me nothing. To many here it was not big deal, just a man smoking.

I don’t believe the plane one either. How did Gerard know exactly where the chick was sitting?? NOT.
You people are falling for weirdos who know his fans are psychotic and will go bananas over the women he has in his life in any way.

green pepper @ 07/22/2011 at 6:56 pm

Oh and I agree with you RedO….The whole smoking thing?
You don;t know what a disgusting turn off it is until you have kissed someone who smokes. It is gross.
I can’t do it. Seeing him smoke is a turn off and to be honest I can smell his breath from here. His yuck mouth looks like a public toilet.

@redOctober: Red, you feel things because you are a good person. Yes he owes us nothing but we like him and want the best for him even when we want to kick him in the pants. I wonder if sometimes he may be thinking my face is going to crack if I have to smile one more time for this pic. He has to be very accomodating to his fans because you really never hear that he ignores a request if he can.

curious cat @ 07/22/2011 at 7:11 pm


Do tell us out the date turns out.

curious cat @ 07/22/2011 at 7:18 pm

So glad you mentioned this. I meant to and got distracted by the flipflops.
Norway! Jeepers! What did Norway do to anybody? (I understand it is supposedly vengeance for prosecruting an Iraqui terrorists. Haven’t heard much detail here. But Norway!

The girl on facebook only posted 1 post about meeting Gerry on the plane.Her name is Seana-Marie Chang,she is hoping to try out for the next seson of America’s Next Top Model.She has a BF who is Northern Irish and I think he is with her in NY, as she has posted some new pics under the heading NY.

As for the other posts by @cloud 9, seems like another nut-nut looking for a bit of attention.

curious cat @ 07/22/2011 at 7:24 pm

SOME legs. Some of us weren’t pulled.


Manny….why are you so concerned about this? My book is not based only on Gaston Leroux’s original. it uses some of the same characters, and some new ones of my own invention. It also uses the basic plot structure of the original, but fleshes out the story in a totally different direction. This has all been looked into by other authors who have published recent versions of the Phantom story.


party all the time @ 07/22/2011 at 7:28 pm

He hasn’t looked “good” in a while, you could look great living fast, no sleep, when you’re younger, but can’t get away with it over 40. i don’t think he cares anyway.

curious cat @ 07/22/2011 at 7:29 pm

@Midsummer’s Eve:

#61 I agree. Sick. I wish OBND would show up to opine on whether her posts are actionable, and also on Manny’s research on Phantom. OBND, where are you when we need you?

curious cat @ 07/22/2011 at 7:34 pm

@curious cat:

I meant to Cloud 9 HOW the date turns out. Sorry for the typco. But it was irony peeps. I don’t believe any of that.

He is such a S L U T ! Can’t he even go one flight without being led around by his wang?


curious cat @ 07/22/2011 at 7:38 pm


Good point. How did he see her and know where she was sitting in a different cabin? Unless she was right at the front of coach in view.

@curious cat:

I think the latest on it is that the shooter on the island was a N.azi sympathiser and the attack was domestic and poIitical, it has been confirmed he was white and of Nordic descent . Anders Behring Breivik has been named as the main suspect for both attacks.
I suppose there will be a lot of theories as to why, not that there is ever justification, over the next few days.

curious cat @ 07/22/2011 at 7:47 pm

@from WO:

OK, OK. Maybe he knew her name and knew she was on the plane and asked the stewardess to find her. She doesn’t say he knew her name. But who really cares? How big a mystery shall we make of this? Let me know if they get married. (Yawn.) Have a great weekend, all.

So it turns out that some girl may or may not have had a conversation with GB on a plane, it looks fairly legit to me, does it mean that people now have to stalk her facebook page and analyse every inch of her life, where she’s from, what she does, does she have a boyfriend….. some people have way too much time on their hands….

Some people have too much time on their hands? Like someone who comes on here and talks about her wedding, perhaps? Complete with links! At least posters are talking about something GB related.
I’m sorry, your majesty, I guess we’re only allowed to talk about your stupid personal life and topics about GB that you approve of. *snort*

Early here but hot. Wow, crazy. Everything is now crazy. I’m in some crazy place. Stop it! why the hate? LOL Just fun. Not cab from airport! He got dropped off to keep it ‘low profile’ then hailed a cab. I was there but he said jump in too hot. Just fun. Fun and good times. We might met again to night. *giggle* Said he’d text or call again! I love his accent. bye-bye

@facebook link
I agree with you – that post doesn’t look fake.However the other posts (on here,not facebook) by @Cloud9,about the cab ride etc are what people are doubting.


Sorry you’re right, stalking some poor girl on Facebook because she happened to have a conversation with GB on a plane is a much worthier pastime than talking about things that are going on in the real world.
When did I say that people weren’t allowed to talk about anything that I didn’t approve of, although that is one of the steps in my plan for world domination. I’m flattered that you would think so highly of my opinion that you would mistake my general boredom at certain people over-analysing every aspect of GB’s life, as an order to stop doing it.
I won’t *snort* as I’m not a farmyard animal.

angelsrock @ 07/22/2011 at 8:24 pm

@Really Stupid:

“yawn” this happens on a daily basis. Someone posts a random link and some debate it for days and days. Talk about yanking someone’s chain…

Farm Animal @ 07/22/2011 at 8:26 pm

Posting a public fb link isn’t stalking. Get over yourself.

So there is a new club “Mystique”,opening in New York tomorrow (Sat 23rd).Apparently there is a private karaoke bar.Do you think he’ll be attending?.

Looking much thinner than I remember last seeing pix of him………..
He looks good……….

angelsrock @ 07/22/2011 at 8:31 pm


I am even more surprised that these randoms don’t come forward with detail and pics!!!!!! Maybe because 90% don’t exist! Or maybe he spends mucho bucks bribing them to keep mum. Yeah, that’s it. He boinks them and then slips them hundreds of dollars to keep it quiet. Or maybe he just bats those baby blues and they do whatever he wants. Or (gulp) maybe he kills them and disposes their bodies where no one will ever ever find them.

angelsrock @ 07/22/2011 at 8:48 pm


I’m sorry; I am no fun and have no imagination!!! Carry on!

For anyone concerned about copyright issues regarding my novel, here are just a few of the published Phantom of the Opera novels and reference books.


it really doesn’t have to do with you at all. CorBlimey asked a question and I started to look it up and the more I read the more interesting the topic was to me. So can you take a chill pill.
Don’t you ever get curious about anything other than Butler/Phantom ass??? Sheeeeesh

@curious cat:

He probably saw her before they boarded, saw she didn’t go to 1st class and hunted her down with the stewardess’ help.

You really are overreacting IMO. I also looked into creative property rights (which is a big deal now currently in HW) for film/TV and music.
Do you want to post a disclaimer for that too???
CorBlimey asked a question and I answered. I took your word that you had checked. I was curious about the subject.
Again, you are overreacting…

McKlartney clan in Glas @ 07/22/2011 at 9:49 pm

You are so stupid.
The list of random women who really messed around with or FWBed Gerard like BiancaJasmineKristiAliciaLaurieBeatrizMartinaSelita did not come to this message board to talk sh*t and wave their STD flags in our faces. Therefore, you are a lying sack. Sorry to disappint you bu…no one believes you. We do however love to antagonize you and tell you how stupid you are because it’s sport and why not?
Youre the one who has major issues and is delusional.
TRUST ME sweetie…not one of us here believes one thing you have to say – but you can keep talking because watching ret/arded people act so is funny sometimes.

McKlartney clan in Glas @ 07/22/2011 at 9:49 pm

You are so stupid.
The list of random women who really messed around with or FWBed Gerard like BiancaJasmineKristiAliciaLaurieBeatrizMartinaSelita did not come to this message board to talk sh*t and wave their STD flags in our faces. Therefore, you are a lying sack. Sorry to disappint you bu…no one believes you. We do however love to antagonize you and tell you how stupid you are because it’s sport and why not?
Youre the one who has major issues and is delusional.
TRUST ME sweetie…not one of us here believes one thing you have to say – but you can keep talking because watching ret/arded people act so is funny sometimes.

McKlartney clan in Glas @ 07/22/2011 at 9:49 pm

You are so stupid.
The list of random women who really messed around with or FWBed Gerard like BiancaJasmineKristiAliciaLaurieBeatrizMartinaSelita did not come to this message board to talk sh*t and wave their STD flags in our faces. Therefore, you are a lying sack. Sorry to disappint you bu…no one believes you. We do however love to antagonize you and tell you how stupid you are because it’s sport and why not?
Youre the one who has major issues and is delusional.
TRUST ME sweetie…not one of us here believes one thing you have to say – but you can keep talking because watching ret/arded people act so is funny sometimes.

McKlartney clan in Glas @ 07/22/2011 at 9:49 pm

You are so stupid.
The list of random women who really messed around with or FWBed Gerard like BiancaJasmineKristiAliciaLaurieBeatrizMartinaSelita did not come to this message board to talk sh*t and wave their STD flags in our faces. Therefore, you are a lying sack. Sorry to disappint you bu…no one believes you. We do however love to antagonize you and tell you how stupid you are because it’s sport and why not?
Youre the one who has major issues and is delusional.
TRUST ME sweetie…not one of us here believes one thing you have to say – but you can keep talking because watching ret/arded people act so is funny sometimes.

Blonde Pageant Babe in Texas @ 07/22/2011 at 9:51 pm

I believe the Asian girl because that mixed black asian thing really gets his goat espcially if shes tall and has lower body fat than he does.
I do not believe that cab story – that;s Brooke/Georgia* off her meds being stupid.

Why are you all so jealous of me??????

I sorry but I’m laughing over here… I must have had you worried. If you had read my posts closely you would have seen that the research I did vindicated you also.
BTW for those that are wondering, the case against Andrew Lloyd Webber was dropped by the judge in the preceedings saying there were not substantial enough grounds to pursue the case.
Again Swannie, you are overreacting. Were you afraid I was going to call the copyright police? Geeeeeesh

Blonde Pageant Babe in Texas @ 07/22/2011 at 9:57 pm

Of course he’ll be at the club, why does that surprise anyone?
I am surprised at how FAST he ran from Scotland though LOL actually I’m NOT surprised…he didn’t even stay a week.

Blonde Pageant Babe in Texas @ 07/22/2011 at 9:58 pm

Mila Kunis is looking like a monchichi in everything. Her face dis so squished and she looks like she is hairy. Like a Kardashian.

id hate to be on Gerard’s std list lol if it is indeed what it is…
maybe just have him kiss me for a few minutes? That would be sexy.

@Blonde Pageant Babe in Texas:
Kim Kardhasin has the most vile body I have ever seen. Short legs, fat cellulite covered butt and thighs (she lives in Spanx), whole body shaped like a pear. That’s gross. Squat, fat, sloppy and yes she does look hairy LOL

@McKlartney clan in Glas: STD flag?!! OMG too funny lmao!!
@nik dont pay any attention. i love to hear about your wedding. keep posting!

looking real good Gerry…

Midsummer's Eve @ 07/22/2011 at 10:32 pm

The girl on the plane could be making it up too. Give the folks back home something to talk about. Her first encounter with a celeb.

She saw him sitting there in Elite Class on her way back to steerage. After all, it doesn’t hurt to get a little publicity when you’re competing for Top Model does it?

The news from Norway is getting much worse, at least 7 dead in bomb blast in Oslo and at least 80 dead at a summer youth camp in Utoya. Most of the dead in Utoya are children aged between 14-18. Watching those kids in the water just trying to swim for their lives is truly heart wrenching. Will be keeping those involved and their families in our prayers.

curious cat @ 07/22/2011 at 10:41 pm


Oh, golly, mk. Never seen your moniker before but people talk about all kinds of things on these threads. Save the whales. Copyright laws. Libel laws. Save the wolves. Bombing in Norway. Earthquakes in NZ. Tsunami in Japan. Haiti. I would rather read about NikNoks’ wedding and see her real life gown than constant speculation about whom GB may or may not be r****ing. Or whether they like his hair in whatever style he has it for whatever film he is doing next. If all you want to do is drool over how much you love Mr. Butler, go to GALS.

@curious cat:
This is a gossip board, you sanctimonious t.wat. People come here to gossip about Gerard Butler — not talk about anything but.
There are private places for you to talk about your personal life, weddings, whatever.
There are also far better places to talk about world events. That you come to a celebrity gossip board to talk about world news shows how superficial you are. When I want world news I go to my newspaper, trusted news channels, and trusted news blogs. I don’t come to the gossip site of movie star. If you don’t want to read gossip about Gerard Butler than why the f.uck are you here? You’re on a gossip site on a Gerard thread for f.uck sake. Where did you think you were?
There are better places to talk about your personal life and world events. GO THERE. And take that other pompous idiot with you.

