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Amy Winehouse's Last Time On Stage - Video

Amy Winehouse's Last Time On Stage - Video

Just a few days before her death, Amy Winehouse joined her goddaughter, Dionne Bromfield, at London’s iTunes Festival for what would be her last time on stage.

Video from Wednesday’s performance (July 20) shows the British singer greeting Dionne with a hug before the teen performed “Mama Said” as Amy danced along.

PHOTOS: Amy Winehouse Throughout The Years

Amy‘s record label responded to news of her passing, calling her “a gifted musician, artist, and performer.”

Click inside for a gallery of Amy in happier times, including her win during the 2008 Grammy Awards, which she celebrated with her mom Janis while appearing via satellite link.

15+ pictures inside of Amy Winehouse over the past few years…

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  • dpblu

    RIP Amy, so tragic, so young, but not a surprise.

  • Katie-elle

    It’s so weird to see someone all alive and dancing and then 2 days later never again.

  • Beth

    Well in 2008 her lungs were working at only 70% capacity and her heartbeat was irregular….and knowing this she did not stop smoking. That is why I’m not surprised she died, not because she deserved it, or any sick thing like that I’ve seen around the itnernet.

  • Shawl

    Who is Dionne? And did everyone forget the racist song she made up in an at-home video?

  • Mavis

    She actually seemed kinda normal. She didn’t seem drunk nor under the influence of anything. She even got the beat of the song!

  • http://www. RIP

    I am still shocked. She was getting better, no? :(
    I guess I was just expecting her to live for years like Keith Richards….
    Did she overdose? :(

  • 77

    Who the hell let her on-stage like this? She is clearly not sober and its just so wrong. That said, Dionne has a very nice voice.

  • corneila

    @RIP: she left rehab after a week in treatment last no I dont think she was getting better, sadly

  • Abigail

    Oh My gosh..My hearts breaks it is so sad when some one has an addiction. She had such a Great voice. I was watching (fade to black )which was a Great song. And the video Just made me cry. Because it was her who people where going to see in a Funeral. So sad.

    R.I.P Amy

  • Justine

    @Mavis: yah her being drunk on stage with a 15 year old would’ve been in way poor form. Glad she appears sober here.

  • http://@msirismg Iris M. Gross

    @Shawl: What you need to learn, and hopefully this revelation will come with time, is that the stupid things a person does don’t have to stay with that person forever. As Dr. Maya Angelou once said, “once you know better, you do better.”. You are allowed to change, and while I have no idea what song you’re referring to or even what context that song was done in (especially as most home videos aren’t designed to be seen), I’m sure Amy was able to change that part of herself as well. If she has a black goddaughter, that would just about be self-evident. My question for you is, let’s say she did commit the crime you accuse her of. Why would you want her to still be the person she was? Are you?

  • Torrance

    Mama Said is an old song from the 60s, it’s not that kid’s song.
    Just sayin.

  • Halli

    Regardless of her addictions, I was truly shocked at this news!
    We really don’t understand how vulnerable and sensitive our bodies are.
    May she rest in peace!

  • Scarrr

    I knew it was coming. Everyone did. Still a shock though. Couldn’t see the video. Creeps me out to see someones last moments. At least she in peace.

  • White Latina

    I love you Amy. She was one of the best BLUE_EYED Soul singers of her generation. Adele, Joss Stone and Duffy are still with us thank goodness.

  • http://ja slig o lambert^_______^ cute

    no not good news

  • Shawl

    If she has changed her racist thoughts we will never know. I don’t agree with your assumption that she has, or that having a black goddaughter automatically makes one not racist. I also never claimed I would have liked her to remain that way. You are jumping the gun here.

  • Shawl

    If she has changed her racist thoughts we will never know. I don’t agree with your assumption that she has, or that having a black goddaughter automatically makes one not racist. I also never claimed I would have liked her to remain that way. You are jumping the gun here.

  • A

    @Shawl: What racist song are you talking about??

  • Shawl

    @A: A sort of improv song to the melody of an old children’s song. She sung it in an at-home video that was posted online.

  • J.W

    I feel so sorry for Amy. She looks so pissed while dancing and she could have had almost everything with her amazing voice. I dont know what her parents are thinking or doing now but I feel so sorry for them too. R.I.P. Amy.

  • gecko

    To those Celebs that encourage getting high…and not taking responsibility for your actions….do you feel the same today.

  • Alaia

    Dionne must be devastated. They were very close.


