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Amy Winehouse Dead at 27

Amy Winehouse Dead at 27

Amy Winehouse has been found dead in her London apartment, according to multiple reports.

The Grammy-winning British singer, who battled substance abuse throughout the years and most recently checked into rehab in May, was found Saturday (July 23) in her flat, according to Sky News. She was 27.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman confirmed to the BBC that “a 27-year-old woman had died in Camden and that the cause of death was as yet unexplained.”

U.K.’s Daily Mail reports that Amy had been seen with her goddaughter, Dionne Bromfield, earlier in the week as the teen performed during the iTunes festival.

Monte and Avery Lipman, President and CEO, Co-President of Universal Republic Records, respectively, said this in a statement to “We are deeply saddened at the sudden loss of such a gifted musician, artist and performer. Our prayers go out to Amy‘s family, friends and fans at this difficult time.”

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  • So tell me something new

    AND her dasd ,formerLondon cab driver, no trying to be aspiring jazz singer , was in NEW YORK CITY!!!!
    Umm, his dughter was an entertainer,when she was sober enough to perform, and he, like Lohans’ parents, ws trying his hand at shobiz.

    Umm,he should have put Amy in a car one day, or given her a knock out pill and sent her off to the crazy hopsital and rehab for ohh,a year or two.

    Rehabisnot like Lohan and Sheens three day thing.

    It is sad,not get me wrong, that Winehouse had a young age, some talent that could have been developed, but it is not surprising.
    It was a matter of time.

  • edzctor

    amy i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu …. don´t forget you T_T

  • offtheproperty

    There will not be another one of her.

  • Mike


  • Loather

    They all die and 27.

    Lindsay Lohan , you’re next :)

  • a curse of club 27

    @kevin McCluskey: whos keith?
    you mean Heath!he was 28 he died from the crow curse just like brandon lee

  • http://fanpopgirl life saver

    yayyyyyyyyy she died

  • Sunny

    It’s very sad new. I never be Amy fan, but I know than she has unique and amazing voice. Then I heard this shocking new I can’t believe, but now I believe, then Amy Die. It’s Very Very SAD…:(

  • Samantha

    You will be missed<3 You were so talented. Rest in peace.

  • Katty

    Wow that’s so shocking

  • leila

    so sad rest in peace

  • leila

    so sad rest in peace

  • efron

    Rest in heaven angel, now you can finally rest in peace Amy, you will be greatly missed :-)

  • Valerie

    You’ll be missed Amy. You were such a great talent with a unique amazing voice. My favorite Amy performance ever: ‪Amy Winehouse ‘Valerie’ Live‬ RIP Amy, your fans, friends, and family will always remember you.

  • viv

    also at 27…whats up with that age, all the great die at that age….

  • Dani

    oh my. rip.

  • Alena

    LOL FOREVER that everyone couldnt STAND her on friday and now its all “OMGZ SO MUCH TALENT WASTED!!” she was a washed-up, no-good, no talent druggie, and deserves what she got.

    only thing i dislike about this is people talking about the 27 club but NEWSFLASH!!!! YOU ACTUALLY GOTTA HAVE TALENT TO BE IN THAT.

  • Rosario

    I truly pictured her with a bright future. I’d thought she’d overcome her drug addiction and release a new album. I am really heartbroken.

  • Letisha

    you will be saddly miss but not forgotten R.I.P to Amy Winehouse

  • Letisha Malcolm UK

    R.i.P to Amy Winehouse

  • Gina

    rot in hell, you pit of shit druggie

  • Annie

    Man, I feel SO bad for her Dad – they were very close and I can’t imagine how hard this will be for him. You can tell Amy’s parents really loved and accepted her and did everything they could to save Amy – but in the end a person has to want to get better and I get the feeling that in the end Amy just lost the will to live. People say that Britney might not have made it if not for her dad, but in reality Britney must deep down have really wanted to change herself.

  •!/jane_gaoya Phalaenopsis

    Amy, Amy, rest in peace girl :( Gone too soon & too young, you still could have brought world so much with your talent! So so sad :( But maybe inevitable. Hope things are brighter for you now. RIP

  • Victor

    They told to “Scandalous Magazine” the reazon of the death: >> Read more.

  • Waste of Space

    Isn’t CHELSEA HANDLER dead yet???????????????

  • sad

    @Alena: honestly I pretty much ignored all news about her because it was sad watching her perform when she was obviously under the influence. Her enablers shouldn’t have let that happen.

  • aysu

    allah rahmet eylesin ..

  • Arabella

    Amy succumbed to her “demons” – addiction of drugs & alcohol.
    At least her talent was recognized worldwide (5 Grammies).
    She’s better off now whereever it is. RIP

  • niknoks

    Beautiful piece on Amy Winehouse by Russell Brand who was a friend of Amy’s and a fellow addict. It takes a while to load but it is worth it.

  • Baby Girl is gone……..

    I wish for Amy peace and love in the afterlife. Despite all the naysayers she brought joy through her singing. She will be gratly missed and she was a monster talent.

    Sleep well little flower……. Peace be with you. YOU ARE LOVED!!!!

  • vagabonds

    One could almost argue, the real art that this young woman had created wasn’t necessarily the music she had created, but the strange and obscene performance art piece she called her daily life. One can only wonder what type of morbid fascination the public had watching this woman again and again sink into self oblivion. But that perhaps was part of the appeal and expectation that one has of their stars. The idea that it can ultimately lead to a kind of capricious public death, or martyrdom hardly registers until we see the dead woman’s casket being hauled down the street and the world suddenly turns around and grieves violently as the final curtains of this woman’s life, performance comes to a close.

    A very bitter close indeed…

  • Joaauin floees

    We will miss you . Dallas tx

  • Meeghan Brundage

    The first time i herrad about Amy was only 5 traes ago when a Friend had relates My Lyrics And “writing style” to Ms. Winehouse. Had no clue who se was but when I finally found her on the internent I was flattered!!! Amy I love you!!! You have never let me down as far as giving me hope to believe in Love • Heartach • &Hope!! Please guide me. I feel the need to connect to your Fans and continue on your Beautiful Intentions and Loving Ways..