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Leonardo DiCaprio & Blake Lively: Still Going Strong?

Leonardo DiCaprio & Blake Lively: Still Going Strong?

Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively are reportedly still going strong after being spotted shopping together earlier this week in Santa Barbara, Calif.

The 36-year-old actor and the 23-year-old actress went shopping at Solstice Sunglass Boutique at the Paseo Nuevo Mall, according to E! Online.

“They came in and looked around, but then they got skittish when some girls noticed them,” a Solstice employee said. “They basically looked at each other and realized they were being watched by a few girls and almost ran out of the mall.”

“There was no PDA, and they didn’t talk to anyone in the store,” the employee added.

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Credit: Kiyoshi Ota, Alberto E. Rodriguez; Photos: Getty
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  • Gabby


  • So&So

    LMAO “Still Going Strong”

    Yeah right.

    This chick’s PR is a #FAIL. Her lame pics scandal faded. Green Lantern is fading. And the interest in this fauxmance is on minute 14:59.67.

    The only one losing in all this is Leo. Da Hell is wrong with him???

  • seriously

    What the h*ll is wrong with this guy? Even thinking about dating … her???? Ridiculous and laughable! Leo is making a complete fool of himself with this hideous woman! Someone give him a clue already!

  • LEO

    I feel so sorry for Leo can’t catch a break not even from Flake!

  • Benni

    Why do people think its sane to discuss the private relationship between two people? And all these blogs trying to act as if they have insider info is just ridiculous. This goes for all relationships, not just theirs.

  • T

    Fake Lively in her fake relationship

  • Barcelona

    I would so love it if Blake pulled a Leo, on Leo. These eternal bachelors in Hollywood use and go through women like toilet paper.

  • So&So


    LOL log off then. You clicked so you’re part of the problem…not the solution by posting condescendingly pointless posts.

  • Hey Foolio


    You’re the one making a gigantic fool of themselves over this. DiCaprio and Lively are living their lives.Try getting one of your own.

  • sourpatch575

    She’s just a DAMN rebound! You people don’t get it. Their relationship status is FAKKKEE! There isn’t even a relationship at all! Leo is just having fun and living the life! He is trying to forget about BARFIE whom he WASTED 5 YEARS with! He finally came to his senses! Sooner or later Leo will find someone he loves and that he wants to settle down with! All his attention will be on that lucky lady! He will leave his playboy ways for good!

  • Sure

    @7: Like she has what it takes to do that… Obviously she thinks she does, her PR team pushes the idea that she does and some people fall for it. Fake Blake is trying to break out of her own league but she fails miserably.
    The timing of this new sighting is just perfect to deny the break up rumors. Just like the one sighting in Carmel ( last month ) the day after Leo was seen with a model late night in NYC. Other than that some tweets but nothing else. Could they be more obvious?
    It`s really sad and pathetic to see Leo being involved in a relationship like this and with a woman like this! Embarrassing!

  • Bright Benni

    It’s a gossip site and that’s what they do, but some of DiCaprio’s fans are seriously unhinged. I hope he and Ms. Lively have good bodyguards.

  • seriously

    @9: Try keeping your advice to yourself because nobody asked for it. And deal with the fact the people have opinion and are entitled to post it. Try to deal with it!

  • Kate

    I find it so weird that Leo is okay with having his picture taken with her. He used to care so much about keeping out of the spotlight and now he doesn’t care? umm maybe Bar will see pics and get jealous? is that his thinking? goodluck Leo she’s bagged herself a rich hottie. She doesn’t want to date old men anymore

  • Kate

    I find it so weird that Leo is okay with having his picture taken with her. He used to care so much about keeping out of the spotlight and now he doesn’t care? umm maybe Bar will see pics and get jealous? is that his thinking? goodluck Leo she’s bagged herself a rich hottie. She doesn’t want to date old men anymore

  • You’re embarrassing

    yourself 24/7 and you don’t seem to have a problem with it.

  • SashaT

    I don’t think Lively’s PR team would tolerate any rumors of a break-up. So it is pretty obvious that they managed as quickly as possible to shut any kind of news about a possible split. Because between you and me, why is it so important for people who are supposed to want a discreet relationship to have “a source” denying the split? Hello?

