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Bar Refaeli: My Secret is Living A Healthy Lifestyle

Bar Refaeli: My Secret is Living A Healthy Lifestyle

Bar Refaeli rocks a black and blue bikini as she vacations with her rumored beau, David Fisher, on Sunday (July 24) in Porto Cervo, Italy.

The 26-year-old Israeli model pulled on a scarf, sweater, and a pair of shorts as she and David headed home after sunbathing.

Bar recently filled Vogue UK in on the secret of her figure.

“My secret is living a healthy lifestyle,” Bar dished. “It’s really important because looking glamorous and looking sexy comes also from the inside, so if you eat healthy, if you work out, if you keep in shape; also having a sense of humour about life, taking things easy – it’s a big part of the way you present yourself.”

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62 Responses to “Bar Refaeli: My Secret is Living A Healthy Lifestyle”

  1. 1
    ali Says:

    healthy lifestyle? she’s a smoker!

  2. 2
    Samantha Says:

    What a truly fantastic body she has.

  3. 3
    Regan Says:

    What does David fisher do, anyone know?
    Just curious.

  4. 4
    RIP Bar 2006-2011 Says:

    I like Fat people, she is gorgeous. She is qualified for

  5. 5
    Dieter Says:

    She has the best butt in the entire world and NO SHE IS NO SMOKER. She is having a Parliament cigarette with retracted filter every two or three days maybe to relax because she is working so hard !!!!

  6. 6
    Andrea Says:

    I think it’s refreshing when celebrities are honest about having to work out and watch what they eat. Nothing worse than women who claim they never go to the gym and can eat whatever, whenever.

  7. 7
    butt and thigh toner Says:

    she needs to tone that butt. I see dimples and sag already!

  8. 8
    RIP Bar 2006-2011 Says:

    @Regan: Nothing. He just transport his daddy billion everywhere he goes. Just like Bar except she she transport her boyfriends million. I think these two are a perfect match. They don’t have a job except spending david fisher father’s money. Win WIN situation for both of them. Leo, you are lucky to go out easy way. She could have trap you with a baby for life. She is already fat imagine what Leo about to witness when she have a baby. Lucky Leo, perfect time you escape. lol

  9. 9
    dalton boy Says:

    Please girl(s), do yourself a favor and stop putting energy and time on a girl you won’t even meet in your whole life. Yes, she has beauty, she has millions and she got herself a very lucky guy. Envy and jealousy is unhealthy.

  10. 10
    Kat Says:

    her body is SICK!!!

  11. 11
    Duh Says:

    Hey Jared…. thanks for the super pictures. I’m afraid the third one is almost erotic……….(gulp).

  12. 12
    Cate Says:

    @RIP Bar 2006-2011: What does his dad do? Is he American or?

  13. 13
    Sarah Says:

    Amazing body….

  14. 14
    itziar Says:

    she is really nice in person and her body is great.

  15. 15
    hmmm Says:

    of course she has a nice body…
    but in my opinion she isn´t as stunning…i don´t understand all the attention she gets.
    to me she looks a bit bland.

    of course beautiful,but not incredibly stunning.
    she looks more like an ITgirl than a model.
    or like an actress.
    she hasn´t got the “je ne sais quoi”.
    she has a normal body,not too skinny,not fat etc.
    she is no candice swanepoel or adriana lima…bodywise..
    do you agree with me?

  16. 16
    baristhatu Says:

    again enough with Bar posts she’s irrelevant. Unless you got something exciting to post like her first Vogue cover ever or a fashion campaign enough with dimble butt already., Leo is gone. quit trying to make her happen.

  17. 17
    Steven Says:

    @hmmm: candice has an aamzing body adriana is very boxy and big up top small on bottom. she hardly has a better bod than Bar sorry. but do agree with you overall. The word “meh” comes to mind with Bar. not beautiful not ugly just nothing outstanding that makes her stand out and in modeling you got to have something.. anything is better than “meh”.

  18. 18
    Sata Says:

    darn I never knew she had cottage cheese butt :(

  19. 19
    Trolla Says:

    She is a nude model, what hard work does she do that takes a toll on her body? If all you do is get free things, lounge on boats and sleep in until 1pm than being in shape is the least you canmanage.