Thanks for fleshing out that info for me. It’s quite involved, and there is no standard world-wide which makes it all a little more complicated. I know that there have been other books released that continue Jane Austen’s story on from Pride and Prejudice, so that must fall under the same kind of expired creative property rights as the Leroux/Swansong case. I’m looking at doing a little writing, as well as my art, and I definitely don’t think it hurts to have as much information as you can behind you. I really appreciate your enthusiasm about this topic – and your help! :D


Talking about a terrorist attack instead of Gerard Butler makes you superficial? Do you know what the word superficial means? I suggest you look it up.
What the f.uck kind of world do you live in where it is more ‘superficial’ to offer prayers to victims of a terrorist attack than to talk about a movie star. A prayer is a prayer, it doesn’t mean any more or any less depending on where it’s written.
I assume you were talking about me when you referred to the pompous idiot, I would rather be that, than a heartIess, souIIess b.itch who complains about people praying for children who have been massacred in a terrorist attack.

OLD – UGLY – Don’t understand what all the fuss is about!

Deep breath and rant over……. :-)

I know it’s easy to sit back and tell others to just ignore stupid comments, but it’s far harder to practise it at times. Sometimes one will sneak in under your skin and you have to put them back in their place because of the sheer ignorance and short-sightedness they post. So.. I won’t say anything except.. “you go, girl!” :P
P.S. Beautiful wedding dress, my dear. You will look absolutely breath-taking. Best have some oxygen up at the altar ready for Mr Niknoks when he starts hyperventilating out of sheer adoration. :D


Thanks sweetheart… I’ve not really lost my rag on here to my recollection, being English, I normally go down the sarcasm route but that post by mk just really p.issed me off.

Remember the golden rule of a gossip board, you are free to skip posts you don’t want to read.
*standing and applauding*
Haven’t watched the news on purpose today. Had a sh!t night at work last night and another shift tonight. Just can’t carry that emotional weight right now. It sounds devastating. GOD BLESS THE FAMILIES OF THOSE SLAIN IN NORWAY TODAY.
That was for our little pan troglodyte mk. :)))


I know what you mean, I shouldn’t really watch it, I worked a normal day shift today (well yesterday now) and ever since I got home I’ve just more or less watched the news and it’s 4.40am, couldn’t tear myself away.

You are most welcome. It was an interesting topic and the further I got into it today the more fascinating it seemed to be. I actually visited an artist’s site that specializes in Phantom original arty and right at the top of her page was a legal disclaimer. The deeper I dug the more confusing. That is why I asked the legal question. I wondered if because the movie studio paid Leroux for the adaptation did that also fall to the artists doing paintings, etc.


I did not need your research. As I said in my posts, I had already looked into the legalities of publication 5 years ago BEFORE I decided to publish….so you were not doing me any favors. All the pertinent information was discussed at length in the author group I belong to.


Get over yourself you nicompoop. You must think I really give a sh!t about your stupid books. Reading soft core, oh excuse me, fanfiction romance books is not my taste and an incredible waste of my time.
I wasn’t doing it for you pinhead but for CorBlimey and myself. You really need a course in reading comprehension or to visit a shrink…. let me state this clearly for you….
I would never do research on your behalf you hack.
You were the one who panicked and posted that stupid link to show others writing books about the Phantom (BIG F*CKING DEAL) and not any legal precedences. You were the one looking like a total paranoid moron not me.
You really need to get a clue.

“Remember the golden rule of a gossip board, you are free to skip posts you don’t want to read.”
niknoks needs to do that too … just sayin’

The second they mentioned it was a youth camp I was physically nauseated. Thanks for the heads up, I will avoid watching it until I get home tomorrow. This is the beginning of a holiday weekend here and I know we will have a full house tonight. :(

curious cat @ 07/23/2011 at 12:05 am


Nik, never mind that attacker. Pompous idiots unite! :) :) ;)

Do you come to this site for world news? I don’t. Of course we go to “trusted news sources” for the real thing. But if world news happens and people want to discuss it here, why not?

What bugs me are the bats who fly in here and post, “I love him so much….I want to do him…He’s the handsomest man who ever lived.’ and such mindless blather. Completely anonymous. You know nothing about them. they are of no interest, have no personality. It’s about the 5 millionth time we’ve heard this drivel and what do they contribute? Nada! Zilch.

Gossip board? Is there a law restricting us to gossip about GB here? I like “meeting” in cyberspace people from different countries and hearing different points of view on many topics. No matter what the original impetus is. I visit lots of music and folk dance sites and other sites doing research and people get into all kinds of discussions. The stronger the personalities are and the more issues and interests they want to discuss the more interesting it is.

If Gerard Butler is the catalyst to make this happen on this board fine.
Some genuine friendships have evolved on boards like this.
We really aren’t required to gossip about him all the time to be allowed to visit here. So never mind the flying bats.

Looks good, looks rested, glad he’s back in USA. Hope he enjoys NYC in the summer. Keep cool Gerry.

I also found an interesting tidbit today, Margaret Mitchell who wrote Gone with the Wind died after starting the followup to GWTW. The publishers hired another author to complete the book BUT they had to pay Margaret Mitchell’s estate for the creative property rights to write and publish her incomplete work.
Good luck in your endeavors.

Thank you very much :D
I hope everyone enjoys their weekends – I’m off to do a bit of four-wheel driving. Packing a picnic. Read a book under a tree somewhere out in the middle of nowhere. Which all sounds terribly self-indulgent given the current state of things around the world, but is completely necessary for my state of mental well-being. Take care, everyone. :D

hellotheregb @ 07/23/2011 at 12:40 am

@Manny: WHAT???? Coffee and a fu@K! is theee best line everrrr!

text and we will party is sooooo 2000 and late!

ha he is definitely a coffee and fu@k guy even immature gman would pass on the text and party.

hey will stop by this weekend and chat.

Good to see you girlie. I know what you mean. Maybe he had to tone it down a bit because of others in 1st class. :))))))

Or maybe he had tea and didn’t like the sound of “how about a tea and a f*ck.” :P

@Manny: “Remember the golden rule of a gossip board, you are free to skip posts you don’t want to read.” — Oh give me break, you hypocrite! This is rich coming from someone who jumps all over Swansong/Paisley every time she posts. Even when her posts aren’t directed at you, you still harass her at every turn. I have some advice for you — skip her posts.

@Gerry Fan:
LMAO… Who said I wanted to skip her posts???
It’s good to see Swannie’s mommy here to protect her from big mean Manny. OMG are you for real???
You haven’t got a clue. CorBlimey asked a question on the last thread and Swannie didn’t bother to answer it. So I did. BFD. Swannie is the one who got her knickers in a bunch and assumed I was talking all about her. Then to top it off she posts a link of a bunch of other books about the Phantom as if to say, “see I’m not the only one doing it so it must be right.”
I gave her the benefit of the doubt initially when I said I believed her when she said she had researched it first. She wasn’t the point of the conversation. Then she is the one that jumped to the conclusion that everyone would think she had broken a copyright. She overreacted. and posted that stupid link.
Swannie is getting what she deserves. She ASSUMED it was all about her and it wasn’t. She is the one looking stupid, not me. If Swannie doesn’t like my posts, she can skip them. Idiot!

What happened in Norway affects us all, even Gerry. Like a stone in a pond the ripples expand until it touches all shores. I pray for all those affected in Norway and across the world who are innocent victims of violence.

On a side note Gerry looks really good. He looks like he’s lost some weight.

@Gerry Fan:
BTW little sockie…. Poor persecuted Swannie asserted herself into a conversation when no one addressed her. What does that say about your little theory?
I wouldn’t even have addressed her except she stuck herself in the middle because of her paranoia.
Now I’m wondering if she really checked. Why would she post that stupid link if she knew better??? Maybe CorBlimey and I thought of something she hadn’t checked on……. okay now I’m really giggling…..
Thanks I needed a good laugh before work. :)))

curious cat @ 07/23/2011 at 1:15 am

@Manny: @Manny:

Manny, all that I didn’t know. The way I understood the Gone with the Wind saga is that Margaret Mitchell or her estate forbade anyone to write a sequel, but the copyright expires after so many years–I should knowhow many but can’t think of it–so her heirs chose an author to write the sequel before the copyright expired, knowing somebody would do it once they had no control
I never heard or read that she had started a sequel herself.
I found the sequel disappointing. The writer set it in Ireland, she said, because the Reconstruction American South was boring. Really? And the writer recreated all the battles between Rhett and Scarlett, never allowing them to start growing up until the very bodice ripping end. Aagggh.

Here’s another unrelated tidbit that bothered me. Disney bought all the rights to the Winnie the Pooh stories and never gave a dime to Christopher Robin Milne, the son of author A.A. Milne, and the inspiration for the books along with his bevy of stuffed animals.
Christopher Robin worked in a modest paying bookstore in England all his adult life, never profiting at all from his father’s work.
I guess Disney wasn’t legally obligated if nothing was spelled out in author Milne’s will, and maybe acknowledging any rights Christopher might have would be opening the door to problems, (where are you OBND?) but if I’d been running Disney, I’d think it would be an act of morality to include Christopher Robin in a share of the riches.


I went to your site and read your chapter…… how you can call that writing is a disgrace!

Stop plugging your cr@p at Gerard Butler’s expense!!!!

curious cat @ 07/23/2011 at 1:29 am


Holy moly, Cor. That’s exactly what I’d like to do right now. Pack up some sun lotion, ice water and a good book and drive clear across this island to my favorite country spot. Instead I have to stick to the grind.

@curious cat:
I agree that the sequel was disappointing. Margaret Mitchell had started the sequel when she was hit and killed crossing a street in Atlanta while accompanying her husband to see a movie. Like I said I was having a grand time today learning some new things.
As far as the Winnie the Pooh, that is what I found the most confusing. There are different copyright laws in every country and on top of that here in the U.S. various state statutes too. With Phantom, it was copyrighted when written in French in the newspaper and then again in book form. When the book was translated to English the copyright didn’t encompass that. So the publishers of the English version applied and were granted the copyright on the English version of the book in 1916. The info I read today said that publishing houses could copyright for 50, 80, or 120 years and most were granted the 120 year copyright.
I found it interesting that when the 1925 movie was be produced, they actually met with Leroux about using the characters in the movie. That is where I was really thrown. If the book wasn’t protected by the French copyright law why did the movie producers approach Leroux?
Like I said, I learned a lot today and enjoyed myself.

curious cat @ 07/23/2011 at 1:34 am


Historical research is fascinating. I really get off (no not REALLY!) on reading about things like the per capita consumption of rice in Cochin China in 2,000 B.C. I don’t consider myself a serious historian but people who can deduce a lot about the way people lived from the records kept then, and read the old languages are amazing.
GWTW and Pooh are much more recent.

zzzzzzzzzz @ 07/23/2011 at 2:15 am



Well, Manny….if you are not interested in me and what I’m up to, why did you start following me on Twitter? What could I possibly have to say that would make you want to follow me? Of course, I blocked you, because I don’t want you watching me. You have no interest in me, and yet you had “someone” send you what was supposedly a selection from my book? You’ve also let it slip that you keep tabs on me when you asked how my husband was doing….and then you said “see, I do keep track.” You posted that crap about the copyright issue as another personal jab to me, and now you have resorted to name calling like a mean little bully. You ignored my post where I said that I had already researched the issue. Do you think I’m stupid enough to work my butt off on a project for 6 years without doing my homework? You get over yourself.


This is hilarious, since YOU are the one who took it upon yourself to jump into a conversation that I was having with another poster. She was asking ME about the copyright issue, not YOU. But you had to butt in, looking for another opportunity to slam me. I did answer her question. I told her that I had already looked into the legalities. No I did not provide the information for her, but it can be found on the web. YOU are the one who decided to investigate, and then supposedly it was “so much fun.” You are a sicko, Manny. Getting your thrills out of holding court on a gossip site.


Good for you. Glad you can read.


Wow, I just clicked on your name. You’re very pretty. :)
Don’t pay any attention to the board bully. All of Gerry’s fans should feel free to post here without self-appointed thread monitors dictating what is acceptable fandom or not. Your posts are always respectful of Gerry and very thoughtful. You are as entitled to post here as anyone else. :)


Thank you, Silva. Sadly, due to a lot of personal issues, I don’t look much like that photo anymore…but thanks for the compliment anyway. Nice to see a friendly post here on JJ. Speaking of Gerry, aside from his scowl at the paps, he looks great in these photos. I do have to confess though, that I’ll be glad when he goes back to his darker hair color. I think he looks handsome with the lighter hair too, but I kind of miss the dark brown. Wonder what he will look like the next time he’s photographed? It’s always fun to see!