    I’m sure they suffered from having to read or watch pictures of DiCaprio having a good time with Anna Maria at 2am in NY or looking at pictures of of a quite drunk DiCaprio dancing and necking wedding guests in Italy.

    How long will this last? Will he get bored of a C-list actress who underwent multiple plastic surgeries and took pictures of herself naked to post them on the Internet ?

    Dicaprio is pathetic. The guy is almost 37.

  • So&So

    @Bright Benni:

    LOL…are you serious?

    If anything Leo’s appeal has definitely declined so all he should be worried about is people pointing and laughing. And possibly passing on his work cause his rhetoric and his life conflict SO much.

    Ain’t nobody sweating them like that.

  • Only a Barf fan


    would think he likes to be stalked by paparazzi and wants them to take his picture.

  • drsmit

    Leo “stans” hate all his Girlfriends, LOL. Their 5’3, 140 lb,,mouse brown,working at a department store,average a** was supposed to bag him remember?

  • Barcelona

    But the blame is always on the girl..why? If Leo is doing something stupid according to you, why don’t you think that way of him? If he is in a fake relationship it should reflect on him too. If a less famous actress igets the opportunity to hang with an A-lister why not congratulate them for making a smart move.

  • drsmit nailed it

    you are brilliant sir

  • Kate


    Not true. Some people just hate Blake Lively. Also some people just hate Leo. I for one just hate the attention. I like leo as an actor but other than that…ehhh

  • K

    “making a smart move.”

    So you think this is a career move?

  • So&So


    Casting couch lounging isn’t unique nor applause worthy.

    Leo’s a known modelizer so there isn’t much admiration for his choices either.

  • You deal with it


    That is MY opinion. Your turn to deal with it.

  • Fan of Beauty

    Incredible…. the guy used to date beautiful girls. What happened to him? Is getting older ruining his judgement? Dating someone who sends pictures of herself in the nude to strangers is a little risky no? Isn’t he worried that she could send videos of them having sex together? But my bigger concern is if she gets in trapped in becoming pregnant…. imagime the kid would look like her (before her plastic surgeries)?

  • So&So try living up to

    your own rhetoric and the standards you set for others. You fail all over the place with your childish tantrums.

  • zzzzyawn

    @Fan of Beauty: Fan of beauty = one of Barf’s notorious 4 flies. shoo fly. he dumped chubs.

  • So&So

    @So&So try living up to:


    You know as much about me and you do about Blake and Leo so why are so pressed?

    Childish tantrums? B/C I disagree with your opinion and pointed to the fact that your first post was indeed hypocritical? You pontificate and feign disgust with folks gossiping ON a GOSSIP site. And yet continue to post?

    You must be a Blake STAN.

    In that case….ride out for your girl.

  • Elena

    @Barcelona: let’s get real here, leo uses them and they use him. gisele wouldn’t have had such a big career if it wasn’t for him, and bar wouldn’t have had one at all. and i don’t hate on leo’s gfs for no reason, honestly i think gis, bar and blake are all beautiful, but all three have said things in public that range from idiotic to borderline racist. and just as a sidenote, i’m sorry but going to the mall in santa barbara? what a lameass vacation.

  • @drsmith

    Trying to be funny or something? Here is a clue: you are not. Get off your high horses and stop with the `Leo`s girlfriends are always gonna be hated` and `you are fat` crap.

  • hahaha

    The bellafreaks seem to be out in full force defending dumba** Leo and his hideous girlfriend. Very entertaining! Fan of Beauty is a Bar fan so now (s)he can`t post here and don`t have the right to dislike someone? Grow up!

  • sos

    LMAO,seriously?Us Weekly vs E!online same sighting 2 different versions.I guess we can pick which one we like the best and go with it.

  • Halli

    Going strong? Is that why he has been seen and actually PHOTOGRAPHED flirting with a polish model in NYC?

  • @sos

    Given the fact the Us Weekly seems to be the Official Sponsor of this Tragicomedy from the very beginning with their `sources` assuring the world how Leo is so in love with her and how incredible Fake Blake is I guess we can easily decide which one is true… LOL!

