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Miranda Kerr: Family Visit in Santa Barbara with Flynn!

Miranda Kerr: Family Visit in Santa Barbara with Flynn!

Miranda Kerr steps out of her car with her son Flynn in her arms to visit friends and family on Saturday (July 23) in Santa Barbara, Calif.

The 28-year-old Aussie model is already back at work for Victoria’s Secret after having Flynn just six months ago.

Photographer, Russell James recently tweeted a photo of Miranda during their photo session.

“Making final adjustments before take off for our shoot today with @MirandaKerr #bts,” Russell said.

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr and Flynn in Santa Barbara…

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miranda kerr family visit in santa barbara with flynn 01
miranda kerr family visit in santa barbara with flynn 02
miranda kerr family visit in santa barbara with flynn 03
miranda kerr family visit in santa barbara with flynn 04
miranda kerr family visit in santa barbara with flynn 05
miranda kerr family visit in santa barbara with flynn 06
miranda kerr family visit in santa barbara with flynn 07
miranda kerr family visit in santa barbara with flynn 08
miranda kerr family visit in santa barbara with flynn 09
miranda kerr family visit in santa barbara with flynn 10

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  • Andrea

    i can’t get over what a chunkster he is. so cute

  • Dina

    Cute baby =)

  • Stephanie

    That is one of the most cutest babies I have ever seen. Beautiful genes.

  • Anon

    Aww Flynn is so cute!!!

  • YAY!

    Beautiful mom + handsome dad = one gorgeous baby!

  • sara

    Just look at the eyelashed on that baby!
    He sure takes after his daddy in that department!
    Such a cutie!

  • bonnie

    99% of pics of him, she is holding him. her arms must be killing her, he is one chunky monkey

  • BEAN

    Still cant believe she gave birth to a 10lb baby. OR that a 10lb baby would fit in that stomach lol

  • Mike

    Fugly chick.

  • Mike

    Fugly baby.

  • LOL!

    That third pic with her leg and her ass hanging out…what an uncoordinated ho bag. Why doesn’t she just spread her legs and give us a pooch shot. No class.

  • LOL!

    Yeah cause I always wear a dress cut down to my navel and slit up to my vag to visit friends with my anchor baby. Oh, well maybe I would if I remembered that i set up a date with the paps to just “catch” me there, so I guess that Paris here can just carry on. Opps, I mean LiLo here. No, that’s wrong, too. Damn, I just cant keep all of the celebutramps straight in my head. CARRY ON, AMANDA CURR! You pimp that puppy of yours! That’s the one!

  • @8


    The lipo helped.

  • An Open Letter to Miranda Kerr

    Salutations Ms. Kerr,
    It is our duty and deepest regret to inform you that you are, in fact, not the only woman in history to have ever given birth. The truth is, I’m sorry to say, that BILLIONS of woman have also done so since the dawn of time. Also, unfortunately for you, the act of giving birth does NOT make you a better woman or more than a woman in comparison to women who have never given birth, it simply means that you have completed a biological process. A monkey is capable of doing this as well. It simply means that all you have accomplished is proving that you are able to spread your legs so that a man may deposit his sperm into your birth canal, one of said sperm was able to fertilize a ripened egg that your body produced and that egg then became a growth that attached itself to your uterine wall where it fed off your body for nine months as it grew. Sort of like cancer. When the time came your doctor cut the growth out of your womb, slapped it and it cried, thusly it was declared a baby. By the way, monkeys know how to nurse their young as well. Not that you actually nursed your cancer, excuse me, baby. You were too busy recovering from your breast augmentation surgery. What you did was have your mother take a photograph of you pressing your augmented breast to a sleeping baby’s face while your supposed husband was off celebrating his birthday with his mates so that you could post the photo to your cosmetic company’s website in order to drive traffic. In short, we are on to you and ask you to kindly shut your pie hole. You are not an uber-woman. You are merely a woman.
    No love,
    The rest of the women in the world
    P.S. Naming a man’s first born child after your dead f**kbuddy is bad form. You are a failure as a person, as a woman and as a wife.

  • LOL!

    That is one of the most ugly babies I have ever seen. Rotten genes.

  • BritBrit


  • yancie

    Are these the same friends and family that she has been living with while the man who agreed to be called her husband lives in Brentwood?

  • orlando

    When is Russell James going to release one of the sex tapes he shot with her?

  • rocknrun41

    He’s 6 months already?! wow.

    it doesn’t even seem like a year ago miranda announced she was pregnant.

    cute pics though! :D

  • Kikki

    I wonder why JJ didn’t post the pics of her all sk@nked out on her date…MEETING…with Harvey Weinstein? She auditioned for the role of “high priced call girl” and s(_)cked and f(_)cked all night to make sure he knew that she could get it right! C’mon JJ! She wore a sk@naktastic dress and hooker heels and her bra was sticking out and everything! It was priceless!!

  • what’s that smell??