I think he looks great in these pictures, too!
I thought he didn’t look well when he was in Ischia. I was worried about him. I thought something was wrong. But what a difference a week makes! lol
Some R&R in Switzerland and Scotland and he looks fit as a fiddle and ready for mischief! lol
Even after a transatlantic flight, he’s looking great. :)
I like his hair dark, too. I think he’s using the sandy color to transition to Frosty’s, so it’s probably temporary. :)

italian girl @ 07/23/2011 at 3:39 am

So hooooooooot!!!
He is one of the most beautiful men I have ever seen.
I love Gerard, but why is he always alone? Has he any girlfriend yet?


Silve, in my early years of GB fandom, I used to freak out a lot too by his sometimes drastically changing appearance. You’d see him in one set of photos and he would look amazing, and then the very next day there would be new ones where he would look awful. Now I just take it in stride. The man’s looks are very changeable…so you never know what you are going to get. It’s interesting that while some of the people here enjoy slagging his looks, people who meet him in person always say that photos do not do him justice, and that he’s much more handsome in person. I found that to be true as well.


When I met Gerry I thought he was so handsome I let him feel me up. He was initially too shy to feel me up but I knew that was what he wanted so I grabbed his hands and rubbed them all over my bossoms and my derriere. It must have got him very excited because he looked almost stunned with his mouth hanging open and unable to speak. I really turned him on.

Now I write fanfic about things I know Gerry would like to do to me but Gerry is really the Phantom and I am really his Christine. I sometimes make my husband put on a phantom mask and speak with a scottish accent when we are “doing it”. I know he likes it too.

What else would you like to know about me? I have several cats.


Gerry come to Denmark ….hot danish viking wanna meet you :0)

this man must be of steel. His work schedule is one of the most gruelling. Your looking beautiful Gerry and congrats on your award. Well deserved.
Can’t wait to see Machine Gun Preacher and Coriolanus looks fantastic. Both worthy of Oscars.

What a guy and a well esteemed actor.


Joan (HUG) ***

@joan: How can you say the movies are worthy of Oscars if you haven’t seen them yet? He is not a well esteemed actor, he is a movie star. Big difference.

I just hope he doesn’t ruin Coriolanus, that sounds like it will be good. I could care less for the biker movie.


Mellifera @ 07/23/2011 at 5:27 am

Bwaaaahahahahaha, my post got 6 thumbs down! Oh thats so funny. Guess no-one shares my dream of a short dark-haired, cigarette free Gerry. Mmmm, those were the days. Hey people, I’m allowed to have my own Gerry preferences!!!
Oh and those “FB” posts were so funny. Made my day.
On a more serious note, am thinking of everyone in Norway tonight…what a terrible thing that will affect the entire nation. I really feel for the families of the victims.

Whatever GB’s current looks his behaviour continually proves that there is much less to him than meets the eye. Plane girl’s mum says her daughter and GB due to meet up in a few days – fresh meat.

@WakeUp: Thanks, that woke me up in the nicest way. Gerry pass the sugar and cream.

@Mellifera: Good morning Melli, with all the heartache you have witnessed the last year, I now how the pain the Norwegian people are facing is effecting you. Your pain was an act of GOD. What on earth can possess a human to do such horrible acts. How can so much hate be in a person. It is so sad to know that people place no value on human life anymore.

so gullible @ 07/23/2011 at 9:37 am

Sorry niknoks I don’t feel sorry for the model chick. It was pointed out to me that she has two Facebooks, one for modelling and one for family and friends, the former said nothing about Gerry and the latter had been private when her mother was announcing the whole story to the world on the mother’s public facebook. But then about a few hours later lo and behold, model chick made her other Facebook public so we could all see her posts and comments about her new “friend”. Someone was looking for attention and she got it. I’d feel more sorry for Gerry and the fact he can’t have a conversation with anyone it seems without someone posting in on twitter or Facebook publicly. Then again those people are not too bright if they can’t fathom the notion that if you meet someone famous and you want a shot at a shag or a friendship or find some way to use Gerry to your advantage as so many of his so-called actual friends do if you ask me, keeping your mouth shut is Rule #1.

@so gullible:
Thumbs up for you! Very well said.

@so gullible:

I see what you’re saying and I partly agree with it, there are some people who are genuinely excited at meeting a star and post on social networking sites and there are some who are blatantly looking for attention but my issues isn’t with either of them, it’s with the people who feel the need to know everything about someone who has come into contact with GB and start stalking personal facebook and twitter sites for every bit of information they can get their hands on regarding this person. That’s what I find weird.
There are fans and then there are fanatics and to me, facebook/twitter stalkers fall into the latter.


You’re wrong.


“There are fans and then there are fanatics and to me, facebook/twitter stalkers fall into the latter”

I agree with you.

Information @ 07/23/2011 at 11:32 am

Thanks for all the discussion about copyright issues … most interesting.

Youtube has a video of Gerry called Coriolanus, put to music by Queen’s song Amazing. It has the stills of the movie put to that music. It is very good. I am sorry I do not know how to post it here. Maybe someone who is more tech savy can.

@Well: In what respect? That he is as emotionally and intellectually deep as a puddle (and don’t quote the law degree – it proves nothing) or that they are due to meet, or his conveyor-belt approach to the fairer sex? Note he never suggests a movie, a meal, a walk – we’ll party! He is procuring for his friend’s night club as well as himself.

Midsummer's Eve @ 07/23/2011 at 12:32 pm


I’m a huge Gone With The Wind fan and as far as I know, Margaret Mitchell never started a sequel to it ever. I would like to know your source of info on that, however.

The only legitmate sequel that was ever permitted by her estate was “Scarlett” and it was a terrible disappointment to her legacy.

I saw it on a clearance table at a book store for $3, picked it up and read a few pages and put it back down. It wasn’t worth the time, let alone the three bucks.

mannytheattentionjunkieflunkie @ 07/23/2011 at 1:27 pm


Here’s an interesting clinical description of an attention seeking bully…… fyi

The Attention-Seeker
Motivation: to be the centre of attention
Mindset: control freak, manipulation, narcissism
Malice: medium to high; when held accountable, very high
emotionally immature


—-overfriendly with their new target, especially in the initial stages of a new relationship but beware…..

—-over helpful to allies…..

—-overgenerous to allies……

—-manipulative of people’s perceptions, but in an amateur and childish manner…..

—-manipulative with guilt….

—-sycophantic, fawning, toadying….


—-everything is a drama, usually a poor-me drama….

—-prefers not to solve problems in own life so that they can be used and re-used for gaining sympathy and attention…..

—-capitalizes on issues and uses them as a soapbox for gaining attention….

—-exploits others’ suffering and grief as a vehicle for gaining attention —

—-misappropriates others’ statements, eg anything which can be misconstrued as politically incorrect, for control and attention-

—-makes excuses for everything…..

—-shows a lot of indignation, especially when challenged….

—-often as miserable as sin, apart from carefully constructed moments of charm when in the act of deceiving….

—-demanding of others…



—-constantly tries and will do almost anything to be in the spotlight
includes Munchausen Syndrome…..

—-feigns victim hood when held accountable, usually by bursting into tears or claiming they’re the one being bullied and harassed…..

—-presents as a false victim when outwitted…..


See yourself in there anywhere, Manny?

If you said “yes” to just one of these traits of bully /attention seeker, please, do yourself and everyone else a favor and run, don’t walk to your nearest mental health facility and GET SOME HELP or better yet, just go the hell away!

Have a great weekend!


Gawd Almighty, you’re not only having conversations with yourself, but you’re imagining being felt up by the Butler? Like he’d go for an old GAL like yourself….. lmfao

May God Bless yoou all! @ 07/23/2011 at 1:38 pm

“Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:13 (NIV)


@joan: How can you say the movies are worthy of Oscars if you haven’t seen them yet? He is not a well esteemed actor, he is a movie star. Big difference.

I just hope he doesn’t ruin Coriolanus, that sounds like it will be good. I could care less for the biker movie.



Finally, something I agree on!!!

@Deb: i think ur talking to the fake swansong……..lolololol


And how do you know this? Are you present at the time?
You KNOW nothing.

trying to figure it out @ 07/23/2011 at 1:49 pm

He looks sick.

Stay cool everyone!

@Well: Another one in denial.

Midsummer's Eve @ 07/23/2011 at 1:57 pm


All you do is cllck on “share”, and the url will appear highlighted, then right click “copy” on it, then paste it wherever you want it. EZ.


And, you got your doctorate from which University? Put Google aside and look at yourself…

ROTFLMAO – I’m the sicko??? I don’t have a website and I haven’t given up six years of my life to Gerry Butler p*rn. Yeah I’m the sick one. LMAO…..
As for the conversation with CorBlimey – I didn’t insert myself into your conversation because that conversation was over. The reason I even said or did anything is because CorBlimey asked for a sincere response and in your self absorbed world you got defensive and never answered her question. Gee I don’t see CorBlimey thanking you for information…. Oh that’s right, you never gave any.
As for all your other blather, pfffffffffft…. I DON’T HAVE TO LOOK FOR A THING ABOUT YOU. I don’t think you have a clue how many of your GALS pals you have offended. Why do I say that? Well you should have a look at my email. They send me gems about you all the time. You haven’t got a clue what a laughingstock you have become in your little Gerry Universe do you??? Poor thing… I actually feel sorry for you. You have no idea how many are so willing to diss you…
They also have voiced how disgusted they were with you pursuing your Gerry fantasy while your hubby was so sick. THAT is how I knew your hubby had been sick. From your self important attitude here I can clearly see why those bridges have been burned and how easily your fellow GALS are to sell you out. Who knows their reasons, I just find it hilarious that they think I’m amused by it and most times I am because it is like watching mothers who eat their young… kind of ghastly and amazing at the lack of loyalty… Every time I post my email my box fills up. Just like it did a few days ago. I guess because I think your sh!t stinks they want to share…. who knows….
If you are so worried about your tweets getting out, you better clean house. They are emailing those around too…
@For You:
Thanks for that. Nice to see some fun around here. Cheers!
Gee Swannie, you have to talk to yourself to try and explain that the picture was taken years ago. And you call me crazy???????
Well you had 7 but I gave you a thumbs up because I do agree. But alas, I’m only one thumb. Glad to see you back my little Kiwi…
Yeah we can have interesting discussion here when people are open to it. :)
@Midsummer’s Eve:
At least you were smarter than I was Eve because I read the whole thing in my teens. It was so unmemorable I can’t even remember how it ended. What an impression huh? I read the thing about the Mitchell estate on one of the many creative property rights links I visited yesterday. I counted and there are close to 70 links I visited in my history and it would take some time to find it again. I’m not willing to put in the time again. Sorry. Maybe a google search of Margaret Mitchell creative property rights would lead you to it.
After I read that I looked up Margaret Mitchell on wikipedia and read the whole biography there. Since wikipedia may not be fact I was hoping to find a better source on Mitchell. She was a fascinating woman. I never knew she was a newspaper woman. Now you can help me if you will since you are a fan of her, I would love to read a good biography about her. Have you read any? Autobiographies and biographies are my favorite reads because I find real life is truly stranger than fiction. Would really be interested if you could give me some guidance. Cheers!
Gee Paisley Swansong that is the best writing you have done in years. LMAO!!!!!!!

OT – Amy Winehouse died??? Can honestly say I could see it coming but was hoping she would pull out of it. What a shame…


I’m sad but not surprised, addiction does bad things to good people. She was an immense talent….

I agree. She had kept such a low profile I was really hoping she was turning a corner. What a waste… 26 years old…


Lovely to see your true colors finally come out. Again, you show an unbalanced interest in me by emailing back and forth with GALS who you say hate my guts. Have you become the ring leader of the hate Swannie club? I wonder how you got in contact with all these GALS who supposedly tell you all their little secrets about me. I’m sure that my old friend Pilar, aka Fritz is among them….or wait, are you Pilar? You are full of sh*t, Manny. I have many friends on GALS who know me for who I am. I have known some of them for 7 years and have maintained those friendships. Gerry Butler fandom was a great escape for me when my son was critically ill in 04-07. I have no shame in seeking a distraction during that horrendous time. As for my husband’s illness….anyone who thinks I have been neglecting my husband has NO IDEA what you are talking about. I guess you are getting desperate now, Manny….because you are making this very personal. In these last few posts you have exposed yourself for the spite little bully you really are.


Ugly, Man-Faced Kate Middleton @ 07/23/2011 at 2:42 pm

@Paisley Swansong – I don’t read that kind of crap but – ignore Manny. She has an unfair advantage because she can hide her fat a** behind a computer screen while you are exposed for the world. She has that advantage to talk sh*t and generally be a true a**hole because she has ANONYMITY. You do not. Ignore her unless she herself is willing to admit her own identity. Until then, tell her to p*ss off. She is just another message board troll.
‘STD flag’ is had me dying laughing. The women who ‘talk’ have something to gain by talking. If you notice, your STD flag list…the only women who ‘talked’ were the ‘hookers’: Beatriz and Martina. Two model-wannabees who have yet to actually ‘model’ for something.