  • DAve

    Watch out Leo, your kids could get her old nose! …the potato

  • Gilmore

    I don’t get them as a couple and I don’t even buy them as one anyway. I use to like her when she was with Penn and seemed less famewhore-ish, but yeah I quickly changed my mind about her.

  • ali
  • Barcelona

    @K: Well yes. Does she not want to be introduced to more important directors? Isn’t that what she is after? Not saying she is a user, but clearly she has things to gain from this relationship.

  • Barcelona

    @Elena: What racist things have they said? I am not aware. Thank you.

  • griffs

    shes like kristen stewart. the minute she hit it big she dumped her boyfriend for someone famous.

  • Elena

    blech i’m sorry but blake is just sooo fake and famewhorish, it’s like she knows she isn’t a particularly good actress, but she is willing to do whatever it takes to be successful, and obviously leo presented her with an amazing opportunity. i used to find her just boring but now she actually irritates me. i dunno she just always seem soooo vanilla, like the ice cream flavor everybody thinks is okay but if you have any other options you don’t really want it. i’m not trying to be mean, it’s just like the more the media shoves her down my throat the more i want to puke her right back up.

  • Elena

    @Barcelona: i can’t remember exactly but i think bar said something about egyptians being barbarians or something. which i mean really, even if you think that, are you not even smart enough to realize you shouldn’t say that in a public forum?

  • Barcelona

    @Elena: Oh wow that is shocking. I doubt she had to aplogize for that, considering who are the heavyweights in our media and hollywood.

  • Elena

    @Barcelona: seriously, and i’m not trying to be cruel but gis and blake have never come off as particularly bright in interviews. i mean you can’t decide whether you’re born smart or beautiful or whatever, but leo does come off as pretty bright so you would think he would want someone a little more intellectually stimulating. but whatever, obviously both parties are getting something out of this, and leo doesn’t strike me as someone who could be played for a fool, so whatever, if that’s what he wants who am i to judge. let them have at it with the most boring relationship of all time.

  • Barcelona

    I’m a fan of Leo as an actor but after he dated the arrogant and unintelligent Gisele Bar and now Blake I wonder what is wrong with him. Is he just shallow, dating tall blondes that are supposed to be beautiful, or is there something off with his personality.

  • @ali

    Why do you think we have this Santa Barbara sighting? Exactly because of the article you posted… You know how it works. Leo is seen with his hand in the cookie jar ( blonde model in NYC ) and the next day we have an `official sighting` of them in Carmel, CA. Then no photos or sightings until the break up rumor quickly followed by another `official sighting`.

  • Sly

    Who is feeling the urge to report that these two are going strong? What does it matter for people who want to remain low key to deny rumours of a break-up?

  • Elena

    ugh i know i’m switching into rant mode but why in the world did she have to start dating leo?! i mean before at least i could avoid her but now if i want to avoid her i have to avoid him too. it’s just so irritating, i mean she is like a hot serving of bland with a side of bland frosted with bland with a nice bland cream filling, and with the way she is portrayed in the press you would think she was the second coming of jesus christ. like oh, leo is so crazy about her she’s so wonderful she’s so perfect, like if dude was so crazy about her maybe he would, i don’t know, want to actually be seen with her? oh, and she is actually the one who is reluctant to get in a relationship with him, like give me a f*cking break, if she was reluctant to date him she probably wouldn’t have announced her crush on him on national television. and i mean i think about someone like say anna paquin, who is on a hit show that is actually decent, is quite pretty in a unique way and more importantly hasn’t changed herself to fit into a life-sized barbie role, and won an oscar when she was freaking 11 YEARS OLD or something, and she doesn’t even get a tenth the exposure of a mediocre actress on a crappy and low rated teen show. and what bothers me the most is the insincerity of it all, like it really isn’t the worst thing in the world to be mediocre, there are very few genuinely talented people in the world. but don’t sit there and tell me that because you played a cracked out skank with some crazy al capone accent for like 10 minutes in the only decent movie you’ve ever been in that you are now someone i should take seriously. ugh and yes i get it you like to cook and bake and whatever, but if the ability to follow directions is your most impressive skill then you pretty much fail at life.