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Bar Refaeli: Bikini Babe in Porto Cervo!

Bar Refaeli: Bikini Babe in Porto Cervo!

Bar Refaeli rocks a blue bikini while lounging on a boat on Saturday (July 23) in Porto Cervo, Italy.

The 26-year-old Israeli model soaked up the sun with rumored new beau, David Fisher, and a group of pals.

“And.. another week passed… Time flies! Hope u really lived it to the fullest! Shabat Is coming in, rest, smile and do something good,” Bar wrote on her Twitter page.

Earlier in the week, Bar and David spent time in Saint-Tropez to do some shopping at a few local boutiques.

10+ pictures inside of a bikini-clad Bar Refaeli on a boat in Porto Cervo…

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bar refaeli bikini 01
bar refaeli bikini 02
bar refaeli bikini 03
bar refaeli bikini 04
bar refaeli bikini 05
bar refaeli bikini 06
bar refaeli bikini 07
bar refaeli bikini 08
bar refaeli bikini 09
bar refaeli bikini 10

Photos: Flynet Pictures
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  • yawning

    bikini candids,shopping candids,twitter pics is that all her career insists of? *zzzzzzzzzzz*

  • Swim

    Looking poochy .

  • ariana

    i love her body, it’s perfect.
    not skinny, not super athletic with hard abs.
    it’s just natural.

  • Jude

    She has a beautiful body

  • Mlef

    Who gives a sh.t.
    Amy is not anymore, pay some respect.

  • meh

    @ariana: if you count midget arms and legs “perfect”…

  • Smith

    I’d never guess this were a “model” Average as F*CK.

  • sourpatch575

    David Fischer = REBOUND!

  • ariana

    @meh: aw, haha. yah i guess i was just looking at her stomach :)

  • justine

    @sourpatch575: david fischer AND blake lively are both def rebounds.

  • Nicki Ann

    I hate her for looking so gorgeous. Thanks JARED!

  • Sly

    Fisher is one lucky dude.

  • Border

    Oh please. Her lifestyle is not very Jewish, dont talk about Shabat to us.

  • Duh

    My favorite colour is now blue…. Bar blue bikini.

    Eat your heart out, DiCaprio.

  • Valery

    post catherine zeta jones new bikini pics, a mother and yet her body blows em all out of the water.

  • RIP Bar 2006-2011

    She is very FAT, what happen to her? Is she pregnant already with her new ugly dude? Can someone tell me if she is pregnant. Thanx.

  • .

    she looks great!

  • Dieter

    She has the best ass in the world, I just creamed my Jeans !!!

  • Katie-elle

    @Border: Oh come off your religious high horse. Whether shes living a Jewish or non-Jewish life, a good bet is that it’s 10x better than yours. But u probably know that which is why ur hating.

  • alex

    man leo left this hot thing for blake,what an idiot

  • RIP Bar 2006-2011

    Oh never mind, she is actually not pregnant. But she looks ver Fat. It must be the stress of loosing her milk ticket. I wonder she doesn’t get a job anymore. She is always tweeting about her personal life. That is the sign of D list celebrity. She better get knocked up soon with this guy otherwise she will be living with her mother for life.

  • Bar is L-I-v-I-n

    @RIP Bar 2006-2011: The name u chose is really morbid given today’s news.

  • Border

    @Katie-elle: Are you okay? She is giving advice, and she claims how much she loves her religion, but she doesn’t live in accordance to it. That is my problem, the hypocrisy. Don’t assume you know a thing about my lifestyle, I’m a stranger on the internet.

  • Justine

    @Border: Religion is open to interpretation and u shouldn’t judge others on how they choose to personally practice it. Just because it’s not exactly the way you do it yourself, doesn’t make someone else wrong or a hypocrite.

  • Border

    @Justine: Again with the assumptions. I never disclosed my religion.

  • Justine

    @Border: Read carefully. My statement makes nommention of specifics, it would apply irregardless of religion. U are a strange one. With lowcomprehension skills. I will pray for u.

  • redhead

    wow seeing her old dark blond pics on her twitter and then seeing her recent pics makes me sad….she’s let herself go. She is now bloated,fried bleached hair,increasing weight gain each year; decreased modeling jobs each year….she used to actually look like a model, not an aging old retired pop star. Models in their 40s/50s put her body to shame. Elle Macpherson,Christie Brinkley,Naomi Campbell,etc..