Ugly, Man-Faced Kate Middleton @ 07/23/2011 at 2:45 pm

I actually admire Prince Baldy…he could have gone for looks and/or body…but he went for a homely, thin-lipped chick. That says a lot about his character. Pippa looks a right 40.
We Brits all aren’t as dowdy as the royals over here….

curious cat @ 07/23/2011 at 2:53 pm

@Midsummer’s Eve:

We don’t always agree but I’m with you that” Scarlett” was a disappointment. Shooting off to Ireland was a strange move. I must not have bought the book (thank goodness!) but borrowed it from the library, since it’s not on my shelves.

What makes GWTW a great novel, in a lot of reviewers’ opinions, is that it reflects so well the turmoil of the American Civil War. Afterwards the southern states had to rebuild not only their homes and infrastructure but their whole economic system, since it had been based on having free labor from slaves. In GWTW Scarlett was always shown to be a survivor and a fighter. Seems it could have been a better and even important novel if it had shown her involved in the Reconstruction. Years ago I read some interesting material about the outfall when the slaves were freed. Some plantation owners begged their slaves to stay on in a free capacity because they couldn’t rebuild without their help. And some did. But some left and went north because they coudln’t stand to be reminded of their slave days.

Mitchell may well have started a sequel as Manny says. Never saw that anywhere but it doesn’t mean it’s not true. I have read that the characters of Scarlett and Melanie were both based on herself, her conflicts because she was a rebel who couldn’t seem to conform to the image of the proper Southern lady. And that the characters of Ashley Wilkes and Rhette Butler were based on her two husbands.

curious cat @ 07/23/2011 at 2:55 pm

OMG! I just noticed the story above. Amy Winehouse dead!


I’ve had my say now and am no longer going to respond to your posts or converse with you in any way. Have a nice life.


I don’t email them back… Not even that interested. Now I’m seeing how truly sad this whole situation is for you. It is your world they are exposing….. I wonder if I’m the only one they email… you should really check who your real friends are.
I posted my email for Maggie here a couple of days ago and the emails came in, all 23 of them. You really have no idea do you???
What is sad is that you think there is just one or two….
Too bad these “ladies” don’t have the balls to just tell you to your face or email you. I guess because I have shown my exasperation and dislike of you they email me hoping I will out you. Who knows. You are all a bunch of nutters IMO.
Tell you what, why don’t we see how brave these backstabbers in your life are…. If any of you GALS email me again I will post your email address here on JJ…
You really need to watch your back. I’m sincerely sorry for you. Good luck…

Maggie P.U. @ 07/23/2011 at 3:30 pm

@205…Manny I am so sorry… I did not mean to put you in a rut….. had I known that would happen I’d have asked JJ to do a relay (if he would/could). Again, sorry.



@Maggie P.U.:
Maggie, no problem. You asked and I was glad to give it to you. There is always residual crap that comes with doing that. It has happened before and it happened again. No Big. So not your fault.
These women have some real problems. The more I think about it the more diabolical they seem. Maybe they are jealous of Swannie… who knows… It does make for some funny reading though…

Do you think Gerry is taking his family to his beach house so they can see him surf? They are supposed to be in NYC with him.

Try sitting ina office allday @ 07/23/2011 at 5:43 pm

@lolita: Hi again, how do you know his family are with him in NYC ?

kellybensimon Kelly K. Bensimon
Just ran into and met Gerard Butler’s family, and then was sprayed in the face with water by a kid at the park. Only in ny. Only in ny.
1 hour ago

Troy Baumgartner
Just sat next to gerard butler and he invited me and my crew to hang out with him the rest of the day..legit
I’m being for real!
about an hour ago..

@Try sitting ina office allday: Try check out the next posts, for the info I read at WO.

@Try, I read over at the WO because those ladies find so much news about Gerry. I don’t have a twitter or fb account. I would think Kelly Bensimon wouldn’t have twittered it if it wasn’t true. She was very interested in Gerry at one point at some function last year in the Hamptons, but he didn’t take her up on it, and if that story is true, I don’t know.

@from WO: Thanks for posting the links.

Try sitting ina office allday @ 07/23/2011 at 6:33 pm

@lolita: cool, i will check it out. WO seems to be the place to get all the info and photos.
This site seems to be hit & miss, some strange posts- very disturbing.
How is the weather in your part of the world? its is freezing cold & rainy in Melbourne.

@Try sitting ina office allday: Try, it is so hot here you could fry an egg on the concrete. I went outside for a while but had to come back in, my skin felt like it was on fire. It reached 95deg. yesterday here in Buffalo, NY. Right now it is 84 deg but it doesn’t feel any cooler because it is so muggy. We are supposed to get some thunderstorms but we really need the rain. Sorry your freezing, wish I could send you some of this heat. The last couple of years our summers have been getting so much hotter. I guess there is something with global warming.

@Try, The ladies at WO are very colorful but they are not mean to each other and they do find news and pics of Gerry. I like to visit there to get the updates on him. I will probably be put down because I admitted that but i don’t care.

Try sitting ina office allday @ 07/23/2011 at 7:13 pm

@lolita: I can’t wait for summer. yeah, I wish i could send some of this cold weather your way. I always want the opposite of what i have- cold & i want hot and when its hot i want cold.

I am going to check out WO . I usually check out JJ whilst i am at work- mainly its like a stress break from the madness of work but sometimes the posts are very aggressive & mean that i don’t bother for a few days/weeks. I never understand why haters post or even follow GB ? if they don’t like him – don’t follow his career – simple.

Hopefully, the next few months will bring some GB interviews and interesting news about his coming projects.

Enjoy your in city night.

curious cat @ 07/23/2011 at 7:28 pm


You are perfectly entitled to visit whatever web sites you choose with no apologies. Nobody sensible here would fault you for it. We could do with less meanness here! I am not familiar with WO. JJ is the only site that concerns GB that I’ve ever posted on.

Unfortunately it can become addictive, or at least a habit. Some of us have been reading and posting here for several years and feel as if we sort of know each other even though we’ve never met in real life. And people do come and go. Sometimes it seems like a congenial place to hang out off and on. and discuss stuff Gerry-related or not.

That’s until people start throwing punches at each other. Occasionally I get irritated enough to throw one when I am attacked or someone else is whom I don’t think deserves it, but good golly Miss Molly, we should all be mature enough to refrain from childish name calling and wild accusations.

You can disagree with others without attacking personally. Since we don’t know each other in RL, there is no reason to accuse others of being fat, stupid, a certified nut case, too ugly to get a date, bitter about some rejection by Mr. Butler or anything else. A few posters do seem a bit far out of the middle lane but so what? Ignore.

OK, if you read this and think, oh that “pompous idiot” again, you could have skipped the post. :) I hope your weekend continues free of strife, trouble and muggy weather.


Thanks for the link. So some of GB’s family are visiting the US?

curious cat @ 07/23/2011 at 7:36 pm

I meant @FROM WO

And the “pompus idiot” comment wasn’t directed at lolita, but the general board here. :)

I really do feel sorry about Winehouse. Not to mention all the Norwegians including children killed. And for whatever tragedy comes up in the next 24 hours. One story on Winehouse mentioned a number of young talents who were wiped out, largely by drug addiction, Janis Joplin among them. To see a young life snuffed out is especially sad.

@Try sitting ina office allday: Try take care and great talking to you. When you check out WO, you can make up your mind about the site. I agree, if they dislike him so much why bother.

@curious cat: Cat, I read your posts all the time I never skip them. I only post here and I have posted at Paisley site but no where else. I read other sites but I usually come back to JJ if it does not get to raucus. I know what you mean by biting back at some. It is hard to hold your peace when you see such nastiness out there. I always wonder how some people get so negative. I wouldn’t have wished the first half of my life on my worst enemy, but I refuse to let them break me and make me hard hearted. I don’t always accomplish it but I try. God has blessed me in many ways and I am grateful that he made me such a strong willed person to handle life.

Can I ask what is the WO?

curious cat @ 07/23/2011 at 11:09 pm

@Try sitting ina office allday:

I didn’t know you live in ‘Straya! I lived in Sydney for several years, had relatives by in-law in Melbourne, now dead or scattered from France to Tasmania.

Perhaps I shouldn’t assume? There is more than one Melbourne. But since you mentioned winter, I assumed you aren’t in Florida, Iowa, Kentucky, Arkansas, Missouri, Washington, USA, or Ontario Canada. :)

But was there an original Melbourne in Britain? Sorry, I didn’t stop to look it up before I started posting.

Couple of years back there was a poster on these threads who said s/he (I assume she usually) lived in Paris, France but was originally from Houston. I naively asked, how did you get from Texas to Paris? She posted back no, Houston, Scotland.

I blushed red. Good golly Miss Molly. How provincial of me. All names in north America except Native American names came from other places, mostly European. Yes, we have roll off the tongue Massachusetts, Chattanooga Tennessee, Appalachicola, Tallahassee, Ticonderoga, etc. etc. Australia has Woolongong (sp?), Walla Walla on the Murumbidgee (sp?) etc. And also Perth.

curious cat @ 07/23/2011 at 11:39 pm


Thank you, Lolita. I appreciate being read without rancor.
The first half of your life sounds fascinating.
Being a journo I am used to my share of slings and arrows over articles published under my real name (as well as praise and favorable response). It’s just part of freedom of speech.
I find the kinds of personal attacks I mentioned annoying as h**
Example, totally unrelated to this site. A former colleague, a journalist who has his own blog now, wrote an article on line about a program offered by a major retailer that he didn’t think lived up to its promises.
He wrote about it honestly.
Some dimwit poster wrote a wimpy drively comment roughly like this:

“You must be an unhappy, insecure, pathetic person. You should count your blessings instead of being so negative.”

This kind of stupid cr** burns my jets. He is a journalist holding a big company’s feet to the fire because it wasn’t living up to its self-proclaimed commitment to customers.

GB isn’t a big retailer, but he is a movie star who in some way is a public figure getting a lot of money from people with promises to deliver, in his case FILMS. Now whether he should be delivering commercially viable films or award worthy films is a matter of choice. He alone can decide what kind of impact he wants to make.

But just because people criticize him on these boards doesn’t mean they HATe him. They just have frank opinions about his performances and choices. They don’t want to post on fan sites that screen comments and don’t allow anything critical of him to appear.

Wow, Amy Winehouse dead. Not unexpected but somehow still shocking. I just hate seeing young people go in circumstances such as this.
Lolita: I thought your post about WO was good, yes maybe they can be a little loopy and their site is not really my cup of tea but you are right that there seems to be a lot less bitchiness there. I guess its because WO is focussed on Gerry while JJ is more about lots of different celebs so it attracts different people with different views!
Manny: Its nice to be ‘back’…nice to have the spare time finally to indulge in a little internet folly!

Absolutely off topic, but I just wanted to send out a humungous congratulations to Cadel Evans, the first Australian to ever win the Tour de France. Bl00dy brilliant ride, mate! :D
Melli, how’s Christchurch recovering and the rebuilding efforts going? We don’t get much on the news at the moment here in Oz – it’s mostly the pollies arguing about the carbon tax, unfortunately. Good to see that your life seems to have returned, at least a wee bit, to normal. :D

@CorBlimey: omg CorB, where do I start about Christchurch? Its hard to know. The centre of town is still pretty much stuffed but its going to take such a long time to even clear and demolish all the damaged buildings so its going to be at least 2 years before town can even be opened up again for rebuilding. Take for example the multi-story Hotel Grand Chancellor which is currently on a lean, its going to take 18 months just to demolish it! I can’t understand why, I’d just go in with a wrecking ball and get rid of everything, but I don’t know I guess they have some sort of salvage plan and are trying to get the most out of it economically. With regards to the people here, we’re one of the 5000 houses in areas with so much land damage that they’re being written off (the government is offering a buy-out option thats tied in with the insurance companies). We were lucky enough to be quick off the mark and go buy another undamaged house in a ‘green zone’ (ie no damage to the land), so we can move in there while we wait for the government stuff to come through (that may take another couple of months though). I feel sorry for the people who are not in a position to do what we have done – we had no mortgage so were financially able to take out a short-term mortgage on the new place. There are people struggling financially so I realise how truly lucky we are.
Btw sorry everyone else who really doesn’t want to read about Christchurch and earthquake aftermath – but I wanted to reply to CorBlimey’s question :-)

CorBlimey @ 07/24/2011 at 1:14 am

I was thinking about CC the other day – I guess they’d have to move the centre of the city to a new location, because I daresay, as you said, the land would be unsuitable for buildings to be rebuilt on it. The whole city will then change it’s structure. Wow – recreating a city in this day and age. What an undertaking!
I’m so happy that you have a home, though you are right that those in less stable financial situations will be struggling for a good while to come. It’s going to be really difficult to find new homes for 5000-odd families – I guess a few will have to move out of the city? Speaking of which, has any of this driven people out of CC? Though I guess you are all aware that this kind of thing is a possibility if you live there, it would still have to shake you up and ask some questions, I guess.
And though I am unapologetic about discussing something other than Gerard on this board (unlike most people, I keep coming back for the social aspect with many of the posters here, since I live in a remote location – oh, and the pictures of Gerard!), I will attempt to make the end of this post “relevant”…
Ooh, Gerard – you’re so hot – I wanna b0nk your brains out… ;P

Fatty Bar Rafaeli @ 07/24/2011 at 1:53 am

Go to the gym.

b0nked him @ 07/24/2011 at 1:55 am

@CorBlimey: “Ooh, Gerard – you’re so hot – I wanna b0nk your brains out… ;P”
If you do ever get the chance…I HIGHLY recommend it. ;-)

Some of you may remember 2005 Ischia where Gerry was hanging around that married woman, Eleanora. Found some pictures that show how up close and personal he was getting…..

