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Orlando Bloom: Joyful Dinner in Brentwood!

Orlando Bloom: Joyful Dinner in Brentwood!

Orlando Bloom is all smiles leaving a restaurant with a friend after dinner on Thursday (July 21) in Brentwood, Calif.

The 34-year-old British actor smiled and waved to photographers as he headed back to his car.

Orlando‘s wife, Miranda Kerr, recently revealed that it was not love at first sight when she first met him.

“I think it was his persistence,” Miranda said. “Maybe he wanted me because he thought he couldn’t have me, I was reluctant – not about him, but the idea of him being a movie star.”

10+ pictures of Orlando Bloom at dinner…

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  • kà simly amazing!

    go go go

  • http://j slig o lambert^_______^ cute

    hahaha look at his hair

  • nepenthes

    Cutest dilf ever!

  • sara

    He’s so beautiful when he smiles!
    Can’t wait to see him in NZ!

  • кредит вебмани

    ha Goselyn +1

  • sam

    I don’t recognize that ‘friend’.
    Wonder if he is a business associate?
    Doesn’t really matter, though. When Orlando looks that gorgeous, who cares if there is anyone else in the photo?

  • YES!


  • sasha

    Curls! Smile! Pecs!
    I am one happy camper!

  • Mike

    THIS time.

  • A tip for Randa May!

    When a man wants you just because he thinks he can’t have you, once he has you he doesn’t want you any more. That’s what you were finding out, wasn’t it? So you went out and got yourself knocked up so that he would to do the honorable thing and buy the cow so that he could give his last name to the calf (and you’ll get the farm metaphor because you’re Aussie hick trash from Grungy Gunny). That novelty is gonna wear off right quick. I’m guess it did months ago, around the same time he took his wedding ring off.

  • @7


    My guess is that the man is Bloom’s current lover.

  • Miranda Kerr

    I taught you the art of famewh@ring well, baby!! Work it! Pose for those paps! Smile for those cameras! Live the life! Private lives are for pu$$ies!!

  • LOL!

    Fatherhood has made him old and ugly.

  • Mayfrayn


  • @10

    So this is how your brains work? If a woman dates and marries a man and their son is that man’s spitting image, then the “ID of the baby daddy” is anyone but him. But if that woman is papped once in the same spot as another man without any physical contact whatsoever, then her next baby will “positively” be his. Makes sense!

  • @12

    “When a man wants you just because he thinks he can’t have you, once he has you he doesn’t want you any more.”

    In those occasions, the man sleeps with the lady and dumps her, he doesn’t date her for four years and marry her.
    And he does wear his wedding ring, just not on his finger.

  • @14

    It’s actually better to get on well with the paps than to get mad at them and start a tantrum. That’s when celebrities become interesting to them, that’s why some paps try to provoke celebrities and make them do or say something “juicy”.

  • LOL!

    I see that Bitter OLD Bealze has turned up.
    And as always spreading sunshine and happines wherever she goes.
    What happed in your life that made you so bitter?
    Why do you obsess over total strangers?
    Your life really is empty, isn;t it.
    Poor, pathetic Bealze.
    So full of bile that she has to create sock puppets to get it all out.
    Sad, lonely, old Bealze.
    I’m laughing at you……..again.

  • LOL!

    Yep, that’s exactly how their brains function.
    In their loser world, a baby that has big brown eyes just like Orlando, long eye lashes just like Orlando, straight brows just like Orlando’s, and a bright smile just like Orlando’s, COULD NOT be Orlando’s baby, even though he was conceived during the time that Orlando and Miranda were together almost non-stop for a month. NOOOOOOOOO.
    They think that it is MUCH more likely to be George M’s baby, who happens to be her business partner for Kora. Because, you know, he has brown eyes, and THAT PROVES IT!!!!!!! It doesn’t matter that he was in AUSTRALIA when Miranda was getting knocked up in NY!!!!! Flynn has brown eyes!! that’s all they need to know!
    Also, don’t you realize that Flynn was induced EARLY to fit the supposed conception date? That 9lb, 12oz baby was a PREMIE!!!
    Now you know why these idiots are the laughing stock of the entire fandom.

  • LOL!

    Is that you?

  • @18


    No, he does not wera his wedding ring at all. That pendant aroun dhis neck is just that, a round pendant, not a ring on a chain. Also, shortly before she found out that she was in claf HE said thatt hey were just hanging out and had no plans to get married. He had ZERO intention to buy that cow while he got the milk for free and was probably getting cream on the side the way that she was (and is). He dated Kate for four years and if she would have told him that she was having a bastard he would have married her to save face, too.

  • @18

    That was ba$t@rd.

    There is also no proof that Bloom’s coq has ever been near her filthy birth canal, those brown eyes could have come from MILLIONS of men in this big bad world and since they are the only way that calf looks “identical” to Bloom, your argument is a shaky one. BUT a “meeting” with HW is a sure sign of intercourse on the casting couch. So, yes, it’s positive.

  • Lou

    You all are wack on here.