    She has been wearing that dress for days! She doesn’t wear deoderant so she must stink like a heffer by now! No wonder Bloom has been as far away from her as he could get lately.

  • @21

    @what’s that smell??:

    He usually does no matter what she smells like. He just shows up to get his pic taken by the paparazzi with her once in a while to make people think they’re married and that the kid is his.

  • LOL!

    Hi Bealze!
    How’s that rash of yours?
    Poor Bealze.
    Ugly, fat, hateful, bitter, lonely, and now she even has menopausal acne.
    Ewww, dirty inside and out.
    But having no life except that which is owned by the gorgeous, successful, happy young mother that is Miranda Kerr, means that you have plenty of time to stalk her.
    Too bad that you can’t use some of that time thinking up some original material.
    How will you keep your socks entertained without some new venom to spew??
    Or maybe a new venue?
    But I guess that they will have to make do here at JJ, since it is anon and you can post those socks.
    The last time you went to ONTD to spread your dirt, people called you a TROLL.
    Bealze is a TROLL!
    I bet that was embarassing when you realized that you had forgotten to change your AV.
    Now EVERYBODY knows that you are Kerrazy, AND Beautiful Tongue.
    Poor old Troll-y bealze.
    Outed for everyone to see.

  • wait…

    SHE live in santa Barbara and HE lives in Brentwood?? That makes sense because I didn’t think they were ever actually married. I mean, the press release said they were and she wears a ring but he doesn’t and the kid doesn’t look anything like him. Oh, well. Everything is fake in Hollyweird.

  • @14

    Don’t feel so special, you’re not the only woman who’s ever written an incredibly stupid letter.
    Even a monkey can write that letter. You posting it on every thread simply means that you desperately crave for attention.
    By the way, even monkeys have pups because they have enough brains to know that giving birth is not the same as having a tumour.
    I am part of “the rest of the women in the world” and I don’t want anybody to think I agree that babies are like cancer, that I’m uneducated enough to believe that a lactating lady got breast implants or that having a baby equals believing you’re special. Please Miss, speak for yourself. Women with a brain wouldn’t sign that letter.

  • OMG!!

    That is the ugliest thing I have ever seen! And that pig in the dress carrying it is butt freaking ugly, too! My eyes!!!!!

  • Dorcus

    smelly feet whore monger, immature idiot…enough already….tele tubbie baby too! LOL

  • @14

    Since you copied and pasted that load of horse sh!t AGAIN, I’ll do the same as a response….
    So much hatred, ignorance and stupidity in one post.
    Where to start?
    I guess we will start with the obvious. Where exactly did Miranda EVER claim to be the only woman to give birth? Or the only one to nurse? Or to be better than any other mother? Please post a link, because I sure have never seen her say any such thing.
    Relating a personal experience is NOT the same thing as believeing yourself unique. People ask her about her delivery, she answered. And as a lot of people across the web have stated, it was great to hear a celebrity actually be honest about childbirth. Much more refreshing than Gisele’s story of dancing unicorns and rainbows during a pain free, blissful delivery.
    And comparing a baby to a cancer? Really? That is a new low, even for a delphite. And that says a ton!
    And you have also revealed yourself to be as stubborn as an @ss. How many times, exactly do we have to show you ‘boob job boobs’ medical evidence that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that she did NOT, could NOT, and has NOT had a bood job. Your stubborness is laughable.
    But go ahead, and keep on posting. The more often that you reveal your ignorance, the more people will see how ridiculous you delphites are.
    BTW, you just gave us more evidence that you are a delphi hag.
    NO ONE calls a boyfriend of a 14-16 year old girl a “f**k buddy” but a delphite.
    Your hatred, jealousy and insecurities really need to be treated professionally. It’s not healthy to wallow in darkness the way that you do.
    You need help.

  • question


    Are you retarded?

  • Andy

    to the awful person who wrote the crap letter, Miranda sons Flynns middle name is after an ‘old’ boyfriend. A very special person in her life who tragically died in a car accident when miranda was a teenager! You are so insensitive. The guy died ten years ago, and obviously made an impact on her life. If you watched the show where she explained this, you would know that she wrote a letter to her boyfriend after he died, and said that she would name her son, if she had a son, after him. Okay? And her HUSBAND said she could do that. If he doesn’t have a problem with it, you have NO write to either. It very pathetic that a person with so much insecurity would make such negative comments to a person they don’t even know.

  • LOL!