@Who Dat?:
OH. MY. GOD. *shaking head*

sigh .... @ 07/24/2011 at 2:59 am

@Who Dat?:
Well this makes the fingering pictures seem pretty tame ….
I’m sorry but if any man other than my husband did that to me, I would kick him in the head. Movie star or not. That is beyond rude.

Try sitting ina office allday @ 07/24/2011 at 3:46 am

@curious cat: Hi, you correctly assumed. Melbourne – Australia. very cold & rainy at the moment.

RIP Manny @ 07/24/2011 at 4:54 am

Who hurt you in a previous life Manny for you to get such enjoyment out of being nasty and vindictive?. Be brave and reveal yourself. Be the bigger person – if you can slag people off and make it so personal then do it as the real you. Saddest thing is probably the real you is a nice person – you’re a nurse so it’s in your nature to help and be kind. It’s such a shame your alter ego is a psychotic ******.

curious cat @ 07/24/2011 at 5:19 am

@Who Dat?:

Unreal! Unbelievable! At first glance I thought you were joking, because you can’t see either of the people’s faces. They could be anybody. But when I looked at the caption, although I can’t understand the language, the name “aktor Gerard Butler” was clear enough. OMG!
I guess it’s not that unbelievable considering other stories about him, including that video in which he pulled his pants down and had pictures on his a#@ on the set of Gamer.

curious cat @ 07/24/2011 at 6:07 am


Add my congratulations to that! After all, Australia is sort of my second country. I always stand when they play Advance Australa Fair.

curious cat @ 07/24/2011 at 6:17 am


Melli, thanks for sharing this. We’ve been worrying about you. You got hit not once, not twice, but three times, majorly. I’m glad you finally moved into another home.

curious cat @ 07/24/2011 at 6:24 am

@Who Dat?:

Again, I can’t get over those pictures. They go back a few years and I’d never seen them. It’s hard to believe there is anything we haven’t seen of Mr. Butler. That is SO bizarre. That woman standing on her head and him with his face in her b***. In public, it seems. It’s the kind of thing you think HAS to be fake.

curious cat @ 07/24/2011 at 6:53 am

I should practice more shutupmanship but can’t help continuing the dialog started by Lolita and I think NikNoks.
We are all anonymous here and there is no reason to reveal who we are, but I feel it’s nice when I have an idea 1) where posters live in the world and 2) their occupation. Then you at least have a sense of where this person is coming from, literally and figuratively.
And what particular knowledge they might bring to the board.
I’ve written newsaper and magazine articles on too many topics to remember and have had my share of phone calls from irate readers who said, you don’t know what the h*** you’re talking about, here’s the real story.

I had colleagues who would say, I hope you told them to ***** off. I said no, I listen to everyone. Sometimes they are angry, sometimes their complaints aren’t justified, sometimes they are. I got some of my best stories because someone told me you overlooked this, you missed that, you wre wrong, you were sold a bill of goods.’

The Internet can provide an exciting exchange of information. It’s creating revolutions. But it creates an increasing need to sift the wheat from the chaff. Anyone can publsih anything now.

Mellifera @ 07/24/2011 at 8:04 am

Waaaahhhh, those pictures!! Goodness me. Now, I was one of the people who didn’t think the Aniston/finger pictures were a big deal, because as I said at the time if one of my good guy friends did that to me I would have a laugh with him about it. But biting my…’hoo-hah area’??? OK, would have to give him a slap for that.
Now for something completely irrelevant – its snowing here!!! And just a week ago I was walking on the beach wearing a short sleeved t-shirt.
PS @CorBlimey: loved the comment making your post relevant to Gerry, lol

justsayin'too @ 07/24/2011 at 8:16 am

Melli and Curious Cat- I thought the pictures were a joke at first, but in the second one Alan is watching so I KNOW it’s him. Joke or not it kind of grossed me out. If he does that in public I don’t EVEN want to know what goes on in private. Makes me think he must have a really kinky sexual life. People that say they “know stuff” have always talked about how oral GB is and after that picture, I have to concede they really must “know stuff” Of course this is JMHO- LOL

justsayin'too @ 07/24/2011 at 8:19 am

Melli and Curious Cat- I thought the pictures were a joke at first, but in the second one Alan is watching so I KNOW it’s him. Joke or not it kind of grossed me out. If he does that in public I don’t EVEN want to know what goes on in private. Whoever he dates needs to think long and hard about where that mouth has been. Makes me think he must have a really kinky sexual life. People that say they “know stuff” have always talked about how oral GB is and after that picture, I have to concede they really must “know stuff” Of course this is JMHO- LOL

Good Morning ladies, Gerry is a never ending shock to the system. I think she is the one who taught him everything he knows about sex. Isn’t she the one who got him banned from Ischia because of the affair. He must be one wild ride in bed. Enough of that.
Melli, I saw some new pictures of the center of town and they still look like a bomb blast hit. That beautiful church in ruins.
Corblimey you are a nut, love your crazy sense of humor.
Cat, your welcome.
Hi Try and Just Saying.
Thanks WhoDat for sharing the pics of Mr Smooth in action.
Have a wonderful Sunday to all.

@lolita: Well if she taught him all about sex and perhaps was responsible for any ‘oral’ abilities G may have (as Justsayin’too mentioned), can she please hold a few masterclasses for men in general, that would be great, lol
*tone of thread getting lower by the minute*

dargabriel @ 07/24/2011 at 11:46 am

Yesturday’s gone today is here and tomorrow isn’t here yet. It seems to be, everyone on here dwells on the past, its a waste of time. Most of these past photos of butler were an act, not his true self, he is a jester. Let go of the past and look at him today. My how he’s changed and become more spiritual. Has anyone seen him with a poo poo cig lately? Anyways, there is much speculation and mystery on who lies under the many masks of butler. I’ve noticed in ways he’s qute predictable, however in many ways nobdy really knows him behind the scenes, throught he soul occured to me maybe some ppl on this site get bored and need new/old stuff to remind us all about who and what we think GB really is. I can say, he is very intelligent and keeps everyone thinking on purpose, he loves the attention. Also again he’s not feeling to well, due to learning Gabriel’s lessons about taking better care of the body, NO SMOKES BUTLER, or sickness will previal and kick you on your very skinny ass. He better listen, he isn’t. In control, spiritual father is. Is it necessary for ppl on here to pick on each other? Do you feel yourselves aging each time this happens? It’s very disturbing and disruptive. Be mindful. Love,dargabriel

angelsrock @ 07/24/2011 at 11:58 am


Hah! Yes! Makes me think of Barbara Streisand’s role in Meet the Parents. I always have to remember that some have a whole different realm of sex life than I do. (I think I just revealed something about myself)

Have to say those photos don’t bother me at all, nothing wrong with a bit horseplay as long as everyone’s consenting. It just strikes me as two fully clothed people messing around. I got up to worse with pals when we were working behind a bar. ;-p

@Mellifera: OMG , Melli truer words were never spoken. LOL

Even back in 2005, I could never figure out what was going on with Gerry and the married lady, Eleanora. In a few pictures, he is sitting on a lounger reading by the pool and she walks up, looks like she maybe introduces herself to him, they shake hands and talk for awhile. Next day, there were photos of him pulling her down on a lounger with him and pics of him with his face in her crotch. Weird, if it seems they just met the day before.

@Who Dat?:

Not bothered by the other photos of him and the lady I shall now refer to as ‘crotch woman’ but that gold shiny suit is downright offensive. ;-)

@niknoks: Nik, from the hints you have given us, I know you have lived a colorful life.
I have to leave for a while, am looking for a place to live. Need to move, been in one place to long. Will check in later with the crazy ladies and gents (if any) on JJ. You all make me smile and in my world that is priceless. Love ya all♥


“Nik, from the hints you have given us, I know you have lived a colorful life.”
I’ve had my moments, most of them before I had the responsibilities of a career, mortgage and bills to pay. ;-)

I used to be active in musical theater and when I first got involved with a local acting troupe, I was shocked by some of the sexually public horsing around that went on with the cast. Went to one party where the female choreographer gave one of the leading actors a chest massage. When she was finished she asked him to do the same for her, so she laid down on the floor, he put his hands under her t-shirt (she was not wearing a bra) and he gave her a massage, bre*sts and all. There were at least 30 other people in the room chatting away while this was going on. I realized then at 19 years of age that there was a whole crazy world out there where people had very different personal boundaries than mine. When I saw those photos years ago after they first came out, I was shocked that Gerry would do such a thing, but even more shocked that people were just sitting around watching like it was no big deal. Definitely not within my comfort zone.


curious cat @ 07/24/2011 at 1:12 pm


Mr. Smooth! Big laugh of the day, Lolita! LOL One thing he definitely isn’t. I just don’t get it. Have those pix been floating around all this time? And we only see them NOW?

He himself revealed the camel feffing pix. I thought, this guy is crazy. It was right after his big success in 300. Someone interviewing asked him what he was doing next. Butler was on the cusp of fame suddenly and it was so sudden and unexpected he evidently had nothing else lined up. But there are those times when a smart person plays it cool and close to the chest. “I’m reading some scripts and in discussions on a few projects I can’t talk about just yet!” Etc. Even if it’s BS.

Hey, anybody can be reading scripts and discussing projects. That’s no lie. I do it all the time. ::)

But this Butler person starts blurting and blabbing that he had nothing lined up, he needed a job, he’d do anything, he even feffed a camel in one film. He then backtracked that of course he didn’t REALLY feff the camel, it was just faked for the movie. And I thought, what is wrong with this guy?

He sounded like a desperate unemployed wannabe actor begging for scut work when he had just hit the jackpot, won the lottery, unearthed the gold mine.

And I thought, uh huh, that camel feffing scene is going to show up on YouTube any minute now and it did. To me it’s not offensive, since the story about a British soldier going mad in the desert is pretty clear. And his character gets kicked to death by the violated camel. More than some of these women did for sure. :)

This is beyond belief.

But when you have just moved into the big money do you feature something like that from your past student work for all the world to see?

curious cat @ 07/24/2011 at 1:22 pm

@Who Dat?:

Sometimes it doesn’t take a whole day.

Midsummer's' Eve @ 07/24/2011 at 1:33 pm

I wasn’t around Gerry in 2005 but it seems to me he’s just a playful guy and he gets away with it because he’s so charming and cute! I can see perhaps where she is showing off her head stand and told Gerry, “bite my butt, Butler”. And good thing it wasn’t me he did that too. I’m pretty good at summing up farts on command! LMFAO!

I see Alan sitting there looking on too and I’m thinking poor Alan has probably heard and seen it all living around that guy! He should do a book on his life with GB. It would be a best seller! LOL!


Manny, you need to lighten up on people! You’re going from bully to destroyer mode. It’s one thing to throw snarky punches at people in jest that know you but it’s another thing to berate people with petty name calling and character assassination. Why are you so bent on beating some people up on this site and so hateful towards people unless they share you views? What has Swansong done to you that you want to hurt her so bad?

I serously doubt anyone that is her “friend” emailed you. You sound like the jealous little girl on the playground who runs up and yells, “nobody likes you, nah, ne, nah, ne, boo boo!” Do you not see that? You need to do some serious growing up and that’s not just MY opinion, it’s the truth! You are smart and articulate but you’re ruining it with this thing you have about being verbally abusive!

And my behavior to fight you back when you attacked me was just stooping to that level and did not work. That’s not who I am.