  20. 20
    johnk Says:

    great body…if u compare to average people’s, but when compared to other models’, hers just doesn’t really cut it. her legs are short, her skin and hair are bad, her face is not pretty enough and she just looks cheap overall.

  21. 21
    ohplease Says:

    oh really such a healthy lifestyle is that why you’ve gained probably 20 lbs since you have been “famous”? lol okayyyy Barfie….Bar in 2006 is much heavier than Bar now.

  22. 22
    SashaT Says:

    Again, this “David” is a lucky bas**rd!

  23. 23
    RIP Bar 2006-2011 Says:

    @Cate: His father is israeli business man not american. He is from a jewish family in Israel. There is no specific description about his dad job except they say he is wealth and his son pretty much doesn’t work. I think for Bar this is a great situation for her were she can spend a lot of time with BF since she never really work 90% out of time. It remain to be seen if she can tied him down because since he doesn’t work and has so much money, he has plenty of time in his hand to screw anyone he wants. Good luck to her but she might have to watch her weight cause just because she is no longer with Leo, doesn’t mean that she can take this guy for granted. lol I can see her weight gain comes comes from comfort of dating lesser guy, but i think she is taking this guy for granted to early in her relationship. May be it because she is aging but then again she is only 26 not 56. lol

  24. 24
    slig o lambert^_______^ cute Says:


  25. 25
    RIP Bar 2006-2011 Says:

    Cindy Crawford with 3 children at 46 looks like younger then bar. They have the same weight and Cindy at 46 has a great model face and Bar is too fugly like Fergie. Well, fergie is 37 so she might have an excuse but i don’t know why bar is looking to saggy already especially her boobs. She hasn’t have a baby yet, imagine what she would look like when she does. I don’t see her looking like Mirranda Kerry at all. I think her career will vanish if not already after loosing Leo big time. She has no milk ticket to pounce on unless she start dating famous person again. Well, at least she has someone who can pay her bill for know. She need to get married with him before she turn 30 or trap him with a baby since he looks excited to have her, i think she should slide him with out a rubber while he is not noticing. Then, boom she is set for life at least by child support if not by marriage.

  26. 26
    Lynn Says:

    This woman is FUGLY and her body is unremarkable just like her ugly face.

  27. 27
    Emma Says:


  28. 28
    Emma Says:


  29. 29
    Emma Says:


  30. 30
    ONTD Says:

    @RIP Bar 2006-2011: DON’T EVER CMPARE A MODELING ICON AND LEGEND TO BARF! HAHA sorry for caps but that is just a NO. the 2 names shouldn’t even be in the same sentence together. Cindy actually modeled and at age 26 was the most beautiful woman in the world, not some bloated,yachting,boring has been. Cindy still gets Vogue covers, Barf’ hasn’t even had one, hahaha.

  31. 31
    ace11 Says:

    The Bar is OPEN

  32. 32
    RIP Bar 2006-2011 Says:

    @ONTD: Everything that you said is true. I am just comparing Cindy at 46 and bar at 26 body wise. I am just making the statement that bar has nothing but Ex last name.

  33. 33
    . Says:

    Is sun bathing “healthy”?

  34. 34
    miss saggy Says:

    Vogue UK? they don’t know who Bar is. lol Oh wait yes they do; Leo’s ex.

  35. 35
    roberto Says:

    she’s got a pancake butt.. she needs to do some squats and lunges.

  36. 36
    Frozoid Says:

    Huh? What healthy lifestyle? She smokes!!

    Plus for someone her age she is looking too soft. She needs tone up -with cycling, tennis, weights, swimming, what have you. If she doesn’t do something now, she’s going to get very fleshy and have cellulite.

  37. 37
    Frozoid Says:

    @Dieter: Um, that’s considered smoking.

  38. 38
    longchamp Says:

    oh, honey. keep your secrets to yourself. i’d do 3hr/day workouts if i looked like that, just to get back into some decent shape.

  39. 39
    boston61 Says:

    Born beautiful, 26 years old, is the truth. What do you want her to say?