    Busy, busy Bealzy Troll.
    In less than forty five minutes (so far), she has managed to post lamost the entire repertoire of delphii lunatic theories. including the despicable, inhuman practice of insulting a baby.
    Let’s see…..
    -insult both mother and child by calling them “fugly”
    -using vulgarity to claim that someone ELSE lacks class
    -insisting that any and all pics come from set ups
    -hinting at plastic surgery
    -more vulgarity
    -copy and pasting more old material
    -more insults for an innocent baby
    -still claiming that it’s a fake marriage
    -more fake marriage garbage with added question of paternity
    -even more fake marriage
    -more claims that the baby that just happens to look EXACTLY like Orlando Bloom, looks nothing like Orlando Bloom
    -more insults spewed at an innocent baby (Karma will have a field day with fat old bealze)
    -smells? Really? I guess that you have the brain of a nine year old boy inside that old body of yours, huh?
    -and finally, the use of the ‘r’ word.
    Can you get any more offensive?
    I’m sure that you will try.
    After all. what else do you have to live for?

  • @24

    Where the f did you read that she lives in Sta Barbara? It’s obvious that you’re dumber than a box of rocks, and also blind as the baby is just like Orlando and everyone but you can see it, but you can’t read either? Wow you’re such a gift to the human race!

  • Halli

    LOL’s comments are both messed up yet hilarious! Thanks for the laugh.

  • @33

    Actually, there are two LOL’s.
    The funny one is the real LOL. She(?) is the one that calls the haters out for their hypocrisy and stupidity.
    The fake LOL is a hater. One particular hater who thinks that it is funny to take on the names of people that they don’t like. Of course, she is the only one that finds that funny, but there ya go. This hater also pretends to be May, and has more than one fake twitter account. She comments on every hater site, as well as a hater blog of her own.
    Not to mention all of the time that she posts here using all of those sockpuppets.
    As the real LOL said, she is a busy, busy troll.

  • GG

    Pathetic she thinks she can be an actress. F-ing and S-ing everyone from Rusel James to Weinstein

  • @35

    So in your sick little world, she “F’s” and “S’s” any man that she meets. EXCEPT the man that she married.
    Uhmmmm, OK.

  • xoxo

    Cute baby, ugly mum.

  • Hilarious

    It’s hilarious how the very vulgar troll only replies her own posts. It’s like watching a theatre of mentally challenged puppets!

  • 12

    Gorgeous !

  • http://justjared Mjkingforlife

    LOL@ The Delphi loons just…LOL I ain’t even mad LOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bloata

    awww her double chin is SO like omg cute!

  • lololol

    why is miranda’s head as round as flynn’s? aren’t u supposed to grow out of the big head baby stage um a longggg time ago?

  • sam

    You can tell how desperate that the trolls are by the amount of vulgaruty in their posts. Being wrong SO OFTEN has sent them into a spiral of depression and self loathing. They have nothing left to fall back on but their hate, and that is affecting their self esteem. They see themselves as the bastions of truth (LOL), and getting proved wrong at every turn has caused them great frustration. Frustration begets vulgarity. Which is why we now see posts so blue that the are deleted by the admins on this site.
    I laugh at every vulgar statement, because I realize where it is coming from. It comes from failure. THEIR failure. Miranda’s continued success, and happiness is really messing with their psyche.
    *pops popcorn*

  • Hanna C.

    i can spend a whole day looking at Flynn’s cute cute cute face!!!

  • Oh No, Not Again!!

    Today is Miranda Kerr’s turn. Jen Garner has the day off and what happened to our daily dose of KATE BOSWORTH? LOL

  • @45

    You claim to be sick of her, yet you still searched for her name to find this day old thread just to post that you are sick of her???????
    Now what kind of logic is that?
    No, wait. I know. It’s delphi logic.
    The same logic that you delphidiots use when you are complaining that she “always makes everything about her”, when you are in the process of ‘MAKING EVERYTHING ABOUT HER’.
    That’s why your “Orlando Bloom discussion board” does nothing but talk about Miranda…..then you claim that you are sick of talking about her. LOL!

  • Oh No, Not Again!!

    FYI I am making fun of JJ . I don’t have any feelings about MK personally. How could I, I don’t know her. Same goes for JG and KB. I am commenting about this absurd site. I take a minute and make fun of it. Sorry that it upsets you. (I have never made any negative remarks about JG,KB or MK ) I am expressing (with humour) the absurdity of the HW pr machine and JJ’s place in it. Really!
    What exactly is delphi logic?

  • Kery

    Bar Refaelli is so much better than this ground hog face with hair, LOL.

  • @47

    JJ will post about anyone who people respond to – that’s what this site is all about. If people are eager to comment about MK or KB or JG or Angelina or Jen or Bar or OB or AS or Leo or whomever, those people are going to be hot topics here. Paps are more than eager to stalk them because their pictures sell. A pr machine is completely unnecessary.

  • @48

    You mean the girl that skipped out of her homeland so she didn’t have to fulfill the mandatory military service law, then still has the nerve to call herself an Israeli?
    Or the girl who is so stupid that she wore a pro Palestinian scarf as a fashion accessory?
    The girl that is only suitable for swimsuit catalogs because HF won’t have her?
    And so homely that VS wouldn’t touch her with a ten foot pole?
    That Bar?
    Take her, she’s all yours. And good riddance.