I don’t know Swannie personally but have seen her here and around gals and she seems like a nice person and she bears out her heart, it seems, about her life and family and loves to write. She’s trusting, which is a lot more then I am, especially after being around this site for a while. Why do you want to destroy her so badly?

You need to back off of people and let them do their own thing without feeling like you are the opinion police and have to pick them apart. No one is laughing at it and if they are, that’s sad for them.

I think you believe controlling this site and “running” it the way you want to is some kind of goal to aspire too. Then bragging about chasing people off or “outing them” is some kind of badge of glory! Outing what? Who’s hurting you?

There is absolutely no need for all the hostility and vitriol and I will guarantee you, by the obvious thumbs down you are getting when you do that kind of thing, a lot of people feel the same and some of them are probably who you think are YOUR friends too. They’re not going to say anything to your “face” because it’s not their way and they want to just keep the peace and just hope it peters out.

Now, come after me again. I don’t care. You have to know that every time you do, it just re-inforces what kind of person you are to everyone. I enjoy intelligent debate, even a bit of heated argument, but when it gets personal with name calling, berating family members and friends, etc., that’s where the line has to be drawn. Lecture over.

angelsrock @ 07/24/2011 at 1:33 pm


We did some real goofy things when we were a bit younger with some friends. OMG. I just had a memory of an interesting evening at the beach with 3 other couples. Oh my! I’m blushing.

Midsummer's' Eve @ 07/24/2011 at 1:45 pm

I tend to be a bit more conservative when it comes to my own personal space. If it’s someone I know well and care about, I’m more open to horse play as long as it’s not demeaning. I tend to hate being around people that are so anal retentive that when they see something like that, they express their disgust and get all pizzy. No one is getting hurt if it’s among friends.

But if even GB took liberties and got a little too “familiar” with me on a first meeting, I’d definately be put off by it, even with him! There’s a fine line between playfulness and disrespect too, especially when it’s out in full view of other people.

Midsummer's' Eve @ 07/24/2011 at 1:48 pm

Actually, I thought that girl was with Gerry! So she’s married to someone else? All this time I thought she was a GF.

What mid-30s man acts like this? Not to mention the likely 40+ woman. I would expect this from a drunk early 20 something. I always thought he was really gay, but I guess he really is just an immature manwhore. I would be shocked if he does not have an STD. No wonder his conquests don’t go public – they would be labeled as damaged goods for sleeping with this nastiness.

He looks hot in these pics though.

I think he is probably a very different guy today than he was in 2005, at least in public. I noticed there weren’t nearly as many photos come out of this years Ischia Festival as in the past.

Midsummer's' Eve @ 07/24/2011 at 1:55 pm

@Ugly, Man-Faced Kate Middleton:

I think Kate is quite pretty, as was Diana. I miss her. But I think it’s sort of tradition within the Royal family to find good baby makers from good stock, with good genes. They produce rulers, afterall. It’s a plus to be in love, but I think some of the Royal men have other ideas and the women always seem to be more in love. I hope it works out for them both. I’m sure no matter who they bring home, the Queen still has to give her approval. Just the way it is.

@Midsummer’s’ Eve:

I like Kate, couldn’t stand Diana, can’t stand any woman that plays the doe-eyed victim and there was no better at that than her.
I think William has married his one and only true love, where as Charles had to settle for someone of ‘proper stock’, that’s how he got stuck with Diana.

@Midsummer’s’ Eve:

Thank you, Eve. Ordinarily I am not someone who enjoys confrontation or conflict. I don’t mind disagreements and difference of opinion, but when someone uses very personal and hurtful family situations as an internet attack on my person, I cannot sit by quietly and let it happen without a fight. It’s too easy for people to sit anonymously behind their computer screens and use words to hurt someone they don’t even know, just for the h*ll of it.


Those pics just looked like they were all in good fun . . . perhaps a little overly familiar lol but maybe they just became fast friends. Hey, at least they are fully clothed . . . it’s not like she’s wearing a g-string lol. You can usually sense if someone is playful or uptight . . . besides, it looks like they are on vacation and people tend to be a bit more inhibited when they are partying. I agree with the person who mentioned that if this is how GB acts in public what is he like in private lol.

trying to figure it out @ 07/24/2011 at 2:35 pm

I’m in your corner on the Kate/Diana issue. I’ve been lambasted many a time for saying negative things about Diana. She sure played the victim to a hilt; I personally think that behind closed door she was a nightmare to live with. I’m not condoning Chuck’s behaviour either, however, I think he should have found his b*alls and said he didn’t want to marry her.

You fannies will justify anything when it comes to this man. He has his faced shoved in the crotch of a married woman in full view of the pool crowd. Do not excuse this as his “playfulness” or “scottishness.”

Is it the end of the world? No. Is it the worst thing he could have possibly done? No. But it is inappropriate, no matter how you slice it.

@trying to figure it out:

I don’t defend Charles’ infidelity but at least his was with the woman he loved, but Diana making herself out to be a ‘poor little victim’ with her “There were three of us in this marriage….” BS drove me up the wall. What a hypocrite, she had a lot of lovers, one that caused a massive paternity scandal over Prince Harry, another the married England Rugby Captain Will Carling whose marriage she helped wreck, why did she not count them, why was it only Charles’ infidelity that counted?
Then there was her constant whinging about media intrusion, this would have invoked some sympathy from me had she not have courted the media to the extent she did. She whined about them following her everywhere, when both she and her aides were tipping the media off to the charitable events that she wanted kept oh-so private. There were even pictures of her in back alleys and country lanes meeting with Royal correspondents from various newspapers, to give them stories. The woman was a serial manipulator and incredibly media savvy, she knew exactly what she wanted, how she wanted herself portrayed and knew exactly how to get it done.

So this woman was married at the time?! I somehow missed the mention of that. Well was her husband there? Maybe they are all friends lol. That does add to the mystery of it all. If she and GB had an affair as someone mentioned then they sure weren’t very secretive about it . . . I guess apparently they didn’t care who saw. I wonder what happened next? Definitely not making excuses for GB and I don’t fully justify anything until I hear the full story . . . BUT the public never seems to get the full story with GB. We can only go by bits and pieces that may or may not be true. Anyway, the fact is that at the end of the day he is an adult. I don’t always condone the behavior that is reported about him but I also don’t know the whole story either.

Off topic and I’m going to post this in the Amy Winehouse thread too but wanted to post this beautiful piece on Amy Winehouse by Russell Brand who was a friend of Amy’s and a fellow addict. It takes a while to load but it is worth it.

May God Bless yoou all! @ 07/24/2011 at 3:14 pm

Matthew 11:28-30
New International Version (NIV)
28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. 29 Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30 For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”


I think that is the problem with photos like this, they come with no context, no real understanding of what is going on, so people read between the lines, often lines that aren’t even there, and come up with these often mad and over-the-top conclusions.

Midsummer's' Eve @ 07/24/2011 at 3:23 pm

@curious cat:

I had my own ideas of how Scarlett should have gone on. I think the end of the first story was the pivotal point in her life and should have been from there an all down hill decent for her in to the reality of the hell her own selfish life created for her which was a far worse battle to fight then any war ever was. But no one asked me to write the sequel! LOL!

My ringtone is even “My One True Love”. GWTW is my all time fav.

Midsummer's' Eve @ 07/24/2011 at 3:25 pm


Yeah, and you have to remember that paps are snapping away, frame after frame, and they’ll pick the ones that look the most scandalous or disgusting.

That should be UNinhibited.

Midsummer's' Eve @ 07/24/2011 at 3:28 pm

@b0nked him:

Oh gawd! Here we go! LOL!

Midsummer's' Eve @ 07/24/2011 at 3:29 pm

@b0nked him:

And by the way, it’s “boinked”!

@Midsummer’s’ Eve:

we do use b.onked on this side of the pond… may give you a clue as to who it is…

Midsummer's' Eve @ 07/24/2011 at 3:36 pm


I miss Diana’s style and grace and her humanitarianism. She did play the victim well, I agree. Still, she was a beautiful lady.

Midsummer's' Eve @ 07/24/2011 at 3:38 pm


Bonked, at least to me, means to hit someone on the head, or so I thought! LOL! I would sometimes like to do either to Butler! LOL!

@Midsummer’s’ Eve:

Her style was not really my thing but that was personal taste it bears no reflection on what I thought of her as a person I suppose she was a humanitarian but the woman had no grace.

trying to figure it out @ 07/24/2011 at 3:41 pm

And don’t forget the famous cartwheel on the beach in the leopard bikini – all well planned on her part.

Midsummer's' Eve @ 07/24/2011 at 3:42 pm


I agree and it’s safe and the cowards way as well. She talk to someone like that to their face, she’s liable to be picking herself up off of the floor the next time! Just sayin’! LOL!

Uh, what?!?


I agree completely!


curious cat @ 07/24/2011 at 3:50 pm

@Midsummer’s’ Eve:

We all play with words here so as not to get moderated by JJ. You never know what will come up as inappropriate; No matter how the word is disguised, we know what is meant.

OMG! Having a little trouble typing today lol! Too bright outside. That should be directed to post #286. Who and what are you talking about? Sounds bizarre.

Midsummer's' Eve @ 07/24/2011 at 3:51 pm


” I agree with the person who mentioned that if this is how GB acts in public what is he like in private lol.”


Without an audience, he might be a bit more subdued, especially alone with someone. I’ve heard talk even from fans who have ran in to him in public that he seems shy at first around a stranger. Then he relaxes a bit more and his goofy side comes out. Seems like he sizes people up and treats them accordingly. I think he’s probably a good reader of body language.

Midsummer's' Eve @ 07/24/2011 at 3:55 pm


” He has his faced shoved in the crotch of a married woman in full view of the pool crowd”


The fact that it IS in a crowded public area where probably her husband is nearby, makes it all the more playful! Now if they were out of sight alone, might be different.

Lighten up! I bet you’d love to have that man’s mug in YOUR crotch! LOL!


‘trying to figure it out’ is referring to Princess Di’s media antics.

Just figured that out . . . thanks for the response. When I first read it (out of context) I thought it was about that married woman from Italy with GB. I figured they moved their antics from the pool area to the beach lol.

curious cat @ 07/24/2011 at 4:10 pm

@Midsummer’s’ Eve:

I’d like to know more of your thinking on this. I thought Scarlett was immature and selfish but would have liked to see her struggle and grow up in Reconstruction Georgia in the second book, not run off to Ireland and play the same mind games.

GWTW is a work of fiction. There is no real truth to stick to except the reality of that period in history. I heard a third book was underway and focused on Rhett Butler. It’s unclear what he was doing in GWTW except that he was clearly involved in some illegal wartime activities, gun running maybe, selling to the enemy, profiteering from the war, but he seemed to get patriotic at the end.

OMG. A sequel with Gerard Butler playing Rhett Butler emerges.

It astounds me the things people criticize in fiction (I don’t mean YOU!) just a general remark. Do you know the movie, “Dances With Wolves,” with Kevin Costner? It’s one of my favorites. Native American women criticized it because Costner’s character falls in love with the one white woman in the tribe. They asked, why didn’t he court the attractive Native women? They made this a racist issue. B Fing S.

OMG. Many white settlers were killed and white girls kidnapped, grew up native, forgot their heritage and sometimes chose to stay with the native tribes even when they had the choice later to leave. The white woman was an obvious plot device to provide a character whom the chief assigned to speak “the white talk” (English) and communicate with the white man. Otherwise the movie woudln’t have moved forward very fast if nobody could speak to anybody. She became an interpreter.

Let me get this straight. You believe that this woman’s husband was nearby, laughing it up at the “playfulness” of another man sticking his face in his wife’s crotch? Seriously?

I do love a face in my crotch in private, but I would slap the hell out of my boyfriend if he acted like that with me in public. And if he acted like that with another woman, I would kill him; not be charmed by his playfulness.


Wow, I bet you’re the life and soul of any party you go to…
Got to question your bizarre sense of morality, you have a massive problem with someone’s head in another persons crotch but have no problem advocating domestic violence or even murder of a partner or spouse for something you don’t like? You can keep that ‘moral high ground’ all to yourself.


I’am sure you remember me. You came on Jen Aniston’s thread in 2009.At that time,you weren’t sure if you were going to stay there, or go
over and be a Jolie/Pitt fan.You decided on the JP’s.

On Jen’s thread at that time, here is what you commented. “Jade,Anne
Marie and Ellie: Why don’t you guys go and correspond on Facebook,
to chat? This is a blog thread right? Just an observation.”

We had been here for four years,and you were new, and telling us what to do.

I see you have some people fooled here,but not all.You are not the Blog Police of Jared’s Website.

LOL niknoks. You got me. Yes, I admit it. I am an advocate for domestic violence and murder.