  • Frozoid

    She needs to swim some laps and lift weights to get more toned.

  • SashaT

    The boat belongs to Grisogono jewelry founder, Fawaz Gruosi. He’s the older guy sitting in front with the towel on his shoulders. Bar was at his birthday’s party last August in Sardinia with DiCaprio.

  • mia

    for God sake,who care about her now,she’s only known for being leo’s girl ,and they are done ,who is she now?

  • Dieter

    I remember seeing her gorgeous ass back in January 2008 for the first time while she was having a Parliament smoke or maybe to !!!

  • barf

    is she pregnant??????

  • house

    she’s such a butter face. hate her smashed sour lemon expression all the time like she smelled something bad. she has permanent down turned lips which make her face look like its prematurely sagging.

  • Saggy

    she has the body of a 40 year old imo. Saggy boobs, soft body. not attractive.

  • Oh – My, My

    (Bahaha!) Just saw Barf’s bikini razzi shots at Sardinia. I laughed out loud, because she actually thinks she looks great in that thing….so she called the paps. Can anyone say “delusional?”

    LEO — Don’t give up! Go through the pain of breaking-up, and find a woman who loves you enough not to use you for her career.

  • Who cares?

    This girl is gone. It’s past. Old news. No works anymore? Only shopping and travel… that life empty! Ugly, ugly boyfriend, unemployed and empty life. What a sh**** life she has.

  • Candycotts Back

    Barf is gross and pathetic she thought her fake saggy boobs and aging face would land Leo “s hand in marriage… NOT! blew up in her face…now she is stuck with what she deserves NOTHING lol She is fugly and useless this hopefully this guy will wake up and dump her a+s too!Cuz she aint nothin but a GoLLLLLLLLdigggaaaa!! :P

  • skyhigh95

    Amy Winehouse died…RIP
    Jared, put more posts about Amy’s death info…Not this Bar chick!

  • bian

    What’s been taken from this “model”? Photoshop!!!

  • Ugly, Man-Faced Kate Middleton

    “Naturally” FAT.
    Sorry you women can keep telling yourselves that men like fat and squishy. Only black dudes go for that crap.

  • Lynn

    This woman is fugly, unattractive and boring as hell. Her 15 minutes were up a long time ago.

  • joker

    @Candycotts Back: Your comments are so old and tired, why don’t you just stay away, shame you have nothing better to do with your time than check on bar…I’d love to see your saggy ass after sitting in front of your computer all day, such a loser, you and redhead aka Tinkerbell should get together, you both sound as if you need some real company.

  • joker

    @yawning: Yes you are right, but I can’t agree with the “fat and ugly” comments, she’s quite lovely.

  • Eva

    Her 15min of fame are OVER

  • LondonCalling

    It’s quite funny because she’d been writing about environmental pollution(“don’t leave ur trash for the ocean”she said) on Twitter.. and then a Yacht? what about water pollution?? ah ah bar,you always show me how clever you are!

  • @45

    Yeah, doesn`t it remind you of her ex-boyfriend doing the same thing? Preaching about the environment but flying private and using yachts?

  • LondonCalling

    maybe. but her behaviour is not always someone else’s fault.i’m sorry but here is no excuse for her stupidity

  • miranda

    @Ugly, Man-Faced Kate Middleton: LOL so true. only ghetto men like big booty squishy women., aka Ice T and coco for example and look at what men like Big butt Kim Kardashian…but at least all those women have curves in the right places. Bar has a big thick stomach,flat wide white girl booty (with buttne on it) her boobs look saggy now too. Leo was not putting up with that increasing weight gain through the years! she had to go, when a 20 something is already gaining alot of weight its only gonna get worse, lol. he didnt want to see her in her 30s/40s. Is Tzipi fat now too? Miranda Kerr just had a baby and her bod blows Barf’s out of the water!

  • Vanessa

    um there is a difference of being thick and toned vs. thick and sloppy looking. Bar being the latter. Cindy Crawford was thick but SO in shape and had no soft jiggle. She had a pure long,lean but healthy figure. No excuses for Bar. But of course I probably shouldn’t compare them, as Cindy was 5’10, not 5’6. She could get away with a little extra and never looked stubby.

  • isr

    @miranda: and that is who is on internet. check twitter, it filled with ghetto’s.