  • @24

    You just can’t express an opinion without vulgarity, can you.
    That’s a sign of a very small brain.
    And again, we have another example of the twisted thought process of the typical delphidiot.
    A man who is with a young woman for four years could NOT be the father. But a man that walks by said young woman is “POSITIVELY” the father of her next child?
    Don’t you realize exactly how idiotic that sounds?
    If you don’t, you need help.

  • @23

    No, he wears his wedding ring on that chain, along with both his, and Miranda’s tiny gold bands that they used to wear on their pinkies. He wears them on the chain with the square, gold pendat that he has had for a while.
    He used the glib “just hanging out” to divert an intrusive question, just as he has always done. And I don’t remember him ever sayong that they had no plans to get married. Again, he would avoid that type of intrusion. Please post a link showing proof that he said that, or admit that you were embellishing his original statement. As you guys always do.

  • @23

    So you are inclined to believe that he married a woman he doesn’t even remotely love when nowadays there’s absolutely no need to marry or even have a relationship with someone to raise a baby together, for an anecdotic weird comment on Bloom’s part on one occasion after four years of relationship. You see and believe what you want to see and believe, it’s ironic that you dare to call us blind.
    There’s no face to save. If he had got her pregnant after just one night together and then refused to aclnowledge the baby, then yes, his image would be hurt. But not marrying or even breaking up with a woman he had a long relationship with, even if she’s pregnant, wouldn’t be such a deal. Everybody knows that relationships sometimes don’t work, and MOST male celebrities have children with women they didn’t marry or divorced.

  • @24

    No, the baby doesn’t look like Bloom because he has brown eyes, he looks like him because he has Bloom’s brown eyes. Even people who aren’t fans or aren’t particularly interested in Orlando Bloom see it.
    And probably YOU would sleep with Weinstein but that doesn’t mean everyone would.

  • Lily

    I don’t understand why he doesn’t wear a wedding ring, is that an English thing ? Prince William doesn’t wear his either, only his wife

  • LOL!

    I have no doubt that everyone who knew him told Harry Bloom that Orlando looked just like him. I also have no doubt that they really meant it. They actually saw Harry in his son’s face. Just the same way that people see Orlando in Flynn.

  • @31

    That’s ridiculous. My brother looks nothing like my dad and nobody ever thought so.
    What you’re saying, that people thought that Orlando looked like Harry Bloom, is pure speculation. However, Orlando clearly looks like Colin Stone and Flynn clearly looks like Orlando.
    Brown eyes are one isolated trait. Flynn has brown eyes, fallen in the sides, that curve exactly the same as Orlando’s when he smiles, with straight eyebrows and long lashes.

  • @30

    Wow. You guys really are in denial. Even most haters admit that the baby looks just like him. Your continued insistance that he doesn’t is beyond ridiculous.

  • Bored

    Personally I think all of you are idiots. People blast him and people defend him – do any of you think he gives a shit what you or the delphi mindless girls who have no life think? Whatever he does and who he does it with is his business. Your opinions mean jack shit to him.

  • @33

    And yet here you are here giving your opinion right along with ours.
    Then I guess that by your definition, you are an idiot too.

  • LOL!

    Oh, those silly delphidiots.
    With Orlando and Miranda’s anniversary coming up, they are already hedging their bets.
    If O&M are papped out together = FAMEWHORES!!!!!!
    -and PROOF that they get their ideas from the four hags at delphi, ‘cuz , you know, what married couple would go out to celebrate their anniversary without first getting the idea from a fat, old hater? hmmmm?
    If O&M are NOT papped out together = PROOF that they aren’t really married / living together / reproducing.
    They are also setting themselves up to take credit for the idea of them getting photographed in Australia.
    Gee, just because Miranda will be working on a promotional tour, why would there be cameras there if O&M didn’t call in a set up.
    Yes, folks.
    Those delphites really are this hypocritical, demented and idiotic.

  • http://justjared Mjkingforlife

    He is perfection !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://Justjared Jayne

    Omg just look at him hes looking so good. How can it not be love at first Sight. I like him at first for hes work and saw lots of things on him how nice he was but still wanted to meet him for myself to see if he was nice and he was every think and more when i first met him just love. And if Orlando didnt have money i would not care becoz i would pick love over money.

  • HRH

    Be serious Miranda! Do you really think you made the biggest possible favor and honor to Orlando by letting him marry (pregnant) you? You are so full of yourself- it is hard to understand. He made you the biggest favor by dating you, he shared huge public eye that was on him with you and he brought paps in front of your door. Nobody cared about whom you are dating or sleeping with although you were VS angel until Bloom entered your life. I am sure he didn’t think he couldn’t have you- a lot of no name, unknown people had you before super star Bloom. Give him some credit- he was (is) very desirable man for a lot of woman around the world – including actresses, models, singers and other celebrities. Sometimes you behave like you are royal and Bloom is something like your servant. Cool a little and show some respect to your husband.

  • http://Justjared @38

    Well said. Sometime miranda not no when 2 stop and she acts as if she is better than him.