I dont have a massive problem with his head in her crotch. They are consenting adults. My problem is the absurd justification of the plainly immature and manwhoreish behavior by his crazy fans as innocent playfulness.

Please, continue on with your unabashed support of anything this man does. I am sure he will love you for it one day.


Just merely pointing out the hypocrisy of your post, you trying to take the moral high ground over the ‘head in a crotch’ incident while in the same paragraph saying you slap or kill your boyfriend for doing something you don’t approve of.
My unabashed support of anything this man does? Are you basing this on me choosing not to vilify a single man who has done nothing illegal in some photos taken 5/6 years ago? Jog on, sweetheart.

goodgravy @ 07/24/2011 at 4:53 pm

Come on people. Gerry was just sniffing her a$$. All dog’s do it :P

Midsummer's Eve @ 07/24/2011 at 5:03 pm

@curious cat:

There is a book called “Rhett Butler’s People” and I have it.

Dances With Wolves is also one of my favs! We have the same tastes! Love the music and the story, especially the heart wrenching ending! I cry every time! I loved how they depicted the Native American in this. Maybe because, as I’m part Native Am, I get tired of the Indians being the bad guys! LOL!

Back from house hunting, not my favorite sport.
Ok we all know Gerry was not biting her butt, he was just helping her stand on her head and not fall over. His antics never cease to amaze and the responses that come from them. He acts a fool sometimes but I don’t think he is vicious. If a married woman has an affair with him and neither of them find a problem with the affair so be it. I myself would not date a married man, no future in it and if he cheats on his wife he will cheat on me. There is to much baggage in that type of relationship for me.

angelsrock @ 07/24/2011 at 5:39 pm


Amen! I mean really come on! There are hundreds of scenarios that this picture could fit.

@goodgravy: as well as face licking!

According to WO, there are some twitter sitings of Gerry in CA. Don’t know if they are true or not but it was from two different twitters. If it is true he must be back to start surfing again and preparing for Mavericks.

@yep!: He is good with his tongue. hehe.

We established a long time ago that Gerry is a man-ho…so these pics should shock no one…actually these picutres speak more of what she is…

This is what she looks like now..she’s 51


She looks ill, just looking at those arms make me feel uncomfortable.

Yep, G has his face planted in the cr.otch of a married woman. Her name is Eleanora Brigliadora. She’s married to Claudio Gilbo, and they have three children. She’s 51 now, so she was about 45 when the pics with Gerard were taken.

@niknoks: Nik, I think you’re right, she doesn’t look well or she has partied way to hard. Big change in six years. She is way to thin and not a healthy thinness.

I never thought a GB thread would cover such a wide range of topics. Good point @lolita, if he and that married woman were both o.k. with the situation, whatever it was, then so be it. They are both consenting adults . . . but I suppose nothing came of it since we never saw them together outside of Italy. Just another notch in Butler’s belt, huh? I’ve never been a proponent of cheating and I would have normally without hesitation agreed with you about never dating a married man/woman for the reasons you mentioned: no future in it and the old ‘if he/she cheat before he/she will do it again’ . . . BUT . . . I have seen some firsthand examples resulting in both assumptions to be false . . . which led me to wonder if sometimes people stray in a marriage because of something other than s.e.x. Sounds crazy, right? Maybe GB and this woman had some type of mental connection. Maybe that’s why she was standing on her head . . . letting the blood flow to her brain to try to get a clearer picture of the situation lol. It’s easy to look at things as either black or white but without fully knowing a situation it’s difficult to make a judgment.

curious cat @ 07/24/2011 at 6:18 pm

@Midsummer’s Eve:

Is “Rhett Butler’s People” a novel? I never heard of it. I’ll have to look it up.
I am part NA too. Have been reading a lot about the history of the U.S. southeast, at least as wild as the wild west. The mixing of the races, the Scots-Irish immigration, the French, English, Spanish, intermarriage with NAs, African intermarriage with NAs, mixed racials marriage with each other, native tribal chiefs who were more European than American, wars, murders, massacres and people who managed to live together peacefully through it all, respecting each other’s cultures. Too bad those people didn’t prevail.
It makes me smile to read that Europeans considered NAs uncivilized because NAs took baths every day, which Europeans didn’t in the 17th and 18th century. Europeans didn’t understand why NA men set fires in the forest and put them out, thought they were playing some silly game, when they were practicing forest fire control, burning the underbrush out. NAs didn’t understand why Euros were so obsessed with digging up little yellow stones. I guess they learned that the yellow stones had a lot of value to some people and learned materialism pretty fast.
No racial or ethnic group has a corner on brutality. I was just reading about a massacre in which NAs scalped a pregnant woman in front of her family. She took 4 days to die. Horrible. Definitely savage and inhumane.
On the other hand, NA’s didn’t pile into ships in droves and sail to Europe, plunking down on land the people who’d lived there for centuries felt was theirs, ripping up their crops, spreading diseases like smallpox, syphilis and malaria, taking over and pushing the occupants out. What kind of response did the European invaders expect? Sure, help yourself to what’s ours?
To me the era of European exploration and colonization is one of the most fascinating in human history. It had tragic results in many instances, but it dramatically changed the world.
I started to write something else but hit a wrong key somehow and erased the whole messge. No matter. this board keeps moving.

In the above pic she is doing a reality show like “Survivor”…she is probably thin from that and a little too much sun and bad eating habits over the years…and some people are lovely when they are young but don’t age well…

@dmp: Blood rushing to her head, funny. I know of some couples that the married dating did work out for them and they got out of the bad marriages and are very happy now. I just would have a problem with it for myself, but I can never say never because life doesn’t always give you that option. I just hope for myself that I will meet my life partner and not have to deal with that. Life has a way of throwing you under the bus when you least expect it.

Now there is a twitter that Gerry is still in NYC. Maybe he does have clones. If so I want the original.

curious cat @ 07/24/2011 at 6:45 pm


Really you say? 51? And she had him only 6 years ago? Maybe I have a shot after all! I can look better than that. I can’t do a headstand, trouble is, I’ll hit yoga class and work on it but.

(Tha’ts a bit of Hawaii jargon. Put the conjunction at the end of the sentence instead of between the clauses.)

curious cat @ 07/24/2011 at 6:46 pm


Bark bark! Pretty clever good gravy.

@lolita…yes, life does throw you under the bus sometimes…I think they call that “Murphey’s Law”…but to date a married man is another thing or just a man in a commited relationship..I don’t care how handsome, funny and charming a man is..if he asks me out and he is married I would lose all respect for him…he is disrespecting his other half, he is disrespecting me and making himself a hurt someones heart that way is low…I’ve been cheated on..I know the feeling…if you want to be with someone else I say be a man and leave the one your with and move on..but a lot of men don’t because they don’t want to lose the home life they have with someone else…now if a woman did that to a man there would be no forgiveness on his part….

Este vals de mi pais se lo dedico con mucho amor a una persona muy especial para mi.Amorcito esto va para ti.Te estoy BUSCANDO porque mis labios extrañan tus besos de fuego.Te estoy LLAMANDO y en mis palabras tan tristes mi voz es un ruego.TE NECESITO porque sin verte mi vida no tiene sentido y van por el mundo mis pasos perdidos buscando el camino de tu comprension.APIADATE DE MI…SI TIENES CORAZON .ESCUCHA EN SUS LATIDOS LA VOZ DE MI DOLOR….PERO..REGRESA PARA LLENAR EL VACIO QUE DEJASTE AL IRTE …REGRESA AUNQUE SEA PARA DESPEDIRTE ,NO DEJES QUE MUERA SIN DECIRTE ….ADIOS.

@CuriousCat..yea CC but you can Salsa so you have a shot…lol…♥

curious cat @ 07/24/2011 at 7:04 pm


Some so-called experts say marriages rarely end because of a home wrecker scenario. What often happens, they say, is that people limp along in a bad or empty or tired marriage without incentive to change the situation until one partner or the other meets someone else. Then bingo. The marriage is over, even if it’s messy. But it’s not really the fault of the third party. That person is a catalyst. who triggered a break up that was already in the making. That in itself is a heavy responsibility though.


OMG, that is so sad. I recall the rude comments posted about her looks when those photos first came out. I thought she was a very beautiful, earthy looking woman. How sad to see her looking so ill now.


I haven’t read the post for a few days…so I am catching up. Gerard Butler is back in states. It was tweeted… while on the plane he requested a female from coach to sit with him in first class and they talked for two hours. On Saturday Kelly Bensimon tweeted …that she ran into Gerard Butler and met his family (in the park?). Did Gerard Butler and his family take the same flight? Were his traveling companions asleep on the plane? Where/What are the missing parts to this story?


Funny thing is, I think Gerry himself would agree with this statement!


@CJ: CJ, some men are so good at hiding the fact they are married, most will not tell you that up front. In that case you may date someone who is married and you don’t find that out until you have been seeing them awhile. That’s when the decision you make is totally up to you whether you still want to be in that situation. I for one would not, I would feel very betrayed by that person and I agree that they have no respect for all the parties that can be hurt by this. If someone else is ok with that, then that is up to them. I am not a prude but I have my standards that I live by that someone else would think are stupid. I have been cheated on and I did not like it, so I would try never to do that to someone else. It may be hard to walk away but in the long run do you want to look in the mirror at the refection you are seeing. I want to feel good about myself so I would walk away.

for what its worth @ 07/24/2011 at 7:40 pm

she has cancer, is fighting it holistically oh and adultry is wrong anyway you slice it, it hurts more than just the “consenting” adults.

@lolita…maybe is just me and I’ve been around awhile but I can spot a married man a mile away…not always the a-holes but the married ones…

@Swansong/Paisley: I am still catching up on the post… I am sorry hear you’ve had troubling times. There is nothing wrong with a little diversion. Everyone needs a little “me” time and if writing helps you cope… go for it. Is your work commercially published or is it self-published?

CorBlimey @ 07/24/2011 at 7:45 pm

@curious cat:
Very, very exciting achievement for Cadel and Australia – and we accept your honorary citizenship! :D
Snow?? No way! I’ve never seen snow! Please make a snow angel for me.. :D
Thank you, lollie. But, you know, if you get my sense of humour, I reckon that makes you as big a nut as I am! Tee hee.. :P

@CJ: CJ, I wish I had that insight. Some people give me the creepy crawlers when I meet them and some have fooled me completely.

@CorBlimey: Corblimey, guilty as charged!!

Still catching up… Seems the infamous alleged Georgia/Brooke/Cloud 9 is still looking for an enabler on JJ Gerard Butler board.


It’s complicated! The version currently on the market was self published. Unfortunately, I had no professional editor and there are loads of errors. In retrospect I should probably have waited to publish. But when you have a passion about something, sometimes your emotions get the best of you. The self published version however, attracted the interest of a small traditional publisher, and I’m very excited that they have picked my novel to be published in a 4 volume series. The original manuscript is now undergoing extensive editing and revision, and the revised four part series will be released *hopefully* by the end of the year. The truth is, I had the passion and the vision to write the story but not the skills. Anyway, thanks so much for asking.


I just want to say thanks for all the good conversations and insights on our big brute.
Got to go now an figure out my finances to see how far in debt I can go on housing.
See we can have good conversations without the nastiness. Have a great evening to all.


Same to you, Lolita. One thing about Gerry, there is no exhausting topics about him. He is never boring!


Never worry about what other’s will think.If you feel it’s the right move for you,then go for it.Always listen to your heart.
Thing’s don’t have to be perfect to be happy. You just have to be willing to look beyond imperfections.
A true relationship is when you can tell each other anything and everything.No secrets and no lies.
The most beautiful line is “But I love you”.
The most painfull line is ……”I love you, but”.

It’s never too late.If it is meant to be, then it WILL be.

@Who Dat?: One picture is worth a thousand words. Enuf said.

Ok…now I am to the post regarding the “picture”. Believe it or not I actually agree with Dar….well, I agree with the first sentence in her post #249. And I would like the philosophy to be so true. In RL, regrettably, we cannot void somethings of the past, nor the effects they might have in the future. All the cliches come to mind…”forget and forgive”, “live and learn” etc. As I have said before, I am really not too familiar with or have a great desire to know about Gerard Butler’s past relationships. I have seen quite a few unsolicited photographs of Gerard Butler in the last few days. Unfortunately, I do not possess the fortitude and grit not to click and look. I am too curious.


Only problem with that is 999 of those words are often BS.

CFDA +W Magazine event .Monday July 25th .NYC.7:30pm- 10:30pm.

Do you think he will attend?.