  40. 40
    turn off Says:

    looking at her saggy boobs on the top of the JJ page is really grossing me out. and that tan line is just nasty.

  41. 41

    BAR REFAELI = Very Beautiful…. Hot Girl….. ;) Thanks for picture # 3. Yum-yum :)

  42. 42
    RIP Bar 2006-2011 Says:

    Too Fat for my eye but great saggy for mama boobies.

  43. 43
    boston61 Says:

    @RIP Bar 2006-2011:

    Too fat? What? Do you hate women?

  44. 44
    gg3 Says:


    “quit trying to make her happen”

    agree. cheap and desperate.

  45. 45
    BAR_IS#1 Says:

    Bar is beautiful and all of you are jealous! her beauty made her millions all of you most likely can’t even compare you’re personal success to hers and you’re all for the most part jealous that she truly has it all and good for her she deserves EVERYTHING she has! so hate away because for now she’s here to stay! LOVE YOU BAR!

  46. 46
    Jasmine Says:

    Her body is alright. Slightly better than the average American her age, but her face is f**kin ugly. I’m still puzzled as to how in the world she managed to keep her claws in Leo for so long.

  47. 47
    Jon-Pl Says:

    She has no talent whatsoever, but I would not go low enough to call her fat. That is just disgusting. Clearly there is something else you hate about her.

  48. 48
    Sylvie Says:

    Absolutely hilarious when bitter ******* like most of you want to put her down. She’s stunning. Why do people have to bother comparing ? You people don’t even look better than a third of her body. So go troll somewhere else. Distasteful trollers trying to make themselves feel better and hide their low self-esteem.

  49. 49
    Sean Says:

    I’d lick every inch of that body

  50. 50
    marinés Says:

    great body!

  51. 51
    jo Says:

    I sow her video na ked and she is very beautiful!

  52. 52
    ha Says:

    @BAR_IS#1: I agree, I imagine all these haters are all dried up inside and very unhappy

  53. 53
    JL Says:

    she needs to do some squats and stop eating so much fat bc it making her loook fatty and she needs more abs and tightter legs and maybe leo dont leave her

  54. 54
    Lynn S Says:

    Her body’s ok imo but her face is unattractive and she looks 40 tbh (face). And isn’t she too short to be a model ?!! Her legs are very short , she looks 170 cm :O :S

  55. 55
    pathtc Says:

    @Lynn S: yes she is too short to be a model. a real one anyways. She is a cheap catalog model and Leo’s ex. that is it. I can’t believe those 2 things can warrant any fans. I mean I could see if she actually had pictures other than boring, useless pap shots, but no the majority of her “portfolio” is Leo candids. how fun, wow what a supermodel *sarcasm* that or mundane anonymous catalog shoots. What a bore! She and her fans should be thanking Leo not hating on him.

  56. 56
    Jim Says:

    Bar has ugly body and looks older

  57. 57
    pew Says:

    wow similar to Ale Ambrosio body, longgg torso, midget legs. Bar is just big beef in comparison so its even more apparent. Her lower body is so ugly.

  58. 58
    LisaLipps Says:

    What a body.

  59. 59
    everio Says:

    So sick of this worthless model. GO AWAY BAR. She is a nothing of a model. So sick of her flaunting her big fat ass everywhere. So dam desperate to be seen, with this guy. Instead of flaunting how many men you slept with, do something for your country instead.

  60. 60
    fofofo Says:

    i personally seen her naked and had the pleasure of sleeping with her several times. i highly recommend it. she is gorgeous in bed i assure you. when she is naked in bed, trust me, she is perfect and the smoothest girl you can dream of…i been there…she is perfect

  61. 61
    deel Says:

    eww saggy boobs, flabby ****, and cottage cheese thighs. is that what passes for a model these days? how old is she?

  62. 62
    RIP Bar 2006-2011 Says:

    I don’t Leo is looking for mama boobies of bar. He has already have a 65 year old mother, he doesn’t need another one. LOL
    Bar job is only giving bloww job to rich people. Don’t you think that is very degrading even for a women like you? No hate but that is fact. Gisele worth 170 +million dollar and bar worth____ if you include tips, it got to be somewhere in between her saggy boobies. LOL

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