    She is overrated like all of these “27 club” members. Crackheads, alcoholics and megalomaniacs. NNNNNNNNNEEEEEEEXXXXXTTTTT.

  • Karo

    @FAK THEM: and who the hell are you?

  • fergie

    OMG! she looked healthy! i don’t know what happend!

  • When Bear Grylls says ‘slippy’

    @fergie: It’s called addiction.

  • Fake

    @When Bear Grylls says ’slippy’:

    actually, it’s also not uncommon for someone who is in the beginning stages of recovery to drop dead the way she did. With her added complication of Eating Disorders she could have been abusing purging and/or laxatives and died of complications from electrolyte issues. Her heart could have just given out from all the various abuses. Karen Carpenter died while in recovery from a weak heart and from abusing laxatives.

  • Lizzy

    @Fake: Karen carpenter was way afflicted specifically with ED tho. Like she was wasted away at 70 pounds.

  • creed

    Poor girl, she was truley talented.. it should have been Lohan.

  • Truth

    Amy’s talent was too good to be lost. It should’ve been Britney.

  • So tell me something new


    Not surprised.
    Between Amy Winshouse,Britney Spears, Lyndsay Lohan, it was at one time a 3-way race.
    Britney will be ok as long as she stays on her meds and her father has conservatorship over her.
    I think Lyndsay is coming up next.She is barely hanging on.
    She is still a drug addict, alcoholic.

    Well,Amy had it allwith a strongtalent, something a lil different than what is out there now. She could have had it all.

    Take note to others, DRUGS=dancing with the devil.You might win one day and you migbht not win one day.
    ALSO, drus/alcoholism IS NOT an illness or a disease.
    A disease,illness is something that befalls you like a 6yr. having Luekemia. Saying it is a disease or illness is just something people say today to make themselves feel better. Same goes for overeating,,lying, etc. CHOICES, not diseases.

    Drugs/alcohol is CHOICE. It is addicitve. Some people can handle alcoholand some can’t. No one can handle drugs.

    While she had some talent and could have gone somewhere and grew ,changed, AMY WINEHOUSE did not change the music scene or do anything significant like that.
    Sorry folks.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o L

    …she was completely over hyped a couple years ago. she never did a single thing to earn any of the praise.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o L

    you people are so fake. pretending to love her. why do people do that to the dead. just keep it real, if you didn’t like them in life don’t act like you love them in death.

  • Chace
  • tammy

    I knew I could never have anything to do with her, or her music, when she went on that racist rant.

  • Jwenn

    She was singing a racist song, and spewing racist rants, about Black people.

  • Abigail

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o L:
    I had a her CD Back to Black..People are not pretending it’s called paying their condolences. Ever heard of having Compassion for people ?

  • Halli
  • Lola


    Becuase she got the beat oft the song (as a singer!!!) right, means she was not under drug or/and alcohol influence?
    Where is the logic in this? That comment shows the whole problem: Only because she once semmed not totally F***** up, you assume she was getting better! She was addicted and somehow is really self-responsable for her death. It is tragic of course and i feel with the parents, but why is everyone so suprised and shocked? I don’t understand. As I heard the news of her death, it didn’t came as a big suprise….drug use= death, sooner or later. Hope she RIP, though!

  • So Sad

    Everyone was Laughing when Amy was performing not too Well at her Concerts and Booed her. Now the Poor Woman is Dead Everyone has Something Nice to Say.
    Amy I’m Sorry we Didn’t Understand what You were going through or Know How to Help You.
    May you Rest In Peace!

  • vagabonds

    One could almost argue, the real art that this young woman had created wasn’t necessarily the music she had created, but the strange and obscene performance art piece she called her daily life. One can only wonder what type of morbid fascination the public had watching this woman again and again sink into self oblivion. But that perhaps was part of the appeal and expectation that one has of their stars. The idea that it can ultimately lead to a kind of capricious public death, or martyrdom hardly registers until we see the dead woman’s casket being hauled down the street and the world suddenly turns around and grieves violently as the final curtains of this woman’s life, performance comes to a close.

    A very bitter close indeed…

  • Jason

    It’s funny how now everyone is sorry she is gone, but don’t forget how the media ripped her apart from her hair to her skinny toes.

    I was never a fan, but she had a great voice and may she finally rest in peace.


    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o L: Hypocrite remember you said you didnt like Heath Ledger then you became a fan after TDK.And said you werent a fan when he was living