@Swansong/Paisley: I know writers that started this way..self published. It is extremely hard to get a first book published by commercial publishers. Self publishing is not easy, considering the self- finance, also self-distribution and PR takes a lot of leg-work. For some it all pays off and a commercial publisher takes notice. Good Luck

Midsummer's Eve @ 07/24/2011 at 9:14 pm


“I dont have a massive problem with his head in her crotch. They are consenting adults. My problem is the absurd justification of the plainly immature and manwhoreish behavior by his crazy fans as innocent playfulness.”


This statement doesn’t make sense. You say you have no problem with his head in her crotch yet you were thoroughly disgusted with it in a previous post and now you say your problem is with the fans absurd justification of his plainly immature and manwhorish behavior as innocent…… What? You just said that you yourself had no problem with it? Sorry, I’m confused. LOL!

Midsummer's Eve @ 07/24/2011 at 9:20 pm


This is just six years of aging? Except for the hair, it doesn’t even look like the same person?

@Midsummer’s Eve: Is Gerard Butler angelically innocent?…No. He is devilishly playful? …Most Definitely!

Midsummer's Eve @ 07/24/2011 at 9:29 pm

Maybe that’s what happens to you after you had The Butler! LOL!

Midsummer's Eve @ 07/24/2011 at 9:32 pm


I’m thinking that maybe the girl is “embellishing” her story a bit but who knows. You didn’t miss much. This place is like a soap opera. It never moves very fast.

@Midsummer’s Eve: Gerry Juice…the cause or the cure….the ramification or the remedy?

Midsummer's Eve @ 07/24/2011 at 9:43 pm



@Midsummer’s Eve:

Do you think if you say Gerry Juice three times the man will magically appear?

@Midsummer’s Eve: I only said once. It takes three consecutive times…

Midsummer's Eve @ 07/24/2011 at 10:13 pm


“@Midsummer’s Eve: Gerry Juice…the cause or the cure….the ramification or the remedy?”


Contraindications: Gerry Juice (butlerhydrabudopamine) is used for the stimulation of lethargy of the hootiepeckerthalmus in moderate to severe cases of the rare but chronic condition of hootiepeckerthalmusitis, better known as hopeitis, which causes sluggishness of the horniglandus. It can be addictive if not used properly. Has been reported to cause extreme excitation in some cases, sleepliness, rigidity of certain body parts, rapid eye movement, dizziness, clammy hands and feet, involuntary screaming, hair loss, blurred vision, in ability to keep tongue in mouth, inappropriate sweating, seizures and even unconsciousness has been reported.

Only take before meals as indicated, do not drive or operate machinery, including but not limited to the use of a computer or any battery operated devices, while taking this product and consult your physician in the case of any of the possible side affects listed above. In case of overdose, smack your own head against the wall violently until you come to your senses or loose consciousness. Whichever comes first! LOL!

@angelsrock: Bravo! Great article! Great interview! Great way to get the buzz started!

Midsummer's Eve @ 07/24/2011 at 10:17 pm


Let’s give it try, shall we? GERRYJUICE, GERRYJUICE, GERRYJUICE!

curious cat @ 07/24/2011 at 10:23 pm


It puzzles me that this comment got thumbs down when I suspect few on this mostly English-speaking board can read it. Or is that why? Can nobody translte? Me, I wouldn’t knock someone who speaks or writes a foreign language I don’t understand.

See what I consider the greatest western movie ever made, “The Ballad of Gregorio Cortez,” about a Mexican convicted of a crime because of a mistranslation. Stars Edward James Olmos.

@Midsummer’s Eve: you have misread something. Or more likely, you have read something into my posts that is not there.

I said I would hate it if my boyfriend did that. And I balked at the notion that this woman’s husband thought this was just playfulness.

I think the behavior is immature and sleazy, but they both are free to do what they want. I am not particularly surprised by it. What is surprising is the lengths to which you crazies will go to explain away his behavior. I swear, they could have been f&$king like rabbits on the lounge chair and you all would deny it as a tricky camera angle or him just being playful.

@Midsummer’s Eve:

Let is know if it worked or better still if you can walk in the morning. ;-p


I really hope this movie is everything it’s purported to be. There was so much great buzz about LAC, but I confess that I was disappointed in the final result, and I particularly did not care for his performance. There was just something lacking in the whole film. On paper, MGP sounds like the perfect vehicle for Gerry, but so much can happen to derail a good project. Really anxious to see the trailer!



That should be ‘Let us know…..’ obviously….

Quiero decirte esta noche sin vacilacion,que ya no aguanto lo que traigo aqui en mi corazon.Me gustas tanto ,me enloqueces y no lo puedo ocultar en todos lados te apareces como ilusion en mi mirar .Es un secreto que tan solo quiero compartir,con esos ojos que le dan luz a mi vivir y en esta noche no hay mas luna,que como tu alumbre mas.En mi alma crece una fortuna por tanta dicha que me das.TE QUIERO,TE QUIERO ..SE OYE EN MI PECHO es el gran amor que me has hecho LATIDO A LATIDO TE SIENTO CONMIGO…………..


Wait! How did this stream of conversation go from ‘Gerry Juice’ to Gerry having his head in some woman’s crotch???? What did I miss. BTW, some of you may not know that the term ‘Gerry Juice’ did not originate with fans. It actually came from a producer of a film Gerry was auditioning for.


@Midsummer’s Eve: In the name of science and for the social good…. I will volunteer for the clinical pharmaceutical study. Hey… you only live once (well…with the exception of Dar).

narcissism @ 07/24/2011 at 11:04 pm

Long article, but interesting. Remind us of anyone?

Midsummer's Eve @ 07/24/2011 at 11:18 pm


I can never walk in the morning anyway so I’ll probably have no real evidence that it worked! LOL!

@Swansong/Paisley: I think the phrase “Gerry Juice” originated from Gerard Butler.

Midsummer's Eve @ 07/24/2011 at 11:37 pm


Hola! Me preguntaba por qué molestarse publicar aquí? No hay quien entienda a español, entre ellos a Gerry!

@narcissism: It reminds me of many. …parts of the article even remind me of myself. Like the article states “we’ve all got a narcissistic streak with-in”.


No. Seriously it didn’t. He brought it up at the Las Vegas convention. He told us that the producer he was auditioning for wasn’t certain Gerry was right to play a romantic lead, so he told Gerry, “you need to show us the Gerry Juice.” Can’t recall the exact words but there is a transcript of his remarks that night. Of course the term has been used in a variety of ways since then.


Midsummer's Eve @ 07/24/2011 at 11:44 pm


“I think the behavior is immature”


Immature, really? Kinda like calling people names????

“What is surprising is the lengths to which you crazies will go”

@Midsummer’s Eve: It is like reading on the Gerard Butler Russian site. I have to use my translator. Even then half of the post don’t make sense to me. I am sure, unless one is bi-lingual and familiar with English slang, most post on JJ post wouldn’t make much sense to a properly taught ESL person. As we all know,in typing, we accidentally omit letters and words, frequently misspell and our script is grammatically challenged.

@Midsummer’s Eve: You got me again. You are a sharp one. I am going to bow out of this witty banter as I cannot take another hit like that.

@niknoks: “can’t stand any woman that plays the doe-eyed victim”
She wasn’t “playing” victim.

for what its worth @ 07/25/2011 at 2:52 am

@Lord: I agree with you. Funny how the bullied become the bullies so quickly. Even Niknoks has stooped to calling names. Its very left anything goes here. Think we better move on now.

angelsrock @ 07/25/2011 at 7:23 am


No, I agree with Swannie. It was coined by a producer of one of his movies. Maybe PSILY.

Midsummer's Eve @ 07/25/2011 at 10:48 am


What makes you think I’m having to use a “translator”? LOL!

Midsummer's Eve @ 07/25/2011 at 10:59 am

@for what its worth:

Funny your enterpretation of a bully. I always believed that they were toxic personalities. There was absolutely nothing toxic about this board tonight. Good conversation among intelligent people. What a concept! On to a new thread!

@Swansong Paisley
I’m sorry. I have no idea what the fallout was from the other day here at JJ and am not going to waste my time reading back.
Been away to Tahoe with the hubby and had nice time away from work, stress, and JJ and time to clear the head.
I was wrong to be so vindictive. Getting all those sh!t emails made me crazy. Funny I never get a snarky one about me (totally expect it) but to have that many about you was crap. I don’t know why those idiots don’t just confront you themselves.
You do need to know there are those who claim to be friends that are not. Please be careful.
Again, I’m sorry you were my target for venting. We both know I’ve never been your fan but that is still no excuse. That day and all those emails were my igniting point.
Cheers. Manny


I am torn about replying to this. On the one hand, you have apologized, so I feel that I must respond. But on the other hand, I told you that I would no longer respond to you or converse with you anyway. This is all I have to say to you: there is no excuse for saying the things you have said to me, and about me. I’m 55 years old and have been through a lot, but I’ve never had anyone use my personal family issues to insult me the way that you have… and just for the record, I don’t believe your story about the hate mail from GALS. The only way I would believe that story is if you forwarded the emails with names, times and email addresses… If you can’t provide the proof, it never happened. And why wouldn’t you? These are not your friends. So why would you want to protect their identity? It’s best now if we just ignore each other. You don’t like me. Fine.


Crymeariver @ 07/25/2011 at 7:53 pm


—”I was wrong to be so vindictive. Getting all those sh!t emails made me crazy. Funny I never get a snarky one about me (totally expect it) but to have that many about you was crap. I don’t know why those idiots don’t just confront you themselves.”—

Are you for real? What a load of BS! Are we making excuses now for bad behavior and trying to crawdad? I think you pretty much showed your asszz too many times around here.
Then you have the nerve to hit her again with the fact that she’s got snarky emails behind her back and little ol you don’t but you deserve them! What a load!
You not only disrespect people but you think they’re stupid! No one is going to send you a direct email filled with hate and snark, even though you DO deserve it and you know it!
Yeah, it is crap and you are the one full of it!
Why do you even bother to apologize to anybody when you don’t mean any of it?
You just want to save face in front of all your so called “peeps”, which most are fake!
You just don’t get it, do you?
Anyone who doesn’t see you for the bully you are IS a blind idiot or just as bad as you are!
You’ve shiiitttte in your mess kit too many times. Why not just slink away in disgrace now or come back under one of your many other monikers like the coward that you are but with another MO!
Problem is, you can always tell it’s you. You can’t hide.
I’d like to use one of your favorite words right now and it is that YOU are the one who has been OUTED for the person you really are!
Does that mean we can all brag about the big and bad Manny finally being outted and run off the board that is her life’s blood?
You need to just shut the hell up because you’re just making it worse for yourself.
You wouldn’t have the slightest idea of how to be a nice person so just settle on being a low life miserable A hole!
Besides, being nice doesn’t suit you and it even looks phoney when you attempt it!

Ta Ta!


Swannie, that was the worst apology in the history of apologies! She cancelled everything out by continuing to push the snarky email story which is most likely made up! Her intent on hurting you is rabid!
You are wise to steer clear of her BS too. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s not the one using your moniker.
And beware. This will probably not be the last time she tries to lure you back in to her BS.

I do admire the way you’ve handled her so far though. Good for you! Hang in there!

Veronique @ 07/26/2011 at 3:09 pm

I haven’t posted here for a long time but after reading about the latest pick-up on the plane, I was motivated to comment.

I don’t understand how womanizers don’t get bored of doing the same thing over and over and over again. They feed off of the pursuit and excitement of the novelty and yet they know how each story will end. And I have known a couple consummate womanizers very well.

At some point you would hope that as a man gets older he would grow out of this phase, grow out of pursuing nearly every woman he meets and in his case every single model looking twenty something. But that often doesn’t happen. It often just gets worse.

I am not impressed with the constant stories about him. Some I am sure are fabricated. But as they say where there is smoke there is fire. And it is getting to be suffocating.

Wish him well though.

How Do I Put This...? @ 07/27/2011 at 9:21 pm



I said some time last year this is a look that is going to grow old on him soon enough. Like you said, what’s the point in wasting time with someone that young? And I mean HER time! He has enough female “friends,” I’m sure, and a 22 year-old (who looks every bit of a young girl), SHOULD NOT WANT to hang on to a (almost) 42 year old man, however “young at heart.” They SHOULD be at two different phases in their life in general. Please spare me the “she has an old soul theory.” That applies to very, very few people out there, and is just weak justification. Few people care to admit. As many places in the world he’s been in, there are NO attractive, single 30+ women in ALL of the world? It can’t be doing this for “validation,” because I’m sure he gets much more attention than a lot of men, so it’s got to be something else…
Sincerely, he needs to watch out that constantly chasing young tail. It makes him look OLDER, not younger. And while he’s carrying 40+ well, the line between being a hot pursuer and an old pervert is verrrry thin…
Still, I wish him peace…and centered MATURITY…and a Oscar win would top that off nicely, I think. :^)


I am with you there along with “How Do I Put This”.

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